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Friday, September 19, 2014

Dying Single Mother Asks an Unexpected Person to Take Care of Her Son…and They Said ‘Yes’

A single mother with terminal cancer feared for the 8-year-old son she could leave behind. Who would take care of him?

Tricia Somers didn’t think she could entrust Wesley to her family. The boy’s grandparents had died years ago, and his father was not involved with his life consistently. Then, another woman named Tricia entered the picture, ABC News reported.

Tricia Seaman was Somers’ nurse at Pinnacle Health Community General in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where the pair got to know each other well during Somers’ treatments.


This Appalling Practice Is Only Used in Two Nations—And the US Is One of Them

It’s sort of an obscure story, but it’s also incredibly instructive.

That’s the story of how Eritrea—a tiny, mostly unheard-of country in East Africa—taxes its citizens who live abroad.

Eritrea is one of only two countries in the entire world that taxes its nonresident citizens on their global income. Specifically, Eritrea levies a flat 2% tax on the income of its citizens who reside abroad.

Nearly every other country in the world bases its tax system on residency rather than citizenship. For example, if you’re an Italian citizen and leave Italy to become a resident of and earn income in Dubai, you would not have to pay taxes on that income to the Italian government. If you were an Eritrean citizen, on the other hand, you would have to pay taxes to the Eritrean government no matter where you live and work.


Duck Dynasty Star: ‘We Are Swimming In A Cesspool Of Politically Correct Crap’

Count Phil Robertson as someone not at all pleased with the current state of American culture.

In a sermon the Duck Dynasty star gave to White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ on Sunday, Robertson said that America is “swimming in a cesspool of politically correct crap.”

“America is sick. It’s sinfully sick, and so is the world. When is that last time you heard someone in the news media say with their straight voice and any kind of admiration, ‘Jesus Christ. Jesus?’ They won’t even mention his name,” said Robertson. “We are swimming in a cesspool of politically correct crap.” 


Adrian Peterson's mother defends her son by saying 'when you whip someone you love it's about love'

Adrian Peterson's mother defended the Minnesota Vikings running back in the wake of child abuse allegations against him, saying that he is 'trying hard to be a good parent'.

Bonita Jackson of Spring, Texas, said she and Peterson's father, Nelson Peterson, were 'big disciplinarians' who used hands, switches and belts to occasionally spank all six of her children.

Jackson, 50, said most parents discipline their children a little excessively sometimes, but they are trying to prepare their children 'for the real world'.


Men Get Bikini Waxes For The First Time

Democrats Slam Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Politico reports that "long-simmering doubts" and a renewed lack of confidence in Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the White House, congressional Dems and other Washington Democrats has Schultz struggling to try and hold onto her job.

They've lost faith in her as "a unifying leader and reliable party spokesperson" just as we approach a mid-term election that already has Democrats at a disadvantage.

Recently, Wasserman Schultz criticized the White House’s for it's handling of the immigration crisis and also border crisis and also compared the political right to wife beaters.

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee trivialized the plight of domestic violence victims Wednesday by comparing Republican right-to-work policies with wife-beating.

Speaking of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his pro-growth economic agenda during a campaign stop in Wisconsin, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz was graphic – and insulting.

“Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand,” Wassermann Schultz said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I know that is stark. I know that is direct. But that is reality.”

Clearly the dogs have been loosed in her direction given this comment from a prominent donor.


Special Ed Kids' Food Cart Is Latest Casualty Of Federal Calorie Counts

Federal regulations have upset the coffee cart at a Georgia high school.

Government limits on the calories in food sold to public school students have stifled both special education and culinary programs at Marietta High School, according to the Marietta Daily Journal. Students at the school learned baking and business skills by manning a cart that sold coffee and muffins to teachers and students every morning last year, but the business recently got the boot due to rules imposed by Washington.

Muffins exceeded the 200-calorie limit placed on snacks sold on school grounds under the 2010 federal Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which also limits sodium, sugar and calories in each food served at lunchtime. The cart was operated and stocked by the 16 special needs students, but since August, the coffee cart has been locked in a closet collecting dust.

“Our students need those opportunities to interact with others because they are very shy and they don’t have a lot of opportunities to speak,” Christy Hunt, a special education teacher at the school told the Daily Journal. “It was really about our teacher curriculum and teaching our kids real-life skills in a real-life setting. It’s part of what we need to teach them, and that part of it in the school system has been taken away by the Healthy Kids Act.”


Doctor: Gov’t ‘Tight-Lipped’ on Respiratory Virus, May be From Illegals

Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, reported that the government has been “real tight-lipped” about the mysterious respiratory illness that has struck children in the United States, expressed concern that the illegal immigrant minors from Central America could be the source, and argued that the government should devote more resources to border security to combat the spread of disease on Wednesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

When asked whether illegal immigrant children who have been sent to various locations around the country could be the cause of the virus, she responded “Yes, they could be. We don’t know for sure the government is being real tight-lipped about this, and it only takes one infected child to infect the whole classroom.”


Here's Looking At You This Friday Night

Hey, let's be careful out there!

Salisbury News Enjoys The Biggest Friday In Our 10 Year History

We want to Thank You for visiting us in record numbers today. At 7:30 PM we had already surpassed our biggest Friday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Maryland Delivers $4.9M In Education, Innovation Grants

Students across Maryland will find expanded access to new technology and resources thanks to $4.9 million in grants. The grants are aimed at fostering long-term economic growth in the State, Governor Martin O’Malley announced Thursday.

