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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Phase Two of Obama’s Plan to Federalize the Police Force Just Happened in Baltimore

President Barack Obama’s administration has begun the second phase in federalizing the police. And as predicted, he is again using Baltimore to expand his agenda.

As you may recall, I wrote in May that Obama would use the recent events in Baltimore to convince the American public that federalization of the police force was necessary in order to fix the problems of Baltimore and other cities.

I also said that in order for the administration to succeed in their plan, several “actors” would be required to play their role.

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Politicians from Both Sides of the Aisle: Corruption Has Destroyed America

We’ve thoroughly documented pervasive corruption in America.

There are some very juicy quotes from high-level insiders about corruption in the USA.

Jon Schwarz has rounded up a good collection of recent quotes on corruption from both sides of the aisle:

• “Now [the United States is] just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. And the same thing applies to governors and U.S. senators and congressmembers. … So now we’ve just seen a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors …” —Jimmy Carter, former president, in 2015.


Maryland State Police Arrest Pennsylvania Man on Child Pornography Charges

(Columbia, MD) Investigators from the Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) arrested a Pennsylvania man on child pornography related charges yesterday.

The suspect is identified as Patrick Edward Alpaugh, 29, a registered sex offender from the 1000 block of Twaddell Drive in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania. He was arrested on August 3, 2015, in Pennsylvania without incident. Alpaugh was charged with child pornography related charges while he was visiting friends in Cecil County, Maryland. Alpaugh is currently being held at the Delaware County Detention Center pending an extradition hearing back to Maryland.

As a result of the investigation, multiple search and seizure warrants were executed in Cecil County, Maryland by the Maryland State Police Computer Crimes Unit, Department of Homeland Security Investigations and the Northern Central Criminal Enforcement Division. After interviewing the occupants at the residences where the search warrants were conducted, investigators identified Alpaugh as the focus of the investigation.

Further investigation confirmed Alpaugh was present at these locations during the times the child pornography was distributed. Investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Alpaugh on August 3, 2015 charging him with eight counts of distributing child pornography and eight counts of possession of child pornography. With the assistance of the Pennsylvania ICAC and Upper Chichester Police Department, Alpaugh was arrested at his Pennsylvania residence.

The Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is part of the Maryland State Police Computer Crimes Section and is comprised of police agencies from around the state. Its primary mission is to protect children from computer-facilitated sexual exploitation. The Task Force works cooperatively with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to provide resources to combat these crimes. Additionally, the Task Force provides community awareness campaigns helping to prevent the spread of these crimes through education.

Wicomico Recreation Introduces River Otter Paddle Excursions

Registration Open for American Canoe Association Eco-Tours
Salisbury, Md – Wicomico Recreation is proud to introduce River Otter Paddle Excursions (R.O.P.E.), American Canoe Association guided eco-tours throughout Wicomico County. These excursions are great opportunities for individuals, couples, families, organizations or corporate groups of all skill levels to spend a day outdoors exploring Wicomico County's waterways. Four different excursions are available this summer/fall and each includes a guided tour, meal and bus transportation (if necessary). Both canoes and kayaks are available for the tours; participants may indicate their preference upon registration.

Tyaskin Sunset Eco Tour

Launch from Tyaskin Park for a romantic, calm paddle through the Nanticoke River. As the sun sets on the water, head back ashore to continue your night at Boonies Burgers, Beer & Bait.

Location (Start/End): Tyaskin Park

Duration: 2.5-3 Hours

Price: $45 Per Participant

Dates/Times: Aug. 8 at 5 p.m., Sept. 5 at 4:30 p.m., Oct. 3 at 4 p.m.

Kayak Eco Tour

Begin at Roaring Point and paddle the Nanticoke River, stopping at several secluded beaches until you reach Cedar Hill Marina & Park, After lunch from Boonies, participate in crabbing and oystering or explore the park's trails and playgrounds.
Location (Start/End): Roaring Point / Cedar Hill
Duration: 5-6 Hours
Price: $65 Per Participant
Dates/Times: Aug. 15, Sept. 12, Oct. 10; Bus leaves at 10:30 a.m. from Cedar Hill Marina & Park.

Wicomico Amazon

Wind your way through the "Amazon" of Wicomico County on Leonard's Mill Pond as our guides unlock its ecosystems and the wildlife who call them home. Lunch from Café Sun Perks will be provided.
Location (Start/End): Leonard's Mill Park
Duration: 3-4 Hours
Price: $35 Per Participant
Dates/Times: Aug. 22, Sept. 19, Oct. 17 at 11 a.m.

Paddle Back in Time

Launch from Pemberton Historical Park and explore the shores of Salisbury's founding fathers along the Wicomico River. End with lunch at Café Sun Perks.
Location (Start/End): Pemberton Park / Café Sun Perks
Duration: 3-4 Hours
Price: $55 Per Participant
Dates/Times: Aug. 29, Sept. 26, Oct. 24; Bus leaves at 9:30 a.m. from Café Sun Perks.

