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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dog-gone: Canine Candidate Re-elected Minnesota Town Mayor

CORMORANT, Minn. (AP) — The four-legged mayor of a northwestern Minnesota village greets voters like a true politician.

Duke, a 9-year-old Great Pyrenees, won a third one-year term as honorary mayor of Cormorant Township on Saturday.

The big, shaggy white dog was overwhelmingly re-elected at the sixth annual Cormorant Daze Festival. Anyone could pay a dollar and cast a vote.


2,500 gingers arrive in Cork for Redhead Convention

KFC’s New Marketing Gimmick: Giving Away Scented Sunscreen

NEW YORK (AP) — KFC gave away 3,000 bottles of sunscreen that it said smelled like fried chicken to drum up buzz for its Extra Crispy chicken.

Several Associated Press reporters who tested the sunscreen said the smell did not immediately bring to mind chicken, however.

The stunt is another way for KFC to promote its Extra Crispy fried chicken. In June, it hired always-tan actor George Hamilton to appear in commercials as Colonel Sanders.


Trump: Clinton Must Apologize for 'Death and Destruction' She Caused

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton must apologize for the “death and destruction” she caused during her tenure as secretary of State.

“Her tenure as secretary of State may be regarded as the most disastrous in U.S. history, but yet she is totally without remorse,” Trump said Friday at a campaign rally at Dimondale, Mich.

“Her failed decisions as secretary of State unleashed ISIS onto the world. But has she ever apologized for the death and destruction she has caused?”

Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, called his Democratic rival “indifferent to the suffering she has caused.”

“She offers no apologies for selling government favors. No apologies for unleashing ISIS. No apologies for open borders. No apologies for lying about her emails, or about Benghazi,” he said.


Mom surprises school with gift on what would have been her son's first day

Courtney Scott has been dreading this day for years – the day her son would have started kindergarten.

On Monday, the grieving mother knew she would not be dropping off her 5-year-old son Carsyn at school on his first day as she once pictured.

Instead of sitting at home in sorrow, Scott decided to do something to honor her late son’s memory.

In July, the Viera, Florida, resident created a Facebook event ahead of Carsyn’s birthday seeking donations for local schools. To her surprise, dozens of people joined, and she raised more than $1,500 to put toward school supplies.

“I expected my friends and family may donate some, but everyone began sharing my event and soon donations were pouring in from all over,” Scott told CBS News.


FBI Probes Firm Belonging To Brother Of Clinton Campaign Chair For Ukraine Corruption Ties

The top political news on Friday was the unexpected resignation of Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, which was the result of emerging revelations that his political consulting firm, DMP International, had orchestrated a covert Washington lobbying operation in the period 2012-2014 on behalf of Ukraine's then ruling political party, attempting to sway American public opinion in favor of the country's pro-Russian government (which was overthrown in a CIA-orchestrated coup in early 2014).

As the AP reported yesterday, the lobbying included attempts to gain positive press coverage of Ukrainian officials in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Associated Press. Another goal: undercutting American public sympathy for the imprisoned rival of Ukraine's then-president. At the time, European and American leaders were pressuring Ukraine to free her. Furthermore, under the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act (or FARA), US entities who lobby on behalf of foreign political leaders or political parties must provide detailed reports about their actions to the Justice Department.

The 1938 U.S. foreign agents law is intended to track efforts of foreign government's unofficial operatives in the United States. A violation is a felony and can result in up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

The issue is that neither Paul Manafort, nor his deputy, Rick Gates, disclosed their work as foreign agents as required under federal law. "There is no question that Gates and Manafort should have registered along with the lobbying firms," said Joseph Sandler of Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock, a Democratic-leaning Washington law firm that advises Republican and Democratic lobbyists.

Now if this was the extent of the violations, it would be an open and shut case of potential non-disclosure of lobbying on behalf of a foreign (soon to be overthrown) government, one which could result in felony charges and potential prison time for employees of DMP International, up to and including Manafort. Which is why it is clear why Trump had to quickly get rid of Manafort as his ongoing presence was a major risk factor overhanging the entire Trump campaign, one which could even lead to incarceration and ongoing accusations of pro-Russian influence.

It also explains why as CNN reported yesterday, the FBI and DOJ prosecutors have started a probe into possible US ties to alleged corruption of the former pro-Russian president of Ukraine, including the work of Paul Manafort's firm, according to multiple US law enforcement officials. "The investigation is broad and is looking into whether US companies and the financial system were used to aid alleged corruption by the party of former president Viktor Yanukovych."

However, where things get trickier is that in addition to Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates, other, far more prominent firms are also implicated, chief among them the Podesta Group, headed by Tony Podesta - the brother of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.


Baltimore Police Investigate 5 Shootings Monday Night

Monday was a busy night for the Baltimore City Police Detectives after five people were shot within an hour in different parts of the city. Two men have died because of the gun fire.

According to Baltimore City Police, approximately 10:15 P.M., a man was found at the intersection of Ashland and Broadway with gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital. A little later, police found a second victim at a hospital who shot in the same part of the city.

An hour earlier, around 9:15 P.M., officers heard gunfire in the 5300 block of Sinclair Lane. A man had been shot in the chest in that area. He died.


Troopers Investigating Death after Fall in State Park

Bear, DE- Delaware State Police are currently investigating the death of a 59 year old woman after she fell from a zip line ride at a Bear area state park.

The initial investigation has determined that the incident occurred at approximately 1:40 p.m. this afternoon, Wednesday, August 24, 2016, as a 59 year old female guest fell approximately 40 feet from the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure attraction at the Lums Pond State Park, located at 1068 Howell School Road, Bear. The female victim was treated at the scene by New Castle County Paramedics before being transported by ambulance to the Christiana Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The victim’s name is being withheld pending the notification of her next of kin. There were no other injuries.

The investigation into this incident is in its early stages. More information will be provided at the conclusion of the investigation.

