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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Liberals, Teachers Unions Are REALLY Upset About Trump’s Ed Sec Pick

President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to nominate Betsy DeVos as the next Secretary of Education has sent progressives around the country into a tizzy, with teachers unions and other groups denouncing her as a dramatic threat to the current status quo of public education.

Within the Republican Party, Trump’s choice was seen as a form of outreach, bringing in a woman who was a close ally of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and who had harshly criticized Trump during the GOP primaries.

But on the other side of American politics, DeVos made some figures apoplectic. DeVos, who chairs the American Federation for Children, has a long history of pushing for enhanced school choice around the country. According to the country’s top teachers unions, though, her true agenda is a corporate takeover of America’s schools.


‘I hate white people!’ Black man pushes white in front of train

New Yorker charged with attempted murder

A black man attacked a white man in a New York City subway Wednesday, attempting to shove him into the path of a train while shouting “I hate white people,” police sources tell local media.

A 51-year-old black male named Gary Weeks reportedly confronted a 28-year-old white man at a subway station. Weeks then tried to push the man on the tracks, anonymous police sources recounted to the New York Daily News.

Weeks was arrested and charged with attempted murder and a hate crime, but not before spitting in a police officers’ face, according to the New York Post. This attack comes after another subway attack earlier this month, in which a Queens woman was pushed in front of a subway train car and killed.

Six Arrested In Baltimore During Dakota Pipeline Protest

Six people have been arrested and charged with trespassing at a bank during a Dakota pipeline protest in Baltimore on Friday afternoon.

Police say 50 protesters gathered at the intersection of Saint Paul Street and Baltimore Street around 12:30 p.m.

Some members of the group entered the Wells Fargo bank, located at 7 Saint Paul Street, chained themselves together and refused to leave, according to police.


SHAMELESS! Rosie O'Donnell Goes After Donald Trump's 10-Year Old Son

Comedian Rosie O'Donnell and President-elect Donald Trump have had a notably rocky relationship over the past decade or so. However, O'Donnall seems to be plumbing the depths of poor taste with her latest stunt.

On Tuesday, O'Donnell tweeted out a video which speculated that Trump's 10-year old son with wife Melanie is on the autism spectrum.

"Barron Trump Autistic?" O'Donnell tweeted. "[I]f so, what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic."

(Editor's Note: We've decided to provide an image of the tweet rather than an embed so as to not provide a direct link to the video in question.)

The responses to Rosie's tweet ware swift and brutal:

@Rosie @YouTube Wow, just when I thought you couldn't go any lower. You're exploiting a 10yr old boy, using hypotheticals, rather than fact.


Milton police crack down on traffic violations

A letter to the editor outlining concerns at the Milton Fire Department has resulted in an outpouring of online support for first responders in town.

However, Milton Police Department Chief Robert Longo says his officers are not directly targeting volunteer firefighters on their way to the fire hall. Longo says officers are cracking down on traffic violations throughout town limits.

“I have a deep respect for the fire department,” Longo said. “My issue is we've had complaints, and we address all complaints.”

Longo said his department recently received eight or nine complaints from residents about volunteer firefighters speeding through town while responding to calls. Since then, Longo said, only one volunteer firefighter has been ticketed.


More young people contracting 'old-age' conditions including varicose veins due to sedentary lifestyles

Young people are being treated for conditions commonly seen in the elderly such as varicose veins, haemorrhoids, back pain and knee joint problems

People in their 20s and 30s are being treated for varicose veins,knee joint problems and other conditions usually associated with old age.

Bad postures and sedentary lifestyles have led to a rise in the number of younger people experiencing complaints such as back pain and haemorrhoids, according to analysis by Bupa.

Data from more than 60,000 medical procedures in 2015 was compiled by the private healthcare group.


Worcester has one of largest solar co-ops on Eastern Shore

Now boasting a roster of 39 people, according to Corey Ramsden, project manager, the Worcester County Solar Cooperative continues to grow as the deadline to join approaches.

Originally slated to end at the end of October, the interest was both slow and steady enough for the deadline to be extended until the end of November.

Though new recruits won’t have a say in choosing a vendor to install solar panels on a property, a decision made earlier this year by co-op members, they can still avail themselves of the lower negotiated rate for photovoltaic solar cell installation.

“The Worcester co-op is one of the largest we’ve helped organize on the Eastern Shore with more than 35 participants who’ve joined the group so far. Members are seeing between 15 and 20 percent savings on the cost of their systems,” Ramsden said.


Trade with China blamed for soaring death rates among white, middle aged Americans

Increasing competition with China for trade has been blamed for soaring death rates among white, middle aged Americans.

A silent 'epidemic' of deaths from suicides, drug and alcohol poisoning within that faction was first highlighted last year.

But scientists were baffled as to why white, middle aged Americans were bucking the national trend of decreasing death rates. Now two economists believe they have found the answer.

Justin Pierce and Peter Schott believe they can trace back the uptick in suicides, drug overdoses, and alcohol-related deaths to 2000, when President Bill Clinton decided to relax the rules on major imports.


Health Department Services Jump, Annual Report Finds

SNOW HILL – The Worcester County Health Department released its annual report for fiscal year 2016, detailing the upward trend in behavioral health needs and other services within the community.

In 2016, services provided through the health department increased 11 percent.

These services, which jumped from 95,890 to 106,700, encompass a wide range of needs from flu shots to dental services, according to Jennifer LaMade, director of planning, quality and core service. However, the department has recognized an uptick in the number of clients requesting services for mental health and substance abuse disorders.

In fiscal year 2016, 1,449 individuals sought these behavioral health services from the department.

“We are in the middle of a heroin epidemic,” LaMade said. “So we certainly have been doing more outreach and are being more accessible to clients.”