Registration is available online at or in person at the WY&CC Box Office (M-F, 9am-6pm). For more information about R.O.P.E., contact Allen Swiger at 410-548-4900 x108 or

Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Investigators Make Child Pornography Arrest

(Columbia, MD) Members of the Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) arrested a Montgomery County man on child pornography related charges.

The accused is identified as Brad Respondek, 37, of the 12,000 block of Teaberry Road in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was arrested without incident around 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 31, 2015. Respondek was charged with distribution and possession of child pornography. He was transported to the Montgomery County Detention Center.

As a result of the investigation, a search and seizure warrant was executed at Respondek’s residence on July 31, 2015 by the Maryland State Police Computer Crimes Unit, Department of Homeland Security, Rockville Barrack and the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Apprehension Task Force. Investigators identified Respondek as the focus of the investigation.

Execution of the search warrant resulted in numerous types of digital media being seized. While on scene, a digital forensics team found several images and videos of child pornography. Respondek was arrested on scene and transported to the Montgomery County Detention Center. He was later released after posting a $10,000 bond.

The Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is part of the Maryland State Police Computer Crimes Section, and is comprised of police agencies from around the state. Its primary mission is to protect children from computer-facilitated sexual exploitation. The Task Force works cooperatively with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to provide resources to combat these crimes. Additionally, the Task Force provides community awareness campaigns helping to prevent the spread of these crimes through education.

Where Candidates Fear To Tread - Pervasive Racketeering Is Destroying America

That the snarkier circles of political commentary thrill to the elephantine bellowings of Donald J. Trump only shows the pathetic limitations of the snarkists. They enjoy Trump’s filterless mouth, his harsh goadings of the other presidential wannabes, and his supposed telepathic empathy for the suffering public outside the magic kingdom of DC.

Trump has one legitimate issue, immigration, plus a brief against the general incompetence of professional politicians, and a pocketful of grandiose claims about his majestic skills in business and deal-making. As business goes in this huckster’s paradise, being a real estate developer is perhaps one click above being a car-dealer, and the fact that some of Trump’s artful deals end up in bankruptcy court might argue against his self-proclaimed mastery. Hence, his relegation to the clown category.

What Trump represents most vividly in this moment of history is the astounding lack of seriousness among people who pretend to be political heavyweights. No one so far, including the lovable Bernie Sanders, has nailed a proper bill of grievances to the White House gate. A broad roster of dire issues facing this society ought to be self-evident. But since they are absent so far in the public discussion, here is my list of matters that serious candidates should dare to talk about (all things that a sitting president could take action on):


Lawsuit: Officer handcuffed mentally disabled kids as punishment

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Two northern Kentucky women have sued a county sheriff and one of his school resource officers for placing their two disabled elementary school children in handcuffs.

The handcuffs were too large to fit around the wrists of the 8-year-old boy and the 9-year-old girl, both of whom have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and are identified in court documents only by their initials. The boy also has a history of trauma, CBS affiliate WKYT reports.

School Resource Officer Kevin Sumner put the handcuffs around the children's biceps, locking their arms behind them. A video of one of the incidents shows the 8-year-old boy struggling and crying while sitting in a chair.

"You don't get to swing at me like that," Sumner told the boy, according to a video that was captured by a school administrator and uploaded to YouTube by the American Civil Liberties Union, which is representing the women and their children. "You can do what we've asked you to, or you can suffer the consequences."


Pew: State Pension Fund

You're surely aware of the woes of state pension funds, as mushrooming retirement benefits far exceed state revenue, but the exact numbers are staggering.

The shortfall between the benefits state governments have promised to their workers and the money available to meet those obligations totaled a whopping $968 billion in 2013, up $54 billion, or 6 percent, from 2012, according to a study by The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Special: Does Obama Belong to This Secret Society? (Shocking)

The data "don't fully incorporate the strong [financial-market] returns of recent years" for pension funds, the report states. But state pension funds are still in a world of pain.

The cumulative state pension debt will likely stay above $900 billion—and rises above $1 trillion when local pension shortfalls are included, according to the study.

"State and local policymakers cannot count on investment returns over the long term to close this gap and instead need to put in place funding policies that put them on track to pay down pension debt."

Elsewhere on the retirement front, many Americans who graduated from college this spring are now starting jobs that pay them enough to begin putting something away for retirement.


Tornado WARNING for Somerset County, MD

  • * UNTIL 815 PM EDT

Troopers Announce Additional Monthly Movie Night Dates

Glasgow- The Delaware State Police have announced the remaining 2015 dates and movies for the monthly Community Movie Night held at Troop 2, Glasgow. Each movie night will feature an evening of fun and food and will give children and their parents a chance to interact with State Troopers. The remaining 2015 dates are:
August 27, 2015: Despicable Me 2
September 19, 2015: Big Hero 6
October 24, 2015: Home
November 21, 2015: Shrek
December 19, 2015: Frozen
This free monthly event is open to children ages 5-13. Seating is limited and reservations are required. Reservations can be made by contacting Lieutenant Robert Jones at Troop 2, Glasgow, at 302-365-8478.

