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Friday, July 19, 2019


Video Release: Governor Hogan Announces an Additional $28 Million of Toll Relief for Marylanders

Latest Initiative Would Bring Total Toll Savings Up to $344 Million

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today announced that the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Board will consider new tolling options to save Marylanders more than $28 million over the next five years. This would be the third round of historic toll relief during the Hogan administration, resulting in a total of up to $344 million in savings.

Ahead of today’s announcement, Governor Hogan visited the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza, where he first announced a statewide toll cut in 2015.

"We are proud to once again deliver historic toll relief for our citizens by putting another $28 million back into the pockets of hardworking Marylanders," said Governor Hogan. "In 2015, we cut tolls at every single facility in the state–the first time tolls had been cut in 50 years. With this next action, we will be delivering on three rounds of toll relief in less than five years.”

This additional savings expands on toll relief initiatives that Governor Hogan has previously announced, including a 2015 toll rollback to save Marylanders $270 million by 2020, and a 2018 initiative for free E-ZPass transponders to save drivers $46 million over five years.

This new $28 million in savings will be achieved by a new pay-by-plate option, expected to be in effect by June 2020, which will allow tolls to be automatically billed to credit cards at the same rate as cash customers. New vehicle classifications are expected by September 2020, providing lower toll rates for motorcycles and for vehicles towing one- and two-axle trailers, such as those for fishing boats or landscaping equipment. Another proposal to allow video tolling customers to pay before invoices are mailed, and get a discount, is expected to be in effect by December 2020.

The MDTA Board is expected to vote at its July 25 meeting to advance the process for this toll relief to take effect by seeking public input and holding hearings.

The High Cost of ‘Free’ College Tuition

In the lead-up to the 2020 elections, we’ve heard several proposals offering free college tuition for all, and loan forgiveness for those still carrying debt.

While proponents call these proposals “investments in our future,” the reality is they would be a suffocating financial burden on every taxpayer, but especially on middle- and lower-income citizens.

There’s an inherent unfairness to forcing many working-class Americans who couldn’t afford to go to college themselves to pay off the loans of those who could.

Requiring a family making $50,000 a year to pay off the college debts of doctors, lawyers, engineers, and even some members of Congress who make $174,000 a year is unconscionable.


Illegal Aliens Released from Local Custody Commit More Crimes—Honduran Freed 10 Times

Following a Judicial Watch lawsuit, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has reinstated a reporting system that informs the public about illegal immigrants who commit crimes after being released from state or local custody. The offenders are shielded by sanctuary policies that ban local law enforcement from honoring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers placed on illegal aliens who have been arrested on local criminal charges. If the detainer is honored ICE takes custody and deports the criminal rather than release him or her back into the community. When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release serious criminal offenders, it undermines the federal government’s duty to protect public safety.

To pressure municipalities that protect illegal aliens, the Trump administration published weekly Declined Detainer Outcome Reports highlighting state and local governments that did not comply with ICE’s detainer program. The troublesome logs included details of illegal aliens who committed all sorts of atrocious crimes after local authorities let them go and identified the law enforcement agency that released them. Published on ICE’s website, the reports ignited outrage among open borders groups and their mainstream media allies, who complained that the information was controversial and discriminatory. One mainstream media outlet actually reported that “immigration advocates also criticized the list for singling out the criminals among undocumented immigrants without acknowledging the contributions of the broader population to their communities.”

DHS caved into the pressure and temporarily suspended the informative weekly Declined Detainer Outcome Reports. Judicial Watch immediately launched an investigation, requesting records from the agency under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and subsequently suing for the information. Sanctuary cities violate federal law and put the public at risk. In the last decade Judicial Watch has also gone to court to fight sanctuary policies nationwide, including in Arizona, California, Illinois, the District of Columbia and Texas, to name a few. In California alone, Judicial Watch has sued several municipalities for protecting illegal immigrant criminals. Among them are San Francisco, Los Angeles and Pasadena, though practically the entire state shields illegal immigrants from the feds, including serious criminals.


He wasn't ready for Jim Jordan to bring the receipts...

Seattle Woman Shoots Armed Burglary Suspect With A Rifle

A suspected burglar is in critical condition after a Seattle woman shot him in the shoulder with a rifle from the roof of her house Thursday, Seattle police say.

