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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seldom Seen Flowers

Citizens Revolt, Refuse To Register Guns

Americans declare, 'I'm prepared to go to jail'

Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents are refusing to register their firearms in defiance of new gun-control laws.

In December 2012, the nation was horrified by the merciless killings of a classroom of young children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. In response, the Democratic state legislature approved sweeping new gun-control laws, and Gov. Dan Malloy signed them into law. Several other states followed suit, including New York, Maryland and Colorado.

In addition to banning new sales of many types of firearms and larger capacity magazines that were previously legal, the state is also requiring residents who legally purchased those weapons and magazines to register them with the state.

For many Connecticut residents, that is a bridge too far, and they are refusing to comply with the law. Gun-rights groups are standing with them.



A class action lawsuit by AIDS victims and their loved ones would rock the world – a suit based on the fact that condom pushers have for years dispensed false, deceptive claims about how the product protects – or fails to protect – the health of sex participants. The reality is that everyday condoms are manufactured and approved for natural, vaginal sex, not anal “sex” – they are not effectively designed to protect from disease those people who engage in sodomy.

Such a lawsuit should target the AIDS Heathcare Foundation, Planned Parenthood and a myriad of teachers and school systems, too many to count, that have taught that anal “sex” (traditionally termed “sodomy” or “buggery” under British-based legal codes) as not so different than natural coitus.

The result of a class action suit should be the requirement of a label, a la cigarette packs, that states: “This condom has never been approved by the FDA for penile/anal intercourse.”

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19 Signs That The U.S. Consumer Is Tapped Out

You can't get blood out of a rock. Traditionally the United States has had a consumer-driven economy, but now years of declining incomes and rising debts are really starting to catch up with us. In order to have an economy that is dependent on consumer spending, you need to have a large middle class. Unfortunately, the U.S. middle class is steadily shrinking, and unless that trend is reversed we are going to see massive economic changes in this country.

For example, in poor neighborhoods all over America we are seeing bank branches, car dealerships and retail stores close down at an alarming rate. If you didn't know better, you might be tempted to think that "Space Available" was the hottest new retailer in some areas of the nation. On the other hand, if you live in San Francisco, New York City or Washington D.C., things are pretty good for the moment. But as a whole, the condition of the U.S. consumer continues to decline. Incomes are going down, the cost of living is going up, and debts are skyrocketing. The following are 19 signs that the U.S. consumer is tapped out...

#1 Real disposable income per capita continues to fall. In the fourth quarter of 2012, it was sitting at $37,265. By the time that the fourth quarter of 2013 had come around, it had dropped to $36,941. That means that average Americans have less money to go shopping with than they did previously.


Darrell Issa, Elijah Cummings Smackdown Continues Over Contempt Accusation Against IRS Official

The Republican House Oversight chairman argued in a scathing letter to the leading Democrat on his panel Friday that the pursuit of contempt charges against former IRS official Lois G. Lerner is justified.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa's letter to Elijah Cummings, of Maryland, rejected a claim made this week by Cummings that the panel had no right to pursue contempt charges against Lerner because it had not officially rejected her claim against self-incrimination.

Issa also criticized Cummings' recent public take down of the chairman over the Lerner matter, calling him, “an obstacle to effective Congressional oversight," and a “defense counsel for Lerner and others who act to deprive Americans of their constitutionally-guaranteed rights.”

Consumer Confidence Fades; Misses By Most In 15 Months

It would appear that pending wars in Europe, freezing snow storms (and droughts) in the US, and Asian credit concerns have finaly taken their toll on US consumer confidence. At 79.9 relative to an expectation of 82.2 this is the biggest miss since Dec 2012 and lowest since Nov 2013.Current conditions rose modestly but the economic outlook fell by its most in 5 months. UMich confidence remains notably below the July 2013 peak levels (which correspond quite coincidentally to the same 4 year 4 month cycle we have seen in the prior 2 cycles) despite stocks have made higher highs since then as the decoupling remains in place.

Confidence fades and is well off July 2013 peak levels...


LGBT Group to Obama: Sign Executive Order Opening Military to Transgenders

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force seized on an advocacy group's report on transgender military service Thursday to call on President Barack Obama to issue an executive order allowing transgender men and women to serve in the military.

“We commend the commission for stating independently what we all know: there is no compelling medical reason to exclude trans people from serving their country, and transitions would place almost no burden on the military,” Rea Carey, executive director of the task force, said in a press release . “The President should sign an executive order to lift the transgender military service ban.