Nine Maryland school systems have been awarded $3.5 million toward their second round of Digital Learning Innovation Fund grants. The grants will enable students to interact with new and emerging technologies with an emphasis on workplace skills.

Additionally, the State has issued $1.4 million to four school system postsecondary education partnerships through the Early College Innovation Fund. The program promotes collaboration between local school systems and higher education institutions with the purpose of expanding college access.


ISIS™ Drives Texas-made Toyota Trucks Apparently Modified for U.S. Special Forces

“We’ve got Iraqi army battalions driving around in Toyota trucks,” General McCaffrey, 2007

This you have to see to believe: the now iconic white Toyota trucks we see ISIS™ driving around look scarily familiar to ones purchased here in the states and outfitted by special forces which puts to rest the notion that ISIS™ simply ran up to a dealership in Iraq and made off with 30 or so vehicles. They aren’t even SOLD in Iraq and certainly not with these modifications. At least not as an entire fleet.

Johnson Dam Lowering

As part of Salisbury Public Works’ ongoing effort to keep the public informed of improvements within the City of Salisbury, please be advised that the City of Salisbury will have a structural engineer conduct a routine inspection of Johnson Pond Dam during the week of September 22, 2014. To perform the inspection, the City will be required to slightly lower the level of Johnson Pond. Inspection work should last seven to ten days. Once the inspection is complete, the pond level will be brought back up to normal levels.

Should you have any questions or need clarification regarding this project, please contact Reggie Mariner at George, Miles & Buhr 410-742-3115.

Judge arrested for domestic violence should quit, senator says

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby is calling for the resignation of U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller following the judge's arrest on a domestic violence charge.

Shelby issued a statement Wednesday saying Fuller has lost the confidence of his colleagues and the people of Alabama.

The Tuscaloosa Republican says Fuller should resign immediately.


Millennials Lead US Decline In Entrepreneurship

28 percent fewer startups in 2011 than in 1977

For years, Christina Marshall was convinced she would start her own company.

She studied entrepreneurship with the hope of launching a clothing company for full-figured women. But after graduating two years ago, the 31-year-old chose a more conventional career as a brand manager at Kraft Foods in Chicago.

“It felt like the timing wasn’t exactly right,” Marshall said. “As much as I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I knew I needed a backup plan.” 

House approves Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill

Bill approved on a 333-92 vote

Former Rep. Ron Paul’s push to audit the Federal Reserve got another boost Wednesday when the House passed the bill for the second time in three years, and by a bigger margin than before.

The bill, now sponsored by Rep. Paul Broun, Georgia Republican, was approved on a 333-92 vote, with all but one Republican and 106 Democrats in favor of it. That’s a major jump from last time, when a majority of Democrats voted against it.

Still, despite the overwhelming support, the law is likely to die. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who had previously indicated support for such an audit, reversed himself in 2012 and said he wouldn’t let the bill come to to the Senate floor.

Read more

AG Gansler Announces Settlement Agreement with New Sparrows Point Owner

AG Gansler Announces Settlement Agreement with New Sparrows Point Owner to Clean Up Years of Industrial Pollution at Steelmaking Plant
$48 million pledged to guarantee cleanup of 3,100-acre site eyed for redevelopment 

Baltimore, MD - Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler announced today a settlement agreement with the new owner of the former Sparrows Point steelmaking facility outlining the exhaustive cleanup of decades of industrial pollution and contamination at the vast property. The agreement represents a major step forward in efforts to redevelop the 3,100-acre Sparrows Point property into a hub for port-related, energy, advanced manufacturing and distribution uses.

"This agreement to clean up Sparrows Point - at no cost to taxpayers - ensures the restoration of an environmental eyesore and a public health hazard that has long been one of the most toxic sites in Maryland," said Attorney General Gansler. "The people who live and work nearby can finally look toward a healthier community. It's exciting to envision a revitalized Sparrows Point as an economic engine and job creator for our state."

Under the terms of the Administrative Consent Order, Sparrows Point Terminal, LLC, (SPT) will assume responsibility for ongoing environmental work and will develop and execute plans to complete cleanup of the property. The new owner agreed to provide the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) with $48 million in financial assurances (a $43 million trust fund and a $5 million letter of credit) to pay for cleanup.

Additionally, SPT, through an independent engineering firm, will review the adequacy of the financial commitment every six months, and if cleanup costs are 10 percent or more over budget, the company will put more money into the trust fund. The Consent Order also provides for SPT to incur penalties of up to $5,000 a day if it fails to meet deadlines outlined in the agreement and requires the company to pay MDE's oversight and response costs up to $100,000 per year.

SPT has also agreed to provide the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with $3 million to perform additional offshore investigation and, if necessary, offshore remediation.

The Consent Order became effective today upon sale of the property to Sparrows Point Terminal LLC. The Administrative Consent Order and additional related documents are available on MDE's website.

Attorney General Gansler thanked Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Robert M. Summers and his team, as well as Assistant Attorneys General Sari Levin and Matthew Zimmerman, for their work on the settlement.

This Benghazi Victim Family Member Just Scorched Obama And Hillary With 3 Words

Michael Ingmire, the uncle of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, was speaking with Gretchen Carlson about an op-ed he wrote for Fox News and the hearing being conducted about Benghazi when he said:

“Senator Kerry, the most dangerous thing in the world is terrorism, not climate change. Do your job, protect your personnel.”

“They promised, for example, Pat Smith was promised by Panetta, Obama, Hillary Clinton that they were going to get back to her. That they were going to keep a consistent word as far as like, keeping her abreast of the investigation into the murders. And, they’ve never returned one phone call. They have never called her. So Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, you’re all liars.”


