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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Is Jill Biden Running For President? Jill Delivers Joe’s 2020 Campaign Message as He Stands Next to Her Blinking (VIDEO)

Is Jill Biden running for President now?

Jill Biden delivered Sleepy Joe’s 2020 campaign message as her husband stood next to her and blinked.

77-year-old Joe can hardly string a sentence together without stumbling so now his wife is talking for him.

“This moment reminds us that the presidency is about true leadership — having the forethought to prepare for the worst, the backbone to lead through chaos, the character to move beyond politics,” Jill Biden said as Joe stared into space.

Old Joe’s handlers should tell him to at least smile instead of scowling next time his wife speaks for him.


Rudy Giuliani Goes There: Did Obama Approve Dr. Fauci’s $3.7 Million NIH Grant to Wuhan Lab in 2015?

Back in 2015 the NIH under the direction of Dr. Tony Fauci gave a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology is now the main suspect in leaking the coronavirus that has killed more than 50,000 Americans and, thanks to Dr. Fauci again, destroyed the US economy.

As early as 2018 US State Department officials warned about safety risks at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab on scientists conducting risky tests with the bat coronavirus.

US officials made several trips to the Wuhan laboratory.


Subject: OpenSecrets to offer free online classes on money in politics throughout coronavirus crisis

To assist faculty who will be teaching students online for the foreseeable future, the Center for Responsive Politics will offer free 30-60 minute demonstrations via Zoom, Skype or GoToMeeting of with a special emphasis on connecting money in politics data to issues related to campaign finance, lobbying, or political influence. We can customize these presentations to home in on a specific topic and will include time for questions from students if requested.

Topics which can be covered include:
Campaign finance at the federal level
Dark money, grey money and outside groups
Lobbying by political interest groups from the U.S. and foreign countries
Money in politics in the post-Citizens United era
Political action committees and whether money can buy influence
And more…

A doctor speaks out on the shutdown

The opinions expressed are my own.

As many people in my community and followers of my social media accounts know, I am the cardiologist who was placed on leave by my employer after I attended a rally a week ago. The rally was held to send a message to our governor encouraging him to reconsider his extension of the Safer at Home order for another month past the original date of April 24th. The governor’s decree is currently being challenged in court by the Legislature.

There is much misinformation and speculation regarding my involvement in the event, why I attended the event, what I believe, what I believe should be done, and even my work schedule. The individuals spreading such misinformation have judged me despite knowing very little about me. These misguided attacks appear to be guided by political ideology rather than knowledge of the facts regarding the danger of COVID-19 in our area or the impact of the lockdown on our community’s healthcare services and local economy.

I have listed my main points below and a more in-depth discussion follows for those who may be interested.

