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Saturday, January 28, 2017

You might actually be showering too much

Cosmopolitan —It's been well-reported that a number of unsavory things can happen to our bodies if we don't shower for a couple of days, yet there's increasing evidence to suggest that showering too often can actually do more harm than good.

Some researchers believe that over-showering can damage the human microbiome, defined by the Genetic Science Center at the University of Utah as a collection of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that live in and on our bodies. According to the university, "disrupting our microbial ecosystems can cause disease," and as a recent study published by Science Advances suggests, washing too often may damage these microorganisms which are vital for our health.

The study of the people of Yanomami village in the Amazon, who had "no documented previous contact with Western people," were found to have a "microbiome with the highest diversity of bacteria and genetic functions ever reported in a human group." These people also harbored bacteria which carried antibiotic resistance, despite no known contact with antibiotics.


Keeping It Real

Real Estate Market Also Thriving In ‘America’s Coolest Small Town’

BERLIN- More than two years after the honor, the glow of Berlin’s designation as America’s Coolest Small Town remains. For the most part merchants are busy, residents are happy and visitors are frequent.

While there is rarely a commercial vacancy to be found in the downtown area, how does the town’s residential real estate market compare?

“Berlin’s a hot location,” said Bernie Flax, a broker with Exit Realty at the Beach and a member of the board of directors of the Coastal Association of Realtors (CAR).

Flax says homebuyers from the Delmarva area are familiar with the town’s charm and want to be a part of the community. Buyers not from the area visit its historic downtown and are struck by the small town feel.


Chili’s restaurants in two states are donating profits to Planned Parenthood

According to a Facebook post by Planned Parenthood’s chapters in Indiana and Kentucky Chili’s restaurants in those states are donating some 15 percent of their profits to the abortion giant.

All one needs to do is print out this voucher, and put it alongside their check for the restaurant to take the 15 percent and give it over to Planned Parenthood. This promotion is supposed to last through march.

According to LifeSite, this would be the second time Chili’s has been involved with Planned Parenthood.


Super Bowl Scramble Set For Next Week

BERLIN- Before settling in for the big game next weekend, local residents and visitors are encouraged to participate in the annual Super Bowl Scramble at Eagle’s Landing.

For several years, Eagle’s Landing has hosted the Super Bowl Scramble on the day of the big game with an event that has become increasingly popular for residents and visitors and typically sells out. Golfers will enjoy a fun tailgate party and a competitive round of golf, which will consist of a four-player scramble with a unique scoring format based on football all completed in time for the participants to settle in for the game later in the evening.

The event is a four-player scramble with a unique scoring format. Each scramble team will consist of a coach, quarterback, running back and wide receiver. An eagle, or “touchdown,” will be worth six points, a birdie, or “field goal,” will be worth three points, a par, or “extra point,” will be worth one point and a bogie, or “safety,” will result in minus-two points. In addition, 30 percent of the team’s “A” player’s handicap in the team’s offense.


Fox's Tucker Carlson nearly doubling Kelly's prime-time ratings

Fox News's Tucker Carlson is nearly doubling the ratings of his predecessor, Megyn Kelly, when compared to the same time period last year, according to Nielsen Media Research.

"Tucker Carlson Tonight" is up 95 percent in the 25- to 54-year-old demographic that advertisers covet most compared with the same period in 2016, when "The Kelly File" occupied the 9 p.m. ET time slot.

Carlson has averaged 775,000 viewers per night in the category, while Kelly averaged 398,000 during the same time period, Jan. 11–22.

Recent Resort-Area Manslaughter Cases Follow Similar Trend

SNOW HILL- Homicide and manslaughter cases are few and far between in the resort area, but a handful in recent years have all followed a familiar theme of essentially a fight gone terribly wrong, including the case of a Baltimore County man sentenced to six years in prison this week for throwing a fatal blow in a fight along Coastal Highway on Memorial Day weekend.

Worcester County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Groton on Wednesday sentenced Darren Beattie, now 22, of Sparrows Point, to 10 years with all but six years suspended after he was convicted by a jury in November on a manslaughter charge. On May 29, a verbal altercation between Beattie and his friends and the victim, Ryan Shupert, 31, and his friends, which began on a city bus, turned deadly when the two groups encountered each other again. Beattie threw a single punch that struck Shupert in the head, ultimately claiming his life, in another case that has become all too familiar in the resort area in recent years.

During his statements at sentencing on Wednesday, Worcester County State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby alluded to other recent senseless fights in the local area that have resulted in fatal consequences.


