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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Elf On The Shelf Ideas (Part 1 of 2)

Hang on to Your Wallets, Bankers Are Coming After Your Cash

In uncertain times, “cash is king,” but central bankers are systematically moving to eliminate that option.

Remember those old ads showing a senior couple lounging on a warm beach, captioned “Let your money work for you”? Or the scene in Mary Poppins where young Michael is being advised to put his tuppence in the bank, so that it can compound into “all manner of private enterprise,” including “bonds, chattels, dividends, shares, shipyards, amalgamations . . . .”?

That may still work if you’re a Wall Street banker, but if you’re an ordinary saver with your money in the bank, you may soon be paying the bank to hold your funds rather than the reverse.

Four European central banks – the European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank, Sweden’s Riksbank, and Denmark’s Nationalbank – have now imposed negative interest rates on the reserves they hold for commercial banks; and discussion has turned to whether it’s time to pass those costs on to consumers. The Bank of Japan and the Federal Reserve are still at ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy), but several Fed officials have also begun calling for NIRP (negative rates).

The stated justification for this move is to stimulate “demand” by forcing consumers to withdraw their money and go shopping with it. When an economy is struggling, it is standard practice for a central bank to cut interest rates, making saving less attractive. This is supposed to boost spending and kick-start an economic recovery.


Heritage News From Westside Historical Society

Why the End of Federal Pot Prohibition Could Be Only 5 Years Away

Is it possible that the walls will crumble even faster than we think?

Rob Kampia thinks so, and he's a very well-placed observer. As head of the Marijuana Policy Project, Kampia has his finger on the pulse of pot politics as well as anyone, and he made a pretty startling prediction at the International Drug Reform Conference in suburban Washington last weekend.

At a panel on "Marijuana Reform in Congress," Kampia suggested that a handful of state-level marijuana legalization victories next year is going to set in motion a congressional debate on legalization that could see an end to federal marijuana prohibition before the end of the decade.

Legalization campaigns are already well-advanced in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada, and while getting on the ballot is no guarantee of victory next November, polling so far suggests that most of them will win. And next year could also be the year the first state, and even perhaps a second, legalizes it through the legislative process.

"If you look at what's about to happen," Kampia said, "Vermont is most likely to legalize through the legislature, and Rhode Island has a good shot, but those are the only two states in play."

But then there are the initiative states.


Americans Bought Enough Guns Black Friday To Create a New Military Branch

A petulant President Barack Obama demanded that Americans talk about gun control over Thanksgiving.

Citizens responded by buying enough firearms in one day to field an entire new military the size of the Marine Corps, with guns left over to equip 2-4 Army divisions.

Mr. President you have you answer.

It was a rousing “screw you.”

Exploitative members of the mainstream media and the Democrat Party have attempted to use the Islamic terror attacks in France to frighten Americans into passing “Minority Report” legislation for the past few weeks. This legislation would strip American citizens of their core rights without a trial, or without them even being accused of committing a crime. 


Nearly 1,000 Clinton emails had classified info

The State Department’s latest release of Hillary Clinton documents brings the total number of Clinton emails known to contain classified material to nearly 1,000.

The department on Monday released its largest batch of emails yet, posting 7,800 pages of the former secretary of state’s communications.

The latest batch contains 328 emails deemed to have classified information. According to the State Department, that brings the total number with classified information to 999.

The emails in question were deemed classified before their release by the department – and the former secretary of state has said all along she never sent emails with material marked classified at the time.

But the large number of emails containing now-classified material further underscores how much sensitive information was crossing her private server, a situation her critics have described as a security risk.

Shortly after the release, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus released a statement saying, "With the number of emails containing classified information now numbering nearly one thousand, this latest court-ordered release underscores the degree to which Hillary Clinton jeopardized our national security and has tried to mislead the American people."

Her email practices are also the subject of a federal investigation.


BREAKING NEWS: Police confirm 2 gunmen killed in office massacre

Police in San Bernardino, Calif., confirm that two gunmen who shot and killed 14 people in a county office building are dead -- one is a woman -- a third possible suspect is in custody, and a house-to-house search continues for a possible fourth suspect. Police also say they are treating a package left in the office building as a possible explosive device. FBI spokesman would not rule out that the massacre was an act of terrorism.


Major Coastal Highway Repaving Project Set For Spring; Southbound Lanes From Route 90 Bridge-Del. Line Included

OCEAN CITY — The north end of Ocean City is due for a major milling and repaving project on Coastal Highway next spring, but State Highway Administration (SHA) officials this week assured resort leaders the work would be completed before Memorial Day.

SHA District Engineer Donnie Drewer and Assistant District Engineer Dallas Baker this week briefed the Mayor and Council on several projects slated for the resort area in its Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) for 2016 including a major repaving project for the north end of Ocean City. On Tuesday, Drewer said Coastal Highway from Route 90 to the Delaware line would be milled and repaved this spring as part of SHA’s ongoing enhancements along the resort’s main drag.

“We plan on overlaying the entire length of Coastal Highway from Route 90 to the Delaware line,” he said. “Hopefully, the paving will start around March 1, but a lot depends on the weather. Our drop-dead date to be finished is May 26, which hopefully gets us in before Memorial Day.”

Drewer explained the bid openings for the major project were expected as soon as this week and there were several elements, including the time constraints, written into the contract. For example, the contract includes milling and repaving of the side streets along the highway in the project area. Perhaps more importantly, the contract includes specific language about the duration of the project in general and the hours of the work each day.


Lionel Richie Reveals Plans for Upcoming Collaboration With Adele

There's no bigger fan of Adele's "Hello" than Lionel Richie himself.

