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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kansas is ground zero of illegal voting, yet federal judge issues reprieve

Hundreds and perhaps thousands of non-citizens are illegally registered to vote in Kansas, a state that is at ground-zero in the conservative effort to police voter rolls and the liberal campaign to protect them.

The numbers are contained in a new study by Old Dominion University political science professor Jesse T. Richman. He gained fame as the researcher who put a national estimate on the number of non-citizens who register and vote. His contention that there are tens of thousands of illegal Democratic voters angered the liberal media and academia. Some professors signed an open letter blackballing him.

Mr. Richman did the Kansas study as an expert witness for Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the country’s leading elected official in the anti-voter fraud movement.

On Monday, the Republican lost his court case against the ACLU. A U.S. District Court judged ruled that his required proof-of-citizenship to register to vote was unconstitutional. He said he will appeal.

Mr. Kobach suffered another defeat in January. President Trump abolished his White House voter fraud commission co-chaired by Mr. Kobach. The aim was to try to capture an accurate illegal voting number by comparing registration lists with other data points, such as U.S. government rosters of permanent resident Green Card holders and visas.

But Democrat-run states refused to provide voter rolls, information that can be obtained by political parties for get-out-the-vote operations.


Sarah Sanders and seven members of her family kicked out of Virginia restaurant

Sarah Sanders has slammed the manager of a Virginia restaurant who refused to serve her and seven family members on Friday night, saying: 'Her actions say far more about her than about me'.

The White House Press Secretary tweeted on Saturday morning that she 'politely left' The Red Hen in Lexington after it was made clear she was not welcome 'because I work for POTUS'.

'Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so.'

The incident first came to light when staff member Jaike Foley-Schultz said he was only able to serve Sanders for two minutes before the manager came over and kicked her out.

'I just served Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a total of 2 minutes before my owner kicked her out along with 7 of her other family members,' he posted on Facebook.

Sanders' father, Mike Huckabee, the governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007, also slammed the decision to evict his daughter.

'Bigotry. On the menu at The Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington VA. Or you can ask for the 'Hate Plate'. And appetizers are 'small plates for small minds'' he tweeted on Saturday.

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An intern’s reflection on the life and work of Charles Krauthammer

Infrequently throughout the course of history, and even more rarely in our current divisive times, have thoughtful minds like Charles Krauthammer graced the mainstream media.

Dr. Krauthammer passed away on Thursday shortly after he announced that he had a few weeks left to live in a letter that testified as much to his character as to his influence in journalism. It is rare for pundits today to be described as humble, but he truly exemplified this virtue.

He did not grandstand or make inflammatory statements while featured on television. He did not publish his weekly column based on what would primarily attract clicks from readers or shares on the Internet. Instead, Krauthammer pursued something that many in the mainstream media today do not: the truth.

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Dr. Krauthammer quite by chance, after having grown up watching his evening appearances on Fox News.

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A Twitter account linked to the Nebraska branch of Antifa has tweeted out a list of ICE employees compiled from LinkedIn.

The anti-fascist organization shared a link on Tuesday that includes names, photos, job titles, cities and links to ICE employees' LinkedIn profiles. “Some enterprising hero archived the ICE employees listed on LinkedIn,” said the tweet from Nebraska Antifa, which claims to share news on trap hunting fascists and racists in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.

The document was originally compiled by Twitter user Sam Lavigne, who claimed to have “scraped LinkedIn for people that work for ICE.” Lavigne’s original post on Medium has since been removed, but the Nebraska Antifa account linked to an archived version of the list for its followers to access.

The Verge spoke to Lavigne, who is a New York-based artist, saying that he was “just trying to pose the question” of who is responsible for implementing ICE policies.


ABC BUSTED! Fake News Report on Trump Immigration Comments

At Candidate Forum, Only 1 of 10 Dem Hopefuls for Congress Says They'd Support Pelosi for Speaker

At a forum held Thursday for the 10 Democrats running for Congress in New Hampshire's first district, only one candidate said they would support House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) for speaker of the House.