Uniquely Talented: Only the Democrats Could Have Lost to Trump

A great uproar goes forth from the enemies of the Trump Beast, with much gnashing of hair and pulling of teeth. He will be a terrible President, they say, and they may well be right. There are ominous signs, particularly as regards foreign policy, and he seems radically incoherent and contradictory. Interestingly, his critics have no slight idea why he won. The reason is obvious: He won because everybody was campaigning for him, in particular the media, Hillary, Black Lives Matter, Obama, Democrats, and far leftists. Everybody worked for Trump. He couldn’t lose.

The election was a referendum on Marie Antoinette’s court. It was the revolt of the unnoticed downtrodden, the financially sinking, the working classes rising against privileged snots–but it was engineered by the elites. The glittering elect of course did not say “working class,” this being a loaded phrase redolent of Marxism and of the Democratic Party of five decades back before it became a royal court. They spoke instead of disgruntled white men, racists, homophobes, sexists, and the Islamonauseated–phobic, I meant.

The rich and powerful are on display in Washington, white, well paid, secure, above average in intelligence, often from Oberlin, Amherst, Swarthmore, Yale. The better sorts of schools, you know. They cluster in Washington’s posh barrios of Bethesda, Upper Connecticut, Cap Hill, and Great Falls. They drink together and talk to each other and believe that they must be right because everyone they know agrees with them.

Theirs is not a personal arrogance–they are nice people and you would like them–but an arrogance of class. Since nobody tells them they they are either arrogant or a class, they do not know. Since everybody around them lives at a high standard, it does not occur to them that they they live at a high standard. They exist in a small mental box.

They do not know that that in the bleak down-scale strip development of Jeff Davis Highway, a half-hour away, reeking of exhaust and blowing with trash, an aged veteran on crutches lives in a dismal residential motel. Every mourning he hobbles to Dixie Lee’s Diner–I forget its actual name–for a cheap breakfast because it is all he has. Or ever will. He is waiting to die. The elite don’t know, and wouldn’t care.


Officials nix Route 50 bridge sidewalk expansion proposal

Despite concerns about bicyclists mixing with traffic on the Route 50 bridge, the State Highway Administration has no plans to increase access for them and it has the statistics to back up its position.

The Ocean City Council’s Coastal Resources Legislative Committee “Green Team” broached the idea of improving the bridge’s sidewalk during its November meeting, since several tourists and J-1 visa student workers were seen biking in the road this past summer.

Legally, bikers are supposed to ride in the roadway. Once they reach the bridge, cyclists are to dismount and walk their bikes on the sidewalk, according to signs posted at both entryways. But that’s not always the case, said Green Team member and Ocean City Surf Club President Wyatt Harrison said.

“I’ve seen plenty of people with backpacks on bicycles on the sidewalk or on the bridge in the past. They’re supposed to use the sidewalk, but with the fishermen there, there’s no chance,” Harrison said during the Green Team meeting on Nov. 9.


Wells Fargo asks U.S. court to dismiss account scandal lawsuit

Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) has asked a U.S. court to order dozens of customers who are suing the bank over the opening of unauthorized accounts to resolve their disputes in private arbitrations instead of court, according to legal documents.

The motion, filed in the U.S. District Court in Utah on Wednesday, is in response to the first class action lawsuit filed against Wells since it agreed to pay $185 million in penalties and $5 million to customers for opening up to 2 million deposit and credit-card accounts in their names without their permission.

The scandal has shaken Wells, the third-largest U.S. bank by assets. Its former Chief Executive Officer John Stumpf stepped down amid the furor, it has been put under tougher regulatory scrutiny and its reputation has been damaged as it faces multiple probes.


Special Events Announced For Berlin’s Taylor House Museum

BERLIN — The Calvin B. Taylor House Museum will have several special openings in December to celebrate the holidays. The house will be decorated with fresh greenery arrangements starting in early December.

On Saturday, Dec. 3, the museum will open from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. in celebration of “Museums of Worcester County Holiday Traditions Day.”

“Wassail and gingerbread will be served to museum guests that day to give visitors an early taste of the holidays,” said curator Susan Taylor.

Each year the museums of Worcester County celebrate the holidays by holding special openings highlighting different Christmas traditions or events in each museum.


Dow, S&P close at records; U.S. yields, dollar at multi-year highs

The Dow Jones industrial average and S&P 500 ended at record highs for a third straight day on Wednesday, while U.S. two-year Treasury yields and the dollar hit multi-year peaks after upbeat U.S. economic data reinforced expectations for interest rate hikes.

Gains in industrial stocks helped the U.S. indexes, with the S&P 500 industrial sector .SPLRCI ending up 0.8 percent. The S&P's gains were meager, while the Nasdaq slipped after a drop in tech heavyweights ahead of the Thanksgiving Day holiday on Thursday and an early market close on Black Friday. A 10.5 percent drop in Eli Lilly & Co (LLY.N) also weighed on the S&P.

The Nasdaq had touched record closing and intraday highs over the past two days. Expectations that markets would benefit from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's policies have helped boost shares.

European shares steadied, with basic resources companies underpinning the broader market following a rise in metals prices. The European basic resources index .SXPP ended 1.2 percent firmer after hitting its highest level since mid-2015.

U.S. two-year Treasury note yields US2YT=RR rose to a 6-1/2 year high of 1.151 percent, while benchmark 10-year notes US10YT=RR hit 2.417 percent, the highest since July 2015. The peaks were touched after data showed that U.S. manufactured capital goods rebounded in October, boosting expectations for faster economic growth.


Woman Shares Thanksgiving with Teen She Accidentally Invited

MESA, Ariz. (AP) — An Arizona woman who accidentally texted a stranger an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner made good on her offer, greeting the teen visitor with a hug and an oven full of food after their story swept through social media.

Wanda Dench prepped two turkeys and set up a long table in the backyard of her suburban Phoenix home Thursday before she and her family headed outside to wait for Jamal Hinton, 17, The Arizona Republic reported.

“I’m so happy you came,” Dench said as they embraced.

“I am too,” Hinton said.

The mix-up happened after Dench included what she thought was her grandson’s number on a group text last week inviting some relatives to dinner. But he had changed his number and forgot to tell her.