Delmarva Power Partners for Coastal Cleanup

Delmarva Power will partner with environmental, governmental and business organizations throughout the region to support the 28th annual Coastal Cleanup this year. The effort aims to remove trash from beaches and riverbanks in Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

Volunteers are needed to clean up more than 60 locations. Most cleanups will occur on Saturday, Sept. 20, while others will take place on other dates in September and October. (See second and third pages of this news release for specific information on all cleanup sites, times and dates).Each participant will receive an original Coastal Cleanup T-shirt (while supplies last), courtesy of Delmarva Power and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

“Unfortunately, some people who visit our region’s beaches and rivers over the summer leave behind a lot of trash,” Delmarva Power spokesman Matt Likovich said during a Coastal Cleanup kickoff news conference Thursday in Ocean City. “Add that to the debris that washes ashore and you have the potential for serious pollution. Delmarva Power is proud to sponsor Coastal Cleanup for 24 consecutive years because it reflects the kind of environmental stewardship that is central to our business.”


Hundreds of police line the streets at funeral of state trooper shot dead by survivalist as search for his killer enters its sixth day

The police trooper shot dead in an ambush by a 'Cold War-obsessed' sniper survivalist was an impeccable officer who put his family first, it emerged at his funeral today.

As a manhunt for Cpl. Bryon Dickson's killer continued 40 miles away, police Commissioner Frank Noonan told hundreds of mourners gathered at St. Peter's Cathedral in Scranton that the father-of-two 'was no ordinary trooper.'

The mourners included Dickson's wife, Tiffany, who wore dark sunglasses as she held the hand of their youngest son Adam.

Dickson, 38, was gunned down late Friday outside his rural barracks in the Pocono Mountains.

Police are still searching for the suspected shooter, 31-year-old Eric Frein who is charged with killing Dickson and wounding another trooper in an ambush that authorities said was likely fueled by his hatred of law enforcement.


NRP Charges Two with Fishing, Crabbing Crimes; Penalties Could Total $200,000

Maryland Natural Resources Police officers charged two Anne Arundel County men in separate cases with illegal fishing and crabbing activities.

A Glen Burnie man faces fines of nearly $200,000 when he appears in Annapolis District Court Nov. 21 on charges he poached numerous undersized striped bass and white perch from the Patapsco River.

Sultan Mahamud Limon, 23, was charged on Aug. 31 by NRP officers on patrol at Fort Smallwood Park, which is owned by Anne Arundel County. The officers were checking recreational anglers and their catches when they saw Limon using a cast net to harvest fish.

When they checked his catch, officers counted 116 undersized white perch and 66 undersized striped bass. The minimum size for white perch is 8 inches for anglers using a cast net. An angler may possess two striped bass between 18-28 inches, or one fish between 18-28 inches and one fish over 28 inches, daily.

The officers seized the fish and returned them to the river.


Holding a rifle in high school

Chilling childhood photo of survivalist sniper who gunned down state trooper emerges as FBI put him on Most Wanted Fugitives list with a $100,000 reward

With his finger on the trigger and his eyes fixated on the target ahead, these chilling photos show a babyfaced Eric Frein training with his high school shooting team.

Now 31-years-old, the 'Cold War-obsessed' survivalist sniper has been placed on the FBI's most Wanted Fugitives list after he allegedly gunned down state trooper Byron Dickson during an ambush on Friday.

The bureau is offering a $100,000 reward for anyone who has information that leads to his capture as the manhunt entered its sixth day.

Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers have also said they will hand over $75,000 to anyone who has vital information on his whereabouts.

State Police are now trying to flush the man they suspect of killing a trooper out of dense, swampy northeastern Pennsylvania woodland, having eliminated his other possible hiding places.


Ship from Liberia with Sick Passengers Docks in Louisiana...But Don't Worry

When a ship from an Ebola-plagued nation docks on American shores with a crew full of sick passengers, by all means, we should bring them into the country and treat them.

But don’t worry – the CDC figured it was probably fine.

According to a release from the CDC, the ship was reported to have traveled to a port in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and others in Africa. Officials immediately downplayed the likelihood that the sickness was related to an outbreak of Ebola in that part of the world.

“There is no evidence to suggest that the crew members traveled to, or had any contact with anyone from the remote island region of DRC where Ebola cases are occurring. Given this, the chance that the crew member could have Ebola is thought to be exceedingly low,” the CDC stated. (source)


SFD Calls For Service 9-18-14

  • Thursday September, 18 2014 @ 22:24Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 18 2014 @ 21:47Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 18 2014 @ 21:44Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 18 2014 @ 21:42Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 18 2014 @ 21:33Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Man Calls Cops To Report Vandals At His Home, They Show Up And Kill Him

47-year-old Daniel Martin Jr. of Lawton Oklahoma was shot and killed by police in March after he called 911 to report vandals outside of his house.

The police responsible for the murder have been cleared of any wrong-doing by an internal investigation, and the death has been ruled “justified”.

When Mr. Martin spoke with the 911 dispatcher he warned them that he had a gun, and that he would be carrying it just in case the vandals were to break into his home.

However, somewhere this message got lost in translation, because when Martin opened his front door for the police, someone shouted “gun,” and Lawton police officers Elijah Garcia and Anthony Edwards fired multiple rounds, News Oklahoma reported.

Recordings later obtained of the exchange between the dispatcher and the police show that the police were warned that the victim would have a gun.


Obamacare’s Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

A GAO report shows that abortions are being paid for with taxes in more than 1,000 exchange plans.

