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Friday, February 24, 2012

Proof That War Is Bad For The Economy

Stiglitz wrote [43] in 2003:

War is widely thought to be linked to economic good times. The second world war is often said to have brought the world out of depression, and war has since enhanced its reputation as a spur to economic growth. Some even suggest that capitalism needs wars, that without them, recession would always lurk on the horizon.

Today, we know that this is nonsense. The 1990s boom showed that peace is economically far better than war. The Gulf war of 1991 demonstrated that wars can actually be bad for an economy.

Stiglitz has also said that this decade’s Iraq war has been very bad for the economy. See this [44], this [45] and this [46].

Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan also said in that war is bad for the economy.
In 1991, Greenspan said that a prolonged conflict in the Middle East would hurt the economy [47].

And he made this point again [48] in 1999:


Happy New Year! Iran War To Start On March 20th?

Iran Is Celebrating the New Year by Ditching the Dollar ... March 20th is a holiday in Iran. It is called NOWRUZ and it's the equivalent of New Year's Day. On the Iranian calendar it ties in with the vernal equinox (the first day of spring). The holiday's roots are based in the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism and it is considered the biggest holiday of the year in the country. Generally the Persian New Year is celebrated by a symbolic purging of the home and spiritual representation of creation and fertility. Families get together and traditional feasts are consumed. This year, though Iran is doing something a little different to celebrate the New Year and the result may be fireworks of a less than celebratory nature. This year Iran is changing it's policy for payment of oil. Iran will no longer accept the US dollar and will be looking for other currencies and commodities instead. – DaisyLutherblogspot.

Dominant Social Theme: Iran is simply out of control. A war would be justified.

Free-Market Analysis: Whoever Daisy Luther is, she (apparently a "she") writes good libertarian-oriented articles. The one we've excerpted, above, clearly states the case as to why Iran might be attacked.

The Iran Oil Bourse, as she points out, "has been actively seeking alternative currencies and commodities in trade for the oil produced there. The Bourse has directly approached Japan, Russia and China to negotiate payments in other currencies."

She also points out that at the same time, in 2005, "George Bush began imposing sanctions on Iran via EXECUTIVE ORDER 13382 - Blocking Property of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators and Their Supporters."



Ages 4-16
2012 registration will be held at EWLL, located in the board room at
Winterplace Park until try outs.
Registration dates for the 2012 Little League season will be as follows:
Time is Running Out
Saturday February 25th 10am-Noon
Wednesday Feb 29th 6pm-8pm
Scholarships are available!!
Leagues: 4/6 y/o, 7/8 y/o, Minor 9/10, Major 11/12, Junior 13/14,
Senior 15/16
Registration is for all leagues, ages 4-16. Age is determined as of April 30, 2012
East Wicomico Little League is for boys and girls 4-16 living in the following school districts, Beaver
Run, East Salisbury, Glen Avenue, and North Salisbury Home School
For more information call 410.430.8900 or 410.860.2221

I Tried To Open A Lemonade Stand

Want to open a business in America? It isn’t easy.

In Midway, Ga., a 14-year-old girl and her 10-year-old sister sold lemonade from their front yard. Two police officers bought some. But the next day, different officers ordered them to close their stand.

Their father went to city hall to try to find out why. The clerk laughed and said she didn’t know. Eventually, Police Chief Kelly Morningstar explained, “We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade and of what the lemonade was made with.”

Give me a break. If she doesn’t know, so what? But kids trying their first experiment with entrepreneurship are being shut down all over America. Officials in Hazelwood, IllinoisIll., ordered little girls to stop selling Girl Scout cookies.

It made me want to try to jump through the legal hoops required to open a simple lemonade stand in New York City. Here’s some of what one has to do:

– Register as sole proprietor with the County Clerk’s Office (must be done in person)

– Apply to the IRS for an Employer Identification Number.

– Complete 15-hr Food Protection Course!

– After the course, register for an exam that takes 1 hour. You must score 70 percent to pass. (Sample question: “What toxins are associated with the puffer fish?”) If you pass, allow three to five weeks for delivery of Food Protection Certificate.

– Register for sales tax Certificate of Authority

– Apply for a Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit. Must bring copies of the previous documents and completed forms to the Consumer Affairs Licensing Center.


Worst In Open Government

The Justice Department says it's knocking out chunks of its Freedom of Information Act requests backlog. Leaders there say the backlog for initial requests fell by 26 percent in 2011. And the number of pending administrative appeals fell by 41 percent. Still, critics say the department is too secretive. Earlier this month, Justice won the National Security Archive's Rosemary Award for the worst in open government

USPS May Close 200 Processing Centers

The Postal Service might close more than 200 processing centers in a bid to save money. The agency has finished a five-month review of facilities. Leaders there say the plan could mean cutting 35,000 positions, even though some employees might be reassigned. The plan is part of a bigger effort to help the struggling Postal Service save $20 billion over the next three years. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill agree something needs to be done, but they disagree on exactly what. The closure plan is pending proposed revisions to agency service standards.

WikiLeaks Suspect Manning Defers Plea, Court-Martial Begins

Reuters) - U.S. Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, accused of the largest leak of classified documents in U.S. history, deferred a plea in a military court arraignment on Thursday, marking the first step in a court-martial that could land him in prison for life.

In Thursday's procedure, Manning, 24, was formally charged with 22 counts including aiding the enemy, wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the Internet and theft of public property. Military prosecutors say Manning downloaded more than 700,000 classified or confidential documents and transferred thousands to WikiLeaks, which promotes leaking government and corporate information.

Manning's plea deferral allows his defense team time to strategize and see the outcome of several motions to be heard before the trial begins, which could be as late as August.


