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Friday, October 28, 2016

Clinton Campaign Chair Had Dinner With Top DOJ Official One Day After Hillary's Benghazi Hearing

In the latest revelation sure to reignite accusations of collusion between the Clinton campaign and the DOJ, among the recent batch of hacked emails released by Wikileaks, we learn that the day after Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last October, John Podesta, Hillary's campaign chairman met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends, including Peter Kadzik, who is currently a top official at the US Justice Department serving as Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs.

The post-Benghazi dinner was attended by Podesta, Kadzik, superlobbyist Vincent Roberti and other well-placed Beltway fixtures. The first mention of personal contact between Podesta and Kadzik in the Wikileaks dump is in an Oct. 23, 2015 email sent out by Vincent Roberti, a lobbyist who is close to Podesta and his superlobbyist brother, Tony Podesta. In it, Roberti refers to a dinner reservation at Posto, a Washington D.C. restaurant. The dinner was set for 7:30 that evening, just one day after Clinton gave 11 hours of testimony to the Benghazi Committee.


Governor's Office of Community Initiatives to Celebrate American Indian Heritage Month

Governor's Office of Community Initiatives to Celebrate
American Indian Heritage Month at Salisbury University
WHAT:    The Governor's Office of Community Initiatives and the Maryland Commission on 
Indian Affairs will host the 2016 American Indian Heritage Month kick-off event. Festivities include traditional food, guest speakers, cultural presentations and dancing, and special recognition of the Native Person of the Year and Native Youth of the Year.

Tribal leaders

                Natosha Norwood Carmine
                First female chief, Nanticoke Indian Tribe

                Other Distinguished Dignitaries

WHEN:    Tuesday, November 1, 2016
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
WHERE:  Salisbury University
 Academic Commons Building
1101 Camden Avenue
Salisbury, Maryland 21801

Indiana Voter Database "Riddled With Errors" Including 1,000s Of Dead Voters And Duplicate Registrations

For years the political elites, backed by funding from George Soros, have fought common sense voter ID laws as blatant attempts of racist right wingers to suppress the votes of minority and low-income citizens. These same people tirelessly argue that there is no evidence of voter fraud despite the mountain of facts that keeps piling up the contrary. The latest evidence comes from Indiana, where CBS points out that the state's voter registration database, like many others around the country, are "riddled with errors" including 1,000s of duplicate registrations and dead voters.

A data analysis firm hired by a voter registration group said on Tuesday that Indiana’s voter database is riddled with errors, including thousands of people over the age of 110 who would likely be deceased but are still on the registration list.

TargetSmart conducted a review of the state voter file maintained by Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson’s office on behalf of Patriot Majority, a voter registration group with deep ties to the Democratic Party that says it was trying to register black voters in Indiana. Patriot Majority has been the focal point of a state police probe of possible voter fraud. The group said the discovery of numerous problems in the voter database does not necessarily mean this was the result of fraud.

TargetSmart said it also found 837,000 voters with out-of-date addresses when compared to the United States Postal Service address database, or roughly one-in-five of all Indiana registered voters. The review found4,556 duplicate registrations, 3,000 records without dates of birth and 31 records of registered voters who are too young to cast a ballot. More than 2,500 people on the rolls were listed over the age of 110.

Meanwhile, Christian Adams, former Voting Section Attorney at the US Department of Justice under George Bush, recently highlighted on Fox News the inexplicable reluctance of politicians to clean up the voter roles.


Dozens of Individuals Indicted in Multimillion-Dollar Indian Call Center Scam Targeting U.S. Victims

Today, an indictment was unsealed charging a total of 61 individuals and entities for their alleged involvement in a transnational criminal organization that has victimized tens of thousands of persons in the United States through fraudulent schemes that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. In connection with the scheme, 20 individuals were arrested today in the United States and 32 individuals and five call centers in India were charged for their alleged involvement. An additional U.S.-based defendant is currently in the custody of immigration authorities.

Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson of the Southern District of Texas, Executive Associate Director Peter T. Edge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Inspector General J. Russell George of the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) and Inspector General John Roth of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) made the announcement today.

“The indictment we unsealed and the arrests we made today demonstrate the Justice Department’s commitment to identifying and prosecuting the individuals behind these impersonation and telefraud schemes, who seek to profit by exploiting some of the most vulnerable members of our communities,”said Assistant Attorney General Caldwell. “This is a transnational problem, and demonstrates that modern criminals target Americans both from inside our borders and from abroad. Only by working tirelessly to gather evidence, build cases and working closely with foreign law enforcement partners to ensure there are no safe havens can we effectively address these threats.”

“This indictment will serve to not only seek the conviction of those involved, but will send a message around the world that no one is safe from prosecution for participating in such pervasive transnational fraud schemes,” said U.S. Attorney Magidson. “We are extremely vigilant when the names of U.S. government agencies are used to perpetuate fraud for the purpose of victimizing so many innocent American citizens.”

