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Saturday, February 04, 2017

FINALLY! Texas Has Its First Mayor Who Is A Dude Pretending To Be A Woman

A small town in Texas is now officially home to the state’s first mayor who is a man who likes to dress up as a woman and call himself transgender.

The town is New Hope, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it outpost of perhaps 600 souls just east of McKinney and about 40 miles northeast of Dallas.

The mayor is Jess Herbst, reports CBS Dallas.

Herbst, 58, was born with the name Jeff.


Father Figure

**Update-Autopsy Information** State Police Conduct Homicide Investigation at Smyrna Prison

Smyrna – The Delaware Division of Forensic Science has completed the autopsy of Lieutenant Steven R. Floyd which has determined the death to be a homicide by trauma. No further information regarding the autopsy will be released in order to protect the integrity of the active and on-going investigation.

These 10 jobs have the best growth potential in the next 7 years

Seeking a lucrative career? Learn to crunch data.

Data scientist is one of the hardest job vacancy categories to fill, as recruiters struggle in general to find talent in information technology and health care, according to a new report from job search site

Data scientists use statistics, database and machine learning software to interpret data for company strategies or actions. Since it’s a relatively new career with few universities offering degrees, workers in the field are hard to find, CareerCast says.

The shortage results in wage inflation, and data scientists’ median salary in 2015 totaled $128,240, the highest among the heavily-in-demand careers CareerCast listed in its report. Vacancies for data scientists are estimated to grow 16% by 2024, it says.


Drug Kingpin 'El Chapo' Complains Jail Conditions Too Strict in NYC

He's locked up 23 hours a day. His wife can't visit him. He can't call anyone, except his lawyers. He even was denied water, his lawyers say.

The strict jail conditions for notorious Mexican drug lord and escape artist Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman were outlined on Friday by defense attorneys in a failed bid to get a judge to loosen them.

Guzman smiled at his common-law wife, Emma Coronel, as he was led into the Brooklyn courtroom under heavy guard by deputy U.S. marshals at his second court appearance since being brought to the United States on Jan. 19.

"This was so far the only way she has been able to see him," defense attorney Michelle Gelernt said afterward with a silent Coronel at her side.


Stephen Decatur HS to host annual $1 Taco Night, Feb. 7

Stephen Decatur High School began hosting $1 Taco Night eight years ago and the event has become a tradition.

“While Taco Night is one of our biggest school fundraisers, it has also grown into a community night for many of our parents, business partners and alumni,” said Tom Zimmer, principal of Stephen Decatur High School.

Typically, more than 1,000 people attend SDHS Taco Night to congregate and dine.

The Berlin school owes much of the event’s success to Sonrise Church, whose congregation has organized and volunteered during the event since its inception.


Video Shows the Emotional Toll that Comes with Using Justifiable Deadly Force

As previously reported by GunsAmerica, it all started around 4:30 a.m. several Thursdays ago when Arizona State Trooper Edward Andersson was responding to reports of gunfire along the median of Interstate 10 west of Tonopah, Arizona.

Man Cashes In Pennies He's Saved For 45 Years

A literal penny pincher cashed in his pennies after saving them for 45 years. Otha Anders, 73, is the embodiment of the famous proverb coined by Founding Father Benjamin Franklin: "A penny saved is a penny earned."

"I became convinced that spotting a lost or dropped penny was an additional God-given incentive reminding me to always be thankful," said Anders. "There have been days where I failed to pray and more often than not, a lost or dropped penny would show up to remind me."

Anders, from Ruston, Louisiana, filled 15 five-gallon plastic water jugs with around 500,000 pennies. USA Today reports the total amount of money he collected was $5,136.14.


President Trump Full Speech at National Prayer Breakfast 2/2/17

OC honors only native son killed in Vietnam

Barry Berger, the sole Ocean City native to be killed during the Vietnam conflict, will be honored with a memorial in front of City Hall after a request from a local veterans group was approved during the city council meeting on Jan. 17.

Nelson Kelly, Vietnam Veterans of America Ocean City Chapter 1091 president, who presented the proposal to the council, shared some background of the young man who put his own educational pursuits at American University on hold to serve his country, a decision for which he paid the ultimate price.

“After being in college for a few years and all the protests going on, the flag burning and things of that nature, Barry left American University and joined the U.S. Army,” he said. “After basic training he went on to Army Ranger training and graduated with honors.”

Kelly characterized the Army Rangers as an elite unit who conducts search and destroy, as well as rescue mission, behind enemy lines.


US Factory Orders Are Unchanged In 11 Years

Absent the various seasonal and other) adjustments, non-adjusted (so actual) US Factory Orders in December were almost exactly the same as they were in March 2006 - unchanged in 11 years.

YoY, adjusted factory orders rose 3.6%, the best since July 2014. However, absent the adjustments, real orders continue to paint a very different picture.


Concerns Over Berlin Special Events Discussed

BERLIN – Merchants and town staff aired their concerns with Berlin’s array of special events during a work session this week.

On Tuesday, many of the town’s department heads met with a handful of merchants and chamber of commerce representatives to discuss the town’s annual events and any issues related to them.

“The focus was to talk about events and what’s working, what’s not,” said Laura Allen, Berlin’s town administrator.

She said the work session came as a result of issues that were brought up at merchant meetings, and, because of the varying attendance at those, weren’t necessarily resolved. The meeting, Allen said, was an “all hands on deck” approach to clearing up any identified problems and making needed changes.


Sierra Club Chief: Abortion Is Key to ‘Sustainable Population’

The executive director of the environmentalist Sierra Club said that abortion is a critical tool for protecting the environment from the threat of overpopulation.

On Thursday, the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune appeared on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight to argue for the importance of “reproductive rights” as a means of culling the world’s population and protecting the environment.

Brune said that abortion “helps to address the number of the people that we have on this planet. We feel that one of the ways in which we can get to a sustainable population is to empower women to make choices about their own families.”

