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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

This Is Why God Made Dogs (Part 2 of 3)

Eighth-Grader Informs Classmates of State’s Standardize Test ‘Opt-Out’ and Her Mom is ‘Very Upset’ by School’s Reaction

It’s always endearing to see young people stand up for a noble cause. The Blaze recently reported on the efforts of a young lady who not only took issue with the state standardized test, but actually did something about it:
Adelina Silva, an eighth-grade student at Capshaw Middle School in Sante Fe, New Mexico, took it upon herself to let her classmates and their parents know that they had the option to “opt out” of the state’s new online standardized test, known as PARCC.

Because she feels the standardized test is “setting us up for failure,” Silva started handing out the opt-out forms on Thursday. It didn’t take long for school officials to intervene.


Questions the Press Doesn’t Ask Democrats

Gov. Scott Walker has leapt to the top of polls in Iowa. As day follows night, he has moved to the center of the liberal press’s crosshairs. This is the world we inhabit: When a Democrat is perceived as popular, the press discovers layers of humor and elan we never suspected. When a Republican is gaining strength, the press sharpens its bayonets.

Based on his response to trap-door questions in the past few days, we’ve been instructed that Walker a) is a crypto young Earther (or, just as bad, a panderer to same); b) that he ought to have answered the question regarding President Obama’s faith with a resounding affirmation of Obama’s fitness for sainthood; and c) that he is some sort of coward for not grabbing Rudy Giuliani by the scruff of the neck and escorting him off stage when the former mayor questioned the president’s love of country.

Let’s stipulate that Walker gave B-minus answers to D-minus questions. I agree with Ramesh Ponnuru that, while questions about evolution have zero relevance to governing, Republicans ought to be prepared to answer them without “punting.” (A raised eyebrow to show you understand the game afoot wouldn’t be misplaced.) For a politician, the only seemly way to answer a question about something as intimate as someone else’s faith is, “I can’t see into other people’s souls. Can you?” (As a non-politician and reader of “Dreams from My Father,” I have my doubts about Obama’s piety, just as I never believed he opposed gay marriage — but that’s neither here nor there.)

Presumably, Walker, a talented pugilist and no novice to hardball politics, will get his national sea legs soon. But the fuss over the Giuliani comments is a reminder of the ferocious, unrelenting bias of the press. When Obama called President Bush “unpatriotic” in 2008, it was a non-story, just as then Sen. Joe Biden’s description of Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean” went undenounced.


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Couple, Ages 108 and 105, Celebrate 82 Years of Marriage

Duranord and Jeanne Veillard are proof that a healthy lifestyle centered on God can lead to a long and productive life. The couple has been married 82 years; Duranord turns 108 today and his wife turns 105 in May. Both look incredible for their age.

They revealed the secrets of their longevity to the media,

Veillard starts his day at 5 a.m. and does five to seven pushups. For breakfast, he has a cup of tea, oatmeal and fresh fruit. Lunch and dinner consist of fish and fresh vegetables. The centenarians nap early and often.

The couple do not leave their house except to see the doctor. Neither walks without assistance. But both are looking forward to celebrating another landmark in their life.

Veillard also let The Journal News in on his secret for living a long and healthy life: “That’s God,” he said in French Creole.


Policy In 60 Seconds: The ACA and Your Tax Bill


Click on the video camera next to each item to view.

One Article Soars Past 650 Comments

A Very Interesting Find: UPDATE 

While others are trying to ride off the traffic we've received on this article, NO ONE will ever come anywhere close to these kind of numbers, EVER. 

It's not uncommon to see many of the articles we produce exceeding a hundred comments or more. THAT it was shows who is doing what. 

The only way we can all change our community is to get involved in comments. Elected Officials follow these articles to see what your community is thinking on these matters. Your comments are very influential.

It's one thing to put up articles and shout like you're somebody but it's another thing when thousands of people get on board and make a lasting impression. Look at the comments on WBOC, WMDT, The Daily Times and others. They can all say they do well traffic wise but what are they really? They spew THEIR point of view and clearly most do not agree, just look at the lack of comments as evidence. 

That being said, THANK YOU! WE, (you and I) are Delmarva's News Leader.  