New Hampshire political reporter Paul Steinhauser captured the moment on Twitter.

"If you are elected, if you go down to Washington, DC, and if the Democrats retake control of the [House of Representatives], would you support Nancy Pelosi as speaker?" the moderator asked the candidates. "If you would support her, raise your hand."


The Dispatch Is Spot On With This Endorsement

Study: Soda Taxes Hit Poor the Most

Soda taxes disproportionately affect lower income Americans, according to a new study released by the Tax Foundation.

Taxes levied per ounce on sugary drinks by Democrats in Berkeley, Philadelphia, and Seattle are even more regressive, according to the study. The middle class would pay the most if Congress passed a nationwide soda tax, as two-thirds of its revenue would come from those earning between $20,000 and $100,000.

If an excise tax per fluid ounces were to be enacted, households earning less than $100,000 would pay 78 percent of the tax.

"Sugar-sweetened beverage taxes theoretically offer the potential for reducing externality health-care costs stemming from excessive sugar consumption, and in this way they may raise the prospect of efficiency gains by signaling to consumers these higher social costs," according to the study. "However, these taxes also raise equity concerns to the extent these goods represent a disproportionate share of the consumption among lower-income households."


Italy to 224 migrants on ship: '[They] will only see Italy on a postcard'

Italy’s new hardline, anti-immigrant interior minister has refused port to a Dutch-flagged rescue ship carrying more than 200 migrants because it is now in Maltese waters.

On Thursday, Matteo Salvini accused the ship, which is operated by German NFO Mission Lifeline, of acting improperly by taking on board the 224 migrants that the Italian coast guard had assigned to the Libyan coast guard to rescue. He claimed the rescue was in Libyan waters, which Lifeline denies.

“I want to save lives but I’m paid by Italians to defend the safety of Italian citizens. I don’t accept there are organizations of pseudo-volunteers that endanger the lives of those who flee Africa and then think to disembark them all in Italy,” he said.

He added that those on board the ship "will only see Italy on a postcard".


Jordan: We Are Prepared to Impeach Rosenstein

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said he would “file articles of impeachment” if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein continues to not comply with the House of Representatives’ request for documents from the Department of Justice.

Jordan said, “If they don’t comply by today, the speaker has been clear and told me this personally: Our resolution that Mr. Meadows, I and others introduced two weeks ago, which says the full House will go on record and tells the Department of Justice if you don’t give us what we have within a certain time period, we’ll move to the next step. The resolution comes first. If Rosenstein doesn’t comply, then it’s contempt..."

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Draining the swamp: White House proposes unprecedented reorganization of federal government

The White House on Thursday proposed the most comprehensive plan to reorganize the federal government in 100 years, including a merger of the departments of Education and Labor, and a proposal to add work requirements for welfare programs.

“Businesses change all the time,” said White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. “Government doesn’t, and one of the things you get when you hire a businessman to become president is you bring this attitude from the private sector.”

The sweeping reorganization plan stems from an order signed by Mr. Trump in March 2017 calling for a review of the federal government to streamline agencies and reduce waste. The combined education and labor department would be called the Department of Education and the Workforce, or DEW, and would oversee programs for students and workers.

In a presentation to the Cabinet, Mr. Mulvaney cited examples of bringing all food-safety regulations under the Agriculture Department, instead of sharing those responsibilities with the Food and Drug Administration.

“If it’s cheese pizza, it’s FDA, but you put pepperoni on it and it becomes a USDA product. I mean, come on?” he said. “An open-faced roast beef sandwich is USDA, a closed-faced roast beef sandwich is FDA. Not making this up. You can’t make this kind of stuff up. This would only happen in the government.”


