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Saturday, March 05, 2016

2016 Bras for a Cause info!

It's that time of year again! 

It's time to put your creative thinking cap on and get together with family, friends and co-workers to decide on the design for your 2016 Bras for a Cause entry!

This is a great opportunity for you to help raise awareness for breast cancer while supporting WSW in our mission to provide FREE services and support to all those affected by breast cancer on Delmarva.
This year's theme is: THROUGH THE DECADES

Registration and Submission Deadline (submit bras to WSW office):
Friday, April 22, by 4:00 PM
Grand Reveal Party (for all participants):
Tuesday, April 26, 6:00 PM
Public Viewing and Voting (online or at the Centre at Salisbury):
Sunday, May 1 through Tuesday, May 31
Awards Ceremony (for all participants):
Thursday, June 2, 6:00 PM

Trophies will be awarded for the following categories:

As determined by $1.00 votes: 
People's Choice-Business Entry 
People's Choice-Group Entry 
People's Choice-Individual Entry 
People's Choice-Youth Entry (18 & Under) 

As determined by a panel of judges: 
Best Decade
Best Use of Materials
Best Overall Creative Design
The Centre at Salisbury Choice

To register, CLICK HERE.
Follow the prompts to create your bra fundraising page on First Giving. Share your page on Facebook and through email to encourage others to vote for your bra! We have pink hangers at the office. Stop by and grab one when you drop off your entry form!
Theme Suggestions:
20's: Flappers, Jazz, Gangsters, Prohibition
30's: Feminism, Great Depression, Dust Bowl, Radio broadcasts/shows
40's: WWII, Gone with the Wind, Mount Rushmore completed, Jackie Robinson, 1st Nascar Race
50's: Rock & Roll, 1st credit card, Color TV, I Love Lucy, Frank Sinatra
60's: Civil Rights Act, hippies, Woodstock, Vietnam War
70's: Bell Bottoms, Disco, Beatles, VHS, 1st MRI, PC's, Music diversity
80's: Yuppies, ET, Star Wars, Pop Culture movies (The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Etc.) Madonna, Michael Jackson
90's: Grunge, 90210, Coffee shops, bookstores, the Walkman, pagers, AOL, World Wide Web, Gen X
2000's: American Idol, 9-11, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, iPod

Wedding Photographers Routine

GSA missing target on firearm donation program

How did two grenade launchers end up for sale in Florida and Colorado? Who is responsible for trading five Uzis to a gun show? Is the federal agency that handles office supplies orders also qualified to run a firearms donation program?

The General Services Administration’s Surplus Firearm Donation Program came under fire March 2 from members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, who took turns questioning and criticizing the agency for its inability to keep an accurate inventory and status of the firearms within the program.

Oversight Ranking Member Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) called the GSA’s tracking system “haphazard,” “digitally ancient,” and “half-accurate,” and asked how in the past 15 years, nearly 500 firearms went missing and only 25 were ever found.

“Among those firearms that went missing were a set of 130 handguns, five Uzi submachine guns and a pair of grenade launchers,” Meadows said. “In each of these instances the firearms were sold to private gun shops, which are not allowed under the program and appear to have never been recovered. In fact the GSA IG discovered yesterday that two of the missing grenade launchers were located in Florida and Colorado and available for sale to the general public. In some cases the firearms would go missing for as long as a decade … before anyone realized the firearms were not where they were supposed to be. It is beyond unacceptable that these firearms were lost, let alone the fact that they were not recovered and in some cases were missing for years before anyone knew about it.”


David Limbaugh On Donald Trump

David Limbaugh is Rush's brother. The man is an extremely articulate and eloquent wordsmith with what appears to be a superlative talent for framing his arguments in visceral terms. His discussion below pretty much puts America's political scene, as being impacted by Trump, into crystal clear focus.

The Establishment birthed Trump!

Much of the establishment's criticism of Donald Trump comes from its failure to comprehend the reasons for his soaring popularity. Establishment types seem untroubled by the problems facing America, so they can't understand the urgency that fathered Trump's rise. Minor adjustments to the Hindenburg's dining room menu just aren't going to get it.

Their overwrought analysis, their hand-wringing and their contemptuousness for Trump betray a disdain not only for Trump but for Americans who recognize the gravity of America's predicament -- and who, in desperation, have turned to Trump for bold action.

It's hard to overstate Americans' concern for the state of the nation. Horrified by President Obama's Sherman-esque march through America, they are tired of hearing that nothing can be done. They are through with empty promises from establishment politicians.

People are tired of Obama's pitting blacks against whites, women against men, gays against heterosexuals, rich against poor, non-taxpayers against taxpayers, citizens against cops and his Muslims against Christians. They can no longer stomach Obama's apologizing for America and excusing terrorists while rushing to attack Christians at every turn.

People are sick of being called racists for things that happened in this country before they were born or before they could vote, for opposing Obama's destructive agenda, or for simply being Republicans. They abhor the war on cops orchestrated by racial hucksters and pandering politicians. They are incredulous that any president would deliberately engineer America's decline and degrade our military. They are tired of the nation's chief executive officer's flouting laws and thwarting the people's will.

Americans are sick of Obama's trashing America's founding, assaulting capitalism, and bellowing about man-made global warming as a pretense to impose more liberty-smothering regulations. They are nauseated by politicians who are more interested in bipartisanship with scofflaws than with saving the nation.

Mexico Speaks Out About Trump's Border Wall

There is no way Mexico would fund Donald Trump's "terrible" plan to build a wall along its border with the United States if the Republican front-runner wins the U.S. presidential election, the Mexican finance minister said.

