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Thursday, July 25, 2013


“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”
Edgar Allan Poe

“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.”
Mark Twain

“Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence– whether much that is glorious– whether all that is profound– does not spring from disease of thought– from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.”
Edgar Allan Poe, Complete Tales and Poems

“In a mad world, only the mad are sane.”
Akira Kurosawa

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

“The only difference between me and a madman is I’m not mad.”
Salvador Dalí

“Crazy people made him crazy. It was as if he personally resented them giving into madness – in part, because he so frequently labored to behave sanely. When some people gave up the labor of sanity, or failed at it, Garp suspected them of not trying hard enough. ”
John Irving, The World According to Garp

Summer Beach Pumping In Delaware Raises Questions

FENWICK ISLAND -- Amid questions about the timing at the height of the summer season, a vast beach replenishment project is expected to get underway any day now in Fenwick Island.

The Army Corps of Engineers this week began the staging process for a federally-funded emergency beach replenishment project in Fenwick Island, the first stop in what will be a months-long restoration process for the beaches along the Delaware coast. During the project, roughly 389,000 cubic yards of sand will be pumped onto the beach in Fenwick from offshore borrow sources and spread over about 6,500 feet of shoreline. The intent is to restore the beach and protective dune line ravaged during Hurricane Sandy last October and other winter and early spring storms to their pre-storm conditions.

While few question the intent of the project, concerns have been raised about its timing at the height of the summer season. The contractor, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, began the staging process for the project on Wednesday with a huge pipe extending from the dredging equipment offshore onto the beach at Atlantic Ave. Also on the beach on Wednesday was the tall tri-pod-like piece of equipment that has become familiar to local residents and visitors during recent beach replenishment projects.


AKC-Registered Breeders Raising Dogs In 'Miserable' Conditions

New accusations that one of the country's largest organizations dedicated to dogs, the American Kennel Club, isn't doing enough to protect animals. TODAY National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen reports.

When you go to buy a puppy, you want it to be happy, healthy and well-treated. A lot of people count on the American Kennel Club to find a breeder. When you see that AKC seal, you think to yourself: "I'm getting a good dog." But we've discovered disgusting conditions and sick dogs at AKC-registered operations.

The Westminster Dog Show is the epitome of canine perfection, and the American Kennel Club is proud to oversee it, calling itself "the dog's champion," registering puppies with official papers and inspecting breeders "to ensure proper care and conditions." Many dog owners count on it, looking for that seal before purchasing a puppy.

But critics say there's an ugly reality you don't see: Some AKC breeders raising diseased dogs, malnourished, living in their own filth. It's so disturbing that now two of the country's largest animal welfare groups, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Humane Society, are condemning the AKC.


Economist Moore: Young People Getting 'Shafted' By Obamacare

Young Americans "are the people who get really shafted under Obamacare," economist Stephen Moore tells Newsmax TV.

"The joke is on them," Moore, a member of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview. "And the amazing thing is that young people, in great percentages, voted for Obama over both John McCain and Mitt Romney.


OC Police Defends Beach Melee Handling

OCEAN CITY -- Despite conflicting reports about the melee on the beach at N. Division Street last Sunday afternoon that resulted in three men being arrested on assault charges and a pregnant woman being wrestled to the ground, Ocean City police officials this week are standing by the actions of the officers involved.

Around 2:30 p.m. last Sunday, Ocean City Police responded to a reported group of disorderly males. The request for assistance came from an Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguard, who told police he approached the group to speak with them, at which time he was threatened.

When OCPD officers attempted to speak with the suspect, identified as Abdul Kargbo, 25, of Woodbridge, Va., he began cursing and yelling at the officers and attempted to leave the scene. As officers attempted to arrest Kargbo, several other members in the disorderly group began to yell at police and act in a threatening manner, according to police reports.


What Al Sharpton Won’t Tell You

“The First Black President … Spoke First as a Black American,” ran the banner headline of Sunday’s Washington Post.

But why, when the fires of anger over the Zimmerman verdict were dying down, did he go into that pressroom and stir them up?

“A week of protests outside the White House, pressure building on him inside the White House, pushed him to that podium,” said Tavis Smiley on “Meet the Press.” Black leaders demanded Obama come out of hiding and stand in solidarity with the aggrieved and outraged.

Belatedly and meekly, Obama complied.