Report: 97 Percent of DOJ Employee Political Donations Went to Clinton

NEW YORK CITY, New York — A nearly unanimous overwhelming majority of Department of Justice (DOJ) employees who made political donations in 2016’s presidential campaign gave to Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton over GOP nominee Donald J. Trump.

In fact, according to the new bombshell report from the Hill, walking through all the agencies of the federal government and how government workers in Washington, D.C., overwhelmingly gave to Clinton over Trump, a whopping 97 percent of DOJ employees who made political donations gave to Clinton. Only three percent gave to Trump.

“Employees of the Department of Justice, which investigated Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of State, gave Clinton 97 percent of their donations. Trump received $8,756 from DOJ employees compared with $286,797 for Clinton,” Jonathan Swan of the Hill wrote.



EDITORS NOTE: Video of the helicopter rescue can be found HERE

BALTIMORE — Coast Guard crews rescued two boaters in two separate cases off Ocean City Thursday afternoon.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Maryland-National Capital Region received notification from the 90-foot vessel Instigator of a 64-year-old male suffering from a possible heart attack.

A Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., MH-60 aircrew was diverted from training to rendezvous with the vessel almost 45 miles off Ocean City. At approximately 1:30 p.m., the aircrew hoisted the man from the vessel and brought him to Peninsula Regional Hospital in Salisbury in stable condition.

Sector Maryland-NCR watchstanders received a second radio call at 12:40 p.m., from the fishing vessel Nordic Pride of a passenger experiencing pain near his kidneys since 2 a.m.

CBS4 Investigation Finds People Voting Twice

DENVER (CBS4)– An ongoing CBS4 voter fraud investigation has uncovered a dozen cases where Coloradans are suspected of voting twice. Previous CBS4 Investigations revealed ballots cast in the names ofColoradans who had been dead for months– sometimes years- before votes were cast in their names.

In six of the new cases, voting records show the same people voting twice in Colorado elections. In another six cases, people are suspected of voting in Colorado and another state during the same election cycle.

Lincoln Wilson, a registered Republican from Hale, in Northeast Colorado, is accused of voting in both Colorado and Kansas in 2010, 2012 and again in 2014. Wilson told CBS4 he voted in both states, but only “voted on localissues” and “didn’t vote twice for President.”

Wilson is one of five Coloradans now charged by the State of Kansas for voting in both states.


Adopted and brought to US, South Korean man to be deported

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A South Korean man flown to the U.S. 37 years ago and adopted by an American couple at age 3 has been ordered deported back to a country that is completely alien to him.

“It is heartbreaking news,” said Dae Joong (DJ) Yoon, executive director of the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium, who had been in contact with Adam Crapser.

Crapser remains confined in an immigration detention center in Tacoma, Washington, pending his deportation.

Crapser waived an appeal during the hearing Monday because he is desperate to get out of detention, his Seattle attorney, Lori Walls, told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

“I’m sure he doesn’t have any idea what he can do in Korea,” Yoon said in a phone interview from his group’s offices in Annandale, Va.


NBC, Chuck Todd hide wife’s Kaine donation

Communications firm getting millions from Sanders campaign

NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd has a wife who’s active in Democratic Party strategic communications, and sometimes donates to Democrats. In 2012, Kristian Denny Todd contributed $2,500 to Sen. Tim Kaine. Todd never felt any need to disclose this during his three recent Kaine interviews on NBC (August 7, September 18, and October 23).

But Maverick Mail & Strategies, the firm Mrs. Todd founded in 2007 with fellow James Webb aides Steve Jarding and Jessica Vanden Berg, did heavy lifting for openly socialist Bernie Sanders for President this year. Open Secrets shows a bill for $1.992 million made in ten payments to Maverick from January to April. Todd has never disclosed this business relationship in 11 Sanders interviews this year. (If the work began in 2015 before the payments, Todd failed to disclose any tie in six Sanders interviews in the second half of 2015). We didn’t even count any Todd interviews with Sanders on MSNBC.

Accuser faces forgery, false statement charges

GEORGETOWN – Georgetown police on Oct. 24 arrested 20-year-old Natanael Perez-Gonzalez for forgery and providing false information to law enforcement that resulted in the arrest of an employee in the Indian River School District.

Georgetown police charged Perez-Gonzalez with falsely reporting an incident to law enforcement, second-degree forgery and providing a false statement to law enforcement, according to Det. Joey Melvin, Georgetown Police Department’s school resource officer.

On Sept. 20, Perez-Gonzalez reported himself a victim of sexual abuse to Georgetown police. Perez-Gonzalez alleged that he was involved in sexual relations with a teacher who was employed by the Indian River School District, Det. Melvin said.


REMINDER: Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day is This Saturday

Gannett - (trading symbol GCI) - Strikes 52 week low today $7.85/Share

Today - Gannett Corporation shares dropped - again - and struck its 52 week low - trading at $7.85/share. The stock price fell 17% yesterday - and dropped another 4.27% today - so in two days trading its stock price has dropped over 21%.


