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Monday, July 13, 2020

Phoenix Mayor Lied About Morgues Bringing In 'Refrigerator Trucks' To Store Overflow COVID Bodies

As the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Maricopa County climbed to new highs late this week, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego appeared on MSNBC Friday morning for an interview with Chuck Todd and Katy Tur to discuss the situation in the state, which has moved to close bars, and rollback other reopening measures to combat the outbreak.

During the interview, Gallego claimed that the county's public health agency had just put in an order for refrigerated trucks because they were running out of space in the morgue.

"Maricopa County, which is our county public health agency, just announced that they're going to be getting refrigerated trucks because the Abrazo health care system has run out of morgue beds," Gallego said.

Hours later, as the mayor's comments started proliferating through the media, representatives for the hospital system called and complained that the mayor's comment wasn't true, despite the fact that she made the claim - seemingly with a high degree of certainty - on a popular cable new show.

Spokesman Keith Jones told that Abrazo hospitals have "adequate morgue space."

Here's the story: Phoenix and the rest of the state have been asked to implement their emergency plans to prepare for possible COVID-19 overloads.

Part of the plan, Jones said, was to proactively make sure there would be enough morgue space. So the hospital system ordered refrigerated storage weeks ago, but they have yet to be deployed.

"At this point, it is not needed," Jones said.


Journalist Lara Logan Lays Out Perfectly What This Election Is About This Year: It’s Not About Trump – It’s About Freedom!

Independent journalist Lara Logan joined Laura Ingraham on Friday night to discuss the current political climate in America today and the concerns of the American people.

Lara Logan laid out what women are telling her about the choice for the American people in this year’s election.

Lara Logan: What I’ve heard from many women I’ve spoken to that this election for them is not about Trump. It’s about the principles, the right to practice your religion… That you don’t have those rights at the moment. In California you’re not allowed to sing in church. That if you believe in freedom of speech, you’re not allowed to speak out these days. You’re a racist and a bigot if you vote for Trump. You’re a racist and bigot if you say anything that goes against the grain… There’s a real sense among many people in this country that freedom of speech, freedom of religion, these things are at risk right now.


How The Pentagon Failed To Sell 'Bountygate' Hoax To US Intelligence

The New York Times dropped another Russiagate bombshell on June 26 with a sensational front-page story headlined, “Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says.” A predictable media and political frenzy followed, reviving the anti-Russian hysteria that has excited the Beltway establishment for the past four years.

But a closer look at the reporting by the Times and other mainstream outlets vying to confirm its coverage reveals another scandal not unlike Russiagate itself: the core elements of the story appear to have been fabricated by Afghan government intelligence to derail a potential US troop withdrawal from the country. And they were leaked to the Times and other outlets by US national security state officials who shared an agenda with their Afghan allies.

In the days following the story’s publication, the maneuvers of the Afghan regime and US national security bureaucracy encountered an unexpected political obstacle: US intelligence agencies began offering a series of low confidence assessments in the Afghan government’s self-interested intelligence claims, judging them to be highly suspect at best, and altogether bogus at worst.

In light of this dramatic development, the Times’ initial report appears to have been the product of a sensationalistic disinformation dump aimed at prolonging the failed Afghan war in the face of President Donald Trump’s plans to withdraw US troops from it.

The Times Quietly Reveals Its Own Sources' Falsehoods


'I Am Not A King,' Obama Knew DACA was Unconstitutional

On Thursday afternoon, Obama praised the Supreme Court’s ruling that Trump’s ending of DACA was illegal. “Eight years ago this week, we protected young people who were raised as part of our American family from deportation,” Obama tweeted. “Today, I’m happy for them, their families, and all of us.”

I can still remember when Barack Obama was campaigning in 2008, claiming to be the cure to unconstitutional abuses of power he claimed were systemic in the Bush administration. “I take the Constitution very seriously,” he claimed. “The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all.”

“And that is what I intend to reverse when I become president of the United States,” Obama promised.

I could spend all day talking about how Obama abused his power and violated the Constitution, but in light of the Supreme Court’s decision to stop President Trump’s attempts to end DACA, I think it’s necessary to examine how Barack Obama, who fancied himself to be an authority on the Constitution, acknowledged that he did not have the power to unilaterally alter immigration law—which is exactly what he did when he created DACA via executive action.