Instead, the text went to Hinton. They realized the mistake after the two exchanged pictures, but Hinton asked if he could “still get a plate.” Dench responded, “Of course you can. That’s what grandmas do.”


Statement From President-Elect Donald J. Trump On Green Party Recount Request

Editor's Note: This was released prior to Hillary announcing she will be joining the recount.

The polar vortex is shifting — and it's bad news for winter on the East Coast

Climate change has hit the Arcticworse than ever over the past few years, but that doesn't mean the Northern Hemisphere will be experiencing a mild winter this year.

In fact, a new study shows that the polar vortex is shifting, and it will make winters in the US East Coast and parts of Europe even longer, with exceptionally cold temperatures expected during March.

The polar vortex is that lovely zone of cold air that swirls around the Arctic during winter. When parts of the vortex break apart and splinter off, it can cause unseasonably cold conditions in late winter and early spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

This happened in early 2014 and caused an extreme-weather event in the northern US and Canada.


Gary Sinise Serves Thanksgiving Dinner To Troops In Kandahar

Gary Sinise

An honor to serve Thanksgiving dinner to our Troops at Kandahar Air Force Base, Sending a special thank you to all who serve.
Thanksgiving prayer for our Troops
Thank you, Lord, for the courage and selfless service of our military troops. Thank you for their dedication in the face of difficulties and challenges. Thank you for their families. I pray that all of our servicemen and wom...

Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests from 11/19/16 to 11/25/16

Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests from 11/19/2016 to 11/25 2016 are as follows:

Derek Brandon Swayze, 23yoa Elkton, MD

Erin Christine Rizia, 41yoa Salisbury, MD

Bryan Gregory Farlour, 52yoa Salisbury, MD

Asreliano Hernandez Goldino, 34yoa Salisbury, MD

Maryland Natural Resources Police Regain Use of Helicopter

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources is flying high after regaining use of a helicopter for aerial surveillance.

The agency said in a statement Wednesday that it’s using the chopper this fall to help enforce deer hunting and oyster-harvesting regulations.

The aviation unit was eliminated in 2009 in a cost-cutting move by the administration of former governor Martin O’Malley. The agency says the helicopter was transferred to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.


Tensions rise at CNN as the network aims for Trump

CNN is taking an increasingly negative approach toward its coverage of President-elect Trump, causing at least some tension within the network, inside sources told the Washington Examiner.

Trump, according to a New York Post story, told the network he wasn't happy with their coverage during an off-the-record meeting at his headquarters in Trump Tower this week. Trump critiqued the news media at large during the meeting, but CNN was one of the top targets, according to the Post's report.

Though Trump's team has said the meeting wasn't as tense as the Post's report, two high-level sources at CNN confirmed that their network was a primary target of the president-elect.

"CNN has always pledged to hold Trump accountable and that's what we should be doing," another source told the Examiner. "Since the election, CNN has out MSNBCed MSNBC," the source said, referring to the liberal slant at CNN's competitor. "In the long term, that's a dangerous place to be."


Ocean City sits in black for fiscal year 2016

Ocean City spent less and earned more than what was originally projected in the 2016 fiscal year budget, resulting in a $2.14 million, or a little over 1 percent, net increase in the resort’s funds.

That spike was a result of the city departments overestimating their expenses at $77 million and underestimating its revenue at $80 million from July 2015 to July 2016. With last year’s adopted budget, that put the city at a $2 million deficit.

Instead, Financial Administrator Martha Bennett reported that Ocean City ended the fiscal year with a surplus. Actual revenues were at $81 million with expenses down at $75 million.

“We had revenue above what was expected through bond refinancing and adjusting other finances, and expenses were less than we thought,” Bennett said during Monday’s council session. “That led to a favorable fund balance by the year’s end.”


Statement By President Elect Donald J Trump On Passing Of Fidel Castro

Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.

While Cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve.

Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty. I join the many Cuban Americans who supported me so greatly in the presidential campaign, including the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association that endorsed me, with the hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.

Donald J. Trump

Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Fidel Castro

At this time of Fidel Castro’s passing, we extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people. We know that this moment fills Cubans - in Cuba and in the United States - with powerful emotions, recalling the countless ways in which Fidel Castro altered the course of individual lives, families, and of the Cuban nation. History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him.

For nearly six decades, the relationship between the United States and Cuba was marked by discord and profound political disagreements. During my presidency, we have worked hard to put the past behind us, pursuing a future in which the relationship between our two countries is defined not by our differences but by the many things that we share as neighbors and friends - bonds of family, culture, commerce, and common humanity. This engagement includes the contributions of Cuban Americans, who have done so much for our country and who care deeply about their loved ones in Cuba.

Today, we offer condolences to Fidel Castro's family, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Cuban people. In the days ahead, they will recall the past and also look to the future. As they do, the Cuban people must know that they have a friend and partner in the United States of America.

Forest Service trying to seize private land from Montana ranchers

My father taught me if a bully ever threatened me I should punch them. Great advice in theory, but when the hulking behemoth of a scowling bully is bearing down on you it's hard to curl your fist, rear back and swing. You just have to ask yourself: How much is this lunch money really worth?

It's the same with the government. When government attacks your freedom and your property, you need to punch back. But fighting the big, hulking behemoth of the federal government is even scarier than the playground bully. The stakes are usually a little higher than a few dollars.

Every once in awhile, however, brave people stand up to the playground bully and others, thankfully, stand up and against the government bully too.


Army innovation brings next generation of tactical vehicles

Innovation moves fast, and in the military, that includes being ready for anything.

Inside the Army Test Center at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, it's a mindset turned reality in the vehicles that engineers tested to be battle ready.

"You'll see there on the side of the vehicle, it has those yellow restraints," said Greg Ramsey, mechanical engineer with the Army Test Center. "Using the restraints in that we can simulate the real-world environment for steering and handling and fuel-economy type tests."

