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Friday, July 25, 2014

Military Bars Troops From Attending Vacation Bible School Honor

Bible Baptist Church in Carthage, Missouri is a small country church bursting with American pride. Old Glory is posted in the sanctuary. And every morning at summer youth camp, the teenagers pledge allegiance and sing the national anthem.

Patriotic holidays are big doings at Bible Baptist. On Memorial Day, the church ladies put out quite a spread – fried chicken, potato salad. Veterans would wear their uniforms and the preacher would salute them during the morning worship service.

“We are a very patriotic church,” Pastor Kent Hogan told me. “We love America. We love this country.”

So it was not that big of a surprise when the church decided to honor the military during their annual Vacation Bible School. The theme was “God’s Rescue Squad.” And each day of the week, the church invited local “rescue squads” to visit with the boys and girls.

Leadership in Motion

Samsung Phone Fire

Fatal Pedestrian Crash US13 in New Castle

New Castle-The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is investigating a fatal crash in which a pedestrian was struck and killed earlier this afternoon on US13 in New Castle.

Preliminary investigation has determined that the crash occurred on Friday, July 25, 2014 at approximately 12:35 p.m. as Joanne M. Johnson-67 of New Castle, DE was attempting to cross the northbound lanes of South DuPont Highway US13 in the area of the Hooters Restaurant, located in the 100 block of South DuPont Highway, New Castle. She was crossing in a westerly direction from the right side of the roadway and stepped directly into the path of a northbound 2003 Honda Odyssey operated by Kasim Onal-51 year old male of New Castle, DE.

Joanne M. Johnson suffered multiple traumatic injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kasim Onal the operator of the Honda and 2 male passengers ages 7 and 10, were all properly restrained and not injured.

Preliminary investigation has indicated that Johnson attempted to cross the northbound lanes of US 13 in a westbound direction from the right side of the roadway, not within a designated or marked crosswalk.

The 2 left lanes of US 13 northbound were closed for approximately 2 hours while the crash was investigated and cleared.

Troopers continue to investigate this crash and no charges have been filed.

Obamacare Subsidies

Here's Where President Obama Assigns The Blame For Corporate 'Inversions'

President Obama placed the blame for the recent rush of U.S. companies to overseas tax jurisdictions squarely on Congressional inaction Thursday, saying that "Congress is just not productive."

In an interview on CNBC, Obama claimed that he favored corporate tax reform in order to make the U.S. more competitive with other countries and prevent the so-called "corporate inversions," in which an American company merges with a business in a low-tax countries and then bases the parent company there.

But Congress hasn't responded, the president said.

He said that he would pursue reform, but warned the process could be lengthy, citing the year and a half it took President Reagan to push through a major tax reform in the 1980s. "Now is the time to get started," he said, promising that his administration would be "foursquare behind it, as long as the goal of reform is to simplify the system, and make it fair," rather than simply cutting rates. The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rates among industrialized countries.


Obama Is No Reagan

Overwhelming Public Attendance, Outrage Postpones Meeting On Proposed Frederick Gun Range

FREDERICK, Md. (WJLA) – Outrage by hundreds of people delayed a major meeting on a proposed Frederick gun range on Thursday night.

When the Frederick County Board of Appeals called the July 24 meeting, it was clear it never expected such an overwhelming response from the public. So many people showed up to talk that the meeting was postponed. Those opposed to the gun range insist their show of force sent a clear message.

Longtime activist Doug Kaplan, of the Sugarloaf Alliance, says this is a first for public hearings in Frederick.

“This is probably the largest crowd that this county has ever seen on any issue,” he said.

So many citizens showed up to testify against the building of a gun range near Sugarloaf Mountain, that the line to get in snaked around the government building.


10 worst states for retirement

The primary knock on Maryland is that it's more expensive to live there than in many other states. The cost of living for retirees is especially high, and residents pay one of the highest tax rates in the country.