When abortion is legalized, Brune suggested, it helps keep the population from expanding out of control.

“We believe in empowering women’s rights. We believe that women who have rights and who have the ability to have choice about their reproductive—make their own reproductive choices—will help to produce strong families and will help to protect the environment at the same time.”

“Sierra club is pro-choice, Brune said.


Should Social Media Be Used As Government Tool To Gauge Public Opinion?

BERLIN – When Berlin resident Bill Todd came up with the concept of renaming the town’s newest park for a popular mailman, one of the first things he did was share the idea on Facebook.

The positive comments posted by his social media followers were enough to convince him to launch a more formal effort. He placed petitions in local shops and used Facebook to promote the cause. It was there he informed the online audience of his plans to share the signatures he’d collected with the town council last month.

While a number of community members supported Todd and the idea of a “James Tingle Park,” Berlin Mayor Gee Williams was critical of what he considered the effort’s roots in social media. He says during his eight years as mayor it’s the only time his first indication of an issue came through social media. Platforms like Facebook typically don’t mean much to him as mayor.

“I give little to no weight to issues of public debate or opinion that are transmitted by social media,” he said.


Kurdish Soccer Teams Assaulted Several Times by Muslims in Turkey

Players and managers of the Cizrespor football club from the Kurdish Cizre district of Sirnak province in southeastern Turkey were subjected to racist insultsbefore they were physically attacked by police and officials of their opponent, Bayburt Grup Ozel Idare Genclikspor (Bayburt GOI), on January 22.

The vice president of Cizrespor, Maruf Sevinc, said:

At first, the personnel of the opposing team attacked us with racist words and insults. Even though we lost 2-1, four executives of the team started a quarrel with our players in the corridor of the stadium and beat them up.


Volunteer fire company memberships down

In the spring of 1990, when Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company President Jay Jester joined, the roster was full and boasted 125 active-duty members.

Almost 30 years later, that number has dropped by about a percentage point per year, every year.

“I only got in because someone else dropped off,” Jester recalled. “Now we have 72 active members — about 68 percent of where we were.”

The numbers are bolstered by the different roles the company offers, from life members and gold badge life members to honorary, associate and contributing members.


Dr Sarah Brewer reveals natural ways to treat ailments

Taking common painkillers while suffering a cold or flu can dramatically increase your risk of a heart attack, scientists warned yesterday.

Taiwanese researchers found popping tablets that include ibuprofen while battling a respiratory infection tripled the chance of an attack.


'Having an acute respiratory illness – such as flu - in itself stresses the heart,' explains Dr Sarah Brewer, a GP and Medical Director of Healthspan.

'And the combination of the illness plus a non-steroidal anti-inflammatories drug – such as ibuprofen - appears to be especially deadly.'

And while paracetamol is often touted as a a possible 'safer' alternative, its effects were not assessed during these trials, she adds.


I can’t hold this back any longer…

Our website editor will be upset I’m writing about football, but something like this doesn’t happen often. I am stoked that for the second time in my lifetime, I will actually have my hometown team playing in the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons. Last time they made it was January 31, 1999 in then-Pro Player Stadium in Miami against the Denver Broncos. We lost 34-19. However, this year has been a miraculous football year in that the Tennessee Volunteers finally beat Florida. Army finally beat Navy… and Fidel Castro died — had to throw that one in there. So, I am hopeful. And just so y’all know, I will be in Wheeling, West Virginia with my oldest daughter Aubrey, so we’ll have to find an awesome place to watch the game. “Rise Up!” Go Falcons.

Now as I think about the big game this Sunday, I remember back as a young boy going to visit my granddad down in Cuthbert, Georgia. He lived on South Street across from the big open field in front of what used to be Randolph County High School. We’d gather there and play tackle football in that open field…no pads! That was back when kids didn’t look for safe spaces and we were rough and tumble. The ol’ folks would gather on the front porches and watch us hammer each other, and I mean it could get brutal. You could hear the ol’ men yell out when there was a crack hit, a long run, or a deep pass. They’d also yell out sometimes, “it’s all fun boys until someone gets hurt.”


OCPD K-9 Unit Adds New Team and Trainer


OCEAN CITY, MD – : The Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) K-9 Unit recently welcomed a new team to the unit and will begin advanced monthly training under the supervision of a veteran unit member who recently completed a rigorous 12-week trainer course.
Pfc. Kevin Flower, Pfc. Danielle Braniff, and Klem
 Pfc. Danielle Braniff and her K-9 partner, Klem, recently joined the K-9 Unit and are now certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) as a patrol and drug detection police K-9 team. The two graduated from a six-week training program at Shallow Creek Kennels where they trained in patrol techniques, article and area searches and drug detection. Klem, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, originally came to the United States from the Netherlands where he received his initial training. The two join a group of four additional K-9 patrol teams, which are an integral part of the OCPD.

In addition, Pfc. Kevin Flower, a 12-year member of the K-9 Unit, recently graduated from a 12-week training program to learn how to train new K-9 handlers and their dogs. For the initial six weeks of his training, Pfc. Flower assisted in the training of 24 patrol and narcotic detection K-9’s, including Klem. During the last six weeks, Pfc. Flower assisted in training new K-9 handlers, including Pfc. Braniff and other prospective K-9 handlers from across the region. The first six weeks of training the K-9’s were incredibly physically demanding while the second six weeks were more mentally demanding as he instructed the students in how to handle the K-9’s. Pfc. Flower will now be responsible for training the OCPD K-9 Unit, a task formerly done by an outside vendor.

“This unit has played a vital role in the OCPD for decades,” commented Chief Ross Buzzuro. “I have no doubt that Pfc. Braniff and Klem will make an excellent addition to the K-9 Unit and we are very excited that Pfc. Flower will now be taking over the training for the unit.