The shooting took place before 1 a.m. on Thursday, KOMO-TV reports. The woman called 911 to inform authorities that she had just shot an armed suspect as he was trying to intrude.

Local officials said that when police arrived at the scene, they found the 41-year-old burglary suspect behind the woman’s house with a gunshot wound on his shoulder, KOMO-TV reports.


Not The Onion! Woman Designs Chair To Prevent "Manspreading"

A British woman has been awarded for designing a chair that prevents “manspreading” by forcing men to sit as if they don’t have any balls.

I’m not even joking.

“Manspreading,” otherwise known as ‘having a pair of testicles’ – is where men sit with their legs spread apart on public transport.

23-year-old Laila Laurel says she designed the chair “following her own experiences of ‘manspreading'”.

“It came both from my own experiences of men infringing on my space in public, and also from ‘The Everyday Sexism Project’, a website founded by Laura Bates in which women self-testify about sexism they experience,” she told LadBible.

“With my chair set I hoped to draw awareness to the act of sitting for men and women and inspire discussion around this,” added Laurel, who was given the Belmond Award for emerging talent (whatever that is).


On behalf of our country, President Trump receives a piece of American history

President Donald J. Trump welcomed Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte to the White House today, where the President accepted an incredible gift.

“Today, on behalf of the American people, I will receive an American flag that flew aboard a ship carrying the first waves of United States service members to land in Normandy,” President Trump said. “Seventy-five years after that momentous day,” this great piece of American history is “back home where it belongs.”

 Watch: “It is my honor to welcome this great American flag back home.”

This 48-Star banner is an important symbol of perhaps the most storied military victory for the free world. On June 6, 1944, the flag President Trump received today flew aboard Landing Craft Control 60 as it approached Normandy. The ship was commanded by a young Navy lieutenant, two days shy of his 27th birthday, named Howard Vander Beek.

“Amid treacherous German minefields, raging winds, and rough seas, Lieutenant Vander Beek and his crew led an astonishing 19 waves of American troops and equipment to those very, very dangerous beaches,” the President explained. “Through it all, this flag soared proudly above the waters of the English Channel, announcing the arrival of our American warriors.”

After the D-Day mission was complete, Lt. Vander Beek carried the flag with him through the end of the war. It stayed in his possession until he passed away in 2014. 

Today, this same flag—which still bears scars from German gunfire and stains from American blood—is being returned home, where it will be on display in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

“It will always be a reminder of the supreme sacrifice of our warriors, and the beautiful friendship between the Dutch and the American people,” President Trump said.

That close partnership continues today, as the United States and the Netherlands work to meet security challenges head-on. Whether it’s efforts to defeat ISIS or support NATO's forward presence in the Baltics and Poland, both nations’ forces stand together.

🎬 Watch: The Netherlands present America with a historic D-Day flag.

More: In France, President Trump honored D-Day’s 75th anniversary

Jeep Stolen From Delmar

“Stolen” 1998 Black Jeep Wrangler. Painted with Black Bed Liner Material. Delaware Tag 731834. Stolen from Delmar Maryland in the around 06:30AM On Friday July 19th. The Doors have been removed, and Vehicle was previously Green. Large Luggage Rack and Bikini Top. Please Contact Delmar Police At 410-896-3131 if you see this vehicle. It is being entered into the NCIC Stolen Vehicle File.

Homeland Security Chief Challenges Democrats to Help Improve Conditions at Border

Following a surge of illegal immigration at the southern border in the first half of 2019, U.S. immigration officials asked Congress to help address the problem—both by closing loopholes in our system and by better funding Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Congress on Thursday that the answer to troubling stories of overcrowding of illegal immigrants at the border is to increase money for ICE detention in the interior, putting the burden back on the Democrats most vocal in complaining about the conditions,” Stephen Dinan reports for The Washington Times.

“We requested thousands more beds than we got,” Acting Secretary McAleenan said. “That’s why we’re experiencing that backup at the border.”

Click here to read more.

Ousted Planned Parenthood chief had problems with saying men can get pregnant: Report

Both the pro-life and pro-abortion movements are abuzz over the surprise ouster of Planned Parenthood chief Leana Wen on Tuesday afternoon.