The quotes below come from Obama himself acknowledging that his eventual executive order that created the DACA program would be an abuse of power, exceeding the authority granted to him by the United States Constitution.

1. During remarks at a 2010 Cinco de Mayo Celebration

“Comprehensive reform, that’s how we’re going to solve this problem. … Anybody who tells you it’s going to be easy or that I can wave a magic wand and make it happen hasn’t been paying attention to how this town works.” —Barack Obama, May 5, 2010


Young White Mother killed by BLM Mob for saying 'All Lives Matter', National Media Fully Ignores

A 24-year-old mother was killed by a Black Lives Matter mob in Indianapolis last week, allegedly for saying “All Lives Matter.”

Unlike Charlottesville, or any violence from the right, this killing was reported so quietly that barely anyone even noticed.

Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot and killed following an altercation with Black Lives Matter thugs who were upset that she and her fiance had said “All Lives Matter” last Sunday.

“According to the victim’s family, the shooting started with an argument over Black Lives Matter and language. Eventually the two sides separated and walked away from each other, until witnesses claim the killer opened fire from a nearby bridge and ran away,” Fox 59 reports.


Michigan State May Scrub James Madison From Campus

Students, alumni express disappointment at 'ridiculous' proposal

A university residential college named after James Madison may change its name in order to promote "sustainable" racial change.

The interim dean of Michigan State University's James Madison residential college announced that the internal college is considering a name change in an attempt to advance "racial equity." In aletter addressed to James Madison students, alumni, and friends, interim dean Linda Racioppi and assistant dean Jeff Judge presented ways the residential college plans to address policies and practices that "disadvantage people of color," including a commitment to consider the removal of the founding father from campus.

"After the summer break, we plan to engage in reconsideration of the name of the college," the letter says. "The latter will need to incorporate the perspectives of students, staff, faculty, and alumni. If these groups should support a name change, we would then proceed through the University governance process."


Soros Groups’ Vote-by-Mail Drive Aims to Expand Government Control

Liberals have made quick use of the coronavirus crisis to promote all manner of policy prescriptions that, under less dire circumstances, would be ignored or lamented by conservatives. The left’s latest gambit is the George Soros-backedvote-by-mail scheme, which promises an election cycle ripe for fraud.

But that’s merely one data point in a vast array of efforts being funded by the left-wing billionaire. His minions, with a great deal of help from rich Uncle George, are using the pandemic as an opportunity to prey on destabilization and panic to usher in their dream of expanding government control of our lives.

At Capital Research Center, we’ve just combed through the latest IRS filings from Soros’ top funding vehicles. They tell the tale, starting with vote-by-mail and absentee ballots in general.

The Brennan Center for Justice, heavily funded by Soros’ Open Society, isspearheading a plan that calls for a “universal vote-by-mail option for all voters,” or more precisely, absentee ballot initiatives. The newest portion of the plan involves “secure drop boxes in accessible locations for voters to drop off ballots directly.”


NFL Again Fumbles Opportunity to Unite America

The National Football League once again is fumbling away an opportunity to unite America. This is the result we could have expected, given the NFL’s playbook over the past few years.

The NFL’s decision to play what is known as the black national anthem—“Lift Every Voice and Sing”—before every Week 1 game seems poised to divide, not unite, our country.

But a secondary, more certain outcome of this decision is that the NFL will lose its luster at a greater pace than it achieved its dominant allure.

Football once reigned supreme in American culture. The sport wove its way into American homes all but two nights a week, catapulting up the ratings charts. To the unending benefit of the NFL—and its teams and players—football replaced baseball as America’s game.


This Week In Campus Insanity Vol. 1

Roundup of the craziest campus stories of the week

Welcome to Campus Insanity, a weekly roundup of the craziest developments at our nation's 4,000-plus institutions of higher education. Coming soon to a workforce near you.

6. Memphis Tigers Football Players to Wear Black Lives Matter Stickers on Helmets During 2020 Season | Fox News

The University of Memphis football team is looking to rebound from its embarrassing 2019 Cotton Bowl loss by adorning its helmets with Black Lives Matter stickers this season.

5. Student Invokes Satan to Drive Conservative Group From Campus | Washington Free Beacon

Student activists are demanding that a Texas university remove a conservative group from campus and have even invoked satanic witch rituals to aid the campaign.