A Displeased Colin Powell Accuses Hillary Of "Trying To Pin" Email Scandal On His Advice

As the NYT first reported on Friday, in the latest attempt to justify her use of a private email server, the FBI notes from Hillary Clinton's deposition revealed that she told federal investigators that former Secretary of State Colin Powell suggested she use a personal email account as he had done.

We promptly noted a key inconsistency with this story: "where the attempt to deflect blame from Hillary and toward Powell fails is the following “Toward the end of the evening, over dessert, Albright asked all of the former secretaries to offer one salient bit of counsel to the nation’s next top diplomat,” Conason writes. “Powell told her to use her own email, as he had done, except for classified communications, which he had sent and received via a State Department computer.”

In an immediate response, Colin Powell's office in a statement said he could not recall the dinner conversation. He did recall describing the system he used to her, but the statement did not say he suggested Clinton do the same. "He did write former Secretary Clinton an email memo describing his use of his personal AOL email account for unclassified messages and how it vastly improved communications 


Boy with double-hand transplant’s next goal: Play football

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — It’s been just over a year since 9-year-old Zion Harvey received a double-hand transplant, and he said Tuesday what he really wants to do is play football.

“I feel happy about my new hands, and I don’t feel different. I like now that I can throw a football further than when I didn’t have hands,” he said during a briefing at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he underwent the 10-hour surgery in July 2015. His mother, doctor and physical therapists joined him.

The nation’s youngest hand transplant patient has been going through extensive rehab to learn how to use his new hands. He lost them and his feet to amputation seven years ago after suffering a serious infection, and has leg prosthetics that allow him to walk.


New York Times, Washington Post Won't Cover Soros Leaks

On June 4, 2016, the New York Times editorial board wrote an article titled “Big Money Rearranges Its Election Bets.”

“Both parties are busy exploiting the power of barely regulated super PACs to accept unlimited six- and seven-figure donations for candidates,” the editors wrote. “At the same time, campaigns are concealing the names of other rich donors in ‘dark money’ operations palmed off as tax exempt ‘social welfare’ agencies supposedly dedicated to doing good, not to bare knuckle politics.”

But two-and-a-half months later, when the internal workings of a powerful political network palmed off as a tax-exempt “social welfare” agency supposedly dedicated to doing good were released to the public — unveiling the big money ties to many of the left’s top social causes — the Times kept its readers in the dark.


Mike Rowe: Media Wants To Impact Election By Labeling Trump Voters ‘Uneducated’

Mike Rowe said the press is trying to impact the election when it implies that Donald Trump’s supporters are uneducated.

An electrical contractor wrote to the 54-year-old host of “Dirty Jobs” to say that he finds it offensive when the media constantly refers to majority of the Republican nominee’s supporters as “uneducated white men.”

“If the media is referring to Trump supporters who happen to be male caucasians suffering from a lack of knowledge brought about by an absence of formal or practical instruction, than I guess ‘uneducated white men’ is a fair description,” Rowe responded in a lengthy Facebook post. “However, if the Trump supporters in question are being dubbed ‘uneducated,’ simply because they didn’t earn a four-year degree, I’d say the media’s slip is showing.”


69-year-old Vincent Fleck dies during swim portion of New York triathlon

A 69-year-old athlete competing in a New York triathlon on Sunday died during the swimming portion of the event.

Authorities said Vincent Fleck, of Mount Kisco, died after a lifeguard noticed him in distress.

The emergency occurred during the 500-meter swim portion of the Smith Point Spring Triathlon in Narrow Bay.

Police said it was unknown if Fleck drowned or if he suffered a medical event. The Suffolk County Medical Examiner was set to do an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

(Fox News)

Men chant 'Black lives matter' before viciously attacking white victims, police say

AKRON, OH (WOIO) -A group of men chanting "Black Lives Matter" was accused of viciously beating up seven white victims in Akron early Sunday morning.

According to the police report, the attack happened around 12:30 a.m. in the area of Carroll and Goodkirk streets.

Police said seven white men were walking when they were approached by five black men and two white men, shouting, "Black lives matter."

The suspects started hitting them with bottles, punching and kicking the victims. One victim fell to the ground and was kicked in the head several times before losing consciousness. The suspects then took the victims' belongings before running off.


NYT tech writer: Google should hide Hillary’s health trouble

Reaction follows Giuliani's, 'All you gotta do is go online'

A tech writer for the New York Times has called on Google to hide evidence of Hillary Clinton’s “failing health” in response to New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s comment that “all you gotta do is go online” to learn the truth.

Meanwhile, the Drudge Report on Monday highlighted a less-than-flattering image of Clinton with the headline “Excellent Health.”


Statement from Governor Larry Hogan on Federal Redistricting Lawsuit

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement in response to a judicial panel ruling in favor of a Maryland-based federal redistricting lawsuit moving forward:

“Today’s ruling is a tremendous step forward in the fight for free and fair elections, and I applaud the efforts of concerned citizens behind this case. The redistricting processes that took place in 2010, and in the decades prior, have drastically infringed on the rights of Maryland citizens to have both their voices and their votes heard. Redistricting reform is not a partisan issue but an issue that all Marylanders – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – should embrace and actively push to enact.

“This past session our administration put forward legislation to end the shameful and partisan gerrymandering practices that have dominated Maryland politics for far too long. Unfortunately, status quo politicians stopped this effort, but we will continue to push for the successful passage of that legislation going forward. The fact that multiple federal judges have found legal merit in our argument is extremely encouraging, and I look forward to seeing our state lead the nation in empowering the voters of all parties.”

CHINCOTEAGUE CHARACTER OF THE DAY: Decoy-Carving Legend Miles Hancock

The amazing life that Miles Hancock led could never have unfolded the way it did if he had lived anyplace else in the world. Born in Williamsville, Delaware in 1887, he was one of four children in a farming family. When he was seven, his parents moved to Chincoteague.