The 66-year-old Grammy-winning artist, who enjoyed tremendous success with his own single called "Hello" in the early '80s, is thrilled about the newfound attention the decades-old song has received since Adele released her record-breaking track in October.

After the song's debut, a video mashup of the British crooner hanging up the phone on the former Commodore immediately went viral, poking fun at the two hits' similar set of lyrics.

While previewing his new home collection to Manhattan's top real estate brokers at the TOWN Residential Art Basel kick-off event, E! News caught up with the "All Night Long" crooner at the Versace Mansion to talk about the song's second shot at stardom.



Worcester County Government (WCG) was recently honored with an award and a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the seventh consecutive year by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada. The GFOA recognizes contributions to the practice of government finance that exemplify outstanding financial management, and WCG was honored with this recent recognition for its comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015.

“Receiving the GFOA award for the last seven years is truly an honor and reflects the strong work ethic and standards of the Finance Office staff and management team,” Finance Officer Phil Thompson said. “It requires a truly dedicated and knowledgeable team to accomplish this task, and I am fortunate to work with such a team.”

The Certificate of Achievement is the highest form of recognition awarded to local governments in the areas of accounting and financial reporting. The CAFR was judged by an impartial panel to meet the high standards of the program, including demonstrating a constructive “spirit of full disclosure” to clearly communicate its financial story and motivate potential users and user groups to read the CAFR. 

To be awarded the Certificate of Achievement, a governmental unit must publish an easily readable and efficiently organized CAFR, and its contents must conform to program standards. Such reports should satisfy Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and applicable legal requirements. 

WCG was a recipient for this prestigious award, with Finance Officer Phil Thompson, Budget Officer Kathy Whited, Assistant Finance Officer Jennifer Swanton, Enterprise Fund Controller Jessica Ramsay and Budget Accountant Kim Watts accepting the certificate on behalf of the county.

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath this Saturday at Pemberton Park

(Salisbury, MD) Visitors can learn to make their own Christmas decorations this Saturday, Dec. 5 at Pemberton Historical Park from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Education Building.

All greens and supplies are provided and local experts will be on site to teach and assist visitors in making their own natural wreaths, swags or arrangements. Crafters may bring their own decorative items such as ribbon or ornaments, as they will not be available on site.

The cost is $15 per item. Ready-made small wreaths/arrangements will be available for sale. Reservations are not required, but since there is a limited number of table space there may be a short wait. To reserve space in advance, please call 410-742-1741. The greenery workshop is hosted by the Pemberton Hall Foundation and the Westside Historical Society.

Town Takes Over Annual Christmas Parade, Adds Awards Reception At Carousel Hotel

Town Takes Over Annual Christmas Parade, Adds Awards Reception At Carousel HotelOCEAN CITY -- The 33rd Annual Ocean...

Posted by The Dispatch on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Climate Commie Obama Embarrasses America at UN Paris Climate Change Scam Conference

Pompous America-hating president Obama took to the podium on Monday at the United Nation’sglobal warming climate change scam conference, embarrassing America in a big way.

Arrogant and self-absorbed Obama, who back at home thinks he’s above the law, performing his progressive leftist presidency like a third-world dictator, apparently thinks he’s also above the rest of the world as well.

Obama was one of 147 world leaders given a three-minute slot at the COP21 conference in Paris, but as NBC News reported, Obama obnoxiously took 14 minutes, nearly five times his allotted time.

As you can hear in the video below, for example at about 8:30 minutes into the speech, the event organizers began ringing loud beeps, letting Obama know that he had run over his time.

But like he does to Americans warning Obama that he is usurping his authority, he completely ignored the warnings.

Equally as shameful, Obama — as he is prone to do — used the overseas speech to demonize the country he pretends to serve — America.


Attorney general defends top aide after recording surfaces

BALTIMORE —Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh is defending one of his top aides who was secretly recorded by the conservative news group Project Veritas.

It happened at an out-of-state conference in October.

In the video recorded by a young woman posing as a student, Thiru Vignarajah said, "I am terrified about people figuring out that I don't know about lots of areas of the law. It is a big deal. It is my job to oversee these divisions I don't know much about."

Vignarajah is in charge of the criminal anti-trust and Medicaid fraud divisions, among others.


OOPSY! Inconvenient FACT From Colorado Shooting Busts Leftist Planned Parenthood Narrative Wide Open

Progressive leftist anti-life Democrats rushed to create a sympathetic narrative for the baby body parts chop shop Planned Parenthood, while demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with their satanic rituals, following a mass murder that occurred in Colorado on Saturday.

Even air-headed leftist nutjob, washed-up actress Bette Midler got in on the action, jumping to conclusions as they have been taught by their lord, god and savior Barack Obama:


Audit reveals trouble tracking handgun purchases in Maryland

BALTIMORE —A new audit released Tuesday reveals trouble with the tracking of handgun purchases in Maryland, and sometimes, huge gaps between the sale of a gun and the required applications being approved.

In 2013, Maryland signed into law some of the country's toughest requirements for gun purchases. The audit raises question about the ability of the state police, which oversees the licensing process, to keep track of what has been sold.

The audit found slack controls in the processing of handgun applications and key discrepancies in the tracking of serial numbers.

As of May, 1.1 million regulated guns in Maryland were registered to 700,000 people.

The audit found the required applications with background checks were often approved late, after a gun was already transferred from dealer to buyer. In one case, the paperwork was more than 400 days late.


