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Friday, February 17, 2012

Will They Extend Unemployment Again???

Congress could vote as early as today on a bill to cut the payroll tax and extend unemployment benefits. The extension has a price tag of $30 billion. The bill has a way to help pay for it. Newly hired federal workers would contribute 3.1 percent of their salaries towards retirement. The current rate is 0.8 percent. The bill has widespread but not complete support in both houses.

More US Government Websites Hacked By Anonymous

LONDON (AP) - The hacking group known as Anonymous has claimed a new series of hacks against the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and consumer rights websites.

The loosely organized collection of cyber rebels said it attacked the FTC's consumer protection business center and the National Consumer Protection Week websites.

Both sites were replaced with a violent German-language video satirizing the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA.



Save 6 Percent On Energy-Efficient Appliances

WASHINGTON - If you've been putting off buying a new clothes washer or refrigerator, this may be the weekend to buy. There is no tax on energy-efficient appliances in Maryland.

Through Feb. 20, you'll get the 6 percent tax break as part of the annual Shop Maryland Energy weekend.

One weekend every February Maryland exempts its sales tax on the following Energy Star products:

  • Air conditioners
  • Clothes washers
  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Boilers
  • Solar water heaters (tax-exempt at all times now)
  • Refrigerators
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs


Markell Halts Compassion Centers

Delaware — A law that decriminalized medical marijuana in Delaware has come to a standstill since Gov. Jack Markell suspended licensing for dispensaries. The suspension followed a series of letters that led Markell to conclude if the centers open, Delaware distributors, growers and state employees could be acting in violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act.


Five Myths About White People

For decades, trends in American life have usually been analyzed through the prism of race, with white Americans serving as the reference point — comparing black unemployment with white unemployment, for instance, or the percentage of Latino high school students who go on to college compared with white students. Those comparisons are illuminating, but they neglect how that reference point itself is changing. Our understanding of white America is subject to a number of outdated assumptions that need rethinking.

1. Working-class whites are more religious than upper-class whites.

This is a pervasive misconception encouraged by liberals who conflate the religious right with the working class, and by conservative evangelicals who inveigh against the godless ruling class.


SU Gospel Choir Performs Saturday, February 18

SALISBURY, MD---The Salisbury University Gospel Choir performs 7 p.m. Saturday, February 18, in Holloway Hall Auditorium.

The performance also includes the Fellowship Ensemble of the Pentecostal Church of God of Lincoln, DE. The public is invited. A free-will offering will be taken.

For more information call 410-543-6030 or visit the SU Web site at

Mystery Mountain Man To Utah Cabin Owner: Get Off My Mountain

He's eluded authorities for more than five years, a mountain man who roams the wilderness of southern Utah, breaking into remote cabins in winter, living in luxury off hot food, alcohol and coffee before stealing provisions and vanishing into the woods.

Investigators have clawed for clues, scouring cabins for fingerprints that match no one and chasing reports of brief encounters only to come up short, always a step behind the mysterious recluse.


Seems Democrats, (liberals) Want More Power

The Obama administration has submitted a bill to give the President more authority to consolidate and reorganize federal agencies. Jeffrey Zients, the acting budget director, is the point man with Congress. He says the bill is needed to create what the administration calls a 21st century government. President Obama has said his first priority is trade competitiveness. He wants to reorganize six trade-related agencies under a single Cabinet-level agency.

Maryland Hospitals To Share Patient Data

Maryland’s 46 acute-care hospitals will soon be able to share basic patient information among themselves and with credentialed doctors, a key step that health officials and clinicians say will improve patient care and cut costs.

The development, to be announced at a news conference Friday at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, is being led by the Maryland’s health information exchange, a statewide system that is working to promote the secure electronic sharing of health information among approved doctors’ offices, hospitals and other health organizations.


The Global Land Grab

In Vietnam, Peter Doan Van Vuon, a farmer who fought back when police came to confiscate his farm, is widely regarded as a hero. His neighbors have actually considered building a statue in his honor. In the United States, he would almost certainly be dead.

The strike team that assaulted Vuon’s 40-hectare fish farm in Hai Phong on January 5 did demolish the family’s modest two-story home, forcing them to live in a makeshift shelter fashioned from a tarp. On previous performance it’s reasonable to say that their counterparts in the employ of the Regime in Washington would have made sure to incinerate the family as well.


