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Friday, October 21, 2011



Wyatt Barry Powell
African American Male 6’1 185lbs
42 Bethany Road Selbyville, De

On October 21, 2011, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Worcester County Detention Center for a report of inmate who failed to report back from Work Release. The above subject was serving a year sentence for unauthorized removal of property. The subject was seen at the Worcester County Landfill in Newark, Maryland at 2:00 pm on October 21, 2011. An escape warrant has been issued for the subject. Anyone who observes the subject or knows his whereabouts is asked to contact the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office at 410-632-1111 or your local Police Department or 911. The subject may be in the Selbyville , De area.

WBOC Violating Federal Highway Rules?

In 2008 it became law that if you are standing on the side of the road doing any kind of reporting you MUST wear a safety vest.

One thing I can also tell you is that MSM Insurance companies demand ALL reporters wear these safety vests but WBOC doesn't seem to follow the rules, including these shots taken this evening.

Its my understanding some feel it's not very becoming or in style, so some choose just not to follow the rules.What I found interesting though was a couple of months ago I had noticed they WERE following the rules, someone must have been watching them.

Nevertheless, the rules are the rules. As you can see from the first two images, the reporter is standing less than 4 feet from Rt. 13, even at night after 7 PM.

Follow the rules or get out of the business before someone gets killed by a driver. That is why they made the rules in the first place.

I should add, I saw the VP Craig Jahelka commercial for myself tonight where he's trying to make people believe ALL businesses are up 7.5% here on the shore and we're doing better than anyone else in the state. He goes on to say, Bet you haven't heard this anywhere else. Yeah Craig, that's because NO ONE is stupid enough to make such a foolish and irresponsible statement. You see, many of the people viewing it are business owners who know this to be untrue. Must be pimping for some advertising revenue, eh Craig? Bet you haven't heart that elsewhere, have you Craig?

Salisbury's 3rd Friday Another Flop

Only 7 vendors on the Plaza. At max, 25 people walking around. Jim Ireton and Matt Maciarello were walking around shaking hands. Laura Mitchell asking for signatures to her petition,she is telling people the "3" are going to take over Salisbury.

Maybe one day people like Maciarello, Ireton and others will learn that their partnership with the "other blogger" just isn't worth a crap and this proves, (once again) he has no following or audience.

I'm ALL about supporting this community but unless the leaders put their differences aside, I'm NOT going to support them.

Many people called me very upset around 5:00 that Division Street was closed off without warning. Mayor Ireton closed it off and had Firefighters all over the place. I guess if he loads the Downtown up with his Staff he'll feel like the event is a bigger success. Instead, he just pissed off a lot of people and cost the taxpayers a lot of money.


Not wanting to be outdone by Ron Paul, no doubt, Obama announces the war in Iraq is over and we are bringing home ALL the troops.

Is this possible? It appears so. Who say’s Ron Paul’s message isn’t getting heard…

Obama announces total Iraq troop withdrawal

By BEN FELLER – AP White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Friday declared an end to the Iraq war, one of the longest and most divisive conflicts in U.S. history, announcing that all American troops would be withdrawn from the country by year’s end.

Obama’s statement put an end to months of wrangling over whether the U.S. would maintain a force in Iraq beyond 2011. He never mentioned the tense and ultimately fruitless negotiations with Iraq over whether to keep several thousand U.S. forces there as a training force and a hedge against meddling from Iran or other outside forces.

Instead, Obama spoke of a promise kept, a new day for a self-reliant Iraq and a focus on building up the economy at home.

“I can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year,” Obama said. “After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over.”


Occupy Wall Street: Must Know Facts About Big Banks

Wall Street big banks, although not entirely responsible for the Great Recession, most experts agree that banks creating and partying in the subprime securitization [20] mess is one of the major contributing events that broke the camel's back.

The repeal of provisions in 1999 of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 has not only effectively made "Too Big To Fail" a reality and a moral hazard, the subsequent trillion's of dollars in bank bailout [21] funded by the taxpayer has also saddled the already over-indebted nation with even more debt.

Even with the Dodd-Frank financial reform, from a market perspective, there are still issues within the structure of the current banking operation that are not adequately addressed.

First of all, banks should not have prop trading [22] in-house, period.  At the very least, the clearing house and the trading arm now reside withing the same banks need to be completely separated into different companies, with a physical Chinese titanium wall in between.

Bernanke - "I've abandoned the dual mandate!"

I find myself this morning hoping for the failure of the Federal Reserve. This implies that I’m also hoping for a collapse in the equity markets and a severe recession. Coupled with that, I want to see that the massive increase in money supply and the endless interventions of the Fed bring us a round of much higher inflation. I want the Fed to fail so miserably that they are marginalized for the next twenty years. I want Bernanke fired. I want the Fed disgraced.

I’m not rooting for this to happen because I’m short assets. I’m not hoping for more pain for Americans. I don’t want to see a collapse in the economy. And I certainly do not want to see more inflation. But I’m convinced that the only hope for the country is to shut this Fed down. For that to happen there must first be a collapse.

This morning we once again we have the mouthpiece of Bernanke, Jon Hilsenrath at the WSJ, telling us what is coming next from the Fed. This is disgusting in so many ways.

Hilsenrath got a call from Benny yesterday. This time Ben Boy tipped his hand. A new LSAP plan is in the works. This time it will be directed at the Agency MBS market (a la QE #1 [9]).
What killed me is this quote from the WSJ:

Fed officials believe their past purchase programs helped to lift stock markets, by driving investors from low-risk investments toward riskier investments.

Visualizing The True Cost Of The First Bank Bailout: $3.5 Trillion And Rising At Over $1 Trillion Every Year

In his latest letter to clients (which we will present shortly), Diapason's Sean Corrigan has one chart that explains beyond a shadow of a doubt what the true cost of the (First) Great Financial Crisis, the failure of Lehman, and the bailout of the US financial sector, is. The premise is ridiculously simple: the chart below compares the trendline of US debt before and after the Lehman from September 2008, and the rescue of everyone else who unlike Dick Fuld, was in Hank Paulson's good graces. What is immediately obvious is that US debt is currently $3.5 trillion higher than where it would be had America's banks not received a rescue. That is Sean's conclusion. It is however incomplete. The truth is that this is a proportional increase which if extrapolated into the future, means that every year the US will incur well over $1.2 trillion each and every year as a result of bailing out the banks. That is the true cost to Americans regardless of what Tim Geithner may claim. But note how we said First. Unfortunately, the Second Great Financial Crisis, that of bailing out insolvent sovereigns, is currently and process. And when all is said and done, the global cost in terms of new "trendline" debt will be many more trillions in incremental debt every year. And despite what economic voodoo theories say, near infinite debt always ends in near infinite pain. It will this time too. Guaranteed.