He Was Forced to Live on a Chain for 20 Years – Watch as He Experiences Freedom for the First Time

Seeing animals forced to live in horrible conditions can make anyone angry. Thankfully, it can also lead to action — and that let this mountain lion finally be free for the first time in 20 years.

A mountain lion who lived in chains for 20 years with a traveling circus was finally freed by wildlife officials.

Mufasa was found chained to a pick-up truck amid piles of rusting circus equipment. Though Peru has banned circuses from using wild animals, his captors evaded the law and moved between remote villages.

He was finally freed from his chains when Animal Defenders International and wildlife officials raided the circus and rescued him.

Can you imagine the kind of life this poor animal must have led, chained to the back of a truck for two decades? Thank God he has finally been rescued and set free!


Deer flips in air, survives collision with police cruiser

Over the weekend, Officer Pittaluga encountered a large deer while driving on Decoursey Pike through Visalia. The...

Posted by Kenton County Police Department on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Be sure to read some of the comments left on their Facebook page. Some are pretty clever and funny!

Fraudulent and Duplicative Federal Programs

A new “wastebook” from Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) has 100 examples of fraudulent and duplicative federal programs and processes. Lankford is picking up a longstanding tradition his predecessor, former Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), started. Underused and empty federal buildings, mismanaged Federal Protective Service vehicles and the OPM cyber breach are some of the examples Lankford described. A $375,000 dollar study on senior dating habits and a $280,000 Defense Department study on a small bird are some of the “nonsensical” cases of waste, Lankford found.

Additional Troop Deployment Demands Congressional Action

Washington, DC – Yesterday, President Obama ordered the deployment of additional specialized “expeditionary” forces to Iraq and Syria. Congresswoman Barbara Lee released this statement:

“Everyone agrees that ISIL is a barbaric terrorist organization that must be degraded and dismantled. As this conflict expands, Congress must be actively involved in addressing ISIL.

The deployment of additional special operations forces to Iraq should be a wake-up call to Congress – it’s past time to hold a serious debate on the costs and consequences of yet another war in the Middle East.

294 days ago, President Obama sent Congress a draft military authorization; it has remained on the Speaker’s desk ever since.

It is simply unacceptable.

Every day, this war escalates and more American troops are placed in harm’s way. Congress must live up to its constitutional duty to give the American people a voice on matters of war and peace.

National security experts are clear, there is no military solution to this conflict. Only a comprehensive, regionally-led strategy that addresses the underlying political, economic, diplomatic and humanitarian issues in the region will ultimately be effective.
My legislation, H.J. Res. 30, lays out a comprehensive strategy while ending the blank checks for endless war that have allowed this conflict to escalate unchecked by Congress.

BREAKING NEWS: Reports of at least 12 dead in shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.

Fox News local affiliate reports at least 12 dead in San Bernardino, Calif., at least 30 hostages freed and reports of 3 gunmen in standoff with SWAT teams.


BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Victims Reported Shot In San Bernardino

SAN BERNARDINO ( — Police are searching San Bernardino social services building Wednesday for up to three suspects after reports of as many as 20 people injured in a shooting.

San Bernardino Fire officials are reporting at least 20 victims in a shooting in the 1300 block of South Waterman.


Obama Accused of Forgetting Something Major While Discussing the ‘True Meaning of Christmas’ During Charlie Brown Special

President Barack Obama is being accused of ignoring the true meaning of Christmas during a brief appearance on Monday night’s ”It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown,” an ABC special commemorating the popular holiday classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Both Barack and Michelle Obama briefly spoke about their love for the Christmas show, specifically referencing the famous scene in which character Linus Van Pelt recites Luke 2:8-14 in an effort to communicate the true meaning of Christmas to Charlie Brown.

It was their characterization, though, of what Christmas is really all about that seemingly didn’t sit too well with Christian Post reporter Napp Nazworth, who accused Obama of forgetting that Linus proclaimed that “Jesus is [the] true meaning of Christmas” in his memorable speech.


With outpouring, nonprofit reaches goal of wreaths for Arlington Cemetery

WASHINGTON — One day after Wreaths Across America told WTOP it still needed 8,000 wreaths to be able to afford putting one on each headstone at Arlington National Cemetery, the nonprofit has reached its goal.

“We are very humbled by the response from so many and in such a short amount of time,” says organization chairman Wayne Hanson.

Additional sponsored wreaths that are received beyond the 230,000 goal will be placed at the Columbariums and Niche Wall Sections at Arlington, according to the organization.


Reporter Ben Swann Reveals He Has the CDC Whistleblower Documents

Today, in an interview with Age of Autism, Ben Swann, a journalist with CBS 46 in Atlanta, revealed that Congressman Bill Posey has released the #CDCwhistleblower documents to Swann, who will in turn be releasing them to the public. These are the CDC records given to Posey by Dr. William Thompson, which reportedly confirm that the CDC has been covering up evidence of vaccine induced autism since at least 2002.

Ben Swann met with the Canary Party for the first time more than two years ago. It was clear that he was a different kind of journalist right from the start. He was a reporter that listened to the public, checked the facts, and was not afraid to report on stories that didn't fit the establishment’s narrative.

Swann began reporting on the vaccine corruption story in 2013 in an interview with The Canary Party's Chairman, Mark Blaxill. He covered the #CDCwhistleblower story in 2014 when we brought the new developments in the story to his attention. This fall, after moving from the midwest to CBS in Atlanta, he reported on the CDC protests and Congressman Posey’s statement, which detailed that the CDC was throwing away data that showed links between vaccines and autism.

As a result of Ben Swann's old world and honest journalism, he has become a trusted news source for hundreds of thousands of Americans who follow his online outlet, Truth In Media. Swann has now been given the CDC documents that the public has been so eager to read to sort out the details of the CDC cover-up of vaccine induced autism.