Live Like An Astronaut

NASA will pay you to live and eat like an astronaut for four months. The space agency is recruiting volunteers to test their tastebuds during a simulated trip to the red planet, reports Forbes. Volunteers will live in a confined space with nothing but packets of astronaut food to eat for four months. The study wants to see whether people can avoid menu fatigue. When that happens, researchers say astronauts eat less and lose body mass, endangering the mission. To qualify for the study you must have a degree in the math or sciences, be a non-smoker and speak English. At the end of the study participants get cooking lessons, a trip to Hawaii and $5,000.

Power Lines Out In Dorchester County

Almost a 3 mile stretch of power lines and poles down in Dorchester County on Rt 331 between north Dorchester High School and Hurlock. There are at least a dozen and a half Delmarva Power vehicles on the scene now working on it.

Former States Attorney Davis Ruark Moving To New Mexico

As found on FB: Davis Ruark It's not yet Monday, but it's time to let all know that I was offered and I've accepted a position as Senior Assistant District Attorney/Experienced Trial Attorney in the 5th Judicial District in New Mexico. They are in need of an experienced prosecutor to handle murder and other serious cases, and I'm anxious to represent the people again in serious cases. The Eastern Shore of Maryland will always be my home, but the offer I received was a great one and the adventure will be exceptional. I will always stay in touch with all. Please stay in touch with me. They need me out there quickly, and I plan to be there quickly to help them out and focus on a new career. Thank you all for your friendship!

USPS Closings Plan to Eliminate Up To 35,000 Jobs

(Reuters) - The U.S. Postal Service announced plans on Thursday to close or consolidate 223 mail processing centers and eliminate up to 35,000 jobs as part of its strategy to cut costs by reducing its network of facilities.

The Postal Service has been losing billions of dollars each year as email chips away at mail volumes and as it faces massive annual payments to the federal government.

Postal officials said in September they would study more than 250 of the 461 processing sites for possible consolidation with other facilities as part of a series of cost-cutting steps. They also announced plans to end next-day delivery to cut back on overnight work.


If You Have These Symptoms, You May Be Having A Heart Attack

Some people who suffer heart attacks — especially young women — don't realize what's happening because they think they're safe from the deadly ailment and the symptoms aren't what they expected. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, some women tend not to recognize heart attacks because they weren't accompanied by chest pain.


Maryland State Police host 'Blessing of the Badge'

PIKESVILLE, Md. (AP) - Maryland State Police are hosting a "Blessing of the Badge" ceremony to recognize the courage and dedication of emergency service workers around the world.

The annual breakfast event at the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company on Friday is presented by the Maryland Chapter of NOBLE, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.

At least 15 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and two fire companies will be represented at the event.

Hidden Costs Of Being A Bridesmaid

Maybe the phrase "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" is less a lament of singledom and more of a complaint about being forced by a succession of friends to make unreasonable financial sacrifices in the name of their big day. Women who are asked to be bridesmaids are forced through a gauntlet of brutal financial and time commitments, and should bear those costs in mind before accepting a request from a bride-to-be.


2 Baltimore Attorneys Sue Facebook

Two renowned Baltimore plaintiffs’ attorneys have filed a class-action lawsuit against Facebook Inc., claiming that the world’s most popular social networking website has violated federal and California laws designed to protect the privacy of consumers.

William H. “Billy” Murphy Jr. and Peter G. Angelos allege Facebook has surreptitiously used online tracking technology, or “cookies,” to keep tabs on its registered users’ activities, even when they have logged off of the website. Using this technology, Facebook has been able to see what other websites its members visit, Murphy and Angelos claim in the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Northern California at San Jose


White House Pushing For Companies To Adopt Online Privacy Bill Of Rights

The Obama administration is laying out a voluntary list of guidelines for Internet companies in an attempt to protect consumers' privacy while they're cruising around the Web. But before you get too excited, this online privacy bill of rights is just a polite suggestion, and not an actual piece of legislation.


Gay Dallas Judge Won't Perform Marriages

Dallas County Judge Tonya Parker says she won't perform marriage ceremonies until gay couples can wed.

During a Feb. 21 meeting, Parker told the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas that while she has the power to perform legal marriage ceremonies in her court, she will not.

“I use it as my opportunity to give them a lesson about marriage inequality in this state because I feel like I have to tell them why I’m turning them away,” Parker said. “So I usually will offer them something along the lines of, ‘I’m sorry. I don’t perform marriage ceremonies because we are in a state that does not have marriage equality, and until it does, I am not going to partially apply the law to one group of people that doesn’t apply to another group of people.’ And it’s kind of oxymoronic for me to perform ceremonies that can’t be performed for me, so I’m not going to do it."


Beware Of Identity Thieves Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns To Steal Your Refund

So you finally drag yourself to your desk/computer/accountant and get your taxes done. Good job. Now wouldn't it just totally stink if you found out someone had already filed a tax return using your information, and that they'd snagged whatever refund you had coming to you? Yes, it would, which is why the Internal Revenue Service is warning people of just such a scam.


IRS Still Experiencing Delays In Sending Tax Refunds

Tax preparers said Thursday that the Internal Revenue Service is continuing to have delays in sending federal tax refunds this year, with hundreds of South Floridians complaining they still haven't gotten their check.

"Our phone is ringing off the hook with people saying they should have their refund by now," said Mark Daly, franchise owner of several Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service outlets in South Florida.

"There's no rhyme or reason why some returns are being quickly processed and others not," Daly added. "We've had hundreds and hundreds of complaints."

"The IRS is experiencing delays this year in sending refunds," said H&R spokesman Gene King in a statement sent Thursday to the Sun Sentinel. "Based on current IRS guidance, most refunds are now issued from the IRS in 10 to 21 days."