I watched the GOP debate last night. Here are my impressions:
  • Perry came across as a very angry man. I really thought he and Romney were going to physically attack each other over the illegal immigrant accusations. If Perry were to be elected president, I would say the chances of World War III would be 75% during his term. He’s scary.
  • Romney did his usual smooth talking. He manages to take both sides of every issue. I was left with the vision of 50 illegal Mexicans with lawnmowers descending upon his 1,000 acre palatial estate. Then him acting like he understands the plight of the middle class.
  • Herman Cain was absolutely shellshocked by the beatdown he received regarding his ridiculous 999 plan. Giving politicians a new sales tax without eliminating the income tax is like locking up a 5 year old in a candy store. Cain’s 999 plan will become 12 12 12 and then 15 15 15 and before long 25 25 25. He denied what he had said just a few hours before. The man has absolutely no problem with lying, as he proved when Ron Paul confronted him at the last debate. Lying is a great trait in a President.
  • John Huntsman seemed quiet. Where the fuck was he? He has higher poll numbers than that jackoff Santorum.
  • Michelle Bachman scared the living shit out of me. She is absolutely clueless. If she tells me one more time that she raised 23 foster kids, I might go ballistic. She is vacuous.
  • Rick Santorum essentially foams at the mouth and pretends to be a good Catholic, but wants to blow up or invade every country in the Middle East. He cares deeply about marriage and the American families, but he has no problem shooting missiles at Muslim families.
  • Newt Gingrich is the smartest guy on the stage. That is clear to anyone being unbiased. He understands the problems. He knows how to get things done in Washington. He even seems to be softening his stance on war mongering. His personal baggage and smugness will never allow him to get enough support from the Republican base.
  • I thought that Ron Paul had his best performance yet. Whenever the other idiots would talk about how they are going to fix the problems with new programs and more government intervention, he brought them back to the reality of our debt, the Federal Reserve created inflation and our Empire. He has proposed a budget plan that will balance the books in three years. None of the other jackoffs would dare propose something so concrete. I loved his response to the OWS question. His views are 90% aligned with the views of the people at OWS. He was always against the bailouts. He has always been against the Federal Reserve, which is owned by the Wall Street banks. He was always against the wars that have bankrupted our country. Ron Paul is the candidate of OWS. Here is a video of his best moments.

End Central Banks' BIS Boss, Too?

BIS: Lending To Developed Country Banks Falls by $296B ... Banks cut their international lending to each other during the second quarter, and in particular to lenders in the U.K. and the U.S., according to a report by the Bank for International Settlements. The BIS report released on Wednesday said total cross-border lending fell $185 billion, or 0.6%, in the three months to the end of June, to $35.6 trillion, compared with the first quarter. Cross-border lending rose $634 billion in the first quarter. – Dow Jones

Dominant Social Theme: What's the BIS? We can't keep track of all these nonsensical international organizations ... What does the BIS do? What does the B stand for? Is it a global bowling league?



Everyone knows drinking and driving is a primary cause of teen crashes and teen deaths.

But many people don’t know:

1. 16-year-old drivers are three times more likely to die in a car crash than other drivers.

2. Simple driver error is a factor in two-thirds of fatal teen crashes.

3. Two-thirds of teen occupants killed in crashes are not wearing seat belts.


Three transportation projects on the West Side of the Beltway will improve infrastructure, add $45 million into Maryland’s economy and support nearly 600 jobs

ANNAPOLIS, MD (October 21, 2011) - Governor Martin O’Malley today announced that work is beginning on a $13 million major construction project to replace the inner loop I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) Bridge over Wilkens Avenue (MD 372) in Baltimore County. Overall, the State has three major Beltway bridge projects now under construction on the West Side of the Beltway replacing structures that are more than 50 years old.

“To create jobs, a modern economy requires modern investments. That’s why we are investing $45 million into the Baltimore Beltway to support nearly 600 jobs for our families,” said Governor O’Malley. “Our infrastructure is an area where we have the largest investment deficit in our State – and it’s something that matters both for job creation today, and for what type of State we leave to the next generation. These bridge projects are a great example of how replacing our aging infrastructure creates jobs and builds a stronger transportation network.”

In addition to replacing the I-695 inner loop bridge over Wilkens Avenue that was built in 1956, this project will accommodate any future widening of the Beltway’s inner loop from three to four lanes.  The project is expected to be complete summer 2013, weather permitting. The new inner loop bridge will have the same design and appearance as the outer loop bridge. The State Highway Administration (SHA) replaced the I-695 outer loop bridge over Wilkens Avenue in 2004, as part of the widening of the outer loop of I-695 to four lanes between MD 144 (Frederick Road) and I-95. 

This bridge project is one of several bridges SHA is addressing under its aggressive system preservation program. Most of the bridges along I-695 are more than 50 years old, dating back to the original construction of the Baltimore Beltway.  In addition to the Wilkens Bridge project, SHA now is managing two other major bridge projects on the west side of I-695 including:  the Frederick Road Bridge over I-695 and the dual beltway bridges over Liberty Road (MD 26).  More than 192,000 vehicles use this section of I-695 every day.

Some Supermarkets Don't Want To Touch Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls

Back when Ben & Jerry's announced its new Schweddy Balls flavor of ice cream, you might have guessed that some stores might balk at selling the product. And if so, then your prediction was spot-on.

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The Maryland State Police is seeking qualified applicants for Trooper, Trooper Medic and Cadet positions. The Maryland State Police Recruitment Unit will be hosting a fall open house applicant orientation. The event will be held on Tuesday October 25, 2011, at the Easton National Guard Armory, 7111 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD 21601.

The orientation will begin promptly at 7:00 PM. All applicants are required to wear professional business attire and must bring their valid driver’s license, a black ink pen, and note pad.

The minimum qualifications to apply are as follows:

• Trooper applicants must be at least 20 years of age, having not reached their 59th birthday.
• Cadet applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 19.
• Applicants must be a United States citizen.
• Applicants must become a Maryland resident upon graduation as Trooper.
• Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED before being hired.
• Applicants must have a valid driver’s license.
• Applicants must have sound morals and a clean drug history and criminal history

Maryland State Police
Corporal Reginald Singleton
Recruiting and Selection Unit
1201 Reisterstown Rd.
Pikesville, MD 21208
Fax # 653-4498

Contact: Greg Shipley
Office of Media Communications & Marketing
410-653-4236 (Office) 410-653-4200 (through Headquarters Duty Officer

What Does a 400% Increase in Antidepressant Use Really Mean?

Antidepressant prescribing has risen nearly 400% since 1988, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More than 1 in 10 Americans over age 12 now takes an antidepressant, the study finds, and yet two-thirds of those with severe symptoms of depression do not take antidepressants at all.



