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Monday, August 03, 2020

Cover-Up Continues: Revisiting The Incident At Benghazi

Chris Stevens was an ambitious US State Department employee who volunteered to participate in the overthrow of the Libyan government in 2011.

He covertly arrived in Libya in early 2011 aboard a Greek cargo ship with CIA personnel and set up operations in Benghazi tocoordinate illegal shipments of weaponry into Libya and organized attacks on the Libyan army.

After Africa’s most prosperous nation was in ruins, Stevens became the US Ambassador to Libya in Tripoli and was given a new mission of shipping tons of arms to Syria to destroy that nation.

He traveled to Benghazi in September 2012 to check on progress and was attacked. Stevens was captured, beaten, and killed.

The Obama administration hid these facts and proclaimed Chris Stevens an American hero who had traveled to Benghazi to mediate peace among warring factions when he was killed by terrorists.

Watch how the covert op turned disastrous & into a continuing cover-up:


Corporate Media Completely Ignored Story of Mother Killed by Black Lives Matter Supporters

The corporate and left-wing media completely ignored the story last month about a 24-year old mother, Jessica Whitaker, who was killed by Black Lives Matter supporters in Indianapolis, Indiana after an alleged argument over the term “All Lives Matter.”

Analysis by the nonpartisan bias-checker Ground News, which tracks coverage of news stories and assigns a “bias rating” to stories based on coverage or lack of coverage from partisan media, found that national coverage of the story came nearly exclusively from right-wing or center-right publications.


Rand Paul: ‘Republicans Didn’t Create the Mess in Our Cities — The Democrats Did’

As violent protests and riots stemming from George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis continue across the country, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is blaming Democratic leadership in the country’s major cities for creating “the mess” that has caused strife and unrest.

Paul highlighted on New York WABC 770 AM’s “The Cats Roundtable” the fact that Democrats have been running the major cities like New York City, Portland and Minneapolis, which he argued is why they are to blame for the anarchy.


Yugoslavian Issues Warning To All Americans

MEMA Calls for Continued Vigilance and Preparedness as Isaias Impacts Maryland Early This Week

Prepare for Possible Power Outages, Include COVID-19 in Plans, andKnow Your Zone

REISTERSTOWN, Md. — The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and affiliated state agencies are closely monitoring Tropical Storm Isaias as it heads toward Maryland. Even though the storm is currently not a hurricane, Marylanders should be prepared for potential flooding, tidal surge in low lying areas, and tropical storm force winds (greater than 39 miles per hour).

“Please don’t let your guard down just because Isaias is no longer a hurricane,” said Russ Strickland, MEMA's Executive Director. “Be prepared for potential power outages, flash floods and tidal flooding. This is still a dangerous system.”

At this time, it appears the lower Eastern Shore and Southern Maryland will be the hardest hit areas, with the heavily populated central region also expected to be affected. However, a slight shift westward of the storm track could bring heavy rain to parts of western Maryland. Regardless of location, most Marylanders can expect to feel some effects from Isaias.

MEMA also reminds Maryland residents to make sure emergency kits include at least 2 face coverings for each person, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and other COVID-19 related supplies in addition to the usual disaster supply kit components.

During the COVID-19 pandemic it’s more important than ever to pay attention to the hazards of hurricane season. As a Marylander or as a visitor to Maryland, you should Know Your Zone to see if the places you live, work, or visit are in one of Maryland’s three evacuation zones. The Know Your Zone program allows local emergency officials to order evacuations by letter zones (A, B and C). To learn more about Know Your Zone or to see if you might be in an evacuation zone, please click here.

Remember that even if you are not in one of the Maryland evacuation zones, you could still feel the effects of hurricanes and other hazards. Hurricanes can spawn flash floods, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes many miles away form the eye of the storm and 100 miles or more inland.

Here are some additional considerations while planning for hurricanes and other hazards during the COVID-19 pandemic:

President Trump "Never Give Up!"

