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Monday, September 05, 2016

10 Rare Photos Taken In Maryland During The Great Depression

Although Maryland didn’t have it quite as bad during The Great Depression as other states did, it definitely affected parts of the region. Here are 10 rare photos taken in Maryland during The Great Depression that will open your eyes to a different time.

1. A typical cabin during 1935 in Garrett County.

2. A moment in Baltimore captured in 1938.

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Anonymous said...

Except for numbers 3,4 and 6 I don't see much difference in then and now.

Anonymous said...

That's because these pictures are from the other side of the bay. They came out of the 1900s and the eastern shore stayed.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore look the same.

Anonymous said...

They may have been taken at a different time, but they could just as well be from 2016..

Anonymous said...

At the end of those photos you can click to see 13 old Maryland houses also photographed in the '30s, there is a house/store on main street in Mardela selling oysters, is that old store still there?