“It’s time to finish the job on repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ once and for all,” Carey said.
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Checkpoint In West Ocean City

There is a checkpoint set up on Route 50 West Bound just as you come over the drawbridge in Ocean City.  Take a cab if you have been drinking or call a friend!

All You Need To Know About Ukraine

A politician is a material incarnation of the absolute worst of human nature. Look around you, it's self-evident. Basic human nature is to survive. Once that is accomplished and we become comfortable, extremes in behavior can develop. If you're a typical politician those extremes normally manifest as unchecked ego and unbridled power. A bad combination!

Putin is many things, but stupid isn't one of them. Yes he is dangerous, yes he is power hungry, but show me a politician that is not. Again, politics is where the worst of human nature congregates, like flies to sh!t.

Dachshund Left at Shelter with Heartbreaking Note Will Reunite with Owners

An elderly couple who left their 13 ½ year old Dachshund tied outside of the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter near Los Angeles with a note asking for him to put to sleep because they could not afford to care for him will be reunited with the dog.

The heartbreaking note reads, "Our dog is 13 1/2 years old he is sick starting yesterday with bloody stools, vomiting. Had a skin disease for a few years. We are both seniors, sick with no money. We cannot pay for vet bills, or to put him to sleep. He has never been away from us in all those years, he cannot function without us, please put him to sleep."

Instead, shelter workers called Leave No Paws Behind, Inc., an all breed, all foster based rescue that specializes in seniors, who picked up the dog and initially named him Harley. When the dog was taken to a veterinarian, it was determined he could not only be treated, but most likely had a "couple of more years" left in him, according to an update on the organization's Facebook page.

Joe Biden: I Can't Be President — My Golf Would Suffer

Vice President Joseph R. Biden said during a Thursday evening exchange with Ireland’s Taoiseach Enda Kenny: I can’t run for the presidency. My golf game might suffer.

He was captured by CNN making the remarks to the Irish equivalent of a prime minister during an American Ireland Fund Gala event in Washington. The Irish leader invited Mr. Biden to Ireland and to bring his “golf sticks” to take part in a round or two, CNN said.

Mr. Biden’s reply: “If you want to keep your handicap in golf, don’t run for president. So I expect strokes.”

CNN reported that it wasn’t clear if Mr. Biden was simply making a joke — or sending a stronger message about his 2016 White House intentions. If he does run for the presidency, it’ll be his third try, after failures in 1988 and 2008.


Dredging Starts On North End Of Town

Beach improvement efforts for 2014 are now under way on both ends of the resort, with dredging having started earlier this month on the north end of town, as well as the quinquennial re-coating of the seawall along the Boardwalk.

“We schedule it every five years,” City Engineer Terry McGean said of the re-coating. “The seawall is part of the beach replenishment effort insofar as the re-coating is paid for out of the same fund.”

Both the Town of Ocean City and Worcester County regularly pay into a state-controlled fund, with all contributions matched by the state, to support maintenance of the city’s beaches and dune line.


BREAKING NEWS: Russian Forces Cross Crimea Border To Seize Gas Plant

Russian forces entered a village near the border of Crimea to take control of a gas plant on the eve of a referendum on whether the region should seek annexation by Moscow, Fox News confirms.


You Gotta Fight For Your Property Rights


Stock markets around the world fell Thursday, led by the 246 point dive, or 1.5%, for the U.S. Dow Jones Industrial Average and a 1.9% drop for German stock market index. Analysts generally pointed to worries about shrinking Chinese lending and the potential trade war between Russia and the West, but I am more concerned that since the beginning of 2014 food prices have skyrocketed.

The Federal Reserve must be concerned that international support for “cheap money policies” to stimulate economic growth may be funding commodity speculation that is driving prices higher and creating widespread misery. If the Fed decides to raise interest rates to dampen speculation, I believe stock and commodity prices are in for a hard fall.

Margin debt on stocks is now higher than at its last peak in 2008, right before the stock and commodity markets crashed. This willingness to speculate on margin may also explain the big jump in food prices since the first of the year as shown below:
Cattle Hogs Grains Milk Coffee

+28% +25% 14% +17% +67%


This Is The Reality Of It: “We Are Factually In A Recession. Period.”