While Wen’s initial statement said that the board booted her in a secret meeting over “philosophical differences,” it appears that those differences go farther than the politics-versus-health care disagreement that was initially reported; according to a report at BuzzFeed News, the differences also had to do with whether or not men can get pregnant.

The report cites two sources who say that Wen refused to use “trans-inclusive” language when talking about abortion and other services, like saying “people” rather than “women.” She also reportedly told people at the organization that she worried that pushing transgenderism on top of the organization’s message would “isolate people in the midwest.”


Episode 1: The Secrets of Ilhan Omar

"It's Going To Be Staggering": Epstein Associates Prepare For Worst As Massive Document Dump Imminent

As the Jeffrey Epstein case continues to unfold, a laundry list of celebrities, business magnates and socialites who have flown anywhere near the registered sex offender's orbit are now tainted with pedo-polonium. Many of them, such as Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, and Victoria's Secret boss Les Wexner have sought to distance themselves from Epstein and his activities - however their attempts have fallen on deaf ears considering their extensive ties to the pedophile.

As Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman notes, "The questions about Epstein are metastasizing much faster than they can be answered: Who knew what about Epstein’s alleged abuse? How, and from whom, did Epstein get his supposed $500 million fortune? Why did Acosta grant Epstein an outrageously lenient non-prosecution agreement? (And what does it mean that Acosta was reportedly told Epstein “belonged to intelligence”?)"

Also illuminating is a statement by attorney Brad Edwards, who said during a Wednesday press conference seated next to Epstein accuser Courtney Wild that "There were other business associates of Mr. Epstein’s who engaged in improper sexual misconduct at one or more of his homes. We do know that," adding "In due time the names are going to start coming out."


Chicago's Lightfoot Demands State-Taxpayer Bailout, Then Offers CTU A 5-year Contract, 14% Raise

You have to wonder whether Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot really thought she could get away with it.

Just three weeks ago, she was demanding a state taxpayer bailout of her city’s nearly bankrupt pension funds. The problem was so big, she said, she’d risk her “re-election” over it. Eventually, Gov. J.B. Pritzker denied her bailout request for obvious reasons – the state is just one notch from a junk rating.

Now news reports confirm that Lightfoot has offered the Chicago Teachers’ Union a five-year contract that will cost taxpayers another $325 million. That includes guaranteed raises of more than 14 percent over the life of the contract. And that, of course, turns into more pension benefits and an even bigger pension hole for CPS.

That’s an expensive gift for a city that Lightfoot claims is in need of a multi-billion dollar bailout.

That about-face should infuriate every downstate Illinoisan. If the bailout had gone through, here’s what all Illinoisans would have been paying for:


Judicial Watch: Emails Show Dossier-Connected Top Obama State Department Officials Set ‘Face-to-Face’ Meeting on ‘Russian Matter’ in NY in September 2016

Judicial Watch and The Daily Caller News Foundation today released 84 pages of documents, including a September 2016 email exchange between then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Special Coordinator for Libya Jonathan Winer, a close associate of dossier author Christopher Steele, discussing a “face-to-face” meeting on a “Russian matter.”

(In June 2016 Nuland permitted a meeting between Steele and the FBI’s legal attaché in Rome. Nuland told CBS News that the State Department knew about the Steele dossier by July 2016.)

According to an op-ed Winer wrote for The Washington Post in 2018, also in September 2016, “Steele and I met in Washington and discussed the information now known as the “dossier… I prepared a two-page summary and shared it with Nuland, who indicated that, like me, she felt that the secretary of state needed to be made aware of this material.”

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch also show that State Department officials continued to use unsecure BlackBerry devices for the transmission of classified material more than a year after Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecure, non-government email system was revealed.


Come To Caribbean Joe's Where Life Is Awesome

Ilhan Omar Happened Because Media Chose to Lie to You

Three years ago, most American newsrooms picked Ilhan Omar -- despite her crawling Jew-hatred and evidence of an extensive criminal past -- to be the transcendent face America needed to fight bigotry and federal corruption. Reporters apparently chose to lie about Omar to help birth a more trusting country.

Perfectly irrational idiocy. Legacy newsmedia, decayed, perhaps brought itself final ruin by getting exactly what it wanted.