The MSM is declaring that GE profits are up 18%. That is complete and utter bullshit. I’ve never come across a company that purposefully complicates, obscures, and misinforms about their true financial picture more than GE. I ignore the bullshit press release and go right to the numbers. Their press realease is a freaking 18 pages of gobledy gook. There entire purpose is to obscure and confuse. Here is a link to their release:

If you dig into the back pages you find little nuggets not revealed at the top of the release:
  • GAAP earnings from continuing operations (attributable to GE) were $3.2 billion, up 4%, or $0.22 per share, down 21% from the prior year quarter.
  • Third-quarter revenues were $35.4 billion for the quarter were flat compared to revenues of $35.4 billion from the prior year’s quarter. Industrial sales of $23.2 billion decreased 2% compared to 2010. GE Capital Services (GECS) revenues of $12.0 billion were up 1% from the third quarter of 2010.
  • Cash generated from GE Industrial operating activities for the first nine months of 2011 totaled $6.5 billion, down 35% from $10.1 billion for the comparable period of 2010.
It seems their actual GAAP earnings, which is what the world uses, were DOWN 21% from the prior year. Of course the MSM is reporting a 18% increase. Nice fraudulent announcement.


Are You Owned By The Government?

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? If the government exists to serve us and if freedom is part of our humanity, how can the government take freedom from us? Tonight, is human freedom in America a myth, or is it reality?

Today is the release date of my newest book, It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong. This is my sixth book. All have been about human freedom and the government’s failure to protect it. In all my previous works, I’ve emphasized the theme that all human beings possess natural rights as part of our humanity. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, we view these rights as gifts from our Creator. This is particularly so if you are an American, and if you mark the founding of this nation at July 4th 1776, as it was then that the Continental Congress promulgated in the Declaration of Independence Jefferson’s immortal – though hardly novel – words to the effect that we humans are all created equal, and we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


The War On Drugs Has Become The War On The American People

"On July 29, 2008, my family and I were terrorized by an errant Prince George's County SWAT team. This unit forced entry into my home without a proper warrant, executed our beloved black Labradors, Payton and Chase, and bound and interrogated my mother-in-law and me for hours as they ransacked our belongings… As I was forced to kneel, bound at gun point on my living room floor, I recall thinking that there had been a terrible mistake. However, as I have learned more, I have to understand that what my family and I experience is part of a growing and troubling trend where law enforcement is relying on SWAT teams to perform duties once handled by ordinary police officers."

~ Maryland Mayor Cheye Calvo in testimony before the Maryland Senate

Insisting that the "damage done by drugs is felt far beyond the millions of Americans with diagnosable substance abuse or dependence problems," President Obama has declared October 2011 to be National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. However, while drug abuse and drug-related crimes have unquestionably taken a toll on American families and communities, the government's own War on Drugs has left indelible scars on the population.


Ron Paul WSJ Article: Fraud Of Central Banking Is 'Price Fixing'

Blame the Fed for the Financial Crisis ... The Fed fails to grasp that an interest rate is a price, the price of time. Attempting to manipulate that price is as destructive as any other government price control. To know what is wrong with the Federal Reserve, one must first understand the nature of money. Money is like any other good in our economy that emerges from the market to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. Its particular usefulness is that it helps facilitate indirect exchange, making it easier for us to buy and sell goods because there is a common way of measuring their value. Money is not a government phenomenon, and it need not and should not be managed by government. When central banks like the Fed manage money they are engaging in price fixing, which leads not to prosperity but to disaster. The Federal Reserve has caused every single boom and bust that has occurred in this country since the bank's creation in 1913 – Congressman Ron Paul/ Wall Street Journal


US Money Supply Surges Surges 33% In 4 Months - Gold To Follow?

US Money Supply Surges Surges 33% in 4 Months – Global Money Supply to Lead to Gold $10,000/oz?

Gold is trading at USD 1,623.80, EUR 1,177.95, GBP 1,027.01, JPY 124,535.72, AUD 1587.39 and CNY 10,354/oz.

Gold’s London AM fix this morning was USD 1,623.00, GBP 1,027.02 and EUR 1178.14 per ounce.
Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,629.00, GBP 1,033.24 and EUR 1,180.17 per ounce.

U.S. M2 Money Supply: Accelerating Sharply in 2011

Gold prices are mixed today as markets remain on edge due to increasing divisions amongst European leaders on how to solve the intractable Eurozone debt crisis. There continues to be very strong demand for physical bullion globally and support is  strong at the $1,600 level due to this demand.

The sharp fall of copper yesterday, by 6%, is an indication that the US, Chinese and indeed global economy is very fragile and may soon begin to contract.

Physical demand in Asia, mainly India and China, has entered the traditional peak season with Indian festivals and the increasingly important Chinese New Year.

This is reflected in premiums in Asia which remain good. There are reports of massive physical buying out of China on gold’s fall close to $1,600 yesterday. The most active Shanghai gold futures traded at a premium of more than $10 over spot prices earlier today. The contract stood at 335.22 yuan a gram, or $1,634 an ounce, at a premium of $3.



Ineptocracy (in-ept-o-cra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Vote By Mail?

Here's an idea! Let more people vote by mail! It'll be convenient for the voter, and it'll help the Postal Service's bottom line. But not so fast, the Government Accountability Office says in a recent report. GAO found that voting by mail has limited potential to provide USPS with any more revenue. Election mail has low profit margins, and there's just no support for a national 'vote-by-mail' cause. GAO says even if mail voting were implemented nationwide in the presidential elections, the volume of mail would be relatively low. If the 2008 election had been conducted solely by mail, that would've been 324 million pieces of mail.That is only two-tenths of 1 percent of the Postal Service's total fiscal-year mail volume of 177 billion pieces.

First-Grade Teacher Not Guilty In Choking Case

A Montgomery County, Md., first-grade teacher was found not guilty of hurting her students Friday.

Susan Burke, 36, was suspended from Greencastle Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md., in January after several students accused her of either choking, grabbing, pinching or scratching them, and causing pain in the process.

Burke denied any punitive contact.

Companies Suing Government Over Campaign Contributions

A trio of contractors is suing the government for the right to make campaign contributions. Federal law bars government contractors from contributing cash during a federal election. The lawsuit filed against the Federal Election Commission says that rule is unconstitutional. The suit is filed by two consultants for USAID and a researcher at the Administrative Conference of the United States, Federal Times reports. In their complaint, the contractors want some ability to contribute to federal campaigns similar to what federal workers and corporate contractors are allowed to do

Firefighter Revives Dog, Mouth To Snout

Pooch carried unconscious out of a burning home is saved by quick-thinking rescuers

When his fellow firefighters carried an unconscious Labrador retriever out of a burning house on Tuesday, Jamie Giese had no medical equipment to revive him. So he went with something he had only seen on TV.