Taxpayer funding for abortion is not, nor has it ever been, a popular policy. A recent Knights of Columbus/Marist poll confirmed this, with 58 percent opposing it and only 37 percent supporting (women actually clocked in with higher opposition than men, with 60 percent opposing). This lack of popularity led long ago to a federal guarantee, known as the Hyde Amendment, that federal taxes will not pay for abortions.

Obamacare has likewise been unpopular. The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows that for nearly two years, a majority of Americans have had an unfavorable opinion of this health-care legislation. Currently its popularity deficit is 12 points (47 to 35 percent). It’s little wonder, too, given that the president’s signature legislation has been fraught with problems, missteps, and outcomes directly contrary to what he promised the American people. To understand this ongoing lack of public support, one need only consider the ways in which the HHS sterilization, contraception, and abortifacient mandate has trampled on conscience and First Amendment rights; or recall the law’s disastrous public rollout, or the false promise that “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”




Armed Robbery 
Reporting Agency: Maryland State Police
September 18, 2014, 11:40 a.m.
Hebron Savings Bank, Sharptown, Wicomico County, MD

Maryland State Police case # 14-MSP-00030383

The Wicomico County Bureau of Investigation is seeking assistance from the public in identifying the below photographed suspect and suspect vehicle. Information is being sought in connection with a bank robbery which occurred in Sharptown, MD on Thursday, September 18, 2014.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation at Phone: 410-548-4898 or Email: or @Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore at 410-548-1776 
(Crime Solvers is offering up to a $2,000 for any information which leads to an arrest)

Suspect Vehicle:
• Silver , Chrysler, P.T. Cruiser, dark colored sun roof
• MD Registration – 4FYF79 (registration plate on vehicle is not registered to that vehicle, and has been reported stolen)

Investigating Detective:Cpl. H. Chester – Maryland State Police

'I was Hitler's food taster'

Woman who had most dangerous job in Nazi Germany reveals how she cried at end of every meal - because she had survived

Eating was a game of Russian roulette for Margo Wölk - because every mouthful of food could have killed her.

Although grateful for the bland vegetarian meals she was given, the 25-year-old and her colleagues were not being fed out of generosity.

Ms Wölk was one of 15 women employed at Adolf Hitler's Prussian headquarters during the Second World War to taste the Nazi leader's food to ensure it had not been poisoned.


Former Navy SEAL: Over 90 Percent Of Troops Do Not Support Obama

“I’d say most of the troops do not support the president.”

According to former U.S. Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, over 90 percent of troops disapprove of President Barack Obama. Higbie made the comments to “On The Record” host Greta Van Susteren Wednesday.

“Effective today, the president? A photo-op? or something in between?” Susteren asked.

“Photo-op. Complete photo-op. This indicative of a global failure of his foreign policy,” Higbie explained. “He has toted that he is behind the troops before and he stands in front of these guys, gets a photo-op, everything like that, while saying he’s going to send 3,000 guys to combat Ebola, but I’m not going to send any to combat an actual enemy that’s really threatening America.”

“What do you think they think? I mean, I suppose it’s kind of a mixed bag?” Susteren pressed.

“I’d say most of the troops,” Higbie replied. “Probably over 90 percent, do not support the president.”

Full article here

Forgiving Biden

Media that lean left will react differently to their friends than to their enemies.

Vice President Joe Biden, who in our kingless nation has been sent to play the role of Britain’s Prince Philip, condemned unscrupulous bankers earlier this week and, in doing so, caused something of a flap. While eulogizing his son Beau, Biden spun into a roving digression, lamenting that the United States was being torn asunder by a class of unscrupulous and avaricious bankers — dastardly men who spend their days tricking the public to take “bad loans,” taking advantage of the ignorant and the needy, and foreclosing the homes of military heroes while they serve overseas. Searching for a verbal shortcut with which to button his image, Biden plucked a Shakespearean name from the air: “Shylock.”

The invocation made waves. Describing Biden as “a stalwart against anti-Semitism and bigotry,” a man who is “friendly to the Jewish community,” and an “open and tolerant” individual, the Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman nevertheless contended that the allusion served only to remind him “how deeply embedded this stereotype about Jews is in society.” Biden, Foxman ultimately charged, “should have been more careful.”


Eastern Shore School Closing Early Because Of Sick Students

CAPE CHARLES, Va. (WAVY) – Occohannock Elementary School on Virginia’s Eastern Shore is closing early Friday because of a high number of sick children.

School spokesperson Pam Lilliston told a large number of students at the school are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, so they are sending students home at 1 p.m.

The elementary school is in Exmore and is part of the Northampton County Public Schools system.


Biden: ‘My Wife Was With Prince Harry. I’m A Little Worried—You Know What I Mean?’

Just as Vice President Joe Biden began to leave an interview with The Guardian on his stop in Iowa, he casually put his foot in his mouth. Mercifully, this slip-up is benign compared to his using the word “Shylock” to describe Jews and “the Orient” to describe Asia earlier this week. Never mind that he contradicted the president in regard to their strategy to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS)–the trifecta was already complete.


New Jersey Democrats Accused of Using Unethical Campaigning, ‘Gutter’ Tactics

Voters report ‘push poll’ designed to depress GOP turnout

New Jersey Democrats are facing a backlash over what some say was an unethical polling tactic that included bashing Republicans they face in the upcoming November election.

Several people in Monmouth County, N.J. reported getting the calls, as first reported by, a local website. The call indicated it was a random opinion poll, and voters were then asked who they were voting for in the election.