1. I was in FULL agreement with the governor’s first Safer at Home order scheduled to end on April 24th, and I still believe it was an appropriate action. During this period we prepared for the impact of COVID and, as time progressed, we were able to assess how prevalent it was in our community of North Central Wisconsin.
2. Fortunately, we have not seen nearly as many COVID cases as we had expected and were prepared to treat. As of today, there have been only 17 confirmed cases of COVID in Marathon County and only one mortality since the beginning of the pandemic. Those numbers have not changed for several days.
3. According to John Hopkins daily tracking data, in nearby counties--including Price, Taylor, Langlade, Lincoln, and Oneida--only a single instance of COVID has been recorded. Thus, large areas of Wisconsin have had minimal contact with COVID.
4. The forced lockdown has caused severe adverse health consequences locally, as it has prevented people from getting the care they need. This is likely to get worse as many health care organizations are facing financial collapse.
5. The forced lockdown has caused severe economic damage, and economists are already projecting that unemployment rates will be higher than in the Great Depression. If we don’t allow portions of the country to open, I fear that many jobs will be lost forever as businesses are forced to close.
6. There are many areas throughout the country where COVID is very active, and continued aggressive mitigation efforts in those areas are appropriate and necessary.
7. There are areas in the country like North Central Wisconsin where the prevalence of COVID is very low.
8. We need to start assessing our response to COVID on a regional basis. We should consider population density, the prevalence of the virus, capabilities of the health care system to treat COVID, and the ability of local businesses to take reasonable precautions to protect their employees and patrons.
9. Lower-risk areas and businesses need to make plans to open the economy soon. Businesses and health care providers need to cooperate in this endeavor and be prepared to adjust their responses according to close monitoring of viral activity in their area.
10. I am deeply disappointed that this has become a political issue. The virus doesn’t care what party you may favor. The politicization of this has greatly impeded our ability to address the pandemic.
11. The consensus medical view is that this virus is here to stay. In other words, this virus cannot be defeated simply by staying inside for a couple of months. The world will likely see periodic outbreaks, and we need to accept that and be prepared to deal with COVID long term. Like it or not, this virus is here to stay, and we need to be prepared for this reality.
12. I placed no patient in any more jeopardy from the virus by attending the rally than that encountered in my daily living, for reasons outlined further below.
13. Finally, despite the way it was perceived throughout the country, I was not fired by my employer for attending the rally. I was placed on an unpaid, one-week leave for violating the hospital’s policy, and I voluntarily extended my time off by another week by taking vacation time. During this time, I have been assessing my future plans, together with my wife and family.

Donald Trump takes aim at Fox News during anti-media tirade

President Donald Trump took aim at Fox News over the weekend, saying he wants an 'alternative' to his former favorite cable news network and blasting board member Paul Ryan.

The president's rant came amid a larger diatribe against the media and its coverage, a wave of fury that resulted from Thursday's White House press briefing where Trump suggested officials look into injecting disinfectant into people to combat thecoronavirus, advice medical experts were quick to debunk.

In fact, the advice was so unsound even Fox News hosts like Steve Doocy, the 'Fox & Friends' morning show host who is Trump supporter, disregarded it.

Injecting disinfectants 'is poisonous,' he said Friday morning. Fox News' anchor Chris Wallace warned: 'The answer is no, it’s not safe. A lot of the major manufacturers say it isn’t.'

Trump has had a love-hate relationship with Fox in recent weeks as he touts One American News, a small conservative news outlet that is becoming his new favorite.


Western Spy Agencies Investigating Wuhan Scientist Highlighted By Zero Hedge In January

Western intelligence agencies are "looking closely at the work of a senior scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Peng Zhou," as part of a joint international investigation into the origins of COVID-19, according to the Daily Telegraph.

In a stunning expose, the Australian newspaper reports that "the Five Eyes intelligence agencies of Australia, Canada, NZ, UK and US, are understood to be looking closely at the work of a senior scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Peng Zhou, as they examine whether COVID-19 originated from a wet market or whether the naturally-­occurring virus may have been released from the level four laboratory in Wuhan that was studying deadly coronavirus pathogens from bats."

Of course, the name of Peng has been long familiar to our readers, and would have been familiar to far more people had Twitter not decided to arbitrarily suspend the Zero Hedge account over a report exposing Mr. Zhou.

As we reported in January - posting publicly available professional contact information and suggesting people ask him about the outbreak near his lab - Peng, head of the Bat Virus Infection and Immunization Group, sought to hire two post-doc fellows last November, who would be tasked with using bats "to research the molecular mechanism that allows Ebola and SARS-associated coronaviruses to lie dormant for a long time without causing diseases."

One press release from his lab was titled: "How bats carry viruses without getting sick." Via the Telegraph:


What to Do About China And Its American Lackeys

America’s China problem is a two-part problem – one part is dealing with those pangolin-kebabing commie bastards and the other is dealing with their fellow travelers among our garbage globalist elite here at home. But the Chinese coronavirus – aptly named the “Chinese coronavirus” because this pandemic is the result of either Chinese incompetence and/or bizarre bat soup gulping, plus a lot of standard ChiCom deception – has at least made clear that we better deal with them before they deal with us. It’s a wake-up call we better heed by getting woke.

