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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Congressman Andy Harris Sponsors Border Security Amendment to Cromnibus

WASHINGTON, DC: On Tuesday, September 25, Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) offered a border wall amendment to H.R. 6157, the House bill funding defense, labor, HHS, and education, and continuing funding for other government agencies. His amendment would remove restrictions on Customs and Border Patrol funding for construction of new walls along our southern border.

Congressman Harris made the following statement on the amendment:

“Violent, criminal gangs like MS-13 are an increasing problem and remain a critical threat to our nation. My amendment removes Congressionally-imposed restrictions on Customs and Border Patrol authority to use border security funds for whatever purpose they feel most effective, including the construction of a border wall. The amendment would allow funding for the deployment of new sections and new designs of the border wall as President Trump and Customs and Border Patrol deem necessary. I am committed to keeping our promise to the American people to secure our nation. I am confident that my amendment will allow just that.”

Calendars From 1982 Show Kavanaugh Was "Out Of Town" When Ford Assault Allegedly Took Place

In his latest attempt to clear his name following allegations from Palo Alto University Professor Christine Blasey Ford claiming that he had had attempted to sexually assault her more than 35 years ago when they were seniors in high school, Judge Brett Kavanaugh will hand over calendars from the summer of 1982 which supposedly show that he was out of town when the party described by Ford allegedly took place.

According to the New York Times, the calendars do not disprove Ford’s allegations, as he could have attended a party that he did not list on his calendar. Instead, his team intends to argue that Kavanaugh's calendars don't confirm Ford's account of how an inebriated Kavanaugh allegedly pinned her to a bed and tried to remove her clothing. Ford has said she does not recall the specific date of the party.

The calendar pages from June, July and August 1982, which were examined by The New York Times, show that Judge Kavanaugh was out of town much of the summer at the beach or away with his parents. When he was at home, the calendars list his basketball games, movie outings, football workouts and college interviews. A few parties are mentioned but include names of friends other than those identified by Dr. Blasey.

The challenge for senators trying to confirm or refute the accusation against Judge Kavanaugh is that Dr. Blasey has said she does not recall the specific date or location of the house where the alleged incident occurred. She has said she believes it was during the summer of 1982, and she remembers wearing a bathing suit with other clothing on top of it, suggesting the party might have taken place after a swim outing at a local country club.


U.S. Fertility Rate Drops to All Time Low, Cut in Half Since 1950s

The United States fertility rate is now at an all-time low in the country’s history, dropping by half of what the fertility rate was in the 1950s.

The latest Center for Disease Control (CDC) data reveals that the U.S. general fertility rate — the number of births per 1,000 females aged 15 to 44-years-old — has dropped to a record low of 60.3 births, a three percent drop between 2016 and 2017.

The fertility rate dropped for every racial demographic group, with non-Hispanic Asians’ fertility rate dropping the most out of any racial group. The fertility rate among Hispanics dropped by four percent, while there was a three percent drop for non-Hispanic whites.


MIT Study: The Number Of Illegal Immigrants Could Be Double Previous Estimates

The true number of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. — long a subject of intense debate — could be twice as high as commonly accepted figures, according to a study by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher.

The study published Friday by Mohammad Fazel-Zarandi, a senior lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, estimates there are about 22.1 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. today. Most frequently cited estimates put the number between 11 and 12 million.

Even the lower bound of the MIT study’s range, 16.7 million, is nearly 50 percent higher than the 11.3 million estimated by the Pew Research Center for 2016.

Such a wide discrepancy is explained by deficiencies in the methods researchers have used to arrive at previous estimates, according to Fazel-Zarandi and his co-authors, Edward Kaplan and Jonathan Feinstein of Yale University. In the past, researchers typically extrapolated the total number of illegal immigrants from population surveys and legal immigration records.


Conservative Reporters: Here Are All The Red Flags In New Kavanaugh Allegations

Just as Christine Blasey Ford appeared to be ready to testify about her allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, The New Yorker published a new allegation likewise unsubstantiated and dating back over three decades.

"In her initial conversations with The New Yorker, she was reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the alleged incident with certainty," Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer reported for The New Yorker on Sunday. "After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, [Deborah] Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away."


'Perfect storm' for Ebola: WHO warns violence and political unrest will cause the outbreak to spread

The Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) Ebola outbreak is set to spread even further within the next few weeks, an official warns.

Dr Peter Salama, emergency response chief at the World Health Organization (WHO), fears the combination of rebel violence and pre-election unrest is creating a 'perfect storm' for an even worse epidemic.

Armed opposition attacks in North Kivu province, which has been hit by the outbreak, have risen in recent weeks.