Record radiation level detected inside damaged Fukushima reactor

TOKYO — A record radiation level has been detected inside the No. 2 reactor at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, with the estimated reading of up to 530 sieverts per hour, the plant operator said Thursday.

The reading means a person could die from even brief exposure, highlighting the difficulties ahead as the government and Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. grope their way toward dismantling all three reactors that melted down in the March 2011 nuclear disaster.

The plant operator also announced that based on an image analysis, a 1-square-meter hole has been found on a metal grating beneath the reactor pressure vessel, likely caused by melted nuclear fuel that fell through the vessel.

The new radiation level, described by some experts as “unimaginable,” far exceeds 73 sieverts per hour, the previously highest radiation reading monitored in the interior of the reactor.

An official of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences said medical professionals have never considered dealing with this level of radiation in their work.

According to TEPCO, the extremely high radiation level was detected inside the containment vessel, in the space around 2.3 meters away from the base of the reactor pressure vessel.

According to the institute, 4 sieverts of radiation exposure would kill one out of two people.


Former Area Business Owner Eyes Liver Transplant

POCOMOKE CITY – A retired Pocomoke City native and his wife are reaching out to the community for financial support in the days leading up to and following his liver transplant.

Terry and Beverly Fleming, Pocomoke natives and former owners of Harbor Tackle and Ocean City Bait and Tackle, have created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money, which will cover travel expenses and hospital co-pays associated with Fleming’s nearly four-year battle with end stage liver disease.

His wife said Fleming has visited hospitals more than 30 times in the past year and a half, many resulting in overnight stays. In the last three weeks of January, she said he traveled to Johns Hopkins more than five times.


David Horowitz Slams Janet Napolitano After UC-Berkeley Riot: 'They Encourage This'

Conservative commentator David Horowitz lashed out Thursday at University of California-Berkeley President Janet Napolitano in the wake of a violent campus riot that forced the cancellation of a speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

In an interview with Fox News' Lou Dobbs, Horowitz, the author of the best-selling "Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America," slammed the former secretary of Homeland Security under President Barack Obama for providing "sanctuary" on campus to illegal immigrants, calling it a "violation of the Patriot Act."

"They encourage this," Horowitz said of the protest. "Why weren't people arrested? I can't go to campuses without bodyguards."

"We have a seditious democratic party that is destroying the American electoral system. We have actresses calling for a military coup, we have Democrats sabotaging an incoming administration, and a State Department leaking presidential conversations. It's a mess."


Federal Bureaucrats Go ‘Full Hillary Clinton’ with Secret Emails

Federal bureaucrats opposed to implementing President Donald Trump’s policies are creating personal email accounts and using encrypted messages to communicate and collaborate as they push back against the new administration, Politico reports.

Just as former Secretary of State used a private e-mail server, whose contents she later wiped, in an attempt to shield some of her communications from the government and from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, bureaucratic rebels are using external communications and applications to create what amounts to a shadow administration. But unlike Clinton, or perhaps having learned her lessons, they are encrypting their communications, using secure messaging apps like Signal.


OC energy rebates 10 times expectations from upgrades

Upgrades of the resort’s electrical infrastructure last year is earning Ocean City extra green in energy rebates from Delmarva Power.

The resort expected $30,000 in returns from the utility company after installing energy-efficient lightbulbs and other appliances last year. City Engineer Terry McGean said that rebates are now expected to come in at $300,000.

“That’s in addition to the energy savings we have from the changes that were made,” he said.

In 2015, Ocean City completed an energy consumption audit with Energy Services Group. The audit identified nearly $4.6 million worth of upgrades that the resort could perform and save the city $258,455 annually on its energy bills.


Google cozies to Trump but calls for his impeachment

Google, or rather its parent company Alphabet, got used to dominating Washington under President Barack Obama’s rule. Perhaps, that’s why they’d like to see President Donald Trump impeached.

“Some of us may need to adopt Pence 2017 bumper stickers,” Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin joked at a company sponsored anti-Trump protest — the biggest demonstration from a Silicon Valley corporation this week — in response to Mr. Trump’s controversial immigration executive order.

More than 2,000 Google employees attended the protest on Monday, with it becoming a trending topic on Twitter with the hashtag #GooglersUnite.

The rally came 24 hours after Google donated $2 million to the ACLU and Immigrant Legal Resource Center, to help fight Mr. Trump’s executive order, which was matched by $2 million in donations from Google employees.

The week prior, Google lawyers flooded the California office of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, demanding she oppose Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation as attorney general.


After Berkeley, Treat Violent, Anti-Speech Left Like the KKK

The violence that stopped Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the University of California, Berkeley this week happened after some incredibly irresponsible statements by university administrators and local politicians.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin tweeted that Milo’s “hate speech” was not “welcome in our community.” UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said that the university not only opposed Milo’s views, but also his ostensibly harmful presence on campus.

Yet most of the blame must lie squarely with the rioters, who include Black Bloc anarchists and so-called “Antifa” (anti-fascist) activists, who exemplify the very fascism they supposedly want to resist.

These groups openly and explicitly declare their intention to disrupt public gatherings where conservatives — or, really, anyone they do not like for whatever reason — are scheduled to appear. They not only celebrate violence, but they come armed, masked, and prepared to fight and vandalize.

Were these groups merely showing up at events to protest — to express their views without silencing others — they would be perfectly entitled to do so. But lately, they have taken advantage of the timidity of the police — which they helped engineer, through their participation in the Black Lives Matter movement — to run amok, breaking up events and assaulting innocent people in full view of law enforcement officers and even the media. They are almost never pursued and never punished.

Consider this, from the Berkeley campus newspaper, the Daily Californian: while there were three arrests made Wednesday — two in connection with violence earlier in the day — there was only one arrest by campus police at the protest itself, despite the violence.