Texas Man Indicted in Voter Fraud Probe Pleads Guilty

The North Texas man indicted in an ongoing Dallas County voter fraud investigation pleaded guilty to a lesser charge this week. He was sentenced to serve six months in jail, according to the Office of the Dallas County District Attorney.

On Wednesday, Faith Johnson, the Dallas County DA, announced that Miguel Hernandez, 28, pleaded guilty to one count of “method of returning marked ballot” and was sentenced to 180 days, the equivalent of six months, in jail.

“This is the first of many milestones in the ongoing investigation into voter fraud in Dallas County,” said Johnson in a written statement. “As I have stated many times before, the right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. We must protect the process so that all citizens may have confidence in the system. It is my hope, with this conviction, that we will send a message to anyone who dares to threaten the integrity of the voting process. We will not tolerate it and you will be brought to justice.”

In 2017, Hernandez was accused of forging the absentee ballots of unsuspecting elderly voters.

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Poll: Nearly 5-in-9 Americans Say U.S. Should Not Become a Migrant Camp

Almost five in nine likely American voters say the United States should not become a migrant camp for the world’s poor, a new poll found.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, about 54 percent of Americans said they agree the U.S. “will not be a migrant camp” and that “it will not be a refugee-holding facility.”

Nearly 60 percent of American men said the U.S. should not become a camp for migrants, and 80 percent of conservatives said the same, as well as 55 percent of swing voters.

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Zero-Tolerance for Hypocrisy

Court tosses attempt to punish Clinton lawyers over email scandal

Maryland’s top court this week rejected an attempt to punish Hillary Clinton’s lawyers for their role in deleting her emails, overturning a lower court that had approved a misconduct investigation.

Activist lawyer Ty Clevenger, who had demanded the investigation, said the state Court of Appeals “whitewashed” the case, protecting David Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson from facing penalties for their activity.

The court ruled that Mr. Clevenger had gone to the wrong court in seeking to force the state bar counsel to investigate. Instead of going to a circuit court, he should have gone straight to the Court of Appeals, they ruled.

“Of course, if a peon lawyer like me had intentionally destroyed evidence that was covered by congressional and court subpoenas, he or she would have been disbarred and sent to prison (although not necessarily in that order). But Mr. Kendall, Ms. Mills, and Ms. Samuelson are covered by the Clinton protection racket, ergo they need not worry about the rules and laws that apply to mere mortals,” Mr. Clevenger wrote.


Fake News: Iconic Crying Migrant Girl Was Never Separated from Mother, Says Father

The father of the tearful two-year-old Honduran migrant girl who became the face of the “family separation” news coverage says that his young daughter was never actually separated from her mother when caught by U.S. Border Patrol.

Instead, he says, his daughter and her mother are together in U.S. custody at “at a family residential center in Texas.”

Moreover, the mother had been deported from the U.S. in 2013, according to a statement given by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to Buzzfeed on Thursday evening.

Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, 32, told the UK Daily Mail that his wife Sandra, 32, had taken their daughter, Yanela Denise, on a dangerous journey to the U.S. on June 3 without telling him. They had since been in touch, he said, and he learned the two had been detained together but never separated.


Aid Workers at Soros-Funded MSF Accused of ‘Trading Medicine for Sex’

Aid workers at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) traded medicine for sex with vulnerable young women in Africa, former employees of the open borders-backing NGO have alleged.

Whistleblowers told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme Thursday that the use of prostitutes by staff at the George Soros-funded foreign aid NGO was “blatant and widespread”.

One of the female former employees, who were speaking anonymously for fear of being blacklisted by aid charities, reported seeing a senior member of staff bringing “very young girls” back to MSF accommodation in Kenya, adding that it was “implicit” they were prostitutes.

“My colleague, who was staying in the same residence for a long time, felt that this was a regular occurrence,” she said.

Commenting on whether MSF was aware of allegations that staff were using prostitutes, one former worker said she believes the organisation has a blind spot regarding “some of the older guys … [who have been at the NGO] for a long time and took advantage of their exalted status as a Western aid worker”.