Be Careful Who Your Facebook Friends Are

Homeland Security is friending lots of people on Facebook, it's following millions on Twitter and it's analyzing the data it gathers. But agency brass tell Congress, it's not breaking any laws or invading privacy. DHS officials were called before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The hearing followed a lawsuit by a privacy group concerned about a social media monitoring program by DHS. Mary Ellen Callahan, the department's chief privacy officer, says the program operates with the bounds of the Privacy Act and the First Amendment.

What Happened To The Stink Bugs?

Early this fall, I prepared for war.

I went to Lowe’s. I bought new insulation for the front door. I bought the strongest bug killing liquid that U.S. dollars could buy. I did not read “The Art of War,” but it crossed my mind.

It was me versus the stink bugs, and I was not going to lose.


The New Blacklist

My days as a political analyst at MSNBC have come to an end.

After 10 enjoyable years, I am departing, after an incessant clamor from the left that to permit me continued access to the microphones of MSNBC would be an outrage against decency, and dangerous.

The calls for my firing began almost immediately with the Oct. 18 publication of Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?


The Farce-Hole Gets Deeper: Obama's "Robo-Settlement For Votes" Cost To Taxpayers: $40 Billion

Plunging deeper into the farce-hole, [7] the FT reports [8] tonight that Obama's foreclosure settlement with the banks over their improper seizure of tax-paying US citizens' homes will in fact be subsidized by those very same US taxpayers. It is a hidden clause (that has not been made public yet) that allows the banks to count future loan modifications under the $30bn (taxpayer funded) HAMP initiative towards their $35bn agreement to restructure obligations under the new settlement. As the FT goes on to note, BofA will be able to use future mods made under HAMP towards the $7.6bn in borrower assistance it is committed to provide - which means, in a (as TARP inspector general Neil Barofsky describes) 'scandalous' turn of events the bank will receive payments for averting a borrower default and be reimbursed by the taxpayer for the principal write-down. We have much stronger words for how we are feeling about this but Barofsky sums it up calmly "It turns the notion that this is about justice and accountability on its head". Are the Big Five banks truly beyond the law?


Mexican President Unveils ‘No More Weapons!’ Billboard On US Border

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — President Felipe Calderon on Thursday unveiled a “No More Weapons!” billboard made with crushed firearms and placed near the U.S. border. He urged the United States to stop the flow of weapons into Mexico.

The billboard, which is in English and weighs 3 tons, was placed near an international bridge in Ciudad Juarez and can be seen from the United States.


The Red Roost Re-Opens March 15!!

Faulty Battery Likely To Blame For Electric Cigarette Exploding In Man's Mouth

Puffing away on an electric cigarette is viewed by many as a healthier option than the traditional tobacco smoke stick, but in the case of one Florida man the e-cigarette turned out to be pretty darn dangerous to his health too, after it exploded in his mouth.

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Wis. Man Says He Mistook Malnourished Teen For 8

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Wisconsin man who found a severely malnourished 15-year-old girl walking barefoot outside in pajamas says she was bleeding from a gash on her nose and crying.

Mike Vega told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the teen he found walking near her Madison home Feb. 6 also had scrapes and a big bruise on her forehead and was so scrawny he mistook her for an 8-year-old.

Vega says while they waited in his car for an ambulance to arrive, she told him her stepmother had thrown her down the basement stairs and that she escaped through a window.

Police say the girl told officers her father and stepmother had kept her confined to the basement for years and had starved her and even forced her to eat her feces.