According to the latest analysis from the Council for Community and Economic Research, retirees can expect to pay $1.12 more than the national average for a movie ticket and $9.58 more for a trip to the beauty parlor. Medications like Lipitor and ibuprofen also are higher than the national average.

The Tax Foundation calculates that Maryland residents pay 10.6 percent of their combined income in various state and local taxes. Its analysis, which includes property and sales taxes, says that Maryland is the seventh-highest taxing state in the country.

Maryland also posted low scores for health care quality, and its crime rate is above the national average.


Crime-ridden U.S. Cities Differ On Ways To Fight Gun Violence

The most horrifying experience a citizen can have is to stare down the barrel of a gun held by a violent criminal.

But under President Obama, federal prosecutors in two of the nation’s most crime-ridden cities have taken vastly different paths to address the threat.

In the Southern District of Alabama, U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown has been working with agents at the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and local law enforcement officials to relentlessly lock up known bad guys for a minimum of five years on federal arms charges.

The Southern District — which includes Mobile, Alabama, a city with one of the highest crime rates per capita in the country — has pursued the most federal weapons prosecutions this year, according to prosecution data analyzed by Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse.

Under Mr. Brown’s leadership, the jurisdiction is prosecuting 24 percent more cases than last year and has increased prosecutions 69 percent in the last five years. In 2008, the year before the effort started, there were 42 homicides in his district. Last year, there were 27, Mr. Brown said.


Waking Up Trying To Find Your Phone

Stupid Crook Taunts Police, Captured

On July 23, 2014, the Anne Arundel County Police Department profiled Roger Ray Ireland during its “#WantedWednesday” feature. Roger Ireland himself then commented on the Facebook thread saying “Y’all will never catch me…” referencing his attempts to continue to elude the police.

On July 24, 2014, detectives from the Intelligence Unit followed up on some tips received as to the whereabouts of Ireland.


PG County Needs A Fire Boat AND An Air Boat?

Give D.C. Back To Maryland?

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama said he supports statehood for the District of Columbia. But Florida Congressman John Mica believes otherwise.

It wasn't too long ago when Rep. Mica told us in an interview he thought D.C. residents should not have budget autonomy because he compared D.C. leaders to his own teenagers. But now, he is at it again saying anyone who thinks D.C. should be a state must be high.

The day started with a big hug from Donald Trump. Rep. Mica helped pave the way for Trump to renovate the Old Post Office building into a new luxury hotel.

But that love for Trump turned to insulting President Obama and residents of D.C.



Democrats File Election Law Complaint Against Hogan

The Maryland Democratic Party has filed a complaint against Republican Larry Hogan's campaign for governor, but the campaign says it's groundless.

The complaint filed Thursday with the state elections board alleges the campaign violated election law through a grassroots group called Change Maryland that Hogan formed. Hogan later bought the group to use for his campaign.

The complaint alleges the group conducted a September poll for $10,000, but it was not mentioned on a list of assets purchased by the campaign. Democrats are complaining about social media used by the group.


Montana Sen. Walsh Says PTSD May Have Played A Role In His Plagiarism

After the New York Times reported that Sen. John Walsh plagiarized at least a quarter of his master's thesis, the Montana Democrat is telling The Associated Press that post-traumatic stress disorder may have played a role.

"I don't want to blame my mistake on PTSD, but I do want to say it may have been a factor," the Iraq war veteran said. "My head was not in a place very conducive to a classroom and an academic environment."

Walsh told the AP that he was on medication at the time and was dealing with the suicide of a fellow veteran.

Walsh was appointed to the Senate in February, after Max Baucus resigned to become the U.S. ambassador to China.


Yes! He Really Did Say This.