Kellyanne Conway Reveals Her Stance On Feminism

Kellyanne Conway, President Donald Trump’s counselor, had some interesting things to say about feminism in a Q&A with The Washington Post.

WaPo staff writer Joe Heim asked Conway, 50, “You don’t consider yourself a feminist?”

She replied that, no, she does not. Conway then proceeded to tear feminism apart in nine sentences:

I don’t consider myself a feminist. I think my generation isn’t a big fan of labels. My favorite label is mommy. I feel like the feminist movement has been hijacked by the pro-abortion movement or the anti-male sentiments that you read in some of their propaganda and writings. I’m not anti-male. One does not need to be pro-female and call yourself a feminist, when with it comes that whole anti-male culture where we want young boys to sit down and shut up in the classroom. And we have all of these commercials that show what a feckless boob the man in the house is. That’s not the way I see the men in my life, most especially my 12-year-old son. I consider myself a postfeminist. I consider myself one of those women who is a product of her choices, not a victim of her circumstances.

'Can you hear me?' scam tricks victims into authorizing unwanted charges

"Can you hear me?"

Don't respond, authorities say. The seemingly-innocent phone call is tricking victims into saying "yes." The person on the other end then records that person's response and uses it to authorize unwanted charges on his or her utility bills and credit cards.

How does the scam work? The con artist already has your phone number, and possibly your credit card number or an electricity bill. If you call your credit card or utility company to fight sketchy charges, it can be argued that you already gave verbal consent.

This isn't the only scam that's making its rounds. PA Law Help says that people have been caught posing as debt collectors and tech support specialists. Some even call from fake sweepstakes companies, telling residents they've won large amounts of cash.


SEAFORD: **Traffic Advisory** Troopers Investigating Serious Crash Involving Pedestrian

Seaford- Delaware State Police are currently investigating a serious motor vehicle crash in which a pedestrian was struck that occurred this evening in Seaford.

The initial investigation has determined that the crash occurred at approximately 6:07 p.m. on Concord Pond Road in the area of Orange Blossom Lane, Seaford and involves a motor vehicle and a pedestrian. As a result of the crash a subject has been seriously injured.

Concord Pond Road in the area of Orange Blossom Lane has been closed to traffic and commuters are asked to find alternate means of travel around the crash scene.

The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is currently enroute to the scene and will assume the investigation. More details will be released at the conclusion of the investigation.

Democrats Have Some Splainin To Do!

Figures Show Shore Real Estate Recovering

BERLIN- The local housing market continues to show marked signs of improvement, according to the latest figures from the Coastal Association of Realtors (CAR).

In 2016, single-family home sales increased by about six percent compared to 2015 in the entire Tri-County area. Contracts increased by about five percent and the average sale price increased by about eight percent. New listings of single-family homes decreased by about six percent.

Condominium sales in 2016 increased by about nine percent and average condominium sale prices decreased by about 10 percent. In Worcester County alone, single-family home sales increased by about four percent, compared to 2015. Single-family home contracts increased by about two percent, and the average sale price of a single-family home increased by eight percent. Listings decreased by eight percent. Condominium sales in Worcester County increased by nine percent and average condominium sale prices increased by seven percent.


NYT Editorial Board Horrified That Trump Wants To Fight ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’

The New York Times’ editorial board took a stand Thursday against President Donald Trump’s vow to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth.

The Times’ editors worried that Trump’s approach to fighting radical Islamic terrorism — which they referred to with scare quotes — is “more likely to further inflame anti-American sentiment around the world than to make the United States safer.”

“The emerging details suggest that Mr. Trump’s plans to eradicate violent extremists are not only at odds with Mr. Obama’s; they trample on American values and international law,” they wrote.

The Times editorial found several problems with Trump’s approach, including his use of the term “radical Islam,” which the editors say is “demonizing and alienating the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims,” the fact that he is reportedly considering designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, and the fact that he doesn’t plan on closing Guantanamo Bay (which Obama was unable to do despite vowing to close the prison on day one of his administration).


Trump argument bolstered: Clinton could have received 800,000 votes from noncitizens, study finds

Hillary Clinton garnered more than 800,000 votes from noncitizens on Nov. 8, an approximation far short of President Trump’s estimate of up to 5 million illegal voters but supportive of his charges of fraud.

Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, has worked with colleagues to produce groundbreaking research on noncitizen voting, and this week he posted a blog in response to Mr. Trump’s assertion.

Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in November. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump.