Congress: Attorney General Lynch ‘Pleads Fifth’ on Secret Iran ‘Ransom’ Payments

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is declining to comply with an investigation by leading members of Congress about the Obama administration’s secret efforts to send Iran $1.7 billion in cash earlier this year, prompting accusations that Lynch has “pleaded the Fifth” Amendment to avoid incriminating herself over these payments, according to lawmakers and communications exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) and Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) initially presented Lynch in October with a series of questions about how the cash payment to Iran was approved and delivered.

In an Oct. 24 response, Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik responded on Lynch’s behalf, refusing to answer the questions and informing the lawmakers that they are barred from publicly disclosing any details about the cash payment, which was bound up in a ransom deal aimed at freeing several American hostages from Iran.

The response from the attorney general’s office is “unacceptable” and provides evidence that Lynch has chosen to “essentially plead the fifth and refuse to respond to inquiries regarding [her] role in providing cash to the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism,” Rubio and Pompeo wrote on Friday in a follow-up letter to Lynch, according to a copy obtained by the Free Beacon.


SU Police Introduces 911 Shield App

SALISBURY, MD---The Salisbury University Police Department has introduced 911 Shield, a free safety app enabling students, faculty and staff to immediately contact the department via their smart phones.

“We’re excited about this new app,” said SU Student Government Association President Julia Howell. “I’ve already put it on my phone. It’s a great addition to SU’s safety efforts.”

The app, developed by 911 Cellular, connects to University Police and provides the caller’s location when the user is on campus. Outside the SU area, it contacts the appropriate 911 center.

Once the app is opened during an emergency, the user would hit the “Get Help” button. If no further action is taken within five seconds, the app summons help. The communications center can then forward the information, including the caller’s location, to first responders.


Trump Hotel Opens in Washington, D.C. Amidst Campaign Sprint

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump officially opened the Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capital on Wednesday morning, celebrating a project delivered “under budget, ahead of schedule.”

The opening came at the start of a busy campaign day for the Trump campaign, which was scheduled to make two stops in North Carolina before heading to New York Wednesday evening, with less than two weeks until Election Day.

According to a statement by the hotel, “…Trump Hotels was chosen by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to be the developer of this most sought-after hotel redevelopment opportunity in the country. Seen as a generational asset by the Trump family, the new hotel anchors the Northwest end of the Pennsylvania Avenue redevelopment…”.




On September 27, 2016, Travis J. Jones, age 45, of Salisbury, Maryland, was convicted by a Wicomico County Jury of Child Abuse 1st Degree resulting in Death and related charges. An investigation conducted by the detectives of the Wicomico County Child Advocacy Center revealed that on July 20, 2015, the victim, a 2 ½ year old boy was left in Jones’ care. Emergency personnel responded to the home in Salisbury, Maryland at 7:19 p.m. on July 20, 2015, to find the 2 ½ year old child unresponsive with multiple bruises ranging from his head to his feet. The victim was rushed to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where resuscitation efforts continued with no success. The victim succumb to his injuries and was pronounced dead that evening. After an autopsy of the child was completed, the victim’s death was ruled a homicide due to blunt force trauma and dehydration.

On October 28, 2016, Jones was sentenced by a Circuit Court Judge to serve 40 years in the Division of Corrections for First Degree Child Abuse resulting in Death and an additional 10 years for Manslaughter, a total sentence of 50 years active incarceration.

Wicomico County State’s Attorney, Ella M. Disharoon, commended the Wicomico County Child Advocacy Center, Cpl. Donna Hale, and Det. Dan Schultz, for their work in the investigation and prosecution of this case. Mrs. Disharoon also thanked Assistant State’s Attorneys Shauna E. Lee and James McAllister who prosecuted the case.

For more information or for an interview please call the Office of the State’s Attorney at (410) 548-4880.

Convenience Store Opening Raises Safety Concerns; School Will Not Allow Students To Cross Route 50 By Foot

BERLIN — Each day the new Royal Farms store and Arby’s restaurant on the north side of Route 50 across from Stephen Decatur High School inch closer to completion, the potential for students attempting to cross the busy dual highway grows nearer, but there have been discussions about a possible pedestrian crossing at the intersection.

It’s no secret once the Royal Farms store is completed on the north side of Route 50 across from Decatur it will likely become an oasis of cold drinks, snacks and other temptations for students at the high school and perhaps the adjacent middle school as well. The same can be said, although on a reduced level, for the new Arby’s nearing completion on a site immediately north of the store and also across from the high school.

In between, however, is a dangerous dual highway utilized by thousands of vehicles every day and even more during certain times of the year with heavy traffic heading to the resort area. State Highway Administration (SHA) officials are keenly aware of the potentially dangerous situation and have been meeting with school officials on possible solutions, but thus far there are no immediate plans for pedestrian crosswalks, increased signage or signals.



CAUGHT ON TAPE: Bill Clinton Tells Alleged Mistress to Deny He Got Her State Job

NEW YORK – Speaking in a series of recorded phone conversations in 1991 with his alleged mistress Gennifer Flowers, Bill Clinton can be heard telling Flowers to deny that he aided her in obtaining a state job.