Red China must be dealt with as what it is – an enemy. If the country’s Maoist mullahs had decided that they wanted China to spin-up into a first world power and responsibly assume a place at the world’s head-table by trading fairly, respecting human rights, not stealing our inventions, and not sending weird bugs across the globe, cool. But Red China wants to dominate the world.

It can’t and won’t do it militarily, at least outside its immediate geographic zone of control. Inside that zone, it wants to be the big bully on the block and it is only a matter of time before it decides to flex its muscles against Taiwan, then Vietnam, then Japan, and sometime in the not too distant future, against us. The fact is that China is building up combat power designed to take on the U.S., to defeat our strengths (like by building hypersonic missile systems to take out our carriers), to steal our tech (weird how all their jets look just like ours), and to dominate in space and cyber. Still, this is a naval conflict primarily, and we still have some advantages, including good ships (but not enough) and a longer, stronger naval tradition. You can’t just build massive, integrated blue water fleets and suddenly be able to employ them effectively. We have been doing that for a century, but let’s not get cocky. Our naval traditions today may not be the “rum, sodomy and the lash” that still built a winning Royal Navy, but they are hardly those of ruthless competence either. Our ships run into other ships too often, and there’s way too much “social justice” and not enough “warrior” in the mix. The indiscipline of the captain of the Roosevelt was appalling and if the bozos with stars give him back his gig cuz the Twitter blue checks whined, that’s worse. Virtue signaling one’s feelz isn’t going to win wars.


How to Regrow Your Groceries

The idea of regrowing your groceries sounds too good to be true, but in some cases it really is possible. Check out these step-by-step instructions for regrowing common grocery items.

Green Onions

Overhead view of fresh whole spring onions on table
Tim MacPherson / Getty Images
Cut Bottom Off

Cut the last inch off of each green onion (this will give you the bulb and roots).

Plant in a Pot or Garden

Plant these in a flower pot or in your garden.

Cover Bulbs and Water Regularly

Be sure to cover the bulbs completely, and to leave a portion of each stem sticking out above the soil. Water regularly, and watch your green onions grow back.

Cut Stalks as Needed

To harvest, simply cut off as much of the green stalks as you need. If you leave the white bulbs in the plant, they'll continue to regrow more greens. Expect to get three to four cuttings off of your green onions before you need to plant more.


Guest Commentary: The Virus of Leftism Now Infects Even the Mayo Clinic

Dennis Prager, the founder of the now wildly popular Prager University, which produces five-minute “courses” watched by billions each year, has it spot on. He says and writes regularly about how the value system of Leftism poisons everything it touches. Thank God his short videos are a potent intellectual vaccine, helping millions of our young people especially to fight off something far worse and more threatening to America than the coronavirus — Leftism.

Barak Obama and all of the leaders of the now radicalized and profoundly regressive Democrat Party talk about working to fundamentally transform this benighted country of America. Prager rightfully argues such transformation is, at its core, a powerful and evermore successful attempt to basically destroy the Judeo-Christian foundation of America and replace it with the false promise of a utopia run by the enlightened ones of the iron-fisted state. It’s right out of the playbooks of Karl Marx, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Saul Alinsky, our current Democrat Party, our universities, Hollywood, and New York Times op-ed writers. It is a revolution to overturn the American Revolution. It is the forces of darkness aligned against the force of light. It is immorality battling the morality of America and its values.

Examples are legion. For men and women of the Left, nihilism rules. Every part of our culture is up for destruction. A “burn it all down” mentality grips the millions holding this ideology. They tell us there are no longer men or women, but dozens of genders — and you’ll be thrown in jail if you misgender someone. Steve can give birth and Brad can menstruate. No longer does a child need a family with a mom and dad because the only thing that matters is, as clueless Joe Biden said, “love” — with whomever and with how many you get off on. No longer is the fundamental part of liberty and a peaceful civilization valued, namely the protection of private property. Instead, cheered on is massive robbery — taking by threat of force money earned by Sarah to give to Rachel, all in the name of social justice. As Barack Obama said, after a certain point, Sarah has made enough money. Who the hell cares if our kids get saddled with tens of trillions of dollars in debt? The Left is busy distributing economic justice as fast as the Treasury printing presses can roll.