‘Lesbianism’ Listed As Medical Condition On North Carolina Health Care Form

A North Carolina woman made a shocking discovery during a visit to a medical facility: Her physician listed “lesbianism” as one of her “medical problems.”

Fearing she had low iron levels, Kristina Rodriguez went to Lake Park Family Practice of Carolinas Healthcare System to get some routine blood screenings. After getting screened, she picked up her medical chart and found her doctor had listed “lesbianism” among her reported medical problems.

Once Rodriguez complained, both the physician and the director of Lake Park Family Practice contacted her. The health care system’s leadership reportedly offered to change lesbianism to her sexual orientation instead.

“It’s 2017. It’s very normal for people to have a same-sex partner,” Rodriguez told reporters. “This listed as a medical problem could really set someone back, could mess with their self-esteem and could make them think something is wrong with them,” she said.


Worcester County residents attend inauguration, protests

The destination was the same, but their purposes reflected the national political divide, as some Worcester County traveled to Washington, D.C. Friday to witness the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, while others went Saturday to join the Women’s March protest.

Christy and Buddy Trala of West Ocean City made the two-and-a-half hour drive from Worcester County with friends to attend the inauguration. They attended with Chesapeake City Mayor Dean Geracimos at the invitation of a friend and Trump campaign staffer.

“We had a great spot, as close as we could be. I wanted to support the new president and to be part of history,” Christy Trala said. “The crowd was massive; everyone was feeling more hopeful about the future.”

At the other end of the political discussion, Dell Purrell of Ocean Pines was less optimistic and participated in the Women’s March to rebuke the new president on his first day in office.

“I believe that women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights,” Purrell said, echoing a sentiment of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign last year. “That’s not what I am seeing with this administration, and my voice needs to be heard.”


DOE Employees Scrubbed ‘Climate Change’ From Agency Files To Fool Trump

Department of Energy employees have been scrubbing any reference to “climate change” from internal documents to keep the Trump administration from putting projects on the chopping block.

One DOE employee told the podcast “This American Life” she and others have been “going through all their internal documents that describe ongoing projects and just scrubbing them, deleting the parts where it says ‘and here’s how this can help us combat climate change,’” producer David Kestenbaum said.

The employee, identified as Laura and voiced by an actress in the podcast, said “we already did that” after the election. Laura said she and her colleagues cried after President Donald Trump’s win.

This “renewable energy program, now it’s a jobs program,” Kestenbaum added. “Most federal projects have a reason for their existence, why draw attention to something by putting the words ‘climate change’ in the description.”


Proposed bill would rewrite Maryland's rape law

Lawmakers in Annapolis are considering rewriting Maryland's rape law.
The change would remove a requirement that a victim has to provide evidence that he or she physically resisted in order to prove a sexual crime.
Bill supporters said current state law has it backward, and they believe that with the changes, investigators will not have to ask whether the victim fought back.
The legislation would radically change how police treat rape and sexual assault victims. In addition to a lack of consent, current state law requires evidence of force or the threat of force.

Democrats reportedly plan scorched-earth approach to fighting Trump

For the past two months, Democratic leaders have been reportedly discussing ways to approach the presidency of Donald Trump and have largely landed on a conclusion: fight him at every turn in a ‘not-now-not-ever’ opposition.

Politico reported that it conducted interviews with about two dozen Democrats in office who were willing to discuss the internal debate.

It apparently did not take very long for these politicans to determine that a working relationship was not possible, though Washington Gov. Jay Inslee told the magazine that there was a “grace period.”

“But it was midnight the night of the inauguration to 8 o’clock the next morning, when the administration sent out people to lie about numerous significant things.”

He continued, “It’s been worse than I could have imagined, the first few days.”


Initiatives Hope To Attract, Keep Millenials On Lower Shore

SALISBURY – Jobs are where the millennials are, according to recent data, and with the partnership of commercial stakeholders officials in Wicomico County want to incentivize Salisbury University graduates and young natives to remain in the area.

At a Commercial Real Estate Forum on Salisbury University’s campus last Friday, Mayor Jake Day and economic development directors from Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset Counties shared ideas and efforts to make their respective communities a desirable area in which young workers and entrepreneurs will want to invest.

“Today, talent is driving location decisions,” Day said. “Firms are following the talent and the talent is looking for place and place means not just beautiful buildings, but it means culture anchored in place. It means quality. It means craft. It means the arts are anchored in place. That has become our watch word. That has become the identity we are pursuing every single day. And a lot of that begins at the center. A lot of that begins with downtown Salisbury. That’s not the end. That’s not the whole story, but it is the beginning.”