He told the Age of Autism today that he will be releasing the documents to the public after a detailed review.


Report: World Leaders Producing 300,000 Tons of Carbon By Traveling To Climate Summit In Paris

Hundreds of world leaders, government officials, and their entourages are in Paris this week for the Cop 21 climate summit in Paris, collectively striking a huge blow against the goals of the meeting.

According to a calculation by Wired, about 50,000 people are expected to travel to the summit producing as much as 300,000 tons of carbon.

President Obama is also expected to contribute a substantial portion of carbon to the world’s atmosphere by traveling to Paris. According to calculations by the Daily Caller News Foundation, Obama’s flight to Paris likely emitted roughly 189 tons of carbon alone.


Troopers Make Arrest in Robbery of Rehoboth Hotel


Rehoboth, DE – Troopers have arrested a Lewes woman in connection with an early morning robbery at a local hotel

The incident occurred around 4:15 a.m. this morning, Wednesday December 2, 2015, when a female suspect entered the Econo Lodge located at 19540 Coastal Highway and approached the 55-year-old male employee at the desk. The female implied that she had a gun and demanded the money from the register. The male clerk informed the suspect that there was no money and walked into an office, locking the door behind him , and calling 9-1-1. The female then threatened to shoot the victim through the door if he didn’t unlock it, but then walked behind the counter and unsuccessfully attempted to open the cash drawer. She then opened several drawers and removed over $400.00 in petty cash before the first trooper arrived on scene. As the trooper entered the lobby of the hotel, he informed the female that she was under arrest for the robbery, but she refused to comply with his commands to place her hands behind her back and was subsequently taken into custody after a brief struggle. A search of the suspect, who was identified as Michelle L. Bloothoofd, 42 of Lewes, revealed her to be in possession of the cash she had just taken from the drawers.

Michelle Bloothoofd was transported back to Troop 7 in Lewes where she was charged with Robbery 1st, Resisting Arrest, Terroristic Threatening, and Failure to Comply with Taking of Photo and Fingerprints. She was arraigned at JP2 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $28,000.00 secured bond.

**Photo attached is from August 2015**

Worcester County Bureau Of Investigation Press Release 12-2-15


Kenneth James Webb Jr
Tony Leonard Childs
DATE: November 26th 2015
CBI Case #: 15-0242
LOCATION: West Ocean City, Maryland
CRIME: 2nd Degree Burglary, Theft $1,000-$10,000 and Malicious Destruction of Property Over $1,000
SUSPECT: Kenneth James Webb Jr
                 Tony Leonard Childs

NARRATIVE: On November 26th 2015 at 0643 hours, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Captains Galley Restaurant located at 12817 Harbor Rd, Ocean City, Maryland for an alarm. Deputies checked the property and discovered unknown suspects gained entry to an outside cooler by breaking the lock. Once inside they removed approximately twenty two cases of beer. The suspects then went to the second floor of the restaurant and used a box cutter to cut through two vinyl windows of an outdoor tent that covered the second floor deck. The suspects then used a chair to smash through a large window to gain access to the interior of the restaurant. 

Once inside, the suspects removed two cash registers, a bank bag containing an undisclosed amount of money and damaged an interior office door in attempt to gain entry. The Worcester County Bureau of Investigation was contacted and responded to the restaurant. With the assistance of Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department and interviews with local residents, Investigators learned the suspects identified as Tony Leonard Childs and Kenneth James Webb Jr of Ocean City were observed making multiple trips to and from the restaurant carrying cases of beers. Webb and Childs took the beer to a residence located on Swordfish Drive and left the area. The occupants of the residence were contacted and allowed investigators to enter the home where
the beer was discovered. A short time later, Webb and Childs returned to the home and were placed under arrest and subsequently held on $25,000 bond in the Worcester County Jail.

Obama: Incompetence Or Treason?

As of late, there is a constant drone of political pundits, even from CNN, asking “Why is Obama doing this? Why is he saying that?” Even former President Carter, the weakest president of the twentieth century, has said “Obama is inept.” Does Obama live in his own little world? Is he truly inept or is there much more to this man that our miserable main-stream media didn’t tell us or bothered to find out?

The media seems to be playing the “we’re confused card.” They scratch their collective heads and wonder in amazement about what Obama says and does. They actually look as confused as so many of us. Is he incompetent or does he have a plan he’s not divulging? Or, did Obama plainly announce his plan in 2008 to “fundamentally change America?”

Why has Obama taken a far back seat in the war on terror? Why has Obama seemingly switched sides? Why did Obama eagerly criticize Bush II about the national debt and then go about doubling it? Why does Obama back the Muslim Brotherhood? Why does Obama have such animosity towards Netanyahu and Israel, our greatest ally in the region? Why is Obama insisting on importing Syrian ‘refugees’ contrary to fervent public opinion in spite of the Paris tragedy and then say “Are you telling me that the American people are afraid of widows and orphans?” Does this man think we are stupid? In short, why is Obama doing the opposite of what any amount of common sense would say to do?

Former Defense Secretaries Panetta and Gates have both written books and have had numerous interviews testifying to Obama’s refusal to take advice from professionals in the military and his administration as to how to deal with terrorists and criminal regimes like Iran.


Paul Weston : I am a racist... Are you a Racist too?

When Tipping Was Considered Deeply Un-American

Today's restaurants abandoning the tipping system are part of a long heritage of people — including Emerson and Twain — raging against the gratuity system.