48 Hours Later, These Are Bill O’Reilly’s Comments On Race That Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About

On Monday night, Billy O’Reilly gave one of the most impassioned monologues of his career. Almost 48 hours later, it seems everyone can’t stop talking about it.

In short, during his “Talking Points Memo” segment, O’Reilly lambasted leaders in the black community who would rather talk about the Zimmerman verdict than address some of the dire issues plaguing blacks in America.

“You want a better situation for blacks? Give them a chance to revive their neighborhoods and culture,” a fired-up O’Reilly said. “Work with the good people to stop the bad people. […] You can’t legislate good parenting or responsible entertainment. But you can fight against the madness with discipline, a firm message and little tolerance for excuse making. It is now time for the African American leadership, including President Obama, to stop the nonsense. Walk away from the world of victimization and grievance and lead the way out of this mess.”

He wasn’t done:


11-Year-Old Girl: Marry Me Off? I'll Kill Myself

A video of an 11-year-old girl from Yemen who claims she ran away to escape a forced marriage has been seen an astonishing 6 million times on YouTube since it was posted July 8.

“Go ahead and marry me off. I’ll kill myself, just like that,” declares Nada al-Ahdal, who says she was saved from the arranged engagement when her uncle rescued her.

The video was filmed in a car and translated by MEMRI-TV, the Middle East Media Research Institute.
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A Tight Tax Leash Constrains Americans

Many readers are already well aware that the US government is essentially unique—and not in a good way—in how it treats its citizens living and working in foreign countries. No other country in the developed world imposes and effectively enforces as many burdens on its citizens abroad (and those who would do business with them) as does the US government.

Whether it is filing and paying taxes to both a foreign government and the US government, the reporting of foreign financial assets (FBAR and Form 8938), or saddling foreign financial institutions with extra compliance costs for dealing with US citizens (FATCA), among others, the root cause of these burdens is a system of citizenship-based taxation (CBT).

The US is the only developed country in the world that enforces CBT.



On “Politics Nation” Wednesday, MSNBC host Al Sharpton and his panel agreed that “right-wing pundits” like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly are stoking racial fears to boost their ratings. Some might call this accusation ironic as many argue that Sharpton has built an entire career by doing that exact thing.

MSNBC contributor Joy Reid asserted that successful conservative personalities, including the ones previously mentioned, have carved out a special niche in talk radio by actively promoting “white grievance” to their old, white audiences.

“All of these people are destroying what they see as their America, and that siege bunker mentality is great for ratings because it keeps people on edge, angry, and feeling like they need to hear from their guru every day. So it’s all done for ratings, but it doesn’t deal with real problems,” Reid said.



Police Capt. Louis Renault, played by Claude Rains in the 1942 movie “Casablanca,” in the wake of the shooting of a Nazi officer, ordered his men to “round up the usual suspects.” Was Renault engaging in some sort of profiling? He may have been, but what is profiling? Let’s look at it.

We can think of profiling as a method to economize on information costs by using easily observed physical characteristics as a proxy or a guess for some other characteristic more difficult or costlier to observe. For example, say you seek to hire people to manually unload trucks containing heavy merchandise. I’m guessing that most would use sex as a proxy for strength and select men over the women. That can be called sex profiling. Of course, if you assumed that men and women have equal strength, you’d hire randomly.

You might say, “Profiling is unfair, and individuals should be judged individually!” Taken to the limit, such a position is ludicrous. Suppose police are trying to catch the criminal who just raped a woman in a city park. Would you want them to use sex profiling — i.e., just round up men — or should they round up everyone, regardless of sex? I’m betting that most people would view the latter as stupid. But there is a near equivalent in government. Ninety-six percent of the FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists are Muslim, and most terrorist attacks in the U.S. have been committed by young Muslim males. Despite this, the Transportation Security Administration people behave as if each person who seeks to board a plane is of equal danger. That’s why they search, frighten and inconvenience 5-year-olds and elderly people.


Homeschoolers Plead For Help Fighting 'Anti-Parent' Law

A government proposal that is being described as “anti-parent” is threatening to overwhelm a small team of parents in Scotland who are dedicated to fighting the “Children and Young People Bill,” and they are asking for help from fellow homeschoolers worldwide.