Here's A Real Purpose For A Woman's March. But American Women Have It So Tough!

‘Stop Soros’ Movement Sweeps Europe

A new initiative called Stop Operation Soros (SOS) is launching in the Balkan nation of Macedonia to counter the influence of globalist billionaire George Soros.

The founders of the group called on all “free-minded citizens” to join them in the “fight against one-mindedness in the civil sector, which is devised and led by George Soros,” reports a Slovenian newspaper.

Soros-funded non-government organizations have monopolized civil society in Macedonia and used their influence to suppress dissenting views, said SOS cofounder Nikola Srbov.

“The Open Society Foundation, operating under the Soros umbrella, used its funding and personnel to support violent processes in Macedonia,” he said in a press conference Tuesday. “That is unacceptable and goes beyond the principles of civic organizing.”

Soros set up the Open Society Foundation in in the 1980s with the stated goal of helping former Soviet bloc countries transition from communism, but in reality, the foundation is used to destabilize governments and foment discontent within countries.

And Macedonia isn’t the first country that’s turned against Soros.

More here

Media Matters Secretly Working with Facebook to Fight ‘Fake News’

Left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America has been quietly working with social media giant Facebook to combat what the group describes as “propaganda” and “fake news,” internal documents reveal.

Media Matters told current and prospective donors at a retreat in Florida over the weekend that it has been in discussions with Facebook leadership about their policies on inaccurate and partisan news stories on the website that many liberals blame for political losses last year.

“We’ve been engaging with Facebook leadership behind the scenes to share our expertise and offer input on developing meaningful solutions,” the group said in a briefing book obtained by the Washington Free Beacon at the conference.

“Media Matters will serve as their partner,” the group said of its work with Facebook and other social media companies.

Conservatives have argued in the past that Facebook intentionally marginalizes right-leaning voices, a theory that could be fueled by the social media network’s ties to Media Matters, among the harshest critics of conservative figures and ideas.


Trump: Civil Rights For Citizens Before Illegals

President Trump said he will protect the civil rights of American citizens by cracking down on sanctuary cities and deporting criminal illegals.

“It’s time to restore the civil rights of Americans to protect their jobs, their hopes and their dreams for a much better future,” the president stated at the Joint Republican Issues Conference in Philadelphia, Penn., on Thursday. “Congress passed these [immigration] laws to serve our citizens and it’s about time those laws were properly enforced – they’re not enforced.”

“The hour of justice for the American worker has arrived.”


Steve Bannon Torches New York Times: 'You Have No Power'

Stephen K. Bannon (or, for those who wish to maximize their SEO, Steve Bannon) — former Executive Chairman to Breitbart News — tells the New York Times’ Michael Grynbaum that the “elite media” has “no authority” to report on what the American people want out of newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump.

From the New York Times:

Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s chief White House strategist, laced into the American press during an interview on Wednesday evening, arguing that news organizations had been “humiliated” by an election outcome few anticipated, and repeatedly describing the media as “the opposition party” of the current administration.

“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile,” Mr. Bannon said during a telephone call.

“I want you to quote this,” Mr. Bannon added. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”


Melania Trump’s $150 million lawsuit against Maryland blogger will go on

ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) — A Montgomery County Judge ruled in favor of First Lady Melania Trump saying her $150 million lawsuit against a Maryland-based blogger will go on.

Mrs. Trump is seeking $150 million in damages for her defamation suit against Clarksburg blogger Webster Tarpley following a story saying that she was once a high-priced escort.

Mrs. Trump is also suing British newspaper the Daily Mail for the same accusations, but the judge said she would need more time to decide if the case will be dismissed for jurisdictional issues.


People admit the REAL reasons getting married

For plenty of people, getting married is something they spend years dreaming about and look forward to with excitement.

However, for others getting married involves very little romance and is instead being done for practical reasons - or even with ulterior motives.

Dozens of people have taken to secret-sharing site Whisper to confess why they're getting married - and their reasons have nothing to do with love.



XM-25 Rifle in Action

The MXT135 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System has a range of roughly 7,800 feet - and is to be deployed in Afghanistan soon. I would call it the "Equalizer." Some call it the "Punisher". The rifle's gun sight uses a laser range finder to determine the exact distance to the obstruction, after which the soldier can add or subtract up to 10 meters from that distance to enable the bullets to clear the barrier and explode above or beside the target. Soldiers will be able to use them to target snipers hidden in trenches rather than calling in air strikes. The 35-millimeter round contains a chip that receives a radio signal from the gun sight as to the precise distance to the target. Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner, project manager for the system, described the weapon as a 'game-changer' that other nations will try and copy. The Army plans to buy 42,500 of the MXT135 rifles this year, enough for every member of the infantry and special forces, at a cost of $11,900.00 each. Lehner told Fox News: "With this weapon system, we take away cover from [enemy targets] forever. Tactics are going to have to be rewritten. The only thing we can see [enemies] being able to do is run away." Experts say the rifle means that enemy troops will no longer be safe if they take cover.