With New York restaurateur Danny Meyer banning tips in his restaurants andBerkeley restaurateurs Andrew Hoffman and John Paluska joining the no-tip bandwagon, the tipping debate has clinked back into the headlines of late.

Except it never really went away.

To tip or not to tip constitutes one of the oldest and nastiest debates surrounding America's restaurant business.

When tipping began to spread in post-Civil War America, it was tarred as "a cancer in the breast of democracy," "flunkeyism" and "a gross and offensive caricature of mercy." But the most common insult hurled at it was "offensively un-American."


Hillary Didn’t Want You to See Her Signature on This Document She Signed as Secretary of State

One day after taking the helm of the State Department, Hillary Clinton signed a document known as a “Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement,” pledging to adhere to specific criminal penalties for an “unauthorized disclosure” of classified material.

The document, first obtained by the Washington Free Beacon and signed by the Democratic candidate for President, outlines her acknowledgement of potentially releasing sensitive information:

“I have been advised that the unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized retention, or negligent handling of SCI by me could cause irreparable injury to the United States or be used to advantage by a foreign nation.”

Further, the document contains language that would have required Clinton to take the necessary steps to ensure her information, like that transmitted via email, was stored in a safe manner:

“I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with appropriate management authorities in the Department… in order to ensure that I know whether information or material within my knowledge or control that I have reason to believe might be SCI.”

Clinton’s private email server, which operated out of her private New York residence and later stored in the bathroom closet of a loft, was not considered to be safe, the State Department noted in September.


New OB/GYN office by TLC planned for Woodbrooke Medical Campus in Salisbury

From left to right: Joshua Boston, Chief Development Officer; Brian Holland, Chief Financial Officer; Father Christopher LaBarge, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Anna Napier, Certified Nurse Midwife; Susanne Gray, CEO/President; Dr. Lee Jennings, Department Head of OB/GYN; Katheleen Crossan, Board Member; Dr. Floyd Gray, Associate Medical Director and OB/GYN Physician; Dr. Jason Evans, OB/GYN Physician; Palmer Gillis, Gillis/Gilkerson.
SALISBURY — The Board of Directors, Executive Team, and OB/GYN Department of Three Lower Counties Community Services, Inc. (TLC) are proud to announce plans to construct a new OB/GYN office on the Woodbrooke Medical Campus in Salisbury. Actual construction is expected to begin in early December of 2015, with an expectation of completion by January 2017.

Father Christopher LaBarge, TLC Board Chairman states “We are grateful for the support of our partners and clients. We appreciate all of the hard work that has made this day possible.”

The new OB/GYN office will replace the OB location at the Riverside Medical Complex and the GYN location on Phillip Morris Drive, which opened in 1972. It has been a goal for TLC to combine the offices, as they have been separated since August 2010, due to a severe lack of space to accommodate all patients within the same office. The addition of a board certified Urogynecologist and five certified nurse midwives further stressed the inadequate space.


The Bear & The Hare

Why Courts Use Anonymous Juries, Like In The Freddie Gray Case

The jurors who will be chosen to hear the first case against a police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore will be anonymous, at least for now.

A judge has ruled that their identities can be shielded from the public. That practice is controversial, but not unheard of in high-profile cases.

Experts trace the first completely anonymous jury — secret not just to the media, but also to the defendant — to 1977. That's when a judge worried about possible jury tampering by a drug kingpin named Leroy "Nicky" Barnes, a man also known as Mr. Untouchable.

"They tend to be only used in very, very high-profile trials or trials in which there is a serious threat to either the safety of the jurors or the integrity of the jury process," said Paula Hannaford-Agor, who studies jury issues at the National Center for State Courts.

Hannaford-Agor said there are plenty of examples in recent years of a more limited approach: keeping juror names from the public and the press during the trial but releasing the information later. She said courts recognize a legitimate need to protect the jury.


A Viewer Writes...

At school yesterday I asked if I was allowed to put "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" on the outdoor front sign. I was told, "No."

Yet I noticed on the Wicomico Board of Education website there was a post sharing a "Thanksgiving" wish for all. And I was permitted to put the same word on the school sign for November.
I find this to be unfair & offensive!

Why Hasn't Rand Paul Inherited His Father's Success?

Four years ago, libertarians were an important force in the Republican presidential race. In the campaign for the 2012 nomination, Ron Paul was routinely drawing big crowds on college campuses.

He made a strong third-place showing in Iowa's important first-in-the-nation caucuses. Even though he failed to win the 2012 nomination, his supporters continued to organize, drawing attention to their small-government beliefs and taking over control of much of the Republican Party of Iowa for a time.

Many observers thought so-called "liberty movement" candidates might have an edge in 2016. But for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, the heir apparent to the liberty movement in Iowa, that hasn't panned out.

Post-2012 Struggles

Heading into the 2016 cycle, there were headlines predicting that Rand Paul would build on his father's success and upend the political system.

"Instead, they've been having to spend most of their time defending votes they probably already had when this process started," said Matt Strawn, an Iowa-based GOP strategist.

Strawn is a former Republican Party of Iowa chairman. He was forced out in 2012, and eventually supporters of Ron Paul gained control of the state party for a time.

In the aftermath of the 2012 election, the Paul brand was sullied in Iowa, at least in part, by allegations of improprieties by some of his campaign staffers. And his grassroots supporters eventually lost their hold on the party leadership.