DNC Contender Ellison Holds Press Event With CAIR Radical

The leading candidate to become the chairman of the Democratic Party shared his Capitol Hill press conference with a leading advocate for Islamic radicals, Nihad Awad, who is the director of the jihad-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

Candidate Rep. Keith Ellison’s decision to share the microphone with CAIR director on Wednesday afternoon highlights the willingness of party activists to deepen their alliance with the small number of radical Muslim voters living in the United States, despite the huge ideological conflicts between the party’s liberal base and the Muslim groups’ toxic Islamic ideology and aggressive Arab politics.

Ellison is a leading candidate to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who will be chosen by a party vote in late February. He has public support from the Democrats’ leader in the Senate. Sen. Chuck Schumer, but faces growing opposition from former labor secretary Tom Perez.

The press conference was called to protest President Donald Trump’s popular policy to curb immigration of people with “hostile attitudes.”

Both Ellison and Awad insisted the hostile attitudes policy is anti-Islam, even though it only seeks to exclude people who: not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law … those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.


Comcast Executives Push Employees To Protest Trump’s Immigration Reform

NBC’s corporate parent, Comcast, is joining the corporate backlash against President Donald Trump’s popular immigration reform, partly prodded by the company’s Indian-born Chief Technology Officer, Sree Kotay.

The company provided employers at its Philadelphia headquarters time off on Thursday to protest Trump’s popular policy, which is designed to reduce the inflow of costly refugees and to exclude migrants carrying “hostile attitudes.” Company protests were also expected in Washington D.C., New York and California.

Trump’s new policy seeks to exclude people who:

do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law … those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.

The growing campaign by corporations — including Google, Starbucks, Amazon, Lyft and Netflix — against the newly elected president and his immigration reform is shaped by their bottom-line desire to raise the inflow of immigrant consumers and cheap workers.


City Hall will get tougher on security

Ocean City officials are looking to install new security measures at City Hall after meeting with Homeland Security representatives last month.

The agency presented recommendations for security improvements for City Hall during a closed session of the Police Commission in January.

The commission is comprised of three councilmembers, Mayor Rick Meehan, City Manager Doug Miller and various law enforcement officials.

“We’re looking to make some basic changes and to restrict areas that are easily accessible,” said Councilman Wayne Hartman who sits on the commission. “It’s not a new concept.”


Robert Reich Lies, Claims Breitbart News Organized Berkeley Riots

Former labor secretary and UC Berkeley professor Robert Reich claimed that Breitbart News helped to organize the violent riots that took place on campus in response to a scheduled event featuring Breitbart Editor MILO.

“I wouldn’t bet against it, Don,” Reich said, speaking about the rioters. “Again, I saw these people. They all looked almost paramilitary, not from the campus. And I’ve heard — again I don’t want to say factually — but heard there’s some relationship there between these people and the right wing. And the movement that is affiliated with Breitbart news.”

Despite admitting explicitly that the claim was not based on facts, Reich charged ahead in claiming that Breitbart News had an affiliation with the violent rioters that lit fires around campus and beat and pepper sprayed the MILO supporters who were waiting to get into the venue.


Horowitz on Lou Dobbs: Who’s to Blame for Violent Berkeley Protests?

"We have a seditious Democratic Party that is destroying the American electoral system."

Freedom Center founder David Horowitz and Washington Times staff writer Charlie Hurt appeared on Fox News with Lou Dobbs to discuss whether President Trump should defund the University of California, Berkeley over the rioting Wednesday night that prevented Milo Yiannopoulos from delivering a Freedom Center-sponsored speech demanding the end of “sanctuary campuses” that harbor illegal aliens. Milo's address, which was canceled amid violent mob attacks, fire-setting, and wanton property destruction, had been scheduled to mark the launch of the Freedom Center’s #nosanctuarycampusforcriminals campaign.

Who is responsible for that rioting? Horowitz, author of the new book Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America, points the finger at former Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, now the President of the UC system, as well as a "seditious" Democratic Party besieging the Trump administration.

See the video clip.

Hispanic Ethno-Nationalists Try to Cover Their Tracks

Most Americans can see the blatant hypocrisy when left-wing ethno-centric groups, such as La Raza, attempt to smear President Trump and his 61 million supporters as racists, while they themselves claim to put "Latino people first" and are closely tied to anti-white racists (see my article for FPM on that issue here).

Of course, these groups wouldn’t get away with their race-based policy agenda if our media and political elites applied scrutiny properly and equally. But independent and patriotic watchdogs like FPM may be having an effect. La Raza, for example, was recently forced to create a "myths-busting" page on their website, "settling" a number concerns raised about the group over the years. The gesture suggests the group is feeling pressure. Unfortunately for La Raza, its attempts are fairly feeble.

Take the "myth" about their name. "Raza," the group claims, doesn’t actually mean "race." To say its name implies it is somehow ethno-centric is therefore baseless. As the group writes:

Many people incorrectly translate our name, “La Raza,” as “the race.” While it is true that one meaning of “raza” in Spanish is indeed “race,” in Spanish, as in English and any other language, words can and do have multiple meanings. As noted in several online dictionaries, “La Raza” means “the people” or “the community.”

This might work on English-only speakers who take the media’s acceptance of the group on faith. But for most, an obvious question is, why not just call the organization the "National Council for La Gente" or the "National Council for La Comunidad" the actual words for ‘people’ and ‘community’ in Spanish?

More here

NYT: Clinton Foundation in Disarray After Hillary's Election Loss

Three months after Hillary Clinton’s stunning election loss to Donald Trump, her family foundation is facing vexing questions about its ability to exist.

“The foundation is still grappling with its place in the era of President Trump,” the New York Times reports. “It faces some daunting challenges: a drop in fund-raising during the campaign; uncertainty about the scale of the former president’s ambitions; and questions about leadership, including how long its president, Donna E. Shalala, will stay, and whether Mrs. Clinton might rejoin the charity.”


