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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

OOPS! Politico Publishes Article Claiming Biden Has Picked Kamala Harris as His Running Mate – Then Panics and Scrubs Piece!

Far-left Politico on Tuesday published an article claiming Joe Biden picked Dem Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

The article said that Biden chose Kamala Harris to become his running mate for the 2020 election on August 1, two weeks before the Democratic National Convention “after keeping his choice close to his chest for months.”

Politico then panicked and scrubbed the article!

Did Politico just accidentally out Biden’s VP pick?


WATCH: AG Barr Calls Out Democrats for Not Condemning Mob Violence

Attorney General William Barr called out Democrats on Tuesday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing for failing to condemn mob violence and attacks on the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland, Oregon in recent weeks.

“What makes me concerned for the country is [that] this is the first time in my memory that the leaders of one of our great two political parties, the Democratic Party, are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts,” Barr said.

“Why can’t we just say: ‘Violence against federal courts has to stop?’ Could we hear something like that?”

Barr was testifying about the federal law enforcement response to protect the courthouse, which has been vandalized and firebombs by what Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden, have called“peaceful protesters.”

Those “protesters” have also attacked the federal officials defending the building.

Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who claimed on Sunday that the violence was a “myth,” did not respond by condemning the violence, but adjourned the hearing for a five-minute hearing instead.


Nursing home patient, 75, dies two months after he was brutally beaten by his 20-year-old roommate at the facility in horrific case highlighted by Donald Trump

An elderly Detroit nursing home patient who was badly beaten by his 20-year-old roommate at the facility in a horrific attack filmed on video has died, his family says.

Norman Bledsoe, 75, was a resident at the Westwood Nursing Center when on May 15 he was attacked by his roommate, 20-year-old Jaden T. Hayden of Ypsilanti.

Hayden allegedly filmed the attack on his cellphone and posted it on social media. The egregious attack made national headlines and was condemned by PresidentDonald Trump.

Postal worker father-of-three, 47, is killed and his son and others are seriously injured after being struck by lightning while riding jets skis during a thunderstorm

A married father-of-three postal worker from Nevada died over the weekend after being struck by lightning while riding a jet ski at a reservoir in California with his son, who was also injured.

The deceased victim has been identified as 47-year-old Eugene Arao, a US Army veteran and a long-time mail carrier from Reno.

According to officials, Arao and his son were on a jet ski at Stampede Reservoir in Sierra County, California, on Saturday afternoon when they were caught off guard by a thunderstorm.


South Africa farm slaughter: Woman and her elderly parents are kidnapped from their property and brutally murdered in latest attack to shock the country

Three members of the same family were kidnapped in a horrific attack on a farm in South Africa then driven out into the wilds in their own cars to be be brutally slaughtered.

Daniel Brand, 82, his wife Hybrecht, 73, and their daughter Elizabeth, 53, went missing from their rural home near Hartswater in the Northern Province on Sunday night.

Elizabeth, known by her nickname Elzabie, had been visiting for Sunday lunch - but her body was found on Tuesday morning by a drone operator.


I wish those humans would stop spoiling the view! Cheetahs are snapped surveying their territory on a safari truck roof

Getting close to the magnificent wild animals of the African bush is what a safari trip is all about...but maybe not this close.

A pair of cheetahs decided the roof of a safari truck was the best place to survey their territory, providing a wonderful, if a little nerve-racking, opportunity for photographers aboard the truck.

One of the big cats also strolled along the roof to take a closer look at the tourists.


"I Thought I Was Supposed To Be Heard": Full Highlights From Barr 'Hearing'

Today's 'testimony' by Attorney General William Barr in front of the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee was, as the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross puts it, an unmitigated shit show.

That was an unmitigated shit show— Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) July 28, 2020

The session consisted of Democratic lawmakers shouting hyperbolic questions at the Attorney General, then cutting him off when he would begin to respond.

"This is a hearing, I thought I was the one who was supposed to be heard," Barr said at one point.