Please DON'T Send Cards To 'A Recovering American Soldier' or 'Any Service Member'


​Every year there is a FaceBook Post that goes viral listing the wrong address for sending Holiday Cards to service members, veterans and families receiving care at Walter Reed Bethesda. It lists the address for Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Georgia Ave, which closed more than 4 years ago. PLEASE, if and when you see this FaceBook Post, respond to correct it. Any cards sent to 5900 Georgia Ave, "Any Service Member," or to "A Recovering American Service Member" will be returned to sender because the address does not exist. Please do not forget about our veterans who are receiving care at your local VA Hospital.

Walter Reed Bethesda and the American Red Cross, National Capital Region is encouraging those interested to join us in helping to provide service members, veterans and their families, cards to send home to their loved ones this holiday season! Deadline for Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa cards is Friday, November 27, 2015.

Items to include in each bundle:
3 blank holiday cards (same holiday per bundle and no glitter)
3 blank envelopes with postage stamps
1 short message to the service member (do not include contact information, only first name)
Bundled with a ribbon

Please drop off or mail completed bundles to:
American Red Cross in the National Capital Region
ATTN: Holiday Mail for Heroes
8550 Arlington Blvd
Fairfax, VA 22031

Those interested in sending signed holiday cards are encouraged to contact their local Red Cross office, Military Treatment Facility or VA Hospital to obtain the local guidelines.

Are Trump and Putin Right?

Monday, MSNBC's "Morning Joe" hosted a spirited discussion with Donald Trump on whether he was right in asserting that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated as the towers came down on 9/11.

About Muslim celebrations in Berlin, however, there appears to be no doubt. In my chapter "Eurabia," in "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America," [2006] is this quote from The New York Times Magazine, exactly 10 years ago.

"Parallel to the declarations of 'unconditional solidarity' with Americans by the German majority, rallies of another sort were taking place in Neukolln and Kreuzberg. Bottle rockets were set off from building courtyards, a poor man's fireworks, sporadic, sparse and joyful; two rockets here, three rockets there. Still, altogether, hundreds of rockets were shooting skyward in celebration of the attack, as most Berliners were searching for words to express their horror."


One of Maryland's Top Attorneys Was Caught Behind Closed Doors Airing Controversial Opinions, Confidential Information

James O'Keefe, the controversial conservative documentarian behind Project Veritas, has a new target in his cross hairs: Attorney General Brian Frosh's office.

In an 11 minute video released Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignarajah is surreptitiously caught on camera committing an apparent ethical breach, as well as speaking his mind on the Second Amendment. O'Keefe talked to C4 shortly after the video's release.

"These are your taxpayer dollars, and knowing what they actually believe, knowing what they're doing on your dime, doing what they're doing with your time is something that all taxpayers need to know," O'Keefe said. "What we want to know is what is Brian Frosh's reaction to that, and what is Larry Hogan's reaction to that."

For Frosh's part, his spokesman David Nitkin told The Daily Caller the attorney general isn't generally "concerned about private views shared by employees in private conversations."

But that's exactly what O'Keefe was after. In the video's introduction, he said the video was meant to take a look at what the nation's top attorneys might say behind closed doors.


My Response To A Comment Where Someone Wants A World War III

9:53, I'm guessing YOU have qualified children willing to join the military and risk their life/lives?

I believe we are a nation that plays chess, not checkers. However, under Obama and the recent nuclear deal with Iran, I'm certainly worried about where we are headed.

Now more than ever we need incredible leadership and that starts with Congress and our next President.

I believe we can work our way around any thought of a World War III with the right kind of leadership in place.

I said it all the way back when Obama was running for President, the guy has NO experience. This is the main reason why I like Trump and Rubio so much. I believe Trump would surround himself with the best minds we've seen in many generations. I also believe these people would come from both sides of the isle. Again, it's about playing chess, not checkers.

America is and has been in deep trouble for far too long. We have become extremely weak while a select few have profited from all of us. That even includes on a LOCAL level.

While property values have dramatically dropped, the bottom feeders have been standing by to scarf up all the foreclosures in order to rent those properties at a much higher rate then the state average.

I've been calling it for years. When you don't get out and vote, when you are more interested in a Black President or a Woman President, you prove you are extremely lazy and only educated by the liberal media.

Every single day we provide educational articles that you more then likely will not see from the local main stream media. Because of the traffic we now receive, we're not just educating people on the Shore, we're educating MILLIONS of Americans who choose to come here on a daily basis. My only hope is that we can make a difference.

Stop being a FOOL and hoping we send millions of our children directly into the line of fire to risk their lives to make big corporations and special interests win. This kind of threat is actually a threat to United States Citizens, not other countries.

Stop allowing these people to come to America and threaten our way of life. GIVING people everything we've worked so hard for and MILLIONS have died for is just plain stupid. Trump is right. Come here LEGALLY or don't come here at all. Obama is tricking each and every one of you and wants to see a war zone right here on our own soil.

Sports Columnist: 'I Wonder in 50 Years, Will We Have Football?'

"I wonder in 50 years, will we have football?" USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan mused on Sunday. "We're going to have it for the next 10, 15, 20, 30, probably. But 50 years? I don't know," she told ABC's "This Week" with Martha Raddatz.

The conversation was spurred by news that the late Hall-of-Famer Frank Gifford, who played football in the 1950s and early 60s, had traumatic brain injury that was diagnosed only after his death in August.


Winter Preparedness

Obama Says a New Tax Is 'The Most Elegant Way' to Stop Climate Change

( - At news conference in Paris on Tuesday, President Obama said "the most elegant way" to reduce carbon emissions is "to put a price on it."

He was responding to a reporter who asked Obama, "I wonder if you see any political path back home toward putting a price on carbon?"

"I have long believed that the most elegant way to drive innovation and to reduce carbon emissions is to put a price on it. This is a classic market failure," Obama replied.