The Wasau, Wis., firefighter leaned in for a close encounter of the canine kind, providing mouth-to-snout respiration to help the struggling yellow Labrador breathe, after it had inhaled a substantial amount of smoke. Kim Carlson watched as her dog was saved by Giese’s unorthodox heroics.



ANNAPOLIS, MD (October 21, 2011) –Governor Martin O’Malley issued this statement following the U.S. Department of Labor’s release of preliminary employment data for the month of September. The report shows that Maryland employers added 6,800 jobs. In the private sector alone, the State ended the month with 10,000 more jobs, the 3rd highest private sector growth rate in the nation. Maryland’s unemployment rate increased 0.1 percentage points to 7.4 percent, and remains nearly 20 percent below the national rate of 9.1 percent. 

“Job creation is our number one priority. In Maryland, after the strongest September job creation performance since 2005, we have added a total of 20,000 new jobs since January. Despite these positive trends, our unemployment rate, even though it remains one of the lowest in the nation, shows that we have far too many jobless Marylanders.”

“One of the ways in which we can create jobs is by cutting bureaucratic red tape so that small businesses can create jobs and expand opportunity. That’s why, earlier this week, I signed an Executive Order requiring all State agencies to conduct a 60-day review of State regulations to determine which we could reform or eliminate to spark faster job creation.” 

“To create jobs, a modern economy requires modern investments. While 95 percent of the jobs we have created this year are in the private sector, we have lost 3,600 jobs in local government on the year. We intend to bring a package of reforms to the General Assembly in January to make the investments in infrastructure, school construction, and other shovel-ready projects that are necessary to create jobs throughout our State. The most important job we create is the next one.”

Energy Department Defends Loan To Company Building Electric Cars In Finland

The Department of Energy is standing by a $529 million loan guarantee to a company building an electric car line in Finland.

A department official, in a lengthy response posted on a government blog Thursday night, confirmed that the company Fisker is assembling its Karma electric car at its "overseas facility."

The response comes after ABC News reported that the Obama administration gave the green light for the company to move the manufacturing to Finland two years after announcing the loan.


Northrop Grumman To Cut 800 Jobs

Northrop Grumman plans to cut up to 800 jobs across the U.S, with most of the cuts coming in Maryland, The Washington Business Journal reports. The positions are being eliminated from the contractor's electronic systems business. A Northrop Grumman spokesman said the layoffs are in response to slow demand from the federal government

BREAKING NEWS: NATO To End Libya Operation

NATO makes preliminary decision to end air operation in Libya at end of the month.


Maryland Also Ranks Among Most Improved States

ANNAPOLIS, MD (October 21, 2011) – Governor Martin O’Malley today announced that the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has ranked Maryland one of the nation’s most improved states for energy efficiency as well as 10th on a national energy scoreboard for 2011.

“We have set some of the most aggressive goals in America for decreasing energy consumption in Maryland and our efforts to save energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels are beginning to bear fruit,” Governor O’Malley said.  “Making the investments in safe, clean, reliable and affordable energy can create thousands of jobs in Maryland and reducing our energy consumption saves money and improves our environment.”

The ACEEE report also noted that Maryland was one of only a handful of states receiving top scores for greenhouse gas tailpipe emission standards and the integration of transportation and land use planning, also known as transit-oriented development. 

Other Maryland energy efficiency and conservation projects include:
  • Funding $201 million dollars in energy efficiency work in state buildings in the past four years.
  • Implementing a state-of-the art energy database for utilities consumed by Maryland state government.
  • Participating in Electricity Demand Response where homeowners and businesses voluntarily agree to reduce electricity consumption on hot summer days.  Maryland ratepayers have received over $40 million in net payments for program participation.

“It is our goal as a state to lead by example in the area of energy conservation and encouraging a green economy,” said Department of General Services Secretary Alvin C. Collins.  “Maryland’s Department of General Services is working with other state agencies on 20 Energy Savings Performance Contracts which will provide guaranteed annual energy savings in excess of $21 million.”

“As a result of Governor O’Malley’s vision in establishing one of the nation’s most aggressive energy efficiency goals, Marylanders have already saved over 900,000 MWh of electricity and over $117 million since 2009, and our peak demand program has helped us avoid major blackouts during our record-setting summer heat wave,” said Malcolm Woolf, director of the Maryland Energy Administration. 

Not Everyone Thinks The Federal Real-Property Fire Sale Is Successful

The Washington Business Journal reports that real estate experts are skeptical. They say most of the propery is not likely to draw any serious interest and that property is considered "excess" in the first place because there's not much value for prospective buyers. On the other hand, they say the Civilian BRAC process could generate interest because there are properties included that are prime sites for redevelopment. That bill is working its way through Congress. The properties also have to be OK'd for sale

Salisbury Police Department Press Releases 10-21-11

On October 19, 2011 at approximately 1:55 am, Officers of the Salisbury Police were on routine patrol on the seven hundred (700) block of Baker Street and observed the below listed suspect trespassing on posted residential property. Officers met with the suspect who gave the officers consent to search his person. During the search the officers located a smoking device containing suspected “crack”/cocaine and a small bag containing a quantity of suspected “crack/cocaine” and a second smoking device. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

ARRESTED: Donald Eugene Sparks, 40 years of age Seaford, Delaware

Possession of cocaine
Possession of CDS/Paraphernalia (2 counts)

DISPOSITION: Released to Central Booking CC # 201100041032

On October 20, 2011 at approximately 11:13 pm, Officers of the Salisbury Police received a call to respond to a residence on the thirteen hundred (1300) block of Foggy Bottom Drive for the report of arson. Upon arrival the officers met with an adult male victim who advised that he had been involved in a verbal argument with the below listed suspect who also lived in the residence. Further investigation by the officers revealed that the suspect had used gasoline to start a fire in her bedroom and had burned paper and cardboard. There were no injuries.

ARRESTED: Christina June Taylor, 32 years of age Salisbury, Maryland

CHARGES: Reckless endangerment (4 counts)

DISPOSITION: Released to Central Booking CC # 201100041292

After Agency Real-Property Success, OMB Ups Goal

The White House is increasing the pressure on agencies to get rid of excess or unused real property, after efforts so far have exceeded expectations. OMB controller Danny Werfel told Federal News Radio agencies now will be expected to save or avoid spending $3.5 billion by the end of fiscal 2012, up from the $3 billion goal President Barack Obama set in a June 2010 executive order. OMB has also added 1,500 properties to the sell list.


Hertz Fires 26 Muslim Drivers In Dispute

More than two dozen Somali Muslim drivers for Hertz at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport are being fired after refusing to clock out for daily breaks during which they normally pray, according to media reports.