"This is a hearing, I thought I was the one who was supposed to be heard?"

— Attorney General Bill Barr— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) July 28, 2020

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) slammed Democrats on the Committee, saying "I don't think we've ever had a hearing where the witness wasn't allowed to respond to points made, questions asked, and attacks — attacks made. Not just in this hearing, not just in this committee, but in every committee I've been on," adding "Particularly when you think about the fact that we have the attorney general of the United States here."

"I want the attorney general to be able to have enough time to respond to accusations and questions asked him, and you guys not cut him off," Jordan added.


Bill Gates sides with Donald Trump and says schools SHOULD reopen in the fall because 'the benefits of in-person learning outweigh the costs' for children

Bill Gates has sided with President Donald Trump in arguing for the reopening of schools in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, saying the 'benefits outweigh the costs for younger students.'

The Microsoft founder, 64, rallied for schools to open in an interview with CNBC’sSquawk Box on Tuesday.

'I’m a big believer that for young children, the benefits in almost every location — particularly if you can protect the teachers well — the benefits outweigh the costs,' he said.


'You're a real class act.' Bill Barr snaps at House judiciary chair Jerry Nadler as hearing devolves into a shouting match with Democrats accusing AG of using feds against protesters for 'Trump campaign ads' - then refusing him five-minute break

Bill Barr and House Democrats engaged in an all-out battle Tuesday as the Attorney General appeared in front of the Judiciary Committee for five hours - clashing bitterly and repeatedly over his response to Black Lives Matter protests and his handling of the Roger Stone case and others which touch President Donald Trump.

By the end of the hearing there was open warfare between Barr and the Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler as Barr snapped 'you're a real class act,' when Nadler refused to allow him a five-minute break just before the last two questioners. Nadler had arrived more than hour later after being caught in a minor car accident.

The ill-tempered hearing, marked by Democrats tearing into Barr and charging him with treating minority Americans and allies of the president differently, while Republicans highlighted violent protests and mocked their political rivals, produced little in way of new insight but huge amounts of vitriol.


Rt. 50 Shut Down

Rt.50 n whaleyville rd west bound closed.double fatal motor vehicle accident. Expect delays. Berlin fire EMS on the scene.

Yes America, there is voter fraud. These recent cases prove it.

From Frank Sinatra's hometown in Hoboken, N.J., to LA's Skid Row, dozens of mail-in, absentee and ballot box fraud cases have emerged.

Many news media, political activists and social media giants have gotten on the bandwagon that voter fraud is fiction. It is not.

A review of court cases and recent indictments – including one this week in Philadelphia against a former congressman – finds there have been at least four dozen cases in criminal and civil court since the last presidential election in 2016 in which voter fraud has led to charges, convictions, lawsuits or plea deals.

The schemes have ranged from old fashion ballot box stuffing to absentee and mail-in ballot fraud.

Here are a dozen of the more egregious examples.

Philly Fraud Case Expands

The U.S. Justice Department this past week charged former Democratic congressman Michael Myers with stuffing ballot boxes, bribing an elected official, falsifying records, obstructing justice and voting multiple times in federal elections in Philadelphia.

Myers was the second official charged in the scheme.

Domenick DeMuro, a Democratic ward chairman in that city, admitted in a plea deal that he had "fraudulently stuffed the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear," ptoecutors said.

DeMuro allegedly had a network of clients who paid him significant sums of money to rig elections over several years.

New Jersey mail-in ballot scheme exposed

Man Allegedly Used PPP Loans To Buy A Lamborghini, Clothing, Jewelry, And Dating Sites

Investigators said David Tyler Hines was given nearly $4 million in loans under a program to help small businesses during the pandemic and then used the money for personal expenses.

A Florida man has been charged with bank fraud after lying on loan applications to help small businesses during the coronaviruspandemic and spending the money he received on luxury goods, including a Lamborghini, according to a criminal complaintreviewed by BuzzFeed News.

