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Monday, December 03, 2018

Secret Santa

Commander Of US Navy's Middle East Fleet Found Dead

After only seven months leading the US Navy's Fifth fleet, Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Scott Stearney - who led the American Navy presence in the Middle East from its base in Bahrain - has been found dead in his residence, the Navy announced Saturday evening.

Stearney, a Chicago native and graduate of the University of Notre Dame, assumed control of the fleet from Vice Adm. John C. Aquilino back in May after Aquilino had served in the role for only eight months. He was in his late fifties at the time of his death.

The circumstances surrounding the admiral's death are not yet known. Bahrainian authorities are cooperating in an investigation, according to a statement released by the Navy.

"The Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Bahraini Ministry of Interior are cooperating on the investigation, but at this time no foul play is suspected," said Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson.

Navy Chief of Operations John Richardson broke the news in a brief video posted to the Navy's twitter account.


We Hear You: No, Those Migrants Have No 'Right' to Cross Our Border

Editor’s note: Nolan Peterson’s reporting from the U.S.-bound “caravan” of migrants rang bells with The Daily Signal’s audience, and you’re not shy about sharing your views. Most of today’s mailbag is devoted to those comments. Our address is—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: While I feel great compassion for these people in Nolan Peterson’s report, who have been assembled by others with an agenda that uses them as pawns in their subterfuge, I am adamant that the only proper response to this event is to deport, deflect, or deny them (“‘It’s Your Right to Go to the US’: What I Saw When I Visited the Migrant Caravan”).

If the migrants are permitted to enter, this will balloon out of all existing proportion to a massive crisis, worse than Europe has seen. Literally millions are watching to see the outcome.

The only reasonable response is to deny them all entry, in a most public fashion that sends a signal to others waiting to see what happens that this is not the answer.

If the citizens of these Central American countries are intent on reaching the U.S. because their governments are unwilling to defend their rights to life, liberty, and property, it would seem the best answer is to help them change their governments. That would be the best outcome for all.—Michael Bowler


Why Does America Spend So Much on Israel?

Governor Larry Hogan Declares Maryland State Government Closure for State Funeral of President George H.W. Bush

State Offices Will be Closed Wednesday, December 5, to Honor Late President

Governor Larry Hogan has declared that Maryland state government agencies and offices will be closed on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, as a mark of respect for President George H.W. Bush's lifetime of service and unwavering dedication to our country.

“Today, I ask that you take time to remember and honor the immeasurable contributions of President George H.W. Bush and his legacy of principled leadership, decency, and commitment to our nation,” said Governor Hogan. “This is just one small way the citizens of an eternally grateful state can pay tribute to a truly great American.”

This declaration coincides with a national day of mourning, federal government closure, and a memorial service for President Bush at National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., which Governor Hogan will attend.

Click here for further details on the closure.

Two More Blood Pressure Drugs Recalled

Two more brands of popular blood pressure meds are joining a lengthening list of recalls due to suspected contaminants.

All lots of amlodipine/valsartan and amlodipine/valsartan/hydrochlorothiazidecombination blood pressure tablets have been recalled by Teva Pharmaceuticals due to higher-than-acceptable levels of a chemical that may cause cancer.

The impurity in the tablets is N-nitroso-diethylamine (NDEA), which has been classified as a probable human carcinogen. Minute amounts of the chemical occur in certain foods, drinking water, air pollution, and some industrial processes.

To date, Teva has not received any reports of harm linked with the recalled tablets.


Government Now Wants To Seize Your Car For Going 5MPH Over The Limit

We’ve discussed this on and off for several years now. Civil asset forfeiture is a legal process that allows the government to seize assets and cash from citizens without any due process or judicial oversight.

You don’t even have to be charged with a crime. You are assumed guilty unless you can somehow prove your innocence

Of course, not everyone has this ability… if you aren’t local, state, or federal law enforcement, this is called stealing, and you go to prison.

But the government is actually a bigger problem than common thieves.