According to a report from the Home School Legal Defense Association, the bill “would assign a government social worker to ‘promote, support or safeguard the wellbeing’ of every child from birth.”

That “named person” would have great authority to order what the child – and parents – must do throughout life, regarding schooling, health, social activities and the like.

It’s part of an initiative that calls for “Getting it Right for Every Child.”

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Troopers Investigate Home Invasion, Selbyville

Location:  30000 block of Rooster Road, Selbyville, DE
Date of Occurrence:   Wednesday July 24, 2013 at approximately 12:50 a.m.
  • 30 year old male
  • 22 year old female
  • Black male, large build.  Last seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt and mask covering his face (no further physical or clothing description available).  Armed with an unknown type of handgun.
  • Black male, average build.  Last seen wearing a hoodie and mask covering his face. (no further physical or clothing description available).  Armed with a black "slap stapler."
  • Black male, average build.  Last seen wearing a tan shirt, tan camouflage cargo shorts, and a Panama Jack type hat with chin strap (no further physical or clothing description available).  Armed with a dark colored wooden object.
Selbyville, DE- The Delaware State Police are investigating a home invasion style robbery that occurred early this morning near Selbyville.
The incident occurred around 12:50 a.m. as three suspects entered the residence located in the 30000 block of Rooster Road.  The 30 year old male victim and his 22 year old female girlfriend were in the living room as the trio broke into the home.  One of the suspects, armed with an unknown type handgun demanded money from the two and at one point a physical altercation ensued between the male victim and the larger of the three suspects.  At that point, a suspect armed with a slap stapler struck the male victim in the head before the victim could free himself and escaped through a back door and to a neighbor's house where he called 9-1-1.  The female victim attempted to intervene in the fight and was also struck in the head with the slap stapler.  All three suspect then fled the residence but not before one of them grabbed the female victim's purse containing an undisclosed amount of cash.  Both victims were transported by EMS to Beebe Medical Center where they were treated and released with non-life-threatening injuries.
Troopers have determined through preliminary interviews and investigation that this was not a random act, and the victims may have been targeted in the home invasion.
If anyone has any information in reference to this incident, they are asked to contact Troop 4 at 302-856-5850 or by utilizing the Delaware State Police Mobile Crime Tip Application available to download at:  Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Board Delays Action On Kent Island Housing Project

The Board of Public Works has postponed a decision on whether to grant permits for a Kent Island housing development in an environmentally sensitive area near the Chesapeake Bay.

Governor Martin O'Malley said Wednesday he believes the board needs greater assurance that a proposed 131-acre park in the proposal will not be developed in the future.

It's the second time the proposed Four Seasons at Kent Island has come before the board.

In 2007, the board rejected the proposal due to environmental concerns.


Bankers Own The World

In every era, there are certain people and institutions that are held in the highest public regard as they embody the prevailing values of society. Not that long ago, Albert Einstein was a major public figure and was widely revered. Can you name a scientist that commands a similar presence today?

Today, some of the most celebrated individuals and institutions are ensconced within the financial industry; in banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms. Which is odd because none of these firms or individuals actually makeanything, which society might point to as additive to our living standards. Instead, these financial magicians harvest value from the rest of society that has to work hard to produce real things of real value.

While the work they do is quite sophisticated and takes a lot of skill, very few of these firms direct capital to new efforts, new products, and new innovations. Instead they either trade in the secondary markets for equities, bonds, derivatives, and the like, which perform the 'service' of moving paper from one location to another while generating 'profits.' Or, in the case of banks, they create money out of thin air and lend it out – at interest of course.


Dying Father's First Dance with Daughter Filmed for Future Wedding

On a sunny Saturday in July, Rachel Wolf was preparing for the day she always dreamed of, complete with wedding gown, makeup, and guests.

But there was one thing missing: a groom.

Instead, the day was about her dad. Rachel's father, Dr. James Wolf, is dying of pancreatic cancer. He likely has less than three months to live.

So to make sure that he would be there on her wedding day, Rachel, 25, came up with an unusual idea: she would create and record her own father/daughter dance. The venue, Auburn Recreation Park in Auburn, Calif., the limo and the D.J. were all donated.

"I just was flabbergasted," Dr. Wolf told TODAY in an interview that aired Monday.