“If they ever asked if you’d talked to me about it, you can say no,” Clinton can be heard saying in the audio.

Listen to the audio here:

‘We Need to Clean This Up’: Clinton Aide’s Newly Public Email Shows Concern

In a March 2015 interview, President Obama said that he had learned about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state “the same time everybody else learned it, through news reports.”

But that assertion concerned aides of Mrs. Clinton, who knew that the president himself had received emails from the private address, according to a hacked email made public on Tuesday by WikiLeaks.

“We need to clean this up — he has emails from her — they do not,” Cheryl D. Mills, a top aide, wrote to John D. Podesta, another senior adviser, on March 7, 2015.

Two days later, Mr. Obama’s spokesman, Josh Earnest, tried to clarify the president’s remarks, saying that he had, in fact, exchanged emails with Mrs. Clinton through her private account. But Mr. Earnest suggested that the president had no idea the emails could be a problem because he had relied on Mrs. Clinton to make sure that using a private account did not break any laws.

“The point that the president was making is not that he didn’t know Secretary Clinton’s email address — he did — but he was not aware of the details of how that email address and server had been set up, or how Secretary Clinton and her team were planning to comply with the Federal Records Act,” Mr. Earnest said on March 9.


Wicomico County Waterman Charged With Harvesting And Selling Oysters On a Suspended License

A Wicomico County waterman was charged Tuesday with harvesting and selling oysters on a suspended state tidal fish license.

Vaughn Edward Collins, 46, of Tyaskin, received a citation after an officer found that he sold 12 bushels of oysters to Southern Connection Seafood for $504 in Nanticoke Harbor.

Acting on information from the Maryland State Police, the officer collected the buy ticket and the purchase order and interviewed the mate aboard Collins’s work boat, Ali-Bri.

Collins was prohibited by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources from engaging in any commercial fishing activities from Oct. 17 to Nov. 15.

Clinton adviser: ‘They wanted to get away with it’ on private email setup

As the story about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account broke last year, the head of a pro-Clinton think tank complained that a penchant for secrecy within Clinton’s inner circle only exacerbated the controversy, which would go on to dog her entire presidential campaign, according to a hacked email released Tuesday by WikiLeaks.

In the exchange, Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden complained to incoming Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta that Clinton lawyer and former State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills had allowed the email situation to fester to the point where it became a liability to Clinton’s presidential bid.

“This is a cheryl special. Know you love her, but this stuff is like her Achilles heal. [sic] Or kryptonite. she just can't say no to this shit. Why didn't they get this stuff out like 18 months ago? So crazy,” Tanden wrote.

“Unbelievable,” Podesta replies.

“I guess I know the answer. They wanted to get away with it,” Tanden said, urging that Clinton turn over the emails to the National Archives immediately.

At an earlier point in the exchange, Podesta appears to criticize Clinton lawyer David Kendall and Clinton communications adviser Philippe Reines for being too opaque about the email situation, although it’s unclear whether Podesta is faulting them for not being transparent with him or the public.


Maryland’s first day of early voting smooth so far

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland’s elections administrator says the first day of early voting is going smoothly so far.

Linda Lamone says all 69 early voting centers opened on time Thursday, and there have been no reports of problems as of midmorning. People were lined up at some voting centers before they opened at 8 a.m.

Lamone says 15,922 registered Democrats have voted, compared to 4,883 Republicans. That compares to 2,505 voters registered with other parties.


Clinton aide admitted 'there is just no good answer' for email questions

A former top aide to Hillary Clinton admitted in March 2015 that the campaign could not answer difficult questions about Clinton's private email use in the days after the New York Times exposed it for the first time.

Philippe Reines, a former State Department aide to Clinton who recently played the role of Donald Trump during her debate preparations, admitted to other high-level campaign staffers on March 7 of last year that allies' suggestions for mitigating the controversy did not seem effective.

"There Is Just No Good Answer," he wrote.


Feds: 275,000 born to illegals in one year, would fill city the size of Orlando

Moms in the United States illegally gave birth to 275,000 babies in 2014, enough birthright U.S. citizens to fill a city the size of Orlando, Florida, according to an analysis of data from the National Center for Health Statistics.

The data showed that newborns to illegals accounted for 7 percent of all births in 2014, according to the analysis from the Pew Research Center.


Memo Details Ties Between Consulting Firm and Clinton Foundation

The overlap between Hillary Clinton’s State Department, her family’s foundation, and a consulting firm run by members of her inner circle has reaped a windfall for all involved, steering tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton family and generating lucrative contracts for a consulting practice run by a close confidante, an internal memo reveals.

The 2011 memo, authored by Clinton confidante Doug Band, reveals for the first time the precise financial flows between the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, Band’s firm Teneo Consulting, and the Clinton family’s private business endeavors.

The Band memo also provides additional details on the specific relationships between his consulting clients, which include multinational corporations and deep-pocketed foundations, and the Clinton family’s business and charitable efforts.

Band sent the memo to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, then the president of the left-wing Center for American Progress, in a November 2011 email. It was one of thousands released by Wikileaks after hackers believed to be acting in concert with the Russian government breached Podesta’s email account.