We can cite scores of statistics and financials that prove without a shadow of a doubt that the U.S. economy is in a tail spin and won’t be recovering any time soon. Abysmal home sales, continued degradation in the national employment numbers, sky rocketing national debt, and ever rising consumer prices all point to serious problems.

But one number in particular pretty much sums it all up. It depicts not just the worsening state of our economy, but puts the lies and machinations of the U.S. government on full display for the world to see.

You’ll often hear the media cite the U.S. Growth Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of economic growth. It measures the rate at which our economy grows.


This Isn’t a Parrot – See How Long It Takes You to Realize What It Really Is

Before scrolling further down in the story, take a few minutes to analyze the photo below and figure out what it really shows. The only clue we can offer is that it is definitely not a parrot.
Did you get it?

The picture is actually of a woman in body paint posing in such a way that she looks exactly like a parrot. We know — it’s really impressive. It may take a while for some to finally see the woman in the photo, but she’s there.


A Big Legal Blow To The Rails-to-Trails Movement

You can find them in every state of the union, from Maine to Hawaii, from Alaska to Florida: old railroad rights of way that have been or are being converted to trails for biking, hiking, and other recreational uses. As many as 1,400 such trails covering perhaps 15,000 miles have been built since a movement to repurpose such land began in the 1960s, and about another 1,100 are in the planning stages.

But a decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court Monday could endanger those trails, many of which have become integral to the economies and communities where they are located.

The court ruled decisively, 8 to 1, in favor of a southern Wyoming landowner named Marvin Brandt, whose father once ran a sawmill making railroad ties on the family’s 83-acre piece of land, now contained within the Medicine Bow National Forest. Brandt had contested the United States Forest Service’s right to use a half-mile-long, 200-foot-wide rail right of way going through his land as part of a 21-mile-long trail that runs along the former rail tracks.

His case against the United States, which claimed that the government had lost the right to use the old rail line for anything other than a railroad as part of a land deal his family made in the 1970s, was defeated in two lower courts. But he emerged victorious from the nation’s highest court, which ruled on the basis of an act of Congress dating back to 1875 and a 1942 Supreme Court case that concerned the Great Northern Railway.

The abandonment of the railroad, the majority wrote, terminated the easement that governed it when the trains were running, “leaving Brandt’s land unburdened.”


Church Launches Give-A-Bell Campaign

BERLIN — Stevenson United Methodist Church recently approved plans to acquire a two-octave set of high-quality, world renowned Malmark hand bells and establish a hand bell choir for its music ministry and outreach programs through a Give-A-Bell Campaign.

The Give-A-Bell Campaign is structured so all church members, the local community and business owners can participate and contribute to the hand bell program.

“I strongly endorse hand bell ringing for the ease with which it’s learned, the closeness it generates among the choir members, the values such a program teaches, and the beauty of the music and the great contribution and inspiration our handbell choir can bring to the local community,” said Director and Organist Ty Thompson. “We as a whole have concluded that there are few programs, music or otherwise, that can involve so many participants of all ages and have them be proficient in such a short time.”


FBI Blocked In Corruption Probe Involving Sens. Reid, Lee

FBI agents working alongside Utah state prosecutors in a wide-ranging corruption investigation have uncovered accusations of wrongdoing by two of the U.S. Senate’s most prominent figures — Majority Leader Harry Reid and rising Republican Sen. Mike Lee — but the Justice Department has thwarted their bid to launch a full federal investigation.

The probe, conducted by one Republican and one Democratic state prosecutor in Utah, has received accusations from an indicted businessman and political donor, interviewed other witnesses and gathered preliminary evidence such as financial records, Congressional Record statements and photographs that corroborate some aspects of the accusations, officials have told The Washington Times and ABC News.


House Unanimously Approves Bill On Ignition Interlocks & Minor Passengers

The Maryland House of Delegates has unanimously approved a measure that would toughen penalties for those caught drinking and driving with children in a car.

The vote was 135-0, with six delegates either absent or not voting.

The bill would require a person convicted of transporting a minor while driving under the influence of alcohol to participate in the state's ignition interlock system program.


Is “Dr. Copper” Foreshadowing A Stock Market Crash Just Like It Did In 2008?