Shhh: Democrats Asked Zero Questions About Biden Allegations on Sunday Shows, Despite New Evidence

If you missed in on Friday, some new evidence turned up related to the sexual assault allegation a former Senate staffer lodged against Joe Biden. We've already written at length about the accusation, focusing specifically on the media's outrageous handling of it -- especially compared to the feeding frenzy in which they hungrily engaged during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation firestorm (The New York Times' excuse for the disconnect is quite literally laughable). We already knew that there was more contemporaneous evidence to buttress the allegation against Biden than Christine Blasey Ford ever produced. Then this new strain of information arrived, via The Intercept:


The Surrender Syndrome: What Herbert Hoover Can Teach Republicans

Herbert Hoover never saw it coming. On New Year’s Day 1932 the Republican president was in good cheer as he looked forward to another year in the White House. And another year after that. And another. And …

He never seemed to contemplate that with the election later that year he might actually lose. True, unemployment was rising, but it had to level off, then go down at some point. Right?

After all, history showed time and again that the economy was cyclical, and always rebounded somewhere down the road. Where that road would take the millions out of work, he did not say. He only knew that better times were just around the corner. Government need only stay out of the way and things would work out in the end.

Problem is, far too many Americans sensed that the end was near. For them.

By autumn 1932 unemployment was hovering around 25%, Gross Domestic Product growth hit an astonishing minus 13%. For the third straight year the stock market was down. Way down. Inflation plummeted to minus 10%, since few had any money to buy anything.

Hoover was at his wits end. He figured he had tried everything, even when it ran against his best capitalist instincts. To secure more federal money to try to slow the economic downturn he even raised taxes across the board, causing the opposite effect when federal revenue actually fell.


"This Happened": Biden Accuser's Sexual Assault Claim Corroborated By Two More Witnesses

Two more sources have come forward to corroborate sexual assault claims against Joe Biden by former staffer Tara Reade, who claims that in 1993 Biden forced himself upon her and penetrated her against her will with his fingers.

Two people have already come forward to say that Reade told them of the incident shortly after it allegedly occurred; her brother Collin Moulton, and a friend who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

Now, two more witnesses have come forward to Business Insider; former neighbor Lynda LaCasse - a self-described "very strong Democrat," and Reade's former co-worker, Lorraine Sanchez, who worked in the office of a California state senator in the mid-1990s.

"This happened, and I know it did because I remember talking about it," said LaCasse, a retired former medical staff coordinator and emergency room clerk for San Luis Obispo General Hospital in California, who lived next door to Reade in the mid-1990s in an apartment complex in Morro Bay, CA. LaCasse said she and Reade shared a bond because they were both mothers whose daughters swam together in the apartment complex's pool.

In a series of interviews with Insider over the last week, LaCasse said she decided to speak up now, at a time when Reade's story is under intense scrutiny in the media and facing denials from the Biden campaign, because she believed Reade's account when she first heard it.

"I have to support her just because that's what happened," LaCasse said. "We need to stand up and tell the truth." -Business Insider


On average, Wisconsin is pumping nation's cheapest gas

MANITOWOC COUNTY (WLUK) -- Fewer drivers on the road, means fewer and fewer people are filling up their tank.

“With consumers are staying at home and the economy in troubled waters, I think that’s kind of the best summary. People are just not driving,” said GasBuddy Head Petroleum Analyst Patrick De Haan.

At one point Friday morning, the Francis Creek Shell station was selling the cheapest gas in the country at just 75 cents a gallon.

Experts say while you're saving now, you may have to pay for it later.