"If you open up an Econ 101 textbook, it will say the market's very good about determining prices and allocating capital towards its most productive use, except there's certain externalities, there's certain things that the market just doesn't count, it doesn't price, at least not on its own. Clean air is an example; clean water -- or the converse, dirty water, dirty air.


Governor Larry Hogan Announces Judicial Appointments

Fills Vacancies on the Maryland Court of Appeals, Circuit Court for Harford County

Governor Larry Hogan today announced the appointment of Judge Michele Hotten to the Maryland Court of Appeals, and Mr. Kevin Mahoney to the Circuit Court for Harford County. The governor made the appointments after reviewing submissions from the judicial nominating commissions.

“After conducting a thorough vetting process, I am confident in Judge Hotten and Mr. Mahoney’s ability to be strong advocates for the law and our citizens in their respective courts,” said Governor Hogan. “Their extensive legal experience in our state has well-prepared them and I offer my sincere congratulations.”

Michele Denise Hotten will fill a vacancy on the Maryland Court of Appeals. Michele Hotten has been a judge for the past twenty-one years, serving on the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, and the District Court for Prince George’s County. Her previous experience includes private practice and service in Prince George’s County Government. Judge Hotten graduated from the Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C.

Kevin Joseph Mahoney will fill a vacancy on the Circuit Court for Harford County. Kevin Mahoney has practiced law for 28 years almost exclusively in the state circuit and district courts, and is currently a shareholder at Snee, Mahoney, Lutche & Helmlinger, P.A. His previous experience includes private practice and clerking for a Baltimore County Circuit Court judge. Mr. Mahoney graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law in Baltimore, Maryland.

These appointments will take effect immediately.

O'Malley does freestyle rap: 'Guns, guns, guns, I don’t like them guns'

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley spit fire at the National Rifle Association during a freestyle rap released late Tuesday.

“The NRA hates me because I don’t like guns,” he rapped during an interview with “Off The Record.”

“Guns, guns, guns, I don’t like them guns,” O’Malley told hosts Xavier Rotnofsky and Rohit Mandalapu.

“If you look at the polls you might get the impression, that president of the United States may not be next profession,” the Democratic White House hopeful said. "Just FYI bro, you’re so dang wrong, soon my polls will be higher than Cheech and Chong.”


Salisbury Legislation Could Be In Serious Trouble

Click on image to enlarge.

Britain May Launch ISIS Strikes "Within Days"; Germany To Join With Warship, Planes, Troops

On Saturday, in "'The Redcoats Are Coming!' Britain Moves Closer To Launching Anti-ISIS Airstrikes,” we warned that the skies above Syria were about to get even more crowded as David Cameron pushed British lawmakers to approve RAF strikes on Raqqa.

"It is wrong for the United Kingdom to expect the aircrews of other nations to carry the burdens and the risks of striking ISIL in Syria to stop terrorism here in Britain," Cameron said.

"I don't think this is a country that lets others like the French or the Americans defend our interests and protect us from terrorist organizations - we should contribute to that effort,” Finance minister George Osborne added, underscoring the perception that Britain’s military prowess is but a shadow of what it once was.

We also noted that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would not use a party whip to influence MP’s decisions. Over the weekend, Corbyn expressed serious reservations about the number of “moderate” rebels on the ground in Syria and also suggested that to the extent there are enough fighters to occupy the territory held by Islamic State once the group is routed, the UK shouldn’t assume that the fighters can be trusted. “I seriously question the number, I seriously question the motives and loyalty of those forces,” Corbyn said.


"Safe Zones"


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the Turkish government of being “secret allies” with ISIS on Friday

Are Russia and Turkey on the verge of going to war?

In remarks that were almost entirely ignored by the western media, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the Turkish government of being “secret allies” with ISIS on Friday. And on Monday, the Russians announced that they would be attempting to seal the border between Syria and Turkey, and we also learned that the Russians have been rushing heavy artillery units into Syria. As tensions between Russia and Turkey continue to escalate, could we be in danger of seeing World War III erupt in the Middle East?

The Russians have clearly become convinced that Turkey is at the core of the problems in Syria, and that is why the Russians now plan to completely seal Syria’s border with Turkey. Lavrov seems to think that this will represent a giant step toward defeating terror groups such as ISIS…


The Class of 2015: Book Burners Afraid of Matches

Scandalous: Maryland Deputy AG Reveals Secrets In Hotel Meetings With Undercover Reporter

This is sad and would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Liberals really have no moral core.

Check it out:

New undercover video released by the conservative journalism group Project Veritas shows a high-ranking Democratic official with the Maryland attorney general’s office speaking candidly about his strong opposition to gun rights and spilling official secrets during bar and hotel-room meetings with a 21-year-old undercover female reporter.

The sting, video of which was shared exclusively with The Daily Caller, centers on deputy attorney general Thiruvendran “Thiru” Vignarajah. The 38-year-old former president Harvard Law Review president has already made a name for himself at the AG’s office, having worked recently to shoot down an appeal filed by Adnan Syed, whose 2000 murder conviction was the subject of the popular NPR show “Serial.”

In the video, Vignarajah expresses strong anti-gun views, telling the undercover reporter, who was posing as a law school applicant, that “we should ban guns altogether, period.”

Vignarajah also spilled the beans on a secret plan that was brewing inside the attorney general’s office to side against his state’s Republican governor, Larry Hogan, by backing President Obama in supporting the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan.




The unraveling, multi-year debacle that is U.S. president Barack Obama‘s socialized medicine law – a.k.a. “Obamacare” – is continuing unabated.

