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Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Feature Added To Salisbury News, "LIKE"

If you look at the bottom of each article we have now added the "LIKE" button to each article. We had been asked for quite some time to add this feature but being somewhat challenged, (lol) I couldn't figure it out. Thanks to a good GEEK friend we were able to add the feature and we look forward to seeing if you guys actually use it. 

There are a LOT of incredible articles coming tomorrow. We'll have an investigative and exclusive article tomorrow at 9:00 AM in which we plan on delivering each Monday at 9 exposing the frivolous spending in the County Executives Office as well as the Board of Education. 

Have a great evening and Posts start again at 12:00 AM Monday. 

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Palm Sunday

SFD Calls For Service 4-13-14

  •  Sunday April, 13 2014 @ 00:05:29Nature: Medical AssistAddress: 401 Naylor Mill Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday April, 12 2014 @ 23:46:55Nature: Medical AssistAddress: 506 Priscilla St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday April, 12 2014 @ 22:53:25Nature: Unknown Type FireAddress: 202 Onley Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday April, 12 2014 @ 22:31:32Nature: Abdominal PainCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 12 2014 @ 22:31:29Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 12 2014 @ 21:02:13Nature: Chest PainCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 12 2014 @ 18:52:19Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 2310 N Salisbury Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801

The Week In Review

The posts below with today's date were the most popular posts last week.

Pollitt's County Budget Unveiled At Civic Center - Residents to Get Another Tax Increase - 4.73% Increase In Real Property Taxes Proposed

Last night - the Wicomico County Executive unveiled his FY 15 Budget - and as you probably guessed - the taxpayers have been pegged again - (emphasis added).  His latest Budget Proposal includes another 4.73% Increase in the Real Property Tax rate - to the detriment of Wicomico County taxpayers.  The proposed tax rate will go from .9086/cents per $100 of assessed value to .9516 per $100 of the assessed value.  This represents an overall increase of 4.73%.

It would have been nice - considering it is an election year - to have offered the taxpayers a rebate for the undue hardships suffered from a run-a-way State government combined with an ever increasing Local budget - now closing in on the pre-recession level of $130 million dollars.  In our opinion - Wicomico residents have been STRUCK - yet again.


Well, when you pay a PIO Officer $60,000.00 a YEAR to make sure the PUBLIC is well aware of ANY such mentioned public information, you'd think you'd know about the BIG MEETING set for tomorrow night, but you DON'T. The County Executive will be holding the BIG ANNUAL BUDGET meeting where he will introduce an incredible tax increase on the taxpayers but he's keeping it on the down low so NO ONE shows up.

Did you read about it in today's Daily Times??? Did you see it announced anywhere else??? Yet one of the biggest meetings of the year is being hushed up, how convenient. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING published on the County Website about this meeting.

Well no longer. Ladies & Gentlemen, it will be located at the Civic Center at 6:00 PM tomorrow night in the Flanders Room. 
On another note. We're told this vehicle, (above) has recently been spotted at Andy's Place. We're also told a gentleman fitting the description of the person driving this vehicle was in Backstreet Monday night complaining to the Manager about a message that was written in the men's room that stated, (so I'm told) No more Rick Pollitt and the Mayor is gay. 

Mind you, childish and petty for ANYONE to write ANYTHING on ANY bathroom wall but I guess when you are in a position of power you can force such said manager to immediately paint over such a message or you might lose all of the Board of Ed money and so forth. 

Don't miss tomorrow nights meeting at the Civic Center Folks. It's a BIG one and they do NOT want anyone to turn out. TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS BEFORE YOU GO. 

Late Breaking News - Wicomico County's Latest Jobs Numbers (February) In From US Bureau of Labor - Wicomico's Economy Continues Downward Spiral

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics just released the latest news for Wicomico's Labor Force - (click onto Link).  Last month (January) - the preliminary release showed that Wicomico gained 20 jobs over 2013 - well that number was revised downward and Wicomico actually lost 140 from its Workforce.  And February was another bad month as it shows that Wicomico lost another 707.  Folks, we are not making this stuff up.  Wicomico has been bleeding jobs for 14 consecutive months.  And out of the past 25 months, Wicomico has lost ground in 19 of those months. 