Baltimore County School Superintendent Job Draws About 40 Candidates

Baltimore County public schools is among those who have applied to be the school system's next superintendent.Timothy T.

Tenne, 42, has no experience in education but said he believes the skills he developed in the Air Force will transfer to running a large organization such as the school system.


Chart: 'America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece'

The office of Senator Jeff Sessions, ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, sends along this chart, showing that 'America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece,' as well as Ireland, Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain:


Adelmo Claros-Quintanilla, 18, Arrested For Rape Of 11-Year-Old Girl In Prince George's County, Md.

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WUSA) -- Prince George's County Sheriff's Office reports that authorities arrested a man wanted for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl in Dec. 2011.


Tornado Warning For Wicomico County, MD




BREAKING NEWS: Salisbury University Evacuated

Salis University is being evacuated due to a possible tornado sighting.

Obama Budget’s Backdoor Amnesty

President Obama’s fiscal 2013 budget came out this month and again includes the same spending, borrowing and taxing policies that have come to define his presidency. No surprise, this spending blueprint cuts several worthwhile immigration-enforcement and border-security programs.

The president’s budget continues his administration’s policies of ignoring laws requiring the removal of illegal immigrants. Last year, the Obama administration issued new deportation guidelines that amount to backdoor amnesty. The spending priorities contained in his budget are no different. At least the president is consistent.

Under his budget for 2013, Mr. Obama reduces the number of detention bed spaces by 1,200 beds - from 34,000 to 32,800. The administration proposes using the resulting funds to enhance its alternatives-to-detention programs. But these programs result in higher levels of illegal immigrants disappearing into American communities.


Tornado Allegedly Touched Down In Hebron

We have been told a tornado may have touched down in Hebron. We hear it was at 88 MPH. Warnings there are still in effect.

Mikulski, Cardin Seek Halt To Postal Center Study

EASTON, Md. (AP) -- Maryland's senators are demanding a halt to any study by the Postal Service involving the closing of the distribution center in Easton and moving mail processing to Wilmington, Del.

In a letter dated Thursday to the Postmaster General, Democratic Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin said the call for a new study lacks transparency and disregards public input. They said such a move would delay the delivery of mail to more than half a million residents on the Eastern Shore.


Storm So Strong Fed Ex Tractor Trailer Blown Over On Local Bridge

A friend of mine is traveling on Rt. 50 when a FedEx tractor trailer literally blew over on its side heading West bound side of the Bridge in Cambridge.

The storm is on its way Folks so be very prepared.

Feeling ‘Naked’, Ocean City Employees Eye Union

OCEAN CITY – City Council chambers at City Hall was packed Tuesday night as a group, General Employees for Organization, surfaced to express their grievances with the City Council and their intent to be granted collective bargaining.

Ocean City Public Works employee James Moxley, who works in the maintenance division, spoke on behalf of the General Employees for Organization on Tuesday evening.

Moxley said the general employees are requesting City Council amend the town charter to recognize municipal employees’ rights to organize and collectively bargain. Moxley did not mention whether the employees are seeking binding interest arbitration as well.


Severe Thunderstorm Warning For Wicomico County, MD








Natural Gas

Natural gas to replace oil?

Here’s why there’s so much opposition to converting vehicles to natural gas – a very easy conversion – both at the factory and aftermarket.

Do you remember when, if your engine lasted 100k miles it was because it was an exceptional engine with exceptional care? (Not to mention that an unscrupulous car dealer probably hadn’t turned the odometer back.)

Car engines wore out quickly for a number of reasons up to about 25 years ago. However the number one reason was carburetors wasted gas and that extra gas ran down the cylinder walls washing the oil off causing excessive wear. It also washed away lubrication from the valve stems and guides.

Auto manufacturers liked that – they sold lots of replacement parts used in the repairs.

Then came along fuel injection. Fuel injection carefully measures and injects the gasoline only in the amounts that actually burn. The results were better mileage and engine life was more than doubled.

Now comes natural gas. Natural gas is not in liquid or vapor form when it enters the engine and burns completely. It doesn’t wash away any lubricant in the process because like air it is a gas, so the engine life again would more than double. The automakers don’t like that and neither do the independent part makers. Engines last – no parts are sold. Natural gas doesn’t need refining so there’s less chance for energy companies to mark up for big profits.

Other benefits (for the vehicle owner): Engine oil stays cleaner and so does the filter. When metal isn’t wearing there’s noting much getting into the oil. Oil changes went from 3000 miles up to 15000 miles when fuel injection replaced carburetors. It could more than double that if the vehicle was operating on natural gas.

If the vehicle owner has natural gas to their home, they could fill their car from a home station. No highway taxes to pay.

What’s the hold up with natural gas as a fuel for all vehicles including diesel trucks? Here’s the list:

Auto parts sales would drop significantly
Fuel suppliers would do a lot less refining
Fuel suppliers would sell a lot less motor oil
A loss of tax revenue collected at the pump
Profit, Profit, Profit all around

Michelle Obama's Pitch: Share the Wealth

First lady Michelle Obama has joined her husband's bandwagon to hit the rich and spread the wealth, questioning how well-off families can feel good if others are struggling.

To about 300 supporters wealthy enough to pay $300-$10,000 to attend the mid-day event, the first lady said, "If a family in this country is struggling, we cannot be satisfied with our own families' good fortune."

She also rapped the rich, as has her husband. "Who do we want to be?" Obama asked. "Will we be a country where success is limited to the few at the top? This country is strongest when we are all better off."