13-Year Old Facing Felony Charge for Recording Meeting with Principal

Middle school student Paul Boron of Illinois, age 13, is facing serious charges after recording a conversation with his school principal. In Illinois, the eavesdropping charge with which Boron has been charged is a Class 4 felony, and a sentence can potentially include jail time, remand to a juvenile detention center, and/or fines up to $25,000.

Boron used his cellphone to record approximately ten minutes of conversation with the principal and assistant principal of Manteno Middle School in Manteno, Illinois. The conversation about missed detentions took place in a reception area with the door open.

According to the independent group Illinois Policy, Boron told Principal David Conrad and Assistant Principal Nathan Short that he was recording the conversation after they had been speaking for about ten minutes. At that point, they report, "Conrad allegedly told Boron he was committing a felony and promptly ended the conversation."


AP Deliberately Manipulates—Then Stealth Updates—Immigration Horror Story to Tie Obama-Era Abuse Case to Trump

On Wednesday night, the Associated Press ran an article that spread quickly Thursday morning across social media and other news outlets describing an horrific story of unbelievable abuse of minor immigrants in the custody and care of the United States government. Dubbed "Abu Ghraib for eighth-graders" by a Daily Beast reporter, the allegations in the explosive story included children being handcuffed, beaten, left in solitary confinement and, unimaginably, even worse.

In that Associated Press article describing these terrible and outrageous conditions, President Donald Trump's name came up four times. It makes sense that Trump and his immigration policy would be a part of the story, considering the news of the last week regarding family separation and the detainment and detention of minor children.

However, the allegations in this article covered a time period prior to Trump ever taking office. The specific court case cited involves alleged incidents occurring before and during 2016, when Trump was still on the campaign trail and we had a different president.


President Trump Gives Remarks on Immigration with Angel Families

Open Letter to School Boards Everywhere: Stop Renaming Your Schools After Obama

It was bad enough that pretty much within seconds of Barack Obama winning the presidency there seemed to be a rush to rename schools to honor the newly elected first black president. According to Wikipedia, eighteen schools in fourteen states have so far been named or renamed in honor of the 44th president. According to another Wikipedia article (which is incomplete and out-of-date) Obama already has enough schools named after him to rival John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson.

The latest school to jump on the Obama bandwagon is the J. E. B. Stuart Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia. This week, the school board voted 6-1 to rename the predominantly African-American school named after a Confederate general Barack Obama Elementary School.

When the school board first voted to rename the school, seven options were up for consideration, five of which were named for people. Of the five people considered, all but Obama were local figures, including Oliver Hill, a civil rights attorney who played a significant role in ending “separate but equal”; Barbara Johns, a civil rights leader; Albert Norrell, a long-time educator from a family of educators in Richmond for over a century; and Henry Marsh, another civil rights leader and the first African-American mayor of Richmond. Anyone of these would have been a more fitting and deserving individual to have a school named after them. This community clearly values the contributions of civil rights leaders who have had a positive impact on African-Americans, yet they honored a man whose “positive” impact on African-Americans is largely symbolic, and whose actual impact has been negative. In fact, Barack Obama was perhaps the worst president for African-Americans since Lyndon B. Johnson.


Sources Say Video Shows Antwon Rose Firing Weapon In Drive-By Shooting Minutes Before Being Killed By East Pittsburgh Officer; County Disputes Reports

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Sources tell KDKA-TV News that video shows Antwon Rose firing a gun during a drive-by shooting just minutes before he was shot and killed by police officer Michael Rosfeld, but Allegheny County officials are disputing those reports.

According to police, officers initially responded to a shots fired called on Kirkpatrick Avenue in North Braddock. When they arrived, they found a 22-year-old man had been shot in the abdomen.