Identity Politics Divides America

America’s founding creed is “e pluribus unum.” “Out of many, one.” That is the motto that appears on the seal of the House of Representatives. The greatness of America comes from the melting of many cultures and ethnic backgrounds into one American family.

Neither Congress, nor this nation, can function when it is divided along demographic lines. But that’s exactly what a dangerously large group of individuals in the modern Democrat Party are now intent on doing.

To make matters worse, these same individuals falsely smear Republicans with vile labels like racist and sexist during honest policy debates, while excusing blatant racist acts on their own side.

For example, it was discovered last year that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam literally wore either blackface or a Ku Klux Klan hood—he couldn’t decide which. But he was let off the hook, and he still has his job.


63% of US Counties Still Have 5 or Fewer COVID-19 Deaths

As Heritage Foundation researchers have demonstrated throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. has been heavily concentrated in a small number of states—and among a small number of counties within states.

Even though the U.S. has seen a rapid rise in cases during the past month, the overall levels of concentration have remained fairly consistent.

As of July 28, for example, just 10 states account for 60% of all U.S. cases and 68% of all deaths (greater than their 50% share of the population).

What’s the best way for America to reopen and return to business? The National Coronavirus Recovery Commission, a project of The Heritage Foundation, assembled America’s top thinkers to figure that out. So far, it has made more than 260 recommendations. Learn more here.


Austin Police, Texas State Troopers Prevent Violence and Arrest Many

Rumors and intel flew around for days leading up to Saturday, August 1. Dozens of activists were being bused into Austin, Texas, from Portland and Seattle to do to this city what they have done to both of those. Rumors suggested they wanted to destroy Austin police headquarters, the Texas state capitol, or both.

Downtown apartment residents received flyers warning them that the outsiders might attempt to gain entry to their buildings to get to the roof.
It should go without saying this activity would put numerous innocent people in harm’s way and constitute egregious violations of private property rights. Antifa and BLM activists have repeatedly demonstrated their disdain for the latter by destroying, defacing, and looting private property. Protesters surrounding cars, assaulting and shooting drivers and other innocents have repeatedly demonstrated their disdain for the former as well.
Protesters also targeted Austin city council member Kathy Tovo with a march on her home because she is the lone member of the council who has not committed to their demand to gut the Austin police budget. Tovo intends to gut it, but not by as much as the protesters demand.

NJ Democrats OK Valuable Work Licenses for Illegal Aliens

New Jersey’s Democratic-run legislature is allowing illegal migrants to take tens of thousands of licensed and professional jobs from Americans.

The state’s Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, is expected to sign a bill passed in July by the House and Senate that allows illegal aliens to get occupational and professional licenses, according to a July 30 report by

“Governor Murphy believes that immigrants are a critical part of the fabric of life in New Jersey, and that they should not face unnecessary barriers as they seek to participate in our society and economy,” Alyana Alfaro, a Murphy spokeswoman, said prior to the Assembly vote.

The short bill removes the existing state rules against illegal migrants getting state occupational licenses for white-collar jobs such as architects and blue-collar jobs such as electricians. “Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, rule, or regulation, lawful presence in the United States shall not be required to obtain a professional or occupational license, provided that the applicant meets all other requirements for licensure,”says Senate bill No. 2455.


Dan Bongino Warns ‘Biden’s Cognitive Decline Is Rapidly Worsening’

Conservative pundit and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino declared Sunday morning that former Vice President Joe Biden is suffering a rapid “cognitive decline” — and he suggested that his sources were “close to the situation.”

Biden’s mental acuity has been a frequent theme of discussion, primarily among conservatives — though Democrats have also acknowledged potential problems, on occasion.

In a Facebook post on Sunday morning, Bongino wrote:

Not a joke and not hyperbole – I’m hearing from people close to the situation that Biden’s cognitive decline is rapidly worsening and is becoming increasingly difficult to mask. The Democrats are going to have to make a decision soon.

At the Democratic Party presidential debate in Houston, Texas, last September, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro brought up the issue of Biden’s mental decline on the debate stage: “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?” he said, after Biden claimed he had not said that people would have to “buy in” to his health care plan (Castro was correct).


