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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Coast Guard rescues 3 from water near Ocean City, Md.

BALTIMORE — The Coast Guard rescued three people from the water in Ocean City Sunday afternoon.

Watchstanders at Coast Guard Station Ocean City received a report from Ocean City Beach Patrol stating a person on the north end of the jetty was swept into the inlet by the current.

Two members of OCBP jumped in the water to assist but were also swept out by the current.

Station Ocean City launched a boat crew on a 24-foot Special Purpose Craft-Shallow Water and rescued all three people from the water.

No injuries were reported.

OCPD Investigating Numerous Reports Of Malicious Destruction.


Officers are currently investigating numerous reports of malicious destruction in the downtown area. An unknown suspect(s) marked, or “tagged", several properties with a large magic marker or hand held paint pen.

Officers have located tagging’s between 9th – 14th Street from just off the boardwalk to the bay. A majority of the tags are in green paint.

Anyone with information or observing suspicious suspects in the area is asked to call us at 410-723-6600.

Breaking News: Vladimir Putin said 755 U.S. diplomats must leave Russia

Mr. Putin announced the move in response to the new law passed in Congress last week expanding sanctions against Russia.

Although the expulsions had been announced on Friday, the president’s statement was the first to confirm the large number involved.

Mayor Day Spin-Jobs Citizens Not to Trust Crime Reporting Sites?

By Thornton Crowe

In an astounding fashion, our illustrious mayor Jake Day was caught telling voters on Facebook that they shouldn't trust places like for crime reports because the crime in Salisbury is at its lowest?

In last week's article, I reported the rapes alone for the first six months of 2017 are more than the entire 2016 calendar year, but Day claims crime is down? It would seem our mayor is, once again, pitching snake oil laced fairy and unicorn dust. He actually wants you to also ignore the Salisbury Police blotter which reports area crime.

A mute couldn't miss the escalation of incidents throughout the City, along the Mayor's push for Section 8, low income housing in the downtown area, so why is he now suddenly in some denial over crime numbers? Does he see the crime spree to be a bad reflection on him and his lack of governance oversight? Of course, it does as with all the other things going wrong before our very eyes.

Jobs leaving the area and businesses shuttering -- and we're not talking chains like Wendy's and Radio Shack, but businesses like the computer store that closed, citing high taxes and too many regulations to stay afloat. And who could possibly forget the never-ending Main Street escapade where contaminated soil (where a gas station once stood) caused road work to move at a slower than glacier speed! What about the chain-linked fence fiasco that's caused such a stir? Day is starting little piddles everywhere like a puppy who needs to be house-broken!

Therefore, when the following email was forwarded to me, all I could do was let out a hearty laugh at his audacity to suggest that all those 'other websites' were somehow lying fabrications about Salisbury's crime statistics when they gather their information from the same police action reports you see here on Salisbury News. The absolute ego-maniacal stance is stunning when you really think about what he's telling us here in this big long-winded ode. He actually thinks he's a better expert than folks who deal with this type of data, day-in and day-out. This is much more than a mere mental issue, it's downright pathological.

Salisbury City Flag Changes!

When did this happen and why? Where was the public forum? Where was the public consulted at all? Powerpoints aside, did Jake Day bother to consult with anyone before making such an asinine decision? Just another example of how this city government is a huge, pathetic joke.

click to enlarge
This is open to the public for comment. Does anyone else know when this took debate took place?

Road Rage On The Salisbury Bypass (Shot by Paintballs)

Taxation Without Representation

By Thornton Crowe

Tax Revenue Cap... Remember this initiative voted in 1999 by a group who got sick of the County taxing everyone to death?

We the People voted for a revenue cap that year by 60%! However, in spite of the local economy being in the dumpster still due to lack of area jobs, some want to raise your taxes after you just received a tax cut from the County!

Chances are, if he's involved, there has to be a scam hidden in there somewhere: Just when all the lunatics were called, another enters the fray...

Mike Dunn, president of the Greater Salisbury Committee wants to raise your taxes under the guise that it's "the law of the land?" What a pile of rubbish, indeed! The subtext of that text is he's looking to cash in on your reduced taxes by imposing a tax hike!