Governor Hogan's Veto Override Saga

I saw where the House has already overrode Governor Hogan's veto on three of last years legislative bills - and have postponed the veto override on the revised RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards) - acceleration.

This tells me that Mike Miller didn't have enough votes to ensure the override. And so he is going to try again next week.

It is definately a 'Sunshine Tax' as Governor Hogan has noted - and if Mathias or any other Eastern Shore representative votes in favor of the override - it will result in substantial increases in Marylander's utility rates.

Here is a response to an article that was written by a Baltimore Sun reporter - but as you already know - it has to do with the way the Maryland electric utilities treats its "cost of service" base for surplus electricity generated by solar systems.

Letter directed to Baltimore Sun reporter Scott Dance - regarding his misleading fake news report regarding Governor Hogan's statement that the accelerated RPS was not a 'Sunshine Tax'. 

SBYNews was (once again) the one that originally broke this story several weeks ago. The Baltimore Sun is just now trying to do catch-up - and - unsuccessfully.

I have to disagree with your assessment. The first Community solar projects have yet to come online. 

But when they do - look out - if you macro out the 'scale' and the effects on Marylander's residential electricity rates - it will prove to be economically disastrous.

Do you understand the "cost of service" as to where all of the surplus payments to the community solar subscribers is going to come from? It is from each utilities customer base - not the utility

All of this is being propelled by the already accelerated RPS standards - and - if they increase it as many politicians have been pushing for - it will prove to be an absolute financial disaster to Maryland residents - particularly the poor.

HB-2281 - BAT Septic Systems

HB-2281 - BAT Septic Systems - Back on Democratic Agenda After Governor Hogan Issued Executive Order restraining their use - except in Critical Designated Area

I see that the BAT Septic Systems - bill was sponsored in both the House & Senate - and I see where Democrat Madaleno is, once again, behind this bill in the Senate.

This bill dramatically increases construction costs - particularly for the poor and minorities - and discourages private homeownership.


Who Has A Sister Who'd Do This? Watch The Woman On The Left.

Malia Obama Joins Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Malia Obama joined a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Sundance Film Festival on Monday.

Actress Shailene Woodley spoke to Democracy Now about how touched she was to see the 18-year-old former first daughter taking place in the demonstration in Park City, Utah.

"It was amazing to see Malia, President Obama’s daughter," Woodley said. "Also, to witness a human being and a woman coming into her own outside of her family and outside of the attachments that this country has on her, but someone who’s willing to participate in democracy because she chooses to, because she recognizes, regardless of her last name, that if she doesn’t participate in democracy, there will be no world for her future children."

Every candidate for Democratic National Committee Chair believes the DNC should participate in 'street fighting' protests against Donald Trump.

Concealed Carrier Prevents Gas Station Robbery In Florida

A concealed carrier shot a would-be robber in a gas station north of Tampa early Thursday morning, according to CBS 10.

The concealed carrier was inside a Marathon gas station in Wesley Chapel, Fla., when a man entered the store, held the clerk at gun point and demanded money.

The armed citizen fired a shot at the suspect and missed, which prompted a struggle between the two. The suspect, identified as Christopher Michael Lilly, dropped his weapon during the struggle and when he began to reach for it, the concealed carrier shot Lilly in the hip, according to Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement arrived on scene during the struggle and aided in subduing the suspect, who was later taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“If you’re in a life or death situation and you’re in fear of your life you absolutely have your God-given right in Pasco County to defend yourself,” Sheriff Nocco said in a press conference.



City legal fees at $237K for IAFF contract

The Town of Ocean City’s contract negotiations with the local firefighters union not only have gone on longer than the bargaining sessions of past years, they also have been much more expensive.

From the start of the talks with the resort chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters a year ago on Jan. 27 2016, the city has incurred $237,912 in legal fees with no deal in place yet. In all cases, the city’s legal advisors were from the Baltimore law firm Miles & Stockbridge and City Solicitor Guy Ayres.