ISIS 'planning to murder 150 Christian hostages if the US does not stop its air strikes'

Islamic State militants are planning to murder 150 Christian hostages they kidnapped after sweeping through villages in Syria if the U.S. does not stop air strikes, it has been reported.

The abductions of the Christians took place yesterday after ISIS seized two Assyrian communities from Kurdish forces in the northeast province of Hassakeh.

The dawn raids are said to have spread 'panic' in the villages, inhabited by the ancient Christian minority along the banks of the Khabur River near the town of Tel Hmar with most coming from the village of Tal Shamiram.


ISIS burn 10,000 books and more than 700 rare manuscripts in Mosul

Isis terrorists have blown up the Mosul Public Library, sending 10,000 books and more than 700 rare manuscripts up in flames.

Leading members of Mosul society reportedly tried to stop the fanatics destroying the building, but failed.

The director of the library, Ghanim al-Ta'an, said that the extremists used homemade bombs in the attack, which took place on Sunday.


Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees threatened by ISIS

ISIS has threatened Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and his employees after the site removed accounts linked to the extremists.

Twitter confirmed to Daily Mail Online that the company was working with authorities to verify the seriousness of the threat which claimed employees' necks are 'a target for the soldiers of the Caliphate'.

The chilling warning, written in Arabic, featured a picture of Dorsey in a gun's cross-hairs and the Twitter logo. It was posted on Sunday on an anonymous site based in Poland which is used by programmers to share code.

Dorsey, who is worth an estimated $2.5billion and lives in California, made no mention of the threat online on Sunday as he tweeted his 2.87million followers.


Dan Says 2"+ Tomorrow Night Into Thursday, Do You Believe Him This Time?

While Dan is playing it really safe this time, he does say there's a 70% chance we're going to see 2" or more, (possibly significantly more) of snowfall.

So, this is Special Weather Bureau Chief Joe Albero asking, what do YOU think is going to happen and IF we get snowfall, how much?

President Obama threatened to shoot Israeli jets

President Obama is alleged to have stopped an Israeli military attack against Iran's nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets, according to reports to emerge from the Middle East at the weekend

The threat from the U.S. forced Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to abort a planned attack on Iraq, reported Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida.

Netanyahu will be in Washington for an address to Congress on Tuesday aimed squarely at derailing Obama's cherished bid for a diplomatic deal with Tehran.


Watch "'Human shield' wraps around Oslo synagogue"

Homeless Marine gets wish to be buried in uniform he couldn't afford

A homeless Marine who died of terminal cancer received his dying wish to be buried in a uniform he could never afford to own.

Donnie Loneman, 59, had been living on the streets of Oklahoma City for the last decade when doctors gave him three weeks to live.

Loneman, who had loved being a Marine, asked for three things: to be buried in dress blues, with a 'high and tight' Marine haircut and a corps flag for his casket.


New York City mayor marches in gay pre-St. Patrick's parade

Mayor Bill de Blasio attended a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-friendly St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday, and told participants that a society for all is one that embraces and respects everyone.

The St. Pat's for All parade stepped off in Queens under a heavy snowfall. It was held as an alternative to the city's centuries-old St. Patrick's Day Parade in Manhattan, which for years has excluded gay groups and this year is scheduled for March 17.

De Blasio, a Democrat, refused to march in last year's Manhattan parade because it wasn't fully inclusive, and Guinness beer dropped its sponsorship. Organizers said last year, though, that they would welcome one gay contingent under its own banner this year.

On Sunday, de Blasio said he is 'not ready to commit to marching' in this year's Manhattan event.


Md. Bar Owner Accused Of Taping Women Faces More Charges

SAVAGE, Md. (AP) — New charges have been filed against a Maryland bar and restaurant owner accused of secretly videotaping women in the bathroom.

Court records show that Kyle Muehlhauser, owner of Rams Head Tavern in Savage, was charged with six counts of “peeping tom” violations on Tuesday. Muehlhauser has already been charged with six counts of visual surveillance with prurient intent.


43 Percent Of This City’s Long-Term Homeless Have At Least $20,000 In The Bank

Thirteen out of 30 residents who have stayed at two Portland, Maine homeless shelters the longest have at least $20,000 in their bank accounts, while one resident has $161,000 in liquid assets, according to a shocking new report.

The state’s Department of Health and Human Services uncovered those surprising facts during an audit it conducted of Portland’s General Assistance fund last month, the Portland Press Herald reported.