The latest bodyblow? News that UnitedHealthcare – America’s largest insurer – was considering bailing on the program (less than a month after indicating it would expand its Obamacare presence).

“The company is evaluating the viability of the insurance exchange product segment and will determine during the first half of 2016 to what extent it can continue to serve the public exchange markets in 2017,” a statement from the company read.

United Healthcare also announced it was pulling back its marketing efforts for Obamacare-related products in the coming year – a sure sign that the company is exiting the business.

Ouch …


Officers on the lower Eastern Shore charged two watermen with oyster violations in separate incidents.

Last Friday morning, officers on patrol in Tangier Sound saw a green-and-yellow work boat patent tonging on Halls Bar. While boarding the boat for inspection, officers learn that the operator did not have a commercial oystering license. They also found that one bushel contained 12 percent unculled oysters and another bushel had 7 percent unculled oysters.

Harvey Thomas Bowers, 50, of Rock Hall, received two citations. The oysters were returned to the water.

Bowers is scheduled to appear in Somerset District Court on March 8. If found guilty of both charges, he faces a maximum fine of $1,000.

Yesterday morning, officers saw a waterman power dredging in a non-designated area of Tangier Sound.

After verifying the boat’s location with GPS, William Cloyde Catlin Jr., 44, of Upper Fairmount, received a citation. He must appear in Somerset District Court on Feb. 9.

In 2013, Catlin was fined $155 after being found guilty by the same court of possessing unculled oysters.

World Biggest Pension Fund Loses $64 Billion

The world’s biggest pension fund posted its worst quarterly loss since at least 2008 after a global stock rout in August and September wiped $64 billion off the Japanese asset manager’s investments.

The 135.1 trillion yen ($1.1 trillion) Government Pension Investment Fund lost 5.6 percent last quarter as the value of its holdings declined by 7.9 trillion yen, according to documents released Monday in Tokyo. That’s the biggest percentage drop in comparable data starting from April 2008. The fund lost 8 trillion yen on its domestic and foreign equities and 241 billion yen on overseas debt, while Japanese bonds handed GPIF a 302 billion yen gain.

The loss was GPIF’s first since doubling its allocation to stocks and reducing debt last October, and highlights the risk of sharp short-term losses that come with the fund’s more aggressive investment style. Fund executives have argued that holding more shares and foreign assets is a better approach as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seeks to spur inflation that would erode the purchasing power of bonds.


A Viewer Writes: 1 Hour Delay In Worcester County

Joe just got a message that the schools in Worcester county are delayed 1 hour today due to fog.

Somerset County has a 2 hour delay.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Press Release 12-2-15

Case #: 150001108
Location Occurred: Walmart Berlin
Crime or Violation: Theft- Shoplifting
Accused: Alexander Corbett 20 of Ocean Pines
Charges: Theft less than $100
Narrative:  On November 27, 2015 around 6:26 pm Deputies from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Walmart in Berlin reference a suspicious person. The person was reported to have been attempting to enter a vehicle. The caller identified the person as Alex Corbett.

Corbett was later located on Samuel Bowen Blvd near the Home Depot. Through investigation the Deputies located 2 bottles of Robitussin Gelcaps in his pockets. When Corbett could not produce a receipt for the items and had a wavering story about the purchase, Walmart loss prevention was contacted. A review of the video from the store showed Corbett concealing the Robitussin in his pockets and exiting the store without paying. Corbett was released on a criminal citation charging theft less than $100. No court date has been set.

Feds set to stop Staples, Office Depot Merger

U.S. regulators are poised to block the proposed merger of Office Depot and Staples unless the companies deliver concessions amid concerns of their combined share in the market for corporate office supplies, according to the New York Post.

The New York Post reported late Sunday that Federal Trade Commission authorities are "leaning against the deal and are preparing to block it."

The two office supply giants had announced last month that they had won an extension on the review process through Dec. 8, when the FTC must decide whether to approve the transaction or take legal action against it.

Staples (SPLS) in February agreed to acquire Office Depot for $6.3 billion, but the deal immediately encountered regulatory scrutiny.


Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

"I'll Be Back"


Nothing But Net

Obama Makes Despicable Announcement About Christmas

While America wallows in a depression, Obama plays in Hawaii. It’s disgusting. 100 million are without work and many ran out of unemployment benefits long ago. But that’s okay, Obama is snacking on shaved ice and planning his after-presidency life in Hawaii. The man never earned a dime in his life and lives in the lap of luxury. America is already losing jobs to illegal immigrants and seeing crime as she never has before with Obama’s open borders policy. Now, he’ll bring in hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees who will bring terrorism and death to America. But never mind that… it’s Lei Day in the Press Briefing Room! They look ridiculous by the way. As Obama has homes gifted to him, Americans cry out for a real leader to bring back jobs and stop the invasion of our country. 2016 simply cannot come soon enough.
From the White House:
The Final Hawaii Trip as POTUS
President Obama’s 2015 Hawaii trip will be his last Christmas vacation in Hawaii as President. He plans to break tradition next year in 2016 and spend his final Christmas in office at the White House, surrounded by family and friends. After leaving office, President Obama looks forward to returning to Hawaii as a private citizen to continue his annual tradition in a new vacation home recently “purchased by a friend”.
Getting into the Hawaii Vacation Spirit
In honor of his last presidential trip to Hawaii, President Obama has decided to bring a little Hawaiian sunshine to the White House in advance of his departure. In addition to a Christmas tree this year, the Oval Office is decorated with palm trees, tropical flowers, and the Hawaii state flag. The White House Mess has also been decorated with a Hawaiian theme and serves shave ice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.