North Carolina Lawmakers Pass Sweeping New Gun Laws

The Republican-backed bill approved by both the House and Senate on Tuesday allows concealed-carry permit holders to take firearms into bars and restaurants and other places where alcohol is served as long as the owner doesn’t expressly forbid it.

The measure will also allow concealed-carry permit holders to store weapons in locked cars on the campus of any public school or university. Guns will also now be allowed on greenways, playgrounds and other public recreation areas.

The final bill dropped a controversial provision that would have repealed the long-standing law requiring a background check and permit issued by county sheriffs for handgun purchases.

The measure now heads to Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s desk.


Baby and His Husky Have a Deep Conversation !

If We Are Subservient To Government

When Edward Snowden revealed that the federal government, in direct defiance of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, was unlawfully and unconstitutionally spying on all Americans who use telephones, text messaging or emails to communicate with other persons, he opened a Pandora’s box of allegations and recriminations. The allegations he unleashed are that Americans have a government that assaults our personal freedoms, operates in secrecy and violates the Constitution and the values upon which it is based. The recriminations are that safety is a greater good than liberty, and Snowden interfered with the ability of the government to keep us safe by exposing its secrets, and so he should be silenced and punished.

In the course of this debate, you have heard the argument that we all need to sacrifice some liberty in order to assure our safety, that liberty and safety are in equipoise, and when they clash, it is the government that should balance one against the other and decide which shall prevail. This is, of course, an argument the government loves, as it presupposes that the government has the moral, legal and constitutional power to make this satanic bargain.

It doesn’t.


Massachusetts Couple May Face Fine For Helping Injured Baby Seal

A Massachusetts couple who tried to help an injured baby seal at an area beach may face a $5,000 fine for rushing to the aid of the stranded mammal. reports that Mark Hodgdon and his fiancee were scuba diving at a Marshfield beach when they came across the baby seal covered in bite marks.

"There was a whole row of marks going across his belly up on his side," Hodgdon told the station. "You could just tell his whole body was in the shark. It had to have been."


Gansler Proposes New Inspector General To Take ‘Back Room’ Out Of State Spending

Attorney General Doug Gansler said the chilly cellar at the back of Harry Browne’s restaurant across the street from the State House epitomizes the kind of “back room” dealing his six proposals for greater transparency in government would try to eliminate. (The restaurant’s cozy second floor bar is actually the more common venue for deal-making, but no matter.)

The meeting was the third in “Build Our Best Maryland” series that Gansler is holding around the state to discuss policy issues as he prepares to announce his race for governor in the fall. Some members of the legislature have shown an interest in transparency, accountability and openness in government, but few statewide candidates even mention the topic. A summary of the proposals is at the bottom of this blog.

Gansler cited the study by State Integrity Investigation that gave Maryland a D- on a detailed Corruption Risk Report Card.


DPD Press Release 7-25-13

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 7-25-13

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "SFD Calls For Service 7-24-13":

FYI-the firemen signed a social media contract and are not permitted to post anything on this blog. Hey, did you ever think that their family and friends are tired of you bashing them? It's just ridiculous how much time and energy you're putting into this when there are more pressing issues in Salisbury, like poverty and homelessness. Use your blog site to promote positiveness Joe. You're so negative. 

Publishers Notes: It never ceases to amaze me just ridiculous the leadership/followers are in that Department. First of all, 99% of you DON'T live in the City and DON'T pay taxes.

You suggest I publish only "positiveness" and say I'm so "negative". First of all, it is, (and always has been) my job to expose EVERYTHING to the public. I started this Blog because your local media reuses to actually tell the TRUTH.

Think about it like this. Wouldn't it be GREAT if the Daily Times were to actually take the time to look at all the calls for service each year versus the overall yearly expense and let the taxpayers and their subscribers know what each call is costing the taxpayer.

Instead, what you would get from them would include all the ambulance calls and not the true figures. Making your staff sign a contract to stay off Salisbury News and not comment just means they know they're afraid the honorable Firefighters might actually tell the truth.

You also say I am "bashing" the Firefighters, their Families and Friends. Let me start off by tell you, I have many friends in the Fire Department. Some agree with me and some do not. We don't get into yelling matches and hate each other. At the end of the day we agree to disagree. Just because I, (and many of our readers) have an opposite opinion doesn't mean I/we are bashing anyone. YOU are simply afraid, no, scared to death, that we're gong to expose enough information that the taxpayers might they are wasting millions of dollars each year for a service that isn't necessary.