The health agency analyzed the records of 90 shelter residents at the Oxford Street Shelter and Family Shelter and picked out the “Top 30 Stayers” based on how many “bed nights” they’ve spent at the facilities.


Headscarf discrimination case goes to US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court is considering a discrimination case brought by a Muslim woman denied a job at a leading fashion store because she was wearing a headscarf.

And a majority of the nine Court judges have signalled they will support her.

Sacha Payne has the details.

Samantha Elauf, then aged 17, was wearing a black headscarf when she showed up for an interview for a sales job in 2008 at a store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, of the international clothing firm, Abercrombie & Fitch.

According to papers filed in the Supreme Court, although she never explicitly voiced her religious views, the assistant store manager correctly assumed she was a Muslim.

The Court heard she was later told the company's rules would prohibit her from wearing a scarf, even if it was worn for religious reasons, because it would clash with the way it wanted its sales people to look.

After Samantha Elauf complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency, it sued the company on her behalf.

A jury eventually awarded her $20,000 in compensation, but that was thrown out by an appeals court which concluded that Ms Elauf had never asked the company to relax its policy against headscarves.


Putin Flies High in Polls Despite Weak Economy

Here Are the 52 House Republicans Who Defied John Boehner on Contentious DHS Spending Bill

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — The Republican-controlled House unexpectedly rejected short-term funding for the Department of Homeland Security on Friday, increasing the prospect of a partial shutdown at midnight of an agency with major anti-terrorism responsibilities.

The vote was 224-203 against the measure, as 52 Republicans defected on the leadership-backed legislation to fund DHS for three weeks.


US 50 Drawbridge Repair Starts Tomorrow

Actually, a US president did host an Israeli PM just before elections

Denying it is snubbing Netanyahu, White House cites ‘long-standing practice’ of not inviting candidates close to polling day. So what was Clinton doing with Peres in 1996?
WASHINGTON — As tensions rose between Israel and the Obama administration over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s early March visit to Washington to address Congress and AIPAC, and President Barack Obama’s refusal to meet with him, the White House tossed out a justification Thursday for its apparent snub. The president, the White House said, was not boycotting the prime minister because he had set up the Congressional address behind the White House’s back, but because “as a matter of long-standing practice and principle, we do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections, so as to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country.

Here’s the Incredible Move US Christians Just Made to DESTROY ISIS

Countless American Christians just made an incredible move to destroy the Islamic State group completely. They’re fed up with waiting for President Barack Obama and are now taking serious action.

American filmmaker Matthew VanDyke and his private military firm, Sons Of Liberty Institute, is contracting with Christians in the Middle East to help fight the Islamic State terror group.

VanDyke is an outspoken filmmaker turned foreign fighter, perhaps most notable for joining Libyan rebels in the fight to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi.

The Nineveh Protection Plains Unit is rallying Christians to unite against the forces of the Islamic State group to protect the northern region which Iraq’s Assyrian Christians and other religious minorities consider their ancestral home.

The NPU receives most of their funding from the American Mesopotamian Organization, an organization in California comprised of Assyrian Christians that claims to have contributed over a quarter million dollars to the NPU since December.


Holder hits GOP for using race against him in graceless exit interview

Attorney General Eric Holder suggested Friday that the Obama administration's opponents have in part staked out their positions because he and the president are black.

'There have been times when I thought that’s at least a piece of it,' he said.

But it's 'hard to look into people’s minds, you know, their hearts.'

The graceless exit interview will become grist for conservatives who remain convinced that Holder has used race issues to deflect attention from legitimate criticisms.

A Politico reporter pressed Holder on whether the White House's detractors were motivated by racial animus, declaring that they were 'more than (on the) fringe.'


Scott Walker, God's Gift to the Democratic Party

Walker's ISIS comments might help him in the short term, but in the end his Party will suffer

Beltway Democrats may not deserve good luck, but it looks like they could have plenty in the next presidential race. Heading into the weekend, Scott Walker, a man born to be slaughtered in a general election, is suddenly leading the Republican pack in the Iowa polls.

Walker is surging thanks to his performance at this week's Conservative Political Action Conference, where the union-busting governor inspired raucous applause with his "I was a dick in Wisconsin, and I can be one in Washington, too!" stump speech.