Rep. Mark Meadows: FBI Agents Under Investigation for Evidence Tampering in Flynn Case

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) on Thursday revealed Congress is investigating whether FBI agents tampered with evidence in the Michael Flynn case.

“Justice should be meted out evenly, and yet we’re finding that evidence could have been tampered with,”the Freedom Caucus leader told Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

Meadows, who raised the prospect of evidence tampering during Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s testimony before House investigators this week, suggested FBI “302” interview documents may have been altered in the case against former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

“I brought this up with the inspector general the other day,” added the North Carolina lawmaker. “Some of those key witnesses will be asked to appear before House Oversight.”

“When that happens – those 302s for your listeners – are really all about the interviews that the FBI takes down.”


Anti-gun protester David Hogg — protected by armed guards?

David Hogg is a VIP now.

The 18-year-old attended the Parkland, Florida school where a student murdered 17 people in February, then made himself famous with relentless calls for gun control in the wake of the tragedy.

Now he’s got a book deal, and publicists — and armed guards.

“Here’s @davidhogg111 in NYC today with armed guards and a bunch of publicists. #neveragain #Hypocrites,” Di Somma posted to Twitter.
Other folks on the thread simply pointed out the obvious.

“Perfect Hypocrite Hogg. Speaking out every day about taking other people’s guns but oh so willing to have people with guns protecting him,” Jim Gerber wrote.

“But why does he need armed guards? I understand its because of death threats but … he is in New York, guns are banned there correct?” bigh added.

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Gun-Rights Group Files Motion to Block Enforcement of New Jersey Ammunition Confiscation Scheme as Lawsuit Proceeds

The local gun-rights group challenging New Jersey's effort to ban and confiscate ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds filed a motion on Thursday to block enforcement of the law while their challenge proceeds.

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs asked the U.S. District Court of New Jersey to keep the state from enforcing the ban while it considers the group's case. Thelaw in dispute requires anyone in New Jersey who has a magazine holding more than 10 rounds to either permanently modify it, transfer it out of state, or turn it into the police within 180 days of last Wednesday. If the court takes more than 180 days to litigate the case against the law, those with magazines may have to comply with the law even if the law is later found to be unconstitutional.

The group said the law violates the Second Amendment and has the potential to turn many law-abiding gun owners into criminals.

"This unconstitutional law will be ignored by criminals and madmen, and affects only law-abiding citizens," Scott Bach, the group's executive director, said in a statement when the group filed their suit. "It turns one million people into criminals with the stroke of a pen, limits self-defense, and takes away property lawfully acquired. Buy it yesterday, ban it today, go to prison tomorrow—it's the Jersey way, and the goal of our lawsuit is to boot this law, which makes no one safer, into the trash heap of history where it belongs."


Protesters Surround DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Home

Protesters descended on the Alexandria townhouse of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Friday morning, demanding the Trump administration reunite illegal immigrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Demonstrators were heard chanting “free the kids” and“no justice, no sleep,” according to HuffPost’s Philip Lewis. Many people in the crowd carried signs bearing Nielsen’s likeness, captioned: “CHILD SNATCHER.”

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NANCY PELOSI’S ANGELS: Eleven MS-13 Killers, Including Illegal Aliens, Charged in Deaths of Underage Virginia Teens

Eleven MS-13 gang members, including 10 illegal aliens were charged in the deaths of two underage Virginia teens.

This must be the ‘spark of divinity’ Nancy Pelosi was talking about when she defended the MS-13 killers

Fox News reported:

Eleven MS-13 gang members – all of whom are illegal immigrants except one – are facing life in prison after being charged in the kidnappings and deaths of two teens whose bodies were dug up in a Virginia park last year.


Friday Night Free Pool At OC Billiards Was A Blast

We had the distinct pleasure of enjoying the company of Tommy Knorr and a good portion of the EVO Staff last night at Trader Lee's. Every pool table, (as usual) was going while couples enjoyed free pool and ice cold beers throughout the evening. 
Tonight we have the "HOOPLAS" playing live and one thing I can assure you, we'll be packed. This band does only original music and will be signed by a major recording company soon. 