Salisbury School Celebrates New Solar Panels

SALISBURY – Officials with The Salisbury School (TSS) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony last Friday to celebrate the installation of 900 solar panels on the outskirts of campus grounds.

Solar panels found on the campus will now be incorporated into the school’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)-based curriculum, giving students an opportunity to learn about and create sustainable technology.

Ed Cowell, headmaster at TSS, said officials proposed the project nearly two years ago in an effort to expand the facility’s green school initiative.

“We have a lot of green initiatives in our school and solar is something we considered for many years,” he said. “There are some real educational benefits for our students.”


Seattle judge issues nationwide restraining order on Trump's refugee ban

A federal judge in Seattle on Friday ordered a temporary nationwide restraining order to halt President Trump's executive order that bans refugees and asylum seekers from seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

U.S. District Judge James Robart ruled in favor of a lawsuit by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who is taking action on certain provisions in the week-old executive action. Robart's restraining order is granted on a national level and will take effect immediately, according to multiple reports.

The former George W. Bush-appointed judge's order will likely lead to a circuit split due to an opposite ruling by a Boston judge on Friday, forcing the matter to be decided by the Supreme Court.

Ferguson's 19-page complaint stated Trump's order violated aspects of religious freedom and equal protect, as outlined in the Constitution. Minnesota joined Washington's suit earlier this week. A handful of states have also announced separate legal action in response to Trump's banning non-U.S. citizens from Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen.


State Police Investigating Single Vehicle Fatal Crash Near Selbyville

Selbyville - The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is investigating a single vehicle crash that has claimed the life of a Frankford man.

The incident occurred around 12:30 a.m. Saturday February 4, 2017 as Harrison O. McCray, 34 of Frankford, was operating a 2005 Cadillac CTS southbound on Parker Road at an apparent high rate of speed approaching a moderate left curve just north of Cliff Road. The vehicle failed to negotiate the curve and exited the west side of the road where it entered an open field and began to rotate counter-clockwise. The wheels of the car then dug into the soft soil and began to barrel roll over a distance of approximately 200’ before coming to a stop in an upright position.

Harrison McCray, who was not properly restrained, was ejected from the Cadillac. He was removed from the scene by EMS and transported to Atlantic General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Collision Reconstruction Unit is continuing their investigation into this incident. It is unknown at this time if alcohol or drugs were contributing factors in this case. Parker Road was closed for approximately two and a half hours while the crash was investigated and cleared.

Cops And Courts – February 3, 2017

Two Arrested For Breaking, Entering

OCEAN CITY — Two Salisbury men were charged with breaking and entering last weekend after allegedly kicking in the front door of a store in downtown Ocean City.

Around 9:50 p.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to the area of Baltimore Avenue downtown for a reported breaking and entering in progress. An Ocean City municipal bus driver had called into the emergency radio channels reporting she had seen two white males and a female kicking in the front door of the Ocean City Party Market. The bus driver told police the front door of the business was shattered and the two men had walked east on Somerset Street toward the Boardwalk while the female suspect sat on a bus stop at Somerset Street and Baltimore Avenue.

An OCPD officer arrived on the scene and observed three men with clothing matching the description provided by the bus driver walking north on the Boardwalk near Talbot Street. Another OCPD officer brought to the scene the bus driver who positively identified the suspects. The suspects were identified as Shane Kulp, 21, and Jesse Shipley, 21, both of Salisbury.

Continue/More Cases

This Is How It's Supposed To Sound: Do You Agree?

An ex prisoners thoughts on the Delaware prison riot

FAKE NEWS: CNN Ties MILO to White Nationalists Despite Explicit Rejection

CNN published an article and video about Breitbart Senior editor MILO Thursday which associated MILO with the alt-right and “white nationalist” and “anti-Semitic” activists despite his explicit rejection of them.

In a video piece accompanying an article headlined, “Milo Yiannopoulos is trying to convince colleges that hate speech is cool,” CNN states that MILO is on a mission to “take on the liberal college establishment, and he’s not the only one” before cutting to an interview with white nationalist Nathan Damigo. The video then shows clips from white nationalist Richard Spencer’s rallies and claims that Spencer’s planned college tour is inspired directly by MILO.

“Why are you seeking to associate me with these people?” MILO asked the CNN interviewer, who replied, “They associate themselves with you.”

“What you are seeking to do, by associating me with people who have odious and disgusting opinions, is suggest that I somehow in some way tacitly enable these people,” MILO replied. “I don’t. I don’t have unsavory opinions about skin color. F*ck you.”

Unlike the protesters at UC Berkeley, MILO has stated multiple times that skin colour and race do not matter, ideas and values do. Last week while speaking at UC Colorado Springs, MILO explicitly denounced racism:

Chelsea Clinton Speaks — And She’s Attacking Kellyanne Conway!

Chelsea Clinton attacked Kellyanne Conway after she incorrectly cited the “Bowling Green Massacre” — an event that never happened — while defending President Trump’s executive order restricting immigration from seven countries.

Though Conway later clarified that she meant to say “Bowling Green terrorists,” Hillary Clinton’s daughter savaged her on Twitter for “making up attacks.”

“Very grateful no one seriously hurt in the Louvre attack …or the (completely fake) Bowling Green Massacre,” Clinton tweeted Friday morning. “Please don’t make up attacks.”



With Starbucks Political Stand, Why Would Any American Veteran Even Think Of Jumping Into Quicksand?

In response to the public backlash against its new plans to hire thousands of Muslim migrants, Starbucks announced it would speed up its previously stated goal of hiring 10,000 veterans by 2018.

Starbucks made their stand that was a smack in the face to American Veterans and now that We The People showed them we will not stand for their snowflake position they are now announcing they will hire Veterans.

I highly doubt Veterans, (who are professionally trained to fight the enemy) would ever consider taking on a job with the opposition, do you?

Should People Be Allowed To Smoke Up At Legal Retail Marijuana Shops?