Walker's address was a broadside against a litany of conservative bugbears, from Planned Parenthood to the media to tax day to the subversive act of voting without a photo ID, etc.

But the money line came during a Q&A session. Asked how he would take on radical Islamist terrorists, Walker referred to his experience taking on pro-union protesters in his home state:

If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.


Police arrest Islamic extremist over machete murder of US blogger

An Islamic extremist has been arrested after an American blogger was hacked to death with a machete in the middle of the street.

Avijit Roy was on his way back from a university book fair in Bangladesh when he was targeted on Thursday by at least two men over his opposition to religious extremism.

They sliced his head with the long blades before turning on his wife, Rafida Ahmed, and cutting her finger off when she tried to save him.

Police in the country's capital Dhaka paraded their suspect, fundamentalist blogger Farabi Shafiur Rahman, before the media earlier today.


Colorado Sold 17 Tons Of Retail Marijuana In First Legal Year

DENVER, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Consumers in Colorado bought more than 17 tons of recreational marijuana buds during the first year of the state's new retail market, but sales of medicinal pot still outstripped that at almost 50 tons, officials said on Friday.

In a national first, voters in Colorado and Washington state opted to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults in landmark twin ballots in 2012. The first retail stores opened in Colorado on Jan 1, 2014.

States such as Oregon and Alaska that have now also voted to legalize recreational pot, and others where lawmakers face proposals to do so, are watching the Colorado results closely.

State tax officials say sales hit nearly $700 million last year, with medical marijuana accounting for $386 million and recreational pot bringing in $313 million.


Black senator apologizes for saying 'white people don't eat how we do'

An African-American Brooklyn state senator has been forced to apologize for saying white people eat differently to black people.

Velmanette Montgomery was slamming the imminent closure of Key Food supermarket as a sign that the New York City borough is becoming gentrified.

Speaking to The Brooklyn Paper on Tuesday, Montgomery (D-Clinton Hill) said: 'Supermarkets are an important part of the community. It’s an important amenity, especially for black and brown communities.


Horror Massive Crash on icy Michigan highway

Scott Walker Stands By Claim Reagan's Union-Busting Was 'Most Significant' Foreign Policy Decision

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is doubling down on claims that the strongest foreign policy move in his lifetime was former President Ronald Reagan's decision to fire 11,000 air traffic controllers.

In 1981, almost 13,000 air traffic control employees walked off the job when contract negotiations between the federal government and the controllers union stalled. Reagan claimed the strike was illegal and demanded the air traffic controllers return to work; when some 11,000 did not, he fired them.

Walker, who has long idolized Reagan and previously lauded the former president's standoff with air traffic control, on Saturday called it "the most significant foreign policy decision of my lifetime" during an address at the Club for Growth's winter meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Dianne Feinstein: Benjamin Netanyahu 'Arrogant' For Claiming To Speak For All Jews

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Sunday that it was "arrogant" for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to presume to speak for all Jews on a potential nuclear deal between the United States and Iran.

Netanyahu has defended his upcoming speech to Congress on Iran in part by saying that he feels like he is an "emissary of all Israelis, even those who disagree with me, of the entire Jewish people."

During an appearance on CNN's "State of The Union," Feinstein, who is Jewish, dismissed the suggestion that Netanyahu spoke on her behalf.

"No, he doesn't speak for me on this," she said. "I think it's a rather arrogant statement. I think the Jewish community is like any other community, there are different points of view. I think that arrogance does not befit Israel, candidly. I think Israel is a nation that needs to be protected, that needs to stand free, that hopefully can work constructively with Palestinians to have a side-by-side state and to put an end to the bitterness that has plagued this whole area."


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Hillary Shunned Govt Email for Personal Account at State Dept

Hillary Clinton used a personal email account, not a secure government account, during her time as secretary of state and may have violated federal rules, according to a report.

The New York Times reports that Clinton never had a government email address when she served as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. Instead, she used a personal account to conduct business.

The fact that Clinton, who served in the Obama administration's cabinet, used a personal email address concerns officials, reports the Times.

"It is very difficult to conceive of a scenario — short of nuclear winter — where an agency would be justified in allowing its cabinet-level head officer to solely use a private email communications channel for the conduct of government business," said Jason R. Baron, a lawyer and a former director at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), in the Times story.