Is the price of copper trying to tell us something? Traditionally, “Dr. Copper” has been a very accurate indicator of where the global economy is heading next. For example, back in 2008 the price of copper dropped from nearly $4.00 to under $1.50 in just a matter of months. And now it appears that another big decline in the price of copper is starting to happen. So far this year, the price of copper has dropped from a high of $3.40 back in January to a price of $2.95 as I write this article, and many analysts are warning that this is just the beginning. By itself, this should be quite alarming to investors, but as you will see below there are a whole host of other signs that a stock market crash may be rapidly approaching.

But before we get to those other signs, let us discuss copper a bit more first. I cannot remember a time since 2008 when there has been such an overwhelming negative consensus about where the price of copper is heading. The following is from a CNBC article that was posted this week…


Trooper Charged In Domestic Related Investigation

Dover-The Delaware State Police are announcing the arrest of Andrel Martinez, 38, of Milford, Delaware in connection with an ongoing domestic dispute with his former girlfriend, as well as violations related to his repeated misuse of the Delaware Justice Information System (DELJIS).

Andrel Martinez has been employed as a Delaware State Trooper for 15 years and is assigned to Delaware State Police Troop 7 Lewes, Uniform Patrol Division with the rank of Master Corporal.

Delaware State Police launched a criminal investigation in January 2014, after a concerned person reported that they believed Andrel Martinez had unlawfully accessed their criminal history records and also data related to this person’s relatives. Investigators immediately reviewed DELJIS records and queries conducted by Martinez and determined that the allegations raised by the reporting person were validated. Investigators continued their comprehensive review of Martinez’s DELJIS inquiries and discovered numerous other DELJIS violations not related to an active police investigation.

During the investigation and continued interviews, State Police Investigators uncovered evidence of domestic related crimes involving Martinez and his former girlfriend, a 34 year old Sussex County woman, with whom they share a 1 ½ year old child. The couple separated in March of 2013 at which time over an 8 month period, Martinez initiated numerous harassing and intimidating visits, text messages, emails, repeated phone calls, and voicemails to the victim. Martinez also utilized DELJIS to conduct queries of acquaintances of the victim and also conducted inquiries on the registrations of vehicles that were parked in his former girlfriend’s apartment complex, along with conducting inquiries into the owners of the vehicles.

After having interviewed the victim concerning the specifics of the allegations and conducting preliminary DELJIS reviews, Delaware State Police made contact with Martinez and immediately placed him on suspension pending the outcome of the ongoing criminal investigation.

State Police took Martinez into custody late Friday afternoon, March 14, 2014 and formally charged him in connection with DELJIS violations with the following crimes; 48 counts of Knowingly and Wrongfully Obtaining Criminal History Record Information (M), 11 counts of Attempted Knowingly and Wrongfully Obtaining Criminal History Record Information (M), and 1 count of Official Misconduct (M).

Martinez was charged in connection with the domestic incidents with Stalking (F) and Harassment (M).

Martinez was processed and arraigned in Justice of the Peace Court and released on $62,000 Unsecured Bond and issued a no contact order with the victim. He remains suspended pending the outcome of the criminal charges. (Photo not available at the time of this release)

The individuals identified during the investigation in which Martinez unlawfully queried utilizing the DELJIS System will be receiving official notification by mail.

Oh, Winter Is NOT Over With Yet. Snow On Monday

Clear66 °F
Clear35 °F
Mostly Cloudy48 | 30 °F
Mostly Cloudy
Snow33 | 25 °F
80% chance of precipitation

Council Agrees To Outsource Employee Pay, Benefits Study

OCEAN CITY – The Mayor and City Council approved outsourcing a study of Ocean City’s current pay and benefits, despite thoughts to have the work conducted by city staff to save funding.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ocean City Human Resource Director Wayne Evans requested the Mayor and City Council’s approval to solicit proposals for a Compensation and Benefits Study for city employees.

“This is part of our strategic plan as a 2013 action item. A city-wide Compensation and Benefits Study was stated under goal number one [Financially Sound Town Government] of the plan for the town government. The purpose of this is to analyze, validate, and/or improve current compensation administration and classification practices but also to determine the town’s competitive standing as it related to pay and benefits comparative market through the collection and analysis of compensation and benefits survey data,” Evans said


Dagsboro Man Charged With Twelfth-Offense DUI After Crash

Location: Nine Foot Road, west of DuPont Boulevard, Dagsboro, DE

Date: Friday, March 14, 2014, at 7:25 p.m.