Typically when testing vehicles like a medium tactical vehicle replacement, or M-TVR, they'll use an autonomous system because it'll give them more consistent inputs than a human sitting in there for what could be nine hours at a time.


NY Times columnist: Trump presidency is 'obscene'

New York Times columnist Charles Blow wrote this week that he gladly skipped President-elect Trump's visit to the paper, and that Trump's presidency is "obscene."

"You are a fraud and a charlatan," Blow wrote. "Yes, you will be president, but you will not get any breaks just because one branch of your forked tongue is silver."

"I am not easily duped by dopes," he wrote. "I have not only an ethical and professional duty to call out how obscene your very existence is at the top of American government; I have a moral obligation to do so."

The Times noted that Trump backed off some of his more controversial positions during the meeting, including his pledge to prosecute Hillary Clinton. But Blow said Trump shouldn't get points for that.


Study: Russia Used Fake News to Influence US Election

A surge of "fake news" during the election was supported by a Russian propaganda campaign that cranked out misleading articles read by millions to fuel distrust in U.S. democracy and its leaders, according to a new study reported by The Washington Post.

"They want to essentially erode faith in the U.S. government or U.S. government interests," Clint Watts, a fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, told the Post. "This was their standard mode during the Cold War. The problem is that this was hard to do before social media."


The Anti-Trump Riots are a Smoke Screen

Many seem bewildered by the anti-Trump riots and demonstrations. And many keep trying to find a reasonable response. Give it up. You can't reason with them with words.

Here is my take. They know full well that they aren't going to overturn the election. These privately funded forces are being used to create pressure to destroy the Electoral College so they won't have to deal with it next election. This is how the Left operates. Make a big deal over here to force the hidden agenda over there. The plan is to make enough trouble that Congress will move to abolish the EC to get some peace.

For clues as to who is behind this effort, one only has to watch to see which member of Congress proposes such action. The answer of course is California Senator Barbara Boxer. It only took a week after the election for her to come to the rescue of the broken and distraught Left.

Meanwhile, hidden forces are now meeting with and brow-beating members of the Electoral College to get them to change their vote from the true winner of their state and vote out Trump.

The danger is real and gaining ground. But it didn’t start with this election result. A campaign to eliminate the Electoral College and “let the people elect the president,” has been gaining steam for several years. A group called National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, started in 2006, has won commitments from eleven states to award their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. These include Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Massachusetts, California, New York, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. These states control 165 electoral votes. They only need states representing 105 more electoral votes to join and the Electoral College will be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, such legislation is under consideration in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arizona, to name a few.


Trump The Great?

Liberals, progressives, and the left-wing (to the extent that one still exists) are aligning with the corrupt oligarchy against president-elect Trump and the American people.

They are busy at work trying to generate hysteria over Trump’s “authoritarian personality and followers.” In other words, the message is: here come the fascists.

Liberals and progressives wailed and whined about “an all white male cabinet,” only to be made fools by Trump’s appointment of a black male and two women, one a minority and one a Trump critic.

The oligarchs are organizing their liberal progressive front groups to disrupt Trump’s inauguration in an effort to continue the attempt to delegitimize Trump the way the paid Maidan protesters were used in Kiev to delegitimize the elected Ukrainian government.


Tournament winner maintains no wrongdoing

United States District Court Judge Richard D. Bennett ruled last Friday that the White Marlin Open case against 2016 tournament winner Philip Heasley will remain in federal court in Baltimore and the administered polygraph test results will be admissible.

Heasley of Naples, Florida, landed the only qualifying white marlin during the 43rd annual White Marlin Open, held Aug. 8-12, and his 76.5-pound catch was worth $2,818,662.

But White Marlin Open organizers announced on Aug. 23 that there was a “possible violation” of tournament rules and the prize money would be held pending the determination of the proper recipient.

On Aug. 13, Heasley and David Morris, captain of the Kallianassa, took polygraph tests.


Blog: What message does Trump's failure to prosecute Clinton send to DC?

"If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your [Hillary Clinton's] situation." This is what Donald Trump said last month. Now he says the exact opposite, that he is not going to prosecute her.

"I don't want to hurt the Clintons, I really don't,'' Mr. Trump said during a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times. "She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways, and I am not looking to hurt them at all.

Some Trump voters will feel betrayed, thinking Trump walked back a very, very explicit and recent campaign promise. Others will not be concerned, feeling that Clinton is old news and small potatoes given the important tasks Trump has to focus on.

Neither side will convince the other. Instead, I want to talk about the awful message this sends to the bureaucracy in Washington.


How teachers unions drive Jersey’s pension crisis

‘Protecting and enhancing members’ pensions and benefits has been Job No. 1 for NJEA since 1896,” New Jersey Education Association President Joyce Powell said in 2006. And the NJEA has lived up to those words.

New Jersey has a severe pension crisis: Its unfunded pension liabilities are $95 billion. The state’s retiree health-care obligations add another $65 billion, for a total of $160 billion in unfunded liabilities (and this does not include another $40 billion for local government pensions). The entire state budget is $35 billion. New Jersey simply doesn’t have the money to pay for these pensions.

How did New Jersey get into this situation? The pension crisis is a direct consequence of NJEA’s enormous political power.


Trump Bypasses Media With Direct YouTube/Twitter Distribution As Feud With Mainstream Outlets Rages

For the past year and a half the Trump team has played the mainstream media like a fiddle. During the republican primary, he was granted millions of dollars of free air time as the unwitting mainstream outlets thought they were boosting one of Hillary's chosen "pied piper" candidates that could be easily defeated in the general election. Then, after helping to catapult him to the republican nomination the media predictably turned on him in a blatant effort to elect their chosen candidate. Unfortunately for the mainstream media, none of their plans to destroy Trump came close to working and, in fact, he used their corrupt, biased coverage to rally his supporters which is likely a big reason for his ultimate victory.