Refugee workers have even been forced to evacuate the town of Beni, where the outbreak started, due to a deadly raid that left more than a dozen locals dead.

Fears and misconceptions about the virus are also being exploited by politicians ahead of the DRC's December election, which is causing the public to lose faith in health workers, according to Dr Salama.


Grassley Vows No More Delays

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on Tuesday rejected the requests from Democrats to delay a key hearing on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused the federal judge of sexual assault during a party when they were in high school, are due to testify before the committee on Thursday.

In a letter to ranking member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Grassley wrote: “I am not going to silence Dr. Ford after I promised and assured her that I would provide her a safe, comfortable, and dignified opportunity to testify … There is no reason to delay the hearing any further.”

Grassley added that any further delay would be unfair to both Ford and Kavanaugh, whom Grassley said “has asked the Committee repeatedly for the chance to testify as soon as possible … We can no longer stand in the way of him presenting his testimony before the Committee.”

Also Tuesday, the committee announced that it had tentatively rescheduled a vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination for Friday morning.

Grassley took to Twitter to add that the hearing was added to the committee’s schedule as required by it rules.


Nolte: Ronan Farrow's New Yorker Piece Debunks Allegation Against Kavanaugh

The New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow and his co-author Jane Mayer are under fire for publishing a second allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. When you look at how thin the story is, that criticism might be valid.

But Farrow (pictured, top right) and Mayer (pictured, top left) deserve credit for writing the full story — a story that not only appears to debunk Deborah Ramirez’s allegation but exposes how the institutional left is aggressively working behind the scenes to destroy Kavanaugh with spurious accusations.

After 35 years of not being sure it was him, Ramirez now alleges that during a drunken dorm party during her and Kavanaugh’s freshman year at Yale in 1983, he exposed himself to her in such an aggressive way she ended up accidentally touching his genitals.


Liberal PAC Targeting #MeToo-Accused Politicians Only Targets Republicans, Gives Prominent Democrats A Pass

A political action committee (PAC) affiliated with Women’s March is targeting 2018 political candidates accused of sexual misconduct, harassment or other offenses against women.

But so far the PAC’s list of targeted candidates only includes Republicans and excludes several prominent Democrats accused of sexual misconduct, domestic abuse or covering up harassment.

The Enough Is Enough Voter Project launched on Monday to “end a culture that protects the careers of powerful men who abuse women or other survivors, and put this issue before the voters,” Stanford Law School professor Michele Dauber said in an announcement on Monday.

Dauber, who specializes in feminist, gender and sexuality studies, launched the PAC in coordination with the Women’s March Sister Network and Feminist Majority, a pair of left-wing nonprofits.


'America is governed by Americans': Trump defends US sovereignty at UN

President Trump criticized the United Nations in a speech to the General Assembly Tuesday, telling world leaders the U.N. Human Rights Council is "a grave embarrassment" and that the U.N.-linked International Criminal Court "has no jurisdiction."

Trump largely kept to his script during remarks to the U.N. General Assembly, emphasizing U.S. independence from international bodies, and articulating a vision of "principled realism" and national sovereignty.

"We will never surrender America's sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy," Trump said in his second address to the General Assembly in New York.


Political Editors: Latinos Not Singing Democrats' Tune?

Hispanics aren't as anti-Trump as divisive Democrats would like them to be.

That coming Democrat “blue wave” maybe more the stuff of leftist daydreams than future reality, especially with reports that one of the identity groups Dems are counting on to turn out in big numbers come November might not. While Democrat voter enthusiasm has been high among women, another demographic group Dems have historically counted on is showing signs of being less enthused: Latino voters.

Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report writes, “Latino voter drop-off in midterm elections is nothing new, but the thinking was that President Trump’s rhetoric and policies around immigration, especially the issue of separating children from their parents at the border, would be a catalyst for higher Latino engagement in 2018. At this point, however, recent polling by New York Times Upshot/Siena College and Monmouth University, suggests that’s not the case.”


Dennis Prager: What Does Female Empowerment Mean?

My last column elicited tens of thousands of comments — from the thoughtful to the sick — on the internet and Twitter. In the column, I made two points. One was that the accusation made against Judge Kavanaugh — for which there is no evidence, that was made by an anti-Trump activist, that concerns an event that allegedly took place in high school 35-plus years ago at an unidentified time and place, that has been either denied or not substantiated by the other named individuals who were allegedly present, and that is against a man known for an entire adulthood of exceptional moral decency — should have been ignored.