Traffic Alert Worcester County

Eastern Shore Fire/EMS/Police Breaking News


Appeals Court Allows Farmers To Keep Feeding Unnecessary Antibiotics To Animals

More than 35 years ago, the FDA acknowledged that feeding medically unnecessary antibiotics to farm animals may encourage the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which poses a huge health risk to humans. In 2012, a federal court ruled that the FDA is required by law to hold hearings in which the drug makers would need to prove the safety of non-medical use of these antibiotics. But today, a the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the lower court’s ruling, saying it’s up to the FDA to decide if it wants to hold such hearings.

At issue in the case is 21 U.S.C. § 360b(e)(1), which states that the FDA “shall, after due notice and opportunity for hearing to the applicant, issue an order withdrawing approval of … any new animal drug if the Secretary finds… that experience or scientific data show that such drug is unsafe for use under the conditions of use upon the basis of which the application was approved or the condition of use authorized.”


Denver PD Launches Internal Investigation Over What Police Capt. Was Caught on Video Doing After Man Ignores ‘Lawful Orders to Sit Down’

The Denver Police Department has launched an internal investigation in response to a video posted on YouTube Wednesday that shows Denver Police Capt. Joe Black shoving a man at Coors Field several times when he wouldn’t sit down.

The individual who uploaded the video claims the incident began after staff at Coors field assumed there was underage drinking occurring among the man and his group friends. Patrick Benson, who identified the man being arrested in the video as Alex, claims they were all at least 21 years old.

As Alex attempts to tell his side of the story to the officers, Capt. Black grows irritated when he doesn’t sit down on command. The cop aggressively shoves him several times, but Alex shows restraint and doesn’t retaliate.


McDonald's Stands by Rotten Meat Supplier

McDonald's is standing by a troubled supplier, even after allegations the company processed tainted and expired meat in China.

Chinese authorities this week suspended operations at a Shanghai Husi food plant, a subsidiary of Illinois-based OSI Group. The government intervened after a Chinese broadcaster aired footage of workers using their bare hands at a Husi factory to process expired meat, and even food that had fallen on the floor.


SPD Calls For Service 7-24-14

  • Thursday July, 24 2014 @ 23:33 Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 27145 Scotland Pkwy Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday July, 24 2014 @ 21:29Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday July, 24 2014 @ 21:29Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday July, 24 2014 @ 19:53Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday July, 24 2014 @ 19:53Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Tonight & Sunday, Bacardi Night At Station 7 In West Ocean City. Bacardi Girls Will Be There

Sunday night is Bacardi night from 7-9. Bacardi girls will be there giving out samples and giveaways. The dinner special for tonight is 12 oz. Slow Smoked Prime Rib w/ 2 sides $19.99. There will be the drink special of Bacardi Drinks $5 all night. Specialty Drinks St.7 007, Water Hose Crush, and Dragon Sprayer, Flavored Bacardi Bombs.

Andy Harris Discusses The Immigration Crisis

Andy Harris, M.D. 

ICYMI: This morning, I joined Patrice Sanders of Fox 45 Morning News to discuss the immigration crisis and its impact on our country as a whole. Not only should we speed up the court hearings for the 50,000 immigrant children who are already here illegally, but we must send the message to parents in Central America that our border is not open.

Evil, Mean Republicans To Chop $1 Billion From Obama Illegal Kids Request

Horrible, terrible, un-caring, super meanie people!

(The Hill) Senate Democrats will chop $1 billion from President Obama’s emergency spending request to secure the Texas border but have rejected Republican demands to change legal protections for child immigrants from Central America.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) told colleagues Tuesday that she will move a bill with $2.7 billion in emergency spending for the border, substantially less than the $3.7 billion requested by Obama, according to Democratic sources.

Oh, um, I guess it’s Democrats doing this. Mr. Obama and his minions have spent a lot of time bombarding Republicans for refusing to pony up the full $3.7 billion, yet, here we have Democrats in the Democrat run Senate refusing to fund the request fully. It’s actually more like a $1.840 billion cut


Unreal: State Dept. Refused Sandbags & Machine Gun at Benghazi Consulate- “It Would Upset the Neighbors

IRS experts: Lois Lerner hard drive was just 'scratched' -- not damaged beyond recovery

Top IRS officials told congressional investigators that Lois Lerner's hard drive -- the one containing emails that could shed light on the IRS targeting scandal -- was irreparably damaged before it was destroyed completely in 2011. But now, investigators have had a chance to talk to the technical experts inside the IRS who actually examined Lerner's computer, and the experts say the hard drive in question was actually just "scratched," and that most of the data on it was recoverable.