Federal prosecutors said David Tyler Hines, 29, applied for approximately $13.5 million in funds from the Paycheck Protection Program, which was established in March to provide small businesses with loans to pay employees during the pandemic. Congress approved $349 billion for the first round of PPP loans in March, and over $300 billion for a second round in April.

Hines claimed the funds were intended to pay employees of his businesses, but US postal inspectors said those employees either didn't exist or earned just a fraction of the pay he claimed.


Police Say The "Umbrella Man" At The George Floyd Protests Was A White Supremacist Trying To Incite Violence

Minneapolis investigators said the man is a member of the Hells Angels biker gang who started violence at what had been a peaceful protest.

Minneapolis investigators say a masked, umbrella-carrying man who was filmed in a viral video smashing windows during protests in the city in late May against the police killing of George Floyd was a white supremacist intent on inciting violence.

In an affidavit filed in state court on Monday as part of an application for a search warrant and seen by BuzzFeed News, an arson investigator with the Minneapolis Police Department identified the man as a 32-year-old member of the Hells Angels biker gang who intended to incite violence at the peaceful demonstration.

The news of his identity and the search warrant affidavit was first reported by the Star Tribune on Tuesday.

The man's identity drew widespread speculation after he was filmed on May 27 slowly and methodically smashing the windows of an AutoZone in Minneapolis, where protests erupted following the May 25 death of Floyd in police custody.


Governor Hogan Announces Expanded Statewide Mask Order, Out-of-State Travel Advisory

State’s Contact Tracing Data Shows Family Gatherings Most Common High-Risk Gathering, Working Outside Home Most Common High-Risk LocationState Pauses Reopening, Reaches Critical Turning Point In Fight Against COVID-19Fran Phillips to Retire, Dr. Jinlene Chan to Become Acting Deputy Health Secretary
ANNAPOLIS, MDGovernor Larry Hogan today announced, based on the state’s data-driven approach, the expansion of the statewide masking order and a public health advisory for all out-of-state travel. The governor also unveiled contact tracing data showing that family gatherings are the most common high-risk gathering and working outside the home is the most common high-risk location for COVID-19.
A recent increase in hospitalizations has triggered a ‘stop sign’ in the ‘Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery,’ calling for a pause in further reopening plans. 
“We find ourselves at a fork in the road—a critical turning point where we could either continue making progress and continue heading in the right direction, or we could ignore the warnings and spike back up like much of the rest of the country,” said Governor Hogan. “We are doing much better on our health metrics than most of the rest of the country, and we are doing much better on our economic recovery than most of the rest of the country, and we want to do what it takes to keep it that way. We have come too far together to lose the progress that we have made on the road to health and economic recovery here in Maryland.”