At the time the memo was written, Bill Clinton had four existing business “arrangements,” Band wrote. “We secured all of them; and, we have helped manage and maintain all of his for-profit business relationships.”


Robert Creamer on Calls With Clinton Campaign 'Every Morning'

Disgraced Democratic operative Robert Creamer participated in daily calls with the Hillary Clinton campaign, and worked directly with President Barack Obama to organize “issue campaigns.”

Creamer makes the admissions in the latest undercover video release from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, which captured Creamer describing his activities.

O’Keefe also reports that Creamer accepted a foreign donation for a Democratic super PAC.


President Obama Granted Commutation To 98 individuals

Today, the President granted commutation of sentence to the following 98 individuals:

· David Alan Aldridge – Odessa, TX
Offense: Conspiracy to manufacture 50 grams or more of actual methamphetamine and possession of pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture methamphetamine; possession with intent to distribute a quantity of methamphetamine; possession of equipment, chemicals, products and materials to manufacture methamphetamine; possession of a detectable amount of methamphetamine; purchasing more than nine (9) grams of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine during a 30 day period (six counts); Western District of Texas
Sentence: Life imprisonment; 10 years’ supervised release; $35,000 fine (August 13, 2009)

Commutation Grant: Prison sentence commuted to a term of 151 months’ imprisonment, and unpaid balance of the $35,000 fine remitted, conditioned upon enrollment in residential drug treatment.

· Marvin D. Anthony, Sr. – Camden, AR
Offense: Conspiracy to distribute 50 grams or more of cocaine base; distribution of cocaine base; Western District of Missouri
Sentence: Life imprisonment; six years’ supervised release (November 19, 2007)

Commutation Grant: Prison sentence commuted to a term of 262 months’ imprisonment.

· Darnell C. Billings – Dolton, IL
Offense: Distribution of 50 or more grams of cocaine base; Central District of Illinois
Sentence: Life imprisonment (May 25, 2007)


Wikileaks' Emails Validated in Routine Tests, As Democrats Try to Discredit Revelations

A digital key buried in the emails sent by Hillary Clinton’s staff shows that many of the most important emails released via Wikileaks have not been modified or falsified, according to a series of tests conducted by security experts and by Breitbart News.

The tests are important because they undermine efforts by Democrats to deter media coverage of the Wikileaks emails with vague claims that the messages cannot be verified, or could be faked, or modified. So far, those claims have been made by Donna Brazile, the interim head of the Democratic National Committee, and by Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s choice for her vice-president.

On Tuesday, for example, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday that “I can’t verify the integrity of these emails,” when he was asked about an email which showedClinton’s staff knew that President Barack Obama was communicating with Clinton via her secret home-made email system. The email contradicts Obama’s March 2015 claim that he learned about Clinton’s server at “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

But Breitbart News used commercial software and a basic e-mail verification system to confirm that the Clinton staff email — “he has emails from her — they do not say” — is valid, true and unmodified.


WikiLeaks: Band Firm Raised $150 Million For Clinton Charity

Douglas Band, one of former President Bill Clinton’s closest advisors, boasted to outside auditors that his for-profit corporation had a “historical role in carrying the majority of the fundraising burden” for the nonprofit Clinton Foundation.

A Nov. 16, 2011 memo Band authored, which WikiLeaks made public Wednesday, raises disturbing questions about charitable law violations due to mixing for-profit activities with the nonprofit foundation.

Band authored the extraordinary memo for the law firm of Simpson Thacher, in which he bragged that his for-profit Teneo raised “well over $150 million, much of it from people who did not know President Clinton when he was in office.”


CNN Host: People Who Love And Support Hillary Think She's Nuts

Bill Clinton's long-time lover reveals how he called Hillary 'The Warden'

Bill Clinton is a sex-addicted 'monster' who mocked Hillary Clinton by calling her 'The Warden' in front of friends and privately boasted about his high notch count, according to his long-time mistress and childhood friend Dolly Kyle.

Kyle, now 68, says she had a decades-long affair with the former president before and during his marriage and had a front-row seat to Bill's salacious double-life in the 1970s and '80s.

Their on-again, off-again relationship ended abruptly in the 1990s, after Bill Clinton allegedly threatened to 'destroy' Kyle if she spoke to the media about their relationship.


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7 Wikileaks Revelations About Hillary Clinton That The Media Is Completely Ignoring

The recent Wikileaks revelations about the Clintons, the Clinton campaign, media collusion, and the various hypocrisies of the Democratic Party are groundbreaking in both their scope and depth. 

The sheer number of hacked emails covering so many topics, combined with the shadiness of the activities involved, should have already handed Donald Trump the election.