4. Penn State Deletes ‘Disgusting’ Tweet Affirming Conservative Students | Campus Reform

The university’s liberal arts department tweeted a graphic supporting conservative as well as black, Latino, LGBT, and other students. It was quickly removed.

3. Cornell Improperly Sends Student Fees to BLM Activists | Washington Free Beacon

Cornell’s student government sent $10,000 in student fees reserved for campus clubs and organizations to Black Lives Matter activists.

2. Marquette University Threatens to Rescind a Student’s Acceptance Over Pro-Trump TikTok Video | The Post Millennial

University administrators grilled a Marquette student after receiving reports that she voiced support for President Donald Trump on TikTok. They have urged her to "improve her image."

1. ‘Feminist Geography’ Professor Argues Tall Buildings are Sexist | The College Fix

Feminist geography professor Leslie Kern wrote an essay in The Guardian arguing that statues, street names, and phallic-shaped buildings—which "ejaculate" into the sky—are symbols of a society steeped in toxic masculinity.


House Blunders to Blame for Setback in Trump Subpoena Case

Just a few minutes into Supreme Court arguments over congressional subpoenas for President Donald Trump's financial records, it was clear that House Democrats were in trouble.

The House had argued that it has far-reaching subpoena powers and can compel disclosure of documents related to any legislation it's considering. Chief Justice John Roberts was not so sure. Congress can consider legislation on any number of subjects, and Roberts pressed House lawyer Doug Letter for just one example of information beyond the reach of a congressional subpoena under the House's proposed theory.

"Your test is really not much of a test," Roberts told Letter, adding that the House's approach would unduly weaken the presidency.

Justice Samuel Alito delivered the body blow a few minutes later, pointedly reminding Letter he could not give "even one example of a subpoena that would not be pertinent to some conceivable legislative purpose."

"That's correct," Letter replied. "Because this Court itself has said Congress's power to legislate is extremely broad."

It was a startling moment—advocates always have a limiting principle in their back pocket when arguing before the Court—and the chief justice made Letter pay for it in Thursday's decision.


Selective Media Reporting Further Fuels Our Racial Divide

A man drove his car last Saturday onto a Seattle freeway that had been closed by a Black Lives Matter crowd. The driver killed one person and seriously injured another after going the wrong way up a ramp and then around a barricade.

Reports noted that police “don’t believe impairment was a factor.” Over the weekend, news outlets replayed the brutal hit, but there’s one thing you won’t learn from their coverage: The driver was black and his victims were white.

NPR linked this attack to other car-ramming incidents by “right-wing extremists targeting Black Lives Matter protesters.” It quotes a researcher about how these right-wingers were “trying to intimidate the most recent wave of BLM protesters, to stop their movement.”

The driver was a Seattle local named Dawit Kelete. But you’ll find scant mention of the driver’s ethnicity in mainstream media coverage. You might have more easily learned that Kelete was black by going to the Australian Broadcasting Corp.


Protesters Attempt to Throw Caribou Heart at GOP Senator

Liberal protesters rushed Sen. Dan Sullivan (R., Alaska) with a bloody animal heart and smeared blood on his campaign signs Saturday night.

Video captured a woman approaching Sullivan and his wife Julie during a campaign event in a hangar at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Sullivan campaign manager Matt Shuckerow noticed and rushed forward before he was blocked by another woman, whom Shuckerow threw to the ground before he reached the podium to intervene, the Alaska Landmine reported.

As she was escorted out of the event, the first woman took what looked like a moose or caribou heart out of her bag but was prevented from throwing it. Some disjointed chants of "throw it" broke out as she was brought outside, presumably referring to the heart. A third woman rushed the stage with a banner but was quickly thwarted and also escorted out.


Soros-Backed Liberal Groups Raked in Tens of Millions From PPP

At least 18 left-wing groups supported by the billionaire George Soros's liberal donor club applied for federal loans meant to help small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, receiving up to $20 million in taxpayer cash between them.

Groups backed by the Democracy Alliance, a donor network cofounded by Soros, hauled in cash from the Paycheck Protection Program, a federal program established to provide an economic boost to small businesses and their workers during coronavirus shutdowns. Together, the groups received between $8.5 million and $20.7 million. In addition to the Democracy Alliance groups, another liberal donor network that pays the club for project services pulled in large sums from the small business relief program.