Defendant, Charges, and Bail Information:
James Fisher, 55, of Dagsboro, DE (photo attached)
Driving a Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol (felony)
Failure to Comply with Taking of Photographs and Fingerprints
Numerous Traffic Charges
Committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $21,650 cash bail.

Dagsboro – A Dagsboro man was charged with twelfth-offense DUI after he was found fleeing a crash yesterday.

The incident occurred at 7:25 p.m. when Troopers received a report of a driver walking away from a single-vehicle crash on Nine Foot Road. Responding Troopers found a 1998 Ford Mustang had driven off of the road and located its driver, James Fisher, 55, hiding behind bushes nearby. Fisher was not injured in the crash.

After determining that Fisher was under the influence of alcohol, he was taken into custody. A routine check of his criminal history revealed Fisher had eleven DUI convictions. Additionally, his driver's license was suspended and his vehicle was not properly registered.

While detained, Fisher was uncooperative and refused to be photographed and fingerprinted. He was charged with felony DUI, failure to comply with taking of photographs and fingerprints, and numerous traffic charges. He was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $21,650 cash bail.

Florida Loss Spells Doom For Democrats

The defeat of an Obamacare-loving Democrat in a closely watched special election in the Tampa area ought to give comfort to Republicans aiming to control both houses of Congress after the upcoming elections in November.

On Tuesday, Republican David W. Jolly had mainstream journalists across the nation popping Prozac as he polled 48.52 percent in the special election in Florida’s 13th congressional district, triumphing over Democrat Alex Sink who garnered 46.64 percent and over Libertarian Lucas Overby who received 4.84 percent of the votes, according to still-unofficial results.


Md. House Passes ‘Jake’s Law,’ Targeting Drivers On Phones Who Cause Serious Crashes

Maryland is one step closer to establishing new penalties for cellphone-wielding drivers who are found guilty of contributing to a crash that kills or seriously injures another person.

The Maryland House of Delegates voted 111 to 25 on Friday to approve legislation that would add penalties and require suspected distracted drivers to immediately provide police with information about their cellphones. Similar legislation is pending in the Maryland Senate.

Maryland already forbids the use of hand-held cellphones in nearly all cases while driving. Under the House version of the bill, someone who is found guilty of “substantially” contributing to a crash that results in “death or serious bodily injury of another” while using a cellphone or texting would face up to one year in jail and up to $5,000 in fines. An earlier version of the legislation called for up to three years. These penalties could be applied in addition to other penalties.


Why Did The Possibly Pregnant Shark Cross The Atlantic?

You kind of have to admire headlines such as this:

"UK-bound great white shark Lydia could be PREGNANT"

That's the Mirror doing its best to scare folks into reading its report.

The story behind the scary headline, though, is interesting.

OCEARCH, a nonprofit organization that studies "great white sharks and other large apex predators," last year affixed a tracking device to a great white it dubbed Lydia. She was found and tagged near Jacksonville, Fla.

In the year or so since she's been tracked, Lydia has traveled about 19,000 miles, the BBC writes. But it's where she's been in recent days that has really gotten the researchers' attention: She's on the eastern side of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. That makes Lydia the first great white that scientists have been able to track from one side of the Atlantic to the other and into colder waters of the North Atlantic, where it was thought great whites might not wish to swim.


John McAfee’s New Cognizant App Puts An End To Spying

OC Carriage Rides Met With Safety Concerns

Given how many of the resort’s summertime visitors come from central Pennsylvania, the sight of horse-drawn carriages on the street may not be that much of a departure.

Nevertheless, the city’s Police Commission expressed some skepticism this week over a proposal to expand the off-season carriage ride program into the peak months, utilizing a route that would have the horse-drawn vehicles cross town on Second Street and do most of their route on the bay side of town.

“If I didn’t think I could do it safely, I wouldn’t be asking,” said Randy Davis of R&B Ranch, who has conducted wintertime carriage rides on the Boardwalk and surrounding areas for the past two years. Davis also operates carriage tours in Berlin.


Double-Dipping Pensioners Bleeding NJ Dry

There is no single cause for the public pension crisis threatening the financial stability of states, counties and local municipalities across the U.S. Instead, its origins more closely resemble an actuarial version of the notorious death by a thousand cuts.

Fingers of blame can be pointed at self-serving politicians who doled out generous benefits to public employee unions seeking support at the polls in return. Union leaders are accountable, too, accepting short-term perks without seeing the potential long-term harm.