Alas, the media, whose collusion with the Clinton campaign is laid out in many of the emails, will not have a bar of reporting them in a professional, ethical fashion. The following seven email exchanges have either been deliberately suppressed by mainstream outlets or given the slimmest coverage to feebly ward off accusations that they are in the de facto service (or pocket) of Hillary Clinton.
1. “Women’s advocate” Hillary Clinton admits that Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund ISIS, but refuses to rebuke them for it

A Viewer Writes: Bus 41

I would like to do a shout out to school bus #41

God Bless You and Thank You

Early morning about a dozen cars behind a school bus. With road rage being all the rage this particular driver has the foresight to pull over and allow the traffic to go by thereby saving the morons that are jockeying back and forth to try and pass a school bus .

Kudos to you

Man gets community service for Boardwalk fight

One man accused of enflaming a crowd of hundreds of people during the Boardwalk melee last July pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and possession of a class four controlled substance on Wednesday morning in Ocean City District Court.

Tuflah Davies, 19, of Silver Spring was also charged with resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia. His attorney and Deputy State’s Attorney Paul Haskell reached an agreement since Davies pleaded guilty to the more serious charges.

Davies was one of 11 people who were arrested on the Boardwalk on July 23 and July 24. According to several police reports, a wild crowd spiraled out of control and assaulted police officers after a man was arrested for throwing a trash can around 9:45 p.m.

According to the state’s attorney’s statement of facts, the situation became worse after midnight. Haskell told the court that police saw roughly 500 people head north on Seventh Street on the Boardwalk, and police were attempting to disperse the crowd.


Schweizer: 12 Days from Election, Clinton World Still Has No Good Answers on Russian Uranium Deal

The transfer of 20 percent of America’s uranium to a Russian-controlled company, first exposed in Clinton Cash and confirmed by the New York Times, has become a central subject of the presidential campaign. Donald Trump has referenced it in his speeches and news media “fact checkers” have been furiously writing about it.

Set aside for a minute how candidates might inartfully describe a complex transaction or the semantic games that might be played by “fact checkers.” The usually curious news media is going to absurd lengths to pretend that there is nothing here so the issue will go away.

Briefly, a Russian government sought federal government approval to purchase a Canadian company called Uranium One which controlled 20 percent of American uranium assets. This required the approval of several federal government agencies, because the deal involved a material (uranium) of national strategic importance.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department was one of those agencies which signed off on the deal.


WikiLeaks shows Clinton hid email scandal from her own staff

Hillary Clinton's closest aides hid the private email scandal from her campaign team in the months before the official launch of her presidential campaign, emails made public by WikiLeaks show.

Robby Mook, Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, Clinton's campaign chair, and Neera Tanden, co-chair of Clinton's transition team, each expressed shock at the revelations about her private server as they emerged in early March 2015.

Although Clinton's team had performed research on her in 2014 as staff prepared for her campaign, Clinton's inner circle apparently steered Mook and others away from the issue until it was too late.

When Podesta asked Mook if he had "any idea of the depth of this story," Mook answered simply, "Nope."


Hmm. A "specially outfitted van", eh?

'Bill Clinton Inc.': Email details how top aides helped make ex-president rich

One of Bill Clinton’s closest confidants outlined in a lengthy 2011 memo how he and another aide helped secure at least $50 million in speaking fees and other ventures for the former president – in addition to raising “the bulk” of funds for the controversial Clinton Foundation.

The 12-page memo from Doug Band, released Wednesday by WikiLeaks, was designed to highlight the crucial role he – and his global strategy company Teneo – played in procuring money for the ex-president and Clinton’s namesake foundation.

“Throughout the past almost 11 years since President Clinton left office, I have sought to leverage my activities, including my partner role at Teneo, to support and to raise funds for the Foundation,” Band wrote. “This memorandum strives to set forth how I have endeavored to support the Clinton Foundation and President Clinton personally.”


Clinton Campaign Coordinated With State Department to Answer Foundation Questions About Haiti

Clinton faced questions about $500,000 donation from Algeria

Top aides to Hillary Clinton coordinated with the State Department to answer questions about the Clinton Foundation, according to recently released hacked emails.

Prior to announcing her candidacy, Clinton faced questions about a $500,000 donation to her family’s foundation from Algeria, which violated her agreement with the Obama administration that the Clinton Foundation would not accept new foreign donations while she was secretary of state.

Following a report in the Washington Post that the foundation raked in millions from foreign governments while Clinton was at the State Department, Clinton’s team discussed over email how to address questions about the Algeria donation from other outlets.

“All – not surprisingly, we’ve received a number of follow up questions asking for confirmation of the Algeria donation,” Clinton Foundation spokesman Craig Minassian wrote on Feb. 26, 2015. “We could let it sit or confirm for other outlets with the following draft statement.”

The statement, which was later modified and given to CNN, made the case that the Algeria donation was entirely spent to aid Haiti after the earthquake in 2010.


To All Veterans, Save The Date

Hey, Joe,

We've been providing free breakfast to our Veterans going on the 3rd year now to give back to where we can. It's grown a bit since then, but we can only reach so many people and need your help. Mainly because this year due to reservations already set, we want to provide free breakfast still, but will have to do it the day before Veterans Day. We made this decision so that we have the extra space voided of the groups we already have booked the following day. I'm hoping for those that have served, that its not a disappointment, but more or a reason to come enjoy a meal on us the day before, and then enjoy a meal with other businesses the following. We really look forward to doing what we can to serve our community and we don't have some of the strict guidelines of asking for credentials like other businesses, even though many are corporate and only enforcing what's sent down the ladder. Please help us spread the word and let them visit us for a delicious meal, on us.