State Department officials did not make any effort to capture Clinton's emails from her time as secretary and place them on department servers to be archived, reports the Times. Two months ago, however, Clinton's advisers looked through thousands of pages of emails dating back to her days as secretary. They ultimately submitted 55,000 pages of emails to the department.

Federal law mandates that all forms of communication, ranging from hand-written letters to emails, sent and received by government officials, are government property and must be archived for the official record.

More here

Trail To The Chief: The CPAC Effect Edition

This week, the field of hopefuls on the Republican side of the 2016 nomination circus faced a critical acid test -- the Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC. Every year, CPAC brings together the nation’s most engaged conservatives -- dedicated activists, media renegades, big-think specialists, and the college kids who all want to be a part of it. From there, their collective pull summons those in the Republican Party who most want to be its standard-bearer.

And this, in turn, presents every would-be presidential candidate with an interesting challenge. Because CPAC isn’t about gratifying party elites or wealthy Republican grandees. Neither is it about pleasing the Republican “base” -- by which we mean the masses of voters who prefer conservative policies. At CPAC, you try to satisfy the conservative movement itself -- whose members are most on the cutting edge of American conservatism, and always spoiling for a fight with anyone deemed to be lacking in purity.

So, we’re going to take another stab at ranking the GOP’s would-be nominees. However, this week we’re going to force ourselves to examine the field while looking through the CPAC prism -- a filter capable of making you question if the contender you thought was golden is really black and blue.


WATCH LIVE : Netanyahu addresses Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint meeting of Congress. WATCH LIVE at 11 a.m. ET on Fox News and

View Here

Fight Songs And America’s Wussification

“Fight Golden Knights
Fight for the Green and the Gold
Fight to win this game.”

Those are the first three lines of my high school’s fight song. The nickname has since been changed to Rebels, but otherwise the lyrics have stayed the same.

I’m afraid to ask if it’s still called a fight song.

In a recent conversation with my grandson, he mentioned his middle school’s Pride Song.


Bernie Sanders Calls Out Media For Not Covering Obama's Trade Deal

A Letter To The Editor: Manhole Repairs 5/16-17/2013


I happened to be present when these 3 storm drain manholes were "repaired" by Public Works. 

The manhole covers had sunken below the pavement level because of some failure below, and the concrete around them had broken up. As I watched the jackhammer crews breaking up the old concrete and pulling it out of the hole around the manhole cover, I noticed that a concrete truck was waiting on the side street, and the crew at the first location was already pouring the new concrete, even though the manholes had not been brought up to the proper elevation, nor had anything below been looked at or corrected. 

Since that time when all 3 were re-poured at their existing sunken elevation, they have been breaking peoples' shocks for almost 2 years, and now are back to the same condition. 

Less than two years! I called it shoddy workmanship then, and this proves it. Without fixing the broken roadbed and infrastructure below, this is what you get, a total waste of our money. There's no reason that this repair shouldn't last 20 years!

Privacy Advocates Call For Investigation Into Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung’s Smart TVs have come under scrutiny recently after people learned the company’s privacy policy hinted that things we say within earshot of our televisions may be recorded and uploaded to third-party transcription services. While executives for the company have worked to calm people’s fears, a privacy group is now asked federal regulators to take a look into the matter. 

How Jeb Bush's Big Bet On Florida Economy May Come Back To Haunt Him

JUPITER, Florida, (Reuters) - In October 2003, Jeb Bush unveiled one of the largest economic projects in Florida history: a $500 million plan to bring Scripps Research Institute to the state and build a biomedical hub he said would generate nearly 50,000 jobs in 15 years.

As governor, he described it as a "seminal moment," comparable to Walt Disney World's arrival in Florida in 1971, which brought billions of dollars in tourism, spawned tens of thousands of jobs, transformed the economy and created the world's most-visited vacation resort.

Today, as Bush leads possible Republican candidates in the 2016 race for the U.S. presidency, the missed projections and mixed results of his signature economic policy as governor - a biotechnology gamble that has yet to pay off - illustrate problems he could face in explaining his own record while promoting a vision of "real conservative success."