At the beginning of my shift I placed a stethoscope on an elderly and
slightly deaf female patient's anterior chest wall. 'Big breaths,' . . . I instructed. 'Yes, they used to be,' . . . replied the patient. Submitted by Dr. Richard Byrnes , Seattle , WA
While acquainting myself with a new elderly patient,I asked, ' How long have you been bedridden? ' After a look of complete confusion she answered . . . 'Why, not for about twenty years - when my husband was alive.'Submitted by Dr. Steven Swanson- Corvallis , OR

I was performing rounds at the hospital one morning and while checking up on a man I asked . . . ' So how's your breakfast this morning? ' 'It's very good except for the Kentucky Jelly. I can't seem to get used to the taste,' Bob replied. I then asked to see the jelly and Bob producedA foil packet labeled ' KY Jelly. 'Submitted by Dr. Leonard Kransdorf , Detroit ,

A nurse was on duty in the Emergency Room when a young woman with purple hair styled into a punk rocker Mohawk, sporting a variety of tattoos, and wearing strange clothing, entered .. . . It was quickly determined that the patient had acute appendicitis, so she was scheduled for immediate surgery. When she was completely
disrobed on the operating table, the staff noticed that her pubic hair
had been dyed green and above it there was a tattoo
that read . . . 'Keep off the grass. ' Once the surgery was completed, the surgeonwrote a short note on the patient's dressing, which said 'Sorry . . . had to mow the lawn. 'Submitted by RN no name,
AND FINALLY!! ! .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..
As a new, young MD doing his residency in OB. I was quite embarrassed when performing female pelvic exams. To cover my embarrassment I had unconsciously formed a habit of whistling softly. The middle-aged lady upon whom I was performing this exam suddenly burst
out laughing and further embarrassing me. I looked up from my work and
sheepishly said. . .I'm sorry. Was I tickling you?' She replied with tears running down her cheeks from laughing so hard . . . 'No doctor but the song you were whistling was . . .'I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener.' Dr. wouldn't submit his name...


Baby's First Doctor Visit This made me laugh out loud. I hope it will give you a smile! A woman and a baby were in the doctor's examining room, waiting
for the doctor to come in for the baby's first exam. The doctor arrived, and examined the baby, checked his weight, and being
a little concerned, asked if the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed.
'Breast-fed,' she replied. 'Well, strip down to your waist,' the doctor ordered. She did. He pinched her nipples, pressed, kneaded, and rubbed both breasts
for a while in a very professional and detailed examination. Motioning to her to get dressed, the doctor said, 'No wonder this baby is
underweight. You don't have any milk.' 'I know,' she said, 'I'm his Grandma, But I'm glad I came.'

Underwear Bomber Abdulmutallab: "Proud to Kill in the Name of God"

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to bring down Northwest flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009 with an underwear bomb, said he was was "proud to kill in the name of God" before he was sentenced to multiple life sentences today in a Detroit courtroom.

"Today is a day of victory and God is great," said Abdulmutallab, 25. He also said that al Qaeda would one day be victorious, and that acts like his will continue until "the righteous servants of Allah inherit the world."


Maryland Passes Gay Marriage

In Living Color

Obama's Nuclear Cuts: 'Reckless Lunacy'

Congressional Republicans vow to block the Obama administration from slashing the U.S. nuclear arsenal, denouncing potential reductions of as much as 80 percent of deployed weapons as "reckless lunacy."

Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., accused President Barack Obama of "catering to his liberal base that believes that, if we unilaterally disarm, the rest of the world will follow suit."

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s assurances that no decision has been made didn’t allay GOP lawmakers’ concerns.

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ANNAPOLIS, MD (February 17, 2012) – Governor Martin O’Malley today released the following statement after the House of Delegates passed the Civil Marriage Protection Act of 2012:

“Today, the House of Delegates voted for human dignity. Speaker Busch and his fellow Delegates deserve a lot of credit for their hard work. At its heart, their vote was a vote for Maryland’s children.

“There is still work to be done and marriage equality has not yet been achieved in Maryland. Wherever we happen to stand on the marriage equality issue, we can agree that all our children deserve the opportunity to live in a loving, caring, committed, and stable home, protected equally under the law.

“Clergy and faith-based leaders, community leaders, civic organizations, civil rights groups, and citizens from across our State have reached the same conclusion that Americans in seven other states have reached – it is possible to protect individual civil marriage rights and religious freedom equally.

“Now, as the Senate prepares to vote, all of us are needed - and we’re prepared to redouble our efforts. The common thread running through our efforts together in Maryland is the thread of human dignity; the dignity of work, the dignity of faith, the dignity of family, the dignity of every individual. Love is an unalienable right.”

Md. House Passes Gay Marriage Bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - The effort to legalize gay marriage has passed a long-standing hurdle in the Maryland House of Delegates.