A Viewer Writes: Water Problems In Pittsville


Something was going on today in Pittsville with the water--we saw many truck tankers of water in town and a fire truck behind the town office. Someone at the JT store said the water tower was empty and the town was just about out of water. If they hooked a fire truck to the town system and brought in water from outside---shouldn't we have the health dept come in and test the water. Should we be boiling our water before drinking---is it okay to bathe in? I guess all that money that was taken and the same man is still running the show we are stuck with this mess forever.

CAMPAIGN 2016: Fox News announces candidate lineup for prime time debate

Fox News announces candidates who qualified for Thursday’s prime time debate are: Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and John Kasich.


Hail Hits Delmar and Sussex County

Be prepared for heavy rain and hail in Southern Sussex County and surrounding areas as a heavy hail storm just hit Delmar.

Happy 225th Birthday To The U.S. Coast Guard!

Can you believe tomorrow the #USCG will be celebrating 225 years of Service to Nation?Check out some more reasons #WhyIServe from our men and women of the Coast Guard.#CG225th

Posted by U.S. Coast Guard on Monday, August 3, 2015

A Viewer Sends: Who was best man at John Kerry’s daughter’s wedding?

Written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief on July 28, 2015

You not might be aware that in 2009, the daughter of Secretary of State John Kerry, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, John Kerry’s younger daughter by his first wife, married an Iranian-American physician named Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahed, an Iranian-American physician.

Of course you’re not aware of it.

Brian (Behrooz) Nahed is son of Nooshin and Reza Vala Nahid of Los Angeles. Brian’s Persian birth name is “Behrooz Vala Nahid” but it is now shortened and Americanized in the media to “Brian Nahed.” At the time his engagement to Bradford Kerry, there was rarely any mention of Nahed’s Persian/Iranian ancestry, and even the official wedding announcement in the October 2009 issue of New York Times carefully avoids any reference to Dr. Nahed (Nahid)’s birthplace (which is uncommon in wedding announcements) and starts his biography from his college years.

Gee, do you think Secretary Kerry should have recused himself from the negotiations with Iran at the very outset because of his long-standing relationship to his Iranian counter-part, Mohammad Javad Zarif? Let me explain. Zarif is the current minister of foreign affairs in the Rouhani administration and has held various significant diplomatic and cabinet posts since the 1990s. He was Kerry’s chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations.

Secretary Kerry and Zarif first met over a decade ago at a dinner party hosted by George Soros at his Manhattan penthouse. What a surprise. I have to say, connecting the dots gets more and more frightening. But it gets even worse. Guess who was the best man at the 2009 wedding between Kerry’s daughter Vanessa and Behrouz Vala Nahed? Javad Zarif’s son. ............ Does this bother anyone at all?

Apparently Kerry only revealed his daughter’s marriage to an Iranian-American once he had taken over as Secretary of State. But the subject never came up in his Senate confirmation hearing, either because Kerry never disclosed it, or because his former colleagues were “too polite” to bring it up.

As Front Page Magazine pointed out several months ago, the nuclear talks with Iran were a tragic farce, choreographed and orchestrated by Iran. And unfortunately, we’re going to have to live with the consequences. At least, I hope we live.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

MSP Press Release 8-4-15 (Man From Fruitland Killed In Accident)

(HANCOCK, MD) – After the notification of families has been completed, Maryland State Police are releasing the identifications of those involved in an early morning crash on I-70 in western Washington County.

Three people in two vehicles were involved in the crash, two of whom were fatally injured. The deceased are identified as James L. Benge Jr., 22, of Fruitland, Md. and Mohamud S. Ali, 35, of Eagan, Minnesota. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Injured in the crash was Kim L. Benge, 57, of Fruitland, Md. She was transported to Meritus Medical Center and later transferred to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

Kim Benge was the driver of a 2007 Kia Rio and her son, James Benge, Jr., was the front seat passenger. Mohamud Ali was driving a 2011 Freightliner truck tractor pulling a 2016 Vanguard trailer loaded with grapes.

The preliminary investigation by the Maryland State Police Crash Team indicates the Kia Rio was being driven westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-70. The tractor trailer was eastbound in the eastbound lanes and was struck by the passenger car. After impact with the car, the tractor trailer struck bridge abutments.

Debris from the crash covered a large area and the tractor trailer blocked the entire roadway portion of eastbound I-70. Troopers were required to close the eastbound interstate to conduct the investigation and cleanup. State Highway Administration personnel responded and detoured eastbound traffic onto Rt. 522 through Hancock. The interstate is expected to be closed until about 2:00 p.m. today.