A Viewer Writes: Apparently Jake Day doesn't believe in the Constitution

Hey Joe, check out Jake Day's latest...

Specifically at the 20:51 mark.

Apparently Jake Day doesn't believe in the Constitution.

Getting the Facts Right on Islam and Beheading

Recently, a terrifying triple murder in my home state evoked memories of a moment of human depravity so vile that it is difficult to think about, much less write about six years later. First, the more recent murder scene.

On April 7, 2020, three women were brutally stabbed to death by Idris Abdus-Salaam at a Pilot Travel Center in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, outside Knoxville. A fourth woman survived the attack.

Arriving on the scene, deputies from the Knox County Sheriffs Office spotted Abdus-Salaam in the parking holding a knife. Refusing to drop his weapon, the attacker was shot and killed by a deputy. The three murder victims were Pilot employees and the survivor a customer.

Abdus-Salaam was a 33-year-old truck-driver from Durham, North Carolina. The attacker's mother, Walidah Abdus-Salaam, contended that behavior like this was completely out of character for her son. Speaking to the Knox News, she said, "He's not a violent person. The picture they painted is ugly. That is not my son."

His mother also indicated that her son was a practicing Muslim and there had been no signs of him becoming radicalized. Across the state, police in the Memphis area are trying to discover if Abdus-Salaam is tied to the brutal stabbing of a nurse.


DC Mayor Appoints Obama’s Former NatSec Advisor Susan “Benghazi” Rice to “Reopen DC”

The Democrat Mayor of Washington, D.C., appointed Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice to “reopen DC” after issuing an authoritarian lockdown order due to the Coronavirus panic.

Mayor Muriel Bowser made the announcement on Monday.

“ReOpen DC is about working together as a community to reopen Washington, DC in a way that is safe and sustainable. Together, we will create a plan that is based in science and tailored to the needs of our community.” – Bowser said.

There are three phases of reopening:


The Crash Has Only Just Begun

Everything, including a rational, connected-to-reality, effective financial system, is on back-order and unlikely to ship any time soon.

While the stock market euphorically front-runs the Fed and a V-shaped recovery, the reality is the crash has only just begun. To understand why, look at income and debt. Income--earned and unearned--is in free-fall, while debt--which must be serviced by income--is exploding higher.

Bailouts are not a permanent substitute for income. In the short-term, bailouts--in the form of payments to everyone who's lost their source of earned income, i.e. their job--is a necessary substitute for lost income. But longer term, subsidizing income with borrowed money weakens the currency and the economy, as productivity stagnates.

As for servicing debt--the unemployed working class is getting an extra $600 a week not out of kindness but to make sure these households can continue to service their debts: auto and truck loans, student loans, credit cards, etc. Absent a federal bailout, millions of unemployed would cease making loan payments, creating a financial crisis for lenders.

Investment income is also crashing as companies slash dividends and stock market gains dry up. Oil exporters are facing a $1.2 trillion cut in annual income, and institutional property owners are facing steep declines as tenants stop paying rent and structural declines in employment will pressure rents lower in housing and commercial properties.

As the housing market implodes, capital gains from flipping houses will also collapse. As Corporate America realizes it no longer needs vast office spaces for its (reduced) workforce as millions are working from home, the demand for commercial properties will fall off a cliff, and the rental income generated by commercial property will also fall off a cliff.

Even if interest rates fall to zero, the interest paid by borrowers will not be zero. But even if borrowers get very low rates, they still have to make the monthly principal payments, which can each run into the hundreds of dollars. Lowering interest rates doesn't reduce the principal payments or reduce the interest due to zero. Indeed, the student loan and credit card rackets are experts at sucking borrowers dry with late fees and much higher rates than initially advertised.

Capital isn't flowing into productive investments; it's front-running the Federal Reserve's free money for financiers in grossly overvalued stocks and seeking "dead money" safe havens.