That’s when things got tough. First, his mother died. Then, his father couldn’t make enough money to support the family. He put all four kids into foster care. Out of this bleak backdrop Hancock built a life-long string of entrepreneurial success stories.

By age 12, he had begun catching and raising terrapin. This salt-water-loving turtle had been a staple in human diets on the Shore since Native American times, but Hancock got into the business at just the right time. In the early years of 20th century, rich folks up and down the East Coast decided that terrapin prepared in sherry and cream sauce ranked among life’s premier delicacies.

Prices skyrocketed. Where the turtles had once sold for $6 a dozen, they were now going for as high as $128 a dozen. (The photo up top here shows Hancock in his terrapin-raising days.)


SPD Press Release - (Residential Burglary Arrests) - 8-24-16

Federal judge blocks Obama transgender bathroom directive for schools

A U.S. federal judge on Sunday granted an injunction sought by 13 states that were pushing to block Obama administration guidance mandating that transgender students be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice.

Reed O'Connor, a judge for the Northern District of Texas, said in a decision late on Sunday and announced on Monday that the Obama administration did not follow proper procedures when announcing the guidance.

Texas led the lawsuit against the White House, which was filed in late May, charging the Obama administration was working "to turn workplace and educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment."


A Viewer Writes: Bank of Ocean City 122nd Street Robbed: UPDATE

The Bank of Ocean City at 122nd street was just robbed.

Suspect is a short black male. He was wearing a fake beard, long sleeves and a tan coat. Suspect showed a black and silver hand gun.

Suspect told bank employees that there was a bomb placed in the drive thru.

UPDATE: The Coastal Dispatch is stating the suspect has been apprehended. 

(Editor's Note: An earlier post about the suspect being apprehended nearby was inaccurate and has been removed. We apologize for the erroneous reporting. During breaking news situations, we often rely on witnesses in the area and in this case an individual seen handcuffed in the vicinity was not related to this incident.)

A Viewer Writes: Bank of Ocean City 122nd Street Robbed: UPDATE

The Bank of Ocean City at 122nd street was just robbed.

Suspect is a short black male. He was wearing a fake beard, long sleeves and a tan coat. Suspect showed a black and silver hand gun.

Suspect told bank employees that there was a bomb placed in the drive thru.

UPDATE: The Coastal Dispatch is stating the suspect has been apprehended. 

Louisiana Man Calls Out Black Lives Matter For Not Helping Flood Victims

A man’s online video has gone viral after he questioned why the Black Lives Matter movement has done nothing to help flood relief efforts in Louisiana.

Jerry L. Washington of Baton Rouge, also known as “Jiggy Black,” became an Internet sensation when he asked where groups such as BLM and the Black Panthers were when tragedy struck the predominantly African-American city.

“Where are the Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers?” Washington asks in the video. “Because I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat. All I see is our own people from our own city saving us.”

“All the drama that was going on with the Alton Sterling killing, they came out with guns ready to go to war. But here we go, all these people flooded out and truly in need of help and we can’t find not one of them,” Washington said.

“If y’all out there, where ya at? Where ya boats? Where ya money? Where ya food? Where ya services at? … Black Lives Matter: Obviously we must [not] matter too much, because I ain’t seen y’all yet, when we really need ya.”

More here (with video)

New Authors’ on Delmarva Book Talk Features Holland Island

Westside Historical Society’s first fall Book Talk will feature Ann Foley discussing the highly praised book, Holland Island: Lost Atlantis of the Chesapeake, on Friday, Sept. 9 at Laytons Chance Winery near Vienna. The program will begin with a “meet and greet the author” at 4, followed about 4:45 with an informal presentation by Foley. Much more than a history of what once was a thriving community on this island in the Chesapeake Bay, this is an intriguing picture of the people, their way of life for generations, and the mysteries and even the myths that emerged from this place before it began to disappear in the ever-rising waters of the Bay. Foley and historian P. Smith Rue have woven a great story and an important reminder of the need to preserve our cultural heritage, even from the assault of Mother Nature. Author and photojournalist Brice Stump has called it “…the best book yet about this ghost island in the Bay.” Following Foley’s presentation, guests will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of this great book.

This program, as all in the series, is free; light refreshments will be offered. This Friday-afternoon-program is a great opportunity to begin your weekend in a relaxing and interesting way! Future programs in October will feature writer Don Parks on October 21 and Andy Nunez on October 28. Reservations are NOT required, but to get answers to questions, contact Westside Historical Society at or phone 410-726-8047, or Laura Layton at the Winery at 410-228-1205.

John Fund: WikiLeaks, a Ticking Time-Bomb for Democrats

Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign took a hard hit when news of the John Huang campaign finance scandal broke in October 1996. President Clinton managed to run out the clock and win the election, but, as John Fund writes in National Review, Hillary Clinton’s ability to stonewall her way past scandal in 2016 may be undermined by the ubiquity of the Internet and the power of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.

From National Review:

Clinton must also remember what happened exactly 20 years ago during her husband’s campaign for reelection… Bill Clinton had to run out the clock on a growing campaign-finance scandal that in the last month of the campaign changed the dynamics of what had been a complete cakewalk of a race. Clinton ended up winning by eight points over Bob Dole (49 percent to 41 percent, with Ross Perot taking 9 percent of the vote). But that loss was not nearly as bad as Republicans had feared. Six final pre-election polls had Clinton winning by anywhere from eleven to 16 points. The New York Times/CBS poll was the most off-base, showing Clinton beating Dole 53 to 35 percent. CNN’s final tracking poll had Clinton ahead by 16 points. The respected Pew Research Center issued a final poll showing Clinton ahead 52 percent to 38 percent, a 14-point lead almost double the actual results on Election Day.


Ocean City Jeep Week Returns Thursday; Berlin, Resort Events Planned All Weekend

OCEAN CITY – The resort will once again welcome off-road enthusiasts with the 7th Annual Ocean City Jeep Week.