If residents indicated they were voting for a Republican, negative information was then given about that candidate.

Read more

A Message From Andy Harris

Andy Harris, M.D.

Congress voted yesterday to fund the arming of Syrian rebels to fight against the islamic State (ISIL). After numerous briefings by the Administration, it became clear to me that the Administration does not have a plan in place to ensure the proper vetting of Syrian rebels armed by the U.S. so that we can know they will not turn around and use those arms against the U.S. and our allies. That is why I voted against the amendment. Islamic radical terrorism remains a grave threat to our country and destroying the ISIL is in the national interest of the United States. I believe the President should come to Congress and request the authorization to use force against this enemy and offer a real plan on how the U.S. and our allies can defeat them.

SPD Press Release 9-19-14 (Attempt to Identify Shoplifting Suspects)

Governor O’Malley, Lt. Governor Brown Announce 2014 Early College, Digital Learning Grantees

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Martin O’Malley today announced $4.9 million in grants through the 2014 Digital Learning Innovation Fund and the Early College Innovation Funds. This is the second year that the grants, which promote programs to prepare students to compete in the 21st century economy, have been awarded in Maryland.

“Together, the Digital Learning and Early College grants provide a critical resource to expanding educational opportunity for students across our State,” said Governor O’Malley. “These funds will ensure that our students continue to be among the highest achieving in the nation, and can compete for jobs in a changing economy.”

The Digital Learning Innovation Fund helps local school systems maximize the potential of new and emerging technologies to improve the teaching and learning environment, as well as to better prepare all students for the workforce of today and the future. Nine school systems were awarded the second round of Digital Learning Innovation Fund grants, which totaled $3.5 million, and will enable schools to utilize new and emerging technologies to strengthen student learning.


What's Wrong With This Daily Times Photo?

SEPP: Making the Internet more expensive for consumers

Congress has long been derided as a body crippled by score-settling, grandstanding and ideological skirmishing. Washington insiders may disagree with this assessment of how dysfunctional our nation’s capital has become, but to taxpayers the evidence is clear. Lawmakers cannot get together to pass an important piece of legislation that protects a vital service and actually enjoys widespread support among members of both major parties.

The legislation is known as the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, and it would reauthorize an existing federal law that prohibits state and local governments from imposing hefty taxes on monthly subscriptions for Internet service.


Berlin Fire Company Needs Your Support

Joe Biden calls Asian politician ‘the wisest man in The Orient’ just hours after apologizing for anti-Semitic gaffe

Vice President Joe Biden just can't catch a break this week, coming under fire on Wednesday for calling an Asian politician 'the wisest man in the Orient' just hours after apologizing for using an anti-Semitic slur in a speech the previous day.

Biden was speaking at the kickoff of the Nuns on the bus tour in Des Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday when he made his second racially insensitive comment of the week.

While telling a story about Singapore's first prime minister, Biden said, 'You know on the way back from Mumbai ... I stopped in Singapore to meet with a guy named Lee Kuan Yew who most foreign policy experts around the world say is the wisest man in the Orient.'

The terms 'orient' and 'oriental' are generally appropriate for describing inanimate objects but not people.


If Scotland breaks away, these 8 places in Europe could be next

Given Europe's complicated history and cultural diversity, the existence of independence-minded groups and regions is understandable. Even so, the sheer number of separatist movements in Europe may surprise you.

Some of these groups have transformed their desire for separation into successful political movements; others are operating at a far lower level. Some are more violent (even building their own tanks, as was the case in Northern Italy) than others (as in Bavaria, where beer seems to be the only weapon which is used).

Despite the differences in methods and goals, here are some of the European regions that may best admire the Scottish bid for independence.


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Sometimes, when you are planning a vacation, where to go isn't the most important part of the equation.

For me, any number of factors can determine the destination: Is it relaxing? Is it interesting? Is it exotic? Have I been there before? If a destination hits any of those factors, I could be interested — as long as airfare is the right price.

While planning a recent vacation with no concrete destination in mind, I hit upon one of the best secrets in travel.

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Security Footage Of Synagogue Collapse & 'Strange Airplane' Allegedly Behind It

Scotland - "No" Has Early Lead!

Only a few of the smaller precincts have reported, but it looks like the Union may remain intact.

Pundits say the last minute proposal by Whithall -- a federal form of British government (more power for Scotland) -- has turned the recent tide of support to break away from England.

Thank God Its Friday 9-19-14

What will you be doing this weekend?

Home Depot says 56 MILLION payment cards have been affected by biggest retail security breach in history

The Home Depot believes that a cyberattack earlier this year affected 56 million unique payment cards as part of the largest retail security breach in history.

The Atlanta-based home retailer, which has more than 2,000 stores nationwide, says it has now eliminated the malware behind the attacks that took place between April and September.

It said it has also completed a 'major' payment security project that provides enhanced encryption of customers' payment data in its U.S. stores.