No charges have been filed at this time. Upon completion, the investigation will be forwarded to the Washington County State’s Attorney’s Office for review. The investigation is continuing.

Weather Alert

Issued by The National Weather ServiceWakefield, VA


SPD Having Fun At National Night Out

Is There An Arsonist In Ocean City?

Word on the street is that certain officials are saying there may be an arsonist in Ocean City. Adding to their concern is a home that was allegedly set on fire yesterday.

We've been told the Police may have a suspect and are requesting an arrest warrant. In the mean time keep a close eye on your neighborhoods for any suspicious activity or individuals. 

Trump Cannot Be Trolled: The Donald Embraces Phone Number Disclosure

After Gawker on Monday published Donald Trump's cell phone number, the presidential candidate embraced the trolling attempt and used his voicemail to deliver a campaign message.

On Tuesday, Trump published a tweet directing people to call the cell phone number provided by Gawker.


Man To Teen’s Father: ‘Your Son Just Saved My Life’

OCEAN CITY — A 14-year-old surfer from Montgomery County is a hero today after rescuing a swimmer in distress in the ocean.

Around 7:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Michael Friedlander, 14, of Darnestown, Md. in Montgomery County, was on the beach at 143rd Street in front of his family’s summer condo preparing for an early morning surfing session with a group of friends when he was called into service on a rescue mission. His mother, Debbie Friedlander, said she was in the condo when she heard a strange sound which she later identified as a man desperately calling for help.

Debbie Friedlander said her husband also heard the screaming victim and ran down to the beach, but by the time he got down to the water’s edge, their son, Michael, had already handled the situation.

“They were preparing to go surfing and Michael was waxing his board on the beach when he heard the victim screaming in distress,” she said later on Tuesday. “Michael grabbed his friend’s board and dove into the water and pulled the man in to safety. When my husband arrived on the beach, the man couldn’t thank him enough and said over and over ‘your son just saved my life.’”


Troopers Arrest Man for Multiple Thefts From Vehicles

Sussex County, DE – The Delaware State Police have investigated several thefts of tools from unsecured vehicles at several locations in the Long Neck, Lewes and Rehoboth area.
The preliminary investigation revealed that a suspect entered several vehicles stealing tools and rummaging through unsecured parked vehicles.  The suspect stole various power tools ranging from DeWalt tools, Stihl Chop saws to chainsaws.  In most of these cases the vehicles were parked in the parking lots of the Home Depot, the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store and K-mart.

Congressman Andy Harris, M.D., Announces Information on Military Service Academy Nominations

Deadline to apply for a nomination from Congressman Harris is October 30th, 2015

Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) is pleased to announce that the U.S. Military Service Academies nomination applications are now available for those wishing to join the class of 2020. Congressman Andy Harris will nominate some of the finest young men and women from the First Congressional District for appointments to the U.S. Military, Naval, Air Force, and Merchant Marine Academies. The Coast Guard Academy does not require a congressional nomination, though Congressman Harris will recommend interested applicants on a case-by-case basis. Those fortunate enough to gain admission to a U.S. Service Academy will receive one of the finest college educations in the nation.

Admission is based on SAT/ACT scores, class rank, physical aptitude scores, extracurricular activities, athletic abilities, and medical examinations. Academies accept applications on a rolling basis beginning in September. Final acceptance is also contingent upon receiving a nomination from an authorized source such as one's congressman or senator.

The deadline to apply for a nomination from Congressman Harris is October 30th, 2015. Any resident of the First District between the age of 17 and 23 is encouraged to apply. Interviews will be conducted by Congressman Harris’ Military Academy Review Board, which is made up of veterans and reservists of the United States military. Interviews will be conducted in the fall, and the Service Academies will be notified of Congressman Harris’ nominations by December 31.

To request a nomination application, please visit or call Congressman Harris’ Bel Air District Office at 410-588-5670.

O'Malley Wants Constitutional Amendment

As Governor, I made it easier—not harder—for people to vote. Now, I’m taking one more big step: I'm calling for a...

Posted by Martin O'Malley on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sheriff: 2 men fire at soldiers in Mississippi; none hurt

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (AP) — Authorities are searching for two men who fired gunshots from a vehicle at soldiers at a military facility in Mississippi, although no one was reported wounded, a sheriff said Tuesday.

Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith told WDAM-TV that the soldiers were training at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center near Hattiesburg.


Man's Best Friend

SPD PRESS RELEASE August 04, 2015 (Armed Robbery Investigation)

Police identify two dead in I-70 crash in Hancock; eastbound lanes reopened

HANCOCK — Two men died and a woman was injured early Tuesday when a car traveling the wrong way on Interstate 70 collided with a tractor-trailer, according to Maryland State Police.

James L. Benge Jr., 22, of Fruitland, Md., and Mohamud S. Ali, 35, of Eagen, Minn., were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, police said in a news release. 