Obama Poem Stirs Outrage at Public School in Houston

Cy-Fair school officials have pulled what some consider a pro-Obama poem from next week's Black History Month program at Tipps Elementary. This after a parent complained it was too political for his daughter's kindergarten class.

Along with the poem mailed home to parents was an internal memo which read:

"Attached is a chant about President Barack Obama. All Kindergarteners will be required to learn the chant for the Black History program."

Parent Joseph Beaver tells KTRH News he doesn't believe the poem provides any educational value to students.

"You're not learning anything from it," he says. "I can't sit there and say in 20 years I'm going to need to know his favorite baseball team was this. That's just useless information."


Democrats Demand Ariz. Governor Testify On Immigration

Democrats have called on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to come testify before the Senate about her state's immigration law, which is slated for a Supreme Court hearing later this year.

Ms. Brewer, who got into a finger-wagging exchange with President Obama earlier this year, has championed the law, which allows police to question the immigration status of those they engage in their regular duties.

In a letter to the governor, Sen. Charles Schumer, New York Democrat and chairman of the Senate's immigration subcommittee, said the federal government has expanded the presence of Border Patrol agents in Arizona, and said he believes the situation is improving — contrary to what Ms. Brewer argues.

"As you frequently ask the President to visit the southern border to discuss border security, we expect that you will be eager to engage in a productive dialogue with the congressional committee responsible for acting upon any border security recommendations you provide," Mr. Schumer wrote in a letter inviting the governor to appear.


Oil Slicks: Who Benefits From Gambling On Gas Prices?

Anybody who doesn't believe that energy speculators can change election results might want to ask Gray Davis, the former Governor of California who was removed in a recall drive partly prompted by voter frustration over California's ongoing energy crisis. Only afterwards did we learn that the crisis was caused by speculators who backed his opponents' deregulatory agenda -- and benefited from it.

Coincidence? We report, you decide.

And anyone who doesn't believe that gas prices affect election results might want to ask former President Jimmy Carter. If the 1980 election hadn't turned out the way it did we might be living in a very different world.


Beach Horseback Riding Now Offered

OCEAN CITY -- While the jury is still out on the long-term future of horseback riding on the beach in Ocean City, the first attempt on Wednesday morning was clearly a success.

After considerable debate, the Ocean City Mayor and Council last week approved in a 4-3 vote horseback riding on the beach on a limited basis as a means of attracting more visitors to the resort in the off-season. On Wednesday, the first small group of riders took advantage of the new opportunity on a picture-perfect February morning, trotting along the water’s edge as curiosity seekers and onlookers gathered.

“This is a really special day,” said Councilman Brent Ashley, who promoted the idea before his colleagues. “I think it’s going to be good for business and bring a lot of people to Ocean City. It’s entertaining for the riders and I think it’s beautiful for the visitors.”


DNREC Division Of Fish And Wildlife Seeks Volunteers For Blackbird Reserve Wildlife Area Weed-Out On Feb. 26

DOVER - The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife is looking for additional volunteers to help kick off National Invasive Species Awareness Week with an invasive plant “weed-out” at the Blackbird Reserve Wildlife Area near Smyrna from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 26.


Gun Ownership 'Very Difficult' Despite Supreme Court Rulings

In 2008, after hearing a case challenging the restrictive gun laws in Washington, D.C., the Supreme Court ordered local officials to make it possible for law-abiding citizens to own a gun.

It was a landmark Second Amendment win for gun rights advocates, but there is growing disagreement about what's happened in the wake of that ruling from the nation's highest court.

Emily Miller, a senior opinion editor at The Washington Times and also a crime victim, decided to get a gun following the Supreme Court's decision, but says she had no idea how "frustrating" it would be.

She began the process in October 2011, and soon found there were plenty of unexpected expenses and delays


Delaware Syphilis Cases On The Rise; Gay Men Particularly Hard Hit; Safer Sex Practices And More Testing Vital

The Division of Public Health (DPH) reported today a sharp increase in Syphilis cases among men who have sex with men (MSM). In 2011, a total of 76 cases of syphilis were reported to DPH compared with 23 cases for the same time period in 2010.


Same Sex Marriage Opponents Start Referendum Effort

Bill Approved By Senate On Thursday

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Same sex marriage opponents said they have taken the first steps to bring legislation legalizing gay marriage to referendum.

Delegate Neil Parrott said he filed draft language for a referendum petition with the state Board of Elections on Friday, a day after the Senate joined the House in approving a bill to allow same sex unions.


GPS At Risk From Terrorists, Rogue Nations, and $50 Jammers, expert warns

The Global Positioning System guides our ships at sea. It’s the centerpiece of the new next-gen air traffic control system. It even timestamps the millions of financial transactions made across the world each and every day.

And it's at extreme risk from criminals, terrorist organizations and rogue states -- and even someone with a rudimentary GPS jammer that can be bought on the Internet for 50 bucks, said Todd Humphreys, an expert on GPS with the University of Texas.

“If you’re a rogue nation, or a terrorist network and you’d like to cause some large scale damage -- perhaps not an explosion but more an economic attack against the United States -- this is the kind of area that you might see as a soft spot,” he told Fox News.


Public Hearing For May Sussex Fixed Route Service. The Resort Service & Rt. 305 Beach Connection Sevice

March 13, 2012

Wilmington -- Delaware Transit Corporation will conduct a Public Hearing Workshop to obtain comments on proposed changes to DART First State Sussex County Fixed Route Bus Service effective Monday, May 21; Resort Transit Bus Service effective Thursday, May 24,; Route 305 Beach Connection effective Friday, May 25.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 11:30 AM to 1 PM at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center in the Conference Suite
229 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

The proposal calls for:

Sussex County:

Route 212; Bus would no longer serve Coverdale Crossroads, resulting in minor time changes. Customers can access the bus on DE 18/404 at Coverdale Rd.