Jemele Hill Slams NFL for Allowing ‘White Supremacist’ in the League While Kaepernick Remains Unemployed

Over the weekend, former ESPN personality and extreme left-wing writer Jemele Hill, criticized the NFL for allowing kicker Justin Rohrwasser, whom Hill claimed is a “white supremacist,” to be drafted while Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed.

Hill unleashed a slew of Tweets attacking the NFL and Rohrwasser after the player was drafted by the New England Patriots on Sunday. Rohrwasser has been questioned repeatedly for the last few years over a particular tattoo he has on is arm that left-wing watchdog groups claim is a racist “right-wing militia” symbol.


Study: Historic Drop in U.S. Reading and Math Scores Since Common Core ‘Debacle’

A study released Monday by the Boston-based Pioneer Institute reveals a historic drop in national reading and math scores among U.S. students since the adoption of the Common Core Curriculum Standards a decade ago.

“Nearly a decade after states adopted Common Core, the empirical evidence makes it clear that these national standards have yielded underwhelming results for students,” said Pioneer executive director Jim Stergios in a statement. “The proponents of this expensive, legally questionable policy initiative have much to answer for.”

The study, titled “The Common Core Debacle” and authored by education policy researcher Theodor Rebarber, asserts the “shocking trends” in American student performance in critical math and reading skills since the creation of the U.S. Education Department 40 years ago recommends reevaluation of federal involvement in education.

Performance in reading and math since the adoption of Common Core has especially declined in the nation’s lowest-achieving students – many of whom come from low-income families and failing public schools – widening the achievement gap and creating further inequality.

Supporters of Common Core, however, touted the Obama-era federally incentivized standards would be “rigorous” and also “level the playing field.” The Common Core State Standards Initiative boasted that the standards are “important” because:

[h]igh standards that are consistent across states provide teachers, parents, and students with a set of clear expectations to ensure that all students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life upon graduation from high school, regardless of where they live. … The standards promote equity by ensuring all students are well prepared to collaborate and compete with their peers in the United States and abroad.


Could the world have a coronavirus vaccine by September?

Could the world have a coronavirus vaccine by September? Monkeys given Oxford University's jab were infection-free a month after contact with the virus - and researchers say 'millions' of doses could be ready this fall

Scientists at Oxford University in the UK say they are one step closer in developing a vaccine to stop the spread.

Last month, promising results were seen after six rhesus macaque monkeys were injected with a single dose of the university's new vaccine.

This means that a new vaccine trial involving more than 6,000 participants will be started by the end of next month in an effort to show the vaccine is safe and effective.

With emergency approval, 'a few million' doses could be available as early as September, if the inoculation works, reported The New York Times.


COVID-19 Update

Global Cases Surpass 3,000,000
  • The U.S. now accounts for one-third of total global cases with over 1,000,000 while the global total has surpassed 3,000,000. While much of Europe has "flattened the curve" or seen consistent declines in new cases, other countries are seeing explosive case growth, including Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, and Peru. 
  • Gilead Sciences announced today that the company “is aware of positive data” from a study of its drug remdesivir as a potential treatment for COVID-19. The drug was developed as potential treatment for Ebola but found limited success in treating the disease in Africa. It may be the best therapeutic treatment for COVID-19 but is expensive and in limited supply. 
  • The U.S. economy shrank by 4.8 percent in the first quarter of 2020, the worst quarterly contraction since 2008. Things are likely to get much worse as, the lockdown went into full effect at the very end of the quarter. Current quarter figures may show a 30 percent contraction of the U.S. economy. 
  • The economic impact in Europe is becoming more apparent. The region's five biggest economies (Germany, France, UK, Italy, & Spain) have reported more than 30 million furloughed workers. Across the continent, hundreds of thousands of retailers could be forced into bankruptcy, and tens of thousands of oil jobs in the North Sea could be cut due to the collapse of energy prices.
  • In early May, the European Commission is expected to release guidance on common rules and protocols for member states related to border control measures during the summer travel period.
29 apr daily cases us graph
29 apr daily deaths us graph
GG_CoronaVirus US map apr 29
GG_CoronaVirus US LIST apr 29