Now, if what I'm suggesting is true an the overall public does in fact decide it's a waste, IS THAT NEGATIVE?  Only for the select few getting paychecks for chasing ambulances and NOT fighting fires.  

House Narrowly Rejects Effort To Halt NSA Program

The House narrowly rejected a challenge to the National Security Agency's secret collection of hundreds of millions of Americans' phone records Wednesday night after a fierce debate pitting privacy rights against the government's efforts to thwart terrorism.

The vote was 217-205 on an issue that created unusual political coalitions in Washington, with libertarian-leaning conservatives and liberal Democrats pressing for the change against the Obama administration, the Republican establishment and Congress' national security experts.

The showdown vote marked the first chance for lawmakers to take a stand on the secret surveillance program since former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden leaked classified documents last month that spelled out the monumental scope of the government's activities.


Lost Dog 7-24-13: UPDATE

Bruno was taken to the humane society this Morning where it was discovered he had a micro chip. He has since been retuned home safely.

Thanks for all of your help Joe!

Hey Joe,

Just spoke with you over the phone. Found this guy running across the street on Camden right in front of Holloway Hall.

Very friendly to people. Not so much other dogs.

Seems to be a mixed breed. Sits on command, with some incentive. No tags. Is definitely a runner when he has the chance. Has a blue harness and was dragging about 20ft worth of red wire where it looks like her must have been tied up.

Have attached a picture. I have another dog and they do not seem to be compatible, mine being a larger bully breed I wouldn’t feel safe keeping him around too long so will probably be forced to drop him off at the Humane Society tomorrow morning.

My contact phone number is 443-867-5185. Appreciate the help.

Wicomico County Detention Center To Close Up Shop On Weekends

When someone is sentenced to let's say 30 days in jail they usually get weekend jail time.

We came to learn that may completely change somewhere around Oct 1, 2013.

Instead, inmates will be placed into a community service program. Many will be sent to the landfill and the majority will be doing physical work instead of sitting around all weekend.

I was also told, (not confirmed) that inmates will be able to go home Saturday night but are required to show up again on Sunday. 

Personally, I think that is a fantastic decision by County Judges. Delaware has been enforcing this very process for many years. It saves the taxpayers a ton of money.

What's your thoughts?

Berlin Little League Seeking 3rd Straight State Title Today

BERLIN -- The Berlin Little League’s under-12 Major League team swept its first three games in the Maryland state championship tournament in Arbutus, including a 2-0 nail biter over Conococheague on Tuesday, and stands on the threshold of a third straight state title.

Fresh off their third straight District 8 championship, the Berlin team headed to Arbutus last week seeking to collect their third straight state championship and move on in the ultimate quest to play in the Little League World Series in Williamsport next month. Berlin swept their first three games, beating Bethesda, 4-3, in the opener, cruising past Elkton, 12-2, in the second game on Sunday and edging Conococheague, 2-0, on Tuesday.

With the 3-0 start, Berlin reached the state championship game and awaits the winner of the loser’s bracket game between Conococheague and Brunswick, set for Wednesday night. Whoever emerges from that semifinal game would have to beat Berlin twice to keep the local team from claiming their third straight state title. The championship game is set for Thursday night. If Berlin were to fall in that game, it would get a second chance at defending its title by virtue of its unbeaten record.


Maryland Has Successful Sale Of $475 Million In General Obligation Bonds

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland State Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp announced that the Board of Public Works (BPW), composed of Governor Martin O’Malley, Comptroller Peter Franchot and Treasurer Kopp, completed the sale of $475,000,000 of General Obligation bonds today in two series.

Treasurer Kopp commented “Today’s results were very satisfying particularly in light of a challenging marketplace. The demand for Maryland bonds and the resulting favorable interest rates are a reflection of the top quality of Maryland’s credit and the security of the investment it provides.”

Competitive sales for Series A and Series B occurred at today’s BPW meeting. The State received bids for the $435,000,000 of Tax-Exempt Bonds (Series A) and the $40,000,000 of Taxable Bonds (Series B).

In today’s competitive sales: $435 million in tax-exempt bonds in Series A sold at a true interest cost of 3.155%; the winning bidder was J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and the net premium was $49,236,688. $40 million of Series B taxable bonds sold at a true interest cost of 1.176%; the winning bidder was Jeffries LLC and the discount was $79,022.