'Peaceful Riots'? Journalism Bows to the Woke Mob

Just a few weeks ago the idea of “peaceful riots” would have seemed absurd, but the American media is nothing if not inventive these days.

Earlier this week, ABC News reported, “Protesters in California set fire to a courthouse, damaged a police station and assaulted officers after a peaceful demonstration intensified.” Legal scholar Eugene Volokh wonders how this terminology would work in the real world: “You are being charged with an intensified peaceful demonstration, in the second degree. How do you plead?”

Indeed, the media’s commitment to tempering their descriptions of violent riots sweeping the nation as “mostly peaceful” is relentless—that particular phrase has become a media cliché practically overnight.

Of course, America’s police officers could also be accurately described as “mostly peaceful,” but any journalist who dared to give cops the same generous benefit of the doubt would likely cause a riot in their own newsroom.


First-time gun ownership skyrockets amid riots, increased violence across country: 'You can't really be too safe'

2020 saw more than 2.5M first-time gun owners in first half

For years, Carlene and Jake went back-and-forth about purchasing a firearm.

The young parents from California – who did not feel comfortable using their last names or more specific identifiers when they spoke with Fox News on Sunday out of concern about possible backlash – said with the country “a little bit on edge right now,” it was the right time to make the purchase.

“Overall, our country is a little bit on edge right now.”— Carlene

The couple is among the hoard of 2.5 million first-time gun buyers who have exercised their Second Amendment right to own weapons. They told Fox News they have received their licenses and are now waiting for their firearms to arrive because they’re on back order.


Minneapolis Police, Defunded by City Council, Advise Residents to Obey Criminals

This may seem a strange way to begin a post about a surge in violence in Minneapolis, butNatalie Portman and the rest of Hollywood — you did this.
The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) told residents they should “be prepared” to hand over their phones, wallets, and purses to robbers.
The MPD has reported a 46 percent increase in carjackings and a 36 percent increase in robberies compared to this same time last year, according to WCCO.
Police in the city’s Third Precinct alone have received more than 100 reports of robberies and 20 reports of carjackings in just the last month.
Officials are now telling residents to be ready and willing to comply with the demands of criminals in an email sent to Third Precinct residents.

Montana Dem Shared Messages Disparaging Police, Women, Minorities

Revelation comes after top Bullock aide was fired for inappropriate social media posts

A Montana Democratic Party staffer has repeatedly shared messages that disparage police officers, women, and minorities.

Jacob Hamblin, who serves as the Montana Democratic Party's deputy organizing director, tweeted anti-police sentiments—including "F da police"—in both 2011 and 2012. Hamblin also appeared to tweet in support of violent protests, saying "America was built on burning things" in March 2012.


Chinese Propaganda Campaign Blames Pandemic on U.S. Army Facility Closed in 1969

Regime officials, propaganda outlets seek to dodge China's role in coronavirus outbreak

Chinese propagandists are casting blame for the coronavirus pandemic on a U.S. military research lab that shuttered its biowarfare division more than 50 years ago.

Chinese diplomats and state-run media outlets have repeatedly spread the conspiracy that the coronavirus originated in Maryland's Fort Detrick research lab, often in response to criticism about the country's response to the pandemic.

"Speaking of the truth, we would like the U.S. government to tell the truth about the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland, to U.S. and the international community," Wang Wenbin, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, said on July 22.

But President Richard Nixon closed down Fort Detrick's offensive biowarfare division in 1969—50 years before the first coronavirus cases were reported in Wuhan, China. Fort Detrick now focuses on defensive biological research as well as cancer research. U.S. officials have frequently criticized the Chinese government for using the Fort Detrick conspiracy theory—and other unproven allegations—to blame the outbreak on the United States.

"To have somebody … from the Chinese government come out and make a statement like that [is] completely ridiculous and it's irresponsible, and it doesn't get us to where we need to be," said Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in March.