The first Somali-born woman and the first female Muslim to be elected to a U.S. statehouse, Ilhan Omar defeated 44-year incumbent Phyllis Kahn in the Democrat-Farmer-Labor primary for Minnesota House District 60B in 2016. A former child refugee from civil war, Omar was perceived as a best-case image for shepherding progressive causes against President Trump. Ilhan Omar’s individual character, however, was openly trending towards worst-case.

She had written anti-Semitic statements indistinguishable from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. She had disturbing associations with Islamic terror-tied groups. Sources within the Minneapolis Somali community presented evidence, including a video, of the “East Africa Team” members of Ilhan Omar’s campaign openly threatening local Somalis who may have released negative information about her.


The Left’s Demonization of Conservatives Becomes Dangerous

There exists in this country a cultivated mindset that conservatives are all things evil. We have gradually devolved into fictional characters, invented by the left, and animated by whatever awful thoughts, beliefs, and imaginary actions the anti-American hate cult can conjure up, mostly on the basis that we still have faith, or love our country, or believe in true justice rather than socialist justice.

It’s been going on for a long time. I was a Reagan supporter as a teenager and college student, so I’ve been hearing for almost my entire life what a rotten person I obviously am. Of course, I am none of the things that are pinned on me, but it doesn’t matter. I am who they say I am, and they believe it to their cores.

It is a fascinating process, watching yourself being defined by people who actively practice what they pretend to condemn. The awful things that they project upon us don’t spring from our minds, but from theirs. Those terrible thoughts and dark motives are bred in their own warped psyches. When they spring forth, we are assured that these are what drive others but not themselves


Breakthrough technique eradicates mosquitoes

A breakthrough technique harnessing two methods to target disease-carrying mosquitoes was able to effectively eradicate buzzing biters in two test sites in China, according to research published on Thursday.

The mosquitoes targeted are a type that is particularly difficult to control called Aedes albopictus—more popularly known as the Asian tiger mosquito—which are a major vector for diseases including Zika and dengue.

The study "demonstrates the potential of a potent new tool", wrote Peter Armbruster, a professor at Georgetown University's department of biology, in a review of the work.

Researchers harnessed two population control methods: the use of radiation—which effectively sterilises mosquitoes—and a strain of bacteria called Wolbachia that leaves mosquito eggs dead on arrival.

They conducted a two-year trial at two sites on river islands in Guangzhou, where Asian tiger mosquitoes are to blame for the highest dengue transmission rate in China.

The results were "remarkable", wrote Armbruster: the number of hatched mosquitoes eggs plunged by 94 percent, with not a single viable egg recorded for up to 13 weeks in some cases.


Prof. Epstein: Big Tech Will ‘Go All Out’ with Election Meddling in 2020

Professor Robert Epstein told Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) that Google is manipulating voters “on a massive scale,” using tools that it has at its disposal exclusively, and that “no one can counteract them.” Epstein warned the Senator of big tech election meddling that he called “invisible,” “subliminal,” and more powerful than anything he’s seen in 40 years of behavioral sciences.

Epstein — who said that he personally supported and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 — testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, where he told Sen. Cruz that Google election meddling gave Hillary Clinton at least 2.6 million additional votes in the 2016 election.

“The 2.6 million is a rock bottom minimum,” said Epstein, “The range is between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes, depending on how aggressively they use the techniques that I’ve been studying now for six and a half years — such as the search engine manipulation effect, the search suggestion effect, the answer bot effect, and a number of others.”

“They control these and no one can counteract them,” added the professor, “These are not competitive, these are tools that they have at their disposal exclusively.”


Video surfaces of Obama supporting asylum restrictions that Democrats now slam Trump over

Democrats blasted President Donald Trump this week over new asylum regulations enacted in response to the growing humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called the regulations — which require migrants to claim asylum in the first safe country to which they arrive, not the country of their preference — "illegal" and "cruel."

However, new video of former President Barack Obama from five years ago shows just how far Democrats' goal posts have moved.


Why Trump Matters to Women

Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame and not much else since, had a meltdown a few weeks ago, a common occurrence from the Left since Trump has taken office. While on CNN’s Reliable Sources he called for a closer look into why people support Trump. He said,
“No president in the history of the United States in 246 years has expressed the kinds of ideas and thoughts and undemocratic notions and authoritarian notions that he has. We need to start connecting these dots. What do people in the country think of this and why do they think and support him, no matter what he does, no matter how outrageous seemingly his conduct is.”
Ever notice how the Left loves to accuse President Trump of “undemocratic” behavior? When pressed to explain exactly what those behaviors are, they’ve got nothing. But, I can help Carl out, particularly where women are concerned.