I noted that everything I have learned from a lifetime of teaching the Bible and religion led me to value the notion of positively assessing people who may have sinned when young but have led a truly upright life for a long time as adults. As I asked on my radio show, will people clamor to remove sainthood from St. Augustine because of his sinful life as young man?

The other point I made concerned the issue of women’s empowerment. In this regard, I cited the statement released by Susanna Jones, head of Holton-Arms School, the private preparatory school for girls in Bethesda, Maryland, that Kavanaugh’s accuser attended: “As a school that empowers women to use their voices, we are proud of this alumna for using hers.”


Dianne Feinstein: 'I Have No Way of Knowing' if Ford Will Testify Thursday

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said Tuesday she does not know if California psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford — who recently brought forth an allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — will testify Thursday.

Asked whether she expects Ford to testify before the Senate Judicial Committee Thursday if outside counsel is slated to ask the accuser questions, Feinstein replied “I have no way of knowing” if she will show up.

NEW: Sen. Feinstein, D-Ca, just told me "I have no way of knowing" if Dr. Ford is actually going to show up to Kavanaugh hearing Thursday - if outside counsel is asking the questions


Ronan Admits Dems Pressured Accuser to ‘Remember’

Oops! Farrow slips up during interview

Just shy of the 1 year anniversary of his Pulitzer Prize-winning expose of Harvey Weinstein, Ronan Farrow is desperate to appease the gods of #MeToo & the Democrat Party, admitting that the shaky allegations he reported against Kavanaugh were brought out because Democrats were pressuring the woman and “backing her into a corner.” What?

Grassley Schedules Kavanaugh Vote For Friday Morning

Following an intense week of salacious claims against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has scheduled the confirmation vote for Friday morning at 9:30 a.m., following Thursday's planned testimony by both Kavanaugh and accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

View image on Twitter

Byron York

Grassley sends out notice of business meeting for Friday morning, if Judiciary Committee is ready to vote on Kavanaugh then.
6:44 PM - Sep 25, 2018

Subject: Sanders Throws Keith Ellison, Cory Booker In ABC’s Face When Asked About Kavanaugh

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed to hypocrisy in the Democratic Party’s concern over alleged sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, in a Tuesday morning interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Sanders was pressed on whether President Donald Trump had already made up his mind on whether Kavanaugh’s accusers were lying and whether it demonstrates a pattern in his behavior.

“When Roy Moore is accused, when Bill O’Reilly is accused, when Roger Ailes is accused, when Rob Porter is accused, and now when Brett Kavanaugh is accused, the president consistently every single time takes the side of the man,” “GMA” host George Stephanopoulos told Sanders.

“You know, it’s interesting that you say that,” she replied. “It’s a lot of Democrats that like to ignore Keith Ellison and Cory Booker. They love to fight and champion women until they disagree with them.”


Teacher fired for refusing to give students credit for homework not turned in

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WCMH) -- Should students get credit for work not handed in?

One Florida teacher said no, took a stand, and now she's been fired for that move.

Motivation, inspiration-- that's what Diana Tirado strives to provide her students as a longtime teacher.

"Teaching is a calling for me," Tirado told NBC affiliate WPTV.

So she thought the same when she started teaching 8th grade history at West Gate in Port Saint Lucie last month.

But then she assigned an explorer notebook project that many students didn’t turn in.

It was at this point Tirado found out about what she says is the school's no zero policy reflected here in the student and parent handbook.

"But what if they don't turn it in, and they say we'll give them a 50. Oh no we don't," said Tirado.

Tirado was terminated on September 14 but there's no clause mentioned in the letter from the principal since she was still in her probationary period.


Liberals Fear Avenatti Is Derailing Their Plans To Stop Kavanaugh. Avenatti Says They ‘Have No Idea What They’re Talking About’

Democrats and liberal pundits are uneasy about the way left-wing attorney Michael Avenatti has inserted himself into the controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but Avenatti doesn’t plan on backing down.

Avenatti claims to have evidence — which he has not yet produced — that Kavanaugh was involved in a series of gang rapes in high school. When asked about Avenatti’s claim during a Fox News interview Monday, Kavanaugh volunteered that he remained a virgin through high school and several years afterward.

Senate Democrats have been hesitant to promote Avenatti’s claims and liberal pundits have expressed alarm that if Avenatti is bluffing, he could harm their efforts to stop Kavanaugh.

“We don’t know who Michael Avenatti’s clients actually are. But if he’s overhyped the information he has for attention, he will have done real damage to the anti-Kavanaugh efforts — and will deserve to be exiled from cable TV and public life,” wrote Vox blogger Zack Beauchamp.