The 26 workers drive the company's rental cars to and from the airport for cleaning and refueling. They are among 34 Hertz employees suspended Sept. 30 for failing to clock out before breaks.

Japan Cabinet OKs $158B Extra Budget For Tsunami

TOKYO (AP) - Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's Cabinet on Friday approved a 12.1 trillion yen ($158 billion) extra budget to help fund the reconstruction of Japan's tsunami-battered northeast.

The supplementary budget for the year through March approved Friday also earmarks about 2 trillion yen in measures aimed at easing pressure from the yen's recent surge, which erodes exporters' earnings.

"This (budget) will become a great source of energy or an engine for reconstruction," Finance Minister Jun Azumi told reporters after the Cabinet approval, according to Kyodo News agency.


Caption This Photo 10-21-11

Animal Shelter Manager Reveals Horrors Of His Job

An anonymous posting by an animal shelter manager whose job, which often involves putting animals down, is shooting around Facebook. It offers a sobering look into what goes on behind the scenes at animal shelters.

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Dollar Falls To Post WW II Low vs Yen; Euro Climbs

NEW YORK (AP) - The euro climbed against the dollar on Friday on hopes that European leaders can put together a comprehensive plan to solve the region's debt crisis.

Meanwhile, the dollar fell to its lowest point against the Japanese yen since World War II. The yen has risen 6.5 percent this year against the U.S. currency this year despite Japan's efforts to curb its climb to protect the country's exporters.


Email Warned That Bank Up For Bailout Was ‘Disastrous’

Anonymous tip warned Treasury that United Commercial Bank was troubled, but the bank still got almost $300 million. Now the bank has failed and two executives are facing criminal charges.

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OCTOBER 24, 2011
5:30 P.M.

  • Convene work session

  • Vote to convene in closed session
  • Consult with legal counsel and staff on pending or potential litigation as permitted under the Annotated Code of Maryland Sections 10-508(a)(7)(8)

  • Reconvene work session

  • Recess (for 6:00 p.m. legislative meeting)

  • Reconvene work session

  • Follow-up on Board of Zoning Appeals procedures

  • General discussion/upcoming agendas

  • Adjournment

US Military Paid $1.1 Trillion To Contractors That Defrauded The Government

The Pentagon has paid $1.1 trillion to hundreds of defense contractors and their parent companies that have defrauded the government over the past ten years, according to a Department of Defense report released Thursday.

More than 300 contractors involved in civil and criminal fraud cases that resulted in judgments of $1 million or more during the last decade were paid a total of $573.7 billion by the US military, including $398 billion that was paid to contractors after judgments for fraud. When awards to parent companies are included, the Pentagon awarded $1.1 trillion to the top 37 companies that defrauded the US military since 2000.

Raytheon, for example, spent nearly $4 million to settle a civil case with the government in 2002 and $2.5 million to settle a case in 2000. Since the cases were settled, the Pentagon has awarded Raytheon's aircraft and engineering divisions a total of $1.8 billion.

Lockheed Martin paid $10.5 million in 2008 to settle charges that the company submitted false invoices on a multibillion dollar contract connected to a space vehicle program. Despite the fraud, the Department of Defense awarded Lockheed $30.2 billion in contracts in 2009.

Troopers Probe Millsboro Home Invasion Robbery

Location: Residence located in the 28000 block of John J. Williams Highway, Millsboro, DE

Date of Occurrence: Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 10:45 p.m.


-41 year old male resident
-33 year old female resident


-White male, 5’08”-5’10” tall, 150-160 lbs. He was last seen wearing all black clothing and a black face mask. He was also armed with an unknown type of handgun.

-White male, 5’08”-5’10” tall, 160-170 lbs. He was last seen wearing all black clothing and a black face mask. He was also armed with an unknown type of handgun.

Millsboro, DE- Delaware State Police detectives are currently investigating a home invasion style robbery that occurred late last night in Millsboro, DE.

The incident happened at approximately 10:45 p.m. Thursday as two male subjects forced their way into a home located in the 28000 block of the John J. Williams Highway in Millsboro. Once inside, the suspects confronted the 41 year old male and 33 year old female residents of the home with handguns. They then demanded and received cash as well as prescription medicine from the victims before fleeing in an unknown direction. The victims were not injured.

Detectives are asking anyone who may have any information in reference to this incident to contact Troop 4 at 302-856-5850. Citizens may also provide a tip by texting keyword “DSP” plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES). Tipsters may also provide information through lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333. Callers can also submit information via the internet at

Look Who's Behind Uprising In Orlando

Who'da thunk this group would be pulling strings?

A lawyer linked through the Council on American Islamic Relations to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood has been identified as the driving force behind the Occupy Orlando protests that have been staged in Johnson Park, according to a video report from Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council and The United West.

The report from the organization that "educates and activates freedom minded people" to strategize the propagation of the exceptionalism of Western civilization over "the totalitarian choke-hold of Shariah Islam" explains that the same attorney who represented the Islam-bent parents in the famous Rifqa Bary dispute obtained the permit for the Occupy Orlando event and was on scene giving directions.

"You're not going to believe ... the evidence ... that links this movement with a key Muslim individual who's associated with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood," Trento explains on the video. "This individual has assumed a leadership [role] if [he is] not the leader of this movement in Orlando."


Hunters: Donate Deer For The Hungry

SALISBURY Hunters on the Mid-Shore can donate does through Oct. 29 as part of the 2001 Doe Harvest Challenge, where the meat goes to the hungry.

The challenge also runs from Dec. 10 through 31.

Beginning on opening day of bow season, each donation makes the donor eligible to participate in a drawing for a prize package worth $500. Entries gathered from all five cycles of the challenge are eligible for a grand prize package worth more than $1,000.


Breakfast Club, A Bipartisan Buffet

A group of Democratic and Republican members meet regularly to discuss legislation—and it didn’t take the threat of a government default or a law to get them to do it.

No, this isn’t the super committee mandated by August’s Budget Control Act to cut the deficit. It is part of a series of small efforts, spearheaded mostly by freshmen, to build a working relationship between the parties. The get-togethers began as breakfast between Reps. Jim Renacci, R-Ohio, and John Carney, D-Del. In the roughly four months since, a regular meeting of about a dozen members has sprouted.

Renacci said that the group, which is split almost evenly politically, likes to keep a low profile and that members are hesitant to publicize their participation. Nonetheless, some regulars are Reps. Rick Berg, R-N.D., Mike Kelly, R-Pa., Jim Himes, D-Conn., Mike Quigley, D-Ill., and Peter Welch, D-Vt.