According to an accounting supplied by the city clerk’s office following a request for information by Ocean City Today, this total compares to the $97,140 in legal fees paid when the city negotiated the 2015 contract with the Fraternal Order of Police. The police union filed for binding interest arbitration that year after reaching an impasse about salary and cost-of-living increases, but both parties were able to reach an agreement without following through with the arbitration.

The legal expense related to the FOPs 2013 contract was higher, at $135,153, even though it involved three bargaining session as compared to four that took place during the 2015 talks.


‘She’s Good at Bullshit!’: Anchor Slams Kellyanne Conway With Blurted Admission: Anchor Suspended

SPD Press Release - (Assault/Stabbing Investigation) 1-28-17

It's A Start


Read The Bill

Maryland Election Results 2016


Hillary ClintonDemocrat1,677,92860.3%10
Donald J. TrumpRepublican943,16933.9
Gary JohnsonLibertarian79,6052.9
Jill SteinGreen35,9451.3
99% reporting (1,987 of 1,989 precincts)
Winner called by The A.P.
Race Preview: Maryland has 10 electoral votes and is expected to vote for Mrs. Clinton. President Obama won the state in 2012 by 26 percentage points. Barack Obama won Maryland in 2012 by 26.1 percentage points.

Trump: ‘The Hour of Justice for the American Worker Has Arrived’

President Donald Trump detailed his America First agenda to Republican congressional leaders attending the annual Republican congressional retreat in Philadelphia. He promised to create millions of jobs for the American worker and reasserted his commitment to build a wall and crack down on immigration and sanctuary cities.

“It’s time to restore the civil rights of Americans to protect their jobs, their hopes, and their dreams for a much better future,” he said, vowing to enforce existing laws on immigration. “The hour of justice for the American worker has arrived.”

Trump specifically referred to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s decision to cancel a meeting with him, and vowed that if they failed to respect the United States, he would “have to go another way” in their relationship.

He also vowed to renegotiate multilateral trade deals, such as NAFTA and other deals that would favor American workers.


The Most Important Civil Rights Issue Trump Could Solve With Executive Order: End The "War On Drugs"

Here is an opportunity for "Black Lives Matter" and the Trump administration to find common cause.

President Trump has a golden opportunity to strike a major blow for civil rights with a single executive order: end the failed "War on Drugs" and shut down America's drug-war gulag. None of the previous three presidents expended any political capital on curbing the immensely destructive "War on Drugs" or freeing the (in many states, preponderantly African-American and Hispanic-American) prisoners in America's drug-war gulag.

"Fake-liberal" Bill Clinton did nothing, "fake-conservative" George W. Bush did nothing, and "fake-liberal" Barack Obama did nothing to end the "War on Drugs" or curb the gulag it created. Their parties and supporters were delighted to appear "tough on crime" while destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of African-American, Hispanic-American and other Americans with long sentences in the gulag for selling nickel bags of "illegal" drugs, while America's parasitic Big Pharma industry reaped billions of dollars in profits selling "legal" opiates while handing our self-serving politicos millions in campaign contributions.

The imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of young Americans--preponderantly Americans of color in state after state-- in America's drug-war gulag is the greatest violation of civil rights since the 1960s-- yet fake-liberals and fake-conservatives alike have done nothing but turn their self-serving gaze away from this needless, costly, stupid waste of lives and treasure.


When It Comes To Casinos Funding Education, The House Always Wins

BALTIMORE- At the risk of over-simplifying Maryland’s $40 billion-plus budget, the situation the state faced back in 2008 when it decided to legalize casino gambling was not that different from what many families were grappling with then.

It was the scariest point in the great recession, and commitments made during better times, in the state’s case to ramp up education funding, in that of many families to buy a bigger house with an adjustable-rate mortgage, were suddenly looking unaffordable. Opening up a new state revenue stream in the form of legalized slots was more or less like a beleaguered homeowner getting a second, part-time job and putting all the new money toward covering part of the mortgage. It may have been the least painful decision available and it may have allowed the family to pay the cable bill and order a pizza now and then, but it doesn’t mean the house is getting paid off any faster.

Likewise, casino revenues cover part of the money state law mandates for aid to public schools, less than 10 percent, actually, but nothing about the 2008 referendum allowing slot machines or the 2012 referendum expanding gambling changed the education funding formulas. The gambling money allowed the state to avoid other bad options, like additional tax increases or spending cuts on health care, public safety, the environment and other priorities, but it does not and never will result in a single extra dime going to education.


Texas Gov. Abbott threatens to oust officials who promote sanctuary cities

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is vowing to pursue legislation to "remove from office" any official who promotes sanctuary cities -- potentially raising the stakes for local sheriffs and mayors who defy federal law.