The House voted 71-67 Friday to give gay couples the right to marry.

After a week of speculation on whether proponents would gather the votes needed, lawmakers debated it Thursday evening.

Several amendments to the bill were rejected. They included creating civil unions and allowing parents to opt out of education programs that address same-sex relationships.


2-Year-Old Climbed Inside of Claw Machine

Two quarters in a claw machine may be enough for some lucky people to win a prize, but when it came to rescuing a 2-year-old girl who was trapped inside, firefighters took no chances and used a saw to cut into the lock of the arcade game.

A customer at Commonwealth Coin Laundry in Lexington, Ky., saw that Kaytlyn Campbell, 2, was stuck inside the machine on Valentine's Day and alerted Della Gallagher, who works at the laundromat.


Caption This Photo 2-17-12

Md. DNR Seeks Boating Fee Increases

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Maryland's Department of Natural Resources is seeking an increase in boating fees, which the department says are falling short of the costs of its programs.

Boaters who currently pay $24 every two years to register their vessels would see those fees increased depending on the size of their boats.


The Perils Of Being Catholic

Baker Backs Nat'l Harbor Casino Idea

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker's administration outlined support Thursday to build a luxurious Las-Vegas-style casino on the Potomac River at National Harbor near the nation's capital that would cost about $1 billion.

A consultant hired by the Baker administration concluded that National Harbor was an overwhelmingly preferred location in the county.


Bad Catholic: The Pope Calls For Guaranteed Healthcare For All People, Santorum Attacks Healthcare Plans For The Poor

Gee, it's been fun to talk about contraception, and the US Catholic Bishops' opposition to providing contraceptive care to employees of their affiliated charities and hospitals. But, to be honest, for a religious community that defines itself as pro-life, including, to their credit, "official "opposition to the death penalty, I wonder why the Catholic Bishops "went to the mattresses" to publicly and relentlessly hammer President Obama over the contraception issue, when there is a much more important moral and ethical issue that their church "officially supports," but on which they have remained essentially silent.

I speak of course of Pope Benedict's call for guaranteed health care for all people issued in 2010:

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI and other church leaders said it was the moral responsibility of nations to guarantee access to health care for all of their citizens, regardless of social and economic status or their ability to pay.

Access to adequate medical attention, the pope said in a written message Nov. 18, was one of the "inalienable rights" of man. [...]

"The care of man, his transcendent dignity and his inalienable rights" are issues that should concern Christians, the pope said.

Because an individual's health is a "precious asset" to society as well as to himself, governments and other agencies should seek to protect it by "dedicating the equipment, resources and energy so that the greatest number of people can have access."



Veteran South Florida lawyer Peter Feaman was listening to a pastor speak about the Quran at a Rotary Club meeting more than six years ago when his world was rattled.

“The presentation was so negative,” Feaman told WND, “that I didn’t believe him.”

“I had been told that Islam was a religion of peace, by our president among others,” he said referring to George W. Bush. “So I started to do my own research. And as I got into it, it was like, ‘Holy cow, this is nothing like I’ve been told, either by the mainstream media or by college and university.’”


New Speed Camera In Salisbury Is In Place

The speed camera is in place on South Division St. It is located between sidewalk and roadway in front of townhouses known as the zoo.

Democratic Women Boycott House Contraception Hearing After Republicans Prevent Women From Testifying

This morning, Democrats tore into House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) for preventing women from testifying before a hearing examining the Obama administration’s new regulation requiring employers and insurers to provide contraception coverage to their employees. Republicans oppose the administration’s rule and have sponsored legislation that would allow employers to limit the availability of birth control to women.

Ranking committee member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) had asked Issa to include a female witness at the hearing, but the Chairman refused, arguing that “As the hearing is not about reproductive rights and contraception but instead about the Administration’s actions as they relate to freedom of religion and conscience, he believes that Ms. Fluke is not an appropriate witness.”


Planned Parenthood Declares War on Catholic…Food Banks?

Even if you're not a health care provider, or even a donor, be advised that saying "no" to Planned Parenthood will get you loads of hate mail, and possibly even a few abusive phone calls.