A 2015 report showed that law enforcement used civil asset forfeiture to steal more from US residents than every thief, robber, and burglar in America combined.

About $4.5 BILLION worth of cash, cars, homes, and other property is taken by civil asset forfeiture each year - hundreds of millions more than common criminals steal.


Judge OKs sanctuary cities, rules anti-sanctuary law unconstitutional

A federal judge in New York has ruled the Trump sanctuary city crackdown illegal Friday — but even went further and also ruled the law Congress passed requiring information-sharing is unconstitutional.

Judge Edgardo Ramos‘ decision frees sanctuary jurisdictions in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Washington, Massachusetts and Virginia to continue their policies without fear of losing federal money.

The judge said the Trump administration attempted to write new conditions of cooperation, including notifying the feds of illegal immigrants ready for pickup, beyond what Congress had authorized. He said it is up to Congress to decide those conditions.

“The separation of powers acts as a check on tyranny and the concentration of power,” the judge wrote

But beyond that, the judge ruled Section 1373 of immigration law, which requires at least some level of information-sharing, to be a violation of the Constitution’s Tenth Amendment, which prohibits federal interference with state powers.


The deer he shot jumped off a cliff, but that was just the beginning of the adventure

For the past several years, Robbie Nickels of Searsmont has been playing a game of cat-and-mouse with a rather large deer while hunting on an island 5 miles off the Maine coast.

Nickels, 51, serves as the caretaker on Lasell Island, which is due east of Camden. And during frequent deer hunting adventures, he has been constantly outwitted by the eight-point buck.

Not any more. Kind of.

On Nov. 15, Nickels was hunting on the privately owned island, as was his adult daughter, Kristen.

Not long before sunset, while hunkered down near a stone wall, Nickels watched as his old nemesis came walking across a field, directly toward him.


Comey Strikes Deal For Congressional Testimony After Being Slapped With Subpoena

Fired FBI director James Comey tweeted on Sunday that he has reached a deal with GOP lawmakers regarding his upcoming testimony before congress regarding allegations of political bias at the FBI and DOJ.

Comey had previously rejected an October request by the House Judiciary Committee to appear at a closed door hearing - stating instead that he would only testify in public. After a Thanksgiving subpoena, the former FBI director vowed to "resist" unless the testimony was in an open setting - tweeting that he had "seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion," in reference to the Judiciary Committee - and filed a motion to quash the subpoena.


Tomi Lahren: Simple Advice, Don't Touch People Who Don't Want to Be Touched

Honestly, it seems like everyone is either a rapist or an accuser these days.

In her newest Final Thoughts commentary, Tomi Lahren reacts to allegations that Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) groped a woman, and the series of allegations against Judge Roy Moore (R-Ala.) and Harvey Weinstein.

It's time for final thoughts and I think I speak for most Americans when I say, isn't it sad we can't focus on immigration, healthcare and tax reform because instead, we have to devote all our attention to dudes who can't keep their hands to themselves?

Honestly, it seems like everyone is either a rapist or an accuser these days.

Whether you're a candidate, a sitting representative, a Hollywood producer, or the former president, here's some advice, don't touch people who don't want to be touched.

It's really that simple.


#MeToo accuser interrupts tributes to revive groping allegations against George H.W. Bush

Amid the many fulsome tributes to former President George H. W. Bush, who died Friday at 94, some coverage was less laudatory.

The claims he had groped eight women that came to light toward the end of his life were highlighted in a piece on Vox, in which journalist and #MeToo accuser Laura McGann argued they were a part of evaluating the 41st president's legacy.

"Sexual harassment or assault can’t be bracketed off as part of a politician’s private life. It’s an important part of the story of their leadership, their use of power, and their policy. The same is true for Bush," wrote McGann, who has written extensively on the #MeToo movement aimed at holding powerful men accountable for sexual misdeeds..