The proposal also could set up a legal showdown between local and state officials in the Lone Star State.

Abbott announced the legislation in an interview Wednesday with "Fox & Friends," saying he and fellow Republicans in the Texas legislature are working to ban sanctuary cities and impose financial and criminal penalties on officials who fail to comply.

"We are working on laws that will ... ban sanctuary cities [and] remove from office any officer-holder who promotes sanctuary cities," he said.


Bannon Declares War On The Media: "You Are The Opposition; Keep Your Mouth Shut"

Not one to mince words, Steve Bannon, Trump's Chief White House strategist, eviscerated the mainstream media during an interview last night. Commenting on their coverage of the Trump campaign, Bannon lambasted the disconnect of the media from everyday Americans saying, "They don't understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States." Per Axios:

"The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile," Mr. Bannon said during a telephone call. "I want you to quote this," Mr. Bannon added. "The media here is the opposition party. They don't understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States."

"The elite media got it dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong," Mr.


Trump wants to slash the EPA's $8 billion budget

The former head of President Donald Trump's transition team at the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday he expects the new administration to seek significant budget and staff cuts.

Myron Ebell said in an interview with The Associated Press that Trump is likely to seek significant reductions to the agency's workforce — currently about 15,000 employees nationwide.

Ebell, who left the transition team last week, declined to discuss specific numbers of EPA staff that could be targeted for pink slips.

Asked what he would personally like to see, however, Ebell said slashing the agency's size by about half would be a good start.



The Bounty of the Land

It seems as if everybody has an opinion these days about hunting and fishing. Things sure have changed over the years in regards to how the catch is utilized. I remember my grandmother telling me that the depression didn’t really affect things around here much because there was always something to eat courtesy of the land and sea. She had her garden, as did most people, and grew most of what she needed. My grandfather was always ready to race down to Roaring Point and bring home a bushel of rock fish (striped bass). What they didn’t eat or give to the cats, they froze. He could catch the bushel in about a half hour. He still did this up until the 1960’s, by which time he was past 70 and slowing down to the point where he needed more time to get his usual full day of work done.
I never saw crabs growing up but I have heard of a lot of people who “chicken necked”. This entailed using a piece of string with a chicken neck tied to it and dipping it in the water until a crab grabbed it. You would then bring it up real quick with the crab still clinging to it with all his might. Picking it up and putting it in a basket was sometimes rather tricky but the people who did it seemed to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.
Speaking of hunting, I worked down in Nanticoke for thirty years and knew many men who hunted deer both in and out of season. I never had a problem with someone hunting any time of the year if they were hunting to put food on the table. I would much quicker condone this than I would someone shooting a deer and just leaving it out in the woods. It kind of reminds me of how things used to be. The game and fish are there and man needed them to survive. It seems like such a simple solution except that modern laws have complicated everything.
Duck and goose hunting was used as a supplement to the food supplies, but was more of a sporting venture than anything else. Hunters came from everywhere to hunt on the Shore.
During WWII, the government urged everyone to grow a “victory garden”. Most everyone grew something and usually enough of that one thing that they could share their production with someone else and receive something different in return. That way everybody benefited. How many gardens do you see today? Usually, it is just tomatoes and it doesn’t take too many plants to produce a whole lot of tomatoes. Although I’ll have to admit that they are a lot tastier than the kind purchased in the grocery store.
Back “before the bridge”, the Eastern Shore had nearly everything it needed and didn’t have to rely on trucking things in to sustain itself. People shared what they had and it seemed as if nobody wanted for anything. How times change!

Three charged with robbing man they followed home from casino

Howard County police have charged three people with robbing a Columbia man after they followed him home from Maryland Live Casino Jan. 11.

Hayman Rajab Abdulrahman, 23, of Eastern Avenue in Baltimore, Sangar Kamal Majed, 27, of Searles Road in Dundalk, and Khalil Mohammadi, 22, of N. Clinton Street in Baltimore were charged this week with armed robbery, robbery, theft, and conspiracy to commit robbery, police said. Abdulrahman and Mohammadi are also charged with the use of a firearm in a felony.

At about 12:46 a.m., police were called to the 6300 block of Bright Plume Court in Columbia after the victim said that as he was getting out of his car, he was approached by a group who displayed a gun and threatened him. The robbers stole cash and his keys before fleeing, police said. No one was injured, police said.