Larry Hogan holds press conference; Refutes Brown’s lies and calls for him to pull TV ads

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Larry Hogan held his first press conference of the campaign season at his Annapolis headquarters this morning to refute Anthony Brown’s “deceitful” ad campaign.
“[Anthony Brown’s campaign] is the most deceitful, most dishonest campaign that I have ever witnessed in my entire life,” Mr. Hogan, standing next to three easels displaying the ads, told a dozen reporters. “Each of Anthony Brown’s campaign ads are completely false and are filled with absolute lies. Yesterday, the Baltimore Sun editorial page suggested that I not let Anthony Brown define me with these false statements—that I ought to try to set the record straight. That’s exactly why we called this press conference this morning; we’re taking that advice.”
Hogan then laid out each of the false claims featured in Brown’s campaign literature and television ads, which have aired in both Baltimore and Washington media markets (the following quotations are taken verbatim from the ads), and refuted them directly: 
1)       Lie: “Larry Hogan opposes a woman’s right to choose. He wants to ban abortions, even in cases of rape and incest.”  (Brown TV ad: “Dangerous”)
Truth: “That is an absolute lie. It’s not my position now, and it’s never been my position. … I have repeatedly said I would do nothing as governor to take away a woman’s right,” Hogan said. “We’re not going to roll back any laws. I have repeatedly said that this issue was decided by the voters of Maryland back in 1992. For Anthony Brown to try to scare women … is absolutely disgraceful.”
2)       Lie: “Larry Hogan would take our kids backwards. He says, [Hogan voiceover] ‘We just simply can't afford this universal pre-K,’ and instead, Hogan would spend twice as much [screen shows $300 million] on huge corporate giveaways every year, putting corporations ahead of kids.” (Brown TV ad: “Universal”)

Truth: “First of all, I support pre-K. I’m not for taking one single penny out of pre-K. And I’m not planning on taking $300 million from kids and giving it to corporations. I have said that I support universal pre-K. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I said, ‘Who could possibly be opposed to it?’ I’ve also said, ‘We simply can’t afford it right now.’ … We’ve got a dead economy, we’re losing jobs, our state has raised 40 taxes on struggling Maryland families. Anthony Brown is … promising $7 billion in new spending programs, including universal pre-K for everyone, with absolutely no detail whatsoever on how he’s going to pay for it. In fact, he’s telling you he’s not going to raise taxes. That’s absolutely not true.”

3)       Lie: “Larry Hogan is opposed to a law that keeps guns off our streets. Hogan even opposed common-sense background checks …” (Brown TV ad: “Dangerous”)
Truth: “I have talked about and criticized this administration for the fact that over the past eight years, [Maryland was] one of the only states in the nation that wouldn’t report mental illness to the federal system. We were one of the only states where we were making it easier for people with mental illnesses to get guns. … I have been pushing for instant point-of-sale background checks and us joining the federal instant background check system. Never have I ever supported … giving guns to the mentally ill or stopping background checks. It’s completely false.”
4)       Lie: “Hogan … supported massive college tuition increases.” (Brown TV ad: “Never Stop”)
Truth: “I have never supported one penny of tuition increases ever, at any point in my life. As a matter of fact, over the past three-and-a-half years, I have been the leading voice of opposition to the O’Malley-Brown increases in tuition.”
To view a clip from the press conference, click here:
Before answering questions from reporters, Hogan said the ads were “a perfect example of why so many people of both parties are disgusted with politics and politicians. … If Anthony Brown is willing to blatantly lie throughout this campaign, how can he be trusted in public office? Today, I am calling on Anthony Brown to stop these outrageous lies and, for once, to take responsibility and pull down the false and dishonest ads.”

Lewes Woman Charged with 4th Offense DUI after Crashing on New Road

Lewes, DE – Troopers have arrested a 42-year-old Lewes woman for her 4th offense DUI after she was involved in a single vehicle crash late Thursday evening.

The incident occurred at approximately 10:10 p.m. Thursday September 18, 2014 as Jean M. Steiner, 42 of Lewes, was operating a 1995 Chevrolet Suburban westbound on New Road just west of Old Orchard Road. For undetermined reasons the Suburban traveled off the south side of the roadway before Steiner attempted to steer the SUV back onto the roadway where it overturned and came to a stop in the middle of the road on its roof.

Jean Steiner, who was properly restrained, was transported by EMS to Beebe Medical Center where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released. She was later charged by state police for 4th Offense Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (three previous convictions: 01/03/09, 09/25/10, and 04/11/11), Failure to Have Insurance in Possession, Failure to Have Registration in Possession, and Failure to Remain in a Single Lane. She was arraigned and JP3 and committed to Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution in lieu of $6,003.00 cash bond.

Worcester Commissioner Candidates Meet at Forum

District 2 candidate Diana Purnell, left, District 3 Commissioner Bud Church, District 5 candidate Tom Wilson, District 5 candidate Chip Bertino, District 6 Commissioner Jim Bunting, District 7 candidate Joe Mitrecic, District 4 Commissioner Virgil Shockley and District 3 candidate Michael Maykrantz took part in a Worcester County Commission forum at the Ocean Pines library on Wednesday, Sept. 17. JOSH DAVIS, PHOTO
Eight candidates for Worcester County Commissioner met during a political forum at the Ocean Pines Library on Sept. 17.

Candidates Diana Purnell (District 2), Michael Maykrantz (District 3), Tom Wilson and Chip Bertino (District 5) and Joe Mitrecic (District 7) joined incumbents Bud Church (District 3), Virgil Shockley (District 4) and Jim Bunting (District 6) during the forum.

Although the majority of the questions came from the audience, moderator and Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce Director Will Cathell got the ball rolling, asking candidates how they would bring more full-time jobs to the county.

Several candidates touted Worcester County Economic Development Bill Badger.


BREAKING NEWS: At least 8 dead in attack on Ebola health team

At least eight people believed to be members of an Ebola health education team were killed in an attack in Guinea, their bodies found in a village latrine.

From Fox News

With All Eyes on the Fed…House Moves to Abolish It

On Wednesday afternoon, members of the financial press from around the world focused their attention on the Federal Reserve in advance of the Federal Open Market Committee’s statement on monetary policy. At issue was how the Fed will wind down a series of programs that, while controversial, are widely believed to have prevented the U.S. economy from tumbling into a second Great Depression following the financial crisis and the Great Recession.