LifeSiteNews brings us the story of a food bank in Green Bay, Wisconsin, affiliated with a local Catholic Church, which was allegedly targeted not for refusing to donate to Planned Parenthood, but for refusing a donation from Planned Parenthood. Apparently, the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Green Bay got a call from the local Planned Parenthood asking if they'd be willing to send a truck around to accept donations of food and/or money from the organization.


DUI Checkpoint Refusal

watch . . . . listen . . . . . learn . . . .

that's it . . . know your rights and don't be intimidated!!


25 Million Tons Of Tsunami Debris Floating Toward US Shores

Wrecked cars, portions of homes, boats, furniture and more -- all swept up by the destructive, magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan 11 months ago -- are on a slow-motion collision course with California.

But no one's tracking the debris, Jim Churnside, a physicist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency's (NOAA) Marine Debris Program, told


Tennessee Republicans Want To Ban Teachers From Saying Gay People Exist

The Nashville Scene's Jeff Woods reports that a bill that would ban teaching Tennessee grade schoolers about homosexuality has made it out of a state House subcommittee Wednesday and will now go before the full legislature.

The "Don't Say Gay" bill would ban any instruction not related to “natural human reproduction science” until the ninth grade in Tennessee public schools.

The bill has already passed the state senate.


Gay Magic In Annapolis

The bill has been moved on Second Reader...Now they have waived the wand...created another day...and they will vote on Third Reader this afternoon at 4:30pm.

Originally Posted at 2:30 PM.

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General Motors Co said on Wednesday it will end traditional defined benefit pension plans for its U.S. white-collar employees, seen as consistent with its goal of lowering pension risk for investors.

The move comes the day before GM reports fourth-quarter earnings, which are expected to show the weakest profit since the No. 1 U.S. automaker's post-bankruptcy IPO in late 2010.

There will be no across-the-board pay increases for GM's 29,000 U.S. salaried workers in 2012, but some workers will get richer bonuses based partly on the nature of their jobs, said Cindy Brinkley, head of human resources for GM.


Expect A Bigger Than Normal News Day Tomorrow

Salisbury News will deliver a much bigger than normal news day tomorrow. Enjoy!

More Humane Egg Production

Standards for commercial egg production vary greatly around the country. In most states, the egg-laying hens are crowded together tightly in “battery cages.” Each wire cage is about the size of a microwave oven, though slightly taller, and crammed with anywhere from four to 11 hens. But some states — including California, Ohio, and Michigan — have banned the use or new construction of battery cages. California’s Proposition 2, passed in 2008, requires that commercial laying hens be kept in spaces with enough room to stretch their wings.

It’s well past time to create a national standard that promotes more humane conditions everywhere. House Republicans and Democrats have introduced a sensible bill that would require labeling on all egg cartons to specify whether the eggs are from caged, cage-free or free-range hens. It would phase in over the next 15 years to 18 years requirements for larger cages (nearly doubling the space each chicken is provided), perches, scratching areas and nesting boxes. And farmers would be allowed to depreciate fully the equipment they already own before being obliged to buy new equipment.



(KDVR) — GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A Grand Junction High School student is dropping out of choir rather than sing an Islamic song he says goes against his strong Christian beliefs.

The song is “Zikr,” and was written by internationally acclaimed composer A.R. Rahman.

Rahman won an Oscar and a Grammy for his songs in Slum Dog Millionaire. Zikr was written for a 2005 movie about an Indian independence leader. The song contains the phrase “There is no other truth but Allah.”


Virginia Ultrasound Bill: Republican Lawmaker Calls Abortion 'Lifestyle Convenience'

A top Republican legislative leader in Virginia described abortion as a "lifestyle convenience" during the floor debate on a controversial measure to require trans-vaginal ultrasounds before a woman can get an abortion.

State Del. C. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock) made the comment midday Tuesday as the House of Delegates took up consideration of the ultrasound bill. The bill -- which then passed the House 63 to 36 -- would require any woman seeking an abortion in the state to receive an ultrasound first. As an external ultrasound is not able to produce a necessary picture early in pregnancy, a trans-vaginal ultrasound would be needed to produce an image of the fetus.



Making fraudulent loans to corporate accounts that existed in name only was a key part of an alleged money-laundering scheme by the global bank HSBC, according to a whistleblower who has provided WND with more than 1,000 pages of evidence.