And this does not bode well - as Wicomico's Finance Director recently revised the Employment Digression Analysis -(February 4th, 2014 County Council Meeting) - to a basis level of 47,600 jobs - down from the original target of 49,000 jobs.  However, as one can tell by the chart below - even the revised number overstates what is happening in our current Labor market as the latest employment number was reported from the US BLS as 46,566 - far below even the latest revised target.  


There's been an attempted armed robbery in south Salisbury on Siloam Road near the end of Riverside Drive. 

Helicopters are in the air searching the woods as we've been told the suspect was allegedly chased off by a neighbor.

If you have any information or updates please let us know as many neighbors are locked up and concerned for their safety.

More to come...

UPDATE: We're told he is a white male with a blue shirt. 8:38 pm

UPDATE: Suspect Is In Custody. 10:00 PM

Posted at 8:28 PM

LESBIANS 101: University to Give Seminar On ‘How to be a Lesbian In 10 Days or Less’


Hours After Infowars Breaks Sen. Reid/Chinese Connection to Bundy Land Grab, BLM Backs Down

The Infowars exclusive yesterday exposing U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) involvement in the Bureau of Land Management’s land grab, which was meant to push out American ranchers such as Cliven Bundy in order to make way for Chinese solar farms, was the #1 news story in the entire world over the past 24 hours thanks to the Drudge Report and others, forcing the BLM to retreat from the standoff.

The article, Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch, revealed that Sen. Reid was directly destroying the livelihoods of hard-working American ranchers in order to profit from future deals with Chinese energy firms and was shared on Facebook over 44,000 times, Twitter over 34,000 times and was even shared on the professional networking site LinkedIn.

BREAKING NEWS: BLM Ends Roundup Of Bundy Cattle

LAS VEGAS -- The Bureau of Land Management has announced it will stop the roundup of cattle owned by rancher Cliven Bundy. The BLM says the animals have been illegally grazing on public lands for 20 years.

The BLM made the announcement Saturday morning, a week after rangers started gathering the animals from land near Gold Butte.

The agency says it is concerned about the safety of its employees and the public. Earlier this week, BLM officers and supporters of the Bundy family were involved in a scuffle. Cliven Bundy's son, Ammon Bundy, was tased twice by federal agents. Another woman said she was thrown to the ground by an officer.

With more Bundy supporters pouring in from around the country, safety concerns began to grow.

The I-Team has learned the deal to end the gather was brokered by Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie.


You can watch and listen live on Patriot website-

The Shot Heard Around the U.S.

To all 2nd amendment supporters! On April 19 2014 at 12:00 pm eastern standard time, we will fire one legal safe shot, to stand up for our rights. This is to make some noise and show the country that we not go quietly into the night.

**********Please only participate in a peaceful and lawful manner. We don't need to give the anti-gunners any ammo!*************

facebook page

SFD Press Release On Lake Street Fire

WBI Press Release Commercial Burglary 4-11-14

ATTENTION MARYLANDER'S !! Green Light Is A Go........


MD. State Militia Is Seeking All Able Body Men/Women To Aid Support & Security To The Bundy Ranch In Bunkerville, Nevada.

BCCM, Is currently seeking all able men/women who are believers in our freedoms, and what our constitution stands for. Right now as we speak Militia members from around the U.s are moving in to aid support & security to the Bundy Ranch.

An area just outside of the little town of Bunkerville, Nevada, with a population of around a thousand people, may go down in history. It has been reported that tensions were running high outside of Bunkerville. It seems that the US government, in all of their infinite wisdom, has declared war on a cattle rancher named Cliven Bundy. In a stand-off that has been likened to Ruby Ridge and Waco, the federal government has now deployed armed agents in a case of what the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has deemed “trespass cattle,” escalating a 20-year battle over grazing rights and what actually constitutes “public land” use in Southern Nevada.


Located in a public restroom near you.

Now the County Executive can send out their goons to all the bars and restaurants around the County but just as soon as one is taken down, another one pops up. So be careful business owners, the graffiti police may be knocking on your door very soon.  

Structure Fire On Lake Street In Salisbury

Thursday April, 10 2014 @ 19:43:31 Nature:
Structure Fire Address: 233 Lake St Salisbury, MD 21801

Fire is at Dirty Harry's warehouse
Fire Departments from around the county are being called to standby and assist all Salisbury fire departments.


