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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Violent Crime Is Surging Dramatically In Major Cities All Over America

What we are witnessing all over the country right now is incredibly sad. In the aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd, it would have been wonderful to see the entire nation unite behind an effort to make our society less violent, more just and more peaceful. But instead, we have seen a tremendous explosion of violence and lawlessness that doesn’t seem likely to end any time soon.

Violent crime rates are surging in major city after major city, and the 4th of July weekend was particularly bad. At least 41 people were hit by gunfire in New York City during the holiday weekend, and this continues a trend that we have seen throughout the first half of 2020. Just check out these numbers

According to figures released by the New York Police Department, for the first six months of this year, there were 176 murders, an increase of 23 percent on the 143 killed during the same period last year.

The number of shooting victims has gone up 51 percent to 616 this year. In June alone, there were 250 shootings compared to 97 in the same month last year. Month-on-month, burglaries are up 119 percent and car thefts up 48 percent.

I don’t know which one of those numbers is the worst, because they are all quite horrific.


FBI Director Wray says half of bureau’s 5,000 counterintelligence cases are related to China

Most Americans have likely had their information stolen already, Wray says

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday warned Americans that the Chinesegovernment’s theft of American information is taking place on so large a scale, suspected incidents make up nearly half of his bureau’s counterintelligence cases.

Speaking at an event hosted by the Hudson Institute in Washington, Wray said that Chinese thefts amount to “one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history,” and that the American people are the victims.

“Of the nearly 5,000 active FBI counterintelligence cases currently under way across the country, almost half are related to China,” Wray said. “And at this very moment, China is working to compromise American health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions conducting essential COVID-19 research.”

In fact, Wray said that most Americans have already been affected.

“If you’re an American adult, it is more likely than not that China has stolen your personal data,” he said.

California Faculty Demands "Free Tuition For All Black, Native, & Indigenous Students"

The California Faculty Association released a statement in light of George Floyd’s death and recent protests. The group also created a list of demands for California State University that it says will provide "redress for systemic anti-Black racism in the CSU.”

The CFA demanded CSU “provide free tuition for all Black, Native, and Indigenous students.”

Trends show that enrollment of these students has been decreasing within the CSU system. To increase admission of these “marginalized students,” the CFA proposes that the universities make efforts “to overturn Proposition 209, the ban on affirmative action.”

According to the CFA, “racial pay equity” is necessary because “workload is also higher for Black faculty given that CSU faculty are majority-white, and CSU students are majority of color resulting in 'cultural taxation.'”

The CFA claimed that the research and studies conducted by Black faculty are "often not valued at the same level as other faculty."

To "condemn white supremacy," the CFA proposed that hiring and retention practices be reformed to mandate that "there be Black faculty available to serve as reviewers for Black faculty candidates."

The introduction of "targeted hiring programs" is necessary "to promote and develop the scholarship and creative activity of Black faculty," the CFA insisted.

California universities should show their support to “communities blighted by systemic and institutional racism through the War(s) on Drugs from both the Nixon and Reagan administrations.”


California pair charged with hate crime after Black Lives Matter mural cover-up: authorities

If convicted, they face up to a year in county jail, authorities say

Two California residents were charged with a hate crime and other offenses Tuesday after they were captured on video allegedly covering up a Black Lives Matter mural.

The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office identified the pair as Nicole Anderson, 42, and David Richard Nelson, 53, both of Martinez, Calif.

“We must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement is an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention,” District Attorney Diana Becton said.

Cellphone video recorded by a witness allegedly showed Anderson using black paint and a roller brush to cover over the mural, specifically the letters “B” and “L” in the word “Black" on the Fourth of July.

A heated confrontation ensued between supporters of the mural and Nelson, who was allegedly heard yelling "All lives matter!"

Activists with a local Black Lives Matter movement had painted the slogan outside a courthouse in Martinez earlier on July 4 in big yellow letters. The mural was painted over within an hour of it being completed, FOX 2 of the Bay Area reported.


Trump Administration Officially Withdraws U.S. from World Health Organization

The Trump administration has formally withdrawn the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO), as the United Nations-backed agency continues to face fierce criticism over its response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, according to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ).

Menendez, the ranking member on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote on Twitter that the Trump administration has pulled out from the WHO.