“These first nine months in Congress have had a lot of frustration,” Carney said. “But there’s hope. If our group can sit down, hear each other out, and come up with solutions we all agree on, that says something. Can we move the needle nationally? I don’t know, but it has to start somewhere.”

The group, which has no official name but that Carney schedules as the “bipartisan breakfast club” in his calendar, has discussed everything from repatriation to helping underwater homeowners keep their houses. Renacci and Carney point to Renacci’s Employ Act as the type of bipartisan bill the group can produce.

The measure, which Renacci drafted before forming the breakfast club but is now reflective of the group’s thinking, would offer financial incentives to businesses that hire people on unemployment. His bill would, temporarily, allow employers to hire workers for about 20 percent of their normal cost, Renacci said. The unemployed would get back to work while getting at least 110 percent of their unemployment checks, and it would trim 10 percent off the government’s unemployment-insurance expenses, he said. Plus, it would have the added benefit of increasing tax revenue from the newly re-employed.

“This is the kind of bill that Democrats and Republicans can agree on, if we just talk with each other,” Renacci said.

The bill’s cosponsor, Rep. Hansen Clarke, D-Mich., said: “There’s not just one way to come up with good ideas for the country. It’s not just the progressive caucus’s way. We have a lot to learn from and a lot in common with the other side.”

Bipartisanship seems out of place in the 112th Congress, which has been marked, thanks to its huge influx of new GOP representatives, by a movement to the right and sense of hyper-partisanship. However, the breakfast meetings are just one example of lawmakers trying to ease the tension.

Last week, Reps. Nan Hayworth, R-N.Y., and David Cicilline, D-R.I., began circulating “Dear Colleague” letters to form “the Common Ground Caucus,” which aims to “encourage interactions, both professional and personal,” among members “regardless of their party or affiliation.”

Hayworth said that her group would be different in that it will largely be social. Its first event is on Monday at The Top of the Hill restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Any time we’re talking with each other in a friendly way, it’s conducive to the body as a whole,” she said. “You can’t be an effective member of Congress unless you can reach out successfully to people who may not share every aspect of your party platform.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean members must check their beliefs at the door.

“The president has decided to spread a partisan tone as he thinks about reelection,” Hayworth said. “We have a job in the Congress to provide a counterbalance to that.”

Greece Passes New Austerity Bill Amid Riots


ATHENS, Greece - Greek lawmakers passed a deeply resented new austerity bill Thursday, caving in to the demands of international creditors in order to avoid a national bankruptcy, as a second day of riots left one protester dead and more than 100 people wounded.

Rogue Government Traders

Federal employees whose compensation averages more than $126,000 and the nation’s greatest concentration of lawyers helped Washington edge out San Jose as the wealthiest U.S. metropolitan area, government data show.  The U.S. capital has swapped top spots with Silicon Valley, according to recent Census Bureau figures, with the typical household in the Washington metro area earning $84,523 last year. The national median income for 2010 was $50,046...The flow of federal dollars in and around the nation’s capital helped the region weather the economic slump better than most areas and is contributing to its recovery. The unemployment rate in the Washington metro area in August was 6.1 percent, compared with 10 percent in San Jose, according to Labor Department figures. Nationally, joblessness was 9.1 percent in September for a third straight month.  “The region did experience a shorter, shallower recession than San Jose,” said Sara Kline, a Washington analyst at Moody’s Analytics Inc. in West Chester, Pennsylvania. “The federal government stepped in to take efforts to dampen the recession. It was focused to some extent in the D.C. area as well, given the presence of federal workers there and contractors. That insulated it from more of a downturn.”


Revenue Forecast For Md. Slots Lowered

After a few months of diminishing returns, it looks like the state is lowering its expectations when it comes to slots revenue.

Analysts are scaling back on their forecasted revenue for the next four years, citing a troubled economy and increased competition from neighboring states.

Is Ron Paul The Favorite Candidate Of US Military Personnel?

Ron Paul says it’s time to bring US troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. He also says he's raised more money from current members of the armed forces than any other GOP hopeful.

Ron Paul says it’s time to bring US troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. He thinks the US national security establishment is puffing up the threat from Iran’s nuclear program – possibly to involve the nation in another overseas conflict.


Ala. Man Executed for 6-Month-Old Son's Slaying

An Alabama man who testified that he killed his infant son at his family's home because he hated his wife was executed at a prison in the same community Thursday, declaring as his only last words: "Game over."
Christopher T. Johnson, 38, was administered a lethal injection and pronounced dead at 6:25 p.m. CDT Thursday at Holman prison in Atmore, authorities said. Johnson had filed court papers in May saying he didn't want anyone to try to block the execution, and authorities said he had made no 11th-hour attempt to stop it.

Shrinking Beef Supply Spurs Record Prices As Sales Decline

U.S. feedlots probably bought fewer cattle last month as a Texas drought reduced the number of available animals, signaling tight beef supplies, record meat prices and higher costs for restaurants such as Sonic Corp.

Purchases probably fell 3.2 percent to 2.385 million head of cattle from a year earlier, according to a Bloomberg News survey of 10 analysts. The government will report inventories at 3 p.m. in Washington. In the 12 months ended Oct. 1, Texas, the leading beef producer, had the driest period since records began in 1895.

OC Discrimination Suit Settled; Training Ordered For Employees

OCEAN CITY -- An agreement has been reached in the civil suit filed last September against the town of Ocean City alleging age bias and discrimination in its hiring practices, resulting in a payment of $38,000 in lost wages to the offended party and hours of training for some of the town’s upper level management.


Secret Cash Baiting Officials Leaves No Trace In U.S. Attack Ads

Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Ben Nelson doesn’t face re-election to the U.S. Senate for another year and won’t know his opponent until next May. Yet advertising attacks on the second-term Democrat began months ago.
“Can Nebraskans trust Ben Nelson?” began a radio spot in January sponsored by American Future Fund, a tax-exempt group that backed Republicans in the 2010 election. Two other independent organizations aired commercials in July criticizing him over federal spending. A third sponsored rallies in August accusing him of hiding from constituents.

The last election was barely over when airwaves began humming with messages blasting lawmakers for the next one. Many of the ads don’t count as political spending under federal rules because they’re appearing so long before November 2012, and they don’t urge an explicit vote. This helps independent associations such as American Future Fund keep their tax-exempt status as groups whose primary activity can’t be political campaigning.

The early barrage means incumbents in Congress and President Barack Obama are stuck in “permanent warfare,” said Thomas Mann, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a Washington research group, in an interview. The amounts of money surged since court rulings wiped out limits on corporate contributions and as government requirements for disclosing donors eroded.