The event, which kicks off Thursday, will feature jeep parades, vintage jeep displays, vendors and multiple off-road opportunities for participants. Event organizer Brad Hoffman says 1,200 people have registered for the festivities, which will draw several thousand more people to the resort.

“It’s an end of summer fling for people into jeeps,” Hoffman said. “We’re on the radar as one of the top five jeep events in the country.”

Ocean City Jeep Week events at the Ocean City Convention Center will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday.


Letter from a Black American: Barack Obama’s Lousiana Photo-Op Hides the Real Devastation

Breitbart News is in contact with a self-described “lifelong resident of Zachary, a Baton Rouge suburb, and a black man” who’s laid out the truth about economic conditions that Louisiana residents are facing.

President Barack Obama visited Zachary, after delaying a trip to Louisiana. This brave and insightful citizen journalist reached out again with perspective that the drive-by media won’t be bringing you about Obama’s visit. It’s a perfect bookend to a piece by Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory, the black attorney and politician who fled the Democrat party and “hasn’t looked back.”

Our anonymous citizen journalist writes:
Three phases of this storm. First, Livingston parish was hit and that is mostly conservative Republicans. Add a few subtle culture aspects of those who are Cajun or live and adhere to country rural living, and the people in Livingston Parish have the personalities that under these circumstances would challenge President Obama. The Governor knows this and kept him away.
The second wave of the storm is what flooded various parts of Baton Rouge. They have the first wave of backflow water that is now part of the third phase, Ascension parish. These areas are black areas of the city and black people here hate Democrat Mayor Kip Holden because they feel he didn’t do enough during Alton Sterling killing. They wanted Kip to fire cops, stand up for “the community” or at least show his face. His lack of leadership really created a lot of animosity. During this storm kis has mainly done phone in appearance and hasn’t shown his face. During the demonstratios in July, you could see how angry the blacl people in Baton Rouge were and they weren’t afraid to shout it back then to every TV camera they could find. Again, everyone knew this and so it made sense to keep Obama away from there, too, even though that area was hit very hard.

BREAKING: American University of Afghanistan attacked, students and staff shelter in place

DEVELOPING: Explosions and gunfire rang out at American University of Afghanistan in Kabul Wednesday in what a police commander described as "a complex attack."

Reporters in the area said teachers and hundreds of students took cover in classrooms and safe rooms as police and special forces surrounded the campus on the western outskirts of Afghanistan's capital city. A car bomb had exploded outside a school for the blind next door before at least one attacker fired at the university campus from that school building, a police officer at the scene told The New York Times.

Associated Press photographer Massoud Hossaini said he was in a classroom with 15 students when he heard an explosion on the southern flank of the campus. "I went to the window to see what was going on, and I saw a person in normal clothes outside. He shot at me and shattered the glass," Hossaini said, adding that he fell on the glass and cut his hands. He also tweeted: "Help we are stuck inside AUAF and shooting flollowed by Explo this maybe my last tweets" 


Trump support in Maryland

During the primary campaign, Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump held rallies in the conservative strongholds of Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore. But when the votes were counted, his strongest support came in Legislative District 6 – the Baltimore County communities of Dundalk and Essex – where he captured 77 percent of ballots cast.

GO HERE to view map.

Trump slams Hillary for ‘Third World’ corruption

Trump slams Hillary for ‘Third World’ corruption after it emerged that HALF of her meetings as Secretary of State were with Clinton foundation donors

Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on Hillary Clinton by accusing her of 'Third World' corruption after revelations about donor access to the Democratic candidate.

The Republican nominee called the revelations about Clinton and her family's charitable foundation a 'disgrace' and a 'threat to the foundation of democracy' at a rally in Austin, Texas.

A report revealed that more than half the people outside government who met Clinton while she was Secretary of State donated money to the Clinton Foundation.

'It is a total embarrassment if our secretary of state can be bought or bribed or sold,' Trump said.

'It's a disgrace, this is a threat to the foundation of democracy. This is what happens in Third World countries.'


Photo: Hillary Wears Heavy Coat - In August!

Hillary Clinton wore a heavy coat to an outdoor fundraiser in Nantucket, Mass., on Sunday, despite the warm weather all day – and her body language suggested she was in pain while stepping off a plane.

Given that the temperature reached a high of 75°F, Hillary’s jacket choice seemed odd and only fuels further speculation that something’s seriously wrong with her health, especially given her trouble with stairs.

The Collapse Of American Free Press: Martin Armstrong Rages "It's Just Over"

There is the greatest conspiracy of all time. The corrupt politicians have completely corrupted mainstream media. They even organized the overthrow at Fox News because that was the only station they could not take over. Everything from CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and countless newspapers are all out for a coronation of Hillary at the complete expense of the free press. We may never again be able to trust anything they say or print and this is becoming so blatant and in your face, even the New York Post, long on the fringe, has come out with the bold headline: American journalism is collapsing before our eyes.They are too greedy for power to know what they do, but that is no excuse for the treason they are carrying out against the American people.

Indeed, this is part of the end times. Government is turning against the people and the free press, which was suppose to defend our liberty, has join the conspiracy and are now on the side of government against the people. That peak in theEconomic Confidence Model 2015.75 was the peak in government. They now know they are losing control and in the process, they will burn down the barn to get a mouse that roars. There is no future left as we knew it. There will be no freedom or liberty to leave our children and grandchildren. The slide downward from 2015.75 will be marked with more Draconian measures and nothing but lies. They are fighting now to retain control and the press has joined forces with government and the neoconservatives who want only to wage war and engage in their dream of nation building, which has been a complete failure. They do not care about the people. We are the great unwashed in whose blood they feast and wash their hands all for the glory of power.


AP: As Hillary Clinton Asks for Money, What She Says Remains a Mystery

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. (AP) — It was a very busy, very lucrative weekend for Hillary Clinton in the summer playground of the East Coast’s moneyed elite.