Trump, the New York billionaire developer and former reality television star, sparked outrage in Mexico when he vowed to force Latin America's second largest economy to pay for a wall along the southern U.S. border to stem the flow of illegal immigration and drugs.

In a televised interview late on Wednesday, Finance Minister Luis Videgaray categorically rejected the proposal.

"Under no circumstance will Mexico pay for the wall that Mr. Trump is proposing," he said. "Building a wall between Mexico and the United States is a terrible idea. It is an idea based on ignorance and has no foundation in the reality of North American integration."

Source: Reuters

March Madness: Who Won Last Night's Republican Debate?

The Republican candidates met for the 11th time in Detroit, Michigan before the all important primaries on March 8th. The debate was met with fireworks, especially between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, with Ted Cruz assisting. The crowd was also raucous and there were even some ejections during a commercial break. 

How did the candidates do? Here’s what we think 

1)John Kasich: Many Republican voters are sick of the fighting and want a substantive discussion of the issues. Kasich certainly provided that. He came off as the adult in the room and there’s definitely an appetite for that, at least in the northern states. If you’re looking for someone who is “the adult in the room” Kasich is your guy.


Meet the Candidate Who Will Defeat Hillary

Hillary’s opponent in November won’t be Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio.

Hillary Clinton is running against herself, because she is the only candidate standing between herself and the White House.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Currently, 55 percent of American voters view Clinton unfavorably, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday that was conducted in the days leading up to the Democratic primary in South Carolina, which Clinton won over the weekend. This represents the highest unfavorable rating that Clinton has registered in the history of the poll, which has asked the question since March 1992.

In order to win in November, Clinton will have to first defeat voters’ perception of her. If current polling holds up, the only candidate Clinton could lose to is one with even higher negative ratings than her own.

Source: AAN

Assassinate Donald Trump? Fine by Facebook

Facebook has irked many conservatives for its hardcore, P.C. persecution of conservative pages that tell the truth about radical Islam, Black Lives Matter, and other far left and anti-American movements. While many have pointed out that this amounts to censorship, it's true that Facebook is a private page, and they have the right to block content they don't like. We just wish that they'd be fair.

What do we mean?

When it comes to Donald Trump, Facebook seems to have a double standard. As conservative activist Lauren Southern noted:

That's nice facebook ~ :^)Totally fair and reasonable to ban people for mild criticism of FemFreq and making non-PC jokes but not this person.Posted by Lauren Southern on Thursday, March 3, 2016


BREAKING: FBI Arrests Trump Ally and Tea Party Leader

Federal agents have arrested Jerry DeLemus, a local Tea Party leader who stood with Cliven Bundy armed resistance in Oregon this year and in Nevada in 2014. 

DeLemus is facing nine federal charges based on an indictment brought in Nevada, including conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer and several firearms charges, according to court records. 

State Rep. Susan DeLemus, R-Rochester, confirmed that FBI agents arrested her husband Thursday morning. Fighting back tears, she told the Union Leader that was all she would say about the arrest at this point. 

A Viewer Writes: Subject: A Rarity From Capital Hill - FBI vs Apple


After reading that a federal judge ruled against the government in a similar case involving Apple I thought I'd submit this for you to look at.

Congress showed it's willing to fight the FBI on encryption. Finally

Members of Congress did something almost unheard of at Tuesday’s hearing on the brewing battle over encryption between Apple and the FBI: their job. Both Democrats and Republicans grilled FBI director Jim Comey about his agency’s unprecedented demand that Apple weaken the iPhone’s security protections to facilitate surveillance. This would have dire implications for smartphone users around the globe.

Normally, congressional committee hearings featuring Comey are contests among the members over who can shower the FBI director with the most fawning compliments in their five-minute allotted time frame. Hard questions about the agency’s controversial tactics are avoided at all costs. But on Tuesday, in rare bipartisan fashion, virtually every member of the House judiciary committee asked Comey pointed questions and politely ripped apart his arguments againstApple.

One judiciary member questioned how the FBI managed to mess up so badlyduring the San Bernardino investigation and reset the shooter’s password, which is what kicked this whole controversy and court case in motion in the first place. And if the case was such an emergency, why did they wait 50 days to go to court? Another member questioned what happens when China inevitably asks for the same extraordinary powers the FBI is demanding now. Others questioned whether the FBI had really used all the resources available to break into the phone without Apple’s help. For example, why hasn’t the FBI attempted to get the NSA’s help to get into the phone, since hacking is their job?


Air Force Thunderbirds Too Male, Too White

The Air Force’s vaunted Thunderbirds jet fighter aerobatics team is not diverse enough inside the cockpit.

Brig. Gen. Christopher M. Short, commander of the 57th Wing at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, said in an email last month that of 15 pilot applicants for three openings, 14 are white.

He asked fighter wing commanders to stir up more candidates who “don’t necessarily look like each of you.” He bemoaned the fact that, not only is there a lack of diversity, but the number of applicants to make the world-famous team has taken a puzzling drop in the past two years.

“I am asking for your help in finding the right pilots for next year’s Thunderbirds team,” is how Gen. Short begins his email.

“While we have several qualified candidates that many of you submitted, I am lacking the depth in talent we’ve seen in previous years and I am lacking in diversity of gender, ethnicity and [aircraft type] background,” Gen. Short wrote.

All eight current Thunderbird pilots are white males. Of the eight, six fly the demonstrations, one flies as the lead and narrator, and one is the operations officer. They fly on the team for two years, and three of the six demonstration fliers are replaced annually.

Gen. Short told the story of former Thunderbird pilot Caroline “Blaze” Jensen, the team’s right wing and No. 3 (now one of the openings), who was not only a skilled performer but also a public relations asset. The longest lines of fans seeking autographs typically formed in front of her.