Menendez wrote:

Congress received notification that POTUS officially withdrew the U.S. from the @WHO in the midst of a pandemic. To call Trump’s response to COVID chaotic & incoherent doesn’t do it justice. This won’t protect American lives or interests—it leaves Americans sick & America alone.

Congress received notification that POTUS officially withdrew the U.S. from the @WHO in the midst of a pandemic.

To call Trump’s response to COVID chaotic & incoherent doesn't do it justice. This won't protect American lives or interests—it leaves Americans sick & America alone.

— Senator Bob Menendez (@SenatorMenendez) July 7, 2020

In May, President Donald Trump announced that the US. would end ties with the WHO, citing the “malfeasance” of China, whom he accused of orchestrating a “coverup” regarding the origins of the coronavirus.

“China has total control over the World Health Organization despite only paying $40 million per year compared to what the United States has been paying, which is approximately $450 million a year,” the president noted at the time.


Ilhan Omar Calls for ‘Dismantling’ of America’s ‘Economy and Political Systems’

Tuesday at a news conference on systemic racism with Minnesota leaders, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for dismantling systems of oppression, including America’s “economy and political systems.”

Omar said, “Right now in Congress the Senate is sitting on a comprehensive bill to transform criminal justice and the policing system. All along with the Congressional Black Caucus, I helped led the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. And because of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, it is being ignored. I guess the president would rather attack the people who are protesting than actually address the issues people are out here protesting for.”


Richmond Removes Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart Statue

Work crews ventured to the heart of Richmond, Virginia, where they removed the statue of Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart on Tuesday, one week after the city’s mayor ordered all Confederate monuments on city property be removed.

According to the Associated Press, the bronze statue, which was installedin 1907 on Richmond’s Monument Avenue, was separated from its granite base on Tuesday morning and trucked away.

The Associated Press also reported that chants of “Black Lives Matter” could be heard during and after the removal, with one person saying, “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye,” when the statue was taken away.

The statue of Stuart, which stood 15 feet tall on a seven-foot pedestal, showed Stuart in full uniform with a sword by his side.

Last week, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney (D) ordered the removal of Confederate statues that were located on city property, saying it was time to “turn this page.”

“As the capital city of Virginia, we have needed to turn this page for decades. And today we will,” Stoney said last week. “Since the end of Richmond’s official tenure as the capital of the Confederacy 155 years ago, we have been burdened with that legacy. … These statues, although symbolic, have cast a shadow on the dreams of our children of color. By removing them, we can begin to heal and focus our attention on our future.”


Pollak: To Democrats, Governing Is Someone Else’s Problem

The chaos in America’s cities today is, unfortunately, not new or unique. Many cities suffered riots in 1968 after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — riots that left scars that have lasted. The difference: Democrats in 1968 wanted to restore order.

Robert F. Kennedy — who would himself be assassinated by a crazed Palestinian later that spring — wrote of riots:

A violent few cannot be permitted to threaten the well-being of the many, and the hopes of their fellows for progress. Those who lead others to burn and loot must feel the full force of the law. The full force of the law means just that: the swift apprehension and punishment of law breakers.

He added that enforcing the law “does not mean senseless and unnecessary killing by those who act in the name of government.” And he also described what the left calls “systemic racism” today — social problems that resulted from the legacy of slavery, “a condition that has been with us for 300 years, now worsened and intensified under the strains of modern life.”

But Kennedy, like other Democrats of an earlier generation, understood that disorder was the undoing of the inner city, that riots and violence would condemn the next generation of minority youth to poverty, poor education, dependence, and social misery.

Today’s Democrats treat governance as if it is somebody else’s job. In Chicago, successive mayors have failed to do anything to stop the murders of black youth on the city’s south and west sides. Instead, under pressure from Black Lives Matter activists, they have pulled the police back. They back more gun control laws, deflecting blame and hoping that somehow making some 300 million guns disappear nationwide will prove to be easier than keeping children in their own cities away from stray bullets.


Hong Kong Businessman: Joe Biden Election Would Mean Chinese Communists ‘Won Against Free World’ — ‘Game Over’

A Hong Kong businessman issued a dire warning on Monday, saying a Joe Biden win would be a win for the Chinese communists and a loss for the free world.