Perhaps no one has summarized Trump's relationship with the media and establishment institutions better than Michael Moore who famously predicted two weeks before election day that Trump's election would be the "biggest fuck you ever recorded in human history":

"They [working class voters] see that the elites who ruined their lives hate Trump. Corporate American hates Trump. Wall Street hates Trump. The career politicians hate Trump. The media hates Trump, after they loved him and created him and now hate him. Thank you, media. The enemy of my enemy is who I'm voting for on November 8th."

But now that the campaigning is finally over, the true panic is setting in for the mainstream media as Trump is threatening to cut off the one thing they have left: access.

While Trump's decision to bypass the media in recent days (starting with the message below posted on YouTube which has received millions of views) by speaking directly with the American electorate through direct distribution outlets like YouTube and Twitter may not seem like a big deal, it has the potential to be quite revolutionary. After running a campaign that proved that blatant, and frankly insulting, pandering to various minority groups and endless cash hoards weren't necessarily direct determinants of election success,Trump seems intent upon proving that the mainstream media can be completely bypassed in the modern world...and it is glorious to watch.


Issa Predicts Trump Won't Interfere With AG, FBI Decisions on Future of Hillary Investigations

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Darrell Issa predicted that despite saying President-elect Donald Trump didn’t want to appoint a special prosecutor to pursue charges against his general election opponent Hillary Clinton for her alleged improprities involving her charitable foundation and her unauthorized email server while secretary of state, Trump would get out of the way and allow the FBI and his future attorney general make a determination on how to proceed with regards to Clinton.

“I think it’s important that the president do essentially what he does, which is get out of the business of prosecuting,” Issa said. “But at the same time he’s appointed or proposed appointing an attorney general who has a long record of doing his job. And so when we look at Jeff Sessions in concert with FBI and other organizations, they need to do their job, and I think that’s what the where the balance of the next president is going to come is reestablishing the independence of the Department of Justice. If he doesn’t do it, Congress will certainly push for that, but I think you are going to find a president who says let them do their job, stays out of it, and certainly doesn’t — you know, he hasn’t said she’s innocent. That’s a decision that needs to be made by the professionals.”

He accused President Barack Obama of “essentially jury tampering” by saying there was not proof of Clinton’s wrongdoing and went on to point to the Obama administration’s refusal to prosecute or take the case of former IRS official Lois Lerner’s before a grand jury as a lack of independence between the Justice Department and the president.


SDHS teacher to face single charge

During his initial appearance in Worcester County District Court on behalf of Stephen Decatur High School teacher Austin Martin, defense attorney John Phoebus on Monday revealed his client had been indicted by the grand jury and the matter will now be handled by the circuit court.

Martin, 27, of Ocean Pines, had faced two charges — sex abuse of a minor and sexual solicitation of a minor — that could have carried maximum penalties of up to 35 years in jail and a $25,000 fine.

Phoebus said, and the state’s attorney agreed, that the sexual solicitation charge would not be pursued by the prosecution. The maximum penalty for that charge is 10 years in jail and the fine. Martin still faces a potential 25-year sentence for his relationship with his 17 year-old teacher’s aide.

The two allegedly had a relationship that spanned six months, dating back to April or May of this year, when the student “confided in Martin about her relationship” with an ex-boyfriend.


Nutritionist reveals why you should NEVER boil your vegetables

As hard as we try, it can be difficult to eat your five-a-day, everyday.

But even if you do achieve this goal, your diet is probably still not as healthy as it could be.

And that's all down to the way many of us cook our veggies - which can ruin the health benefits that are otherwise contained in our favourite superfoods.

So if you're boiling your vegetables, stop at once.

Cooking them in this way could be eradicating up to 50 per cent of the vegetable's nutrients, according to nutritionist Tracy Lesht.

She told Shape magazine that certain vegetables, namely those containing water-soluble vitamins, should never be boiled if you can avoid it.

That includes cabbage, spinach, kale, broccoli, spinach, beans, and peas.


Important Info About Jill Stein's Fraudulent Donation Drive for Recount

Teen punk punched a little girl in the face and stole her groceries

A thief stole $3 and a cupcake from 12-year-old girl in Coney Island before the little vigilante fought back by kicking him in the crotch, cops said.

Keiri Quintero was returning home from grocery shopping at around 3:30 p.m. Monday when the 15-year-old boy grabbed her and pulled her into an alleyway off Stillwell Avenue, according to police.

“He grabbed me by the neck and drags me into the alley,” Quintero said.

“I punched him in the stomach. He said ‘give me everything you got!'”

The suspect grabbed her grocery bag and she forked over the $3 before asking him to leave her alone.

“I yelled and kicked him in his private part,” the girl said. “He got angry and hit me in the face.”


Forget The Fed, Short-Term Funding Costs For American Business Are The Highest In 8 Years

Since its lows in May of 2014, short-term USD borrowing costs (1M Libor) have quadrupled. As the 100%-priced-in December rate-hike looms, the cost of funding for American businesses is once again on the rise, now at its highest since December 2008.

But then again, perhaps this time is different?

However, as Barclays previously noted:

"Similar to our view on payout ratios limiting dividend growth, we believe debt-to-EBITDA has reached a point where it is becoming a constraint on additional leverage."

While we would be the first to agree, so far companies have proven very resilient to recurring warnings that "peak debt" has arrived, almost exclusively thanks to central banks which continue to force investors to chase what little yield remains, ostensibly in corporate debt - the BOE's launch of corporate debt monetization today being a perfect example this morning - while ignoring all the flashing red signs..


Whoops! About that tax check...

Peter Franchot, Maryland’s comptroller for the past decade, admitted last week that his office misdirected about $21.4 million worth of local income tax payments for years, and for most municipalities in Worcester, the outcome is favorable — except for Snow Hill, which ended up owing the state money.

The error was initially believed to be confined to Montgomery County for $8.7 million, but another $12.7 million in misdirected funds was discovered later, according to published reports.

Berlin will get the most back from the state, as Town Manager Laura Allen said she received notice from the state that the municipality is owed $134,779 in back tax revenues.