Trump Says He’ll Support GOP Nominee, Even If It’s Not Him

Donald Trump appeared to rule out an independent bid for president Thursday night, saying he will support whoever the eventual GOP nominee is.

“Yes, I will,” he said under questioning by Fox News host Chris Wallace.

The three other candidates on stage — Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich — all said they would support Mr. Trump, should he emerge as the nominee.


The Coming Doctor Shortage

According to in 2011 the United States had 2.45 physicians per 1,000 citizens. The United States is home to arguably the smartest and best trained doctors in the world. These doctors have access to cutting edge medical technology and training. But America has fewer doctors per capita than such healthcare power houses as Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Latvia. That is right, Latvia; it is north of Poland and Lithuania and due west from Moscow. (I had to look it up, thank you Google Maps)

So now you are wondering: Wait, I live in America, the greatest nation in the world, and I am more likely to find a doctor available in Latvia? I had the same thought; the problem is that we have a limited number of residencies in our country.

Graduates from medical schools have to go through a year-long residency to obtain an unrestricted license to practice medicine in many jurisdictions. Most residencies are funded by Medicare in the U.S. and there have been very few increases in the amount funded since Congress froze the number in 1997 as part of the Balanced Budget Act.

According to an article in the Washington Post it costs about $145,000 to train a doctor and would cost about $9.1 billion to fix the 63,000 doctor shortage. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges the U.S. will face a shortage of 90,000 doctors by 2025. Add to these facts that by 2025 nearly one quarter of the U.S. population will be 65 and older and the impact of this problem only worsens. The majority of people who live beyond 65 years old begin to suffer from multiple chronic health issues. The issue becomes one of supply and demand; there simply will not be enough doctors to manage the demand produced by the aging population unless we begin to make changes now.

More here

Megyn Kelly confronts Donald Trump with brutal highlight reel of past statements

At the Fox News Republican debate Thursday, moderator Megyn Kelly played a brutal highlight reel of Donald Trump making contradictory statements on foreign policy.

"Mr. Trump, one of the things people love about you is they believe you tell it like it is," Kelly told Trump. "But time and time again in this campaign, you have actually told the voters one thing, only to reverse yourself in weeks or sometimes days."

Fox then showed clips of Trump speaking about the war in Afghanistan, the refugee crisis, and former President George W. Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq.

In the first clip, Trump was asked about whether American boots should stay on the ground in Afghanistan.

"We made a terrible mistake getting involved there in the first place," Trump said in the clip. "That thing will collapse in about two seconds after they leave, just as I said that Iraq was going to collapse after we leave."


NY Mag: Romney Lying About Having No Interest in Running

Mitt Romney is a liar when he insists he's not interested in making an eleventh-hour jump into the 2016 presidential race, says Gabriel Sherman, the media columnist for New York magazine.

"The scenario that's been floated in recent days by GOP insiders I've spoken to is that Romney could enter the Republican primary race late in California and New York to deny Trump the delegates necessary to clinch the nomination," Sherman writes in an essay titled, "Romney Says He's Not a Candidate — He's Lying."

"Then, at a brokered convention, Romney would emerge as the party's choice on a second ballot. There's no real hope that Romney would be able to beat [Democrat Hillary] Clinton — it would essentially be a suicide mission — but losing in 2016, while being able to cast the Trump phenomenon as a fringe aberration, would be better for the party in the long run."


Biden Defends 1992 Call for No Late-Term Court Nomination

Vice President Joe Biden is defending a June 1992 speech in which he advocated putting off an appointment to the Supreme Court should one arise during the last months of George H.W. Bush's administration.

That's a position seemingly at odds with his criticism of Senate Republicans taking a similar stance today. Republicans argue that voters should be allowed to weigh on the replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia by electing the next president in November.

In an op-ed published Thursday by The New York Times, Biden says he feared in 1992 that a nomination just weeks before the political conventions would "create immense political acrimony."


An Open Letter To The SCGOP Executive Committee


Dear SCGOP Executive Committee Members:

I have sent a letter expressing my feelings of what I think is happening in our nation and the GOP. I thought I should write my feelings as to how someone who had once been a staunch member of the party and an employee of Senator Lindsey Graham could now be a supporter of Donald Trump and no longer a member of the party. Some of you know me and know my previous involvement. For those that don’t let’s just say I was very involved on many levels.

I began this campaign supporting my former boss and serving on his leadership committee. This all changed for me and many others in SC when Nikki Haley removed the flag. I, for one, wanted it left where it was as I thought it reflected my heritage and history but putting that aside let me tell you exactly how it was perceived by me and again others.

Watching this evolve I saw leaders saying one day it reflected our heritage and the next day standing at a podium with not only our leaders but SCGOP leaders and RNC officials. And of course the next day the legislature was rushed into completing the deal. I am 68 years old and as I said very involved but for the first time what I always knew hit me like a ton of bricks. Not only was I furious I was very sad. Before you jump to any conclusions about the flag let me say even though I didn’t want it down the eye opener to me is the manner in which it was handled, with outsiders showing up that had no business being there. It is also what I perceived as what is happening in this nation.


It's Official: Canada Has Sold All Of Its Gold Reserves

One month ago, when looking at the latest Canadian official international reserves, we noticed something strange: Canada had sold nearly half of its gold reserves in one month. According to the February data, total Canadian gold reserves stood at 1.7 tonnes. That was just 0.1 per cent of the country’s total reserves, which also include foreign currency deposits and bonds.

As we noted, the decision to sell came from Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s office.