U.S.-China Commission Calls for Ban on China’s Purchases of U.S. Companies

Commission: Allowing China to buy American firms 'high risk,' would adversely affect national security

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission is calling for a ban of Chinese state-owned enterprises’ purchases of U.S. companies, according to the commission’s annual report.

“The Commission recommends Congress amend the statute authorizing the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to bar Chinese state-owned enterprises from acquiring or otherwise gaining effective control of U.S. companies,” the draft report, labeled final draft, says.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States evaluates the transactions of state-owned enterprises and government entities that result in control of U.S. businesses to determine their effect on national security.


Just Remember... BREXIT

On the Day of the Election...

As History shows us, the LEAVES won!

Don't trust the Media, they're not your friend!

Who earns the biggest paychecks in Maryland? Check out our searchable database.

The largest state salaries in the Old Line State in 2016 are found at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

That's according to data provided by Maryland's Central Payroll Bureau and compiled by the Washington Business Journal.

Dr. Bartley Griffith, professor of surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, brings home an approximate annual salary of $881,000 — the largest in the state. That’s up from the $867,000 Griffith earned in 2015 when he also carried the state’s largest paycheck.

Professors and administrators at the UMd. medical school in Baltimore represent the lion’s share of the biggest earners on the state payroll. Higher education posts at the state’s public universities dominate the top of our database, which you can browse below.


WikiLeaks Day 20 & 21

Two days of Wikileaks Treasure Troves. Looking like the information is mounting and not just on the Clintons.

Day 21 just released!

In Day 20 we've learned about Paul Ryan's multitudes of Conflicts of Interests - passing bills for companies where he gets money as a board member. See Email below.

Lindsay Graham has been outed as John Podesta's email indicates his connection to Obama, also seen below. So, folks, it's not just the Democrats who have been playing footloose and fancy free in DC while taxpayers have struggled to make ends meet over the last seven years. It's been a smorgasbord of criminality and corruption that can only end with one guy!

Dare to inform yourselves because if you want this kind of corruption, maybe Venezuela is more your kind of country! It's time to Drain The Swamp!

Paul Ryan

 Lindsay Graham

Huma Abedin Granted Access To Hillary Based On Clinton Global Initiative Donor Status

Newly released emails show that Hillary Clinton’s top State Department adviser, Huma Abedin, granted access to the then-secretary of state during overseas diplomatic visits based upon Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) donor status.

A Dec. 4, 2012 email obtained by Citizens United and shared exclusively with The Daily Caller shows that Paul McElearney, CGI’s head of member development, emailed Abedin asking if he could meet with Hillary Clinton during her trip to Ireland two days later.

Abedin said that she could accommodate McElearney, and he then asked if several other people, including two CGI sponsors, could also meet Clinton. McElearney forwarded four names for Abedin’s consideration.


Iran Takes More Hostages: What Did The US Expect?

Another question raised is that while the State Department has long warned American citizens against traveling to Iran, why do some dual nationals, primarily Iranian-Americans, continue to travel to Iran for business or other reasons?

The Iranian government has learned that arresting dual nationals and Iranian-Americans not only can lead to the flow of billions of dollars to Iran, but also can ratchet up Iran's political leverage against the US and Western allies.

President Obama is dangerously encouraging the Iranian leaders' detaining and arresting dual nationals to extort money and play hardball.

Iran is not only detaining and arresting more Iranian-Americans, but also boasting about it and publicly asking for more money to release them.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) pointed out recently: "We should wait and see, the U.S. will offer ... many billions of dollars to release" two particular Iranian-American businessman, Siamak Namazi and his father Baquer Namazi.

According to Alex Shirazi's nuanced profile, Siamak Namazi was one of the intellectual architects of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), which has been accused of lobbying for the Iranian regime and pursuing policies that benefit themselves and the Iranian regime. Accordingly, the organization was founded "as a way to continuously lobby for the removal of sanctions against Iran and to promote Iran's foreign policy, while combating the pro-Israel sentiment in America, according to documents from a Cyprus convention that featured the two men."

Mr. Namazi worked for Iran's Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning from 1994 to 1996. He also joined a company in Tehran called Atieh Bahar Consulting (AB), which was founded by Pari Namazi and her husband, Bijan Khajehpour.

The Tehran-based Atieh Bahar Consulting "offered a range of legal and industrial services to foreign enterprises, most importantly the access it provided to the [Iranian] regime, and the advice it dispensed on how best to navigate the vagaries of the regime's entrenched factions and competitive interests."


Gorka on Clinton Foundation and Pay for Play: Let the Peasants Obey the Rules!

Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, joined Trish Regan on Fox News’ The Intelligence Report to discuss the latest WikiLeaks revelations about the Clinton Foundation.

