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Monday, September 05, 2016

LA Times Tracking Poll: Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton

The latest L.A. Times political tracking poll shows Donald Trump now leading Hillary Clinton in the presidential race by three points.

Trump now has 45.3 percent support while Hillary Clinton has 42.3 percent.



Steve said...

It's more like 90/10 nationwide, but we'll entertain your little game...

Anonymous said...

Fox news keeps giving Hillary the lead ,They just keep moving to the left.

Anonymous said...

Trump's lead is as it should be. Hillary is the Obama placeholder.

lmclain said...

hillary is dying a death of a thousand cuts.
She sends her minions out to throw themselves on their sword for her, but she won't take any questions herself. Hides out in a hotel making calls to rich people and operating under the philosophy of Stalin...."tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth". And THAT was waaaaay back when most people had reasoning skills and were informed.
Today, she could tell her worshippers that our calender is wrong and Monday isn't really Monday, it's Thursday, and further, there are really only 22 hours in the day.
MILLIONS would gasp in amazement at her wisdom and throw away their calenders and demand we get our clocks fixed. Right away, before disaster strikes and we allow bigotry and racism to sweep the country.

"No sanctuary cities", "never sent classified info","I'm FOR women's rights (except when I take millions from people who think it's right and honorable to set your daughter on fire)", "I only used ONE device", "the FBI director said I didn't do anything illegal".
The problem isn't that a sucker is born every minute, it's that they turn into liberal ninnies and live past the age of ten minutes. When doctors (sworn to do no harm) harvest the baby parts of an aborted fetus belonging to a liberal, they charge about $35,000 for the brain tissue.
Because it's so rare and hard to find.
Keep cheering.