“Canada’s gold reserves belong to the Government of Canada, and are held under the name of the Minister of Finance,” explained a spokesperson for the Bank of Canada on Wednesday. “Decisions relative to gold holdings are taken by the Minister of Finance.”
Reached by Global News on Wednesday evening, a spokesperson for the finance department said the sale “was done in the normal course of business for the government. The decision to sell the gold was not tied to a specific gold price, and sales are being conducted over a long period and in a controlled manner.”


Youth vote turns out on Super Tuesday, but not for Trump

GOP voters between the ages of 18 and 29 set turnout records in Tuesday’s SEC primary — a nickname given to Southern states as a nod to Southeastern Conference of college sports — but were less supportive of Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump than other demographics.

Mr. Trump still won the youth vote in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee — states where he was dominant on Super Tuesday — but by the smallest margin of any age group, according to an analysis by CIRCLE.

And despite winning a plurality of the vote in Virginia and Arkansas, the billionaire businessman lost the youth vote to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, respectively.

He also lost young voters in Texas by 13 points to Mr. Rubio, despite besting the Florida senator by 9 points overall in the state. Mr. Cruz, who won his home state’s primary by a wide margin, bested Mr. Trump by 12 points among youth voters in Texas.

Shannon Bell, a sophomore at George Washington University, said none of her friends are backing Mr. Trump.

“A good amount of them still believe his whole campaign is a joke and that he will drop out of the race soon,” Ms. Bell said.


State Department 'aware' of reports of Syria chemical attacks

State Department spokesman Mark Toner on Wednesday said that Washington was aware of reports that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons in attacks that took place since the beginning of a ceasefire agreement several days ago, reported The Washington Free Beacon.

“We’re aware of their reports, we obviously can’t confirm them at this time,” Toner said in his daily briefing though he condemned the use of chemical weapons regardless.

“You know our policy is we strongly condemn any use of chemical weapons,” he stressed.

More here

Rep. Becerra Won't Say If Islamic State Committing Genocide Against Christians

When asked by whether violent Islamic extremists are engaged in genocide against Middle Eastern Christians and whether the Obama administration should declare it “genocide,” Rep. Xavier Bacerra (D-Calif.), chairman of the Democratic Caucus, would not answer the question, saying instead that “clear and convincing evidence” was needed to determine if genocide is occurring.

“Genocide is a term that has specific references and I think all of us want to make sure that when we start to make declarations that we are backed up by clear and convincing evidence of that,” Bacerra said.

More here

Hoyer: ‘I Will Wait’ to See If State Department Decides ISIS is Committing Genocide

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) would not say whether he thinks violent Islamic extremists are engaged in genocide against Middle Eastern Christians, saying instead that he “will wait” for a State Department report due out later this month in order to determine if genocide is occurring.

“The omnibus Congress passed in December requires Secretary of State Kerry to declare by March 17 whether 'violent Islamic extremists’ are engaging in genocide against Middle Eastern Christians and other religious minorities. Should the Obama administration declare that the Islamic State is committing genocide against Middle Eastern Christians?” asked Hoyer at a press briefing Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

“Look, I think that report is gonna come out pretty soon. I will wait for that report,” Hoyer replied.


Democrats Targeting Sen. Chuck Grassley

Democrats are working to oust Sen. Chuck Grassley from Capitol Hill using the powerful Judiciary Committee chairman's refusal to hold hearings on any Supreme Court nomination by President Barack Obama as ammunition.

The New York Times reports that Grassley, a six-term Iowa Republican running for a seventh term this year, will now face a potential spoiler in The Hawkeye State with a challenge from Patty Judge, a well-liked Democrat who served as lieutenant governor and state agriculture secretary.

In addition, Grassley is taking a daily pounding from Democratic lawmakers, like Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who has repeatedly slammed him for creating "obstruction and chaos" in Washington, according to The Times.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration — hoping to pick its own moderate or liberal judge to replace the late conservative jurist Antonin Scalia — is said to be creating a bulletproof list of diverse Supreme Court candidates it believes Senate Republicans will not be able to ignore.

More here

Democrats, Independents Sign Up with GOP to Vote in Primaries

More than 240,000 new Democrats and independents showed up to vote in Virginia’s Republican presidential primary this week — the tip of a massive shift as all the enthusiasm and interest are moving to the GOP.

The numbers are staggering in other big states as well: More than 535,000 new Democrats and independents in Texas, 175,000 in Georgia, 172,000 in Tennessee and 143,000 in Alabama, according to a Washington Times analysis of exit polling that compared this year’s election with the 2008 race, the last time both parties had a contested primary.

Donald Trump, the iconoclastic Republican front-runner, says it’s all his doing.

“We have expanded the Republican Party,” the billionaire businessman declared Tuesday night, as results showed Republicans demolishing record after record in primary turnout. “They’re longtime Democrats and they were never going to switch, and they all switched. And they were independents. And we’ve actually expanded the party.”

Exit polling shows Mr. Trump has indeed helped build up the party this year, with nearly 10 million people casting ballots in the 15 primaries and caucuses so far, about 4 million more than voted in the same Republican races in 2008.


AMC Entertainment Buys Carmike as Wang Consolidates Cinemas

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., controlled by China’s richest man, agreed to buy Carmike Cinemas Inc. in a $1.1 billion all-cash deal that would create the world’s largest cinema chain.

AMC, majority owned by billionaire Wang Jianlin’s Dalian Wanda Group Co., will pay $30 a share for Carmike, a 19 percent premium over its closing stock price Thursday, according to a statement from the companies. The agreement combines the second- and fourth-biggest U.S. movie theater chains and vaults the resulting entity past Regal Entertainment Group.

