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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Salisbury Police Mourns The Loss Of Officer Aaron (BULL) Hudson

It is with sincere regret to inform you of the sudden passing of Aaron (Bull) Hudson. Our prayers go out to his family, friends and the members of the law enforcement community.

A Viewer Writes: Wicomico Court House

The following letter was sent to Sheriff Lewis. Of course there has been no response.

Salisbury, MD 21804

October 13, 2018

Sheriff Michael Lewis
401 Naylor Mill Road
Salisbury, MD 21801

Dear Sheriff Lewis:

A recent visit to the Wicomico County courthouse has me confused.

I find it hard to believe that it is necessary to ask visitors to the courthouse to remove their BELTS. I understand there is a need for security.

The courthouse uses magnetometers to scan visitors on entry. However, the magnetometers are designed to allow people to pass through them with their belts ON.

In the course of my business, I enter the U.S. Capitol complex on a weekly basis. I have never been asked to remove my belt. Additionally, the U.S. Capitol has over 3 million visitors per year, and RARELY is anyone asked to remove their belt. On the rare occasions the magnetometers register a problem, the police officers happily hand-wand inspect the visitor for further investigation.

You recently visited with the President of the United States at the White House. I doubt the secret service asked you to remove your belt.

Your staff have hand-wand detectors at the courthouse. That should be satisfactory to insure the safety of the visitors to the courthouse.

I would like to hear your explanation of this completely INTRUSIVE operation.



Broward election boss says racism may be behind clamor against her

Embattled Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes claimed Saturday that racism is “probably” behind the widespread backlash against her.

Snipes, who has come under heavy criticism over her handling of the Florida recount after the contentious midterm elections earlier this month, told The Guardian that she believes protesters camped outside the Broward recount center could be there out of hatred of her skin color.

Though she declined to elaborate during her brief interview, when asked if race played a factor, she answered: “Probably. Probably.”

Snipes, who has a history of election missteps, has been under the microscope ever since Florida ordered a statewide recount last Saturday.


US House Reverses 181-Year-Old-Rule To Appease Newly Elected Muslim

Rule due to ‘blind spots’ of influential and powerful lawmakers, says Ilhan Omar

For 181 years, you haven’t been able to wear head coverings on the floor of the House of Representatives. Now, however, after the election of the first hijab-wearing Muslim representative, that’s about to be changed.

According to the New York Post, the election of Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar will put an end to a rule that was originally meant to differentiate Congress from British Parliament.

Parlimentarians had a tradition of wearing hats on the floor of Westminster. Given that we took up coffee as our national beverage (and even threw that dastardly tea over the sides of some ships in Boston Harbor) to let the British know how we felt about their institutions, banning hats only seemed to come naturally.

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Maryland Attorney General News Release

Coalition of Attorneys General Urge HHS, Department of Education to Abandon Efforts to Adopt Restrictive and Discriminatory Federal Definition of “Sex”

BALTIMORE, MD – Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh today joined a coalition of 20 state attorneys general urging the Trump administration to abandon efforts to adopt a definition of “sex” that would exclude transgender and gender nonconforming individuals from the protections of federal civil rights laws.

Read more in the full press release:

Congresswoman-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Doesn't Know The Three Branches Of Government

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Nanticoke Road Closure

Number of Americans who practice witchcraft estimated to be as high as 1.5 MILLION

The number of self identified witches in America has soared in recent years to 1.5 million.

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that 0.4 per cent of Americans, between 1 and 1.5 million - identify as Wicca or Pagan, according toQuartz.

That means there are now more witches in the US than there are Presbyterians who have around 1.4 million adherents.

Experts believe that the explosion in the witch population is due to millennial women’s embracing of new-age spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

Wicca, also called Witchcraft or The Craft, is a Pagan religion which emerged in Britain in the early 20th century. Based on ‘pre-Christian traditions,’ it was popularized by a retired British civil servant named Gerald Gardner throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Wicca adherents praise nature and nature's gods and goddesses.

They practice outside in parks, gardens or fields.

They endeavor to achieve self-awakening through dancing, singing, chanting, and with the use of herbs and incense.


What is your favorite side dish

Florida Dem Hatches Plot to Invade Red States to Turn Them Blue

“A migration of only 50k people would turn some red states blue”

Losing congressional candidate Pam Keith has a cunning plan for Democrats to win red states – by encouraging tens of thousands of leftists to move there in huge numbers.

“Hey Blue State Dems: Have you considered moving to a red state? A migration of only 50k people would turn some red states blue for the Senate & electoral college. Think about it. Wide open spaces, low cost of living & an outsized say in our politics. Indeed, 75k would flip FL,” tweeted Keith.


How to Run the American Revolution: Belated Advice

In the spirit of historical course correction, I herewith submit some thoughts to those who may find themselves in an American Revolution between 1774 and 1783.

1. Rule number one. Don’t cooperate with any leaders, even if you appointed them. If you do, such cooperation will later be taken as proof that you were just obeying the commands of some “sovereign” authority the whole time. Watch out especially for the more ambitious lot in the Continental Congress. You know their names.

2. Rule number two. Don’t volunteer to be in any army, Continental or otherwise, that adopts any European-style rules under which you can be flogged, or even murdered out of hand, for a long list of trivial offenses. If you contribute to the coming-into-being of such a structured, half-British, half-Prussian entity (thanks much, John Adams!), you and yours are bound to hear, later, that this necessarily means that whoever made the rules and directed that army: the Continental Congress, George Washington — people like that, had hold of some big, immeasurable thing known rather grandly as “the war power.” The same claimants will say that since they held this war power – a noteworthy “incident of sovereignty” (they will quote you great reams of Vattel, Pufendorf, and some Dutch guys on this point) — they must indeed have been “sovereign,” or at least entrusted with the sovereign power, the while.