In another agenda-pushing piece by our local so-called watchdog reporter, Liz Holland, Dunn pontificates his absurdity, citing millennials as his target audience to pitch a big hooray for more taxation. What Dunn fails to embrace is his demographic has largely relocated out of the area because there are no jobs here for them to afford to stay! Why? Past taxes, of course!

The New Fence On Rt. 50 In Salisbury

Do any of you find it suspicious how all of a sudden Salisbury is installing these high end fences, at the same time pushing to remove chain link fences? Things that make us go hmmmmm, Boy Mayor. 

A Salisbury Paid Firefighter Opens His Big Fat Mouth And Gets Slammed

You know everyone complains about firefighters, until they need one. Its a shame that you did not want to take the risks, or chances to become one in your life. I mean I am sure you had higher paying jobs, and did not have to work shift work, or holidays. I get that, and it makes sense. Sure they sit around after running call after call at times, but have you ever seen city workers? or county workers? How about the people who work in offices? are you not sitting on your butt all day also. Your not working 8 hours none stop I bet, try working 24 hours none stop.

Look you candy ass pansy, (and I hope everyone reading this pays very close attention to what you just said) you just slapped every taxpayer right in the face because guess what, YOU ARE BEING PAID THE WHOLE TIME to do a job YOU chose to do and clearly from your spelling errors you never went very far in school.

Point is - who risk their life for someone property, life for what they really receive? You, the people who complain? Would you even get up in the middle of the storm to help a neighbor? 

You pay our readers the kind of salary you get, health insurance, disability and retirement and I can assure you our viewers would gladly do your job. Let's remember that YOU chose your profession.

You dont like the administration of the department, thats fine. Firefighters are not your issue, your fear of being one, or envy of is. I hope some day you will stop being jealous and volunteer to see how hard "one" fire could be. Or how hard it is lifting 300+ pounds of dead weight over a railing with a stretcher is.

The only 300 pound object many of us would choose to lift is a keg of beer while we sit in a lawn chair watching you put out a fire because we are paying you to do so. Do your damn job and shut your fat trap.

Dont be Jealous - step up - volunteer - see what its like, then make stupid comments

Now who's jealous?

Why Is It Taking So Long To Make Improvements To Rt. 50

I made a trip to Annapolis on Sunday and just couldn't believe how congested it was. What started out as a great ride with very little traffic all the way to Cambridge, things started changing from that point on. 

By the time I got to Rt. 404, it became a parking lot all the way to the Bay Bridge. The highest speed I got up to was 5 mph until I got over the Bridge.

What blows me away is the fact that Ocean City brings the state of Maryland the second highest taxes in the entire state, so why the hell are there such massive traffic issues. I can only imagine what it's like coming east bound on any given Friday or Saturday coming in to Ocean City or even getting through the Bay Bridge.

They can create another Bay Bridge but that will do nothing to create relief as you get into our area. If you are anywhere near my age, I can recall when it was only Old Ocean City Road, (one lane each way) and we dealt with the same traffic back in the 1970's. All these years later and there's really been no relief.

We should make each Governor have to drive into Ocean City from Annapolis on a summer weekend and experience just how frustrating it is. I, (for one) am sick and tired of bailing out Baltimore with our incredible tax revenue. 

What would you suggest?

When Did Police Disrespect Become Acceptable?

Law enforcement work has never been easy and usually takes a unique type of individual with particular character and personality traits to find it appealing. That’s why the increased disdain and ill regard police officers face today from certain segments of society is such a concern. We have to look no further than the Ocean City crime reports to see this disrespect on full display.

In most parts of the country, police vacancies are not filled as quickly as they were 10 years ago. Studies have been done and prove the point. It’s dangerous and difficult work. It always has been, but things have changed over the last decade. There’s a general contempt and disrespect for local law enforcement among the new generations. It’s always been a thankless job for the most part, but it’s become something more than that over time.

There is a tremendous distrust and poor regard for police among certain segments of young society. It’s disturbing and oftentimes palpable. Several incidents in Ocean City last week serve as confirmation of that trend. Perhaps the blame is due to increased police brutality incidents and malfeasance cases across the country amid the changing culture in American households where disrespect is tolerated and learned from parents.

We believe this ignorance and poor regard toward law enforcement is probably a merger of all these facets, but it should not be tolerated as an acceptable norm.


Today's Survey Question 7-25-17

What's the first major news story 
you remember from childhood?