The deal, the latest sign of China’s growing influence in the movie industry, comes as exhibitors have been investing heavily in their chains, competing for fans with bigger screens and luxury seating.


House Panel Passes Resolution Declaring ISIS Acts ‘Genocide’

( – The House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bipartisan resolution Wednesday declaring that atrocities perpetrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) “against Christians, Yezidis, and other religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.”

The passage by unanimous consent of the resolution comes two weeks before a deadline for Secretary of State John Kerry to announce the administration’s stance on the matter, as required by the omnibus spending bill passed last December.

Kerry has until March 17 to declare whether “the persecution of, including attacks against, Christians and people of other religions in the Middle East by violent Islamic extremists” constitutes genocide.

The resolution passed Wednesday, as amended, expresses the sense of Congress that “all governments, including the United States … should call ISIL atrocities by their rightful names: war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.”


Rubio: Brokered Convention 'Not a Backroom Deal'

A brokered GOP convention would not mean a backroom deal, and Marco Rubio said Friday that he expects a consolidation behind "someone not named Donald Trump," and that he will be that person.

"Brokered convention insinuates that we'll have this backroom deal with someone who is not on the ballot will get dropped in," the Florida senator told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" program.

"I do not support a back room deal at the convention either. That's why you have delegates, that's why you have a convention."

But it's possible that nobody will have the 1,237 delegates GOP presidential nomination, Rubio said, and if that happens, he expects he'll be nominated.

"I am looking forward to that happening," he said.


This State is Proof Positive That Conservative Solutions Work

Scott Walker may have washed out of the presidential election early, but his conservative agenda is saving the state of Wisconsin billions. As Townhall notes:

Republican Gov. Scott Walker found himself fighting for his political life when he proposed necessary reforms to Wisconsin’s labor unions in 2011. It prompted liberal forces in his state to mount a recall effort to remove him from office; they failed. Then, they failed to boot him during his 2014 re-election bid. Act 10 is, for all intents and purposes, here to stay–and it’s saved the taxpayers billions of dollars (via Watchdog):

…[D]espite all the dire predictions, Act 10 has proved a smashing success for Wisconsin taxpayers, according to a new analysis by the MacIver Institute.

The Madison-based free-market think tank’s report estimates taxpayers have saved $5.24 billion over the past five years, thanks to the law.

The analysis found that the state has saved $3.36 billion by requiring government employees to contribute to their government-backed pensions, and another $404.8 million by opening up employees’ health insurance to competitive bidding, among other cost controls. The savings have been widespread, across state and local governments.


Bob Corker to GOP: Stop 'Trying to Stifle' Voters' Voice

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker may have refused to make an endorsement in the presidential nomination race, but he's not holding back in embracing the anger of Republican voters.

Corker issued a statement Thursday to criticize Republican Party leaders for "trying to stifle" the voice of frustrated voters.

He said that the primary results so far reflect voters being upset at President Barack Obama's policies and "the fecklessness and ineptness of the Washington establishment."

In Corker's words: "The American people should be angrier than they are."


Hillary on Trial?

There's been a dramatic development in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and it could mean curtains for the Democratic frontrunner. The staffer who set up Hillary's server has been granted immunity by the FBI. Here's what that means:

The official said the FBI had secured the cooperation of Bryan Pagliano, who worked on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign before setting up the server in her New York home in 2009.

As the FBI looks to wrap up its investigation in the coming months, agents are likely to want to interview Clinton and her senior aides about the decision to use a private server, how it was set up, and whether any of the participants knew they were sending classified information in emails, current and former officials said.

The inquiry comes against a political backdrop in which Clinton is the favorite to secure the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

So far, there is no indication that prosecutors have convened a grand jury in the email investigation to subpoena testimony or documents, which would require the participation of a U.S. attorney’s office.


Delaware State Police Camp Barnes Applications Available

Applications for Camp Barnes will be available at all State Police Troops and can be downloaded at the camp’s website starting March 1st.
Camp and orientations dates will be listed on the website.  Camp Barnes is a recreational overnight summer camp run by the Delaware State Police and there is no fee to attend.  All Children that are residents of the State of Delaware and are between the ages of 10-13 are eligible.  Below are some of the many activities campers participate in throughout the week:
  • Swimming in an Olympic size pool.
  • Kayaking in Millers Creek
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Nature Walk
  • Talent Show
  • Fishing and Crabbing
  • Archery
  • Lacrosse
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Nature Walk
  • Talent Show
Campers also enjoy a scaled down version of the Olympics, and State Police demonstrations by the K-9 unit.
Camp Barnes has a staff of 12 counselors (6 male and 6 female), 1 cook, 1 nurse and 1 kitchen assistant. Counselors are required to submit to a criminal check as well as an interview. There is also a State Trooper on the grounds at all times when the camp is in session.  Camp Barnes is NOT a boot camp or intended for youth with behavior or disciplinary problems.
Campers are required to get a physical exam or an updated physical exam prior to being accepted to Camp Barnes. It is encouraged that all parents get an updated physical for their children now in preparation for the upcoming camping season. Applications and physicals should be turned in by May 15, 2016.
The Delaware State Police is also seeking individuals to fill position of camp counselor:
  • Starting salary is $300.00 per week
  • Food and lodging provided
  • Weekends off
  • Must be a graduating senior in high school or college student
Applications may also be found on the camp’s website and the deadline for these is April 16, 2016.
History-In 1947, the Delaware Association of Chiefs’ of Police, an organization which was composed of active law enforcement and correctional officers, accepted the challenge to undertake a project to combat juvenile delinquency in the First State. A committee was appointed to investigate the problems confronting youth. The committee’s resulting recommendations led to the establishment of Camp Barnes for the recreation of deserving youth from throughout the state.
Camp Barnes, located on Miller’s Creek, a tributary of Little Assawoman Bay, has since served the needs of thousands of children from throughout Delaware. Camp Barnes was originally designed to provide the children who were unable to attend summer camp an opportunity to experience life at a summer youth camp. Camp Barnes has remained basically unchanged, providing Delaware children with these outdoor experiences for over 60 years.
Any questions, please contact Master Corporal Shawn Hatfield at 302-752-3834

Hamas Terrorist Killed in Tunnel Collapse

A Hamas terrorist was killed on Thursday and five other terrorists were wounded when a tunnel collapsed in Khan Yunis, located in southern Gaza.