Elmer Yuen told the Polish show Against the Tide TV a Biden presidential victory would be disastrous for freedom.

Elmer Yuan: #BeijingIntercoursJoe Biden was responsible for China relationship under @BarackObama his very corrupt family made huge money from China. It will be hopeless for἟,Taiwan and the free world if he gets elected b/c it will mean the #CCP won against the free world.

— Against the Tide (Idź Pod Prąd) TV (@AgainstTideTV) July 6, 2020

“Biden is bad news,” Yuen said. “Health-wise — I don’t even think he is healthy,” he added, pointing at his head.

He said it is a “joke” the Democrats are running him.


Stacey Abrams: U.S. Constitution ‘Began the Practice of Voter Suppression’

Failed Georgia Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is now blaming the Constitution for what she claimed was the beginning of “the practice of voter suppression” in the United States as the left-winger continues to push for vote-by-mail options in elections nationwide.

“Voter suppression was baked into the notion of America,” Abrams recently told Vanity Fair. “It was embedded not in our Declaration, which was a glorious document, but the Constitution began the practice of voter suppression.” She added:

We are reaffirming the experiment now, but we are also seeing some terrible examples of the original flaw in our design, which is that we have delegated to the states the ability to determine not eligibility, but access. Luckily, we have 34 states that already have some version of vote-by-mail with no excuses. We have 16 states that do it to a lesser degree.

Abrams’ assertion comes after she claimed that “voter fraud is not real” and “does not affect the outcome of elections” in the wake of President Donald Trump ‘s repeated criticism of voting via mail. Abrams stated:

We know that, but we cannot allow them to frame voter fraud and treat it as an equivalence to voter suppression. Voter suppression denies the right to vote to millions. Voter fraud over 20 years, at best, occurred 1,300 times. Millions every year versus thousands over twenty years. There is no comparison.

Delegitimization of elections happens when the numbers are close and one of the ways that those who engage in voter suppression can claim victory, either in reality or putatively, is that they can shave the margins like anyone who tries to steal.


EXCLUSIVE: DOJ and FBI Claim They Cannot Provide Documents Related to Seth Rich and Clinton Emails Until After 2020 Election

CIA Involvement in the Creation of the Russia Hack and Seth Rich Cover-up is now the focus of Group requesting the truth behind Trump-Russia collusion sham.

In June 2016, Ellen Nakashima, a Deep State favorite from the Washington Post, released a reportthat the Democrat National Committee (DNC) had been hacked by Russia. The firm that validated this was Crowdstrike and its President Shawn Henry confirmed the claims. In December 2016, Ms. Nakashima followed up her reporting with the outlandish claim that the CIA had determined that Russia hacked the DNC because Russia wanted Trump to win the election. Nakashima also reported that the the Intel Community had determined that Russia also sent the emails to WikiLeaks. This position was reinforced by the Mueller gang in their efforts to have President Trump removed from office.

WikiLeaks did release DNC emails related to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager, in the months before the 2016 Presidential election which showed massive corruption combined with an elitist attitude from members of the Hillary Clinton team – all willing to do whatever it took to win the election.

The Trump – Russia sounded fraudulent from the start and even preposterous.


Rapper Snoop Dogg Calls Black Conservatives ‘The Coon Bunch’

If you’re black and conservative, then Snoop Dogg hates you.

The rapper, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., over the weekend blasted black conservatives, such as Candace Owens, Herman Cain, and Diamond & Silk, calling them “The Coon Bunch.”

Referencing “The Brady Bunch” in an Instagram post, Broadus shared photos of black conservatives.

But Broadus got schooled by some black conservatives.

“Puppet of white liberals [Snoop Dogg] who used to love Trump before he was ordered to denounce him by his masters, is being SCHOOLED by black conservatives on IG after he posted this meme calling blk Trump supporters ‘coons,'” black conservative Melissa Tate wrote on Twitter, including a picture of Broadus with President Trump.


Trump urges Missouri Gov. Mike Parson not to rename St. Louis

President Trump said Tuesday he opposes a campaign to rename St. Louis.

“You won’t be changing the name St. Louis, will you?” Trump asked Missouri Gov. Mike Parson at a White House event on reopening schools during the coronavirus pandemic.