Hidden in Plain Sight: Understanding Federal Efforts to Stop Human Trafficking

Chairwoman McSally, Ranking Member Vela, and distinguished members of the Subcommittee. 

Thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today to discuss the role of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in investigating human traffickers and protecting victims. Fighting all forms of modern day slavery is one of ICE’s top operational goals, specifically to “disrupt and dismantle organized human smuggling and trafficking.” As one of 26 Special Agents in Charge, I can attest to the pervasiveness of the crime, as well as the vital role ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) plays in investigating human trafficking crimes, assisting victims, and bringing perpetrators to justice. I am also honored to have our partners in the fight against human trafficking on the panel with me today, including; DHS Office of Partnership and Engagement, Assistant Secretary John Hill, who oversees the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Blue Campaign, and Assistant Attorney General John Gore from the Department of Justice (DOJ). 

ICE HSI is the leader in combatting transnational criminal organizations engaged in human trafficking. ICE HSI conducts more than 1,000 human trafficking investigations annually, identifies and assists hundreds of victims, conducts extensive local outreach and training to generate leads, and trains foreign law enforcement partners on human trafficking through International Law Enforcement Academies (ILEA). As a lead federal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating human trafficking, we leverage our global operational apparatus of more than 200 domestic offices and 67 international offices in 50 countries. This global footprint allows HSI to be strategically situated to work with law enforcement partners, as well as non-governmental organizations, which bring human trafficking tips and leads to HSI Special Agents worldwide.


Newt: The REAL question for Thursday's hearing -- Who governs America?

If not Judge Kavanaugh, then who? This is the question Republicans should ask themselves as they prepare for Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

If this decent human being, with an exemplary record as husband, father, friend, and judge can be smeared and maligned, who is going to be capable of surviving the left’s ruthless dishonesty and willingness to lie, intimidate, and destroy?

If the left can succeed in vilifying someone with Judge Kavanaugh’s integrity and record, they will be in a position to say to President Trump, “nominate a moderate who is acceptable to us or we will smear your next nominee into rejection, too.”

Republicans should have no doubt what is at stake in the current desperate, despicable, dishonest smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh.

The absurdity of the most recent New Yorker smear should make clear what this fight is about – power. When an anti-conservative story is so phony that The New York Times can’t bring itself to publish it, you know it is absurd. The New Yorker has set a new low for defamatory articles with no foundation in facts.

The very dishonesty of The New Yorker smear seems to have liberated Senator McConnell and others to be blunt about the character assassination that is underway.


Chinese student accused of spying on US engineers

A Chinese citizen living in Chicago was arrested Tuesday for allegedly spying on U.S. engineers and scientists, including defense contractors, on behalf of the Chinese government, federal prosecutors said.

Ji Chaoqun, 27, has been charged with one count of knowingly acting in the U.S. as an agent of a foreign government without prior notification of the attorney general, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago. He allegedly worked at the direction of high-ranking intelligence officials with the People's Republic of China and was tasked with providing information about eight people for possible recruitment.

A criminal complaint says Ji came to the U.S. in 2013 on a student visa to study engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves in 2016.


Grassley Sends Scathing Letter to Feinstein – Refuses to Postpone Thursday’s Hearing – Warns About False Statements Made to Congress

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent ranking member of the Committee Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) a scathing letter Tuesday afternoon shooting down Feinstein’s demands to postpone Thursday’s hearing.

Grassley accused Feinstein and Senate Democrats of hiding Ford and Ramirez accusations from the Senate Judiciary Committee while secretly working with the mainstream media to circulate Kavanaugh smears.

Senator Grassley then warned about Ms. Ramirez’s flimsy accusations against Kavanaugh as reported in the New Yorker, “As you know, false statements made to the press are not subject to criminal penalty, but false statements to Congress are.”

Screenshot of Grassley’s letter to Feinstein:

Jordan: Spending Bill that Funds Planned Parenthood and Not a Wall ‘Unacceptable’

It is less than one week until the September 30 deadline to fund the federal government. While many lawmakers think the bill passed by the Senate will fly in the House, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is not one of them.

“This bill funds things we said we wouldn’t, like Planned Parenthood, but doesn’t fund things we said we would, like the border security wall,” Jordan said in an Associated Press (AP) report. “That’s unacceptable.”

“Republicans need to actually do what we said,” Jordan said.

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., who, like Jordan, is a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, warned that if Republicans want to avoid a “blue wave” in November’s midterms, the GOP needs to fund the wall in the spending bill.

“You want to stanch a blue wave,” Biggs said.“Then keep your promises — and one of those promises is to build the wall.”