Ocean City is next, but is only getting a little more than half of what Berlin is being refunded at $76,800, according to City Manager Doug Miller.


Report: Donald Trump Unloads on Mainstream Media Bigwigs in Trump Tower Meeting

President-elect Donald Trump met with top reporters and anchors from mainstream media outlets at Trump Tower on Monday, where he reportedly admonished them for their biased coverage during the presidential race.

The meeting was reportedly “off the record,” but a source told the New York Post that the scene was reminiscent of a “firing squad.”

The New York Post reports:

President-elect Donald Trump exploded at media bigs in an off-the-record Trump Tower powow on Monday, sources told The Post.

“It was like a f—ing firing squad,” said one source.

“Trump started with Jeff Zucker and said I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed….


Black Friday madness in New Jersey sees person shot dead outside Macy's

A Good Samaritan who tried to break up a domestic violence incident outside a shopping center has been shot dead during Black Friday madness, in the latest incident of shoppers turning violent across the country during the record-breaking sales day.

The unidentified man was killed when a gunman opened fire on fire while sat in his car in the parking lot of a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas, about 4pm local time.

Telles Juarez, 21, allegedly was grabbing a woman by the hair and punching her inside his car, when the Good Samaritan shouted from his car to let the woman go.

Juarez then reportedly opened fire on the man, hitting him in the neck, KSAT reports. He was pronounced dead at the scene, but is yet to be identified.


DoD Releases Plan to Allow Personnel to Carry Firearms on Base

The Pentagon recently released detailed guidance that allows U.S. military personnel to carry privately owned, concealed firearms on base, a move that the Army's service chief argued against publicly.

"Arming and the Use of Force," a Nov. 18 Defense Department directiveapproved by Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work, lays out the policy and standards that allow DoD personnel to carry firearms and employ deadly force while performing official duties.

But the lengthy document also provides detailed guidance to the services for permitting soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard personnel to carry privately owned firearms on DoD property, according to the document.


15 Hate Hoaxes You Can Ignore

Since President-Elect Donald Trump was elected over Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media have used alleged hate crime reports to drum up hysteria over issues like Islamophobia, homophobia, immigration, and race relations.

The mainstream media has refused to mention that hate crime allegations carry an increasing possibility of being faked in an era of social media fame and reactionary crowdfunding, as evidenced in a recent report by Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, which found that more than 100 hoaxed hate crimes had occurred just in the last decade.

Breitbart Texas has compiled a list of some of the most recent hate hoaxes that have occurred around the 2016 Election.

Busted! Washington Post Omitted Key Facts About Bannon and GAI

Mainstream media organizations led by The Washington Post are raising alarms about the $376,000 Steve Bannon received from a nonprofit investigative news organization called the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) while he served as executive chairman of Breitbart News Network.

Bannon, now senior advisor to President-elect Donald Trump, has been a lightning rod for liberal media and progressive activist groups since he joined the Republican’s campaign in August 2016. The title of a Nov. 15 New York Times editorial about Bannon even called him “Steve ‘Turn on Hate’ Bannon.”

Washington Post reporter Robert O’Harrow’s Wednesday story on Bannon’s relationship with GAI — which Bannon helped found in 2012, serving as its chairman — and Breitbart, withheld some key facts..

Including Wednesday’s story, O’Harrow’s byline has appeared on eight negative articles on Trump since Jan. 18.

More here


‘The Wrath of the Whiners’

During her interview with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on the holiday edition of Breitbart News Daily, former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke from experience about battling the forces of political correctness.

Marlow remarked that Palin was the focus of more hatred from the Left than anyone in American public life, at least until Donald Trump came along, and asked if she had any tips for dealing with left-wing bigotry.

She expressed sympathy for all those facing “the wrath of the whiners, the immature, those who are so intolerant that they can’t accept another person’s point of view or another person’s vote.”

“We’re all in this together. We’re like a family, and family circles the wagons, and that empowers us,” she said.

“Look at Steve Bannon, what he’s going through. The irony of Steve Bannon going through this hell with the politics of personal destruction that the Clinton machine supporters are throwing his way is, he recognized that in ‘08 what I was going through, and he made a movie about it,” Palin said referring to Bannon’s documentary The Undefeated, which chronicles Palin’s political career from a corruption-busting Alaska mayor and governor to her vice presidential campaign as John McCain’s running mate to her leadership in the Tea Party movement.

“People need to watch that, The Undefeated, because it wasn’t about – I mean, I’m the principal in the movie – but in that documentary it’s not about me. It’s about anybody who would face this injustice of the media, and the politics of personal destruction, and how you can use that actually as fuel,” Palin said.

More here

A Viewer Writes: Bumper Sticker

Attached is a bumper sticker I saw today just north of Delmar.

Carson at HUD spells trouble for Obama's diversity rule

Ben Carson's appointment to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development likely would mean trouble for President Obama's new housing diversity rule and would put a noted skeptic of many government anti-poverty programs in control of many of them.
The famed neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate will spend Thanksgiving thinking about the possibility of serving as President-elect Trump's HUD secretary, a spokesman said Wednesday.
If he takes over the agency, many housing advocates will be left to wonder what his agenda is, given that he has no record on housing-related issues.


Stephen Purnell Dennis, M.D.

Below is a biography of Dr. Dennis that was written in 1879. He died in 1900 in Salisbury and is buried in Parsons Cemetery. The biography listed his partner in Salisbury as Dr. F. Marion Siemens, but a listing in the 1878 Maryland directory confirmed to me that his partner was, in fact, Dr. F. M. Slemons. Apparently he got married, as a reference to him is made in a 1954 history of the hospital and its nurses. In 1908, a Mrs. Fannie Dennis “commemorated the memory of her husband, Doctor Stephen Dennis, by providing a legacy of $1,000 to be applied toward a maternity ward planned for the hospital’s fourth floor”. Dr. Dennis was just another Eastern Shoreman who returned to his roots and made a difference for all of us.