The cash influx comes as the Democracy Alliance ramps up its spending ahead of the November election. Its deep-pocketed partners mapped out a $275 million spending plan for the 2020 elections, calling into question whether groups aided by a network of millionaire and billionaire donors were in need of millions in taxpayer funds.

"The political groups that form the infrastructure of the far left rely on contributions from the country's richest millionaires and billionaires," one GOP operative said. "Now, those same groups are leaning on PPP loans while slamming the program as a handout to the rich. This shameless hypocrisy exemplifies how hollow and disingenuous their rhetoric is."


DA’s Office Drops Charges On 59 Rioters In Portland, Including Suspected Felony Arsonist

Multnomah County district attorney Rod Underhill has dropped charges on 59 people who have been arrested on suspicion of various different crimes over the last seven weeks of protests that have commonly devolved into riots. Some of these are small, petty crimes, such as Failure To Obey, which some journalists were charged with, while others are more serious felonies, including a suspected arsonist.

KGW reports:

Dozens of protesters arrested during mass demonstrations in downtown Portland have had their criminal charges dropped and cases closed.


Americans Flee the Urban Centers Following Coronavirus and BLM Protests and Riots

The CEO of Realogy Holdings which owns Century 21, Caldwell Banker and Sotheby’s International admitted this week that their companies are already seeing homebuyers flee the dense urban centers for the suburbs.

Ryan Schneider, the CEO of Realogy Holdings says the migration is due to the coronavirus. But certainly the far left mayors in America’s most populous cities and the Black Lives Matter protests and riots are contributing to the exodus.

Why pay higher taxes for a life of uncertainty, tyranny and violence?

The movement to the suburbs by Gen Y was already underway last fall.


Newsom Approves Plan to Release 8,000 Prisoners By August

If you live in California and feel safe inside your home during the coronavirus, that may soon change. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom plans on releasing 8,000 inmates, some currently serving time for serious felonies, from the California prison system by August. Democrats like Newsom have always wanted to release prisoners, but the Wuhan coronavirus has now given them an ostensible reason to do so.

Newsom believes prisoners, who broke criminal laws, will observe CDC guidelines and practice social distancing out of concern for their fellow man. In all fairness, the freed prisoners will likely wear face masks inside banks and liquor stores.

Three separate efforts aimed at releasing 8,000 prisoners by the end of August were recently approved by the governor.


Trump Admin Tells Minnesota Governor To Get Bent Over $16 Million Aid Request Following Riots

The Trump administration has denied a request by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) for $16 million in federal aid to help rebuild widespread damage in Minneapolis caused by rioters protesting the death of George Floyd.

Late Friday, Walz spokesman Teddy Tschann confirmed that the July 2 federal aid request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was denied.

"The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support," said Tschann in a statement. "As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through."

Over 1,500 buildings were damaged by fires, looting and vandalism following Floyd's death on May 25 while in police custody. According to Walz, over $500 million in damages ensued.

Many small businesses and grocery stores, pharmacies and post offices were damaged during the unrest. In his letter to FEMA, Walz said what happened in the Twin Cities after Floyd’s death was the second most destructive incident of civil unrest in U.S. history, after the 1992 riots in Los Angeles.

The Walz administration conducted a preliminary damage assessment that found nearly $16 million of eligible damages related to fires. The federal funds would have been used to reimburse local governments for repairs and debris removal. -Star Tribune


150 Minneapolis Police Officers Want ‘Duty Disability’ for PTSD over Protests

At least 150 Minneapolis police officers have filed for disability, citing post-traumatic stress disorder as their reason for leaving following weeks of crime and turmoil after George Floyd’s death.

The disability claims come as the city grapples with an uptick in crime and elected officials try to dismantle the police department while trying to create a more holistic approach to public safety, the Associated Pressreported.

Attorney Ron Meuser, without mentioning George Floyd’s death and the riots that followed as the cause for the disability requests, said the past two months have “pushed many officers to their breaking point.”

“I’m seeing PTSD symptoms of officers with highly diminished capacity to live and socialize, extraordinary rates of divorce, and alcohol dependency – just to cope. It is an emotional crisis that cannot and should not continue,” he said in a statement.

Meuser noted that many of the officers filing for disability were at the Minneapolis Department’s Third Precinct the night police left the building before rioters torched the building.

The Minneapolis Police Department has come under intense scrutiny since May 25, when a white officer named Derek Chauvin kneeled on the neck of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, for eight minutes while making an arrest. Throughout this time, Floyd pleaded that he could not breathe.