The IRS computer experts also told the committee that they had recommended seeking outside help in recovering the data from Lerner's computer — something IRS management declined to do.

The revelation has increased the sense among Republicans on Capitol Hill that they're being jerked around by the IRS. "It is unbelievable that we cannot get a simple, straight answer from the IRS about this hard drive," House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Campsaid in a statement Tuesday. "The committee was told no data was recoverable and the physical drive was recycled and potentially shredded. To now learn that the hard drive was only scratched, yet the IRS refused to utilize outside experts to recover the data, raises more questions about potential criminal wrong doing at the IRS."



Steep Your Soul: Meet Chris - Super Soul Sunday

Dancing Under the Stars returns to Snow Hill

Cash bar will be available. Must be 21 or older to enter.  Admission price $7.00 at the door or $5.00 in advance.

For more information please contact Furnace Town at 410-632-2032.

Furnace Town Living Heritage Village
P.O. Box 207
Snow Hill, MD 21863
410-632-2032 Fax: 410-632-1735

Hillary Clinton 'claimed Bill was abused by his mother which led to him have affairs'

In the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Hillary Clinton claimed that her husband was addicted to sex because he was abused by his mother, a journalist said.

The then First Lady allegedly made the claims during a 1999 interview with Lucinda Franks, but the Pulitzer prize-winner declined to use them for the article she was working on.

The revelation is one of a series of sensational claims made in a series of new books being published in anticipation that Clinton will make a presidential run in 2016.


Fan Poll: 65% Do Not Want Redskins To Change Team’s Name, Only 30% Favor Changing It

Via Politico:

A majority of D.C.-area residents do not want to see the Washington Redskins name changed, according to a new poll.

Sixty-five percent of those polled rejected calls for the NFL team to change its name, according to a poll by the Republican-leaning firm Vox Populi, released Wednesday. Thirty percent said the name should be changed. [...]

However, the pollster said that of those polled, 71 percent said the team’s name is not offensive.


ANNAPOLIS, MD   Governor Martin O’Malley today unveiled new data on overdose deaths occurring in the first half of 2014. Under Governor O’Malley’s leadership, the state has committed to drive down overdose deaths by 20 percent by 2015 and has added drug and alcohol overdose deaths to the Administration’s 16 strategic goals. 
Overdose deaths represent one of the most compelling public health challenges facing the nation. Locally, here in Maryland, there were more overdose deaths than traffic fatalities in 2013. As one of the strategies to address the overdose epidemic in Maryland, Governor O’Malley signed an executive order establishing the Overdose Prevention Council just last month. The Council will advise and assist in establishing an unprecedented effort among multiple State agencies to reduce the number of fatal and non-fatal overdoses in Maryland. 
“The Overdose Council represents a new level of coordination, data collection, analysis, and information sharing among State agencies. Together, as One Maryland, we’re breaking down silos to collect up-to-date statistics, better target resources and empower citizens to combat this epidemic and save lives,” said Governor O’Malley. “With this data guiding us, we will continue to fight to keep Maryland families and communities safe while also developing innovative strategies to reduce the number of overdose deaths in Maryland.” 

Governor Rick Perry: Illegal Aliens in Texas Behind 3,000 Homicides & 8,000 Sexual Assaults

HHS: 96% of 45,157 Illegal Alien Children ‘Discharged’ to ‘Sponsor’ in the U.S

( – A spokesperson for the Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Administration of Children and Families (ACF) said 96 percent of the 45,157 unaccompanied alien children who were in the custody of HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) have been “discharged” to a “sponsor” in the United States.