The death restarts the series of tunnel fatalities in Gaza after a break of nearly a month. Early last month the tally reached as high as11 Gazans who died while digging tunnels, in collapses that came in quick succession.

Except for one civilian working on a smuggling tunnel into Egypt, all of those who died were Hamas terrorists.

Besides Hamas, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Communist terror group has also recently bragged that it is building tunnels, in preparation for the next war against Israel.

The IDF has warned that Hamas is focusing its tunnel digging efforts on one central terror tunnel, where over 1,000 terrorists are working to dig far under the security barrier so as to enable an attack deep in Israeli territory.

Israelis living in the surrounding environs of Gaza have reported hearing the sound of digging from beneath their homes, with vibrations even shaking their houses.


Subject: Will Obama and Kerry Declare ISIL Not Guilty of Anti-Christian Genocide?

Will President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry falsely declare that the Islamic State is not guilty of genocide against Christians and other religious minorities in the areas it controls?

If so, they will show contempt for the truth.

The omnibus spending law Obama signed in December included the following language:

"Not later than 90 days after enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State ... shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees an evaluation of the persecution of, including attacks against, Christians and people of other religions in the Middle East by violent Islamic extremists and the Muslim Rohingya people in Burma by violent Buddhist extremists, including whether either situation constitutes mass atrocities or genocide (as defined in section 1091 of title 18, United States Code) ..."

18 USC 1091 defines what it means to commit genocide as follows:

"Whoever, whether in time of peace or in time of war and with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such — (1) kills members of that group; (2) causes serious bodily injury to members of that group; (3) causes the permanent impairment of the mental faculties of members of the group through drugs, torture, or similar techniques; (4) subjects the group to conditions of life that are intended to cause the physical destruction of the group in whole or in part; (5) imposes measures intended to prevent births within the group; or (6) transfers by force children of the group to another group."

Has any reliable government source presented the Obama administration with evidence that the Islamic State has committed acts that fall within this definition?


Oregon Christian Bakers – ‘We’re Going to Follow the Lord Regardless of the Consequences’

In a new interview with, Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein said they are going to “follow the Lord regardless of the consequences.”

The Kleins are bakers in Oregon. On July 2, 2015, Commissioner Brad Avakian, the head of Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI), ordered the Kleins to pay $135,000 to two women as a penalty for what Avakian called the “emotional damages” of offending the women by declining to bake the cake for their homosexual “wedding.”

The Kleins are Evangelical Christians who believe that marriage is only between a man and woman. They are appealing the ruling to the Oregon Court of Appeals. They are being represented by the First Liberty Institute. From the institute’s website:

First Liberty Institute, along with Ambassador Boyden Gray (former White House Counsel for President George H.W. Bush, U.S. ambassador to the European Union, and law clerk to Chief Justice Earl Warren), is appealing the Kleins’ case to the Oregon Court of Appeals. In the appeal, they will argue that the State of Oregon is violating Melissa and Aaron’s constitutional rights to free speech, free expression, and religious liberty.

“The government should not force people to violate their conscience or their faith,” said Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute. “One of the great things about America is that we are a tolerant society that protects diversity of thought. We should all be willing to peacefully coexist with different opinions.”

More here (with video)

Who Can Tell Me What These Are?

I am aware they are some kind of coins but need to know more details. 

Subject: Rush: Unifying Behind Cruz, Best GOP Strategy Against Trump

Republicans have three strategies to try to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the party's presidential nominee, but none of them are the one most likely to work, says conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh outlined the three proposals on his Wednesday show: A) waiting for Trump to implode, B) uniting behind Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and C) splitting the delegates so Trump doesn’t have the 1,237 needed to secure the nomination on the first vote.

He suggested uniting, instead, behind Cruz "would be their smartest move, but they will not do that. … Rubio is the desired candidate because that's where the moneyed people want to go.

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There's A Harsh Reality In truth

A Bigger Concern for Country Than Some Festivals Going Belly Up

In 2013 and 2014, country music was where to put your chips. Bet it all on Florida Georgia Line baby! Bro-Country was king, and everyone in entertainment and media was looking to ride the country music gravy train to big corporate profits. The Dickey Brothers of Cumulus Media hatched an ambitious plan to create an entire “NASH” lifestyle brand with restaurants and food products, furniture and paint, and a clothing line to go along with their country music radio empire. Rolling Stone and People launched satellite properties completely devoted to covering country music. And anyone and everyone was launching country music festivals all across the country to cull as many dollars out of party hearty corporate country consumers who work hard and spend harder.

And then reality set in.