There were six bidders on Series A and ten bidders on Series B.

Treasurer Kopp said, “The State of Maryland was very successful in today’s sale of tax-exempt and taxable General Obligation bonds, achieving a favorable combined interest rate of 3.095%. Maryland taxpayers benefit not only from saving millions of dollars because of the State’s strong AAA bond rating, but also from the investment in Maryland’s schools, colleges, hospitals, prisons and cultural projects that the bond proceeds support.”

Maryland is one of only nine states to currently hold the AAA rating, the highest possible rating, from all three bond rating agencies. The Triple AAA was affirmed as recently as July 12, 2013, in anticipation of this bond sale.

The Maryland State Treasurer’s Office expects to conduct another bond sale in February or March 2014.

Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Release 7-25-13

Paul Martin of Princess Anne, arrested 7-18-13 on a warrant for 2nd degree assault, harassment, and animal cruelty. Martin was later released on personal recognizance

Donna Kaye Wilkinson of Princess Anne, criminal summons served on 7-18-13 for 2nd degree assault. Wilkinson was released on signature pending court actions.

Tanisha Michele Thomas of Crisfield, arrested 7-20-13 for failing to appear in court. Thomas was held on a $2,500 bond.

James Sylvester Lee of Fruitland, arrested 7-21-13 on two warrants for failing to appear in court. Lee was held on a $1,000 bond.

Stacey Lynn Mister of Crisfield, criminal summons served for violating a court ordered protective order. Mister was released on signature pending court actions.

Joseph William Maxwell of Princess Anne, arrested 7-22-13 on a warrant for violation of probation. Maxwell was held on a $3,650.00 bond.

Russell William Knox of Princess Anne, criminal summons served 7-22-13 for 2nd degree assault. Knox was released n signature pending court actions.

Jenna Lynn Ennis of Salisbury, arrested 7-23-13 on a warrant for violation of probation, and failing to appear in court. Ennis was held on a $260,000 bond.

Tarah Lynn Bozman of Princess Anne, criminal summons served for 7-23-13 for 2nd degree assault. Bozman was released on signature pending court actions.

Lakeisha B. Lee of Crisfield, arrested 7-24-13 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Lee was held on a $500.00 bond.

Two Suspects Charged In West OC's Bank Robbery

WEST OCEAN CITY -- Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the early Tuesday morning robbery of the PNC Bank in West Ocean City and both are believed to be connected to a string of robberies in Pennsylvania over the weekend, although Maryland State Police investigators do not believe there is a connection with the robbery of a bank in Ocean City on Wednesday morning.

Shortly after 9 a.m. on Tuesday, an unidentified male entered the PNC Bank on Route 50 near the intersection with Route 611 and demanded money. No money was given and the suspect fled the scene. No injuries were reported, nor was any weapon displayed.

Early on, with the help of the media and social networks, a possible connection was developed to a series of bank robberies in Pennsylvania late last week and the video surveillance pictures captured during those crimes revealed the suspect appeared very similar to the suspect wanted in connection with the West Ocean City bank robbery on Tuesday, including a distinctive tattoo on his left arm.


Congressman Harris Votes To Cut State Department Foreign Aid Budget

Jobs Programs Like the Keystone Pipeline Should Take Precedence Over Foreign Aid

– Today, Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. voted to cut the State Department foreign aid budget by $8 billion, a decrease of 19% from current levels, bringing the expenditures down to 2008 levels before President Obama was elected. The savings would be achieved through legislation that funds the State Department and was considered today by the Committee on Appropriations. As a member of the Committee, Congressman Harris voted in favor of the bill and the proposed reduction in foreign aid.

"The President’s foreign policy has been stunningly unsuccessful, and it's time to stop sending billions of dollars we’re borrowing from places like China to other countries,” said Harris. “This budget entirely eliminates unnecessary programs like the clean technology fund and the strategic climate fund. It also reduces UN spending by a third of a billion dollars. It's time we start focusing American’s hard-earned tax dollars here at home on projects like building the Keystone XL pipeline instead of throwing them away in foreign lands.”