Brenda Snipes rescinds resignation as Broward County elections chief

Brenda Snipes has rescinded her resignation as Broward County elections supervisor, vowing to fight the immediate suspension slapped on her by outgoing Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott for alleged misconduct.

Snipes' change of heart was announced by Burnadette Norris-Weeks, counsel to the Broward County supervisor of elections' office, on Saturday, following Scott's signing of an executive order Friday to replace Snipes, a Democrat, with Republican Peter Antonacci, Scott's former general counsel.

Scott, who is set to join Congress in the new year as the next senator from Florida, cited complaints against Snipes for “misfeasance, incompetence and neglect of duty." It is unclear how the order will affect the $71,000 a year pension Snipes was due to receive when she stepped down from the post.


No New Tariffs: Trump Wins Trade War With China

U.S. President Donald Trump was able to extract a number of concessions from Chinese President Xi Jinping in exchange for not imposing any new tariffs on Chinese goods.

Trump reached a major agreement while meeting with the world’s top leaders over the weekend. At the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Trump and Xi spoke for two and a half hours Saturday night — an hour longer than previously scheduled. The meeting, which Trump called “amazing and productive,” has temporarily staved off an escalating trade battle between the world’s two biggest economies.

Xi agreed to immediately begin buying more agricultural products from American farmers, along with a pledge to purchase more industrial and energy products. While the specifics of the trade agreements have not been announced, the White House says the deal will help correct the trade imbalance between China and the U.S. Xi has also agreed to a number of cybersecurity and property theft concessions

Additionally, China has also agreed to label the opioid fentanyl as a controlled substance, making anyone who sells fentanyl to the U.S. subjected to harsher penalties under Chinese law. The labeling will help the federal government as it fights an historic death rate from opioid overdose.


Dem Jayapal Joins Migrant Caravan for Border Crossing, Helps 5 Asylum Seekers Enter U.S.

Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (Wash.) joined the migrant caravan on Saturday in their attempt to cross the border, condemning President Donald Trump for "creating the crisis." She said she was able to help five asylum seekers gain access to the United States.

"I was able to successfully assist 5 asylum seekers – 2 unaccompanied minors, a mother and her 9 year old child, and a young man with a serious medical condition – into the United States," she wrote in a tweet.

The five people she assisted were initially denied entry.

"Initially they were denied, in violation of U.S. and international law, but I was able to intervene and ensure that they could simply present themselves for asylum in the United States," she said in a followup tweet.


Farm Bust, Trade Wars, US About To Lose Top Global Soybean Exporter Status

Last week, Americans learned depressed commodity prices and the escalating China-US trade war had sparked a farm bust across the Midwest region, sending farm bankruptcies to levels not seen since the great financial crisis.

Farmers fear China will never return to US soybean markets, as they have now explored new sources in South America.

According to Hellenic Shipping News, new evidence shows the US is "about to lose its leading position in global soybean exports to South American countries in 2019 as China seeks new import sources" because of President Trump's trade disputes with China.

Argentina, a significant global soybean producer, will dramatically boost its soy exports to China from an average of 7-8 million tons in the last several years, up to 10-15 million tons in 2019, Nicolas Pawlusiak, a spokesperson with the Rosario Board of Trade, which is based in Argentina, told the Global Times last week.

Pawlusiak said the growth in soybean exports from South American countries is directly due to the decline in US exports to China.

US-China trade war shifts soybeans destinations

"China, normally the destination for 60% of all US soybean exports, slashed imports after raising tariffs on US shipments on July 06," reported Reuters.


Maryland woman stabbed to death after rolling down car window to give woman money, police say

A Maryland woman was stabbed to death Saturday after she rolled down her car window to give money to a woman who was holding a sign that read, “Please help me feed my baby,” police said.

Jacquelyn Smith, 52, was killed around 12:30 a.m. Saturday while she was in her automobile with two other relatives in Baltimore after attending a family gathering, FOX Baltimore reported. Smith was in the front passenger seat when she spotted a woman who appeared to be holding a baby and a cardboard sign asking for help.