As Bro-Country was on the rise, think pieces all across media questioned the sustainability of such shallow music. And it turns out they were right. Florida Georgia Line and others brought throngs of new fans into the country fold, but they weren’t there to stay. Listeners moved on to the next craze, and even when country’s footprint was growing, it wasn’t growing at such a clip that it could sustain all the festivals, media, and lifestyle brands being set up to take advantage of its resurgence in popularity. Then the resurgence quickly turned into recession, and now all across the United States there’s promoters and companies left holding the bag.


MSNBC Host Falls Apart After Discovering Black Trump Supporter

MSNBC host Tamron Hall found herself scrambling to downplay the number of black Donald Trump supporters after one such supporter rebuked her attempt to link the Trump campaign with white supremacists.

Hall was discussing the ongoing presidential race with Mother Jones editor David Corn when the discussion turned to former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke’s recent positive remarks about Trump and Trump’s alleged failure to adequately denounce Duke.

“Now you have reports saying, listen, what about his supporters, what are we learning about his supporters, the new people truly that he is, to his point, bringing into the fold?” Hall asked. Just then, Hall noted an MSNBC reporter had obtained footage of Trump backers at a Monday rally, and cut away to view said footage.

But if Hall was expecting more evidence that Trump’s campaign is built upon white supremacy, she was in for a nasty surprise. Instead, the video showcased Frank Vick, a black man who denounced the recent Duke furor as media-driven nonsense.

“David Duke and people like that, they come out from under the rocks all the time around this time of year. It’s got nothing to do with Donald Trump,” Vick said. “I think we need to stop with all the racist stuff and all the race-baiting … Nobody [is] paying David Duke no mind.”


It could get much easier to register to vote in Maryland

Voter fraud and implementation costs were among the concerns that Republicans raised Thursday about a bill that would make Maryland the third state to automatically register eligible residents to vote.

Del. Eric G. Luedtke (D-Montgomery), who sponsored the legislation, testified before the House Ways and Means Committee that his proposal would make the registration processmore secure and convenient, while encouraging more residents to vote. He emphasized that residents would be given a chance to opt out before they are enrolled, addressing concerns from critics who say people shouldn’t be forced to register.

“Regardless of party, we can all agree that our democracy is premised on the idea that the citizens will have an opportunity to make their wishes known at the ballot box,” Luedtke said.



                               The Fire of 1886

(The picture above is Main St. looking east from Market St.)

After the fire of 1860 destroyed Salisbury’s downtown, the people showed their resilience by building the area back better than before. Businesses sprang up and things were progressing better than expected. They built back using the same antiquated methods and materials they had used before. The timber structures and close proximity of same were not conducive to fire prevention. That fact was evident on the fateful Sunday of October 17, 1886.

Another near disaster occurred in 1879 at the Jackson Lumber Company. Anything more than a small fire was averted with the assistance of the Wilmington Fire Department. The Salisbury Fire Department was so impressed with Wilmington’s Silsby steamer that they spent $4,000 over 10 years to purchase one of their own. They named if the “L. P. Almond” in honor of Wilmington’s fire chief.

On Sunday evening, October 17, 1886, St. Peter’s church bell was ringing the congregation to Sunday evening prayers. When the bell started ringing, most people just thought it was the regular Sunday service bell. The peel became more insistent as time and the fire progressed. The fire had started at Toadvine’s Livery Stable on the corner of Dock (now Market) Street and Camden Avenue. The fire was small at first and probably could have been put out with a bucket brigade, the livery stable being in close proximity to the river. Excitement to view the operation of the new piece of fire equipment caused a fateful delay. When the L. P. Almond arrived, it was discovered that a lack of maintenance had caused the valves to seize up and render the pumper inoperable. By this time the fire had raged out of control. Aided by a stiff northeasterly wind, it quickly engulfed the entire downtown area. The stores of hay, paint and gunpowder in local hardware stores and stables only caused the fire to spread more rapidly.

When they built back after the Fire of 1860, they built the buildings out of the same flammable timber and kept the width of Main Street narrow. The flames took advantage of the easily combustible lumber and jumped over Main Street with ease. Only with the assistance of the Wilmington. Pocomoke and Crisfield Fire Departments did they contain the fire to the commercial district. Ironically, the Crisfield Fire Department is credited with saving the Court House. Built in 1878, it was the symbol of our new county of Wicomico. It was carved out of land from Somerset and Worcester counties. Crisfield firemen, from Somerset County, didn’t let politics get in the way when it came to saving property and lives. Every time we look at the Court House, we can thank Crisfield.

When the fire was finally extinguished after a long 17 hours, 22 acres of downtown Salisbury was nothing but a smoldering ruin. In the ruins was the bell of St. Peter’s that had first sounded the alarm. The fire had burned through the rope holding it and it came crashing down in ruins. It was salvaged and recast. Not having a church, St. Peter’s loaned the bell to the county and it rang out the time for the next 100 years from the tower in the Court House. The bell was recently returned to its original place at St. Peter’s. This is only one of two relics from the Fire of 1886. The other is the Silsby fire engine, the same one that failed and caused Salisbury to lose most of its downtown. It can be viewed at the Fire Museum located in the new fire house on Cypress Street in Salisbury.

New zoning laws were adopted by the town commissioners on October 19, only two days after the fire, which widened Main Street by five feet and required any new building to be constructed of brick. Since that time the fires at the Peninsula Hotel, Benjamin’s and the Ulman Theater were contained to only one building.

R.I.P. George

"Historic Comments By George Chevallier" Will Continue For Years To Come

The man who took our slowest day of the week and brought it to one of the most popular days of the week, will continue.

Many have said they will miss the weekly column from George but that will not be the case. George and I decided long ago to stockpile historic articles in order to continue educating the public as to our history here on the Shore.

While we will sincerely miss George, his legacy will live on right here on Salisbury News. 