BREAKING NEWS: Kansas Senate Passes Constitutional Carry

The Kansas Senate has passed SB 45, the bill that moves Kansas into the constitutional carry status of Arkansas, Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, and Vermont. If the bill passes the house and is signed by Governor Brownback, a person who can legally own a firearm and who is 21 or over will be able to carry a firearm concealed without fear of prosecution. The bill, SB 45 had 26 cosponsors and was introduced by the Majority leader, Terry Bruce, of Hutchinson. The bill passed with an overwhelming, veto proof, bi-partisan margin of 31 to 7.

The seven members that voted against the bill were: Faust-Goudeau (D), Francisco(D), Hawk(D), Hensley(D), Holland(D), Pettey(D), and Kay Wolf(R).

Two Senators McGinn(R) and Schmidt(R) were present but did not vote.

Two Democrat Senators Haley and Kelly, voted for the bill.


This Supreme Court Case Could Make Elections Even More Undemocratic

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a reversal of the usual worries about political influence on electoral map-making, the Supreme Court is being asked to let raw politics play an even bigger role in the drawing of congressional district boundaries.

The court hears argument Monday in an appeal by Republican lawmakers in Arizona against the state's voter-approved independent redistricting commission for creating the districts of U.S. House members. A decision striking down the commission probably would doom a similar system in neighboring California, and could affect districting commissions in 11 other states.

The court previously has closed the door to lawsuits challenging excessive partisanship in redistricting, or gerrymandering. A gerrymandered district is intentionally drawn, and sometimes oddly shaped, to favor one political party.


Clint Eastwood Releases Unseen “American Sniper” Footage and it’s Seriously Cool!

American Sniper, the hit biopic about the most-lethal sniper in America history, continues to dominate box offices across the country and stir an increased appreciation of famed Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. The film’s director, Clint Eastwood, has released some making-of footage of the film and it is wowing viewers. Qpolitical reports:


Chick-fil-a Drive-Thru: Sling Blade Style

6 In 10 Young Republicans Favor Legal Marijuana, Survey Says

Nearly two-thirds of Millennials who identify as Republican support legalizing marijuana, while almost half of older GOP Gen-Xers do, according to a recently released Pew survey that could be an indicator of where the debate is heading.

While the Pew Research Center survey published on Friday shows a 14 percentage point gap between Republicans and Democrats under the age of 34, six-in-10 GOP-leaning Millennials still said they favor legalizing cannabis. Seventy-seven percent of surveyed Democrats in the same age group held that view.

For those aged 35 to 50, the same 14 percentage point gap between Republicans and Democrats was evident, but the respective percentages were somewhat lower. In that age group, 47 percent of Republicans favored legalization, as opposed to 61 percent of Democrats.

As Pew notes: "The debate over marijuana also comes ahead of the 2016 presidential election, when both political parties are fighting over the coveted Millennial vote as this group of eligible voters swells in size, even if its members do not consistently show up on Election Day."


How Pittsburgh's Freedom House Pioneered Paramedic Treatment

In the 1960s, Pittsburgh, like most cities, was segregated by race. But people of all colors suffered from lack of ambulance care. Police were the ones who responded to medical emergency calls.

"Back in those days, you had to hope and pray you had nothing serious," recalls filmmaker and Hollywood paramedic Gene Starzenski, who grew up in Pittsburgh. "Because basically, the only thing they did was pick you up and threw you in the back like a sack of potatoes, and they took off for the hospital. They didn't even sit in the back with you."

Ambulances existed, but they were privatized and didn't offer emergency care or go everywhere.

That changed with the start of the Freedom House Ambulance Service, the city's first mobile emergency medicine program. Starzenski tells the story in his documentaryFreedom House Street Saviors.


4 Things We Still Don’t Know About Net Neutrality

The FCC voted yesterday to reclassify broadband and protect the open internet. In other words, at long last, we have a net neutrality rule. And that’s great! But there is still a lot we don’t know, and there are a lot of questions left unanswered. Here are the major things we don’t know, and parts we’re waiting to better understand. 

Important Information You Should Know

Thank You !!!

First of all, on behalf of the Veterans and Ladies' Auxiliary at the American Legion in Pocomoke... I thank you for your generosity in posting our event. We had the largest turnout to date and certainly give your website credit for doing so. The net proceeds will benefit Veterans' Building Fund. We need to help them for their past service and sacrifice.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

There is a Trustee’s sale advertised for the property currently known as Station 7. This does not mean that Station 7 will have to close immediately. 