I know why Trump matters, especially to women and why we not only voted for him in 2016, but why we will vote for him again in 2020. We see him as a protector of those things we hold dear. We recognize that our long-held values are under attack from the Left. We believe he will defend those values. And this is really important: we want a man who keeps his promises. Trump did.


County Council Nominee Appointment Fails On Tie Vote

SALISBURY – The Wicomico County Council will seek legal advice for how to proceed in appointing a nominee to the legislative body following a tie vote this week.

On Tuesday, members of the Wicomico County Council had before them a resolution to appoint a nominee to the vacant District 2 seat. The resolution, however, did not pass after a tie vote between candidates Joseph Collins and Austin Whitehead.

Two months ago, the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee began the process of seeking qualified candidates to fill a vacancy on the council created by Councilman Marc Kilmer’s resignation. Kilmer announced he was stepping down from his position to return to his home state of Idaho.

Since Kilmer is a registered Republican, the committee sought Republicans residing in District 2 who were interested in being nominated for appointment. And after reviewing more than 20 candidates for the position, the committee in June submitted the names of four nominees – Nicole Acle, Julie Brewington, Joseph Collins and Austin Whitehead – most qualified to fill the seat until a special election is held in 2020.


Reported Plane Crash at OC Airport

Ocean City Fire/EMS has been dispatched to the Ocean City airport for a reported airplane crash.

Update: Plane went off runway and overturned with entrapment. 

Update2: Patient has been removed from plane. Trooper 4 has been requested

CNN pushes narrative that President Trump is racist to group of women. It brutally backfires.

CNN correspondent Randi Kaye asked eight Dallas-area women on Tuesday's "Anderson Cooper 360" if they thought President Donald Trump's recent tweets attacking four progressive congresswomen are racist — and it did not go over well for CNN.

"How many of you don't think what the president said is racist?" Kaye asked the women, all of whom are Trump supporters.

In unison, all the women raised their hands.

The women told Kaye:
  • "I'm a brown-skinned woman. I am a legal immigrant. I agree with [Trump]."
  • "He was saying that if they hate America so much because what we're seeing out of them and hearing out of them — they hate America. If it's so bad, there's a lot of places they can go."
  • "Actually, I think it's a demonstration of how their ideology spills over even though they're American now, so to speak."
  • "They're not acting American."
  • "We know the president is not racist. He loves people from Hispanics to black people — all across the board."

One exchange in particular highlighted the narrative CNN sought to push.

"I'm glad the president said what he said because all they're doing is — they're inciting hatred and division and that's not what our country is about. It's not about that at all—," one of the women told Kaye.

"But isn't that what the president does with some of his own comments?" Kaye interjected. "His own racist comments?"

"But he didn't say anything about color," the woman shot back.

Still, Kaye continued to push the media narrative that Trump is racist by directly reciting the definition of racism from Webster's Dictionary.

"He dated a black woman for two years. Two of his wives are immigrants. He is not a xenophobic racist," one woman told Kaye in response.

Then the women turn on Kaye

Read More 

Comey Comes For Trump Supporters, ‘We Must Send Trump and His Mob Back to Their Dark Corner’

Fired FBI Director James Comey came for Trump supporters on Thursday and said it’s time to send Trump’s “mob back to their dark corner.”

Comey’s tweet Thursday attacking Trump supporters is in response to chants of “send her back” heard at Trump’s North Carolina rally Wednesday evening after the president brought up Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar, a Somali-born Democrat Congresswoman in Minnesota married her own brother to defraud US immigration, filed fraudulent tax returns and perjured herself many times according to documents and reports.

Ilhan Omar also supports terrorist organizations, fundraises with Hamas front group CAIR and refuses to condemn Al-Qaeda.




Westover, Maryland – With heat indices reaching historic levels this weekend, Somerset County residents can seek relief from the intense heat at the following locations.