Scheme To Neutralize 36 States' Votes Advances

The National Popular Vote effort, which could see the 14 states with the largest populations decide the presidency, is more than halfway to its goal of legally bypassing the Electoral College established in the Constitution.

Last week, the Maine state Senate voted in support of the plan one week after both houses of the New York legislature overwhelmingly supported it.

Now the governors of both states will need to decide whether to formally back the National Popular Vote, or NPV.

The plan is more than halfway to its goal of electing future presidents via the popular vote, after Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, an independent, signed on last July.


Right Or Wrong?

Code & Compliance?

Today's Survey Question 4-10-14

"Since alcohol RUINS so many lives shouldn't we ban TV commercials for it just like we did with cigarettes?"

Parson's Lake Subdivision - To Be Auctioned Off April 24, 2014

Tom Ruark's development - Parson's Lake - 88 Unimproved Lots to be Auctioned Off On April 24, 2014.

This development is located on the east side behind the Centre of Salisbury Mall.

The economy is definitely getting worse.

A Letter To The Editor: Casino at Ocean Downs

I work as a security guard at the Casino at Ocean Downs making 9.10 an hour. Guaranteed 40 hrs a week. Here's the problems along with pay. 

To cut costs when the building was being built they put 3 residential ac/heating units on the roof. Now that doesn't sound so bad but it gets extremely hot in the summer and last week a person passed out and an ambulance was called. The inspector let it slide (must have been paid off) for no good inspector would have passed that due to building code. They need commercial units not residential. That place has more leaks when it rains they should change the name to Niagara Falls. 

My colleagues and I have been written up for some of the most stupidest things. For example, using a blue pen, signing your name wrong, and my personal favorite having a heart attack. That's right! One of my colleagues was having a heart attack at the front door and just because he didn't take the time to fill out early release papers he was written up. Just stupid. 

We don't get shift deferential pay, we don't get hot meals on our lunch. McDonalds is right down the road but we are prohibited from leaving the property. Other departments steal food all the time out of the fridges upstairs. As a security guard you'd think we would have some authority. Truth be told a toddler has more authority then we do. 

Everything has to go through a manager. If we have to get someone out for various reasons usually drunken and disorderly we have to get a manager. If someone is breaking the dress code get a manager. I've worked there for over a year and it isn't getting better. I've heard so many complaints from the customers themselves and I get a manager and they just brush it under the rug. Nothing is documented about these complaints. Nothing is said to higher management about these complaints. They try to paint a pretty picture of themselves on wboc and other media outlets when everybody knows its a crock of crap. 

They make us all sign a confidentiality waiver before we're hired. It isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Everybody talks there are no secrets that won't be revealed. The only reason they can't afford to pay us anything is the owner is a penny pinching bastard. 

Like I said before I've been there a year and I've watched 20 guards leave. Only about 5 or 6 of those were terminated. The rest put in there 2 weeks and left. 

Honestly I'm looking for better employment. I wrote you because I was fed up of everything. If I get fired for this then oh well someone had to speak up. The only way to change it is for the public to see that place for what it truly is.

Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

Editor’s Note: Some of the language used by students in this story is of the colorful variety, just so you know...

First, about one million public school students said “no way” to their cafeteria menus after Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign led to anger and frustration over food that apparently many American kids didn’t want to stomach.

But for those without other options, all that’s left is the power of social media and cell phone cameras when they simply can’t take another bite:



During a House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder became visibly upset when Rep. Louis Gohmert suggested that being contempt of Congress didn’t appear to matter to the Attorney General.

After Holder dismissed Gohmert's requests for documents relating to congressional investigations, Gohmert said “I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our Attorney General, but it is important that we have proper oversight."

“You don’t want to go there buddy!” Holder responded. “You don’t want to go there OK?”

“You should not assume that uh that is not a big deal to me,” Holder continued. “I think it was inappropriate, I think it was unjust, but never think that it was not a big deal to me. Don’t ever think that.”