She brunched with wealthy backers at a seaside estate in Nantucket, snacking on shrimp dumplings and crabcakes. A few hours later, she and her husband dined with an intimate party of thirty at a secluded Martha’s Vineyard estate. And on Sunday afternoon, she joined the singer Cher at a “LGBT summer celebration” on the far reaches of Cape Cod.

By Sunday evening, Clinton had spoken to more than 2,200 campaign donors. But what she told the crowds remains a mystery.


The failed leadership of Baltimore’s mayor

There’s nothing quite as emblematic of Baltimore City’s failed leadership as the out-of-town (yet again) mayor firing her long-serving and super-loyal city solicitor for lacking a crystal ball.

Once again, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake threw someone under the bus rather than take ultimate responsibility for an embarrassment to her administration. She didn’t even have the courage to handle the firing herself.

It gets worse. It turns out Rawlings-Blake has refused for over two years to talk or meet with the now-former city solicitor, George Nilson, her top legal adviser since she ascended to Baltimore’s top elective office.


Planned Parenthood Sought Soros Cash to Protect Federal Subsidies

Documents detail $1.5 million grant and Soros network’s rapid response lobbying strategy

George Soros’ dark money group planned a seven-figure cash infusion for a Planned Parenthood fund that spent millions lobbying to preserve its taxpayer subsidies after videos showed the abortion provider negotiating the sale of fetal body parts, internal documents reveal.

Soros’ Open Society Policy Center, his vast political network’s 501(c)(4) “social welfare” arm, sought a $1.5 million boost for a Planned Parenthood legal, lobbying, and rapid response operation it called the Fight Back Campaign.

The money would enable the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the group’s lobbying arm, “to mobilize grassroots and grasstops supporters and lobby Congress to counter attempts to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal and state levels,” an internal OSPC document said in language designed to brief its board on the grant.


New emails show Clinton Foundation asked Huma Abedin for favors at State Dept.

New emails Monday show the Clinton Foundation using Huma Abedin to try to arrange meetings between thefoundation’s supporters and then-State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton.

In one exchange Doug Band, who headed the Clinton Global Initiative, asked Ms. Abedin to try to help with a visa for a soccer player from a British team, Wolverhampton FC. Ms. Abedin at first thought she might be able to speed up the interview, but then said she was worried about crossing lines.

“Makes me nervous to get involved but I’ll ask,” she told Mr. Band in one message obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative group that’s pushed to get a look at the Clinton emails.

“Then dont [sic],” Mr. Band replied to Ms. Abedin.

During the May 2009 exchange, Mr. Band also complained about the difficulty of connecting with Ms. Abedinthrough her confusing array of different email addresses.


Leaked Doc: Soros Open Society Seeks to Reshape Census, Electoral Districts

According to a hacked document, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation is funding key progressive groups with the stated goal of attempting to “influence appropriations for the (U.S.) Census Bureau” while pushing to change the methods in which racial categories are counted for the coming 2020 Census.

The 2020 Census is critical in determining the gain or loss of districts and the reapportionment of the numbers of House seats allotted to each state, otherwise known as redistricting. The Census could determine whether Democrats have a better chance at gaining control of the House next decade.

Soros’s group clearly understands the centrality of the 2020 Census and is apparently seeking to influence the outcome.


As Predicted, Obamacare Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class

The critics of Obamacare have been proven right. The Obama administration promised that health insurance premiums would go down. Instead, they have absolutely skyrocketed. The Obama administration promised that Obamacare would not kill jobs. Instead, firms are hiring fewer workers because of suffocating health care costs. As you will see below,even the Federal Reserve is admitting this. The Obama administration also promised that the big health insurance companies would love the new Obamacare plans and would eagerly compete with one another to win customers in the new health insurance marketplaces. Instead, many of the big health insurance companies are now dropping Obamacare plans altogether.

We witnessed the latest stunning example of this phenomenon just a few days ago. It turns out that Aetna has been losing hundreds of millions of dollars on plans sold through the health exchanges, and now they plan to pull out of the program almost entirely

Earlier this week, Aetna, which covers about 900,000 people through the health exchanges created under Obamacare, announced that it would dramatically reduce its presence those exchanges. Instead of expanding into five new states this year, as the insurer had previously planned, the company said that it would drop out of 11 of the 15 states in which it currently sells under the law.

Aetna’s decision follows similar moves from other insurers: UnitedHealth announced in April that it would cease selling plans on most exchanges. Shortly after, Humana pulled out of two states, Virginia and Alabama. More than a dozen of the nonprofit health insurance cooperatives set up under the law—health insurance carriers created using government-back loans in order to spur competition—have failed entirely. While some insurers are entering the exchanges, even more are leaving.


Donald Trump only alternative to establishment corruption

It is the dog days of summer when everybody checks out, everything slows down and the media struggles to fill news pages and airtime. Especially among the political press, this is the calm before next month’s storm when the general election campaigns kick off in earnest on Labor Day.

So is it really any surprise that newspapers and the television and radio have glutted their pages and airwaves with this constant fire-hydrant-force deluge of the most intensely negative coverage of Donald Trump?

“Has Donald Trump ruined journalism?”

Donald Trump never actually wanted to be president.”

“Is Donald Trump’s popularity fueled by racism or economic anxiety? Yes.”


State Dept. Dodges Questions About Huma Abedin’s Role at Radical Islamic Journal

State Department spokesman Mark Toner ducked questions about the latest Clinton email developments at a press briefing on Monday, including one about Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin.

“The New York Post has been reporting on the presence of Huma Abedin, for more than a decade, on the masthead of an Islamic journal that published some fairly vile things, including blaming the U.S. for 9/11. In an article by the chief editor, Mrs. Abedin’s mother, the journal claimed that the ‘empowerment of women does more harm than benefit,’” said reporter James Rosen of Fox News, referring to a Paul Sperry piece published on Sunday by the Post.