“This was a good Samaritan who saw an individual holding a sign, who appeared to be down on her luck,” said Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore police’s public information officer. “So, they stopped the car and gave her money.”


Another Turbulent Week with Some Big Mysteries

Still Winning

This week the President signed a new trade deal with Mexico, Canada, and Argentina, a deal far more favorable to our interests than the now discarded NAFTA deal.

In the same time frame, our master negotiator hosted the first trilateral meeting with Japan and India, which should also boost the economy and which includes defense and military purchases. Merry Christmas, Xi.

Comey: Still a Loser

On the home front, Mueller and Comey keep looking worse and worse. Previously, former FBI Director James Comey refused to answer 100 questions when he testified before Congress because the hearings were public. Now, the House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed him to take his deposition, allowing him to testify in a closed setting. He ran to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking to quash the subpoena because he claimed his testimony might be selectively leaked. Judge Magistrate Trevor McFadden drew Comey’s counsel’s admission that there was no case law supporting his position. The government noted that Comey was free to publicly disclose his testimony after the deposition, and that, moreover, a transcript would be provided him 24 hours after his testimony which he was free to release in whole. Comey’s counsel told Judge McFadden “Here’s your opportunity, judge to make some law.” The judge said he would decide the case Monday at 10 a.m. I wouldn’t bet that he’ll make new law. The deposition, in the meantime, is now scheduled for this Tuesday. Doubtless, Comey is playing for time and the installation of a Democratic majority in the House and we can expect more shenanigans from the former FBI head.


Mueller's Perjury Traps

Dropping Paul Manafort as a cooperating witness ruins his credibility as far as anything he told Mueller and any testimony he may be forced to give with respect to that. The lies Mueller is alleging are almost certainly an exercise of Mueller’s specialty, the “perjury trap” he is trying to set for President Trump. It must be assumed the Special Counsel has proof of Manafort’s lies.

Manafort’s defense team has been working with the president’s lawyers since the inception of his plea agreement. The president’s attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, has admitted as much. Mueller is trying to prove collusion between Trump and Manafort with respect to the written answers the president submitted last week in response to Mueller’s questions. If any of Trump’s answers to Mueller’s questions include even one of the same lies as Manafort, it would not only be perjury but the "high crime" the incoming Democratic House majority will use to initiate Articles of Impeachment.

It doesn’t even have to be a big lie -- saying he didn’t know of the Trump Tower meeting between Trump Jr. and Natalia Veselnitskya (who coincidentally, had ties to Fusion GPS, having dined with Glenn Simpson both before and after the meeting), when Mueller has evidence he did, would be enough for Mueller to ruin Trump’s presidency.

So, denying foreknowledge of a meeting that was not illegal and certainly didn’t rise to the things Hillary and company did with the Steele Dossier may be insignificant, but it still would be a false statement.


When a 14-point Republican lead disappears

Trump is prepping for all-out political war

As I sat a few feet from President Trump while he ripped special counsel Robert Mueller and warned Democrats he is preparing a devastating counterpunch, the phrase “The Gathering Storm” came to mind. That’s the title of Volume I of Winston Churchill’s masterful history of World War II.

It also describes the president’s mood and the vicious game of blood sport playing out in Washington. While our nation’s political battles are hardly as dramatic as the fight with Nazi Germany and Japan, a storm is gathering in America and 2019 is shaping up as an extremely turbulent year.

Trump is under siege and girding for a political, legal and public-relations war. Though the conflict began the day he took office, the last two years have been skirmishes compared to the climactic battles ahead.

That view was strengthened by the Oval Office interview last week where I, along with Post reporters Nikki Schwab and Marisa Schultz, spent nearly 40 minutes with the president and several aides.


Russia Just Launched Five Objects Into Space. There Were Supposed To Be Four

The Russian military says it successfully placed three classified communications satellites into orbit, along with the upper stage of the rocket that put them there. But according to the U.S. military's Combined Space Operations Center, or CSpOC, a fifth object, possibly another, unannounced satellite, may have hitched a ride into space on the launch.