Maryland Reports Declines in COVID-19 Positivity Rate, Hospitalizations; Testing Operations Suspended Tuesday

Seven-Day Positivity Rate Drops to 4.36%, Daily Positivity Drops to 4.13%Current Total Hospitalizations Slightly Decline to 548Nearly 1.3 Million COVID-19 Tests Completed, 15.9% of Population Tested
ANNAPOLIS, MD—The State of Maryland is reporting a drop in the statewide COVID-19 positivity rate today to 4.36% and a drop in the daily positivity rate to 4.13%, as well as a slight decrease in total hospitalizations to 548. Maryland has now tested 15.9% of the state’s population.
Testing Operations Suspended Tuesday Due to Tropical Storm Isaias. The Maryland Department of Health, Maryland Emergency Management Agency, and testing site operators are closely monitoring the potential impacts of Tropical Storm Isaias. Testing operations at community-based sites will be suspended Tuesday, August 4, including the high-volume testing event at Ripken Stadium. Marylanders should monitor for updates.
Statewide Positivity Rate Drops to 4.36%, Second Lowest On Record. The state’s seven-day average positivity rate has dropped to 4.36%—the second lowest level during the pandemic. The state’s positivity rate has been under 5% since June 25. The daily positivity rate dropped to 4.13%. 
Positivity Rate Above 5% In Five Jurisdictions. The positivity rate is above 5% in five of the state’s 24 jurisdictions: Baltimore County (5.52%), Baltimore City (6.00%), Charles (5.35%), Prince George’s County (6.11%), and Talbot County (5.03%).
Total Current Hospitalizations Decrease to 548. There are 548 total current COVID-19 hospitalizations—a decrease of 5—with 135 ICU beds in use. 
Nearly 1.3 Million COVID-19 Tests, 15.9% of Population Tested. In total, Maryland has now conducted 1,294,065 COVID-19 tests, including 24,507 tests over the last 24 hours. 960,637 Marylanders have now been tested for COVID-19, representing 15.9% of the state’s population. 
Nearly 60% of New Cases Are Marylanders Under 40. 59.7% of today’s new cases are Marylanders under the age of 40. The positivity rate among Marylanders under 35 (6.04%) is 71.1% higher than the positivity rate for Marylanders age 35 and older (3.53%).

9 dead, 25 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings, including boy who 'was unintended target'

The shootings come as murders rose 139 percent in Chicago in July
A series of shootings over the weekend in Chicago has left nine people dead and 25 wounded, closing out a violent July in which murders there more than doubled compared to the same month last year, reports say.

Tragedy first struck Friday evening when Janari Ricks, a 9-year-old who was playing with a group of friends, died after being hit in the chest by a gunman who walked up and started opening fire, investigators say. Chicago Police Department Chief of Operations Brian McDermott told the Sun-Times newspaper that Ricks “was an unintended target," and now a $4,000 reward is being offered for information about the person who pulled the trigger.

“While our City has made progress in reducing violence in recent weeks, all of that is lost when we lose another child to gun violence,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted following the incident.


REPORT: Study Used by Dr. Fauci to Condemn Hydroxychloroquine Use Was Debunked! – But New England Journal of Medicine Will Not Publish This Lifesaving Update!

Dr. Fauci recently used another reported study to debunk the use of hydroxychloroquine as a viable treatment to save the lives of individuals sick with the China coronavirus. 

But an expert’s review of the report shows that the study actually confirms that hydroxychloroquine saves lives not the opposite.

Dr. Fauci shared the following about the drug hydroxychloroquine last week in front of Congress:

Don’t play these hydroxychloroquine games with Dr. Fauci

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) August 1, 2020


SHOTS FIRED: Joe Biden Threatens to Destroy CNN if Elected

Former vice president Joe Biden posted a seemingly innocent Twitter message on Thursday regarding the social media strategy he would pursue if elected president in November.

You won't have to worry about my tweets when I'm president.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) July 30, 2020

Reading between the lines, however, Biden's message suggests a sinister plot to bankrupt CNN by destroying the left-wing media network's business model.