WBI Press Release on Burglaries


 FAX: 410-749-8327
   The Wicomico Bureau of Investigations is currently investigating a series of burglaries that occurred on March 31, 2014 during the day time hours. The burglaries occurred in or near the subdivisions of Nutters Crossing, Doe Run, Dear Harbor, Trace Hollow and Fox Chase. Investigators are asking for assistance from area residents in identifying any suspicious behavior that occurred during on or near March 31st, 2014. Investigators are particularly interested in any resident who may have had someone knock on their door in an attempt to solicit funds or assistance in any way. Electronics as well as jewelry and other valuables have been stolen during these incidents.

   The Wicomico Bureau of Investigations is further asking area residents to pay close attention to anyone in these neighborhoods who they are not familiar or who is going door to door without the proper identification and permits. 

   Lastly, the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation is reminding all county residents to pay extra attention in locking and securing theirs homes even during day light and business hours as this is the period in which the most recent incidents have occurred.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Funk of the Wicomico Bureau of Investigations at the above numbers

JUST IN: Maryland General Assembly votes to hike minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2018

The Maryland General Assembly has sent Gov. Martin O'Malley legislation to hike the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2018.

The House of Delegates voted 87-47 on Monday, the final day of the assembly's 90-day session, to concur with Senate changes to the bill. The Senate passed the same bill on Saturday by a 34-13 vote.

Under the bill, the minimum wage would rise from $7.25 to $8 an hour on Jan. 1, 2015; to $8.25 on July 1, 2015; to $8.75 on July 1, 2016; to $9.25 on July 1, 2017; and to $10.10 on July 1, 2018.

Opponents, mostly Republicans, said the bill would force existing Maryland businesses to lay off workers.


A Viewer Writes: Local Morning News

During the local morning news, they did a story on the rise of crime in Salisbury and are now asking the public to participate with the Neighborhood Watch Program.

What an insult.

Let's take our little neighborhood on the East Side.... We contacted the police several times and told them of the drug dealer that lives in our neighborhood. With our lovely drug dealing neighbor came crime, guns, drugs, gangs, trash, vandalism, violence, animal issues, and noise.

Each call to the police department was met with insults, hostility, and ignorance. 

One jerk that answered the PD non emergency line actually had the audacity to tell us that the foul music emanating throughout the whole neighborhood was in his eyes freedom of speech. We asked him when it turned into disturbing the peace and obscenity. Not all of us appreciate hearing four letter swear words and phrases that include killing your biotch, killling the popo, and snorting coke, along with the N-word they are sooo offended by unless it is uttered by themselves or some pos Hollywood type.

To date, our lovely drug dealing neighbor still is drug dealing, and it is not pot we are talking about. As far as I am aware pot is not white powder stored in baggies. But nothing has been done and it has now been 2 years. All we hear are excuses.

So while we jeopardized our safety to better our environment, as far as we can tell, the SPD has done nothing to resolve this hazardous situation.

So a message from this little east side neighborhood, you can take your bogus Neighborhood Watch Program and put it where the sun don't shine. Because we will never put ourselves in that position again.

Perdue worker won't eat chicken nuggets: by Ray Wallace

A worker at a Perdue chicken processing plant explains why he won't eat chicken nuggets:

"It's the meat that can only be gotten by smashing, mashing, mixing, boiling, bleaching, etc. the other unwanted parts of the chicken....

“It’s all chicken. It’s just not all meat. Some of it’s skin, a few bones, fat, and whatever meat might still be attached to any of the previous mentioned.”

-- From “Chicken Processing Worker Reveals Why He'll Never Eat Nuggets Again,” by Ashley Lutz, at this Business Insider site:

Chicken nuggets come in various shapes made from mechanically separated chicken slime. The entire chicken may be smashed and pressed through a sieve under high pressure -- bones, eyes, guts, and all. It comes out looking like this:

Because it’s crawling with bacteria, it's washed with ammonia -- soaked in it, actually. Because it tastes gross, it's flavored artificially. Because it's weirdly pink, it's dyed with artificial color.