Latest global updates:
  • In Lebanon, anti-government activists held a "Day of Rage" on 27 April to protest the government's handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Violent protests broke out and lasted until morning hours on 29 April. Lebanese soldiers deployed tear gas and chased protesters out of the streets after they set fire to at least two banks in Tripoli 
·        Austria announced that general lockdown restrictions will end on 30 April, although people have to practice social distancing and gatherings will still be limited to ten people. All stores are allowed to reopen from the start of May, restaurants and bars from 15 May, and hotels can reopen from 29 May.
·        The Czech Republic extended its state of emergency to 17 May. 
  • France announced a phased easing of restrictions starting on 11 May. 
  • Greece will rollback some restrictions starting on 04 May. Restaurants, hotels and tavernas will not be allowed to open until June. 
  • Luxembourg, a country of 600,000 people, announced its intention to test the entire population by the end of May.
  • Russia announced it will slowly withdraw restrictions beginning on 12 May despite experiencing significant daily new case growth. 
What we know:
  • Over 3,160,000 confirmed cases worldwide
  • 220,000 deaths
  • 975,000 recovered
GG_CoronaVirus LIST apr 29

Travel Advice

The U.S. State Dept. has issued Level 4: DO NOT TRAVEL guidance for the entire world amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, Global Guardian recommends the following:
  • Return to the U.S. if currently abroad while commercial means are still available. Otherwise, prepare to remain abroad for an indefinite period. 
  • Avoid all international travel.
  • Practice advanced careful hygiene measures, including frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
  • Practice "social distancing" while in public spaces. 


The outlook remains optimistic as several European countries are starting to see a significant decline in new cases 20-30 days after instituting aggressive lockdown measures. Many are now starting to re-open limited parts of their economies and the success of those restarts will be key for how other nations handle lifting of restrictions. 
29 apr spain daily
29 apr ger daily
Text Box:

Ocean City Following State’s Roadmap to Recovery, Hopes to Lift Restrictions Once Stay-At-Home Order Ends

Lodging Restrictions Extended, Beach and Boardwalk Remain Closed

Ocean City, Maryland – (April 29, 2020):
Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan amended two mayoral declarations combating the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), in order to mirror the State of Maryland’s recovery plan. The April 28th declaration extends emergency orders enacted in March, including closure of the beach, Boardwalk and Inlet Parking Lot until May 15. In addition, restrictions on short term rentals have been extended through May 22. The amended declarations dates will be revised if Governor Hogan lifts the Stay-At-Home order as part of phase one of his Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery.

“Governor Hogan’s Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery laid out a path to gradually and responsibly reopen the economy, while also protecting the health and safety of our residents,” commented Mayor Rick Meehan. “The plan intends to move rapidly, but not recklessly. It is important that Ocean City mirror these actions to help avoid any set back in the progress we have made in our community and across the State.”

The mayor declaration also echoes the Stay-at-Home order, which is in place in Maryland and several surrounding states. This order directs residents and property owners to stay home, except for essential activities, to help slow the spread of coronavirus. “Our entire community continues to make sacrifices during this health crisis, but this has been especially difficult for our non-resident property owners who are anxious to visit their beach homes,” continued Mayor Meehan. “Although it has not been easy, we believe these restrictions have been successfully slowing the spread of the virus. If we all continue to work together over the next few weeks, hopefully we will be welcoming everyone back sooner rather than later.”

To read the declaration in full, please visit:

Ex-ICE Chief: ‘If Biden Becomes President, We Lose the Border’

A Joe Biden presidency will plunge the U.S. southern border into “chaos” again, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting director Tom Homan has warned.

The ex-ICE chief has issued a stark caution to American voters about the choice they face in November, pointing to Biden’s radical immigration positions and track record during the Obama administration.