Ali was driving a 2011 Freightliner tractor and pulling a 2016 Vanguard trailer loaded with grapes.

Benge was a passenger in a 2007 Kia Rio that was driven by his mother, Kim Benge, 57, also of Fruitland. She was taken to Meritus Medical Center then transferred to Shock Trauma in Baltimore.


Cuccinelli Urges Virginians To Support Motion To Oust Boehner

Principled limited government constitutional conservative Ken Cuccinelli, Chairman of Liberty Now PAC, issued a powerful appeal for Virginians to demand their Representatives in Congress support Rep. Mark Meadows' motion to vacate the Chair and oust John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Cuccinelli writes:

An amazing thing happened the other day, although it hasn’t gotten much attention… yet!

On Tuesday, North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows courageously submitted a “Motion to Vacate the Chair.” The “Chair” in this case is Speaker Boehner. If successful, Congressman Meadows’ motion would remove Congressman Boehner as Speaker of the House, and allow for a vote on a new Speaker.

Maybe America can actually get a principled leader at the helm of the House?! What a change that would be! And what a step forward for America!


WCSO Press Releases - August 4, 2015

Incident: Possession of Heroin

Date of Incident: 31 July 2015

Location: Friendship Road, Pittsville, MD

Suspect: Timothy Shane Vance, 23, Berlin, MD

Timothy VanceTimothy Vance

Narrative: On 31 July 2015 at 5:50 PM a deputy stopped a vehicle in which Timothy Vance was a passenger for speeding.  During the encounter the deputy observed indicators that pointed to possible CDS activity which prompted a WCSO Drug K9 scan of the vehicle. During the scan the K9 alerted to the odor of illegal drugs which prompted a search that revealed Vance was in possession of what was identified as Heroin.

The deputy placed Vance under arrest and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Vance on $10,000.00 unsecured bond.

Charges:  Possession of Heroin


Incident: Motor Vehicle Theft

Date of Incident: 3 August 2015

Location: 800 block of South Schumaker Drive, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Rizwan Aziz, 21, Salisbury, MD

Rizwan AzizRizwan Aziz

Narrative: On 3 August 2015 at 6:45 AM a deputy responded to a residence in the 800 block of South Shumaker Drive in Salisbury for the report of a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival the deputy met with the vehicle owner who reported that his vehicle had been taken without permission by a subject who resides in the house where he was staying. During the investigation, the suspect in this case, Rizwan Aziz returned with the vehicle but ran away when the deputy attempted to confront him. Aziz managed to temporarily elude the deputy and returned to his residence, got on his bicycle and rode away. Before riding away, Aziz reportedly became embroiled in an altercation when the vehicle owner confronted him. During this altercation, Aziz allegedly assaulted the vehicle owner.

Another deputy saw Aziz on the bicycle and attempted to detain him, but Aziz attempted to make his escape on the bicycle by pedaling away from the deputy who was in a patrol vehicle. After Aziz refused to stop, the deputy was able to assist Aziz off of his bicycle and take him into custody.

Aziz was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Aziz in the Detention Center in lieu of $15,000.00 bond.

Charges:  Theft of Motor Vehicle
                  Assault 2nd Degree
                  Resisting Arrest

Releasing Authority: Lt. Tim Robinson        Date:  4 August 2015

MVA driving instructor charged after offering woman passing grade for racy sex act

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WJLA) — A Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) driving instructor is accused of trying to trade a passing grade for a sexual favor.

Maryland State Police have charged Daniel Perry, 21, of Temple Hills, with one count of malfeasance in office.

On July 9, Perry was administering a road test to a woman who came to the MVA's Gaithersburg branch to obtain her driver's license. After completing the course, Perry told the woman he could not pass her because she failed to fully brake at a stop sign.

According to charging documents filed in Montgomery County District Court, Perry told the woman he would happily alter her test score if she serviced him. Perry then allegedly pointed to his genitals and then suggested they drive to a secluded area nearby.


What happens to assets seized from drug dealers?

The more than $62 million in assets seized by Virginia law enforcement from suspected narcotics traffickers and other drug dealers in the past seven years range from the mundane to the insanely extravagant.

On the high end, gold Krugerrand coins, $36,000 diamond-encrusted watches, a $100,000 Porsche, tricked-out chopper motorcycles, $20,000 worth of sneakers, custom 31-foot fishing boats, waterfront homes and piles of cash — as much as $401,200 in a single bust — top the list of loot that police confiscated since 2008 through Virginia’s civil asset-forfeiture program.

Although police seize nearly anything associated with criminal activity, the largest assets in terms of value have been, without exception, cash — totaling millions a year.

Nearly $26 million of the $62 million seized has been disbursed so far in civil asset-forfeiture proceedings across the state, with police using the funds to buy Tasers, body cameras, ballistic protective gear, laptops, forensic equipment and additional training for officers.