The Rokot/Briz-KM launch vehicle blasted off from Pad 3 at Site 133 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Western Russia at just before 5:30 PM local time on Nov. 30, 2018, according to At approximately 7:12 PM, the three Rodnik communications satellites had deployed into their assigned orbits.

This would all be rather banal had the CSpoC, as well as the U.S.-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), not recorded the launch slightly differently. Information on, a U.S. government website that publicly releases data on space launches from the CSpoC and NORAD, listed Objects A through E as resulting from the launch from Plesetsk. This would include the three satellites and the upper stage, but the fifth object is unexplained.

It is possible that the upper stage simply fragmented into multiple pieces that were large enough for the U.S. military to track independently.

But there is also the distinct possibility that this could be yet another so-called "inspector satellite."

Subject: Judicial Watch Sues for Documents on Obama DOJ Effort to Shut Down Clinton Foundation Investigation

Judicial Watch has announced that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for all records of communications involving any investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) into the Clinton Foundation (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-02536).

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the agency failed to respond to a May 4, 2018, FOIA request for:

All records of communication, including but not limited to e-mails (whether sent or received on .gov or e-mail accounts), text messages, or instant chats, sent between officials in the offices of the FBI Director, Deputy Director and General Counsel on the one hand, and officials in the offices of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General and or Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General on the other hand, regarding the closure or possible closure of an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

The timeframe of the request was given as between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

A Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit led directly to the disclosure of the illicit Clinton email system in 2015.


Pruden: A little hysteria can make the news go down

We’re suddenly awash in so many crises capable of ending civilization as we know it that there’s barely enough hysteria to go around. A worldwide hysteria shortage. Who knew?

The mainstream/legacy/hothouse media has been rubbing sticks together for months, trying to start a fire under the White House to frighten the administration into abolishing fossil fuels before Christmas.

Hysteria used to be the sworn enemy of newspapers. (Television, not so much.) Now everyone manufactures it. Helene Cooper of The New York Times thinks it’s OK to spread a little hysteria because becoming “hysterical” is the right and proper response. If you can keep your head when men are losing theirs all around you, as Kipling suggests, maybe you just don’t understand the situation.

Paul Krugman of The New York Times, where there’s never an encouraging word, says President Trump peddles “depravity” in pursuit of a poisoned world. There’s an assortment of accusations elsewhere that the president routinely violates international protocols, tips for good living and Roberts’ Rules of Order in authorizing tear gas to quiet the chaos on the border, closely tracking Barack Obama’s example on how to break up a mob.

More here

Eric Holder-Led Group Releases State Target List Leading Up to 2020

A group focused on congressional redistricting efforts backed by President Barack Obama and led by former attorney general Eric Holder, a potential Democratic presidential contender, released a map of the states the organization will target leading up to the 2020 elections.

The National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), a Washington, D.C.-based group founded in 2016 that focuses on "Republican gerrymandering", sent an email to supporters this week with a "sneak peek" of the states the group will focus on in the upcoming years.

"Friend—As a longtime supporter of the NDRC, we wanted you to be one of the first to see our map of 2019-2020 targets," the fundraising email reads. "We have red states, blue(-ish) states, and purple states on our list—but they're all states where we need to stop or prevent Republican gerrymandering."

"And there's no time to lose. The 2019 and 2020 elections begin NOW, and Republicans are already working to reverse Democrats' 2018 gains."

The NDRC will focus its 2019 efforts in Kentucky, Louisiana, Virginia, and Wisconsin, according to the map. For 2020, the group will expand its focus to Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and will double down in Wisconsin.


Russia deploys S-400 surface-to-air missile battery in Crimea

Satellite images shot Sunday and exclusively obtained by Fox News show a newly deployed Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile battery in the Dzhankoy airbase in Crimea, almost 19 miles from the Russia-Ukraine border.