So you’re visiting a state where recreational marijuana is legal. Congratulations! Now it’s time to get some of that green stuff and partake — but where are you supposed to get high if you don’t have a private residence?

That’s a problem two Alaskan brothers want to solve so they can get a nice slice of the state’s $260 million pot business: They own Juneau’s first marijuana retail shop and want to offer onsite consumption to cruise boat tourists, theAssociated Press reports.

“We have a lot of tourists that come to Juneau — over a million every year — and a place for them to consume responsibly seems like a good thing to do,” one of the brothers told the AP.

Regulators will discuss the idea of allowing retail stores in the state to provide separate areas of their business for customers who want to toke up.


Man Who Saved 669 Children During The Holocaust Has No Idea They’re Around Him, Watch His Reaction


Strange Occurrences

How many of us have experienced things we cannot explain? I have never been taken in by “ghost stories” and other things that the paranormal experts try to pass off as other worldly.

This leads me to tell you about three instances that happened to me that defy explanation.

The first was after my father died in November, 1978. He usually lettered anything he wrote. He always corrected me when I said he printed. He told me that printers print, he lettered. Anyway, my sister always wrote long hand and extremely backhand. But that Christmas, when I received a card from her, the address was lettered and looked just like what my father would have written. I actually went weak in the knees. My sister insisted she had always written that way, but I know differently.

The second was the discovery of my fathers I.D. badge from Precision Development Company, which was Martin & Schwartz before World War II.

After my father died and my mother was getting up in years, she only put out a ceramic Christmas tree during the holidays. She kept it in the bottom of a closet in my father’s old bedroom. No one had been in there for many years and the only thing left on his bureau was a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The strange occurrence happened when I set part of the Christmas tree on the bed to make sure I had room to return it to the closet. As I knelt down with the tree, I happened to look up and the I.D. badge was leaning against the front of the statue. Mom said she didn’t recall seeing the badge before that day and didn’t know where it came from. The badge is pictured above.

The third occurrence involved a large box of my toys from childhood. Mom said she didn’t know where it was and I let it go at that for a time. Then, one day, I happened to look in her garage and glanced up. There was a room above, but access to it was difficult. There was an opening that could only be accessed with a ladder. I know I had looked that room over before and there was nothing up there. However, on this day, I looked up and saw the corner of a box. I quickly got the ladder and retrieved the box. It contained all the toys I had been looking for. I have no idea where it had been before I found it that day.

Perhaps you have had a similar experience. Some things cannot be explained; so don’t try to look beyond the present and things you can do nothing about.

Why Immortality Is Overrated

Helen was 82. She'd survived both breast cancer and outlived her husband.

One summer day she began bleeding from her colon and was admitted to the hospital. We assumed the worst — another cancer. But after she endured a series of scans and being poked with scopes, we figured out that she had an abnormal jumble of blood vessels called an arteriovenous malformation in the wall of her colon.

The finding surprised us, but the solution was clear: Surgery to remove that part of her colon should stop the bleeding once and for all. The operation went well. But afterward Helen's lungs filled with fluid from congestive heart failure. Then she caught pneumonia and had to be put on a ventilator in the intensive care unit.

Her medical problems and our treatments had simply stressed her aging organs beyond their capability.


Tom Brady Is Told To DENOUNCE Friendship With Trump, Another NFL Legend Says ‘HELL NO’!

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady is being harassed by the media to explain his relationship with President Donald Trump. They are undoubtedly looking to spark a firestorm and are only in it for clicks.

Fortunately, not everyone thinks Trump is the worst thing on the planet. Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka had Brady’s back, as well as Trump’s.


BREAKING: Trump Makes STUNNING Announcement Affecting EVERY Church In America

Religion has been under attack in the United States for a while now. Separation of Church and state is meant to protect the church from the state not the state from the church. But this all seems to be completely wrong now. And the Johnson Amendment just seems to be completely indicative of this. But Donald Trump is speaking out about this. He is making it clear that it will not stand as long as he has any say in the matter.

At the Prayer Breakfast he made a bold statement that is bringing comfort to people everywhere.

“It was the great Thomas Jefferson who said, the God who gave us life, gave us liberty. Jefferson asked, can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God,” Trump stated.

He continued, “Among those freedoms is the right to worship according to our own beliefs. That is why I will get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow our representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear of retribution. I will do that.”

You can watch the video below herem and hear for yourself what Donald Trump had to say about it. Maybe our religious freedoms are going to be better protected now than they have been in the past.


How To Avoid Losing Money To The “Utility Company” Scam

When the weather outside is frightful, losing your heat or electricity is the last thing you want to have happened. But don’t let your fear of such an event push you into falling for a common scam perpetrated by fraudsters trying to pass themselves off as utility company employees on the phone.

We’ve seen these scams at work in the past, whether it’s an electric company impostor or a gas utility poseur. Though some scammers will call up and demand immediate payment for unpaid utility bills, others will cold call folks and ask for personal and billing information, telling them they’re eligible for a federal program or will offer to lower a utility bill. Once the fraudster has that information, they can steal your identity.

It’s especially important to remain vigilant as these scam calls are on the rise, according to an analysis of 3.5 billion monthly calls and texts from a spam protection service called Hiya (viaMarketWatch).

Utility-related scam phone calls went up by 109% in 2016 and will likely continue to rise as scammers get more creative in trying to fool a savvier public, Hiya says. The top five companies scammers pretend to be from General Electric, Duke Energy, ConEd, Georgia Power, and Consumers Energy. The most common area codes for these scam calls are 508 (Massachusetts), 201 (Hudson, NJ), 914 (Westchester County, NY), 323 (Los Angeles), and 330 (Akron, OH).


Trump Economy Going STRONG: Jobs Numbers SOAR Over Expectations!

It didn’t take long after Donald Trump was named the winner of the presidential election in November for signs of improvement to begin. Almost immediately, the stock market began to climb. And in the weeks since Trump has taken office, it has only gotten better for the economy. The latest example? Jobs numbers have gone above and beyond all expectations.