“When Ms. Abedin was cleared to work here in the Department of State — one of the two jobs she held down, during her tenure here — was Ms. Abedin’s association with this journal known to the Secretary, or to anyone else in this building?” Rosen asked.


Bahrain's Prince Met With Clinton After Donating $32 Million

Newly released Department of State documents reveal that the Crown Prince of Bahrain was given an audience with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after he donated $32 million to her foundation.

The documents, released Monday by Judicial Watch, included emails between Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band and former Clinton State Department aide Huma Abedin, which appear to show that Abedin acted as a middleman between Clinton and her foundation’s donors.

Band and Abedin’s email exchanges show that Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman had to go through the Clinton Foundation in order to set up a meeting with Clinton after the former Secretary of State declined to meet after official requests were made.


MYSTERY: No Hillary events until Thursday?

Where’s Hillary Clinton? Recovering? Catching up on sleep?

After a round of fundraisers in Massachusetts — including one with Cher in Cape Cod Sunday night — Hillary has no public events scheduled until Thursday.

As in roughly 96 hours from now.

Clinton is scheduled — health pending — to appear at a rally in Reno, Nevada on Thursday, according to a posting on her website.

This week, her running mate Tim Kaine will be campaigning more than Hillary.


Are the police racist?

Do they disproportionately shoot African-Americans? Are incidents in places like Ferguson and Baltimore evidence of systemic discrimination? Heather Mac Donald, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute, explains.

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Hillary Clinton May Have Lied to the FBI About Colin Powell, Email

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has claimed that she told the truth to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) when she was interviewed last month about her private email server and her mis-handling of classified information.

However, discrepancies between what she told the FBI that former Secretary of State Colin Powell told her about using private email while in office, and what Powell himself says that he told her, indicate that she did not tell the truth to the FBI.

For months, Democrats have tried to deflect controversy over Clinton’s private email server, and her destruction of emails her attorneys deemed “personal,” by arguing that her predecessors used private email addresses. But none used a private email server in their own homes, or deleted correspondence.


Clinton's conflicts of interest

When Donald Trump calls on Hillary Clinton to shut down the Clinton Foundation, it could be taken as just the usual cut and thrust of presidential campaigning. But when the Boston Globe, hardly a conservative or Republican news organization, says Clinton must suspend donations if she wins the presidency, it's clear that the issue being raised is not partisan.

Clinton expects to become president in January, and her odds of attaining that office seem pretty high. So it matters who is contributing to a fund over which she and her closest family members exercise control, and from which she has built a second life for her family in politics.

It especially matters given how Clinton intermingled official State Department business with Clinton Foundation business during her time as secretary. It's not just that they shared employees, or that donors could expect perks such as being appointed to important positions for which they were unqualified.


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Puerto Rico’s $70 Billion Defaulted Debt Jumps to $113 Billion

With a Congressionally appointed federal control board about to take over Puerto Rico’s finances, the U.S. territory just admitted that its massively spiked public pension plan owes another $43 billion.

Designated by the United Nations as the “Oldest Colony in the World,” the U.S. territory defaulted on $70 billion in municipal bonds and $2 billion of interest on July 1. Unable to file for bankruptcy under federal Chapter 9 Municipal Bankruptcy Law, like the State of Arkansas did in 1933, Puerto Rico looked to the federal government for help.

The Obama Administration teamed with a bipartisan majority in Congress to pass”The Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act” (PROMESA), which turned over the island’s finances to a federally appointed committee.


Green Party says email revelations make Clinton unfit

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein said during a Tuesday press conference that the "continuing revelations" about the influence Clinton Foundation donors gained while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state show the Democratic presidential nominee is not fit to be elected.

Stein critiqued the former secretary of state's approval of arms deals with countries like Saudi Arabia that allowed for what Stein described as "incredible war crimes" being committed with U.S. support.

"This is really a national scandal and the fact that money was flowing to the Clinton Foundation as these very regrettable and harmful decisions were being made, I think regardless of the legality, this just raises serious questions about judgement and character that in my view are just not compatible with someone you want to trust with the leading the country."


Md. Senate Leader: Transportation Official Should Lose Position

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland’s Senate president said Tuesday that he believes a senior state transportation official should be relieved of his leadership role because of an “appalling lack of professionalism and substantive understanding” about a law that creates a scoring system to rank transportation projects in the state’s funding process.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, in a letter obtained by The Associated Press, urged Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn to move Deputy Transportation Secretary James Ports out of his position.

“The citizens of this state deserve employees operating at senior levels who actually know what they are talking about and have the ability to deal with other government officials with mutual respect and civility,” Miller, a Democrat, wrote to Rahn about Ports.

Doug Mayer, a spokesman for Gov. Larry Hogan, said Miller “has a long and very colorful history of writing impulsive but always rhetorically enjoyable letters with people he’s deemed to offend him.”


Trump bashes Clinton for lying about Colin Powell

Donald Trump called out Hillary Clinton's claim to the FBI that former Secretary of State Colin Powell advised her to use a personal email account during her time at the State Department.

Appearing on "Fox and Friends," Trump said Clinton "lied" about Powell's advice, which he says came a full year after she started using her private server in Chappaqua, N.Y., adding that the entire situation is a "scam."

"She's a liar. I mean, she lies. She lied about the email," Trump said before turning to Powell. "She lied about Colin Powell. I saw that. He was not happy."

"The whole thing is a scam with them," Trump added. "Everything is a scam, like grifters."


Trump Tower alleged perp - FBI's Hall of Fame on their website

1954 - 2007

Special Agent Barry Lee Bush was shot and killed on April 5, 2007, in Readington, New Jersey, while working a criminal investigation into a series of armed bank robberies in central New Jersey. He and his team were in pursuit of heavily-armed serial bank robbers who were believed to have been responsible for four bank robberies. The suspects had allegedly fired their assault weapons inside two of the banks. Special Agent Bush was killed during the attempt to arrest these suspects.