EXPANDED MASKING ORDER. With the unanimous support of the Maryland Coronavirus Recovery Team, Governor Hogan is expanding the statewide masking order that has been in effect since April 18. 
Under this order, which takes effect Friday, July 31 at 5:00 p.m., all Marylanders over the age of five are required to wear face coverings in the public spaces of all businesses across the state.
Face coverings will also be required in outdoor public areas, whenever it is not possible to maintain physical distancing. The expanded order continues to provide certain exceptions, including for medical conditions. Read the governor’s order.
OUT-OF-STATE TRAVEL ADVISORY. Governor Hogan has directed the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) to issue a public health advisory for out-of-state travel. Under this advisory, Marylanders are strongly advised against traveling to states with positivity rates of 10% or higher. Anyone traveling from these states should get tested and self-quarantine while awaiting results.
This public health advisory—which takes effect immediately—applies to personal, family, or business travel of any kind. Marylanders are advised to postpone or cancel travel to these areas until their positivity rates decline. 
As of today, this advisory applies to Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Idaho. Read the travel advisory.
CONTACT TRACING DATA. In addition to identifying individuals who may have been infected with COVID-19, Maryland is now using contact tracing data to find patterns of behavior, and to identify where and how the virus is spreading. The governor announced the following findings based on recent interviews conducted with COVID-19 patients:
  • Higher-Risk Gatherings (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Family Gatherings – 44%
    • House Parties – 23%
    • Outdoor Event – 21%
  • Higher-Risk Locations (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Work Outside the Home – 54%
    • Indoor/Retail Shopping – 39%
    • Indoor Dining at Restaurant – 23%
    • Outdoor Dining at Restaurant – 23%
  • Employment Information (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Health care – 25%
    • Other - Non-public Facing – 23%
    • Other - Public Facing – 13%
    • Restaurant/Food Service – 12%
FRAN PHILLIPS TO RETIRE, DR. JINLENE CHAN TO BECOME ACTING DEPUTY SECRETARY FOR PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES.Governor Hogan announced that Fran Phillips, Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services at MDH, is retiring after a 33-year career in public health. Deputy Secretary Phillips has led the state’s public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to advise the governor and state officials.
Dr. Jinlene Chan, currently Assistant Secretary and Chief Medical Officer, will serve as Acting Deputy Secretary of Public Health Services. Dr. Chan has served on the front lines of Maryland’s coronavirus response, leading the state’s testing task force for the past five months. 
Prior to joining MDH, Dr. Chan served as the Health Officer for Anne Arundel County, where she developed and implemented initiatives to combat the opioid epidemic, improve the behavioral health care system, and address infant health and chronic disease outcomes. She completed her residencies in pediatrics and general preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins University, and holds a Master of Public Health degree from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.
For coronavirus resources from the Maryland Department of Health, visit

BREAKING NEWS: Maryland to Require Face Masks in Outdoor Public Areas

During a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced an expansion in the state’s face mask requirement.

The Governor said in addition to masks being required in public areas of business and buildings, they will now be required in outdoor public areas when it is not possible to maintain physical distancing.

The new order goes into effect on Friday, July 31.


AG Barr destroys Jerry Nadler in another House Democrat testimony disaster: Goodwin

He came, he saw, he ate their lunch. Bill Barr, denied a meal break, feasted instead on a gaggle of Democratic amateurs.

Another congressional hearing, another Dem disaster. They planned a public hanging of the attorney general and spent weeks constructing their scaffold. He is corrupt, a liar, a toady, they and their media handmaidens assured us, and the House Judiciary Committee will reveal all.

Two obstacles quickly became apparent. The first is that the Dems were led by Rep. Jerry Nadler, whose rabidness is exceeded only by his haplessness.

The start was delayed because Nadler was in a minor car accident. That was obviously an omen, but Nadler doesn’t take hints, so he plowed forward into a head-on crash with a heavyweight opponent superior in ­every way.

Nadler specializes in duds, demanding that former special counsel Robert Mueller testify a year ago, only to see the Russia, Russia, Russia hysteria collapse on national TV. Then Nadler, bearing a lifetime grudge against President Trump, did such a terrible job in the first impeachment hearings on Ukraine that Speaker Nancy Pelosi demoted him and turned the task over to Rep. Adam Schiff.


BREAKING NEWS: Bike Fest & Bike Week Postponed One Year

The total ‘woke’ conquest of the pro-sports world

Sam Coonrod shouldn’t be waiting for a call from Nike. Unlike former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the pitcher for that city’s baseball Giants isn’t going to be rewarded for taking a lonely, principled stand.

Kaepernick received a multimillion-dollar endorsement contract from the sports-gear company for starting the trend of NFL players kneeling rather than standing at attention during the national anthem.

He landed more big bucks when the league settled a lawsuit with him because no team wanted him. He was a backup when he began his campaign, but due to the overwhelmingly positive coverage of his gesture — which he said was a protest against racism — he managed the kind of financial reward only a few stars get after they stop playing. Nike’s “Believe in something” marketing campaign transformed him into a cultural hero.


What’s really vulgar is AOC’s fake outrage: Devine

America is suffering through a pandemic, riots, a violent crime wave, a recession and record unemployment, but Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Queens-Bronx) wasted an hour of the nation’s time on feigned outrage in Congress over an alleged insult she didn’t even hear.