“Here’s a guy who spent two years saying, ‘President Trump isn’t above the law, he needs to be held accountable.’ President Trump isn’t above the law, but apparently [Biden] thinks illegal aliens are above the law,” Homan told the Daily Caller. “I’m not guessing at it – these are statements he’s actually made and you’ve all seen them.”

“If he becomes president, we lose the border.”


DE Coronavirus Update: Community Testing Sites in Sussex County & Face Coverings Guidance

Governor Carney Declares COVID-19 Hot Spot in Sussex County, Announces Expansion of Community Testing Sites
Tuesday, April 28: Governor Carney declared Sussex County a hotspot for COVID-19 in Delaware and announced the schedule for the State of Delaware's Coordination and Care community testing sites.

The community testing sites and outreach will be conducted in coordination with the Delaware Division of Public Health, the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, hospital systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers, community organizations, and Sussex County employers. 
Testing is geared to reach the following high-risk populations: 
  • Those with symptoms consistent with COVID-19,
  • Those living or working with someone diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Family members or housemates of those working in the poultry industry 
  • Those with chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, or compromised immune systems.

It is critical to protect your family and yourself by following the guidance from the CDC and the Delaware Division of Public Health. Most importantly, stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out for essential work or essential items. Don’t go out in public unnecessarily.
Community Testing Sites

  • Hosted by Beebe Healthcare in the parking lot between JD Shuckers and the Veteran’s Administration off of Rt. 404 in Georgetown: Wednesday, April 29 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Hosted by Bayhealth at the DHSS State Services Center in Milford located at 253 NE Front Street: Thursday, April 30 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • Hosted by Beebe Healthcare in the parking lot between JD Shuckers and the Veteran’s Administration off of Rt. 404 in Georgetown: Friday, May 1 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Hosted by Bayhealth at the DHSS State Services Center in Milford located at 253 NE Front Street: Saturday, May 2 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • Hosted by Beebe Healthcare in the parking lot between JD Shuckers and the Veteran’s Administration off of Rt. 404 in Georgetown: Saturday, May 2 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

  • Hosted by Bayhealth at the DHSS State Services Center in Milford located at 253 NE Front Street: Monday, May 4 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.


(April 29, 2020, Salisbury, MDAs COVID-19 cases continue to rise on Delmarva, the Wicomico County Health Department will hold targeted COVID-19 testing. This increased testing is for residents of Lower Eastern Shore, including workers in poultry processing plants and their families.
Targeted testing will take place at the Arthur W. Perdue Stadium at 6400 Hobbs Road, Salisbury, MD 21804 on:
·       Friday, May 1st from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
·       Saturday May 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Transportation to the testing site:
Friday and Saturday Pickup Time

Friday and Saturday Pickup Time
5th and Market Street
8:00 am

Food Lion
8:00 am
Snow Hill
Byrd Park
8:30 am

Princess Anne
8:30 am
Decatur Street
9:00 am

Wicomico County - Friday and Saturday Pickup Time
Royal Farms
Parsons Road
8:00 am

Royal Farms
Parsons Road
5:00 pm
Wico. Nursing Home
Booth Street
8:15 am

Wico Nursing Home
Booth Street
5:15 pm
Wicomico Health
Adkins Building
8:30 am

Wicomico Health
Adkins Building
5:30 pm

Royal Farms
Parsons Road
2:30 pm

Wico Nursing Home
Booth Street
2:45 pm

Wicomico Health
Adkins Building
3:15 pm

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This press release is also to inform all members of the media that this drive-thru medical clinic will not be open for any form of media coverage.  Wicomico County Health Department, PRMC, and the Delmarva Shorebirds all agree the protection and the privacy of those being tested is paramount.  We are asking you to please provide our patients the same level of privacy. 

For more information about COVID-19 call 410-912-6889 or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at  www.cdc gov/coronavirus or Maryland Department of Health at Local updates are posted on  and our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram (WicomicoHealth) or Twitter (@WicomicoHealth).