In January, nonfarm payrolls rose to 227,000, above what economists predicted. It was expected that we would see an increase of 175,000 jobs in January, compared to 57,000 jobs in December, but the real number has far surpassed that.

The average workweek is unchanged for the most part, holding steady at just under 35 hours. Wages also remain mostly the same, with hourly earnings seeing an increase of 3 cents, and 2.5% on an annual basis. Declining wage growth took place, even though 19 states increased their minimum wage laws. “The lack of wage growth suggests further room for tightening in the labor market,” Curt Long, chief economist for the National Association of Federally Insured Credit Unions, said. “So long as that remains true, and with inflation still below target, the Fed will be content to hold off on further interest rate hikes.”


Ronald Reagan Showed the Right Way to Deal with Rioting Liberals at Berkeley

County Judge Who Wore “Pu**y” Hat To Court Just Got SCHOOLED!

A judge is supposed to be unbiased and non-partisan, especially on the bench. At least that is what I thought. Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt donned a pink knitted hat that signifies the Women’s March that took place in DC. It is a definite statement of liberalism and a stance against President Trump. This judge is a known died-in-the-wool liberal. I’d hate to be a conservative or a man in her court. Impartial she is not. Officials say she didn’t break any rules except those of propriety. I find that hard to believe and someone should file a complaint with the American Bar Association.

Last June, Eckhardt attacked Donald Trump during a naturalization ceremony. She also slammed the Second Amendment, the US Constitution and the death penalty. At one point during the ceremony, the judge urged the newly sworn citizens to register to vote so they could vote against Donald Trump. This understandably upset some of the participants. This woman has no business being a judge and should be disbarred, quite frankly.


Sleep Tied to Sexual Activity in Older Women

Older women who sleep well at night are more likely to have satisfying sex lives, a recent study suggests.

Postmenopausal women reported less sexual activity and less sexual satisfaction if they also had trouble sleeping through the night, researchers found.

Based on the findings, doctors may want to consider an older woman's overall health if she brings up issues like sexual satisfaction, said lead author Dr. Juliana Kling, a women’s health internist at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"When a patient is asking me about a sexual health concern, it's important for me to look at other aspects of her health and ask about sleep," she told Reuters Health.


A Viewer Writes: Industrial accident at Captain's Cove

Joe, I understand there was an industrial accident resulting in a death on Thursday at Captain’s Cove. A tree was felled and killed a man who was working nearby. There has been no coverage in the msm (no surprise). The deceased is Todd Hite from Pocomoke.

Major Assault In OC Over Beer

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was arrested on first-degree assault and other serious charges last weekend after allegedly beating another man and breaking his leg before stealing a 12-pack of beer.

Around 7:30 p.m. last Friday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to the area of 13th Street and Philadelphia Avenue to assist with an injured male. When OCPD officers arrived, they observed a male lying on the sidewalk being treated by Ocean City EMS. OCPD officers observed a laceration and bruising above the victim’s eye and when EMTs were loading him into an ambulance for transportation to the hospital, officers observed a broken bone protruding from the victim’s leg.

The victim told police he had left a midtown bar and bought a 12-pack of Natural Light beer from a convenience before boarding a municipal bus. The victim told police he got off the bus at 14th Street and began walking home and that was the last thing he remembered before being surrounded by paramedics. According to police reports, officers noticed blood spots on the roadway along with a set of dentures. The victim told police the dentures belonged to him and that they must have been knocked out of his mouth when he was attacked.


Study: Fake News Didn't Change 2016 Election Results

A new study from Stanford and New York University shows fake news did not change the results of the 2016 presidential election, while far more false stories favored eventual President Donald Trump than his challenger, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Our data suggest that social media were not the most important source of election news and even the most widely circulated news stories were seen by only a small fraction of Americans," lead researchers Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow wrote in the study, reports The Hill.

At any rate, only about eight percent of voters read the fake news stories, and even those who did could not recall what they'd read or believed what they'd seen.


We're Ready For Our Close Ups

Perdue Foods Donates 40,000 Pounds of Protein To Support South Georgia Relief Efforts

SALISBURY, MD. — Perdue Foods has donated 40,000 pounds of protein to Second Harvest of South Georgia to support disaster relief efforts after deadly tornadoes displaced thousands of residents in the region.

“We are extremely fortunate to have partners like Perdue Foods willing to help in times like this when so many are struggling just to feed their families,” said Will Robinson, chief operations officer at Second Harvest of South Georgia. “Because of their donation, we are able to get the protein to areas where hot meals are being prepared to feed those displaced and first responders.”

The donation, delivered Saturday, is part of Perdue’s commitment with Feeding America, the nation’s food bank network, to provide nutritious protein to those struggling with hunger and assist during natural disasters.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors in South Georgia affected by this tragedy,” said Wally Hunter, director of Perdue harvest operations in Perry, Ga. “It is our hope that this donation of protein will provide some level of comfort to those in the communities impacted by this terrible situation. Many are in for a long recovery process, and Perdue will continue to work with Second Harvest for ways to assist.”

Laurel Manufacturer Plans Expansion, 50 New Jobs

Iron World Will Invest in New Equipment to Increase Production and Sales

Iron World™, the fastest-growing distributor of decorative steel fences and gates in the country, is expanding its manufacturing operations in Howard County and adding 50 new jobs in the next two years. The company will invest $1 million in the project to streamline its manufacturing process and reduce costs. Improvements include exterior upgrades and extra storage space, as well as a new automated routing machine and an additional panel assembly machine, which will significantly decrease assembly time and increase production by 300 percent.

“We are thankful for the help in automating our manufacturing operations to ship steel and aluminum fence panels around the country,” said Richard Stellabuto, president of Iron World. “This investment will allow us to produce our products for less, lower our cost, and increase sales.”