Maryland Tax-Free Week begins Sunday

BALTIMORE —Officials are encouraging shoppers to take advantage of Maryland’s tax-free week.

Tax-Free Week begins Sunday, Aug. 9, and runs through Saturday, Aug. 15. During that time, any single qualifying article of clothing or footwear priced $100 or less, regardless of how many are purchased, will be exempt from the state’s 6 percent sales tax.

"Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week is a great opportunity to get deals on back-to-school clothes or to refresh a tired wardrobe," Comptroller Peter Franchot said. "During these tough economic times, having a break from the 6 percent sales tax on shoes and clothing can make a real difference for families, enabling them to save more of their hard-earned money. Retailers also benefit with a boost in revenue. The savings can really add up for families, putting more money in their pockets."


Obama’s Climate Fascism Is Another Nail In The Coffin For The U.S. Economy

Is Barack Obama trying to kill the economy on purpose?

On Sunday, we learned that Obama is imposing a nationwide 32 percent carbon dioxide emission reduction from 2005 levels by the year 2030. When it was first proposed last year, Obama’s plan called for a 30 percent reduction, but the final version is even more dramatic. The Obama administration admits that this is going to cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars a year and that electricity rates for many Americans are going to rise substantially. And what Obama is not telling us is that this plan is going to kill what is left of our coal industry and will destroy countless numbers of American jobs. The Republicans in Congress hate this plan, state governments across the country hate this plan, and thousands of business owners hate this plan. But since Barack Obama has decided that this is a good idea, he is imposing it on all of us anyway.

So how can Obama get away with doing this without congressional approval?



Hillary Clinton emails: Calls mount for criminal investigation amid data breach fears

Critics say former secretary of state’s actions compare unfavorably to David Patreaus’

With U.S. intelligence officials scrambling to contain damage from potentially hundreds of spy agency secrets in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private emails, questions are mounting over why the Justice Departmenthas not yet opened a criminal investigation against the Democratic presidential front-runner for mishandling a mountain of classified information.

While some secrecy experts believe Mrs. Clinton will be able to build a strong case that material on her server was not classified at the time it was moving through her emails, others assert that what the former secretary of state did was far more egregious than the mishandling of information that saw former CIA Director David H. Petraeus sentenced to two years probation and a $100,000 fine.


Baltimore Launched Martin O'Malley, Then Weighed Him Down

As Martin O'Malley neared the launch of his presidential campaign, the former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor said he wouldn't think of announcing his bid "anyplace else," even as the city exploded with riots after the death of Freddie Gray, a young black man who was fatally injured while in police custody.

O'Malley's choice of venue, complete with the timing, showed the double-edged sword that the city has been in his political evolution. It is the launchpad that catapulted a young member of the city council to two terms in the mayor's office and then to the governor's mansion. But the city has also become a burden as critics are quick now to question his record as mayor, the "zero tolerance" policing that he introduced to the city and the effects it had on the relationship between law enforcement and local communities.


"Everyday Americans" Hillary And Bill Clinton Report $140 Million In Taxable Income Since 2007

Clinton told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in a June interview, “We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt."

Ever since Mitt Romney's tax disclosure fiasco in which allegations of tax avoidance and usage of offshore tax shelters played a major part in the democrat counter campaign, there has been great interest in the Adjusted Gross Income reported by presidential candidates. Which is why to avoid any surprises on the primary circuit, Hillary Clinton released the full data of her and Bill's tax income going back to 2007.

So without further ado, here is the Clinton family's adjusted gross income since 2007. The summary: $139.1 million in income since 2007, most of it thanks to speeches starting at $225,000 and going much higher.

And that is your "everyday Americans."


Husband whose wife signed up for Mars One comes to grips with never seeing her again

Sonia Van Meter was chosen as one of 100 people to go on a possible trip to Mars. As the trip would be one way, her husband is opening up about never seeing her again…

Jason Stanford refers to himself as an ‘astronaut wife’, because his actual wife and stepmother to his two sons, Sonia Van Meter, 36, was one of the people chosen for the Mars One Project, a privately-funded one-way mission which hopes to establish a permanent human colony on the red planet.

The first Mars One mission is slated to launch in 2026 – amid widespread criticism from scientists and space luminaries – with four people to touch down, and then another four every two years from there.

However Stanford and his wife – who live in Alexandria, Virginia, with his sons Henry, 13, and Hatcher, 11 – support the mission, and he has now accepted his own role as part of the process.

Not surprisingly, people not involved in the couple’s life have strong opinions about the matter, and how she can abandon her family like this. Jason’s response is, “this is bigger than me.”


Joe Biden: The Drug War Presidential Candidate

As the scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton begins to look less desirable to Democrats, Obama’s vice president is being touted as a possible candidate.

Progressives and the liberal wing of the Democrat party are understandably less than excited about the trusted CFR insider and would prefer to see the independent socialist Bernie Sanders go up against whomever the Republicans decide to run.