Three Churches Have Burned in Just Over 24 Hours, But You Wouldn’t Know It If You Watch National News

A fire destroyed Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Elkmont, Alabama Friday night.
On Saturday a man drove into a church in Ocala, Florida, before lighting it on fire.

Next, a fire destroyed the roof of 249-Year-Old San Gabriel Mission Church in California.

Despite three churches burning across the country in just over 24 hours, you’re unlikely to have heard about it if you are only following mainstream media. It is highly unlikely that there would have been this kind of silence if the arsonists were right-wing or if they the places of worship been any other religion.


NEVER FORGET: Traitor AG Jeff Sessions Turned on Trump — Put the Country and President in Grave Danger with Attempted Coup

Jeff Sessions was sworn in on February 9, 2017 as the 87th Attorney General of the United States.

Less than a month later on March 2, 2017, AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from all of the bogus Russian investigations.

Sessions betrayed President Trump and betrayed the nation and opened up the country to over two years of a criminal and corrupt witch hunt of the 45th President of the United States.

Jeff Sessions should have resigned as Attorney General but instead allowed the president, his family, his campaign, his Transition Team, innocent men and women and the nation to be steamrolled for over two years by a criminal cabal.


LA Teachers Union Says Schools Can't Reopen Unless Charter Schools Get Shut-Down, Police Defunded

A major teachers union is claiming that the re-opening of schools in its district cannot occur without several substantial policy provisions in place, including a "moratorium" on charter schools and the defunding of local police.

United Teachers Los Angeles, a 35,000-strong union in the Los Angeles Unified School District, made those demands in a policy paper it released this week. The organization called on local authorities to "keep school campuses closed when the semester begins on Aug. 18."

The union outlined numerous major provisions it says will be necessary to reopen schools again, including sequestering students in small groups throughout the school day, providing students with masks and other forms of protective equipment, and re-designing school layouts in order to facilitate "social distancing."

Yet the union goes even farther than those requests, calling for "local support" in the form of defunded police departments and the shuttering of charter schools.

Police violence "is a leading cause of death and trauma for Black people, and is a serious public health and moral issue," the union writes. The document calls on authorities to "shift the astronomical amount of money devoted to policing, to educationand other essential needs such as housing and public health."

"Privately operated, publicly funded charter schools," meanwhile, "drain resources from district schools," the union states. The practice of "colocating" charter schools in existing structures, it continues, "adds students to campuses when we need to reduce the number of students to allow for physical distancing."

The union also demands the implementation of a federal Medicare-for-All program, several new state-level taxes on wealthy people, and a "federal bailout" of the school district.

"The benefits to restarting physical schools must outweigh the risks, especially for our most vulnerable students and school communities," the document continues.


#WALKAWAY WOKENESS 2020 is sickness

Krogers cashiers to stop giving Customers Coin change

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - If you pay with cash at one of Kroger’s cashier checkouts, you won’t be getting coin change for a while, and it’s indirectly due to the coronavirus.

Kroger spokesperson Erin Rofles confirmed Friday the grocer will no longer return coin change to customers. Instead, the remainders from cash transactions will be applied to customers’ loyalty cards and automatically used on their next purchase.

Customers are also encouraged to ‘Round Up’ to support the company’s Zero Hunger/Zero Waster Foundation.

The reason for the change in policy, according to Rofles, has to do with the Federal Reserve’s current coin shortage.


Biden’s 2020 Party Platform Proposal Seeks to Abolish America’s Suburban Communities

Joe Biden’s radical proposal for the Democrat Party platform for 2020 seeks to put an end to America’s suburban communities by forcing low-income housing into every neighborhood and flooding every community with immigrants, legal or otherwise.

The proposal, known as the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations, would provide instant amnesty and a pathway to U.S. citizenship for the 22 million illegal aliens now living in the nation. Astoundingly, it would also give legal status to all the world’s refugees regardless of the legitimacy of their claim to the status.

But on top of all that, Biden and Sanders are proposing that Barack Obama’s so-called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rules will be put into full force.

For instance, in the “executive orders” section of the platform proposal, Biden/Sanders note that Biden would, “Implement the Obama-Biden Administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule requiring communities receiving certain federal funding to proactively examine housing patterns and identify and address policies that have discriminatory effects.”