Resort Service:

Routes 201 to 208 would operate seven days a week from Thursday, May 24 through September 16, 2012.

The Route 305 Beach Connection would operates between Wilmington and Rehoboth with one trip on Fridays; 3 trips on Saturdays; and 2 trips on Sundays and Holidays from May 25 to September 3. The stop at the Wilmington Rodney Square would no longer be served. The bus would begin/end all trips at the Wilmington
Amtrak Station.

The proposal is available for public review at all State Service Centers in Sussex County, the Town/City Halls of Lewes, Milton, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, and online at

Teenage girl dies after inhaling helium at party

EAGLE POINT, Ore. (AP) — Last weekend, 14-year-old Ashley Long told her parents she was going to a slumber party. But instead of spending the night watching videos and eating popcorn two blocks away, she piled into a car with a bunch of her friends and rode to a condo in Medford, Ore., where police say the big sister of one of her friends was throwing a party with booze and marijuana.

After drinking on the drive, and downing more drinks in the condo, it came time for Ashley to take her turn on a tank of helium that everyone else was inhaling to make their voices sound funny.


Thank God Its Friday 2-24-12

What will you be doing this weekend?

Next Week In Wicomico County Schools

Friday, Feb. 24
Mid-term progress reports sent home

Sunday, Feb. 26, from 4-5:30 p.m.
Meeting with Haitian Families
Charles H. Chipman Elementary School

A meeting has been scheduled with the Haitian families in our community to share information about how to help their children in school. School system staff members will discuss school achievement, safety issues and information concerning the MSA and HSA tests.

Wednesday, Feb. 29, at 6 p.m.
Parent Information Meeting and Fashion Show on Consistent Attire
Prince Street Elementary

A parent information meeting and fashion show on consistent attire will be held for all interested parents at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 29, at Prince Street Elementary School. The meeting will be an opportunity to hear more about the proposed Consistent Attire Program that is being considered for 11 elementary schools, and to ask questions and give input. The evening will include a fashion show with students modeling consistent attire. The Board is scheduled to vote on the consistent attire proposal on second and final reading at its March 13 Board meeting. Letters home, a phone survey and this public information meeting are all part of the effort to ensure that parents are aware of the proposal and have had a chance to give input. Comments may also be made at or 410-677-5251.

Friday, March 2
Maryland Astronaut Richard R. Arnold II Talks with Wicomico Students
Salisbury Middle School, Pinehurst Elementary

Students at two Wicomico schools will have the opportunity hear about careers in space and science on March 2 during a visit by Richard R. Arnold II, a former Maryland science teacher and a NASA astronaut with mission experience in the Aquarius undersea laboratory and on the International Space Station. Arnold blasted off on STS-119 Discovery in March 2009, accumulating 12 hours and 34 minutes in spacewalks and having traveled 202 orbits and 5.3 million miles. The astronaut’s visit is part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education in Wicomico schools. Arnold will meet with students in assemblies at Salisbury Middle (8:30 a.m. grade 6, 9:30 a.m. grade 8) and Pinehurst Elementary (1 p.m. kindergarten and grades 1 and 2, 2 p.m. grades 3, 4 and 5). The visit has been made possible by STEM at Salisbury University, which is having Arnold on campus on Saturday, March 3, for its Science Olympiad.

Friday, March 2
Countywide Casual Day for Read across America, organized by the Wicomico County Education Association
Staff throughout Wicomico County Public Schools

Saturday, March 3
CANival – A Carnival of Cans
Executive Club, Arthur W. Perdue Stadium

The Uncommon DI-nominators, a Destination ImagiNation (DI) team from North Salisbury Elementary School, will put on CANival – A Carnival of Cans from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, March 3, in the Executive Club at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium. The CANival is being held to bring in canned good donations for the Maryland Food Bank. The team’s goal is to collect 1,000 pounds of food to fight hunger. For each can donated, the giver will receive two tickets to play the carnival games created by the students on the DI team. For three cans, the giver can play all six games. Find out more from the team’s video on PAC 14 and on YouTube (search for “canival carnival of cans”). 410-713-0477 or

Romney Calls Arizona Immigration Law A Model For The Nation

Mitt Romney called the controversial Arizona illegal immigration law a model for the country, and blasted the Obama administration for challenging it in court.

"I will drop those lawsuits on Day One," Romney said in response to a question on illegal immigration during a GOP candidate debate in Mesa, Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the bill, was in the audience.

"I'll also complete the fence, I'll make sure we have enough Border Patrol agents to secure the fence, and I will make sure we have an E-Verify system and require employers to check the documents of workers," he added.


Today's Fill In The Blank 2-24-12

If there was one job I would never do it would be ____________.

Skinny Jeans And High Heels: What Health Dangers Lurk In Your Closet?

High fashion has a cost — and it’s not just on the price tag. Sky-high stilettos and skin-tight jeans may actually jeopardize your health, say experts who cite various health conditions, from bacterial infections to leg numbness, as evidence of the hazards of being fashion forward.

Here are a few fashion risks to be aware of, so you can avoid the worst faux pas of them all: self-injury.

Fashion culprit: Tight jeans
Health risk: Squeezing into tight pants (or cinching belts too tight) can cause nerve compression, numbness and digestive issues. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, internist Dr. Octavio Bessa of Stamford, Conn., coined the term “tight pants syndrome” in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1993, after seeing many patients with abdominal discomfort, distention and heartburn due to ill-fitting clothes. According to Bessa’s report, “the diagnosis can be made easily in the office by comparing the size of the trousers with the abdominal girth. There is usually a discrepancy of 7.5 centimeters or more.”