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) denies calling her a “f–king bitch,” a claim for which she offers no evidence, apart from the hearsay of a reporter from The Hill who claimed, in any case, that Yoho did not direct those words to AOC.

The reporter, Mike Lillis, wrote that Yoho uttered those words as “a parting thought to no one in particular,” and out of earshot of AOC.

Yoho says he never said them. What he says he said, when he was recovering from a robust encounter with AOC on the Capitol Steps was “f–king BS.”

AOC is playing a destructive and dishonest verbal game. She claims Yoho “decided to accost me on the steps of the nation’s Capitol.” She describes the encounter as “virulent harassment of a young woman.”


City Official Who Criticized Black Lives Matter, Coronavirus Measures Resigns

A local public official in northwestern Massachusetts has resigned from the city council and school committee because of backlash after he criticized Black Lives Matter and the coronavirus shutdowns.

Robert Moulton Jr., of North Adams, made the comments Tuesday, July 21 during his local cable access television called Let’s Talk About It.

He resigned from his local government offices Monday, July 27, according to The Berkshire Eagle. That was one day before the North Adams City Council planned to consider an 886-word resolution censuring Moulton for what he said.

A local Black Lives Matter organizer had previously said his group would protest at city council meetings until Moulton left the council. Black Lives Matter supporters held a demonstration in North Adams this past weekend, according to a Facebook post:


Who Said That?

I have not been misleading the American public under any circumstances.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top American infectious disease expert, speaking after President Trump retweeted a post that accused Fauci and the Democrats of misleading the American people. The post suggested that the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine was a “cure” for COVID-19 and that masks were unnecessary for virus protection. Facebook and Twitter have removed the post for violating their policies of misinformation. (Reuters — July 28, 2020)
JULY 28, 2020

Thanks Billionaire, your opinion is noted.

The House Ways and Means Committee, tweeting in reply to Elon Musk, after the Tesla CEO critiqued the possibility of another coronavirus stimulus package. (The Hill — July 24, 2020)
JULY 27, 2020

That's something that everyone here can agree on: Voters in this country must be able to cast a ballot safely and securely and without putting their health at risk.

U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, speaking of additional funding needed this year to ensure that the general elections are safe and accessible to everyone even amidst coronavirus concerns. (NPR — July 24, 2020)
JULY 24, 2020

They’re not wanted here. They’re not properly trained to be here. And we’re asking them right this minute – we’re demanding that they leave.

Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler, commenting on federal law enforcement’s ongoing presence to subdue protests throughout the city. Wheeler was tear-gassed by federal officers as he joined protestors early Thursday morning. (Reuters — July 23, 2020)
JULY 23, 2020

Congress and the American people have a right to know if this or any other administration is spying on people in the United States outside of express congressional approval, with no or diminished guardrails.

Sens. Patrick Leahy and Mike Lee, writing in a letter to the attorney general and the director of national intelligence that cited concerns of mass surveillance programs. (The Hill — July 21, 2020)
JULY 22, 2020

Raccoon Tests Positive for Rabies in Wicomico County

On July 28, 2020 a Raccoon tested positive for rabies from the St. Lukes Road area of Salisbury MD near the Pocomoke Rd and Stevens Rd intersection. The Wicomico County Health Department is advising all residents to be aware of their surroundings and avoid contact with all wild or stray animals.
Rabies is a preventable viral disease that exists in the saliva of mammals and is transmitted from animal to animal or from animal to human by biting and/or scratching. The virus can also be spread by licking, when infected saliva makes contact with open cuts or wounds, and with the mouth, eyes, and nose. If left untreated in humans and animals, rabies is fatal.

Please keep the following tips in mind to protect your family and your pets:

·       Keep pets confined

  • Avoid all contact with wild or stray animals

  • Teach children to leave unfamiliar animals alone

·       Vaccinate pets-Maryland law requires that all dogs, cats, and ferrets, 4 months of age and older have a current rabies vaccination. 