In response to the multiple statements regarding her 2015 raise, Director of Human Resources, Michele Campbell Ennis, Ph.D. is wanting to set the record straight about the discrepancies being reported in the press and the reality regarding the letter dated November 19, 2015.

The former Finance Director, Leslie M. Lewis, approached Ennis in 2015, stating she had talked to County Executive, Bob Culver about a raise for Ennis. Culver requested a market analysis for the Director of Human Resources position. The letter was not a formal document meant for anything more than to give Culver the results of a market analysis conducted on two local Human Resource Directors’ salaries. Lewis asked Ennis to perform the market analysis, but due to Ennis’ feeling that it would be inappropriate to have an active role in her own raise, Ennis asked Lewis if she (Lewis) or another employee could do it. At this point, Lewis got one of the Human Resources employees to make the calls and write the recommendation to be sent to the County Executive’s office for consideration.

Lewis agreed with the market analysis and was asked by the County Executive to put it in writing for his approval. She requested that a Human Resources personnel write the letter and send it back to her to be placed on her letterhead for the Executive’s approval. Lewis failed to transfer this letter to her stationary, in turn instructed the Human Resources employee to proceed with the letter ‘as is’ and adding the employee’s name as they had conducted the actual market analysis. This entire procedure was witnessed by several Human Resources personnel.

Lewis understood this letter would go into the personnel file of Ennis suggesting a pay increase based on market analysis research. The recommendation showed a 12% increase and Culver cut the raise down to 8%.

During an annual external audit by Pigg, Krahl and Stern (PKS), Ennis’ personnel file was randomly selected for review. The letter in question was handed over to the external auditor by Ennis personally. In addition to the letter, she also handed over the Personnel Action Notice, the official authorization document that reflected her raise. PKS contacted the Executive’s office to verify his signature and the legitimacy of the raise. After confirming the signature and authorization by Executive Culver, the matter was settled with the external auditors. Everything was approved and the auditors went on to other items.

Sometime later, the County Internal Auditor Steve Roser requested this letter from PKS. How or why Roser and Council would have further interest in this subject, specifically the letter, is unknown to the Executive staff. PKS dropped the matter and told the Executive staff on multiple occasions that they did not submit Roser the letter. The presentation of the external audit to Council made no mention of this letter, which would have been required if it was considered to be a problem.

Why Council chose to move forward with a forensic audit is perplexing. What remains confusing is why Council decided to hire an outside auditor when in fact their own Internal Auditor is a Certified Fraud Examiner.

In cooperation with Council and the forensic auditor, Kern was given the chain of events in interviews multiple times by many employees. However, Kern seemed to refuse to accept those interviews and continued to badger employees with accusations that they had engaged in fraudulent activity. After one such incident left an employee in tears, Culver terminated the interviews.

Finally, Ennis expressed her disappointment in the Council and its leadership by stating, “I am very disheartened by John Cannon’s attempt to discredit me after working for the County for over 14-1/2 years without any incidents. I do realize my job isn’t always popular with employees, but this goes beyond disgruntled employees’ typical upsets.”

Hey Salisbury Paid Firefighters...

Get off your asses and paint these disgusting fire hydrants around the entire City of Salisbury. This is not only embarrassing, you are paid incredible money, get incredible health benefits, disability and retirement packages. Start giving back to the community that pays you and stop pointing fingers at VOLUNTEERS. 

This Is How Broke People In Salisbury Maryland Are

Repossessions on the rise!

Rockville Confederate Statue Removed

The nearly 13-ton statue will be installed at a private property in Dickerson later this week

The Confederate statue that stood next to the Red Brick Courthouse in Rockville for more than 100 years was removed Saturday and is set to be installed in a more private location later this week.

The 13-ton statue will be installed near White’s Ferry, the privately run ferry in Dickerson that connects Montgomery County across the Potomac River with Leesburg, Virginia, according to county officials.

The county didn’t provide advance notice of the move because similar Confederate statue removals across the country have generated backlash and protests, according to General Services Director David Dise.

Dise told Montgomery Community Media the county “wanted to be particularly careful” to keep the move date quiet to prevent possible incidents.

The statue was lifted by a crane and loaded onto a large flatbed truck to be moved to the ferry location. The county paid $100,000 to have the statue removed, according to county spokesman Patrick Lacefield.