Constant Kavanaugh coverage, minuscule Ellison attention proves 'striking' double standard, critics say

Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been under a microscope, with a barrage of media coverage since he was hit with sexual misconduct allegations. But the same media largely ignores physical and verbal harassment claims against Rep. Keith Ellison, a top Democratic National Committee (DNC) official.

NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck told Fox News that the “double standard is striking” when comparing coverage of damaging allegations against Kavanaugh and Ellison.

“The networks have shown an incredible disregard for Ellison's accuser and her supporting evidence, which is far more than what's been alleged so far in either case against Judge Kavanaugh,” Houck said. “Ellison knows that his voters will overwhelmingly support him, so the desire to fight or even respond to these claims is minimal.”

The accusations made against Ellison have barely been covered by the broadcast news networks – where many voters still consume their news. There have only been 3 minutes and 28 seconds of Ellison coverage on CBS, with none on ABC or NBC during their morning and evening newscasts, according to the Media Research Center.

More duplicity here

Minnesota Democrats’ ‘Independent’ Ellison Investigation Handled By Their Own Lawyer’s Partner

Minnesota Democrats’ self-described “independent” investigation into domestic abuse allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison is being handled by the party attorney’s legal partner.

Ellison, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee and nominee for Minnesota attorney general, is accused of physically and emotionally abusing his ex-girlfriend, liberal Sierra Club activist Karen Monahan. Ellison has repeatedly denied Monahan’s accusations.

Minneapolis lawyer Susan Ellingstad took over the Ellison investigation from the state party’s attorney following Ellison’s primary victory in August, the Associated Press reportedTuesday.

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chairman Ken Martin told the AP they hired Ellingstad to make sure the investigation “wouldn’t be colored by people with associations with the party.”


Monsanto's glyphosate weedkiller harms honeybees, research finds

The world’s most used weedkiller damages the beneficial bacteria in the guts of honeybees and makes them more prone to deadly infections, new research has found.

Previous studies have shown that pesticides such as neonicotinoids cause harm to bees, whose pollination is vital to about three-quarters of all food crops. Glyphosate, manufactured by Monsanto, targets an enzyme only found in plants and bacteria.

However, the new study shows that glyphosate damages the microbiota that honeybees need to grow and to fight off pathogens. The findings show glyphosate, the most used agricultural chemical ever, may be contributing to the global decline in bees, along with the loss of habitat.

“We demonstrated that the abundances of dominant gut microbiota species are decreased in bees exposed to glyphosate at concentrations documented in the environment,” said Erick Motta and colleagues from University of Texas at Austin in their new paper. They found that young worker bees exposed to glyphosate exposure died more often when later exposed to a common bacterium.

Other research, from China and published in July, showed that honeybee larvae grew more slowly and died more often when exposed to glyphosate.


The Game is Rigged: Congress Invites No Consumer Privacy Advocates to its Consumer Privacy Hearing

The Senate Commerce Committee is getting ready to host a much-anticipated hearing on consumer privacy—and consumer privacy groups don’t get a seat at the table. Instead, the Committee is seeking only the testimony of big tech and Internet access corporations: Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Charter Communications, Google, and Twitter. Some of these companies have spent heavily to oppose consumer privacy legislation and have never supported consumer privacy laws. They know policymakers are considering new privacy protections, and are likely to view this hearing as a chance to encourage Congress to adopt the weakest privacy protections possible—and eviscerate stronger state protections at the same time.

It is no coincidence that, in the past week, two leading industry groups (the Chamber of Commerceand the Internet Association) have called for federal preemption of state data privacy laws in exchange for weaker federal protections. For example, laws inCalifornia and Illinois require companies to have userconsent to certain uses of their personal information (Nevada and Minnesota have these requirements for Internet access providers), while the industry proposals would only require transparency. That means that companies would be allowed to collect information without your permission as long as they tell you they’re doing it. The upcoming hearing at the Senate Commerce Committee may be the launch pad for this strategy of undoing stronger state laws.


Hearing in Doubt? Christine Ford’s Lawyer Rips Senate Plan to Have Prosecutor Ask Questions

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford‘s legal team has sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee amid continuous negotiations ahead of Thursday’s scheduled hearing.

In the letter addressed to Sen. Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Ford’s legal team cites Sen. Majority Leader’s Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) speech on the Senate floor on Monday afternoon as “flatly inconsistent” with Grassley’s promise of a “fair and credible process.”