The Biden/Sanders platform also scolds Trump, and says Biden would “Roll back Trump Administration policies gutting fair lending and fair housing protections.”


California grandfather, 80, robbed, beaten on grocery trip

His family can’t visit him in the hospital because of coronavirus restrictions

Authorities in California on Friday released the names of a suspect and a possible accomplice being sought in connection with a brutal beating Wednesday of an 80-year-old man at a grocery store.

The attack left Roberto Lopez Flores, a grandfather of 17, hospitalized with severe facial injuries and broken ribs after he was robbed and beaten at Superior Grocers around 8:30 a.m. in the Lancaster area, about 70 miles north of Los Angeles.

Police identified the alleged attacker as Demaris Wade, 22, and the alleged accomplice as Tamika White, 33, both of whom were last seen in a 2007 Nissan Altima with California license plates, FOX 11 of Los Angeles reported.

Lopez Flores would frequently escort his wife to the grocery store to make sure she was safe. After stepping out of the checkout line to use the restroom, he was repeatedly punched and kicked in the chest, robbed of his wallet and left lying in a pool of blood, according to KABC-TV of Los Angeles.


Tennessee Senate Candidate Resigns from Board of Agriculture Firm Promoting BLM Radicalism

Bill Hagerty, a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Tennessee and President Donald Trump’s former U.S. ambassador to Japan, resigned on Saturday from an agriculture firm that he discovered was promoting Black Lives Matter (BLM) extremism.

Hagerty, who is endorsed and supported by President Trump, made the decision to resign from the board of R.J. O’Brien when he found out the firm was actively promoting the Marxist BLM movement.

Hagerty wrote in his resignation letter to R.J. O’Brien’s CEO Gerald Corcoran, which was obtained by Breitbart News:

I have been humbled to work with the R.J. O’Brien family and to be part of this more than century old company that has been a foundational pillar of the agricultural industry. The role that R.J. O’Brien plays in the stability and soundness of U.S. agricultural markets is vital to the future of our nation’s farmers, and I have valued being a part of that. At the same time, I have learned that the firm has promoted support for the Black Lives Matter movement, a Marxist organization that seeks to destroy the America that I know and long to support. One of the leaders of the BLM movement has said, ‘If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.’ And the BLM movement seeks to destroy the nuclear family, calls for violence, promotes anti-Semitism, tears down monuments, and seeks to completely defund and dismantle our police departments.


Guilfoyle: What You’re Not Being Told About Joe Biden’s Fundraising

Media reports on the June fundraising totals would have you believe that Joe Biden “tops” or “beats” President Trump. However, whoever is running Joe Biden’s campaign better keep the corks in the champagne bottles, because the truth is June was a terrible month for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

Joe Biden was an anemic fundraiser throughout his primary battle. A report from Politico in October of 2019 said Biden was getting “crushed” in fundraising. It argued, “Obama and Clinton’s biggest donors favor Biden, yet he still can’t match his rivals’ cash flow.” According to the report, Biden had more big-money bundlers and donors from Obama and Clinton than any of his competitors. Now, as the presumptive nominee, the rest should presumably be in his corner now, as well.


Secret CDC document says full reopening of schools and universities places Americans at 'highest risk' of spread of coronavirus despite Trump's push to reopen classrooms

A full reopening of schools, colleges and universities this fall would pose the ‘highest risk’ for the spread of the coronavirus, according to an internal document from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The findings are significant in that they clash with President Trump’s stated desire to have schools and universities resume in-person instruction despite the raging pandemic that has so far claimed more than 134,000 American lives.

The 69-page CDC document obtained by The New York Times is marked ‘For Internal Use Only.’


USC’s School of Cinematic Arts to Remove John Wayne Exhibit

The University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts announced Friday that it will remove its exhibit of Hollywood legend John Wayne, citing an initiative to promote “anti-racist cultural values” following protests from students.

“Conversations about systemic racism in our cultural institutions along with the recent global, civil uprising by the Black Lives Matter Movement require that we consider the role our school can play as a change maker in promoting antiracist cultural values and experiences,” Evan Hughes, the assistant dean of diversity and inclusion, said in a statement. “Therefore, it has been decided that the Wayne Exhibit will be removed.”