A short video showing mechanical separation is here:

More difficult-to-watch videos are here:

...and here:

Walmart sells Perdue chicken nuggets under the “Great Value” label:

A Letter To The Editor: Wicomico County Decends Into Pit of Dispair

It's easy to feel discouraged about what is happening to our county. One just has to look at how our government is operating and it simply makes you sick. Good morals and ethics seem to be a thing of the past. We now seem to be operating under the guise of "Now that I'm elected, appointed I can do what I want," mentality. Let's just look at what has recently been transpiring and you tell me if it's moral and ethical.
  • Board of Education State Audit - Our county gets a large portion of it's funding from the State. (still your tax dollars) The State wants to know how we are spending the money and if we are following the rules. WCBOE tells them we are following our own rules and the State simply doesn't understand. As for saving 3.2 million in just the bus contracts alone well we choose to do this because  our relationship with the bus contractors is special. (really doesn't matter that they are spending your tax dollars). And if anyone is concerned about overpaying a number of employees well it's not really a bad thing. This is just done to encourage quality employees to stay at the BOE. (Your taxes again and remember, you have to give the BOE your tax dollars but they can do whatever they want with that money.) $162,000.00 to bribe parents to come to school functions is just normal. It takes pizzas and subs to get these parents to a school function. If a few dollars were spent for other luncheons, board meetings and staff meetings what difference does it make? After all, " It's For the Kids,". There is just so much wrong in this area that I want to know why the State's Attorney hasn't looked into this matter. The county council is now starting on the county's new budget and you better believe the BOE will be there telling us how under funded and under paid everyone is. The council shouldn't spend one dime on the BOE until a forensic audit is completed so they know exactly where they stand. Remember, this wasn't a complete State audit. They relied on reports givens to them by other auditors and information given to them by the BOE. Given the BOE's way of justifying spending I would have a lot of questions to ask. Another question I have is why is Mr. Pollitt staying out of this? Isn't he concerned about how our tax dollars are being spent or does he simply agree with it? Why hasn't he called for a forensic audit as was done with the Landfill Fiasco?
  • Sage Reports! Anyone getting tired of them? If you notice these reports do not include anything in them that the People of Wicomico County haven't said at other meetings. We are spending money for these opinions that the County Executive should be coming up with. That's why he was hired. That's why he has an expensive staff. With the money spent on Sage Reports and Florida Corporations Analysis of the Civic Center and others we could have repaired all the pot holes in the county. Mr. Pollitt, here's just a simple suggestion. Contact all Wicomico Country businesses and simply just ask them, are you in financial trouble, are you planning on closing or relocating, what can the county do to help you, what will it take for you to increase your business and hire more employees? Perhaps something as simple as that could help. Isn't it at least worth a little effort instead of waiting for The SAGE Report?
  • Council Re-votes - How many times should we hold re-votes on issues? Let's see, Bennett re-vote (because of some startling new facts that just came about), salary re-vote (even though nothing has changed economically since the last vote but now I'm here) and now I hear that Becker-Morgan wants a re-vote on the outcome of the Election Board rental deal. I'm not sure what's in this deal for them. ( Let me think a minute here. I keep hearing that name "Becker-Morgan". Isn't that the firm that Mr. Conway worked for at one time? And isn't it one of those architecture firms that for some reason doesn't have to submit competitive bids to the BOE for services? What's the deal with that? I understand for large projects A&E firms work on a percentage  of the total value of a job and can run into the millions of dollars. Are there any other types of firms that enjoy this non competitive process for getting county work? Now I know someone out there has an answer to this so please respond.
  •  Long Term County Leases - Just recently there was the Board of Election fiasco that is just as disgusting in so many ways. I have been following this one for awhile. From attending other meetings it appears that the County Executive's Office has been trying to move this issue through the contractual stage in a hurry because Salisbury University is in a hurry to acquire the property the Board of Elections is renting. The Executive's Office, I  believe, was expecting to have an approval at the April 1st evening council meeting. Councilman Joe Holloway then stated he had talked with the current owners of the property that the Board of Elections is currently renting from that morning.  The property owner stated that  SU had not contacted him about purchasing his property and that he was not trying to push the Election Board off of his property. So what's the deal here folks? Why was the County Executive's Office pushing so hard for this deal? Someone out there knows this answer. Please bring it out in the open. When it was suggested that a new facility for the Election Board be built so that at the end of ten years the County would at least have something to show for almost a million dollars that would have been paid in renting, the executive's assistant stated that the county had a 230 million dollar capital budget campaign and there simply wasn't enough funds to go around. That's where the question comes in about how can the county somehow afford to pay this rent but not put the same money to a bond for a new or renovated building. Then it was pointed out by an audience member that the county was already renting space at the Adkins's Building for the WIC program. Why wasn't this brought out during previous discussions when comparisons were being done about dollar per square foot costs? No one on the council, the county attorney, county administrator or the executive's office seemed to recollect anything about this. Someone mentioned that the rent might be being paid by some kind of "pass through funding". At one point during the discussion Mr. Hall was trying to convince the people that one of the reasons this area was safe was because there was an eight foot fence with razor wire at the top out behind the building. I guess he didn't hear the laughter from the audience when someone asked what he thought the fence and wire were there for. I better watch it, he'll be calling me a "Naysayer" again. Another important item was that the Council President didn't recuse himself from the vote since his landlord is the person presenting the lease to the council. Then he went on to lecture everyone about the "What Ifs"  not letting this deal move forward.  Well, the deal was voted down, for now. We're still waiting for round two to see which Come Back Kid brings it up again.