For example, an IQ Media search of the phrase "the president just tweeted" yields almost 200 results from CNN programming. Brian Stelter, the host of Reliable Sources, has devoted ample time and resources to spell-checking President Donald Trump's tweets and analyzing the frequency and engagement levels of said tweets.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, CNN's obsession with all things Trump helped the eventual GOP nominee earn more than $2 billion in free media coverage. "CNN helped make [Trump] by carrying every speech he made in the primary season," said former CNN anchor Larry King. "It was almost like the other guys didn't exist."

Joe Biden's central campaign message in 2020—"I'm not Donald Trump"—is an existential threat to CNN. Stelter and other opinion journalists are especially vulnerable. What will become of thenewspaper columnists who earn six-figure salaries writing weekly screeds about why the thing Trump said or did is bad or dangerous or evil or a threat to democracy?


AOC and Her IQ of 12 Are Redefining Stupid Again

AOC Is Dumber Than Dumb
Happy Sixth Month of March 2020, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing readers.
She’s baaaaaaaaack.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has been taking a break from being the Progressive Princess of Stupidity lately but we all knew that she would be back at some point. It is almost impressive how awfully ignorant AOC can be at times, as if she is constantly trying to embarrass herself.
Her most recent foray into brain-dead finds her criticizing Roman Catholic St. Damien of Molokai for being a “colonizer.” Rick has the full story here:
Most missionaries avoided administering to lepers for fear of contracting the disease themselves. But Father Damien didn’t listen. Eventually, he also became a leper and died at age 49 of the disease.
Damien did more than pray for the lepers. He helped initiate reforms of how native people were treated. He also “aided the colony by teaching, painting houses, organizing farms, organizing the construction of chapels, roads, hospitals, and churches. He also personally dressed residents, dug graves, built coffins, ate food by hand with lepers, shared pipes with them, and lived with the lepers as equals.”
Damien’s “colonizing” involved ministering to people who were so loathed by society that they were ostracized and sent to live in remote places in colonies where they were to fall apart and die.
What an awful guy.
It’s not just that AOC is wrong about so many things, it’s that she’s always spectacularly wrong. Her hot-takes sound more like the ravings of a toddler than what one would expect from a member of Congress. In this particular case, it seems that she knew nothing more about St. Damien than that he was white. AOC is the one millennial who has never heard of Google or Wikipedia.

Governor Hogan Issues Emergency Order to Prohibit Blanket School Closures

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today issued an amended emergency order ensuring that local schools and school systems retain the primary authority to initially determine when to safely reopen their facilities for in-person instruction based on public health guidance. Read the governor’s order.

Under an order issued April 5, local health departments continue to have the authority to close any individual facility deemed to be unsafe.

After signing the amended order, Governor Hogan issued the following statement:

“The recovery plan for Maryland public schools stresses local flexibility within the parameters set by state officials. Over the last several weeks, school boards and superintendents made their own decisions about how and when to reopen public schools, after consultation with state and local health officials.

“Private and parochial schools deserve the same opportunity and flexibility to make reopening decisions based on public health guidelines. The blanket closure mandate imposed by Montgomery County was overly broad and inconsistent with the powers intended to be delegated to the county health officer.

“To be clear, Maryland’s recovery continues to be based on a flexible, community-based approach that follows science, not politics. As long as schools develop safe and detailed plans that follow CDC and state guidelines, they should be empowered to do what’s best for their community.

“I want to thank all the parents, students, and school administrators who have spoken out in recent days about this important issue.”

UNREAL: Obama Roommate and Former Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett Would Not Answer Whether President Obama Knew of Trump Spying

Obama Senior Advisor would not answer whether former President Obama directed any of the spying and investigations into candidate and President Trump when on with Maria Bartiromo earlier this week.

Maria Bartiromo had Senator Ron Johnson on this morning on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’. During this segment, Bartiromo shared a piece from her interview earlier this week with Obama close aid Valerie Jarrett. When Bartiromo asked Jarrett whether former President Obama directed any of the criminal and corrupt spying on the Trump campaign, Jarrett would not answer.