Jake Day & Facebook: Constituent Censorship Unbecoming!

By Thornton Crowe

Actions have consequences... so does censorship!

Many Salisbury citizens have complained about Salisbury Mayor Jake Day blocking them on Facebook. It makes one wonder: Is this a sign of the Mayor's lack of maturity as it denotes his inability to handle criticism and verbal discourse or is he merely trying to block out negativity? Mind you, many of those blocked, have never posted a response to anything Day's said on Facebook, but have disagreed with him in public forums or on blogs. Meaning, he's never had a face-to-face confrontation but still chooses to block the person because they don't agree with him.

As we read in Friday's article here on Salisbury News about the Virginia Judge making the stunning decision that politicians are not allowed to ban citizens from their pages, it would seem the judge agrees with the Constitution - whereas Jake Day does not.

Unlike President Trump's situation, where paid bots are making threats of physical violence against him and his family including his 12 year old son, Day doesn't have this type of posts anywhere on his social media accounts. Pointing out his incompetence is nothing close to said threats endured by the President! Complaints about snafus like budgeting $100K for an $850K job (disposal of contaminated soil) are justifiable because he shouldn't make them if he really holds an advanced degree in Urban Planning!

Breaking News: President Trump said the United States will not "allow or accept" any transgender person to serve in the military

President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that the United States will not “allow or accept” any transgender person to serve in the military.Mr. Trump consulted with “generals and military experts” on the sweeping policy, he said.

“Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you,” he tweeted.

Read More »

Will Salisbury go by way of Minneapolis?

By Thornton Crowe

By now, most of you should be at least mildly familiar with what happened to Minneapolis/St. Paul Mayor Betsy Hodges when her constituents called her out during a press conference about a police officer shooting a woman last week. The angry masses called for her to resign and, it seems, the pressure is mounting.

Yes, friends, she was like our Mayor, too busy with the aesthetics and fancy optics instead of dealing with real issues her residents faced on a day to day basis. She is disconnected from the region problems and continues to put lipstick on dead pig carcases. Sound familiar?

Day's tales of woe continue to mount as one ill-begotten initiative after another continues to unfold. From yesterday's ode to 'lowest crime in recorded history' to his insane puppeting about housing values being $133K more now that he's at the wheel, his mindless banterings seem to provide comic relief but not much else for Salisbury residents.

Can Main Street afford to lose businesses due to the never-ending gobstopper roadwork? While most older Salisburians remember there were more than one gas stations along that strip, it is likely Day and company haven't factored in all that contaminates soil - or the escalated cost to dispose of it. Therefore, when they reach the corner of Baptist and Main, will that turn into another 9-month ordeal? One can only hope the City Engineer (do we even have one?) will have already nailed down a swift solution but who knows with the haphazard manner our City seems to be governed.

A Viewer Writes: Fence being installed in Salisbury

They are installing a fence in the median on Rt. 50 in Salisbury. It is to prevent the kids from crossing Route 50 that are coming from the schools. The fence will start where Old OC Road comes out on Route 50 and goes all the way to the Arby's before you go under the bridge. They are 2 x 2 pieces of metal and there is no top bar or bottom bar on it, just metal poles placed about 4 inches apart sticking out of the ground. All the money being spent and how many have been hurt? Now look at the intersection at Route 50 and Sixty Foot Road.

Just How Many Times can Jake Day Spend the Same $1M Grant?

By Thornton Crowe

Another Who's on First moment in our comedic local government saga...

It's come to my attention that, once again, our illustrious Mayor Jake Day is wordsmithing on the sly!

Some time back, Day touted he got a $1M Grant from Governor Hogan for his Downtown Revitalization Project. At that point, we were told it was for the first phase of the Main Street renovation, which was that one block that took nine months to complete due to contaminated soil snafu.

Funky Monkey Mathematics...

One of our trusty insiders revealed Day & Company only budgeted $150K for the contaminated soil removal when its real cost was in escalation of $850K. This leaves a $700K deficit that was spent on contaminated soil removal. Therefore, the remainder was covered by that $1M grant - leaving only $300K (if that) for spending in the other areas of Day's Wonderful, Magical Downtown Extravaganza.

Over the weekend, WBOC reported this same $1M grant was all going towards revitalizing the Downtown Plaza. Yes, the same grant because Day only got one (1) grant from Hogan!