“In our view, the hiring of an unnamed ‘experienced sex crimes prosecutor’ as Mr. Davis described in his email, is contrary to the Majority’s repeated emphasis on the need for the Senate and this Committee’s members to fulfill their constitutional obligations,” attorney Michael Bromwich wrote.

[Rush Limbaugh: You’re never gonna hear from her! She’s never gonna show up. ]

2 Huskies at Wicomico Humane Society Up For Adoption

Google Chrome Begins ‘Syncing’ All Browser Data to Your Identity Without Asking

Google users are concerned about their browsing privacy after a recent update at Google secretly logs Chrome browser users into their online Google accounts, syncing data without asking, a move one expert says has “enormous implications for user privacy and trust.”

As detailed by cryptographer and professor Matthew Green on his blog on Sunday, Google made the change several weeks ago.

“Due to Chrome’s new user-unfriendly forced login policy — I won’t be using it going forward,” declared professor Green. “A few weeks ago Google shipped an update to Chrome that fundamentally changes the sign-in experience. From now on, every time you log into a Google property (for example, Gmail), Chrome will automatically sign the browser into your Google account for you. It’ll do this without asking, or even explicitly notifying you.”

“Your sole warning — in the event that you’re looking for it — is that your Google profile picture will appear in the upper-right hand corner of the browser window. I noticed mine the other day,” he continued, adding that the “update has huge implications for Google and the future of Chrome.”

“Nobody on the Chrome development team can provide a clear rationale for why this change was necessary, and the explanations they’ve given don’t make any sense.

More here

Pull Up Your Pants

How Following A High-Carb Diet Can Help You Lose Weight, Melt Fat

Avoiding carbohydrates to keep a slim figure? You may want to rethink the decision. A new study finds that high-carb diets can actually help you lose weight, trim fat, and even boost insulin function — but don’t start chowing down on bagels and croissants just yet.

Researchers from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a non-profit that supports following a vegan diet, say the key is to consume whole, complex carbohydrates found in produce or foods made from whole grains. Their findings were published this month in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients.

“Fad diets often lead people to fear carbohydrates. But the research continues to show that healthy carbohydrates — from fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains — are the healthiest fuel for our bodies,” says lead study author Dr. Hana Kahleova, the director of clinical research for the PCRM, in a media release.

For the study, the authors recruited 75 overweight adults to take part in the 16-week trial. Thirty-eight of the participants were asked to follow a plant-based, low-fat diet that allowed the individuals to consume as many calories and carbohydrates as they liked during the study period. But they had to avoid all animal products, foods with added oils, and could only consume up to 30 grams of fat each day.


Kavanaugh Accuser Issues Another Demand, Wants To Limit Media Present In Hearing

Christine Blasey Ford, through her attorneys, is seeking to limit press coverage of Thursday’s scheduled Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

According to emails uncovered and reported on by The Washington Times, Blasey Ford’s lawyers are negotiating specifics on media coverage with Republicans on the committee.

Michael Bromwich said in emails sent Tuesday afternoon that he was requesting access for three “robocams,” three specific wire services, photographers from the Associated Press, Reuters and one unspecified service, and a pool reporter for newspapers and magazines. In a follow-up email he specified that the robocams should be operated by “the CSPAN TV pool,” and said he also wanted space for a radio reporter.

Although press is sometimes limited because of space restrictions and the identities of some witnesses are sometimes shielded, “longtime Capitol Hill watchers struggled to think of precedent for a witness dictating terms of press coverage,” the Times reported.


IRS Employee Says ‘Evidence,’ Emails Deleted in Coverup

In the fourth installment of Project Veritas’ investigative video series into the “Deep State,” two subjects identified as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials appear to condone the agency’s “unjust treatment” of conservative non-profit organizations — and one seems to affirm allegations that the former IRS commissioner appointed by Barack Obama deleted evidence to cover up that scandal.

One of its subjects, identified by Project Veritas as IRS attorney Jerry Semasek, says “mistakes were made” in the agency’s handling of the agency’s 2013 discrimination scandal, in which multiple 501(c)(4) groups with phrases like “tea party” or “patriots” in their names received extra scrutiny. Judicial Watch, a perennial investigator of the scandal, described it this way: “President Obama’s IRS was used against his opponents to help him win re-election.”

In another undercover meetup, Project Veritas shows a man identified as Thomas Sheehy — an IRS tax examiner and member of the far-left group Austin Democratic Socialists of America in Texas — appearing to praise former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen’s handling of the scandal, claiming the agency official couldn’t be held accountable “because he deleted all the emails.”

“Conservatives got really mad at him,” Sheehy purportedly says on camera. “He was so cool, though, because he deleted all the emails, so they could not hold any evidence against him.”