According to Politico, Biden is “a beloved figure in the Democratic Party, a stand-up guy” and establishment Democrats want him “in the wings if Clinton for some reason implodes,” which appears increasingly likely as the former Secretary of State takes heat for the email and Benghazi scandals. If opinion polls can be believed, her unfavorability rating stands at 48.1 percent.
The Police State Candidate

Biden has enabled the disastrous Drug War and played a key role in militarizing law enforcement. He considers domestic crime to be a national security issue on par with terrorism and worked hard in the Senate to push through draconian legislation, including mandatory minimum sentences and the creation of a cabinet-level drug czar.


Murder Investigation—UPDATE SPD PRESS RELEASE August 04, 2015

Lesbian mayor who demanded sermons now being sued

The openly lesbian mayor of Houston who created a national furor by allowing subpoenas to be issued by the city for the sermons of several area Christian pastors has been named defendant in a lawsuit by some of those same pastors who are alleging civil-rights violations.

“Each plaintiff brings this civil rights lawsuit under 42 U.S.C. [Paragraph] 1983 for defendant [Mayor Annise] Parker’s wrongful actions under color of state law depriving each of them of procedural and substantive due process under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well as to vindicate their liberty interests under the Bill of Rights and Amendments to the United States Constitution,” the complaint, filed Monday in Harris County District Court, says.

The fight is over a transgender ordinance Parker pushed through the city council more than a year ago. Some members of the Houston Area Pastor Council and other pastors formed an alliance to collect signatures to force the city either to overturn the ordinance or allow voters to have their say.

Rand Paul: Fund Community Health Centers, Not Planned Parenthood

( - "We have 9,000 community health centers that do everything that Planned Parenthood does, but they don't get into abortions," Sen. Rand Paul told CNN's "State of the Union" with Jake Tapper on Sunday. "So it would be much less emotional for everyone if we just funded community health centers and didn't fund Planned Parenthood."

Paul is pressing a vote, scheduled for Monday, to defund Planned Parenthood and give the annual $500-million taxpayer contribution to other health care providers.

He called it "morally repugnant" for Planned Parenthood to perform abortions in a way that salvages the baby's body parts for future sale, as was discussed in recently released undercover videos shot and edited by a pro-life group.


The Clinton's Financial Disclosure Forms Reveal $ 14.9 Million in Charity towards 'Themselves'

Hillary Clinton released a flurry of required financial disclosure forms on Friday's inner beltway document dump, related to her 2016 run for President.

The media, for the most part, dutifully reported the numbers with a robotic precision that failed to engender any of the heavy breathing that Trump's financial disclosure forms caused, only a week or so hence.

However, in Clinton's disclosure forms there was one bit of information that raised not a few reader's eyebrows, despite not being readily publicized, throughout the media.

The problem? Clinton listed her charitable contributions for 2014 at $ 3 million dollars.


Western PA school districts brought down by pension debt

A frank assessment from Moody’s rating agency this week has given several Pennsylvania school districts sour financial notes, and western PA’s schools top the list.

Schools in Allegheny, Washington, and Fayette County have all been downgraded to junk status, according to the rating service’s latest report, deemed “unlikely to recover” and it seems exploding pension costs may be to blame.

Allegheny County alone has four separate school districts that have been downgraded since March, including McKeesport Area, East Allegheny, West Mifflin Area and Penn Hills school districts. They, along with the other school districts mentioned in Moody’s report, have a particular problem with mounting costs mandated by law.


A stunning Senior Moment

Calls Mount For Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation

Critics say former secretary of state’s actions compare unfavorably to David Patreaus’

With U.S. intelligence officials scrambling to contain damage from potentially hundreds of spy agency secrets in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private emails, questions are mounting over why the Justice Department has not yet opened a criminal investigation against the Democratic presidential front-runner for mishandling a mountain of classified information.

While some secrecy experts believe Mrs. Clinton will be able to build a strong case that material on her server was not classified at the time it was moving through her emails, others assert that what the former secretary of state did was far more egregious than the mishandling of information that saw former CIA Director David H. Petraeus sentenced to two years probation and a $100,000 fine.

“I don’t see how the Justice Department would be able to avoid at least investigating this,” said Kevin Carroll, a former CIA officer and secrecy lawyer in Washington. “What Petraeus did was really small in comparison, because there was no exposure of any information to any foreign intelligence services.”

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Ar-15-Wielding Business Owner Defends Shop from Armed Robbers

A Wisconsin clothing store owner opened fire on a group of attempted robbers last week and successfully defended both his business and his life.

Rami Murrar, owner of Milwaukee-based Bouchards Clothing Store, posted video of the encounter to the company’s Instagram account Thursday with a stark warning to any other potential burglars.

“Just to set the record straight, we go to work to make our living and to feed our families, not to have shootouts,” Murrar wrote. “Don’t come to our establishment with guns or try breaking in our stores and expect less than us defending ourselves, and if this is what it’s gonna take then let it be, we will protect our business and employees at any cost.”