Are you now expected to believe in spun gold about how that momma dollar and papa dollar somehow managed to procreate an additional million out of thin air or is our illustrious Mayor just really, really bad at math?

The real question...

Just how many times does Jake intend on re-spending money already spent? At this point, we don't know!

A Viewer Writes: Roundabouts

Hi Joe,

Friday’s article on proposed roundabout at Riverside/Carroll/Mill/Camden intersection, in my opium, is a total waste of taxpayer money. Numerous studies conducted over the years have shown that the lack of free-flow traffic would result in backups into the roundabout. Listed are a few examples to consider:

1. Roundabout traffic flow will be impeded by the Mill/W. Main intersection.

2. Northbound Mill/Rt. 50 traffic flow is impeded at times due to the lack of storage for southbound Mill Street traffic.

3. SHA has never recommended, as far as I know, this intersection for roundabout design.

These intersections have been a problem and have grown worse with the tremendous growth on the West side. Long range planning have suggested a couple traffic options to consider:

1. High-rise bridge construction over the Wicomico River.

2. New high school on the West side.

The newspaper article also mentioned Mt. Hermon/Long/Truitt/E. Main/E. William intersection for roundabout consideration. I attended many roundabout workshops at the Office of Traffic in Hanover , Md.. where roundabout designs for these intersections were discussed. SHA Rt. 350 maintenance stops short of the intersection by about 200 feet which means no SHA money. The construction estimate at the time was $800,000.00 not including right-of-ways which would add about $1,200,000.00 to the cost. Also, was the lack of storage on Truitt Street.

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh ‘Wouldn’t Rule Out’ Signing Kaepernick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said during a press conference Thursday that he wouldn’t rule out signing former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Ravens training camp began Thursday without longtime quarterback Joe Flacco, who’s out with a sore back.

When asked about Kaepernick, Harbaugh said, “No, I wouldn’t rule it out at all. I mean, he’s a really good football player. I believe he’s a really good person.”

Several media outlets have reported that, following Kaepernick’s controversial decision to kneel during the national anthem throughout the 2016 season, he is being shunned by the NFL. Kaepernick has been a free agent since opting out of his contract with the 49ers in March.


No more words needed....

Man becomes Marine after he was told "you'll end up dead or in jail"

"See the thing is; my ROTC teacher told me I was gonna end up dead or in jail. I grew up without a father figure in my life. I wore most of the same clothes from middle till I graduated. We were on food stamps and lived in the hood. Those are circumstances that I did not let dictate my life. I did not become a product of my environment. Some of my friends called me stupid. Now look at me. I became aware that I control my destiny. I became aware that I could be the Man that I was intended to be. I became aware that there was only one branch that could build me into a Man. I became a Marine!"


'We're Begging for Education.' Meet the Teacher Who Panhandled to Buy Her Class School Supplies

An Oklahoma teacher stood at a highway intersection panhandling for school supplies last week. She was surprised when she made $52 in 10 minutes and "overwhelmed" by the support she received online in the days that followed. But the interaction that affected her most was a young woman who approached her, donated her waitressing tips and said, "I’m alive today because of a teacher like you."

"That just choked me up," said Teresa Danks, a third-grade teacher at Grimes Elementary School in Tulsa, Okla., who set out to raise money for her classroom and send a message about education funding challenges that she thinks too few people understand.

Oklahoma has recently led the nation in cuts to general education funding per student, according to a report by the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Oklahoma also ranked 49th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia for average teacher salary, which was $45,276 in the state in 2016, according to a report by the National Education Association.



James Jutsu J Morton Hey y'all. That's Nefetiti and she has a liver disease. I was back and forth out of the obgyn checking on her. I only took her with because she wanted to ride so bad. I had charges brought up against me for animal cruelty only to have them dropped after they found out her condition. I love my baby. She is super spoiled but her body cant process the food she eats. Thank you all for your concern for Titi. I got a call from the animal control dropping charges and promising an expensive surgery if I signed her over. That quickly changed from the mouth of the vet who wanted to euthanize. Obviously I refused. There are the facts. 