Kenneth Wolfe, deputy director for the Office of Public Affairs at ACF, told that in 2014 (through the month of June), 96 percent of the 45,157 children -- or 43,341 of them -- who were transferred from the custody of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to the ORR have been placed with sponsors inside the United States, including with family members.

“Over half of the sponsors are parents of the child,” Wolfe said, citing the percentage of children with this placement status at 55 percent.

As reported earlier by, some of the families that are receiving these children aliens are themselves in the country illegally.


Veteran Bypass

Woman in Labor ‘Not Allowed’ to Cross Street to Hospital Because of Obama’s Impending Motorcade


Salisbury On Track For Veterans Preference Program

SALISBURY — A small business and veteran-owned small business procurement preference program will likely see implementation in Salisbury following a successful review in work session this week.

If adopted, the program could be a stepping stone for related initiatives in veteran hiring and minority business preferences.

Under the suggested guidelines, the preference program would give what amounts to a slight score bonus to bids for service submitted by qualified companies for city projects. For example, if a veteran-owned small business and a larger business submitted identical bids for the same Salisbury construction contract, then under the proposal the former would receive a small percentage bump to their bid score.


Boy, 4, banned from local doughnut shop by owner after mistakenly asking a customer if she has a baby in her belly

A Connecticut mother was left red-faced with embarrassment and then burning with rage after her four-year-old son was banned from a doughnut shop for asking if a lady was pregnant on Tuesday.

Rebecca Denham said when her son mistakenly asked a customer in Monroe’s Doughnut Inn on Monday if she was carrying a child – she was understandably mortified. However, the next day when they tried to walk back in, they ‘were screamed at in front of the door,’ said Denham. They said her son, Justin Otero, was not ‘allowed in here’ because he ‘is rude.’

Recalling her inquisitive son’s error on Monday, Denham said that when the woman said ‘no’ to being pregnant, her son said sorry but she was suitably shocked. ‘My response was ‘Oh my goodness, I’m so embarrassed, I’m so sorry’, Denham said to WFSB. The lady in question even said it was okay, but the managers at the Doughnut Inn apparently did not see it the same way when they tried to walk in on Tuesday.

‘She said, ‘he’s not allowed in here,’ and I looked around, and said, ‘him?’ and she said ‘yeah, he’s rude’,’ Denham said to WFSB.


Trey Gowdy vs Irs Commissioner John Koskinen 7/23/14 Irs Hearing

If you want to prove you don't hate gays, all you have to do is worship at their feet

I have never in my life encountered a religion as oppressive, cold, and stiff as Progressivism. I’ve never known a faith more eager to burn heretics at the stake. Even a fundamentalist Iranian Muslim would flinch if he came face to face with a western liberal’s rigid dogmatism. I imagine that even a Saudi Arabian Islamic cleric would take one look at how American left wingers react when anyone deviates ever so slightly from their established orthodoxy, and say to himself, “man, these people REALLY need to chill.”

The Cult of Leftism has many tenets, and it demands full compliance with all of them, but nothing in its creed compares to the sanctity of their two great sacraments: child murder and sodomy. You must not question these, but tolerance alone will not be good enough. You must celebrate them, too. You must worship at their altar. You must sing hallelujah at the mention of their names. You must fight for a society where infanticide and gay sex are awarded a protected and privileged position. When a man decides to kill babies for a living, you must call him a ‘health care provider’ and a ‘healer.’ When a man decides to announce to the world that he enjoys sex with other men, you must call him a ‘hero’ and a ‘pioneer.’ You must quite literally give him awards for his courage.

Nothing less will be allowed.


Petulant President

Salisbury Seeking Five-District Voting System

SALISBURY — A plan to split Salisbury into five voting districts advanced out of work session this week despite opposition from a minority of the City Council.

Opponents argued that the city is attempting to fix what isn’t broken, while supporters feel that Salisbury’s current two-district system isn’t a fair representation of all of the area’s diverse neighborhoods.