Sometimes I think I'm reading too much into all this but to me it's as plain as the nose on your face. We have some rotten people in our county doing what I call immoral and unethical practices with the taxpayers money. Why the State's Attorney hasn't stepped in or any Ethic Boards held investigations into all this I for one truly don't know. Why should the taxpayers be treated this way?

 John Palmer, Delmar, Md.

Muir Boda - Wicomico County Council At Large - Could Make Big Difference

Muir Boda has caught our editorial staff's attention.  His campaign profile exemplifies the characteristic changes that are needed in order to help propel Wicomico out of its current fiscal Doldrums.  
“When a man spends his own money to buy something for himself, he is very careful about how much he spends and how he spends it. And when a man spends someone else’s money on someone else, he does’t care how much he spends or what he spends it on. And that’s government for you.”  Milton Friedman
At the NAACP candidates forum, our editorial staff noticed that he displayed a vision for self-sufficiency as opposed to an individuals reliance on government.  We believe his opinions exemplifies the traditional American dream. We also concurred on his position in maintaining the Revenue Cap as a safety mechanism for the ordinary taxpayer - an issue that is well grounded by about 72% of our general population voting in favor of. 
  • Assets  - His campaign emphasis is to deter crime.  He believes that stimulating the economy is key to thwarting crime.  His vision is to implement the Wicomico Intiative - a 5 point plan - something no other candidate has offered to date.
  • Personality - He appears to perform well in trying to work with others, while holding the line on individual property rights, and, limiting government growth.
  • Education -  He indicated that he prefers to have an Elected School Board as opposed to an appointed Board.  The elected verses appointed appears to reflect the locals opinions as opposed to being subjected to the vices of a central authority - the Governor.
Conclusion -  We believe he will do well in trying to;

'cement a consensus based on Traditional American Values - of self worth verses Government reliance' (emphasis added by the Editorial staff)

The editorial staff gives Mr. Boda a thumbs-up and wishes him the best in his latest political endeavor.  You can find out more about Muir Boda by visiting his website at: -(click onto link).

Article Published by SBYnews Editorial Staff

What Perdue's Maryland neighbors are saying

A chicken on a toilet and someone dressed as [Maryland] Gov. Martin O’Malley staged a protest in front of The Sun building at noon today. An “invoice” was handed out which accused so-called “Big Chicken” companies like Perdue of providing 1.5 billion pounds of manure every year and billing taxpayers $501 million to clean up the Chesapeake Bay while the companies pay nothing. The protestors were advocating for The Poultry Fair Share Act, which “would require the chicken companies to pay into the Bay Restoration Fund.”

The Paranoid Madness of the Democratic Party

The Democrat may no longer believe in God, the Constitution or even motherhood and apple pie, but he devoutly believes that somewhere out there Republicans are sitting in a sealed room and plotting to bring back the 50s.

And if not the 50s, then at least the early 60s.

The left accuses the right of being deeply paranoid. Meanwhile the left is convinced that every Republican sneeze is a racial putdown of America’s first black president since Bill Clinton.

Forget about looking for Communists under every bed. The proper progressive never lies down with his or her partner of choice and their government mandated birth control from the Catholic institution with no choice in the matter without first checking their privilege and checking for conservative bigotry.