“We have seen the virtual collapse of the regulatory system governing campaign finance in this country,” said Mann, who co-edited the 2000 book, “The Permanent Campaign and Its Future.” Today’s environment of unlimited, undisclosed and uncounted funding amounts to a new reality that “flows against everything we’ve been trying to do to not allow large concentrations of money to dominate our politics,” he said.

Campaigns ‘Don’t End’

Three Wind Turbines Approved For Boardwalk House

OCEAN CITY – For the first time, the Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission has approved the installation of wind turbines in a residential district following a public hearing this week.

Mario Villa Santa has applied for a permit to install three small roof-mounted wind turbines on his residence located on the west side of the Boardwalk.

“This is one of the first applications being proceeded with,” Zoning Administrator Blaine Smith in reference to wind turbines. “We have had other applications but none of them have moved forward.”

Area Families React To Death Of Gadhafi

WASHINGTON - The death of Moammar Gadhafi ends a 23 year vigil for two local moms who lost their children when he ordered a terrorist to bomb Pan Am Flight 103. It went down over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people.

Elizabeth Vrenios' son Nicholas, was one of 35 Syracuse University students on board. They'd been studying abroad and were headed home on December 21, 1988.

"He was coming home for Christmas, "Vrenios says.

Vrenios and her husband had driven to New York from Bethesda to get Nicholas and got the news about the bombing when they arrived at the airport.

"Still to this day, we can't believe we went through this," she says.

Gadhafi’s death is what she needed to finally move on, 23 years later.


A Local Update On The Princess Grace


That vessel Princess Grace that was once the Coast Guard Cutter MALLOW...

As she is prepared for being broken up, here is a photo of MALLOW being launched  in December, 1943 at the shipyard where she was built in Duluth, Minnesota. 
Another interesting piece of history:  MALLOW was commissioned into Coast Guard  service on June 6, 1944 -- the very day Allied troops were landing at Normandy on D-Day.

Senate Backs Plan To Help Americans Buy Homes

The Senate on Thursday backed a measure to help bolster the housing market by making it easier for people to afford a home in wealthier neighborhoods.

The Senate voted 60-38 to attach the proposal to a spending bill that the chamber will consider later this year. It would restore the size of the loans the government buys or insures to a maximum of $729,500 from the previous cap of $625,500.

The cap, known as the "conforming loan limit," determines the maximum size of loans the Federal Housing Administration and the government's mortgage buyers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, can buy or guarantee.

Markell Signs Public Access Improvement Measures

Governor Markell Thursday signed two measures designed to give Delawareans easier, cheaper access to public records.

Executive Order 31 requires executive branch agencies in state government to adopt a single policy for handling Freedom of Information Act requests, makes it easier to file them, and lowers the cost of filing between 60 and 80 percent.

Should All Americans Pay Income Tax?

Bachmann comment that 'every American should pay something, even if it's a dollar' points to growing number of households owing no income tax.

When Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., said in Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, “Every American benefits by this magnificent country. Absolutely every American should pay something, even if it's a dollar,” she got enthusiastic applause from the crowd in Las Vegas.

Her statement conflicted with what she'd said in a Sept. 22 debate in which she said, "You should get to keep every dollar that you earn. That's your money; that's not the government's money."

But in her comment Tuesday, Bachmann was pointing to a noteworthy fact about the current tax system: many middle-income wage earners pay no income tax. That’s not because they are breaking the law, it’s because legally they are not required to pay.

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Orders All U.S. Troops Out Of Iraq

President Obama announces all U.S. troops will leave Iraq by the end of 2011

Rehoboth Sex Offender Trial Set

REHOBOTH BEACH — A Rehoboth Beach man accused of sexually abusing a young boy at an unlicensed daycare run by his female companion will see his day in Sussex County Superior Court, Tuesday, Nov. 29.

Cecilio Cruz Garcia, 60, faces six counts of sexual abuse of a child by a person in position of trust, authority or supervision, one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child, one count of first-degree indecent exposure and one count of endangering the welfare of a child. Garcia has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

BREAKING NEWS: Obama To Make Statement On U.S. Troops In Iraq

President Obama is expected to make an announcement on the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq during the White House press briefing at 12:45 p.m.

From Fox News

Maryland Woman Recieves Presidential Citizens Medal

President Barack Obama bestowed one of the nation's highest civilian honors on 13 people for their exemplary service Thursday afternoon, including a Frederick County, Md. mother who started a program to help military service members overseas.

Michelle McIntyre-Brewer founded Soldier’s List, a program that has sent tens of thousands of care packages to soldiers around the world. As the daughter of an Air Force veteran and a military wife, McIntyre-Brewer told the Frederick News-Post it was a cause close to her heart. McIntyre joined others at the White House who were recognized for helping the needy, fighting illiteracy and supporting veterans, and helping victims of conflict and mass violence. One woman was chosen to receive the Presidential Citizens Medal posthumously for speaking out against domestic abuse. A woman whose experience led President Obama to grant same-sex partners full visitation rights in hospitals also received an award. President Richard M. Nixon created the honor in 1969 as a way to recognize exemplary service by a citizen. It is the top honor a civilian can receive in the United States, next to the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


William Black put hundreds of bankers in jail during the S&L Crisis. He knows fraud when he sees it. Bank of America has just put the American taxpayer on the hook for billions of future losses when Bank of America blows up. You can’t read this story and not realize that the people at OWS are right.

Not with a Bang, but a Whimper: Bank of America’s Death Rattle

By William K. Black
Bob Ivry, Hugh Son and Christine Harper have written an article that needs to be read by everyone interested in the financial crisis. The article (available here) is entitled: BofA Said to Split Regulators Over Moving Merrill Derivatives to Bank Unit. The thrust of their story is that Bank of America’s holding company, BAC, has directed the transfer of a large number of troubled financial derivatives from its Merrill Lynch subsidiary to the federally insured bank Bank of America (BofA). The story reports that the Federal Reserve supported the transfer and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) opposed it. Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism has written an appropriately blistering attack on this outrageous action, which puts the public at substantially increased risk of loss.

I write to add some context, point out additional areas of inappropriate actions, and add a regulatory perspective gained from dealing with analogous efforts by holding companies to foist dangerous affiliate transactions on insured depositories. I’ll begin by adding some historical context to explain how B of A got into this maze of affiliate conflicts.

Ken Lewis’ “Scorched Earth” Campaign against B of A’s Shareholders


Fill In The Blank 10-21-11

My favorite way to pamper myself is _____.

Artists Sue Auction Houses Over Royalties Law

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Famed New York painter Chuck Close and other artists are suing Sotheby's, Christie's and eBay, contending the auctioneers willfully violated a California law requiring royalty payments on sales of their works.

The three federal suits filed Tuesday seek class-action status to represent many other artists and demand unspecified royalties and damages _ which could total hundreds of thousands of dollars given current art prices.