Iron World’s products are made from raw steel, allowing the company to produce items in a variety of shapes and sizes. In December, the company totaled more than $3.5 million in sales. Their world-class products can be found at the Pentagon, Washington Monument, Nationals Park, numerous bridges and schools across the country, as well as locally in Howard County.

"Iron World growing its manufacturing operations in Maryland and taking advantage of our outstanding workforce is tremendous news,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “This expansion, and the 50 new jobs it will create, is a win for our state as we work to provide new and better opportunities for hardworking Marylanders.”

“Iron World’s expansion is another sign that Howard County continues to fare well in today’s competitive climate,” said Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman. “This latest investment and promised job expansion strengthens our manufacturing economy along the Route 1 corridor.”

Governor’s Challenge brings more than $1 million to Wicomico County

100 teams took part in 36th annual tournament

Along with plenty of talent, the Governor’s Challenge high school basketball tournament brought a $1.2 million economic impact to Wicomico County.

The Governor’s Challenge, sponsored by The Bank of Delmarva, brought 100 teams together in competition this holiday season at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center and area high schools. For the third year, Wicomico County Tourism partnered with DMVelite for the event, which took place from Dec. 27-30.

Teams traveled from eight states for the Governor’s Challenge: Maryland, Delaware, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina and Virginia. Washington, D.C., and Europe were also represented. As a result, more than 800 total room nights were booked at Wicomico County hotels.

High school boys and girls and post-graduate athletes all took part in the Governor’s Challenge, and some of the region’s best basketball players were on the courts for the County’s 36th year hosting a holiday basketball tournament.



If you were alive in 1957, and old enough to enjoy Rock and Roll, you will remember the group, "The Diamonds" who had just launched their super hit "Little Darlin' ". For you who are too young to remember - it was a time when the performers were happy, enjoying themselves, respecting their fans, dressed appropriately and their lyrics could be understood. They did not feel obligated to scream, eat the microphone, mumble inaudible lyrics or trash the set. In 1957, The Diamonds had a hit with "Little Darlin." 47 years later, they were requested to perform at Atlantic City ....this link leads to both performances. Watch the first one, then the new one 47 years later. Tom Hank’s father is much better looking than Tom, and even better looking with age. In the linked videos Tom Hank's father, who is the Lead Singer of The Diamonds, is on the left. He still has it and in the 1957 version, you can see the resemblance between father and son!

Governor’s Office for Children and the Annie E. Casey Foundation Launch Results-Based Leadership Program

Aims to Achieve Improved Outcomes Among Disconnected Youth

ANNAPOLIS, MD – As part of Governor Hogan’s commitment to ensure young people are on a pathway to education and employment, the Governor’s Office for Children today announced that it has joined with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to launch the “Maryland Governor’s Office for Children Disconnected/Opportunity Youth Results-Based Leadership Program.” About 1 in 10 Maryland youth aged 16-24 is considered “disconnected”—they are neither in school nor working. These individuals are also referred to as “opportunity youth” because of their potential value to the economy and their communities.
Ten Maryland jurisdictions were selected to form teams of local leaders, including Local Management Boards, school administrators, counselors, nonprofit managers, workforce development directors, post-secondary education staff, social workers, and social services and health professionals, who are working together to create or expand existing programming to serve this population of youth.
“Education and employment are two key indicators of a young person’s well-being,” said Arlene Lee, executive director of the Governor’s Office for Children. “Improving outcomes for 16- to 24-year-olds creates greater economic stability that will lead to long-term self-sufficiency for children, youth, and families. We are pleased to partner with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to offer this leadership development approach to support Local Management Boards in their efforts and address the specific barriers in their communities that prevent young people from entering or staying in the workforce.”
The Casey Foundation, headquartered in Baltimore, develops solutions to build a brighter future for children, families, and communities. One of those solutions is the Foundation’s results-based leadership approach, which equips social sector leaders with customized skills to help them execute strategies and manage challenges in driving large-scale results for children and families.
“The Casey Foundation and the Governor’s Office for Children have in common a fundamental belief in the potential of opportunity youth,” said Patrick McCarthy, president and chief executive officer of the Foundation. “Over the course of the year, leaders from across Maryland will be learning new skills and competencies that prepare them to address the kinds of complex, multidisciplinary challenges that disconnect young people from school and work.”
Teams will have an opportunity to examine how to effectively use data to improve strategies, foster collaborative decision-making, and apply results-based leadership tools and methods to accelerate the achievement of better academic and employment outcomes for disconnected youth. The goal is that Maryland will achieve better outcomes for disconnected youth by December 2017.
Two cohorts will meet for four two-day sessions over the course of 2017. The first cohort, to begin this month, includes:
1.      Baltimore County2.      Baltimore City3.      Montgomery County4.      Talbot County5.      Worcester County
The second cohort, to begin in May 2017, will include:
1.      Calvert County2.      Cecil County3.      Harford County4.      Washington County5.      Wicomico County
The results-based leadership program is one way the Governor’s Office for Children andChildren’s Cabinet are working to achieve four strategic goals, which are designed to support Governor Hogan’s pledge to restore Maryland's economy. The four goals are to reduce (1) the impact of incarceration on children, families, and communities, (2) disconnected youth, (3) childhood hunger, and (4) youth homelessness.
About the Governor’s Office for ChildrenThe Governor’s Office for Children is committed to ensuring that all Maryland children, youth, and families will live and prosper in healthy, safe, and thriving communities. The Office partners with State agencies, Local Management Boards, and community-based organizations to promote the well-being of Maryland’s children, youth, and families through data-driven policies and collective solutions.

About the Annie E. Casey FoundationThe Annie E. Casey Foundation is a private philanthropy that creates a brighter future for the nation’s children by developing solutions to strengthen families, build paths to economic opportunity, and transform struggling communities into safer and healthier places to live, work, and grow.