  • Avoid feeding or watering pets outside 

  • Secure outside garbage lids

To report human or animal contact, such as bites or scratches, call the Wicomico County Health Department at (410) 546-4446. For more information on rabies or rabies vaccination clinics, visit our website at, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram (WicomicoHealth), or Twitter (@WicomicoHealth).


There is an appalling lack of leadership in Ocean City

Although it is difficult to balance health versus wealth, a reasonable and prudent person should have known that opening a vacation destination would only lead to an increase of COVID-19 positive cases (”Coronavirus cases climb near Ocean City, as restaurants shutter due to employees testing positive,” July 22).

Whether it was pressure from business interests, or worry of reduced fiscal revenues, the Ocean City government decided to pursue the shaky path to wealth.

Based on the July 21 COVID-19 updates, in the 8 weeks since approximately May 25, Ocean City’s positive COVID-19 case number has risen from 15 to 113. This is 7.53 times the original number; an increase of 653% positive cases.

Leadership? Would a reasonable and prudent person expect vacationers to read and follow the stenciled sidewalk graphics to proceed at your own risk (to paraphrase those graphics approaching the boardwalk?) Would a reasonable and prudent person expect vacationers to adhere to the temporary electronic signs encouraging visitors to wear face coverings and practice social distancing?


North Korea Reports First COVID Case

North Korea reported its first coronavirus case, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. The case occurred in the city of Kaesong—about 100 miles south of Pyongyang—and forced dictator Kim Jong Un to enact maximum emergency protocol in the country.

"Everyone needs to face up to the reality of emergency," Kim said.

North Korean state media alleged the infected person was an escapee to South Korea who left three years ago. The person reportedly displayed symptoms of COVID-19 after crossing the border back into North Korea.

The emergence of COVID-19 occurs at a troubling time for North Korea. The United Nations recently condemned Pyongyang’s violation of oil sanctions. Weeks before, the Kim regime refused to meet with American diplomats, while cutting off diplomatic communications with South Korea.


US to withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany

Troops will return to United States or be repositioned elsewhere in Europe.

The United States is removing nearly 12,000 American troops fromGermany and will move the headquarters of U.S. European Command from Germany to Belgium in a major repositioning of forces intended to increase the deterrence of Russia by rotating troops to other NATO countries in Europe.

Returning to the United States will be 6,400 of troops while another 5,400 will be moved to other locations in Europe that already house American troops, and troops from the U.S. will rotate into locations in southeastern Europe -- strengthening NATO's presence in that part of the region.

"The alliance will be all the better and stronger," Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in announcing the changes at a Pentagon news conference on Wednesday.

Esper announced that 11,900 U.S. military personnel will leave Germany, reducing the number of American troops from 36,000 to 24,000.

"Nearly 5,600 service members will be repositioned within NATO countries and approximately 6,400 will return to the United States, though many of these or similar units will begin conducting rotational deployments," said Esper.


DOJ: 72 Portland Rioters Arrested, Dozens Charged with Federal Crimes

Federal authorities in Portland have arrested 74 demonstrators and charged 60 with federal crimes, Department of Justice (DOJ) spokeswoman Kerri Kupec announced on Monday.

The DOJ spokeswoman made the announcement on Monday, providing the number of federal arrests and charged cases “related to violent opportunists & civil unrest.”

There have been 74 arrests in Portland alone, with 60 demonstrators facing charges. Nationwide, federal authorities have made 236 arrests, with 238 defendants charged:

Current # of federal arrests and charged cases related to violent opportunists & civil unrest ⬇️

Portland —

⏹ 74 arrests
⏹ 60 defendants charged

Total Nationally —

⏹ 236 arrests
⏹ 238 defendants charged

— Kerri Kupec DOJ (@KerriKupecDOJ) July 27, 2020


Joe Biden: Women ‘Have Never Had a Fair Shot to Get Ahead,’ Especially Minorities

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed women “never had a fair shot” in America while specifically identifying “women of color” as uniquely disadvantaged, making his allegation in a policy document released on Monday via Medium titled “The Biden Agenda for Women.”