Applications for the 2016 Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. (DPI) College Scholarship Program must be received at the DPI office by 4:30 p.m. on April 1, 2016.

Undergraduate applicants must be a resident of the Delmarva Peninsula and a student in good standing at any accredited, degree-granting institution in the United States. The program is also open to high school seniors who have been accepted to an accredited, degree-granting institution. Individuals must have an academic major in a subject area relevant to any segment of Delmarva’s poultry industry and be planning a career in this industry. An official transcript must accompany each application.

Graduate student applicants must meet the above criteria, with the exception of Delmarva residency, and the individual must be engaged in research that directly benefits Delmarva’s poultry industry.

Application forms and additional scholarship information are available on the DPI website at, click on college scholarships (left menu column), or contact the DPI office at 800-878-2449 or by e-mail at Don’t miss this opportunity for scholarship assistance.

The Death of Obamacare

House Republicans have been trying, and failing, to repeal Obamacare since the day it passed. Now it turns out they may not have to. The program is on the verge of collapsing on top of itself. As Townhall notes:

To channel Donald Trump, Obamacare is a disaster. Guy had the latest on President Obama’s signature domestic achievement, where approval for the new law has surged…to 26 percent. Premiums for the plans offered under the Affordable Care Act are projected to skyrocket, which is prompting Americans topay the penalty to remain uninsured. Concerning the health care industry, those premiums don’t seem to be able to keep them afloat, with some insurance companies, facing massive losses, considering opting out of the Obamacare market by 2017. In North Carolina, Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers Obamacare plans to all of the state’s 100 counties. In the first year alone, five percent of their ACA customers consumed $830 million in health care costs; they only collected $75 million in premiums. That’s with the subsidy. On top of that, virtually every remaining Obamacare exchange is teetering on total catastrophe (via WFB):

An official with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services told lawmakers last week that eight of the 11 remaining Obamacare co-ops have been selected for “corrective action plans” and “enhanced oversight.”

Twenty-three co-ops were created under the president’s health care overhaul, and so far more than half have collapsed and are no longer selling plans in the marketplace. The 12 co-ops that went out of business operated in Arizona, Michigan, Utah, Kentucky, New York, Nevada, Louisiana, Oregon, Colorado, Tennessee, South Carolina and a co-op serving Iowa and Nebraska.


Commissioners To Stay Course On Phasing Out Liquor Operation

SNOW HILL – The head of the Worcester County Department of Liquor Control used an audience with local leaders this week to again share his concerns about the county’s plan to get out of the liquor business by 2017.

Bobby Cowger, head of the Worcester County Department of Liquor Control (DLC), told the county commissioners this week he thought extending the so-called exit strategy would reduce the financial hit the county is set to take.

“I’ve looked at this every way possible,” Cowger said. “With three years, we could gradually move inventory.”

Cowger made his pitch for a more gradual end for the department after presenting price cuts he plans to make to reduce inventory as 2017 nears. The county commissioners agreed last year that liquidating the department — ending wholesale operations in the fall of 2016 and ceasing retail sales by summer 2017 — was the best way to curtail the department’s growing losses.

“You guys have made the decision,” Cowger said. “The decisions you make are the decisions we move forward with. Trying to dissolve out is going to be difficult to do in the short period of this exit strategy.”


Fundraiser Auction Items At Oasis This Sunday For Danielle Goodman Battling Lymes Disease

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1 night stay Francis Scott key
2 birthday party packages at crown sports
4 30 min passes to stratosphere in delmar
Carabbas in OC gift card
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1 month VIP gym membership world gym
1 year VIP Planet Fitness membership
Lurray Cavern tickets

Doc Says You'll Live But You'll Never Be Right Again

Black Unemployment 8.8%, Latino 5.4%, White 4.3%, Asian 3.8%

For February, the national unemployment rate was 4.9%, but for whites alone it was 4.3%, and for Blacks it was 8.8%, more than double the rate of whites, according to the latest data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Asians had the lowest unemployment rate at 3.8%, and Hispanics' unemployment rate in February was 5.4%.

Young workers, ages 16 to 19, had an unemployment rate of 15.6%.

The BLS also reported that the more expansive analysis of the unemployed, the U-6 number, showed the national unemployment rate was 9.7% in February.


I'm Sure You'll Be Released From The Hospital Soon

Hillary paid herself $250,000 from campaign funds

The campaign of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has made payments totaling six figures to Clinton this election cycle, according to a review of its expenditures.

Federal campaign finance records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon found that starting in April 2015, the month that Clinton launched her campaign, thousands in payments began flowing to the candidate. Clinton has previously claimed that she and Bill Clinton were “dead broke” when he left the White House, but the two have since amassed millions of dollars in wealth.

The first transaction from Hillary for America to Hillary Rodham Clinton came on April 13, 2015 in the amount of $74,042. This transaction was filed under ‘Payroll & Benefits’ with a separate payment of $1,488 for ‘Employee Benefits’ that same day, according to FEC filings. On April 14, just one day later, $744 went to Clinton marked as employee benefits.

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Who's Gonna Get Spanked?

False Advertising Back In The Day?

The Liberal Agenda

I Can Accept That

Who Needs One Of These?

Unsurprising: The End Of Subsidized Smartphones Means U.S. Smartphone Sales Are Down

Do you have a smartphone? Do you like your smartphone and want to keep it going as long as possible? Now that U.S. carriers have quit giving us new free phones every 18 months to two years, smartphone users here have come to realize that the devices do not, in fact, cost $0-$200, and maybe we should keep using them for longer. Some recent sales data shows that smartphone sales are down here, and it’s not hard to figure out why.