Today in the parking lot of the new Chesapeake Healthcare OBGYN office in the Woodbrooke medical park there was a puppy in a dark green Ford Explorer with the window cracked. The puppy was incredibly malnourished, skin and bones, and the car was not running. I called Wicomico County Humane Society (they are a few miles away) and they said it's not in their jurisdiction so to call Salisbury Animal Control. I called Animal Control and I had to leave a message with my information and information about the incident. They only returned my call 45 minutes later to tell me to call the city. I had already called Wicomico County Sheriffs Dept. who took all of the information including the tag number and said they would send someone to check it out. I gave them my information so that they could follow up but haven't heard anything. I also went inside the OB office to tell them but they were unable to help. I am going to call the sheriffs department myself to follow up, but please share and repost this and maybe someone will recognize the tag number, the dog or the car. There is a special place in hell for people like this. #wicomicocounty #salisburymd #cityofsalisbury #swipe

Hey Jake, Are You Awake?

By Thornton Crowe

Just when you thought we'd have a break from Idiot Island, along comes another email featuring a retort so filled with stupidity, it can't be ignored. How can Salisbury Mayor Jake Day really expect anyone to take him seriously when reality runs drastically counter to his day dreamin'?

Many Salisburians are hurting - some have been looking for gainful employment for years, not months. We are not talking part-time, retail or restaurant work, but jobs with benefits and career tracks a person can make a long-term commitment.

More and more, young adults are forced to leave the area because of the job market void but also when they do procure a job, the pay is atrocious. Some local employers don't want to pay $15.00 an hour for people with college degrees. The career prospects here have been depressed for years yet Day happily touts some nebulous rise in manufacturing jobs. After asking several people including those in the 'employment market know,' not one has a clue what manufacturing he's talking about in the following email.

We needn't ask him because if we do, we're liable to be blocked from his Facebook account; and we can forget about getting him on the phone or getting a callback. In many regards, Day is just an absentee landlord (who rarely drops by to deliver a free smoke detector under the guise of getting to know you while scoping out your place).

Fastest Green light ever, 5 seconds! Naylor Mill East and Rt 50 Bypass.

Confirmed: NFL Fans Tuned Out Last Year Because Players Protested The National Anthem

The NFL took a massive ratings dive last year after a number of players, led by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, refused to stand for the National Anthem. At the time, NFL officials claimed they didn't exactly know why ratings were down and even used the 2016 presidential election as an excuse for why more people weren't watching.

But according to a new survey from J.D. Power, NFL fans did in fact tune out in droves because of the disrespect and protest of the National Anthem before games. From ESPN:

National anthem protests were the top reason that NFL fans watched fewer games last season, according to a new survey released by J.D. Power.

The pollster said it asked more than 9,200 people who attended either one football, basketball or hockey game whether they tuned into fewer games and why. Twenty-six percent of those who watched fewer games last season said that national anthem protests, some of which were led by Colin Kaepernick, were the reason.

After that, 24 percent of those surveyed who said they watched fewer games said they did so either because of the league's off-the-field image issues with domestic violence or with game delays, including penalties.

After being dropped from the 49ers last year, sports pundits and fellow players have accused anyone and everyone of racism for Kaepernick's failure to resign with another team. Turns out he's not only a bad quarterback, but a business liability.

Patriotism is still winning in America and that's a good thing. Here's to hoping this season comes with more respect on the field from players who are privileged to live in the greatest country on earth.


Rand Paul: "Obscene" Obamacare Premiums Will Continue To Skyrocket

Senator blames “compliant big government Republicans” for health care fail

Weighing in on the GOP’s failure to repeal Obamacare, Rand Paul, who has been outspoken in his support for replacing the health care legislation, has warned that insurance premiums will continue to skyrocket.

Writing for Rare, Paul warned “What will happen now that the Obamacare repeal has failed? The same thing that was already happening: Premiums will skyrocket. Insurers will exit, leaving monopolies or vacuums, and Americans will have less choice.”

Paul blamed the GOP ‘losing its nerve’ and abandoning real repeal on “billion dollar insurance companies.”

“The insurance industry, titans of crony capitalism, whined and whined that repeal alone would cause premiums to rise. Insurers to drop out. Americans to lose coverage.” Paul urged.

“What did the insurance companies want? Well, your money of course.” Paul stated, adding that the insurance companies “lobbied hard, for a giant insurance bailout superfund. And, with compliant big government Republicans, they finally porked it up to nearly $300 billion. Obscene.”