Meanwhile, at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the House of Representatives approved a bill that, its sponsor hopes, is the first step toward doing away with the Federal Reserve and handing Congress the power to control the U.S. money supply.


Intel Bulletin Warns of ISIS Urging Jihad Attacks Against U.S. Soldiers at Home

An intelligence bulletin warns of radical Islamic extremists trying to encourage followers to seek out and murder U.S. military personnel at their homes.

Trace Gallagher reported on “The Kelly File” that the bulletin from the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange is based on credible sources and an uptick in chatter on Internet forums.

Terror groups are encouraging lone wolf terrorists to carry out the murders on American soil, the bulletin warns, saying they will likely be spontaneous, ambush-style attacks, similar to the machete attack of a British soldier in 2013.


BREAKING NEWS: France launches first airstrike against ISIS in Iraq

France says it has conducted its first airstrike against Islamic State militants in Iraq, destroying a logistics depot.


Yard Sales 9-19-14




Yard Sale Saturday, September 20, 7 am, 309 Taylor Street - lots of miscellaneous household items, teen girl stuff, kid/teen 12-V battery operated Razor (mini motorcycle/crotch rocket), wall-mount propane heater, Barbies still in box, Mickey Mouse & Garfield phones, etc.

Sharptown Community Yard Sale (7 am) & Heritage Day events, Sept. 20, parade at 10 am, stage coach and children’s train rides, food, music, vendors, demonstrations, etc.

Multi-Family Yard Sale Saturday September 20th 7am-1pm
320 Washington Street
Seaford, DE

Cleaning out the attic, garage and kids rooms. Brand new toys, holiday items, electronics, kids clothes 6/7 through 12/14 for girls and boys.
Homemade soaps and handmade jewelry.

The Scots Have Spoken

55% vote "No" to independence from England.

God Save The Queen (and Johnnie Walker)!

Salisbury City Council Agenda For 9-22-14

My Name is America

Afghan Nationals Training Under DEA Disappear

Two Afghan nationals who were training with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration vanished over the weekend while on a visit to Washington, according to federal authorities.

Mohammad Yasin Ataye, 22, and Mohd Naweed Samimi, 24, were part of a group of 31 Afghan police officers who were in the U.S. for a five-week intensive DEA training program to combat drug trafficking in in Quantico, VA. The group was bussed to Georgetown on Saturday for a day of sightseeing, which included an evening boat ride. DEA special agents accompanying the group realized the two men were missing when they failed to show up for the boat's 7 p.m. departure.

"They are among the best and brightest of their country and that's why they were chosen to train at Quantico," said Rusty Payne, a DEA spokesman. "We are very concerned for their safety."


Austrian teenage 'postergirl' jihadist who ran away to Syria to join Islamists is believed to have been killed

One of two Austrian teenage 'postergirls' who flew to Syria in April to join Islamic State ranks is believed to have been killed.

Samra Kesinovic, 16, and her friend Sabina Selimovic, 15, vanished from their Vienna homes earlier this year.

Soon afterwards they posted images of themselves branding Kalashnikov rifles, surrounded by armed men - photos which Austrian police feared were acting as militant recruitment posters for young girls.


Ex-French Hostage: ISIS Captives Don't Know They're About to Die

The American captives shown in Islamic State (ISIS) videos just prior to their executions appear "calm" because they are unaware they are about to be murdered, said a released French hostage, the Daily Mail reported.

French journalist Didier Francois, 53, who works for Paris radio station Europe 1, was held for 10 months by ISIS in Syria before he was released in April, according to the BBC.

Another French hostage, Nicholas Henin, said in an interview with France24 that "The conditions were not always hard. The physical violence is not the worst," The Independent reported. "The uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen the next day or the next minute is traumatizing."

Henin, who also was held for 10 months in Syria, according to The Independent, added, "That is the conditioning of the hostages. That is itself already a sort of violence."


So True

Exploring Space and Time at 3rd Friday

3rd Friday.  
Space and Time.

September 19th is 3rd Friday in Downtown Salisbury; the monthly art and  entertainment event that fills the streets with artisan crafts and original art. This month's theme is explores Space and Time, with everything from rocket scientists and clock-makers, to more broad concepts in space and time.   

The Plaza will feature live music from  Dark Gold Jazzand the street will be jam-packed with local artists, crafters and vendors.  Out-of-this-world displays from  NASA's Wallops Flight FacilityLJT & Associates and theVirginia Commercial Space Flight Authority will give us a glimpse into the work of the Eastern Shore's real-world rocket scientists!  We will have real space suits, flight suits, photo ops, information and more! 
Robinson's Family of Businesses will be exhibiting a historical clock display, a glimpse into how time-keeping first made its way into our daily lives. Parks Martial Arts will be demonstrating Tai Chi, an art of conscious movement in space and time in Parker Place Garden Center and Drums around the Worldwill be leading a drum circle on North Division Lawn.   

Grand Openings 
Time not only keeps us on track, but it also gives us reasons to celebrate!  September 3rd Friday will mark the grand opening of  Echelon SBY Southern Bistro,Light Touch Acupuncture and Massage Studio's new location on Baptist Street, and Feathered Companions Aviary right next door!    

Salisbury Zoo 
The Salisbury Zoo will be on the Plaza celebrating its 60th birthday with animals, activities and throw-back exhibits remembering the Zoo's time in our City.   
Did you know it all started because of a bear?  
Maya Bella's Pizzeria will also celebrating its one year anniversary!