Special Agent Bush joined the FBI in 1987 and served in the Kansas City Office before transferring to Newark in 1991. To honor his memory, the Newark FBI Field Division renamed its building after him in April 2008.

Read Director Mueller's remarks at the memorial service honoring Special Agent Bush.



North Carolina state trooper shoots dead deaf mute man

A North Carolina state trooper shot dead a deaf and mute man who was apparently trying to communicate using sign language after he was pulled over for a speeding violation.

Daniel Kevin Harris, 29, a father to a four-year-old boy, was killed just feet from his home in Charlotte by trooper Jermaine Saunders on Thursday evening.

Police say Saunders tried to pull Harris over for a speeding violation on Interstate 485 at around 6.15pm, but the driver led authorities on a brief pursuit before stopping.

Officials said that's when the driver got out of his car and an encounter took place between the driver and the trooper, causing a shot to be fired. Harris died at the scene.

But witnesses said Harris – who was unarmed – was shot ‘almost immediately’ after he exited his vehicle, WCNC reports.


Wells Fargo slapped for cheating student borrowers

Wells Fargo (WFC) was fined $3.6 million and will have also have to provide $410,000 to thousands of student loan borrowers the bank deceived or treated unfairly, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Monday.

The bank engaged in illegal practices in servicing private student loans that hiked costs and unfairly penalized certain borrowers by failing to provide payment information, failing to update inaccurate credit report information and charging illegal fees.

According to the CFPB, Wells Fargo processed payments in a way that maximized fees for many consumers. Specifically, if a borrower made a payment that wasn’t enough to cover the total amount due for all loans in an account, the bank divided that payment across the loans in a way that maximized late fees rather than satisfying payments for some of the loans.


Top Doctor: Concerns Over Hillary’s Health ‘Not a Conspiracy Theory’

Top doctor and Rutgers University Professor of Medicine Bob Lahita says that concerns over Hillary Clinton’s health are not a conspiracy theory and that Clinton should be assessed by an impartial panel of physicians.

Lahita told Fox Business that he agreed with Dr. Drew on several points about Hillary’s health. Last week, Drew told KABC that he is “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s health, noting that the treatment she has received is “bizarre”.

“This is a very unusual story with Hillary,” said Lahita, making reference to her suffering two blood clots, a stroke and post-concussive syndrome, which caused Hillary to have to wear special prism glasses to counter her double vision.

“The very fact that she’s having these clots and she’s had two bouts of thrombosis is disconcerting to say the least,” said Lahita.

Asked whether the concerns over Hillary’s health were objectively authentic regardless of politics or whether the leftist media were right to label the issue a conspiracy theory, Lahita responded, “I don’t think it’s a conspiracy.”

“You go back to the history of our presidents and we’ve had many presidents up until Lyndon Johnson who’ve concealed their health during their campaigns and it had dire effects for our country.."


Trump Demands Special Prosecutor To Investigate Clinton's "Email Crimes"

"After the FBI and Department of Justice whitewash of the Clinton e-mail crimes, they certainly cannot be trusted to quickly or impartially investigate Hillary Clinton’s crimes," Donald Trump calmly stated during a speech in Akron, Ohio tonight, demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton's "e-mail crimes" stemming from her tenure as secretary of state.

Trump's appeal came the same day a conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, released 725 pages of State Department documents, including some it said were examples of preferential treatment provided to donors at the request of former Clinton Foundation executive Douglas Band.

Trump's speech focussed on Clinton's use of a private e-mail server and address, as well as what he called the "pay-to-play" actions of the Clinton Foundation, both of which, Trump said, "disgraced one of the most important departments of government."

"I've become increasingly shocked by the vast scope of Hillary Clinton's criminality. It's criminality. Everybody knows it..."

"The Justice Department is required to appoint a special prosecutor because it has proved to be, sadly, a political arm of the White House," Trump said. "Nobody has ever seen anything like it before."

As Bloomberg notes, the new line of attack came as Trump's presidential campaign opened its first week under new leadership trying out a number of ways to broaden its support and begin to close the polling gap with Clinton.


Two Takes on the First Amendment

Proof Positive the "Recovery" is a Myth

For years, I’ve been warning that all claims of economic “recovery” in the US are complete fiction.

We now have definitive proof in the form of tax receipts.

Receipts from the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) have been falling steadily since 2012, according to the Office of Management and Budget, moving counter to the growing number of people employed. The FUTA tax is levied at 6 percent on the first $7,000 of an employee's wage…

Source: CNBC

There you have it. Since 2012, unemployment tax receipts have been FALLING. If the US economy was indeed creating jobs, this number should be rising.

Why is this number falling… particularly when the unemployment number is supposedly below 5% and job growth is great?

There are a couple of answers to that question and neither is favorable. The BLS numbers are either wrong or the quality of new jobs created must be very poor. The latter response seems the most credible; a combination of an increase in the proportion of part-time workers and full-time jobs that provide lower compensation.

Source: CNBC

As I’ve been saying for years… the recovery narrative is a myth.The unemployment number has become a political propaganda tool and has no reflection on the US' economic realities.

In simple terms, job growth has NOT come back in the US. Those jobs that are being created are low paying.


Deceased FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol

According to Get Off The Bs, a source within the NYPD has reported that an armed 62 year old man tried to sneak in to the Trump Tower late Tuesday night. Interestingly the suspect who was found with a semi-automatic handgun fitted with a silencer has been identified as Barry Lee Bush, a former Newark NJ FBI agent who has been dead since 2007.

A Secret Service agent discovered Bush after he had circumvented a security partition on the bottom floor of the Trump Tower. Questioned by Secret Service at the scene, Bush who initially identified himself as Barry Franklyn, remained silent offering no explanation for why he broke security at the Trump Tower.

According to the NYPD source, Bush was arrested for trespassing and for illegally carrying a pistol fitted with an illegal silencer. During his booking at the NYPD Jail, Bush’s fingerprints were submitted to the National Crime Information Center, which immediately reported Bush’s true identity.