Princess Anne Library (11767 Beechwood St., Princess Anne)
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday

Crisfield Library (100 Collins St., Crisfield)
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday

UMES Student Services Center (30665 College Backbone Road, Princess Anne)
12:00 pm – 8:00 p.m. on Sunday

Residents should take their own food, beverages, and medications to these cooling centers. Pets are not allowed.

The Somerset County Emergency Management and the Somerset County Health Department urge area residents to take this heat seriously and to take appropriate steps to stay safe. Here are some tips to stay cool:
• Drink more water than usual
• Avoid alcohol and beverages with high amount of sugar
• Stay indoors where there is air conditioning or if you must be outside seek shady areas
• Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing
• Take cool showers or baths

For more information about heat safety, tips, materials, videos, and more go to, or follow us on and twitter @somersethdmd.

Centennial Delaware State Fair opens: Attendees brave heat for tons of fun

HARRINGTON — One hundred years, a name change and many different types of entertainment acts later, the Delaware State Fair is still as vibrant as ever.

This year’s fair began Thursday during one of the hottest days of the year so far with more than 90-degree weather and a heat index of over 100 degrees.

“As I walked up this afternoon, I saw Secretary [Michael] Scuse and he looked at me and said, ‘It must be fair week, it’s over 90 degrees.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, and if it’s raining tonight, then we really know it’s fair week,’” Gov. John Carney said Thursday afternoon.

But avid fairgoers braved the summer heat to visit the fair on opening day during its centennial year.




(July 19, 2019, Salisbury, MD) As temperatures soar into the triple digits this weekend, the Wicomico County Health Department urges residents to be aware of the weather advisories, watches, and warnings affecting the area. As of 9:00 a.m. today, the National Weather Service issued a Heat Advisory and an Excessive Heat Watch for Wicomico County.
A Heat Advisory is issued when the heat index (how hot it feels when air temperature and humidity combine) is predicted to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher during the day or when we have four days of a heat index of 95-99 degrees. Under Heat Advisories there is a high risk of heat-related illness such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.
An Excessive Heat Watch means that a prolonged period of dangerously high temperatures is possible within 48 hours.
An Excessive Heat Warning means a prolonged period of dangerously high temperatures (heat index greater than 105 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 3 hours during the day or if the heat index is greater than 115 degrees for any period of time) is expected within 24 hours. Under an Excessive Heat Warning there is an extremely high risk of heat-related illness.
Wicomico Youth and Civic Center - DaNang Room, 500 Glen Ave, Salisbury, MD 21804
·         Open Friday July 19th to Monday July 22nd from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
·          No pets are permitted
·         Residents will need to bring their own food, beverages, and medications
MAC Senior Center - 909 Progress Circle, Suite 200, Salisbury, MD 21804
·         Open to individuals over the age of 50 who need shelter from extreme heat
·         Open Friday July 19th and Monday July 22nd from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (regular business hours)
·         Open Saturday July 20th from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
 Residents of Wicomico County should take precautions to prevent heat-related illness during this period of high temperature.
·         Drink plenty of water, and avoid sugary, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages
·         Stay indoors. Seek air-conditioned environments such as malls, libraries, and public places
·         Schedule outdoor activities before 10:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m.
·         If outdoors, schedule frequent water breaks and drink 2-4 glasses (16-32 oz.) of fluid each hour
·         Wear loose fitting, light-colored clothes
·         Take cool baths or showers
·         Limit use of the stove or oven
·         Bring pets indoors
For more information on local cooling centers, please visit the Wicomico County Health Department’s website at or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram (WicomicoHealth) or Twitter (@WicomicoHealth). 

Drug Overdose Deaths Drop in U.S. for First Time Since 1990

“Three decades of ever-escalating deaths from drug overdoses in the United States may have come to an end, according to preliminary government data made public Wednesday. Total drug overdose deaths in America declined by around 5 percent last year, the first drop since 1990,” The New York Times reports.

“The decline was due almost entirely to a dip in deaths from prescription opioid painkillers . . . President Trump made the opioid crisis one of the health care priorities in his 2016 campaign message.”

The President declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency in 2017.

Click here to read more.

Two people died this week due to extreme heat in Maryland

(WMAR) — The Maryland Department of Health has reported that two people have died from heat-related illness in Maryland this week.