Obama To Illegals: "When You Vote, You Are A Citizen", Don't Worry About Getting Caught

I / We

Breaking News: Large Residential Fire In Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach Fire Department has been dispatched to the area of Dunes Rd. in North Bethany for a residential structure fire. Units on scene, 4 story home with heavy fire showing from the 3rd floor. Multiple agencies from Delaware as well as Worcester County called to assist. Bishopville, Showell, Ocean Pines Fire Co. in route.

Dems and GOP To End Obama Election Gambit

All 50 state secretaries of state are urging the Trump administration to rescind a last-minute Department of Homeland Security directive calling state election systems “critical infrastructure.”

Many state officials fear this is the first step toward a federal takeover of state-run elections, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

While deep political discord may be found on other issues, state secretaries — who oversee all election machinery — appear completely united against the former administration’s attempt to insert the federal government into state-run elections.

Then-Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson surprised and outraged state election officials with his Jan. 6 action, just two weeks before President-elect Donald Trump was to assume the presidency.


Liberal Idiots!

Trump Hopes to Slash EPA Staff, Carbon Footprint by 50%

President Trump hopes to cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 15,000 person staff by at least half, says Myron Ebell, Trump’s former head of the EPA transition team.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“Let’s aim for half and see how it works out, and then maybe we’ll want to go further,” Myron Ebell said now that he has returned to his position as director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Other reports say Ebell wants the staffing level to be on par with that 45 years ago when the EPA was started during the administration of former Republican President Richard Nixon. That would mean as few as 5,000 employees would remain.

“President Trump said during the campaign that he would like to abolish the EPA, or ‘leave a little bit,'” Ebell said. “I think the administration is likely to start proposing cuts to the 15,000 staff, because the fact is that a huge amount of the work of the EPA is actually done by state agencies. It’s not clear why so many employees are needed at the federal level.”


Media now wetting its pants because Trump boarded Air Force One without waving to them

The fall of the Fourth Estate.
When we look back and try to identify the day the media's fall became irreversible . . . I always thought it would be difficult to top Wolf Blitzer asking debate participants to play "This or That," but CBS's Mark Knoller and several others may have made today the moment that could never be topped:
Pres Trump boards Air Force One, but doesn't turn around to wave - as presidents have done for decades.
You know, I've been a reporter standing around, bored, waiting for something to happen. And then when something happens, it's not much of something and it doesn't leave you with much to say. And you feel like you need to reportsomething after all the time you stood there.
I get all this.
But that doesn't mean you shouldn't think twice before confirming that you've become a caricature of yourself, and the media wetting itself over this is sure pushing us right to the edge of that cliff.

Chicago 2017: Six Shot at Gun Violence Victim's Memorial

Rahm's Chicago.

During a memorial service for a victim of criminal gun violence on the South Side of Chicago, six people were shot including a 12-year-old girl.

Community activist Jedidiah Brown told reporters that "the opposition" to those attending the memorial came through an alley before opening fire on the group of mourners. He added that the mother of the person being memorialized was also among the victims, though police have not confirmed that information.

A 12-year-old girl suffered a graze wound to the head from a bullet, police said, and was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, where her condition had stabilized.


Elizabeth Warren Fails to Disclose $1.3 Million Line of Credit

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has failed to disclose a $1.3 million line of credit provided to her by Bank of America, the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Warren argued that financial disclosures are needed to ‘reveal potentially damaging information that may undermine fitness to serve’ and that nominees with ‘complex financial histories’ need to be ‘forthcoming and transparent.’ Warren, meanwhile, continues to skirt congressional ethics laws by failing to include a $1.3 million line of credit against her Cambridge, Massachusetts, home on financial disclosure forms.

“Another example of this shady lady in action — she claims to fight for the downtrodden, but checks the box to claim minority status, takes zero-interest loans from Harvard to buy her mansion, says in 2012 that she doesn’t own stocks, only mutual funds, claims to be the ‘intellectual mother’ of the Occupy movement until it turns into a PR disaster — is anyone suprised by this latest?” Boston talk radio king Howie Carr tells Breitbart News.

“Surely not Bernie Sanders, whom she refused to endorse!” Carr notes.


Kellyanne Conway: ‘We Have To Say Thank You’ To The Media For Helping ‘Us Win’

Kellyanne Conway said in an interview with The Washington Post on Thursday that Donald Trump and his team “have to say thank you to many in the mainstream media because” they helped “us win.”

“This is historic and you know it,” the president’s counselor said in a Q&A about the media’s role in the election. “No one has ever faced the deluge of negativity and criticism that Donald Trump has.”