Debate has been lively about re-districting in Salisbury for better than a year and continued hot this week. One of the major points of contention for some on the council is how the five-district system proposed by the administration would slice the city into smaller pieces. This would give individual votes more power, which Councilman Tim Spies noted carries both benefits and risks.


Thank God Its Friday 7-25-14

What will you be doing this weekend?


A company whose roots in the firearms industry dates back nearly 500 years, to 1526 when Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta was paid 296 ducats for 185 barrels, is joining the rush to abandon Maryland.

Beretta has announced plans to move its complete production facility, and the 160 jobs, out of Maryland, over a gun control law passed in 2013 by the state in reaction to the Newtown school shooting, officials say.

In announcing plans to relocate production to Tennessee, Beretta said that the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 “would have prohibited Beretta U.S.A. from being able to manufacture, store or even import into the state products that we sell to customers throughout the United States and around the world.”

Yard Sale 7-25-14

The state of Illinois standing up for students

A pair of companies in that state targeted student loan borrowers in a scam promising help with college debt. Rather than providing any help with loans, the companies ripped students off for a few hundred bucks, and left them worse off financially than they were to begin with. So, the state of Illinois has filed a lawsuit against these companies for fraud, and they may not be the last state to do so. The Consumer Financial Protection Agency has issued warnings about these debt relief scams, and other states are looking in to them. These companies often pretend to be affiliated with the government, and they trick indebted students into shelling out hundreds of dollars. One company made up a completely fake program called the Obama Forgiveness Program, and other companies just offered services that borrows were entitled to for free from the federal government. It's bad enough that students are stuck with mountains of debt, but it's even worse that companies would use it as an opportunity to make a buck. Illinois is putting a stop to it, and hopefully more states will do the same.


Maryland State Police Press Release

RISING SUN_ A Delaware man was charged by the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division after being accused of dressing up as a woman and holding up a bank branch here Wednesday.

Kent Hunt Buckson, 34, of the 600 block of Lochaven Court in the Bear community near Newark, was charged with armed robbery, robbery, theft: $10,000 under $100,000, first-degree assault and second-degree assault late Thursday. He is accused of robbing the National Penn Bank branch robbery at 5 Maple Heights Lane in Rising Sun the day before. Buckson was taken into custody without incident by detectives from the Delaware State Police – Troop 2 shortly after 9 a.m. at the Rodeway Inn on South College Avenue in Newark, DE.

Rising Sun Police Department was called to the bank branch at approximately 4 p.m. Officer Dallas Herbert was told by tellers that the robber walked into the bank branch wearing a dress, a turtle-neck sweater, other ladies clothing accessories and a wig. The suspect presented a note demanding cash and threatening to shoot the bank employees. He did not display a weapon at the time of the robbery. After receiving an undisclosed amount of U.S. Currency, the suspect fled the bank on foot. Rising Sun Police Department subsequently requested the assistance from the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division and Crime Scene Unit.

Following Buckson’s arrest, detectives with the Delaware State Police, Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division, Pennsylvania State Police – Media Barrack and the FBI executed search warrants on the motel room rented to Buckson, his Lockhaven Court home and a Kia Sedona mini-van. Investigators recovered items linking him to the Rising Sun robbery and four similar bank robberies in Delaware and Pennsylvania, in which the culprit was dressed as woman. 

During the investigation Thursday, Delaware troopers connected Buckson to a spree of eight convenience store heists in Elkton, MD, New Castle (DE) County and Chester County in Pennsylvania. Charges in connection with related bank robberies and the convenience store capers are pending by the respective investigating agencies.

Late Thursday, Buckston was in the custody of the Delaware State Police pending commitment to the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution near Wilmington, DE.

The Rising Sun robbery investigation continues by Trooper First Class Robert Hagan. 