Despite being published under his name, the document refers to Biden in the third person. The document includes 224 instances of the word “women.”

The hard truth is women — and particularly women of color — have never had a fair shot to get ahead in this country. That's why today, I'm releasing my plan to make sure women can fully participate in our economy and country.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) July 27, 2020

Biden wrote:

Joe Biden is going to build our country back better after this economic crisis and that includes ensuring we get closer to full inclusion of and equality for women. Women — particularly women of color — have never had a fair shot to get ahead in this country. Today, too many women are struggling to make ends meet and support their families, and are worried about the economic future for their children. This was true before the COVID-19 crisis, but the current global health crisis has exacerbated these realities for women.

For Biden, it’s a simple proposition: his daughter is entitled to the same rights and opportunities as his sons. He believes every issue is a women’s issue — health care, the economy, education, national security — but women are also uniquely and disproportionately impacted by many policies. As President, Biden will pursue an aggressive and comprehensive plan to further women’s economic and physical security and ensure that women can fully exercise their civil rights.


'Squad' Member Tlaib Won't Endorse Biden

'I don't want to get into a debate with my residents'

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) said she will not endorse presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden because she does not want to argue with her constituents.

"I don't want to get into a debate with my residents," she told Newsweek. "Residents come up to me and say, ‘Rashida, I don't know. I hear Joe Biden this, Joe Biden that.' I say, ‘Listen, do we need another four years of Trump? No. Then what I need you to do is go out there and focus on that.' If the ultimate goal is to get rid of Donald Trump, that doesn't have to involve me actually endorsing Biden."

Tlaib has often been a thorn in the side of establishment Democrats. Tlaib supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) in the Democratic primary, along with fellow members of the far-left "squad" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.). While she has not endorsed Biden, Tlaib said she would focus on turning out the vote for him in Michigan, which Trump narrowly won in 2016.

She said her residents would be "inspired" by an opportunity to vote against Trump, not for Biden.


This Week in Campus Insanity, Vol. 3

Welcome back to Campus Insanity, a weekly roundup of the craziest developments at our nation's 4,000-plus institutions of higher education.

6. Northwestern Student Government Supports Using Excess Funds to Bail Out Alleged Criminals | Campus Reform

The Associated Student Government at Northwestern University unanimously passed legislation to send its $15,000 budget surplus to a fund that "pays bond for people charged with crimes in Cook County, Illinois."

5. Syracuse University Silent on Assault And Death Threats Against Conservative Students | TheFederalist

A Syracuse University student was fired from the school's newspaper after writing an article that suggested police interaction rates would provide a better metric to analyze police brutality.

4. Students Demand Firing of Black Dean Because She Mixed up Black Students’ Names | TheCollege Fix

Students created a petition to fire Scripps College dean of students Charlotte Johnson, a black woman, because she confused two black students’ names.

3. University of Minnesota Architecture School Reveals Plan for ‘Racial and Spatial' Justice |Minnesota Daily

The new head of the University of Minnesota's school of architecture put forth a plan to address "racial and spatial justice" at the school in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Universities Brand 'Drama Therapy' And 'Journalism' as STEM Majors to Circumvent Immigration Law

Several American universities are expanding the scope of their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an attempt to circumvent U.S. immigration regulations, which allows international students who major in STEM subjects to stay in the country two years longer than counterparts who major in the humanities. New York University, for example, now includes journalism, classics, and drama therapy under its STEM umbrella.

NYU is one of a number of universities exploiting a U.S. immigration policy that requires most international students to leave the country a year after finishing their studies—but permits those who studied STEM disciplines to work for an additional two years. The policy is part of the Department of Homeland Security's Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, which aims to shore up the United States' supply of engineers and tech workers.