“I wasn’t sure if our system had malfunctioned, so I rescanned his fingerprints to confirm that our system was working correctly. There was no system error. The man we have in custody was reported deceased in 2007 after being shot in an attempted bank robbery, “one source speaking on anonymity said.

The New York Times reported on April 6, 2007 that Barry Bush, a veteran F.B.I. agent on a bank-robbery detail was fatally wounded apparently when another agent’s weapon accidentally discharged during a confrontation with three gunmen outside a bank in a quiet town in central New Jersey.


12 Reasons Why This Was Hillary Clinton's Worst Week Ever

Hillary Clinton just had the worst week of her presidential campaign, if not her political life.

Don’t believe me? Let us count the ways:

1. ‘Clinton Cash’ reached critical mass

Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash made allegations of corruption and pay-for-play — that Hillary Clinton leveraged her power as Secretary of State to benefit big donors to the Clinton Foundation — and that scandal has simmered since before the book’s release last May.

Early on, several establishment news outlets investigated the narratives of Clinton Cash and confirmed many of its findings. Leaked documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) showed that the party deemed the Clinton Foundation a vulnerability for Clinton; the global charity, worth billions, received zero mentions during the week-long Democratic National Convention.

This week, the Clintons appeared to fold — abandoning their line of defense that nothing unseemly ever went down with Foundation donors. Bill Clinton announced (soon after they told reporters they may have been hacked) that if Hillary were elected President, the Foundation would stop taking donations from foreign and corporate donors, Bill would step down from his position, and he would stop delivering paid speeches.


As Hillary Clinton asks for money in Provincetown, what she says a remains a mystery

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. — It was a very busy, very lucrative weekend for Hillary Clinton in the summer playground of the East Coast's moneyed elite.

She brunched with wealthy backers at a seaside estate in Nantucket, snacking on shrimp dumplings and crabcakes. A few hours later, she and her husband dined with an intimate party of thirty at a secluded Martha's Vineyard estate. And on Sunday afternoon, she joined the singer Cher at a "LGBT summer celebration" on the far reaches of Cape Cod.

By Sunday evening, Clinton had spoken to more than 2,200 campaign donors. But what she told the crowds remains a mystery.

Clinton has refused to open her fundraisers to journalists, reversing nearly a decade of greater transparency in presidential campaigns and leaving the public guessing at what she's saying to some of her most powerful supporters.

It's an approach that differs from the Democratic president she hopes to succeed. Since his 2008 campaign, President Barack Obama has allowed reporters traveling with him into the backyards and homes of wealthy donors to witness his some of his remarks.


Military doctors urge widespread hemorrhage control education

Each year, emergency rooms across the United States see roughly 70 trauma cases in which a patient arrives at the hospital wearing a tourniquet.

The number is minuscule, given that 2.3 million Americans are hospitalized each year for trauma. But military physicians say more lives would be saved if members of the general public had access to, and knew how to use, tourniquets.

Speaking Wednesday from the Military Health System Research Symposium in Kissimmee, Florida, Defense Department combat trauma experts said the skill should be as widely taught as basic first aid and CPR, especially with mass shootings and terrorist attacks on the rise.

“We are after ‘zero preventable deaths’ from trauma injury … it’s our cancer moon shot. Is it a long stretch? Is it a high goal? Yes, but it’s not any different to me than saying we are going to cure cancer in five years,” Air Force Col. Todd Rasmussen said.


Destroyer named after Marine hero Sgt. Rafael Peralta to be commissioned next summer

The destroyer named for Navy Cross recipient Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta will be commissioned next summer, a Navy official said.

Also considered for the Medal of Honor, Peralta was killed Nov. 15, 2004, during a building-clearing mission in Fallujah, Iraq. He fell to the floor after receiving a fatal head wound from a ricocheting bullet fragment. Insurgents tossed a grenade at Marines and that landed near Peralta’s head.

“Without hesitation and with complete disregard for his own personal safety, Sergeant Peralta reached out and pulled the grenade to his body, absorbing the brunt of the blast and shielding fellow Marines only feet away,” Peralta’s Navy Cross citation says. “Sergeant Peralta succumbed to his wounds.”


GSA updates per diem rates for 2017

Federal employees traveling for work will get a little more money for lodging under the new 2017 per diem rates released by the General Services Administration on Aug. 12.

Traveling feds can get reimbursed for up to $142 a day in expenses: $91 for hotels — up from $89 per night in 2016 — and $51 for meals and incidentals, the same as the current rate.

These rates are set for the entire continental U.S., save for about 350 nonstandard areas like cities and major metropolitan areas where prices tend to be higher.

The new per diem limits take effect Oct. 1, 2016.

Feds can find out exactly how much they get per day using GSA’s per diem look-up tool, which can be searched by state, county or zip code.


Goodbye America! President Obama Has Just Signed Over The Nation! Wait Until You See How!!!!

ALERT – Hillary’s ‘Violent’ Plans For Trump Were JUST Exposed, Pray For Trump

The mainstream media outlets are trying very hard to paint Donald Trump as a man who incites violence. They have attacked him at every turn, but it was Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson who made an interesting observation regarding Hillary Clinton.

She said it was the Democrats’ plans all along to paint Donald Trump as violent, and they started with Clinton: she and her surrogates planned to stage events in a number of different campaign stops to inflame the narrative that Donald Trump is somehow violent, per

Their strategy was outlined in a PowerPoint from the latest Wikileaks release, which described how they would attempt to characterize with headings like “insulting and violent,” “undermines security,” and “untrustworthy.” The strategy seemed to be to blame Donald Trump for the violence no matter what.

The Democrats’ “no-lose” strategy regarding violence seems to be focused on the following ideals: the anti-Trump faction carries out shameless violence, and then the mainstream media not only fail to condemn it, but they actually blame Trump for the violence.


Interesting Take from a Canadian

Weird Facts 2

Have You Seen This In Your Main Stream media?


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