“Yeah, I don’t give a s**t if that is a crime for doing that because… you should give increased scrutiny to those groups because a lot of them are just f***ing fronts for the Koch brothers or whatever,” Sheehy said of the move.


Biden Dismissed FBI Report Had Any Value During Anita Hill – Clarence Thomas Hearings: POWERFUL!!!

W. Virginia's Decision to Allow Smartphone Voting for Midterms Raises Serious Security Concerns

For the first time in our nation's history, voters in 24 counties in W. Virginia will be able to vote using their mobile phones. While some are hailing the decision because it will make voting easier for members of the military deployed overseas, others are warning of possible security breaches.

"After researching previously available options, the Secretary’s team identified that most electronic ballot delivery technology required access to a desktop computer, printer and scanner, all of which present significant barriers to overseas voters, especially those in combat zones or engaged in covert operations," the W. Virginia Secretary of State's office explained in a press release this week. The state is partnering with a Boston, Massachusetts-based company called Voatz, Inc.

"Voatz has developed a secure mobile voting application that allows voters to receive, vote, and return their ballots electronically," the press release claims.


Cancel Fruitland Missing Juvenile

Angelina returned home on her own. She was unharmed.

Yale study: Illegal immigrant population possibly triple previous estimates

Professors at Yale University have roiled the immigration debate with a new study calculating there are between 16 million and 30 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. — as much as three times more than most demographers figure.

The professors’ model looked at estimates of how many people came illegally, and how many people likely left, and concluded there are a lot more people who arrived than the 11 million suggested by traditional estimates. The model says the most likely figure is double that, at about 22 million.

If true, the numbers would mean U.S. officials have done a poorer job of catching illegal immigrants than imagined, and that one out of every nine people living in the U.S. is here illegally.


Bill Cosby's star will not be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bill Cosby is about to spend the next three to 10 years in prison for sexual assault, but that doesn’t seem to phase the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in the least bit.

In a statement Tuesday, officials said the convicted comedian would be allowed to keep his star on the Walk of Fame — despite widespread calls to remove it.

“The stars only commemorate the recipient’s professional accomplishments,” the statement said, describing the Walk of Fame as a “historical record of entertainment figures past and present.”

“Once installed, the stars become part of the historic fabric of the Walk of Fame … and are intended to be permanent,” officials added. “It is regrettable when the personal lives of inductees do not measure up to public standards and expectations; however, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce does not remove stars from the Walk of Fame.”


Pudding Pops

President Donald Trump SHOCKS President Moon of South Korea at the Free Trade Ceremony

The Timeline...

African Migrant Warns Italy to Close Borders to Prevent Civil War

Says new migrants poorly prepared for Western society

Italy’s Interior Minister receives support for his anti-migration policy from an unusual side.

Mohamed Konare, an African migrant who has lived more than two decades in Italy, advises the country to shut its borders.


Ramirez's Yale Classmates Deny Kavanaugh Allegations, Trump Supports Judge

WASHINGTON, DC – The second woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of inappropriate drunken behavior, Deborah Ramirez, admits “significant gaps in her memories” regarding the college party in question. Critics note her allegations come after six days of consulting with a Democratic lawyer, other persons she claims were at the party deny her account, and even her college best friend admits, “I never heard of it.”

Despite focused efforts by Democratic political operatives and left-wing lawyer Debra Katz, the recent account of Christine Blasey Ford appears to be unraveling. Each of the four people she claimed to be present at a 1982 party where she claimed an intoxicated 17-year-old Kavanaugh groped her have either denied her account or said they have no knowledge of it.

As that line of attack on President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee falters, another Democrat-supported accuser has suddenly emerged.


The Four Disastrous Presidential Policies That Are Destroying The Nation

The nation is failing as a direct consequence of these four catastrophic policies.

It's admittedly a tough task to select the four most disastrous presidential policies of the past 60 years, given the great multitude to choose from. Here are my top choices and the reasons why I selected these from a wealth of policy disasters.

1. President Johnson's expansion of the Vietnam War, which set the stage for President Nixon's continuation of that disastrous war for an additional five years.

For those who missed the 30-minute lecture on the Vietnam War in history class, Johnson took a low-intensity guerrilla war in South Vietnam in which the U.S. was supporting a corrupt and venal South Vietnamese elite and expanded it into a full-blown war with over 500,000 troops on the ground and numerous other forces engaged in a vast regional conflict.

Johnson's basic motivation was domestic politics: being a domestic political animal, Johnson was obsessed by the possibility that the Republicans could accuse the Democrats of being "soft on Communism" and win congressional seats in the next election if he declared victory and withdrew from Vietnam.