According to the MD Department of Health, a man between the ages of 18 to 44 years old died in Prince George's County. The other person was a woman between the ages of 45 to 64 years old who died in Worcester County. It is unknown if one of the victims was a homeless person.


Former Antifa Member: College Breeds Far-Left Radicals

Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight this week to discuss the rise of far-left violence. Nadales, who joined Antifa when he was 16 years old, is now a conservative activist.

Nadales described the evolution of Antifa as a far-left activist group. “I was in Antifa when I was just 16, almost 10 years ago. Back then it was just a group that went down to go protest against what we thought were fascists. However, Antifa is far more violent today than it ever was,” Nadales said.

“This is not a laughing matter,” he continued. “People are being attacked because of Antifa. We have to be able to hold Antifa accountable.”

Nadales argued that Antifa activists are born on colleges campuses all around the United States. He cited various professors that have endorsed political violence for the purpose of advancing far-left politics. One professor, Mark Bray of Dartmouth

“To really understand Antifa, we have to go to the college campuses. Throughout the country, we have a lot of different professors who are advocating for violence,” Nadales said. “We have Mark Bray from Dartmouth [College] where he praises and advocates for political violence. More recently…we had a professor from Colorado State University who said that she was done talking to people on her opposition, that she was ready to punch them in the neck. Unfortunately, we are seeing a resurgence of political violence by the left.”


Ocasio-Cortez gets new 2020 challenger: a Republican immigrant from Jamaica

Scherie Murray, a New York businesswoman who immigrated from Jamaica as a child and is active in state Republican politics, is launching a campaign Wednesday for the congressional seat held by Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Fox News has learned.

In a phone interview, Murray, 38, confirmed her intention to run for the New York congressional seat as a Republican.

“There is a crisis in Queens, and it’s called AOC,” Murray told Fox News. “And instead of focusing on us, she’s focusing on being famous. Mainly rolling back progress and authoring the job-killing Green New Deal and killing the Amazon New York deal.”

Murray, who was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States when she was 9, is officially launching her campaign Wednesday with an introductory video that takes sharp jabs at the 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez.

More here

ICE exploring possible Baltimore-area detention facility to hold 600 to 800 detainees

Federal immigration enforcement officials are exploring the possibility of opening a detention center near Baltimore capable of housing 600 to 800 men and women.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement posted an advertisement in April on a federal contracts forum seeking to identify one or more potential locations in Maryland. A new facility would join Maryland’s three existing ICE detention centers in Frederick, Howard and Worcester counties.

ICE spokeswoman Justine Whelan said in a statement that the agency is “continually reviewing its detention requirements and exploring acquisition options that will afford ICE the operational flexibility needed to house the full range of detainees in the agency’s custody.”


Partners Bring Life To Alamo With Pool Bar, Restaurant

WEST OCEAN CITY – A local man with decades of experience in the restaurant and bar industry is bringing Caribbean flare and flavor to West Ocean City.

Located at the Alamo Motel complex in West Ocean City, Caribbean Joe’s Bar and Grille features an assortment of drinks, fresh food and an atmosphere that brings the Caribbean experience to locals and visitors alike.

Last fall, Joe Albero partnered with property owner Mark Odachowski to open a new restaurant on the site.

After hearing Odachowski’s vision for the complex, Albero said he quickly got to work renovating the existing restaurant space.

“Seventy-four commercial dumpsters were brought in and we removed 100%, every single thing on this complex,” he said.

Albero said it took several months to renovate the restaurant and transform the building into a sprawling oasis for patrons to enjoy. Today, Caribbean Joe’s features renovated dining areas, kitchen and bathrooms, a $30,000 sound system and seven flat-screen TVs, as well as a public pool and pool bar.

“Several restaurateurs told Mark it couldn’t be done, told me it couldn’t be done, and I knew better,” he said. “Everything we’ve done here has been done to a T … We’re proud of it.”

Despite opening its doors in January, Albero said business at Caribbean Joe’s has been good.

“We’re in the black,” he said. “For a business that’s been open for a few months, that’s crazy. The key here was to make this place extremely comfortable for women but not uncomfortable for men. That’s what I did with my other businesses.”

Albero said he is no stranger to the industry. For years, he operated upscale billiard rooms, as well as a restaurant and bar in Crofton.


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