It's A Beautiful Day For Some In Maryland

Hill County Town Fears Police Influence Is Out Of Control

COVINGTON - Unless you turn at the blinking light at State Highway 171 and FM 67, you might not notice Covington, Texas, which is the way most in this tiny town want it.

Now, out of fear and frustration, they want the public to know.

"They are scared to death now," said Covington City Council member Marty Smith. "They lock their doors, they lock the car doors because they are scared of the police."


Advertiser Of The Day

Watch: Your Town Is Fracked

Pennsylvania Republicans just blasted away local control over oil and gas drilling—potentially jeopardizing residential neighborhoods, watersheds, and even school zones.

Pennsylvania's fracking front lines have just been redrawn.

At first glance, the sweeping new law signed this month may seem a good deal for local communities. Over the next 15 years, the state is projected to rake in between $190,000 to $355,000 per gas well; 60 percent of that will go back to counties and municipalities, with the rest going to a state-managed fund for infrastructure projects. Proponents in the Republican-controlled Legislature insist that the law levels the playing field for industry, while rewarding counties.

But fracking can be a messy and dangerous business, and locals complain that the law takes control away from citizens who have battled hard for local decision-making.

Watch the video and you'll see a tale of two Pennsylvanias: The first one, recognizable from Josh Fox's documentary Gasland, is Susquehanna County, bordering New York state. It is dotted with wells—the result of minimal local zoning laws. The second Pennsylvania is Dallas Township, where disputes, protests, and citizen engagement have kept most fracking development at bay. For now.


Gingrich Blasts Obama’s Apology to Karzai

Republican White House hopeful Newt Gingrich has angrily denounced President Obama's apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai over the burning of Korans at a U.S. military base.

The former speaker took to his Twitter feed to condemn Obama's letter to Karzai, saying: "It is an outrage that on the day an Afghan soldier murders two American troops, Pres. Obama is the one apologizing."

The incident at Bagram Air Base triggered a violent response from Afghans, with 14 dead over three days of protests. Two American soldiers were shot dead when an Afghan soldier turned his weapon on them at their base in Khogyani in eastern Nangarhar province, district governor Mohammad Hassan told AFP.


No Retirement: Misled Baby Boomers May Die At The Office

For boomers, it's a new era of 'work til you drop' When Paula Symons joined the U.S. workforce in 1972, typewriters in her office clacked nonstop, people answered the telephones and the hot new technology revolutionizing communication was the fax machine. Symons, fresh out of college, entered this brave new world thinking she'd do pretty much what her parents' generation did: Work for just one or two companies over about 45 years before bidding farewell to co-workers at a retirement party and heading off into her sunset years with a pension. Forty years into that run, the 60-year-old communications specialist for a Wisconsin- based insurance company has worked more than a half-dozen jobs. She's been laid off, downsized and seen the pension disappear with only a few thousand dollars accrued when it was frozen. So, five years from the age when people once retired, she laughs when she describes her future plans. "I'll probably just work until I drop," she says, a sentiment expressed, with varying degrees of humor, by numerous members of her age group. – AP

Dominant Social Theme: Too bad for the baby boomers! They shoulda invested better.

Free-Market Analysis: There are 78 million boomers, and apparently they are not going to retire. Does anybody notice an irony in this?

The dominant social theme of retirement has been one of the most pervasive of all elite memes. Never has any group of people been subject to more propaganda in the history of humankind, in our view.

Maybe TRILLIONS of words about "investing" have been spoken and written in the past 50 years, most of them aimed at US workers. And now we find that perhaps it has all come to naught.


Gas Tax Gimmicks, Yet More Taxes, WSJ On O'Malley

Baltimore Business Journal on Gas Tax 2/24

MBRG comments on what it is behind the proposals to divert a small percentage of the massive new transportation revenues for emergency services.

MBRG: It's a cruel gimmick to justify what is otherwise unjustifiable. It's not about roads and bridges. It's about tax increases, peroid."

O'Malley Administration: "This was not an effort to garner support for the bill."

Daily Record "News Maker" Interview 2/23

"Any time you have the opportunity to look at spending cuts, whether you call it 'doomsday' or 'new day,' it's an opportunity to look at spending." - Kim Burns

Daily Record Profile of MBRG 2/23

"MBRG will be watching this whole issue of taxes. I hope it doesn't extend beyond the gas tax, but I've been picking up that they might extend taxes, like the services tax or other expansions of the sales tax, " -Kim Burns

Citybizlist Op Ed from MBRG 2/23

MBRG Agrees with Gov. O'Malley: Facts are Stubborn Things

Earlier this month, dueling opinion articles ran in The Wall Street Journal about Governor

O'Malley's record.Citybizlist Baltimore posted an article today from Maryland Business for

Responsive Government that examines the facts. Excerpt below, with a link to the full article.Governor O'Malley: "We have delivered these results with a balanced approach of record cuts, investment, and-yes-balanced revenues..".MBRG: The Governor and the legislature have enacted $2.1 billion in 17 new taxes and fees since 2007.

Today's Survey Question 2-24-12

How high do you expect gas prices to rise this year?

Mike Krieger Presents "The Playbook"

It was always going to be a scary thing when the American Empire decided to turn its sights inward. Americans like to look at “shock and awe” and cheer. They think murder is fun and games. They think we are winning when we lose a little bit more with every new bomb we hurl. They think we are killing “the enemy” when in reality we are killing ourselves. The truth is that all the shadow government in the U.S. (you know the unelected guys that never leave and tell the elected guys what to do) has been doing is what corrupt elites have been doing since the beginning of time. Protecting their commercial interests. While many here in the United States have been lulled back into another complete coma state by the garbage that spews from the television set and a stock market that marches higher every day with no volatility, the shadow government is using this time wisely. They are passing laws such as the NDAA, which as we know allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial. In case you haven’t seen some of the commentary by several Senators on the matter take a quick look for yourself [21] Joseph Lieberman is one of the most despicable and downright evil Americans to have ever “served” this country.