Structural issues have also played an important role, not least the problematic reality that the value of pension fund assets is inextricably tied to the fate of often-volatile stock markets.


A Letter To The Editor: Maryland Transgender Bill

Mr. Joe,

It has come to my attention there is a Bill in Maryland Senate regarding the Transgenders. The Bill itself gives Transgender people "right" to use any public bathrooms as they feel, Men's or Women's. This is outrageous and Democrats are pushing this and public is unaware of it.

I would like to ask you to post this on your blog and maybe if you can find some additional info about it.

I feel as it is our responsibility to let public know.

How Not To Fall In Love With Your Foster Dog

I can tend a bloody wound with stone-cold precision. I can cuddle the confidence into a scared dog, and train the structure into a wild one. I have soothed the fear from an aggressive dog and have mended the heart of an abused one. But what I have never been able to do is keep myself from falling head over heels in love with one. While hearing me wax poetic about all of the reasons I love our little K-man, Foster Dad said it perfectly, “Yeah, but I’ve never seen you meet a dog you didn’t instantly love.” Hmm. Well, that may be true, but Kingston is proving to be even more lovable than your average squishy-faced pup.

How do you not fall in love when your foster dog acts as though his world revolves around you? His dissatisfaction over short separations are marked with voracious naughtiness, while your arrival is celebrated with more joy than a little child hugging his parents after being lost in Disneyworld. Kingston’s is the exuberant greeting of a happy dog, twirling on two legs, reaching up to you for petting and kisses, happy beyond all measure just to see you at the end of a long day.


Md. Now A Defendant In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Relatives of a man with Down syndrome who died in the custody of three Frederick County sheriff's deputies have added the state of Maryland to those allegedly liable for his death.

Attorney Joseph Espo said Friday the state is the deputies' statutory employer, so it's been added and Frederick County has been dropped from a federal lawsuit filed by survivors of 26-year-old Robert Ethan Saylor.

The other defendants are the individual deputies, Regal Cinemas Inc. and Baltimore-based Hill Management Services Inc.

Today Is National Potato Chip Day

Berlin’s Expectations High Following Online Contest Win; Celebration Planned For March 29

BERLIN — Now that Berlin has taken the title of Budget Travel’s Coolest Small Town in America for 2014, leadership is looking forward and planning just how they are going to market the town in light of the win.

Expectations are high due to the direct success being reported by last year’s winner, Lititz, Pa. But before major marketing efforts are launched the town will take a day to just celebrate the victory and is inviting the entire area to the party on Main Street at the end of the month.

The town is looking to pull out all the stops for the official party. There will be a parade, beer garden, music, food and events for families. Already, a minimum of 600 people are expected to attend judging by a count held on Facebook, though the Town Council anticipates that crowds could be larger.

“I think that it’s going to be one of the biggest events we’ve had in this town,” said Councilwoman Lisa Hall.


House Report Traces IRS Scandal To Obama

Produces evidence Lois Lerner followed White House lead

– A House committee investigating the IRS scandal has found a link between President Obama’s criticism of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and subsequent steps taken by IRS official Lois Lerner to discriminate against conservative groups.

Lerner was responding to political pressure in her efforts to clamp down on conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status in the wake of the 2012 Supreme Court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, concluded a 141-page report released last Tuesday by the Republican-majority staff of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.



The counter-jihad website Creeping Sharia reported Monday that “according to a Facebook post, Somali staffers that work at Minneapolis City Hall declared February 28 ‘Hijab Day’ at City Hall and convinced the police chief and female city council reps to wear hijabs on the job.”

The idea originated with female Muslim City Hall employees, who then cajoled non-Muslim women into participating in Hijab Day as well. One enthusiastic participant was a Muslim woman named Ilhan Omar, who is on the staff of Minneapolis City Council Member Andrew Johnson. Omar recently instigated a brawl at a Democratic caucus meeting in Cedar-Riverside, leading to several injuries and the cancellation of the meeting.

Pictures depicted Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau and several female City Council members, all smiling and wearing hijabs. Why? Is there wear a kippah day? A Sikh turban day? A Christ on the cross day? A Wiccan witch day? What’s next? Slaughter a live animal and let it bleed out for lunch day? Inshallah!