“No, we will not be doing that,” the Republican governor replied.

“Thank you. Thank you. That’s very important. Thank you very much,” Trump said.

St. Louis, a former industrial hub on the Mississippi River, is named for French King Louis IX, who died in 1270 while on a crusade.

A currently fringe effort to rename the city notes that while Louis IX is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as a saint, he also tried to stamp out other religions during his 44-year reign.

The king ordered the destruction of thousands of copies of the Jewish Talmud.

Fewer than 1,000 people have signed a petition on calling for a new city name and for a statue of Louis IX to be removed.


DOJ Announces Fresh Round of Indictments for Rioters

The Department of Justice announced a series of indictments and arrests Tuesday afternoon of rioters in Portland.

"U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams announced today that seven people have been arrested and face federal charges for their roles in weekend riots at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland," DOJ released. "According to court documents, since May 26, 2020, protests in downtown Portland have regularly been followed by nightly criminal activity including assaults on law enforcement officers, destruction of property, looting, arson, and vandalism."

Portland residents Rowan Olsen, Christopher Fellini, and Cody Porter, along with California, Washington and Eugene, Oregon residents Shant Singh Ahuja, Andrew Steven Faulkner, Gretchen Margaret Blank and Taimane Jame Teo have been charged with a series of federal crimes. They include assaulting federal officers, vandalizing federal property and failing to obey lawful orders.

"The Hatfield Federal Courthouse has been a repeated target of vandalism, sustaining extensive damage. U.S. Marshals Service deputies and officers from the Federal Protective Service, Homeland Security Investigations, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection working to protect the courthouse have been subjected to threats; aerial fireworks including mortars; high intensity lasers targeting officers’ eyes; thrown rocks, bottles, and balloons filled with paint from demonstrators while performing their duties," DOJ said.


If America Is So Racist, Why Are There So Many Race Hoaxes?

As I wrote nearly three years ago: "Perhaps the second greatest libel -- and certainly the most widespread -- is that America is a racist country that oppresses its minorities and women. We can call it the American Libel." (The greatest libel was the infamous blood libel, the fabricated charge spread in Europe for hundreds of years by Christian anti-Semites that Jews kill Christian children to use their blood to bake matzos -- unleavened bread -- for Passover.)

But if America is so racist, why are there so many race hoaxes? Virtually every time we read about a swastika painted on a door, or a noose hanging from a tree to taunt blacks, it turns out to be either a false alarm or, more frequently, a hoax.

Here are a dozen examples:

No. 1: The Duke lacrosse team (2006): Three white members of the Duke University lacrosse team were falsely accused by Crystal Mangum, a black student at North Carolina Central University, with having raped her. The charges were all fabricated, but the American media and Duke University faculty rushed to judgment and devoted months to smearing the three lacrosse players and Duke University itself as racist.

No. 2: UC San Diego library noose (2010): "Student apologizes for noose in UC San Diego library" (Los Angeles Times). A "minority student" was responsible for placing the noose in the university library. Previously, the Associated Press had reported, "Anger boiled over on the University of California San Diego campus today, where students took over the chancellor's office to protest the hanging of a noose in a campus library."


New Jersey To Make Masks Mandatory Outdoors; US Reports Record 60k New COVID-19 Cases: Live Updates


Dr. Fauci: "I never saw a virus with so many symptoms"
Cuomo calls for press briefing at 1130ET
Moderna completes trial enrollment
WHO finally admits there's "some evidence" of airborne transmission as US severs ties
Kudlow says moving back toward lockdown would be "a mistake"
Mt Sinai, Emergent Bio announce plans to test new COVID plasma drug
US reports 60k+ new cases on Tuesday
NJ orders mandatory mask wearing outside
US coronavirus cases top 3 million
US reports ~44k new cases Tuesday
56 Florida ICUs hit full capacity
Texas hospital occupancy at more than 90%
World reports 5k new deaths
US sees highest daily death toll since June 9
Brazil president says he's taking hydroxychloroquine
Trump demands schools reopen in the fall

* * *

Update (1015ET): Just some food for thought....