According to Murrar, who was armed with an AR-15 rifle, one suspect was shot after the would-be robbers attempted to crash a stolen van through Bouchards’ front door.

Detailing the “dumb criminals” mistakes in the video description, Murrar confirmed that at least one of the men were arrested following the incident.


Maryland Officials Reviewing Obama’s Greenhouse Gas Limits

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration is taking some time to review the impact of President Barack Obama’s plan to dramatically cut emissions from U.S. power plants, while Maryland Democrats already were praising the plan released Monday.

Ben Grumbles, secretary of the Maryland Department of the Environment, said it will take a while to review the plan’s 3,000 pages. He said Maryland is well-positioned to be a leader among states in the transition to cleaner and greener energy, on its own terms and through regional collaboration.

“We are making significant progress in implementing Maryland’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan, and we will issue a detailed report on our progress this fall,” Grumbles said.


What Is Going To Happen In September 2015? Why Are So Many People Storing Food And Supplies?

Have you noticed that there is a tremendous amount of Internet buzz about the month of September 2015?

Never before have I seen so much speculation about what would happen in one particular month. Some people believe that we will see an economic collapse next month, others believe that there will be some sort of historic natural disaster, and others are convinced that the judgment of God is coming. So right now, large numbers of Americans are stocking up on emergency food and supplies like crazy. Personally, I have never been more concerned about any period of time as I am about the last six months of 2015. Several weeks ago, I expressed my belief that chaos will beginonce the summer ends. These are the last days of “normal life” in America, and just about everything that we currently take for granted is about to be shaken.

A lot of people that I know have been storing up food and supplies like never before, but I didn’t realize how widespread this phenomenon was until I came across the following Natural News report


Former Clinic Owner Spills Beans On Sex-ed

Pushed on kids to create market for abortion

For six years Carol Everett operated four abortion clinics in Texas.

As reported by The Catholic Register, Everett earned a commission for every abortion in addition to a share of the fees charged by each clinic. She says she sold abortion and made big bucks off of the “cash cow” of abortion. A new abortion clinic, she said at the annual Rose Dinner for the National March for Life in Ottawa, would make enough money to pay for itself in a single month.

The clinics’ system to make the quick cash was quite simple. The abortionist would move from one room to the next, performing abortion after abortion, often without cleaning up between abortions, according to Everett.

In addition, Everett said that the counselors at the clinics are more like telemarketers. They are trained to schedule abortions and use wording to eliminate a potential clients’ fears and objections concerning abortion.

Everett, who left the abortion industry after a Christian business counselor she hired lead her to Christ, also talked about how damaging government-funded sex education programs are.

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The Trump Problem for Republicans as Fox Debate Nears

Disdain revealed as Trump not invited to Koch Bros. event featuring contenders

No matter what establishment poll you consult, the result is invariably the same: Donald Trump is trouncing all Republican contenders.

Rasmussen has The Donald far outpacing Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. His substantial lead means he will dominate the Fox News debate Thursday. This fact is undoubtedly giving the Republican establishment indigestion.

The top ten candidates participating in the primetime debate will be determined by establishment polls. It is not clear what polls the network will use, but this does not matter — Trump leads in all of them.

Rasmussen gives the honey badger a +14 lead over all other contenders while the RCP average of all polling data gives him a comfortable +9.5 spread.


Obama Gives Illegals Massive Health-care Plan

The level of health-care services provided to illegal aliens is about to get a huge boost from the Obama administration, which is hiring contractors to provide the equivalent of 5.5 million additional labor hours of treatment to detainees.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, of the Department of Homeland Security did not provide an estimated cost of these support services over five years. It is leaving it up to vendors to propose how much it will cost.

According to a solicitation for bids that WND discovered through routine database research, the purpose of this initiative is “to provide on-site medical staffing services to provide a continuum of health care services to ICE residents/detainees 24 hours a day, seven (7) days per week, and 365 calendar days per year” at various clinic sites.

All of the treatment will come from workers who are screened to be politically correct.

Contractor employees working on this project must be U.S. citizens “except when special flights prohibit use of U.S. citizens.”

The contractors are expected to recruit “personnel who have demonstrated work experience in a diverse multicultural and multi-language environment.”

Ongoing training must include “how to communicate effectively and professionally with detainees, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or gender nonconforming detainees.”

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Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich Not Running For President

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich says he isn’t running for president, and he has no plans to run for U.S. Senate, either.

Ehrlich, a Republican, had made several trips to the early nominating state of New Hampshire, but he said Monday in a telephone interview that he hasn’t been thinking about entering the crowded GOP presidential primary for some time.

He plans to focus on keeping active through a political action committee. The super PAC is called Turning Point America. Ehrlich, the honorary PAC chairman, says he believes it’s a way for him to promote his platform nationally.