The intelligence report by ImageSat International indicates that the infrastructure for the S-400 battery was prepared in recent months, a long time before last weekend's naval encounters that sparked new tension between Russia and Ukraine.

The images showed a bare ground in April 2018, and construction by November 10 – two weeks before the recent escalation.

The mobile S-400 missile has a range of up to almost 250 miles and can climb to an altitude of almost 19 miles. It's intended to bring down a variety of aerial threats, from aircraft to cruise and ballistic missiles.


Pontius Pilate’s ring may have been discovered at ancient biblical fortress

Experts in Israel have identified a ring that may have belonged to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who oversaw the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Haaretz reports that the bronze ring was discovered 50 years ago during excavations at the Herodion fortress in the Judean desert.

Initially uncovered in a dig led by Professor Gideon Foerster of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the ring was handed over to a team researchers currently working Herodion, led by Roi Porat, also of Hebrew University. Intense cleaning and a specialist camera owned by the Israel Antiquities Authority have revealed the ring’s secrets.

A wine vessel and the Greek inscription “Pilatus” can be clearly seen on the ring, according to Haaretz.


Broward's Bungling Election Chief Sacked "Immediately" Despite January Retirement Plans

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced on Friday the "immediate" suspension of Brenda Snipes, Broward County's embattled election supervisor, after a series of voting-related scandals which peaked during the 2018 midterms, according to Politico. Scott was eventually forced to sue her to obtain public information.

"Every eligible voter in Florida deserves their vote to be counted and should have confidence in Florida’s elections process," Scott told Politico in a written statement. "After a series of inexcusable actions, it’s clear that there needs to be an immediate change in Broward County and taxpayers should no longer be burdened by paying a salary for a Supervisor of Elections who has already announced resignation."


Somerset County Sheriff's Office reports most recent arrests

Dalton Wayne Spivey of Baltimore, arrested 11-22-18 on a warrant for 2nd and 4th degree burglary, theft, and conspiracy to commit burglary and theft. Spivey was later held without bond.
Ricko Akeem Miles of Crisfield, arrested 11-22-18 on a warrant for manufacturing cds, possession of cds, drug trafficking involving a firearm, cds distribution within a school zone, and cds distribution with a firearm. Miles was later held without bond.

Robert Lee Daniels 3rd of Crisfield, arrested 11-22-18 on a warrant for 1st degree assault, malicious destruction of property over $500.00, 2nd degree assault, and reckless endangerment. Daniels was later held without bond.

Lisa Ann White of Salisbury, criminal summons served 11-23-18 for 3 counts of animal cruelty, and abandon domestic animal. White was later released on signature pending court actions.

Rebecca Dawn Crites of Salisbury, criminal summons served 11-23-18 for 3 counts of animal cruelty, and abandon domestic animal. Crites was later released on signature pending court actions.

Michael Lamont Handy of Deal Island, criminal summons served 11-26-18 for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, false statement to law enforcement, and driving on a suspended driver’s license. Handy was later released on signature pending court actions.

Mehray Tabib of Princess Anne, arrested 11-26-18 on a warrant for violation of a protective order. Tabib was later released on a unsecured bond.

Charles John Usner of Crisfield, criminal summons served 11-28-18 for theft over $100.00. Usner was later released on signature pending court actions.

Another Headfake

Christian Universities Join Indiana Hate Crimes Push

For years, left-leaning social activists have been attempting to push “hate crimes” legislation through Indiana’s part-time legislature and onto the governor’s desk. Much to the chagrin of complicit state media like the Indy Star, which threw away any sense of objectivity on the issue a long time ago, it hasn’t happened up to this point. But that may be about to change.

In late July, when vandals scrawled Nazi graffiti on the walls of a Jewish synagogue in an Indianapolis suburb, Governor Eric Holcomb stumbled all over himself hastily rushing in front of the nearest camera to call on lawmakers to rectify this grievous act by enacting a new statewide “hate/bias crimes” law. Despite super-majorities in both houses of the state legislature, it is likely that the upcoming session will see Republicans pass a law that they once understood was unnecessary at best, dangerous at worst.