WINNING! President Donald Trump Hits 51% Approval on Latest Rasmussen Poll – 7 POINTS HIGHER THAN OBAMA AT SAME POINT IN HIS PRESIDENCY

President Trump’s Rasmussen approval rating hit 51% on Monday.

This is despite the horrific attacks by Democrats and their fake news media over the coronavirus and his handling of the crisis.

Barack Obama had a 44% approval rating at the same point in his presidency.

And, as Rasmussen reported earlier, Obama had a 95% positive media.
Trump has a 95% negative media.

This is truly REMARKABLE news!


Tropical Storm Warning Issued In Parts Of Maryland, See Updated Isaias Track

The National Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm Warning and a Flash Flood Watch for Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening for much of Maryland. See weather alerts here.
A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the Baltimore and Washington metro areas, Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore. A Tropical Storm Watch means that tropical storm conditions are imminent within the watch area, generally within 48 hours.
"Please don't let your guard down just because Isaias is no longer a hurricane," Russ Strickland, executive director of the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, said in a statement. "Be prepared for potential power outages, flash floods and tidal flooding. This is still a dangerous system."
At 11 a.m., the center of Isaias will pass well east of the Georgia coast through this afternoon. The center of Isaias will then approach the coasts of northeastern South Carolina and southern North Carolina within the hurricane warning area this evening. The center will then move inland over eastern North Carolina tonight, and move along the coast of the Mid-Atlantic states on Tuesday and into the northeastern United States Tuesday night.

George Soros Steps In, Drops Six-Figure Check to Rescue Corrupt St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner in Her Primary Race

Far left billionaire George Soros has been systematically targeting district attorney races throughout the United States for several years now. Many of his candidates are already in office creating havoc across the country.

In St. Louis City George Soros was Kim Gardner’s biggest donor in her race for Circuit Attorney back in 2016.

A Soros funded PAC even released an ad in support of this far left and unqualified activist.

Kim Gardner may be the most radical Soros-funded Circuit Attorney in the nation today.

Kim Gardner is so intolerable that two dozen attorneys and more than one-third of the trial lawyers left the prosecuting attorney’s office when she was hired. And this is a Democrat dominated office!


EXCLUSIVE: Here Is The Full Witness List For The Congressional Hearing On Antifa Violence

A subcommittee in the Senate is holding a congressional hearing on the violence caused by Antifa and will hear from a number of witnesses whose names have first been obtained by the Daily Caller.

The Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, which is chaired by Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, will hold the hearing Tuesday titled “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence.” The hearing will reportedly detail Antifa’s role in riots and more.

Here Are The Witnesses For The Hearing:

Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli
U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas and co-head of the Department of Justice Task Force on Violent Anti-Government Extremists Erin Nealy Cox
Journalist Andy Ngo
Director and Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy Kyle Shideler
George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley
Brennan Center Fellow Michael German
President and CEO of the Urban League of Portland Nkenge Harmon Johnson

This comes as riots continue across the country with a number of statues destroyed and defaced by rioters. Federal buildings and police offices have also been vandalized.


Barack Obama's half-brother rips 'cold and ruthless' ex-president

A “cold and ruthless” President Obama abandoned his Kenyan family in their greatest hours of need, according to a new tell-all by estranged half brother Malik Obama.

“He got rich and became a snob,” Malik, 62, told The Post via Skype from his home in the Kenyan village of Nyang’oma Kogelo. “What I saw was he was the kind of person that wants people to worship him. He needs to be worshiped and I don’t do that. I am his older brother so I don’t do that.”

The book, “Big Bad Brother From Kenya,” a self-published memoir which Malik Obama spent 22 years writing, hit Amazon with little fanfare on July 11. In its 435 pages, Malik covers the long and gradual falling out between him and the former President, which culminated in Malik publicly endorsing Donald Trump for president in 2016.

Both Malik and Barack Obama share the same father,