The evidence includes customer account ledgers for dozens of companies through which the financial institution was laundering money each month, charges John Cruz, a former relationship manager for the bank’s southern New York region


MSP Criminal Press Release 2-17-12

DATE & TIME: 2/17/2012 at 0856 hours
C C. NUMBER: 12-54-001068

LOCATION: 23149 Head of Creek Road, Wicomico County MD


On the above date and time, Troopers from the Salisbury Barrack were dispatched to the above address for a reported trespassing and theft. The complainant/victim stated that he caught two suspects attempting to steal scrap metal, appliances, lawn tractors from his property. The complainant stated that he had caught the suspects leaving his property on 02/16/12, and told them to leave his property after they asked to remove the scrap metal items. On 02/17/12 at 0856 hours the complainant saw the suspects on his property again attempting to remove property and he called the State Police. Troopers checked the area for the suspect and his vehicle, and located him at a Salisbury scrap metal recycler with the stolen metal. Troopers also got video confirmation from 02/16/12 where the suspects had sold the previously stolen scrap metal and cashed it in at the same metal recycler. The suspects were placed under arrest and charged with: Felony theft ,theft scheme, and trespassing. They were transported to the Wicomico County Central Booking unit for processing before a District Court Commissioner.

1. Charles Clifton Jones, B/M age 59 of Nanticoke, Maryland.
2. Carlton Aaron Wilson, B/M 51 of Nanticoke, Maryland

Tennessee Lawmaker Warns Parents Not to Watch 'Modern Family' Because Children Might Discover Gays Exist

I mentioned earlier that a Tennessee House panel approved Stacey Campfield's heinous 'Don't Say Gay' bill which forbids discussion of homosexuality and anything but “natural human reproduction science” in public school before the ninth grade.

But Nashville Scene made a note about the hearing beforehand that must be shared:

Before the House education subcommittee acted, chairman Joey Hensley scored bonus points by admonishing all Tennessee parents not to let their children watch “Modern Family” on television because they might discover there are homosexuals in the world.

Coincidentally, President Obama says "Modern Family" is one of the first family’s favorite shows to watch in the White House. Hensley didn’t mention that, but we’re certain that if he knew it, it would only strengthen his belief in the show’s evil influence.



Once again, the power of the internet and an irate minority proves victorious. If it wasn’t for our outrage and ability to spread the word across the internet about the Romney/GOP Establishment trying to steal the Maine caucus, this would not be happening. You the people won. We stopped SOPA and PIPA. We are winning some battles, but it is going to be a long war.

Maine GOP recounting caucus votes
AUGUSTA — The Maine Republican Party is recounting the results of its presidential caucuses and may add the votes to be cast in Washington County this weekend to the official totals, its chairman said Thursday.

click image to enlargeMitt Romney, left, was declared the winner of the Maine caucuses by a small margin, but supporters of Ron Paul, right, allege bias.

Mitt Romney was declared the winner on Saturday, leading Ron Paul by 194 votes out of 5,585 cast, according to the official results at the time.

But the numbers did not include Washington County’s caucuses, which were postponed until this Saturday because of a snowstorm.

In addition, the vote totals from several communities, including Waterville and much of Waldo County, were left out of the official count because of clerical or computer errors. Some other communities’ vote totals were entered incorrectly.


Dulles Toll Road Rates Increasing

Construction is moving forward quickly on Metro's new extension to Dulles airport and beyond into Loudoun county.

But somebody is going to have to pay for the multi-billion dollar project and it looks like the bill will fall on large part to motorists like Amy Cronk who uses the Dulles toll road.

“I would hope that there would be enough riders on Metro to pay for construction,” says Cronk


Wicomico County Sheriff's Office Press Release 2-17-12

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 15 February 2012
Location: 1500 block of Jersey Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Adam J. Holland, 22, Princess Anne, MD

Narrative: On 15 February 2012
at 11:53 AM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 hang-up call at a residence in the 1500 block of Jersey Road. Upon arrival, the deputy met with a female subject who advised she was involved in a physical altercation with her boyfriend, Adam Holland, during which he grabbed the phone from her hands and broke it. The deputy observed signs of physical injury on the female subject that corroborated her account which led to the arrest of Adam Holland.