The process works like this . First the Auction is held. Anyone may bid at the Auction, The lender may buy the property or a third party can buy the property. Once the property is declared sold. A report of sale must be filed with The Circuit Court of Wicomico, this is the beginning of the process known as “Ratification of Sale” . There are several steps to the process. The process usually takes at least 45 days, frequently the process takes 60 or so days. Not until the sale has been ratified by the court will the buyer have the right to take possession of the property. Station 7 could remain open during the ratification period if they wish. The new owner takes over they could operate the property themselves or they could lease the property back to Station 7.


Caption This Photo 3-3-15

Worcester Co Sheriff's Office Press Release 3-2-15

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office
Press Release
On February 24th 2015 Worcester County Sheriff’s Office conducted compliance checks of establishments that sell tobacco products. We are pleased to identify the following establishments that DID NOT sell tobacco products to underage people. We would like to thank the following establishments for their diligence in trying to keep tobacco products out of the hands of underage people. 








Scalise: 'Light Up Senate Switchboard' Over DHS Funding

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise urged the public to "light up the Senate switchboard' between now and Monday evening to urge Democrats to vote to defund President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," the Louisiana Republican voiced optimism that Senate Democrats could be persuaded to vote with Republicans.

He told host Chris Wallace that two weeks ago those same Democrats were saying they would never even take up the Republican bill that defunds the portion of the Department of Homeland Security that funds the actions. Facing a deadline on Friday, they did just that.

But Democrats insisted on stripping from the House bill the defunding portions, and the bill now goes to conference. The one-week extension that passed last Friday expires this coming Friday.

More here

Agenda For Worcester County Commissioners 3-3-15

Little girl feeds crows; in return, they bring her gifts

Eight-year-old Gabi Mann loves her corvid friends, and they reciprocate with small trinkets.

Like many kids her age, 8-year-old Gabi Mann from Seattle has an interesting collection of treasures. A yellow bead, one blue earring, a tiny light bulb, a paperclip and a rusty screw. But unlike many kids her age, Gabi didn't collect these treasures herself. They were brought to her by crows.

Yes, you read that right. Like Cinderella, Gabi has bird friends that bring her gifts on a regular basis.

It all started quite by accident. As a toddler, Gabi was prone to dropping her food as she walked along. Soon, the crows were keeping an eye on her, and swooping in to pick up the pieces whenever she dropped a morsel. As Gabi got older, she began sharing her school lunch on the way to the bus stop. It didn't take long before the crows lined the street to greet her bus each day.

Then, in 2013, Gabi decided to do more than just share the scraps of her lunch. Each morning, she began filling a birdbath with fresh water, and setting out food — peanuts, dog food and general leftovers — for the birds to eat. It was then that the gifts from the crows started to appear.

Could It Be True?

Obama’s coming caliphate crusade in North America

Obama has this dream. No, not the somewhat sappy one allegedly ghost-written for him on the pages of Dreams from my Father by Billy Ayers, but one of far more frightening dimensions.

Obama’s dream is everyone else’s waking nightmare, the takeover of North America by caliphate-seeking jihadists.

Nobody’s ever going to believe it. People who can’t allow themselves to believe that Obama doesn’t love America would never be ready to believe that Obama was brought into power for the express purpose to hand the coveted North America kingdom over to the jihadists.

North America is new ground in a new world crusade just like the one that’s been going on largely uninterrupted for centuries.

Nobody’s going to be able to prove it. Obama’s been the quintessential Artful Dodger since coming into power.

The Fundamental Transformation of America is, in a sense, his cover. It’s as though the expression, now a household word, demands all attention and stops right there. It’s as if no one is bothering to find out why he wants all world attention focused on these words.


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Pimp My Ride contestants reveal Xzibit's customized cars were fake

Former contestants of MTV's Pimp My Ride have revealed that much of the show was faked.

According to the Huffington Post, many of the flashy upgrades installed by rapper Xzibit and his West Coast Customs crew didn't work, made the car worse or were simply taken out as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

The show, was enormously popular when it debuted in 2004, featured participants who had clapped out cars, which would then be repaired and 'pimped out' with new paint jobs, interiors and rims.

The show also earned a reputation for its extravagant auto features such as adding pool tables, arcade machines, shoe racks, clothes dryers and chandeliers to cars.