The Biography

Stephen Purnell Dennis was born on October 13, 1827, near Pittsville, MD, in Wicomico County. His parents were John and Margaret (Fooks) Dennis. He was brought up on his father’s farm, in the labor and management of which his early life was spent. Not until he was of age did he spend an entire year in study. Then for three years he was engaged in teaching and studying preparatory to entering upon the regular study of medicine, his chosen and cherished profession. He graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in 1856, from the Pennsylvania Medical College. He at once commenced the practice of medicine in his native place among his early friends and companions. In 1861 he removed to the town of Salisbury. Dr. Dennis spent the winter of 1865-6 in the city of New York, in attendance upon a course of lectures at the Bellevue Hospital Medical College. Soon after his return from New York his health began to give way, and he became associated in the practice of medicine with Dr. F. Marion Slemons, of Salisbury. For four years this partnership continued with entire harmony, and in 1870, owing to the impaired health of Dr. Dennis, it was with mutual reluctance dissolved. After a protracted illness, when all hope of restoration to health had been given up, he so far recovered as to be able to spend the winter attending lectures at the University of Pennsylvania. On his return to Salisbury he was able to resume the practice of his profession. Again, with the true spirit of a seeker of knowledge, Dr, Dennis spent the time from October, 1872, until May, 1873, in New York, giving special attention to operative surgery, gynecology, physical diagnosis, and diseases of the eye and ear.

Again returning to his home in Salisbury, he has continued until the present time (1879), entirely devoted to his work. He has successfully performed several critical and delicate operations in lithotomy, in ligation of the common carotid artery, many difficult amputations, etc. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church of Salisbury. The only time when Dr, Dennis turned from the pursuit of his profession was in 1859, when he accepted a nomination for the Legislature of his native State from the Democratic party, of which he has always been a firm but independent adherent. He also served in the memorable session which met in Frederick City in the spring of 1861. He holds the honorary post of Surgeon to the Maryland Editorial Association, and is a Royal Arch Mason.

Siberian 'snow theory' predicts an early and brutal cold season for the US

The United States could be in for a long, cold winter as snow cover in Siberia reaches its highest point for this time of year in decades, the father of the ‘Siberian Snow Theory’ has warned.

Snow cover in Siberia is sometimes used to predict winter weather in the US, and MIT climatologist Judah Cohen claims this year’s conditions are a ‘textbook situation,’ Bloomberg reports.

It’s thought that more snow in northern Eurasia signals the frigid temperatures set to hit the regions below.

And while the cold blast could strike anywhere among North America, Asia, or Europe, the expert warns the US may get hit harder than forecasters are expecting. 


Cursive writing makes comeback in Alabama schools

DOTHAN, Alabama-- Cursive writing is making a comeback like it never left.

These days, rows of students can be seen using paper and pen instead of tapping on iPads or Chromebooks. It’s becoming more of the norm because of the recently enacted Alabama law called “Lexi Law” requiring all public schools to teach cursive handwriting by the end of third grade..


News Alert: Trump wins Michigan two weeks after Election Day

Two weeks after Election Day, Donald Trump has won Michigan, the Detroit Free Press declared Wednesday night.

The Michigan secretary of state on Wednesday posted vote counts certified from the contest that was too close to call since people voted Nov. 8, and showed President-elect Trump ahead of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes. That was less than his 13,107 vote lead that was initially recorded.

Read the full story here.

Netanyahu: ‘Evidence Of Arson’ In Wildfires Sweeping Israel

TEL AVIV – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that there was “evidence of arson” relating to the wildfires sweeping across Israel.

“Our first goal is saving lives and I ask residents to do exactly what the authorities ask of them. Our second goal is putting out the fires,” Netanyahu said after visiting the Fire and Rescue Service coastal district forward command center.

“There is also some evidence of arson,” the prime minister said, but did not explain further.

Homes were destroyed, highways were shut down and mass evacuations were ordered as a result of wildfires in different locations across the country over the last 48 hours. Fires were put out in Zichron Yaakov in the country’s north and in Gilon, with some of the evacuees being able to return home.

However strong winds and dry conditions sparked more fires in the center of the country around Modiin, the hills surrounding Jerusalem and in the north around Haifa on Thursday morning.

A fire inspector reaffirmed the prime minister’s suspicions that several of the fires may have been arson.


Immigrants Face Uptick Of Attempted Fraud

Just as when the U.S. Supreme Court deadlocked four months ago on the White House’s hopes to enact large-scale immigration reforms, the recent presidential election has left millions of immigrants uncertain about their status making them potential targets for fraudsters.

This afternoon, New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman — in concert with a number of immigration advocates — issued a fraud alert, warning all consumers about the possible increased risk of immigration fraud.

“It is not a secret that in the last few weeks we’ve seen intense fear in many immigrant communities,” Schneiderman said during a news conference. “Frightened, desperate people are the number one targets of scammers.”


Feds Give Up Trying To Hold Bank Of America Accountable For Countrywide’s “Hustle” Mortgage Scam

A nasty four-year legal battle between the Justice Department and Bank of America over a massive mortgage-related scam run by Countrywide Financial has come to a whimpering conclusion, with the DOJ opting to not appeal its most recent defeat in the case. 

Notice How They're Always Liberals Too

Democratic Electoral College members plan to buck Trump

A handful of Democratic Electoral College voters have agreed to join an effort to undermine President-elect Donald Trump in the final vote, according to a Politicoreport.

The attempt is aimed at denying Trump the majority of Electoral College voters and was launched primarily by former supporters of onetime Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), Politico reported.

The group is working to lobby their Republican counterparts to also be “faithless electors,” hoping to illustrate a lack of confidence in the entire Electoral College system.