Beyond the NDAA, TPTB are rushing to silence the thing they fear the most. The internet. As I have said for years now, the internet is the game changer and the reason I believe TPTB cannot win this fight using the same strategies that have been used by immoral control freak elites since the dawn of human civilization. This is because the “playbook” has been exposed. There are many plays in this book, and over the years I have outlined many of them, but the two that they like the most and the ones we need to be most aware of are. 1) Divide and conquer. 2) Problem, reaction, solution.


Shooting In Salisbury?

A friend tried to call the Salisbury Police Department to report something and they told them they could not take his call right now as there's been some sort of shooting in Salisbury. We'll keep you posted just as soon as we find out any information.

Prepare Yourselves For A Big Increase In Gas

I just got off the phone with a friend who follows the Stock Market. A barrel of oil has just risen to $109.00 since the Stock Market opened.

Here's what you can expect real soon. Gas will probably be at $3.80 cents per gallon very soon.

Iran Court Convicts Christian Pastor Convert To Death

A trial court in Iran has issued its final verdict, ordering a Christian pastor to be put to death for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity, according to sources close to the pastor and his legal team.

Supporters fear Youcef Nadarkhani, a 34-year-old father of two who was arrested over two years ago on charges of apostasy, may now be executed at any time without prior warning, as death sentences in Iran may be carried out immediately or dragged out for years.

It is unclear whether Nadarkhani can appeal the execution order.



Brent crude is trading at $123 per barrel today. That is the true cost on the world markets. That means $4.00 gasoline is in your near future. The 1% are unconcerned with this rise in oil prices. In fact, they are probably profiting from the increase since they have money to invest. The 99% have to drive to work everyday (if they have a job) and heat their homes in the winter. The chart below gives you a relative impact on an average family just for driving. If you take into consideration heating, the cost of food going higher due to transportation costs and fertilizer costs, and the cost of everything needing petroleum going higher, you’re talking a few bucks for Joe the Plumber. But don’t worry. Obama is considering using the Strategic Oil Reserve again to keep his re-election plans on course. We know how well his last dip into the reserve worked on prices.


Crash Was 1 of Deadliest For Marines In Years

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A collision that killed seven Marines in one of the Marine Corps' deadliest aviation training accidents in years occurred over a sprawling desert range favored by the U.S. military because its craggy mountains and hot, dusty conditions are similar to Afghanistan's harsh environment.

Officials were scrambling Thursday to determine what caused the AH-1W Cobra and UH-1 Huey to crash during a routine exercise Wednesday night when skies were clear and the weather was mild.

There were no survivors in the accident near the Chocolate Mountains along the California-Arizona border.


2.23.09: Obama Pledges To Cut The Deficit In Half By The End Of His First Term In Office

Projected PIIGS Pillage: 3233.5 Tons Of Gold To Be Confiscated By Insolvent European Banks

While hardly discussed broadly in the mainstream media, the top news of the past 24 hours without doubt is that in addition to losing its fiscal sovereignty, and numerous other things, the Greek population is about to lose its gold [7] in a perfectly legitimate fashion, following amendments to the country's constitution by unelected banker technocrats, who will make it legal for Greek creditors - read insolvent European banks - to plunder the Greek gold which at last check amounts to 111.6 tonnes according to the WGC. And so we come full circle to what the ultimate goal of banker intervention in the European periphery is - nothing short of full gold confiscation. So just how much gold will be pillaged by the banker oligarchy (it is amusing how many websites believe said gold is sacrosanct by regional national banks, and thus the EUR is such a stronger currency as it has all this 'gold backing' - hint: it doesn't, as all the gold is about to be transferred to non-extradition countries)? As the World Gold Council [8]shows in its latest update, between all the PIIGS, who will with 100% certainty suffer the same fate as Greece (which has shown that unlike during World War 2, it is perfectly willing to turn over and do nothing) there is 3234 tonnes of gold to be plundered. And likely more as further constitutional amendments will likely make the confiscation of private gold the next big step. how much does this amount to? At today's prices this is just shy of $185 billion. Of course by the time the market grasps what is going on the spot price of the yellow metal will be far, far higher. Or, potentially far, far lower and totally fixed as the open gold market is eventually done away with entirely in a reversion to FDR gold confiscation and price fixing days.

The chart below shows total gold holdings for the top 40 countries. Little Ireland is off the chart with just 6 tonnes of gold.


West Texas Intermediate Crude: $107.88

Don't let anyone tell you the spike in oil is just about tensions in the Middle East. The lack of supply from Iran (Thanks to a U.S. financial blockade against Iran) is impacting the price of oil some. But the climb in oil started before the recent escalation in tensions. Bernanke money printing is the primary causal factor.


Cop Charged With Stealing Drinks From Co-workers

It's something that happens at some workplaces -- items suddenly come up missing from the company fridge. But it has happened so often at the Deer Park Police Department that they decided to watch the refrigerator with a surveillance camera. And now a police officer faces charges.

The police chief told us someone had been stealing lunches, drinks, even 60 pounds of deer sausage out of the break room fridge for about a year and police employees were pretty mad. So, the chief authorized a sting operation on the refrigerator.


Editors Note: Does this happen where you work?