Attack of the Killer Stripey Tubes
Another exploration in Space and Time will be theAttack of the Killer Stripey Tubes:  A Motion Sculpture Workshop and Movement Installation by interdisciplinary artist Claire Elizabeth Barratt and audiovisual artist David Linton hosted by Salisbury University Art Galleries. 

The Attack of the Stripey Tubes free workshop earlier in the day will train local participants to imagine their bodies as sculpture moving in time, within colorful, malleable tubes of fabric.  These dancers will be roving on the Plaza throughout the evening, culminating in an audiovisual installation and live performance inside Parker Place at 7pm.  

Diana Mosteller
Diana Mosteller will also displaying in Parker Place. Diana's work also features interesting perspectives of the human form.  The planes and plateaus of the figure are re-imagined to create unique landscapes, re-imagined spaces that focus not on who the person was / is, but the beauty of form and motion. Familiar objects become unfamiliar and alien, exacerbated by monochromatic hues.  Through Diana's eye, everyday people become transformed. 

   John Mosher
John Mosher will displaying a mixed media series in the windows of the former Hess Building.  The SU Professor's claims began when The  Chromanauts - explorers of time and quantum-chroma space - began sending him cryptic messages and crude sketches of their encounters in the "negative space." Out of sheer curiosity he attempts to decode these messages and create images out of them. "This difficult and often absurd activity requires me to seek solitude in the vast galactic space of my studio, create a blank white landscape of paper, shred local flora to  reconstitute "form", assemble primitive black and gray tools from burnt organic matter,  meditate on the rings of moons, and gesture wildly. Despite my best efforts, their messages are never clear. Once I stop moving they turn into visual static and fade away. I think they find this amusing" explains John.  His other-worldly interpretations are clearly not to be missed.

Tony Weeg Photography Studio    
The Tony Weeg Photography Studio is not to be missed as it unveils the  2014 Skate Deck Art Show and Silent Auction benefiting the Salisbury Skatepark. The lineup of artists is a veritable "who's who" of the most talented artists in the area, and especially in this genre. Limited-run event posters, by letter-press, will be auctioned off,  courtesy of poster designer Brian Robertson, with all proceeds benefiting the skate park! A Punk Metal Show will follow at W.O.R.K. featuring the East Lincoln Dusters,The Floaters and Prone to Violence.   

Salisbury University Art Galleries 
Salisbury University Art Galleries Downtown Campus will be opening two new exhibits this month. TXTED, curated by Marisa Sage, is a group exhibition containing paintings, photographs, drawings, sculpture and installation, all utilizing humorous and "simple" texts as a tool to disarm viewers and the agent to illuminate conceptual metaphors, visual insights and complex narratives. 
The second exhibit is Shared Images & Stories of Maryland's Eastern Shore Immigrants: An Exhibition of Photographs by Earl Dotter & the Migrant Clinicians Network titled Work. Respect. Dignity.  Their images and stories offer an opportunity to humanize the greater immigration discussion. The goal of this exhibition is to promote civic engagement in an often-fraught conversation, and to explore the impact of immigration amidst settled communities and the impact of migration on immigrants and their families.   
Art Institute and Gallery 
Juried Exhibition The Art Institute and Gallery, in the Gallery Building, will be hosting their 22nd Annual National Juried Exhibition. AIG's Foyer Gallery will showcase works from the 2013 regional winner Angela Herbert-Hodges, a local painter with international roots and inspiration and even wider acclaim.  Angela Herbert-Hodges is not only a highly awarded artist, but also an internationally recognized competitive fencer, who chooses to live and work on the Eastern Shore.  Herbert-Hodges also teaches occasional painting workshops at the AIG, with a weekend watercolor workshop scheduled in October.  

CCARTThe 2014 CCART Scholarship Judges Panel is now on display in the Powell Building windows, with a selection of from the celebrated local artists who acted as judges this year's scholarship selection process.  Featured Artist include Ed Brown, Cori Beardsley, Marie Cavallaro, Christina Jarmolinski, Sally Molenda, Barbara Nelson, Ernie Satchel.  The Judges Panel will be on display through Mid-October, to be followed by an exhibit of original artwork from the CCART student scholarship winners themselves.   
Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council will be on the Plaza with "SWAC's Back to School Art", to get us back in the school swing of the arts for the year!  They will have school supply treats for kids, freebies for teachers and school item craft making kits!  Teachers and Parents are encouraged to visit the SWAC table for information on SWAC Art Education grants and free instrument programs!  

Downtown Trolley 
Take a ride back in time with the Downtown Trolley! The Trolley will be starting service at 5PM for 3rd Friday.   Rides start at Salisbury University in front of the Perdue School of Business and continually loop to University Orchard, University Park, Evolution Brewery, the beginning of West Main Street, the end of the Plaza, and Brew River. Boarding is only $1 and service runs until 2 AM.    
The Downtown Bars and Restaurants will have great specials for the dinner crowd, and plenty of entertainment planned for the night.
Mojo's has DJ Vybe, and Market Street has DJ B-Side.Cellar Door Tavern has the MRE's and Roadie Joe'shas Fernando Garza on the patio, and DJ Rusty Griswald at 10pm. Brew River  is having a Friday Night Dock Party with Tranzfusion from 6-10pm and DJ Whisper late night. 
3F is an all-volunteer effort, a downtown economic development initiative and a project of the Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District Committee.  There is no charge for local artists to set up, but online advance registration is required. For More