Contact: Lt. J. DeCourcey (443) 945-2135

Technically, it is not a crime to be poor in this nation, but it sure may feel like that for the homeless

According to a new study from the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, in more than half of the cities in the US, it is illegal for someone to sit or lay down on a side walk. You don't have to be living on the street to know how and when such laws are enforced. Other cities use laws prohibiting camping or sleeping in public to keep homeless people off of their streets. This new report studied nearly 200 cities, and found an increase of anti-homeless laws since it's last 2009 study. Three decades of Reaganomics, deregulation and NAFTA from Clinton, and two illegal wars and an economic collapse from Bush have all come together to form a perfect recipe to leave more and more Americans on the street. Rather than offering a hand up, lawmakers treat social programs like a hand out, and they use laws like these to hide the end results of their policies. It shouldn't be a crime to find yourself without a roof overhead, and it's time these cities changed these shameful laws.

Police Brutality and the Failure of Liberal Democrats

Let me ask, should we care?

Federal auditors warn: NASA will miss a deadline for launching its new $12 bllion rocket program because it doesn't have enough money. The Space Launch System is scheduled for an initial test flight in 2017. The Government Accountability Office, citing NASA officials, says the agency has just a 10 percent chance of meeting the date. GAO says Congress hasn't given the space agency enough funds for the massive project. It needs $400 million more. The space launch system will consist of massive rockets designed to send astronauts to asteroids and Mars.

Senior Humor

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Although the U.S. FDA has attempted to create a spice scare, the history of cinnamon use spans thousands of years among disparate cultures, rendering FDA claims as nothing more than a ham-fisted desire to assert severe regulatory control over this natural product.

The fact is: quality cinnamon, such as organic Ceylon, is one of the most diverse and inexpensive ways to boost your overall health. Taken moderately it is far safer than what the FDA continues to approve on a daily basis as over-the-counter drug consumption for adults and children.

Cinnamon is a fantastic source of fiber, flavanols, calcium, iron, manganese, and powerful antioxidants. It’s ease of consumption offers a pleasing range of dietary compatibility. Cinnamon can also be used topically and even added as a natural fragrance to boost health and sharpen the mind!

The following 10 amazing health benefits of cinnamon have been documented, and clearly demonstrate why this is one spice that needs to be defended instead of eradicated.

1. Gut health - This is key, as gut health is increasingly being shown as the center of a multitude of other problems that formerly have been treated in isolation. Ailments such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diarrhea, acid reflux, indigestion and even chronic pain such as arthritis have all shown the potential to be alleviated through cinnamon consumption.


Absolutely Incredible

A $300 million new computer system at the Social Security Administration doesn't work. Officials say they aren't sure when it will. 

Six years after embarking on the project, it's still in the testing phase. 

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee yesterday asked Social Security for all documents related to the Disability Case Processing System. Members want to know if the agency tried to suppress a report commissioned from McKinsey & Co. to give an independent view of the project. McKinsey found that no single person was in charge from the beginning.

Are you raising nice kids? A Harvard psychologist gives 5 ways to raise them to be kind

Earlier this year, I wrote about teaching empathy, and whether you are a parent who does so. The idea behind it is from Richard Weissbourd, a Harvard psychologist with the graduate school of education, who runs the Making Caring Common project, aimed to help teach kids to be kind.

I know, you’d think they are or that parents are teaching that themselves, right? Not so, according to a new study released by the group. (Chat with Weissbourd here.)

About 80 percent of the youth in the study said their parents were more concerned with their achievement or happiness than whether they cared for others. The interviewees were also three times more likely to agree that “My parents are prouder if I get good grades in my classes than if I’m a caring community member in class and school.”

Weissbourd and his cohorts have come up with recommendations about how to raise children to become caring, respectful and responsible adults. Why is this important? Because if we want our children to be moral people, we have to, well, raise them that way.

“Children are not born simply good or bad and we should never give up on them. They need adults who will help them become caring, respectful, and responsible for their communities at every stage of their childhood,” the researchers write.