Safety Regulators Hope A “Driver Mode” On Phones Would Curb Distracted Driving

Whether it’s Tweeting, SnapChatting, playing Pokémon Go, or just sending a text while on the road, it’s clear that smartphones present a potentially deadly distraction for drivers. Most states have banned or restricted texting while driving, but these problems persist. Now federal safety regulators are proposing new guidelines to curb distracted driving, including asking phone manufacturers to include a “Driver Mode” that would limit the use of a smartphone while behind the wheel. 

Christmas Boat Parade In Salisbury Tonight

The Nuclear Option — Anatomy of a Smear: Before There Was Bork, There Was Sessions

It all began with Jeff Sessions from Alabama. Even before they coined a term for it — "Borking" — they did it to Jeff Sessions, a decent man with a stellar legal reputation as a fearless and tough but fair federal prosecutor down South.

In 1986, President Reagan nominated Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to the federal bench. The son of a general store keeper, Mr. Sessions was highly regarded for his intellect and devotion to the Constitution. The American Bar Association deemed him “qualified” for the post.

But then he came to Washington and met the United States Senate for confirmation hearings.

God help any good citizen whoever meets such a terrifying fate.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy — 17 years removed from leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to die her watery death on Chappaquiddick Island — smelled injustice. Liberal special interest groups in Washington had hatched a plan for Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee to begin smearing Republican nominees to the federal bench.

With only the flimsiest of accusations and innuendos from suspect testimony, Mr. Sessions was duly smeared in the worst way he could imagine. He was accused of harboring racist prejudices against blacks. They said he was willing to pervert justice and shred the Constitution in order to advance this twisted worldview.

Mr. Sessions was blindsided. He had never encountered such absurd allegations.

But in this world, none of that mattered. All they needed were accusations. The most vile accusations imaginable.

More here

Net Neutrality, FCC Itself Likely To Face Big Challenges Under Trump Administration

In the two weeks since being named president-elect, Donald Trump has already named a handful of nominees to key positions and expanded his transition team to help determine who should fill in those other spots, and what policies will guide them. Based on the backgrounds of the two men heading up the FCC transition efforts, some of the Commission’s recent efforts will likely be rolled back, and the FCC’s entire role may be reconsidered. 

DHS may leave known smuggling route into U.S. unprotected

DHS may leave known smuggling route into U.S. unprotected

An active smuggling route at the U.S. southern border with Mexico will be largely abandoned by the government at the end of this month, an agent with U.S. Border Patrol has informed WND.

The so-called “S2 route” runs along a two-lane county road through a remote area. More than 900 illegal immigrants have been apprehended on the route over the past year, said the agent, who works out of the USBP’s El Centro sector but asked not to be identified.

“For basically the last year we’ve been out there covering that route. Now we were told by the end of this month we’re not going to cover it anymore,” said the agent, who said he has personally patrolled the route in the past. “Nobody is going to be on this road come Oct. 1.

“Maybe there’s something being planned that I’m not aware of,” the agent told WND. “But I asked a supervisor what the plans are for this smuggling route and he said ‘I’m not hearing anything.’ They know this is a major route but so far I’m not hearing anything.”


Hogan Administration Announces First SmartBuy Purchase

Program will Ease Student Loan Debt, Promote Homeownership

The Hogan Administration today announced the first home purchase under a new homeownership initiative designed to ease the burden of student debt. Maryland SmartBuy, within the Department of Housing and Community Development, is the first program of its kind in the nation and will make move-in-ready homes available to buyers while eliminating student loan debt burden, which is often a significant barrier to homeownership for younger homebuyers.

Maryland SmartBuy is the latest initiative in the Hogan administration’s ongoing commitment to help qualified buyers move out from under student debt and into homeownership. The event was attended by Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford and Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Secretary Kenneth C. Holt.

“With the launch of SmartBuy, Maryland is among the first in the nation to actively address student debt as an obstacle to homeownership,” said Lt. Governor Rutherford. “We recognize that first-time homebuyers play a pivotal role in the health of the housing market, which is critical to the strength of Maryland’s overall economy.”

This law, which was introduced by the Hogan Administration in the 2016 Legislative Session, authorizes the department to make direct payments on student loans in conjunction with other financial assistance or residential mortgage loans offered under the Maryland Mortgage Program, beginning with the Maryland SmartBuy initiative.

Under the initiative, eligible buyers with student debt can purchase move-in-ready properties made available through the department. The typical buyer can realize substantial savings on quality homes throughout Maryland. Specifically, Maryland SmartBuy will:
Eliminate the buyer’s student loan debt;
Provide the buyer with one convenient payment per month;
Enable the buyer to access attractive financing and closing cost assistance;
Ensure a safe, streamlined, and straightforward home buying and financing experience.

“With Maryland SmartBuy, our state is at the forefront of removing the obstacle of student debt to successful homeownership,” said Department Secretary Kenneth C. Holt. “We want to empower young people to establish roots in Maryland and help strengthen our state as they enjoy the financial security of homeownership.”

The initiative will create an innovative home buying model that could be adopted by the rest of the nation. Mortgage loans will be provided through the department’s Maryland Mortgage Program, which has been the state’s flagship homeownership assistance program for over 30 years. Traditionally, the program provides fixed-rate mortgages, primarily to first-time homebuyers, along with other down payment and closing cost incentives.

Caption This Photo 11-26-16

Canada Is Closed

Caddell: Democrats 'a Hollowed-Out Party' of 'Bi-Coastal Elites,' Unable 'to Reach Out Beyond Identity Politics'

Pat Caddell spoke withBreitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow on Monday, saying, “The opportunities are high” for the incoming Trump administration. Citing a nation still divided after a long political campaign season, Caddell went on to discuss the current state of the Democratic Party.

Caddell, a longtime Democrat, called it “a party hollowed out” and unable “to reach out beyond identity politics.” They “keep falling back on the same mantras,” he said.

“The losses at the state level are devastating because that’s where you develop candidates for Congress,” he added.

Caddell concluded, “What’s missing is a positive vision of restoring my party to what it once was, truly the party of the common man, as opposed to a party of … bi-coastal elites” that relies on “divisive identity politics to win.”