Berkeley’s Artwork Loss Is a Museum’s Gain

BERKELEY, Calif. — Everybody misplaces something sometime. But it is not easy for the University of California, Berkeley, to explain how it lost a 22-foot-long carved panel by a celebrated African-American sculptor, or how, three years ago, it mistakenly sold this work, valued at more than a million dollars, for $150 plus tax.

The university’s embarrassing loss eventually enabled the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, a large museum and research center in San Marino, Calif., to acquire its first major work by an African-American artist.

The circuitous tale of Sargent Johnson’s huge redwood relief involves error, chance and a partnership of unlikely art-world figures, including an art and furniture dealer who stumbled upon the panels at the university’s surplus store; an antiques dealer who was on a first-name basis with Michael Jackson and his chimp Bubbles; and a lawyerwhose hobby is buying lighthouses and who convinced the government that even though the art was commissioned by the Works Progress Administration, it could still be sold publicly.

Harvey Smith, president of the National New Deal Preservation Association, called what happened a betrayal of the public trust. “We all pay for this art and we all own it,” he said.

“It’s hard to imagine losing something longer than a pickup truck,” he added, referring to what he called Berkeley’s “amazing incompetence.”


Virginia Will Not Require Invasive Vaginal Ultrasounds

After an understandable uproar over a mandatory procedure that federal law would consider rape, Virginia legislators have opted to forgo the invasive and most definitely uncomfortable procedure for women seeking abortions. On top of a big invasion of privacy for all women, the legislation could have re-traumatized women who sought abortions because of rapes. A meeting last night led legislators to reconsider the vagina wand provision, reaching a compromise that would make the procedure voluntary, but not mandatory, reports The Washington Post. We're not sure what woman might choose to have an ultrasound used in this way, but, now they get a choice. And with that, the never-ending reproduction debates continue.

And here's self-proclaimed pro-lifer, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell backing away from the proposal in an official statement released this afternoon.


'Cash Mobs' Profit Locally Owned Stores

You’ve heard of flash mobs, where people appear to randomly gather and break into elaborate song and dance routines.

But now, a new phenomenon, called “Cash Mobs,” is spreading.

Instead of breaking into song, members of cash mobs break open their wallets to spend money at locally owned businesses.

Since starting last year, cash mobs have been organized in 32 states and Canada. But unlike flash mobs, which are generally entertaining and trivial, they come with a serious purpose.


Girl Scouts’ Critics: Too Extreme To Succeed

Here’s an example of the “family values” encouraged by the smear campaign that some religious conservatives are waging against the Girl Scouts:

A 10-year-old girl offering to sell cookies in Reston around midday on Jan. 14 was stunned and upset when an adult neighbor responded by denouncing abortion.



After tonight's debate, in which Ron Paul and Mitt Romney repeatedly attacked Rick Santorum over his 16-year record in Congress, the former US Senator for Pennsylvania hinted that something nefarious was going on.

"You have to ask Congressman Paul and Governor Romney what they've got going together," Santorum told reporters in the spin room in Mesa, Arizona. "Their commercials look a lot alike and so do their attacks."

Santorum's top strategist John Brabender went even further, charging that the two men had "joined forces" and were coordinating attacks against his man

"Clearly there's a tag team strategy between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. For all I know, Mitt Romney might be considering Ron Paul as his running mate. Clearly there is now an alliance between those two and you saw that certainly in the debate."


Don't Be Alarmed If You Hear Of An Industrial Accident At Perdue

Calls are coming in about an alleged industrial accident at Perdue. Look, a guy got a minor cut on his knee cutting down a small tree, it's no industrial accident.

Ruling: Md. Need Not Protect Pupils From Allergens In School Lunch

Nicole Pace told the school nurse that her daughter was deathly allergic to peanuts and had her 5-year-old's allergist provide Hillcrest Elementary School in Frederick with a pre-measured dose of medicine, just in case.

But a cafeteria worker — unaware of the danger peanuts posed to the girl, Liana — gave her a peanut butter sandwich.

"The child immediately began experiencing an anaphylactic reaction; her airway and eyelids began to swell, and she became lethargic and confused," according to court records. Liana's epinephrine was administered, and she was rushed to the hospital. She survived the attack but developed anxiety, became fearful of her school and eventually was transferred


Would We Have Drugged Up Einstein? How Anti-Authoritarianism Is Deemed A Mental Health Problem

We are increasingly marketing drugs that essentially "cure" anti-authoritarians.

In my career as a psychologist, I have talked with hundreds of people previously diagnosed by other professionals with oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, anxiety disorder and other psychiatric illnesses, and I am struck by 1) how many of those diagnosed are essentially anti-authoritarians; and 2) how those professionals who have diagnosed them are not.

Anti-authoritarians question whether an authority is a legitimate one before taking that authority seriously. Evaluating the legitimacy of authorities includes assessing whether or not authorities actually know what they are talking about, are honest, and care about those people who are respecting their authority. And when anti-authoritarians assess an authority to be illegitimate, they challenge and resist that authority—sometimes aggressively and sometimes passive-aggressively, sometimes wisely and sometimes not.


Obama defends his energy policy in Florida speech, after coming under fire for high gas prices

In a blistering election-year attack on his political foes, President Barack Obama charged Thursday that Republicans are "licking their chops" over painfully high gas prices that threaten the fragile economic recovery.

"Only in politics do people root for bad news and they greet bad news so enthusiastically," he said in a combative speech at the University of Miami. "You pay more, and they're licking their chops."

The defiant rhetoric came after days in which the White House has worked to get off the defensive over high gasoline prices, insisting that Obama has done everything he can to bring those costs down. The administration blamed sticker shock at the pump on unrest in the Middle East, speculative trading, and heightened demand in China, Brazil, and India.