The result has been a dramatic increase in the number of foreign students seeking the STEM exemption—it ballooned to nearly 70,000 in 2018 from just over 2,000 in 2008 as the University of California, Berkeley, Boston University, California State University, and others have classified journalism, media studies, and digital media arts as STEM programs.

CSU said that it followed DHS guidelines when it made its decision to label certain programs as STEM. None of the other schools responded to requests for comment.


Campus Activists Demand Free Tuition and Reparations

Tulane's Black Student Union presses administration to compensate the descendents of slaves who worked on campus grounds

Tulane University activists are demanding that the school offer reparations to the descendants of slaves who worked on the plantation that became campus grounds nearly 200 years ago.

Before the school's establishment in 1834—created as a medical university in response to the cholera, yellow fever, and smallpox epidemics—the land was used as a plantation. The school's Black Student Union (BSU) asked administrators to identify the descendants of the enslaved people who once worked on the plantation and offer them full tuition and more, according to alist of demands posted online.

"We demand that Tulane allocates funding to track down the descendants of the enslaved people who labored at the Tulane plantation and offer them full tuition and room and board scholarships that include a living stipend each semester of attendance at Tulane," the post reads. "Tulane must first acknowledge the trauma it has inflicted on black community members. It is Tulane's responsibility to recognize their longstanding history of racism and take actionable steps to reconcile those practices."

The Black Student Union did not return a request for comment.


RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: Joe Biden Silent on Portland Unrest

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Monday called the unrest in Democrat-run Portland “deeply frightening,” and said 2020 Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has been “silent” on it.

“I think it’s a huge issue as a suburban mom, looking at the unrest happening in Portland, it is deeply frightening to see Democrats continue to fail their leadership duties, to continue to see Joe Biden silent on this issue,” she said in an interview on Fox & Friends.


Murders Continue to Surge in Democrat-Controlled Cities

Murders continue to surge in Houston, Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, and other Democrat-controlled cities around the country.

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson tweeted a collection of reports on July 27, which included snippets from media outlets, police departments, and city governments. The message communicated was clear–murder is surging in Houston, Denver, Atlanta, and St. Louis.

Berenson noted that murders are also up in Los Angeles, Boston, and Miami.

The violence is raging in Chicago and New York City as well. Breitbart News reported nearly 60 shot and 3 killed over the weekend in Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reported that 373 people were shot to death in Chicago between January 1 and July 11. That figure represents 97 more people than were killed in Chicago during the same period in 2019.

Thirty-four people were shot and 10 killed over the weekend in NYC. TheMinneapolis Start Tribune reported that more people have been killed in Minneapolis at this point in 2020 than were killed in all of 2019.

The mayor of NYC is Bill de Blasio (D) and the mayor of Minneapolis is Jacob Frey (D).


George Soros Spends $52 Million on 2020 Election Cycle

Left-wing and partisan Democrat billionaire George Soros spent more than $52 million in political spending, per Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, according to a report for theWashington Free Beacon. The total does not include ostensibly philanthropic spending via his Open Society Foundations network.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on FEC filings from Soros’s political action committee (PAC), Democracy PAC:

Soros ramped up his political spending this cycle through the Democracy PAC, which he created last year to pump large sums into the coffers of other left-wing groups. New filings to the Federal Election Commission show the PAC doled out nearly $17 million last quarter, bringing its total cash disbursements this cycle to $48 million. Soros gave another $4 million directly to Democratic campaigns and committees without first depositing the money into his PAC. The $52 million cash influx is more than double Soros’s previous high of $22 million, which came during the last presidential election.

Soros’s political spending captured by the FEC in 2020 is $30 more than it was in 2016.

According to Open Secrets, Democracy PAC raised $51,635,003 in 2020, of which it has spent $48,091,590. Its beneficiaries are all left-wing and partisan Democrat PACs, including Senate Majority PAC, Priorities USA Action, Win Justice PAC, Illinois Justice & Public Safety PAC,Supermajority PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, and Pacronym.