Herman Cain To Scrap Minimum Wage In Poorest Areas?

Campaign document says minimum wage rules 'prevent many unskilled and inexperienced workers (i.e. teens) from getting their first job and prices them out of the market'

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain will propose an addition to his signature tax reform plan on Friday to help battered inner cities rebuild their economies.

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO, who has rocketed to the top of Republican polls, will announce in a speech in Detroit a plan to create "opportunity zones" in cities to foster small businesses and create jobs.

The proposal answers criticism that his 9-9-9 plan to limit personal and corporate income taxes to 9 percent and create a 9 percent national sales tax would hurt poor Americans.


Syria, Yemen Opposition Warn Dictators: You're Next

(CNN) -- Dictators around the Middle East should pay close attention to the fate of Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, opposition activists from Syria and Yemen said Thursday as reports of Gadhafi's death flashed across the world.

"This is a lesson for all dictatorships: The clear fate of all who kill his people is to end up under the feet of the nation," said Omar Al-Muqdad, a Syrian opposition activist in exile in Turkey.


Gadhafi Was Shown No Mercy

Dragged from hiding in a drainage pipe, a wounded Moammar Gadhafi raised his hands and begged revolutionary fighters: "Don't kill me, my sons." Within an hour, he was dead, but not before jubilant Libyans had vented decades of hatred by pulling the eccentric dictator's hair and parading his bloodied body on the hood of a truck.

GO HERE to watch video.

Calling Foul On Unexplained Fried Chicken Fee

MANASSAS, Va. -- The bag of Popeyes fried chicken, red beans and rice, and cole slaw was already in my car, when I noticed the tiny sign on the drive-thru window: "57 cent service fee added to all sales over $5."
Right next to it was another sign reading, "Pay less with cash. Receive a 60 cent cash discount on cash sales $5 and over."
Rather than ask the employee at the window to explain, or hand back my tempting chicken, I charged the meal and drove away, wondering if I'd been ripped off.
Between bites of chicken I scanned the receipt.
There it was, beneath the order, subtotal, and tax.
A $.57 fee labeled "ESF."


Teacher Accused Of Assaulting Students Denies Wrongdoing

WASHINGTON -- In any court case, jurors have to decide who is telling the truth. In cases where children are the victims, making that call can be tough.
In the case of 36-year-old Susan Burke, a former first grade teacher accused of assaulting her young students, the job seems even tougher.
Six students have testified she hit, choked or scratched them, but then scrambled the dates, times and frequency of the alleged attacks during cross examination. So on Thursday, prosecutors focused on Burke's credibility. And it didn't go well for the former Montgomery County school teacher.


One Of Two Suspects Released In Connection With Sex Attacks

New York (CNN) -- Charges have been dropped against one of two men arrested in connection with a string of sex attacks in New York City, police said Wednesday.

The decision to clear Joshua Flecha, 32, of Queens, came after a victim of the attacks recanted her identification, a New York Police Department spokesman said. The victim also refused to sign legal documents that identified Flecha as her attacker, said the police spokesman, who went unnamed, according to department policy.




Today's Survey Question 10-21-11

How old is too old to rent a car?

Urban Outfitters Removes ‘Navajo’ From Product Names

Urban Outfitters has removed the word “Navajo” from the names of more than 20 products following a critical firestorm that began with a letter from a Native American woman who found the products offensive.
Sasha Houston Brown, 24, took action after going into an Urban Outfitters store in Minneapolis and seeing “Navajo”-labeled products that she claimed were culturally offensive, including a “Navajo Print Fabric Wrapped Flask,” “Navajo Hipster Panty” and “Staring at Stars Strapless Navajo Dress.”


Half Of Millennials Don't Think They'll Get Social Security

Grandma and Grandpa may be getting a Social Security raise, but half of their grandkids are pretty sure they won’t see any Social Security at all.
That’s according to a new poll from the Strategic Research Institute at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis. It’s working with several other organizations on the iOMe Challenge, which seeks to help young people think about their financial future.

Don't Forget To Support Your Local Farmers Market Tomorrow

Door 19 Leathers

Should Wicomico’s Revenue Cap Be Repealed?

Last night the Wicomico Neighborhood Congress hosted an event which was billed as a debate on the Revenue Cap.  Rather than a debate, participants Joe Ollinger and Wayne Strasburg presented information on the state of government spending in Wicomico County versus the Eastern Shore and gave their views on some possible solutions to what is clearly a revenue problem for the county.
Both advocated a tax cut in one area – income taxes.  Strasburg presented data and both gave anecdotal evidence that Wicomico County is forced to provide services and infrastructure for businesses (and their employees) while many of those business owners and the higher paid employees choose to live in Worcester or Sussex counties and enjoy a much lower income tax rate.  Ollinger also claimed that some individuals actually live in Wicomico County but claim residence in Worcester or Florida (which has no state income tax).
If residents are falsely claiming residency elsewhere, that is a problem for Comptroller Peter Franchot to enforce.  If individuals are living elsewhere due to a lower income tax rate then that could indicate a need to cut the county county tax rate.  However, will that address the need for higher county revenue?
One county residence stated after the meeting that Strasburg “lied” because he used Talbot and Worcester counties in his comparison.  This is both untrue and unfair.  Both Strasburg and Ollinger chose to compare Wicomico County against other Easter Shore counties.  Ample data was shown that both Talbot and Worcester clearly have higher per capita income and wealth.  Did including these counties in the analysis skew the results a little?  Yes.  However, the results would have been equally skewed if the comparison was made only against Caroline, Dorchester, and Somerset counties.
VOICE chairman John Palmer argued that using the term “Revenue Cap” queers the argument.  The voters of Wicomico implement a charter change for “Property Tax Limitation”.  This is true.  However, it is also true that the charter change was for a cap on revenue from property taxes.
Former county councilman Bill McCain argued that both the county government and the county schools are efficient organizations and that we need to prioritize our spending.  This is the same argument he put forward earlier at the WCBOE meeting at Parkside High School.  McCain argues that if education is our priority then that is where our tax dollars should go.  Sounds great.  However, to fund the WCBOE at the levels they desire would basically require shutting down the rest of the county government.  Hardly a practical solution.
Strasburg stated that we need “million dollar ideas”.  He’s right.  However, I cannot think of one national, state, or local government which has taxed itself to prosperity.  The state of Maryland dictates how the counties are able to tax.  They also continue to push additional burdens on the counties while continuing to spend like drunken sailors.  Ditto for the federal government.
One thing is certain, the probability of any group gathering 10,000 signatures to repeal the revenue cap is low.  The current council majority has pledged that the revenue cap can go only if citizens agree to do so in the same manner in which they voted it in (petition and a ballot).  The fact is that Wicomico County is facing some tough times.