The deputy transported Holland to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Holland in the Detention Center in lieu of $50,000.00 bond.

Charges: Assault 2nd Degree


Update on HB-438 Same Sex Marriage

The combined Judiciary and Health/Government Operations Committees met this morning at 11:00 am to review amendments offered on the O'Malley-Brown Same Sex Marriage Bill. At this time we have been told that there are over 200 potential amendments that have been filed. The chairmen of the committees elected not to review the amendments during a morning committee hearing and, instead, to take them up on the floor of the House as they are offered.

I will be offering an amendment to the current bill which would extend religious liberty protections to all Maryland citizens who do not agree with the provisions and changes in this legislation. Floor debate on HB-438 will begin at 12:30 pm today.

Originally Posted at 11:43 AM

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DelMarVa's News Leader

Moses And Messick File Civil Lawsuit Against Wicomico County Education Assoc.

All this because of John Fredericksen's actions. And the Board wants to retain this guy?

Case Information
Court System:
Circuit Court for Wicomico County - Civil System
Case Number:
Messick, et al vs White, et al
Case Type:
Other CivilFiling Date:02/16/2012
Case Status:
Plaintiff/Petitioner Information(Each Plaintiff/Petitioner is displayed below)
Party Type:
PlaintiffParty No.:2
Moses, Stephanie
6160 Oxbridge Drive
SalisburyState:MDZip Code:21801
Attorney(s) for the Plaintiff/Petitioner
Dolina, Esq, Thomas J
Practice Name:
Bodie, Nagle, Dolina, Smith & Hobbs
21 W Susquehanna Ave
TowsonState:MDZip Code:21204
Party Type:
PlaintiffParty No.:1
Messick, Stacy
13315 Oak Branch Drive
DelmarState:DEZip Code:19940
Attorney(s) for the Plaintiff/Petitioner
Dolina, Esq, Thomas J
Practice Name:
Bodie, Nagle, Dolina, Smith & Hobbs
21 W Susquehanna Ave
TowsonState:MDZip Code:21204
Defendant/Respondent Information(Each Defendant/Respondent is displayed below)
Party Type:
DefendantParty No.:3
Business or Organization Name:
Maryland State Education Association
140 Main Street
AnnapolisState:MDZip Code:21401
Party Type:
DefendantParty No.:1
White, Robert D
311 Windmere Court
WillardsState:MDZip Code:21874
Party Type:
DefendantParty No.:2
Business or Organization Name:
Wicomico County Education Association
140 Main Street
AnnapolisState:MDZip Code:21401
Party Type:
DefendantParty No.:4
Business or Organization Name:
National Education Association
1201 16th Street, N W
WashingtonState:DCZip Code:20036

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Originally posted at 11:00 AM.

DelMarVa's News Leader

U.S. Lawmaker Seeks Answers After State Department Error Releases Mexican Fugitive From Texas Jail

A former Mexican government official wanted for embezzling millions was arrested in Texas this month, then promptly ordered released by the State Department in a case that has one lawmaker demanding answers.

A day after pulling rank on Smith County, Texas, law enforcement officials, the State Department rescinded the order. But Hector Hernandez Javier Villarreal was gone by then. Now Rep. Louie Gohmert is calling for congressional hearings to find out what happened.


Blatant GOP Fraud In Maine Put Romney Ahead Of Ron Paul?

RFID Implants Inevitable?

It would appear so. Hidden deep within the bowels of Obama's Health Care Law is a mandate that all people have an RFID implant by March 23, 2013. or “Not later than 36 months after the date of the enactment”.

H.R. 3200 section 2521, Pg. 1001, paragraph 1.The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that— ‘‘is or has been used in or on a patient; ‘‘and is— ‘‘a class III device; or ‘‘a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.”

What is a class II device? "A class II implantable device is an “implantable radio frequency transponder system for patient identification and health information.” The purpose of a class II device is to collect data in medical patients such as “claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.”

Really? And look at this!