Almost as if... it isn't natural?!— zerohedge (@zerohedge) July 8, 2020

* * *

Update (1000ET): Doctors have been struggling to explain rare cases of people who are infected with the virus more than once, or whose symptoms just never seem to subside, even after months of infection.

One Texas man who shared his story with CNN said the second time around, his symptoms got "much worse."

Adam Stadler was sick with Covid-19 for a month and had to be hospitalized. When he recovered, he tested negative twice. But less than two months later, he got coronavirus again.
"This section of it has been a hundred times worse than the first"— New Day (@NewDay) July 8, 2020


Broke Brothers - Oldest US Men's Retailer Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The forced work-from-home lockdowns have created an environment where the average working man (or woman or other) in America is now only visible from the shoulder up on his Zoom calls.

This new COVID normal of (in)formal meetings seems to have been the last nail in the coffin of America's most iconic menswear retailers as Brooks Brothers has just filed for bankruptcy (just weeks after Men's Wearhouse owner Tailored Brands considered the same).

A month ago we noted that the 202 year-old clothing retailer Brooks Brothers was in talks with banks about raising financing for a potential Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by CNBC.

Brooks Brothers Chief Executive Claudio Del Vecchio, told The New York Times at the time that while he was not “eager” to consider a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, he would not rule it out.

It appears, despite The Fed's massive credit easing, that no one would rescue the oldest men's retailer and the closely-held company, which is owned by Italian businessman Claudio Del Vecchio, filed for bankruptcy protection in Wilmington, Del.

Brooks Brothers was acquired by the British retail chain Marks and Spencer Group PLC in 1988. It was sold in 2001 to Retail Brand Alliance Inc., which was controlled by Mr. Del Vecchio, whose father founded Luxottica Group SpA, the Italian eyeglass maker. It changed its name to Brooks Brothers Group Inc. in 2011.

Brooks Brothers has more than 250 stores in North America and 500 worldwide.

As Fox News notes, Brooks Brothers was facing challenges before the health crisis forced nonessential retailers to temporarily close their stores. U.S. corporations had turned increasingly casual, and fewer men were buying suits. Once people started sheltering at home, they turned to even more casual attire such as sweatpants.


Why did they lie on this white woman


I Believe We Have Lost Our Way In America

Washington Foreskins

I think all sports fans and most everybody else will get a kick out of this letter written to the Chicago Tribune. No matter which side you are on in the matter of renaming the Washington Redskins, this is funny. This guy is hilarious.

It’s an e-mail sent to Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune after an article he published concerning a name change for the Washington Redskins.

Dear Mr. Page: Agreeing with our Native American population, I am highly jilted by the racially charged name of the Washington Redskins.

One might argue that to name a professional football team after Native Americans would exalt them as fine warriors, but nay, nay. We must be careful not to offend, and in the spirit of political correctness and courtesy, we must move forward.

So, let's ditch the Kansas City Chiefs, the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians. If your shorts are in a wad because of the reference the name Redskins makes to skin color, then we need to get rid of the Cleveland Browns.

The Carolina Panthers obviously were named to keep the memory of militant Blacks from the 60's alive. Gone. It's offensive to us white folk.

The New York Yankees offend the Southern population. Do you see a team named for the Confederacy? No! There is no room for any reference to that tragic war that cost this country so many young men's lives. I am also offended by the blatant references to the Catholic religion among our sports team names. Totally inappropriate to have the New Orleans Saints, the Los Angeles Angels or the San Diego Padres.

Then, there are the team names that glorify criminals who raped and pillaged. We are talking about the horrible Oakland Raiders, the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Pittsburgh Pirates!

Now, let us address those teams that clearly send the wrong message to our children. The San Diego Chargers promote irresponsible fighting or even spending habits. Wrong message to our children.

The New York Giants and the San Francisco Giants promote obesity, a growing childhood epidemic. Wrong message to our children. The Cincinnati Reds promote downers and barbiturates. Wrong message to our children.

The Milwaukee Brewers. Well that goes without saying. Wrong message to our children.

So, there you go. We need to support any legislation that comes out to rectify this travesty, because the government will likely become involved with this issue, as they should. Just the kind of thing the do-nothing Congress loves.