If you'd like to try something different, come out tonight and see for yourself why this band has such an incredible following. I personally enjoy them because I grow tired of listening to other bands playing someone else's music. 

NJ Governor Proposes 2,400 Percent Tax Increase On Firearms

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy is proposing legislation that would drastically increase the fees on firearms in New Jersey, hiking the cost to buy and sell guns by up to 2,400 percent.

The proposal includes various steep tax increases such as raising the cost of handgun permits, required to purchase a firearm in New Jersey, from $2 to $50, reports

Other changes include increasing identification card fees 1,900 percent to $100, dealer licenses 900 percent to $500 and manufacturer licenses 900 percent to $1,500.

Fees on carry permits, which are already known for being difficult to acquire in New Jersey, are expected to increase an additional 700 percent to $400. Across the state line inPennsylvania, carry permits are only $20.


Jacob Abresch Is Missing, Last Seen On Riverside Drive: UPDATE

I wanted to report that Jacob has been found. Thank you for your help and prayers.

If anyone see's or knows of Jacobs whereabouts please contact the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office at 410-548-4891.

Was this staged? The child doesn't seem excited at all.

TIME To Tell The Truth

The Child Abuse Cover Up A Police Whistleblower Speaks Out

The illegal immigrants and their children

Governor Larry Hogan Breaks Ground at New Marriott International Headquarters

$600 Million Project is Result of Major Economic Development Initiative by Hogan Administration, Montgomery County

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan today joined J.W. “Bill” Marriott Jr., Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board for Marriott International; Arne Sorenson, President and CEO of Marriott International; Ike Leggett, Montgomery County Executive; and state and local officials for a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the construction of the future headquarters of Marriott International and Marriott Hotel in downtown Bethesda, Md.

"For more than 60 years, Marriott International has shown loyalty and commitment to Maryland - supporting more than 10,000 jobs and infusing up to $430 million into our state economy each year," said Governor Hogan. "Now, Marriott's footprint in Maryland grows even larger with the groundbreaking of the brand new corporate headquarters and flagship hotel. Today, we are seeing proof, and a shining example, of the incredible progress we are making in the state of Maryland - we are truly open for business like never before."

A decades-long Maryland institution, Marriott International has been an economic engine for Montgomery County. As of 2017, Marriott supported more than 10,000 jobs, 95 hotels, and 18,000 guest rooms throughout the state. The new headquarters office building will be an urban, modern, and sustainable facility designed to LEED Gold standards less than two blocks from the Bethesda Metro Station. The offices will house 3,500 employees with a childcare center, fitness center, and on-site cafeteria.

“Montgomery County has been our home for more than 60 years and we take immense pride in this community and in the strong relationships we’ve developed here,” said J.W. Marriott, Jr. “From our humble roots as a nine-stool root beer stand in downtown Washington, D.C. to a hospitality company known around the world, we look forward to many more years together as we create a new, 21st century home in downtown Bethesda.”

It's That Simple...

Attention ECI Visitors

Attention ECI Visitors: Visits to Eastern Correctional Institution East and West Compounds have been cancelled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June 22-24). REGULAR Visits to ECI Annex are also cancelled due to Family Day. Family Day at the Annex will happen as planned this weekend!

Love It!

Are You A Believer?

Obama Criticizes Trump, Ignores Own Record of Separating Families

Former President Barack Obama criticized President Donald Trump’s enforcement of the border laws but failed to acknowledge that his own administration also prosecuted families at the border.

“To watch those families broken apart in real time puts to us a very simple question: are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents’ arms, or are we a nation that values families, and works to keep them together?” Obama said in a post on Facebook. “Do we look away, or do we choose to see something of ourselves and our children?”

The former president commented on the issue on Wednesday evening, recognizing World Refugee Day.