Page 58 Lines 5 through 15 reads:(D) enable the real-time (or near real time) determination of an individual’s financial responsibility at the point of service and, to the extent possible, prior to service, including whether the individual is eligible for a specific service with a specific physician at a specific facility, which may include utilization of a machine-readable health plan beneficiary identity detection card; (E) enable, where feasible, near real-time adjudication of claims"


Please go here and read the entire article:


After the “Climategate” scandal – revealing data manipulation and fraud by top global warming proponents – many climate change skeptics trumpeted victory, assuming perhaps that efforts to pass radical environmental taxes and regulations had lost their steam.

But not U.S. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla.

Warning that President Obama and his allies in Congress are still determined to pull off the largest wealth-redistribution scheme in history through new “carbon taxes” and regulations, Inhofe has reignited the global warming debate with release of a new book, “The Greatest Hoax,” published by WND Books.


Rep. Andy Harris, M.D., Statement On The Combined Pay Roll Tax Cut Bill

“I support the tax cut element of the proposal. However, the other parts of the bill increased spending in 2012 by $45 billion, while taking 10 years to pay it back. That's the kind of bad fiscal policy which got us into the mess we're in - Washington has to stop spending money we don't have.”

Highlighted Events Next Week Opportunities To Support Students And Schools/Upcoming Events

Monday, Feb. 20
Presidents’ Day: Schools and Central Office Closed

Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 1:30 p.m.
Special Meeting, Work Session of the Wicomico County Board of Education
Board of Education Auditorium

A special meeting of the Wicomico County Board of Education will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 21, in the Board of Education auditorium. The Board will also meet in a work session starting at approximately 2:30 p.m. The agenda will be posted at in advance of the meeting.410-677-4561

Wednesday, Feb. 22, from 4-6 p.m.
Superintendent’s Open Door Session
Board of Education Building

Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Fredericksen will hold a Superintendent’s Open Door Session from 4-6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22 in the Administrative Conference Room of the Board of Education Building, Mt. Hermon Road and Long Avenue, Salisbury. Open Door Sessions provide the opportunity for people to meet one-on-one with the superintendent. People may express concerns, offer comment, or ask questions on any issue involving Wicomico schools. No appointment is needed. Each visitor will have approximately 15 minutes to meet with the superintendent. Follow-up sessions will be held if there are more visitors than there is time on the scheduled night. Additional Open Door Sessions for this school year are scheduled for March 21, April 25 and May 23. 410-677-4495

Thursday, Feb. 23
Free Science Night @ SU for High School Students
Henson Hall, Salisbury University

Interested in mathematics or the sciences? Salisbury University again offers its free Science Nights @ SU program for high school students. During sessions, experts explore various math- and science-related fields, discussing current research, career options and more. All Science Night presentations are 6-8 p.m. in Henson Science Hall Room 341. The four-part series continues with Earth and Atmospheric Science on Thursday, Feb. 23, and concludes with Chemistry on Wednesday, March 28. The sessions are open to all high school students from the local region and beyond, especially those considering careers in the growing fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). For more information or to register, visit the SU STEM Web site at For questions about Science Nights @ SU, contact SU STEM Coordinator Kristen Edwards at 410-677-5368 or

Friday, Feb. 24
Mid-term progress reports sent home

Fruitland Little League

Fruitland Little League announces continued registration for this spring's Little League Season.

Registration will be held every Saturday in February from 9am-Noon at Fruitland City Hall.

Please note the change in location. We are registering children from age 4-16 for Tee Ball and Baseball. Scholarships are available!

Go to our website for more details.

Proposed MD Boat Registration Increase

I saw the article you had about MD taking from the boat fund and moving it to the general fund and then said they don't have enough money for dredging.

Now look at this proposed increase!

A bill filed Thursday morning in Annapolis would replace the flat $24 boat registration fee paid every two years with fees ranging from $50 to $700, depending on the size of the boat. The increases would be phased in over four years, beginning in October, for Maryland's 191,000 registered boat owners.


Tampa Parents Rip School For Letting Controversial Muslim Group Speak To Students

Parents in Tampa are the latest to protest school officials inviting a controversial Muslim civil liberties advocacy group to speak to students.

Dozens of people showed up at a Hillsborough County school board meeting Tuesday night to complain that a member of Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, spoke to history students at Steinbrenner High School last fall. They cited the group's past connection to a terror financing case involving the terrorist group Hamas. The group, which purports to promote diversity and tolerance of the religion, has met a similar reception in Texas and Georgia in recent years.