As a die-hard Oregon State fan, my wife and I, with all of this in mind, suggest it might also make some sense to change the name of the Oregon State women's athletic teams to something other than "the Beavers"(especially when they play Southern California. Do we really want the Trojans sticking it to the Beavers???

I always love your articles and I generally agree with them. As for the Redskins name I would suggest they change the name to the "Foreskins" to better represent their community, paying tribute to the dick heads in Washington DC.

CNN's Don Lemon Claims Black-On-Black Violence Has Nothing To Do With Black Lives Matter

Actor Terry Crews clashed with CNN’s Don Lemon last night during an exchange in which Lemon ludicrously asserted that black on black violence should have nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Crews was targeted by the woke mob after he tweeted on July 4 the supposedly controversial opinion that not all white people were bad and not all black people were good.

Are all white people bad?


Are all black people good?


Knowing this reality- I stand on my decision to unite with good people, no matter the race, creed or ideology.

Given the number of threats against this decision-

I also decide to die on this hill.— terry crews (@terrycrews) July 4, 2020

Before his interview on CNN last night, Crews also tweeted, “#ALLBLACKLIVESMATTER 9 black CHILDREN killed by violence in Chicago since June 20, 2020.”


Man Sucker Punches 12 year old boy: UPDATE, Suspect Has Been Arrested

Schools face tough road to fall opening

Just weeks before fall classes are scheduled to begin, school districts across the country are racing to implement new measures meant to protect teachers, students and parents from the coronavirus.

But as they prepare for socially distanced lunch hours, constant hand-washing and possibly even staggered attendance to minimize the number of students in the building at one time, education officials are watching with concern as schools in other nations become epicenters of new flare-ups.

Nearly 100 schools in Israel shut down in early June, after students or teachers tested positive in the weeks after the nation reopened its education facilities. A week after France reopened about a third of its schools, dozens of students tested positive and some institutions shut down once again. And in South Korea, hundreds of schools were open for just a few days before the Ministry of Education ordered them closed.


Jason Whitlock on Report NFL Will Play Black National Anthem: ‘Cowardice at Its Highest Level’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,”’s Jason Whitlock addressed the NFL’s decision to reported plan to play the black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” prior to games in addition to “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Whitlock said the NFL’s leadership caving to Black Lives Matter, which he deemed “a Marxist political organization,” is a “historic failure” and “cowardice at its highest level.”

“The NFL will run off a nice, fat chunk of its audience and will never be seen the same again because of the failure of leadership throughout the NFL,” Whitlock told host Tucker Carlson. “There’s no way you can do any homework on Black Lives Matter and not see that it’s a Marxist political organization. It’s not about black deaths. It’s not about black men. It is a political move, it is a communist political move. For those people that stand on religious values, and this is where I say just a failure of men, I’ve seen many of these guys that claim their Christianity and their religious beliefs — do they understand Black Lives Matter, communist Marxism is antireligious? This is a historic failure of men and leadership. This is cowardice at its highest level. This is the NFL jumping the shark and saying we quit being who we said we are. We are now something else, because our money’s on the line and we don’t stand for the values we said we stood for.”


Dr. Dre Signs NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace to Apple Products Endorsement Deal Following ‘Noose’ Controversy

Beats by Dre, the consumer audio products line created by the rapper Dr. Dre, has signed NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace to an endorsement deal. The announcement comes after President Donald Trump slammed Wallace over the driver’s disproven claim that he was the victim of a hate crime after a “noose” was found in his garage stall.

“We weren’t going to announce this until later this week, but hate cannot win the day,” the Apple-owned company said in a tweet. “No one should ever be asked to apologize for standing up for what’s right — we are proud to welcome @bubbawallace to the Beats by Dr. Dre family.”


Grassley: Senate would 'probably' override Trump veto of defense bill amid base renaming fight

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is warning that Congress would likely override President Trump if he vetoes a mammoth defense policy bill amid the fight over a plan to rename Army bases named after Confederate figures.

Grassley, during a call with Iowa reporters on Monday, said he hoped Trump wouldn't veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is set to pass the Senate later this month, over the base renaming.

"If it came to overriding a veto, we’d probably override the veto," Grassley told Iowa reporters on a conference call this week.