To insure this wouldn't happen, Johnson relentlessly pursued a war in ways that guaranteed it couldn't be won while killing and maiming millions of people, mostly civilians, and squandering the lives of U.S. servicemen and women.


She's lying

Kavanaugh's accuser is lying.

Her story has so many holes that it looks like Swiss cheese. Her ever increasing demands, made through her feminist attorney – a dead ringer for Skeletor – and her whiny excuses for not attending (she says she's afraid of flying – a psychologist who has never received therapy for this very easily treatable phobia?) are simply a transparent tactic to delay, if not derail, the confirmation until the blue wave of the elections paralyzes all future nominations. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure this out. Needless to say, Da Sisters are behind her in full shrieking mode.

The shrieking feminists insist that she should be automatically believed, she should not be "bullied" (i.e., questioned or doubted). "The poor rape victim" meme has totally saturated society, to the point that it is considered to be the height of boorishness to question the veracity of an accusation of rape. In this day and age, accusation is simply enough to derail careers, especially since the leftist media are complicit. The accuser must not be doubted. After all, women are incapable of lying. Or manipulation.

Here are a number of instances where a so-called rape victim lied through her teeth, whatever her motivation might have been:


Dems Ignore Keith Ellison Abuse Claims Despite Actual Evidence From Female Accuser

As Democratic leaders continue to call for feds to investigate decades-old "credible" sexual harassment claims against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the same Democrats, with the exception of Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, continue to remain largely silent over claimsby two women who have accused Six term congressman and Deputy DNC Chair Keith Ellison of physical and verbal abuse.

In August, Ellison's former partner, Karen, Monahan, accused him of verbal and physical abuse - including repeated insults, emotional manipulation, infidelity and an incident in which Ellison dragged her off a bed by her legs and told her to "get the fuck out" of his house.

Karen Monahan@KarenMonahan01

No, they don't. I've been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party. I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing and healing from the abuse
8:44 AM - Sep 17, 2018


Feelings Don't Care About Your Facts

My fellow Americans: I feel like I need to say this.

A lot of you are angry. You're concerned about what's going on right now, and you're worried about the future. You're disgusted by the actions of your political opponents, and you feel hope and anticipation whenever there's the slightest possibility that their goals will be thwarted. You're filled with dread when they're winning, and you're lifted into paroxysms of joyous schadenfreude when they fail.

Good news: Those feelings are all you need! If there was ever a time in American history when it was worthwhile to pay attention to facts and evidence, those days are over. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of the early 21st century, choosing to go with your gut has never been easier or more effective. Name the outrage, and you're just a click away from the corresponding mob.

But let's back up for a minute. Let's say, just for the purposes of example, that you really wanted Hillary Clinton to be elected president in 2016. You didn't care what anybody said about her, because that just proved they were terrified of a strong, independent woman who blazed a trail through American history by marrying a guy who later got elected president. You were devastated when she lost because it confirmed your belief that this country hates women.* The pussy-grabber defeated the pussy-possessor, and it plunged you into despair. Nothing could ever be good again. The evil Republicans were well on the way to transforming America into The Handmaid's Tale. All hope was lost.


As Flu Scare Tactics Unfold

As the Earth begins to tilt away from the sun in winter, North America prepares for the seasonal spread of influenza. The annual flu scare promulgated by public health agencies is now underway. The public is told: “Next flu pandemic could be ‘DEADLIER than Spanish flu’ – wiping out 400 million across the globe,” say news reports.

Given recent evidence that news agencies spread fake news for political purposes, one would think by now the public would have caught onto this scare tactic as the Centers For Disease Control serves as a shill for vaccine manufacturers.

The news reports admit influenza viruses are unstable and rapidly mutate. But they never say they rapidly mutate into less deadly strains mid-flu season. Got to sell millions of doses of flu vaccine or they go unused.

Even worse, the public may be coerced to inoculate against the flu even though public health agencies know beforehand the vaccine will be ineffective.


Friends say Maryland Rite Aid shooter was transgender and felt alienated, but 'wasn't a monster'

Snochia Moseley, 26, was at breaking point when she killed three people and herself in a shooting at a Rite Aid warehouse on Thursday, friends say.

Moseley opened fire at her workplace at 9.06am, after arriving at the distribution facility in Enterprise Business Park. She shot outside the building, before continuing her rampage inside.

Friend Toni Coley, who has known the woman since high school, told the Baltimore Sun Moseley often felt alienated, but she 'wasn’t a monster, wasn’t an angry person'.