Asked why Hillary Clinton didn’t shut the controversial Foundation down when she began running for President, Gorka replied, “It’s simply a case of ‘the rules don’t apply to us. Let the peasants obey the rules that apply to everybody else. But if you work in the Clinton State Department, if you work for the Clinton Foundation, you’re above all of that.’”

“The government email is clunky!” he imagined Clinton complaining about the system she was supposed to be using. “So who cares if we’re talking about sensitive issues? This isn’t about the national security of America. It’s not about the State Department. It’s about the Clinton corporation. What we have here is, in effect, political corruption at an institutional level.”


Democrats explored racial bullying to get better Clinton coverage

A top Democratic operative advised Hillary Clinton’s campaign to use minority and women journalists to “shame” The New York Times and other media outlets into giving the Democratic presidential nominee more favorable coverage, according to ahacked email released Wednesday.

Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress and a staunch Clinton backer, wrote to campaign manager John Podesta sharing “Howard’s advice,” a reference to Howard Wolfson, communications director for Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid and a former top aide to Mayor Bloomberg.

Wolfson, according to Tanden, “thinks the brown and women pundits can shame the times and others on social media. So cultivating [them] to defend her is helpful. They can be emboldened.”

Tanden named The Nation’s Joan Walsh, Vox’s Matt Yglesias, The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent and NBC’s Perry Bacon as among those who could be “helpful.”


The worst of ObamaCare is yet to come

Word that ObamaCare premiums will soar 25 percent in the 39 states that operate off the federal system is only the tip of the iceberg: The so-called Affordable Care Act is inflicting damage all across America’s health-care sector — with no end in sight.

Just as critics warned from the start.

Premiums are rising in nearly all the states that run their own exchanges, too. And if you get other coverage, you’re also paying: ObamaCare taxes non-exchange health plans to help pay for the subsidies that make its policies (somewhat) affordable. (It also cut tens of billions from Medicare.)

This, on top of the regulations that impact policies across America — boosting costs by mandating added coverage, whether you want it or not. The move forced insurers to cancel coverage for 6 million-plus people — even as tens of millions found that, no, they couldn’t keep their doctor after all.

More, the law also pushed consolidation — penalizing doctors who stay in independent practice, rewarding hospitals that merge. All because the liberals who wrote the law saw such competition as destructive.

Oh, and the nonprofit “insurance cooperatives” created with tens of billions in federal funds have nearly all failed.


Principal brutally beaten after telling teen to remove headphones

The principal at a lower Manhattan high school was beaten to a pulp by a student on Monday when he told the teen to remove his headphones, sources said.

Principal Matthew Tossman of Manhattan Early College School for Advertising, which is inside Murry Bergtraum High School, spotted 18-year-old Luis Penzo with his headphones blasting in the hallway around noon, according to police sources.

Tossman asked Penzo to turn down the music, and Penzo not only refused, the 18-year-old student cold-cocked the principal.

Penzo continued to pounce on Tossman, socking him several times in the face, causing swelling and lacerations around both of the principal’s eyes.


Ex-State Dept. Employee: 'Everyone' Sent 'Sensitive' Info to Private Emails Under Sec. Clinton

"Honestly, OTR, EVERYONE I knew at State used our private email..." the former employee said

The former director of policy planning for the U.S. State Department wrote that sending “sensitive” content to private email accounts was the norm under Secretary Clinton, emails published by WikiLeaks reveal.
Anne-Marie Slaughter, who served at the department from January 2009 until February 2011, stated “off the record” to New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman that “EVERYONE at State” used private email for government-related business.
“Honestly, OTR, EVERYONE I knew at State used our private email (I used Princeton) when we were out of the office…” Slaughter wrote.

2 fired from state prison agency say they are whistleblowers

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Two high-ranking Maryland prison agency officials who were fired amid misconduct allegations say they are whistleblowers who suspect they lost their jobs for exposing corruption.

Steven Geppi and Debra Gonzalez Morin said in a conference-call interview that they suspect the complaints made to Public Safety and Correctional Services Secretary Stephen Moyer on Oct. 11 came from people who want corruption in the prisons to continue.

Geppi oversaw internal investigations and intelligence-gathering. Gonzalez Morin ran the intelligence unit.

“You can’t do this kind of work and not make lots and lots of enemies,” Geppi said.


WikiLeaks: Hillary needed ‘sobering up’ in afternoon

Frantic email exchange between Clinton campaign aides in 2015

A new WikiLeaks email dump reveals Hillary Clinton may have been boozed up at 4:30 in the afternoon when her campaign tried to reach her in August 2015.

An Aug. 8, 2015, email exchange between Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and communications aide Jennifer Palmieri revealed the two discussing whether to call Hillary and “sober her up some.”

“Should I call her and talk this through or better leave with you?” Podesta asked at 2 p.m. “I’m worried she’ll get on with Cheryl [Mills] and we’ll end up in a bad place.”

It took Palmieri two hours to respond to Podesta’s question.

“I think you should call her and sober her up some,” she said.