Sneak Preview’ — Trump To Sign Executive Orders On China, American Manufacturing, Immigration And Prescription Drug Prices

President Donald Trump will soon sign a number of executive orders on China, manufacturing, immigration, prescription drug prices and more, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows stated Monday morning.

Meadows, in his first televised interview since joining the Trump administration in the spring, claimed that “this president will do more in the next four weeks than Joe Biden and his team did in the last 40 years, so you just need to stay tuned.”

The former North Carolina congressman added that Trump will sign the orders “starting this week,” when “Congress doesn’t act.”


Schools face tough road to fall opening

Just weeks before fall classes are scheduled to begin, school districts across the country are racing to implement new measures meant to protect teachers, students and parents from the coronavirus.

But as they prepare for socially distanced lunch hours, constant hand-washing and possibly even staggered attendance to minimize the number of students in the building at one time, education officials are watching with concern as schools in other nations become epicenters of new flare-ups.

Nearly 100 schools in Israel shut down in early June, after students or teachers tested positive in the weeks after the nation reopened its education facilities. A week after France reopened about a third of its schools, dozens of students tested positive and some institutions shut down once again. And in South Korea, hundreds of schools were open for just a few days before the Ministry of Education ordered them closed.


Fox News' Tucker Carlson Hurls a Question That Democrats Could Never Answer Honestly

There’s a reason why the Left hates Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. He sees right through their arguments and expertly dissects their nonsense within seconds. He effortlessly pushes aside their arguments because much of it is grounded in absolute nonsense. He had a fiery commentary segment during last night’s episode where he pitched a question to Democrats that they could never answer honestly. This is partially due to the fact that they know the answer would be unpalatable to about 90 percent of the electorate. Then again, they may not even understand the question because that’s how dense the Left has become in their Acela Corridor bubbles.

“Can you really lead a country that you hate?”

We saw that over the Independence Day weekend. The Left has always hated America, though they never had the numbers within their ranks to outwardly express their disdain. Now, with the progressive Left culturally ascendant and the ‘woke’ masses graduating colleges and taking their left-wing cancer into the workplaces of their respective careers, they have a motivated, passionate, and absolutely insane mob that’s begun a campaign against this nation’s history.

And again, this was never about the Confederate statues. It was a ploy to cede that ground to them in order to take the rest of it. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, various statues to Union soldiers, Christopher Columbus, and even Frederick Douglass have been targeted, vandalized, or torn down in this soft cultural revolution. The Democrats back it. They can’t undo their support of this mob that grew out of the various protests and riots that erupted after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police on May 25. Heck, Democrats committed cultural appropriation in pandering to black voters on that front, wearing Kente cloth during a moment of silence on the Hill. It was rightfully mocked by everyone.


Liberals Will Come For You Sooner Than You Think

As the saying goes, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” That’s why you should be weary of anyone seeking to rewrite history. They’re likely looking to repeat something from it – something bad – and don’t want you to know what’s coming.

Liberals have spent the last few months wiping clean every piece of history they can. From statues to the very founding of our country, Democrats have declared what was to not have been and what wasn’t to have always been.

The joke known as the 1619 Project has rabid racists and professional victims at its helm, and under the banner of the New York Times, rewrote history from the very founding of our country to be all and only about racism. It was the first big public push to convince people that nothing good exists from America’s existence. Naturally, it was rewarded with a Pulitzer Prize and is now being incorporated into high school curriculum across the country.

Wildly inaccurate – refuted by actual historians, scholars, and common sense – none of this matters. Your kids will be indoctrinated with these lies and bile in public schools for years to come.


A Viewer Writes: Children Indoctrination

I was cruising through the Nickelodeon station looking for some cartoons when a commercial came on that shocked me. Now Nickelodeon I thought was the kids channel. Wrong. This commercial was about Black Lives Matter and racial injustice. When I further went through Comcast's line-up for shows there was another full program on Black Lives Matters and Alicia Keys will be hosting the show and introducing teenage activists talking about their racial injustice experiences.

So parents, not only are our children being indoctrinated towards left wing policies in school, and this is happening right here in Wicomico County, but now ComCast is introducing your kids to Black Lives Matter propaganda on TV. For you parents who are not familiar with the real BLM movement and their radical marxist members you need to open your eyes and get involved before it's too late.