Here’s why:

Hate Crimes laws are, despite having been enacted in a vast majority of states, objectively unconstitutional. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution demands equal protection under the law for all citizens. That means the punishment inflicted on a criminal who kills me is not to be gentler nor harsher than if that criminal killed you. To enhance the penalty for killing one class of people is to provide them more protection under the law, not equal protection.

Hate Crimes laws are, despite their fanfare and appeals to emotion, completely unnecessary and in many ways harmful to justice. You need to look no further than Indiana to understand this. Current state law already permits a judge to take into consideration the personal characteristics of a victim that motivated a crime, and then enhance a penalty accordingly.

Hate Crimes laws like the one Governor Holcomb proposes, actually limit the ability of a judge to do this.

More here

Far Left Group Trying to Agitate Migrant Caravan at U.S. Border

Human rights groups in Tijuana are sounding the alarm about a far left organization that is trying to agitate members of the migrant caravan into rushing the U.S. border again.

The group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is calling for all migrants to gather on Saturday morning at one of the shelters and then to make their way to the U.S. border, where they will demand it be opened for everyone or they will “shut it down.” In addition to posting the information on their website, BAMN members have taken to social media encouraging other protesters and members of the migrant caravan.

BAMN STATEMENT ON THE CARAVAN: Our Freedom March is almost over! Our goal of freedom is within sight and we must march on in order to achieve it!

— Adam Lerman (@AdamBAMN) November 26, 2018

Some of the pamphlets being distributed on social media by BAMN appear to show images of the violent clashes between caravan members and Mexican authorities that took place last month on that country’s southern border with Guatemala.

More here

ICE Just Told NJ's AG To Shove It: You Want To Restrict Cooperation...We'll Just Increase Our Immigration Raids

New Jersey is following California’s lead by adopting new sanctuary state-like rules regarding how its local law enforcement agencies will cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It’s part of blue state America’s ongoing war on the Trump administration, flipping them off whenever they can, especially when it comes to immigration (via NJ 101.5):

More than a year after New Jersey voters elected a governor who campaigned on a platform of protecting the state's immigrant residents, including those in the country illegally, the state's top prosecutor released a list of rules governing cooperation by state and local police with federal immigration authorities.

The new rules prevent cops from quizzing people about their immigration status unless relevant to an investigation and limits cooperation by jails with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We are issuing new rules that draw a bright line between federal civil immigration authorities on the one hand and state and local law enforcement officers on the other,” Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said. “And we’re telling our friends and our neighbors who have been living in fear: You can trust state law enforcement. You can trust state prosecutors here in New Jersey.”

“Nothing in this directive provides sanctuary to those who commit crimes in New Jersey. If you break the law in New Jersey, if you assault someone, if you rob someone, if you defraud someone, we will hold you accountable no matter your immigration status. If you break the law in New Jersey, we will go after you, no matter your immigration status. No one gets a free pass.”

ICE responded by saying that they would just increase immigration raids in New Jersey (via NBC Philadelphia):


Al Sharpton sells his life story rights for $531G — to his own charity

The Rev. Al Sharpton has found an eager buyer for the rights to his life story — his own charity.

The National Action Network agreed to pay the activist preacher $531,000 for his “life story rights for a 10-year period,” according to the non-profit’s latest tax filing, which was obtained by The Post.

NAN can apparently turn around and sell those rights to Hollywood or other takers at a profit, but neither the reverend nor the charity would identify what producers are waiting for such Sharpton content.

The document does not indicate when Sharpton, who is president of NAN, gets the cash, which is above and beyond the $244,661 he already pulled down in compensation from the group in 2017.

Sharpton also wouldn’t say when the cash would come in.


Socialist Losers Given The Wheel Of The Democratic Party


Oh Deer...

Confused Yet?


So True

Have You Ever...

We've Landed