The “Faithful Steward”

During the past 75 years many Irish half-pennies, dated between 1766 and 1783 have been found on “Coin Beach”, which is south of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, near Indian River inlet. These coins are believed to be washing ashore from the wreck of the “Faithful Steward”. Another theory is that they are from the wreck of the “Three Brothers”, which was carrying currency consigned to Philadelphia. There were many wrecks along that stretch of theAtlantic around that time and to put a coin to a certain vessel is pure conjecture.

The following is a brief account of the “Faithful Steward” which sailed from Londonderry, Ireland. On Thursday, September 1, 1785, she was bound for Philadelphia with 249 passengers when weather conditions worsened as she approached the Delaware shore. The sounding showed only four fathoms (24 ft.) even though they could not see land. An effort was made to head the ship out to sea but it became stuck, at which time they cut away the mast and anything else to lighten the ship.

On the morning of September 2, they found themselves off Moboboe Bank, near Indian River, about four leagues (12 mi.) south of CapeHenlopen. Every effort was made to save the passengers, who had remained on board during the night, even though they were only about 100 yards from shore. That evening she broke to pieces, the sea running very high. The lifeboats were disengaged from the wreck, but before anyone could get in them they drifted ashore. Therefore all relief was cut off except by swimming ashore or getting ashore on pieces of the wreck. Of all the persons on board, only 68 made it to land safely. Among the survivors were the Master, his mates and ten seamen. This was probably due to their strong physical conditions and possible prowess at swimming.

Every effort to save those remaining on board was thwarted by the rough seas and the locals could just stand on the beach and watch almost 200 people perish a scant 100 yards from shore.

The 1783 half-penny pictured above was found on this very beach about 50 years ago. Though all of the British Empire coins pictured King George III on the obverse, the Irish version is distinguishable by the harp on the reverse. England had Britannia on the reverse of the coins destined to remain within England.

SFD Calls For Service 3-14-14

  • Friday March, 14 2014 @ 23:24:56Nature: Difficulty BreathingCity: Salisbury
  • Friday March, 14 2014 @ 23:23:53Nature: SeizureCity: Salisbury
  • Friday March, 14 2014 @ 22:35:10Nature: Maternity PatientCity: Salisbury
  • Friday March, 14 2014 @ 20:22:23Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Friday March, 14 2014 @ 20:01:39Nature: Vehicle FireAddress: E Naylor Mill Rd and s Mall Dr Salisbury, MD 21802
  • Friday March, 14 2014 @ 17:53:50Nature: Abdominal PainCity: Salisbury
  • Friday March, 14 2014 @ 17:38:59Nature: Odor InvestigationAddress: 1014 S Salisbury Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801


ANNAPOLIS – When Diamonte Brown was 26 years old, she was pulled over for an unlit tag light and arrested when a police officer found a small amount of marijuana in her car, Brown said, stuffed inside a balled up pair of gloves in her passenger’s purse.

Brown was a few years away from obtaining her master’s degree in secondary education. The arrest, which never evolved into a conviction, would later halt her search for a teaching job when a Baltimore City school told her that a background search turned up the arrest record, making her ineligible to work or volunteer there.

A handful of lawmakers are now fighting for legislation that would downgrade the type of offense Brown was charged with from a criminal to a civil transgression, close in penalty to a parking ticket. Another group of legislators, led by Sen. Jamie Raskin, D-Montgomery, is pushing to legalize marijuana for people 21 and older in the state, similar to what lawmakers in Colorado and Washington have done.

Malaysian Gov’t Official: ‘It Is Conclusive’ That Missing Plane Was Hijacked

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — A Malaysian government official says investigators have concluded that one of the pilots or someone else with flying experience hijacked the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

The official, who is involved in the investigation, says no motive has been established, and it is not yet clear where the plane was taken. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media.

The official said that hijacking was no longer a theory. “It is conclusive.”

Obama Tells Us To Cancel Cell Phone And Cable To Pay For Obamacare

So, if you make less that $40,000 a year and find the high cost of Obamacare to be overwhelming, President Obama has a message for you: cancel your stupid cable TV and you dang iPhone service you ingrates. THEN you will be able to afford his mandated-by-law take over of our national healthcare system.

This is what Obama told a Latino audience at a townhall held on March 6 by several Spanish language media networks.

Obama was presented with a question about a family that makes $36,000 a year and found that the cheapest Obamacare plan they could find would cost them $315 a month. This, the family felt, was too expensive and something they could not afford.

The President’s response was chilling. Obama said, “if you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill… it may turn out that, it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care.”