Black student at Texas A&M who claimed he found racist notes on his car saying the n-word, 'all lives matter,' and 'you don't belong here' put them there himself, campus cops say

A student at Texas A&M University who claimed he found racist notes left on his car was accused by campus cops of leaving them there himself.

A&M senior Isaih Martin, 21, posted an image on Twitter of the notes he found on his car parked outside a campus apartment building in June saying 'all lives matter,' 'you don't belong here' and the n-word.

The alleged discovery later prompted an investigation and $1,200 reward offered for information leading to the arrest of a suspect.


Guy Fieri's restaurant closed 3 days after opening due to COVID scare: report

The location is reportedly being cleaned after a worker tested positive for the virus

Now is apparently not a good time to go to Flavor Town.

Only a few days after opening, Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in Oklahoma was forced to temporarily close, reportedly due to coronavirus concerns. This comes after the restaurant's launch had already been delayed due to the pandemic.

On July 7, Choctaw Casinos and Resorts posted on its Facebook page that Fieri’s American Kitchen and Bar had officially opened at the resort in Durant, Okla. Unfortunately, the opening was apparently short-lived. The casino’s website states that the restaurant is “temporarily closed.”

On July 10, managers at the restaurant learned that one of the employees had tested positive for COVID-19, Dallas News reports. The location has reportedly closed its doors so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.

The restaurant was originally scheduled to open in April, Fox 23 reports. The restaurant reportedly features and outdoor patio and a view of the resort’s pool.


Conservatives Fight Back With ‘Go Buy Goya!’ Campaign After Company Threatened By Leftists

After a single appearance in the Rose Garden outside the White House, and after speaking one sentence of praise towards President Donald Trump, Goya Foods co-owner and CEO Bob Unanue exploded the Left’s culture war over the incredibly successful food company.

“We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder,” Unanue, who is of Latin descent, said. Unanue had the sheer audacity to say something nice about our president on Thursday at a White House event that was promoting the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, an executive order signed by Trump whose goal is to increase economic and educational opportunities for Hispanic-Americans. WOW, what a racist Trump must be, right?

It goes to show the mental illness leftists have over Trump. Most suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Level 7, which is the highest recorded level of the disease.


MUST READ: Body Cam Transcript Tells a Different Story on the Death of George Floyd

It Now Looks Like George Floyd, Not Derek Chauvin, Killed George Floyd

The transcript from the body camera worn by J. Alexander Kueng shows clear evidence that George Floyd was suffering respiratory distress before police laid hands on him. He died from a Fentanyl overdose, not from being choked out by Minneapolis police. This news will not bring joy to the crazed, leftist mob screaming to lop off the heads of the Minneapolis police officers who stand accused of “murdering” George Floyd and little attention has been paid to the transcript since its release on July 7. I hope to correct that oversight.

First a note about Officer J. Alexander Kueng. He also is a black man. He was adopted shortly after birth by a white woman and single mother. Can’t have that story out there. Simply does not promote the meme that white Americans are inherently and irredeemably racist. How can a racist white woman be a loving mother to a black child? Racists don’t do that.


Federal government denies Minnesota aid to rebuild from riots

The federal government has denied a request from Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) for funds to rebuild North Star State following the George Floyd riots that inflicted wide-scale destruction in the Twin Cities.

Walz's spokesman Teddy Tschann confirmed that the request for federal aid was denied, as reported in The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state's history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through," Tschann said in a statement.

"The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help Minnesota rebuild after civil unrest damaged public infrastructure and caused extensive fire damage in the wake of George Floyd's death," Tschann said.

Walz had petitioned President Donald Trump on July 2 to declare parts of Minnesota as a "major disaster" due to the extensive damage to public infrastructure caused by rioting.


NYPD cop placed in headlock while trying to break up Bronx crowd

A pair of NYPD cops simply wanted to disperse a crowd gathered on a hot July night at a Bronx street corner.

But as this disturbing video shows, in an instant the two officers found themselves surrounded by angry, taunting bystanders.

And as the crowd cheered, a man they were trying to arrest put one of the two officers in a headlock — one of the very maneuvers they themselves will, under a new City Council bill, soon face misdemeanor charges for using.

“F–k him up! F–k him up!” an unidentified man who filmed the lawless encounter shouts as the suspect wraps his right arm around one of the cops’ necks.

The dangerous grip lasts a chilling four seconds, video from the July 1 melee at Grand Concourse and Morris Avenue shows.


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