IRS & FinCEN – Getting The People To Do Their Dirty Work For Them

For a long time now, the IRS has forced Americans to spy on other Americans. W-2, W-2G, 1042S, the 17 members of the 1099 series (A, B, C, Cap, Div, G, H, Int, K, Ltc, Misc, Oid, Patr, Q, R, S, & SA), 3921 & 3922 are all forms designed to capture income on an annual basis of virtually every type where someone else is forced to tell on you.

One you never hear about that has been around for over 20 years is IRS Form 8300 – Report of Cash Payments Over $10,000 Received in a Trade or Business. This is my favorite.

Right on top it notes “Failure to file this form or filing a false form may result in imprisonment.” Sounds pretty serious. In fact, on the front page of IRS Publication 1544 (the 6 pages of instructions) it states the purpose of this form – “Drug dealers and smugglers often use large cash payments to “launder” money from illegal activities. Laundering means converting “dirty” or illegallygained money to “clean” money.” I guess Janet Nacrapitano is right, I’d better see something and say something to “protect” my fellow man. Certainly don’t want anyone cleaning money, that’s for sure.


Marylander... Take Back Your State!

For the past several years, I have endeavored to keep you informed and provide you an inside look at the General Assembly and Maryland politics. I have been committed to being “a strong voice” in the legislature for our shared values. Nobody needs to tell you that it has been tough to be a resident or business owner in Maryland these past few years. You have lived it!

Our taxes and spending are clearly out of control. As I have continually encouraged you to, “Take Back Your State”, you have told me that you “have my back”, and to “keep up the fight.”

· When the Speaker shut off my microphone during my first session, no one in the State House could tell because I did not miss a beat and kept right on making my point.

· When I was told I would need to compromise on my core beliefs if I wanted redistricting to go better for me, I told them I would not stop representing the values of those I serve.

· When I see corrupt actions and process, I do not pull any punches; and when I see reckless spending increases during a terrible recession, I stand my ground.

Many folks took notice of my work ethic:
My peers promoted me to be the Ranking Minority Member on the House Judiciary Committee (unheard of for a freshman).
Maryland Businesses for Responsive Government honored me for achieving a 100% score in support of a better business climate in Maryland.

I was named the 2012 recipient of the “Restore Integrity Award” presented by the national good government and legal reform advocate POPULAR; and

This year I was named the “Legislator of the Year” by the State’s Attorney’s Association of Maryland for my continued work in areas of public safety and victim advocacy

Others took notice as well, including the Speaker of the House and the Governor. When it came time to redraw the district lines, my district (38-B) was carved up like a Christmas turkey and moved 40 miles away from my home while local democrats were protected. I found myself in the same Single Member District as my fellow Republican Delegate Charles Otto. Absolutely amazing!

Many have encouraged me to run for the Senate. They believe my passion, my voice, and my vote will carry more weight in a chamber of 46 members as opposed to a House of 141. I am humbled by their encouragement, and, though I possess a willingness to continue my service, I cannot do it alone.

I ask you to hold the line with me and push back against those who build up government at the expense of your liberty. If you want a leader, unafraid, who has:

· Stood firm and spoke out on your 2nd Amendment and property rights;

· Stood up and spoke out in defense of traditional marriage and family values;

· Rejected all new taxes including: income, electricity, rain, gas, and many more more;

· Fought bloated budgets and reckless spending increases (29% last 4 years);

· Communicated details on a daily/weekly/monthly basis of General Assembly actions;
...if that’s the leadership you want, then I need your help.

Rise up and make a commitment today! Our forefathers pledged their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to give us liberty. How can we allow machine politics and their puppets to decide Maryland’s future? We owe our children’s children our very best effort.

I am talking to folks from all over Maryland whose values I have fought to represent on the floor of the State House and in every Committee meeting. You might be in a district represented by nothing but progressive liberals, but you too have a voice when I rise from my seat. Together, we can turn the tide on these progressive liberals one district at a time.

Accept the challenge Marylander, and make a commitment today!

I will stand with you! I pledge __$1000 __$500 __$100 __$10 (other $__________) to help take back our state from those who do not share my values.
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Your pledge is important. Your gift can follow in the months ahead.
Mail Your Commitment To: 

Citizens To Elect Mike McDermott
217 Walnut Street
Pocomoke City, MD 21851
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Those who would deny you your liberty are committed to their cause.
President Reagan once said:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”