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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Insider Helping Out Fellow Insiders

Few men have a resume quite like Jon Corzine. Not only has Corzine served in the U.S. Senate and been governor of New Jersey, he has also been the CEO of Goldman Sachs and the recently imploded brokerage firm MF Global. The insider blood filtrated through cronyism and the endless squandering of the public dime flows heavily through his veins.

When MF Global went belly up [20] back in the fall, Corzine was finally revealed for the inept, overly connected bureaucrat he really is. Corruption seemingly follows the former Senator, Governor, and banker like shadows on a sunny day. Earlier this week, New Jersey was declared the least corruptible state in the union much to the surprise of, well, everyone. But as the great Jonathan Weil pointed out [21], the methodology in the study conducted by the Center for Public Integrity was horribly flawed. New Jersey has historically been defined with corruption:

…this is a state where in 2009 three mayors, two assemblymen and five rabbis were among 44 charged in a single money-laundering and bribery sting by the Federal Bureau of Investigation [22]. One of those mayors, Peter Cammarano, was from Hoboken, where I live. He was sentenced to 24 months in prison. Five years before his arrest, another former Hoboken mayor, Anthony Russo, pleaded guilty to corruption charges. His son now sits on the city council.

Corzine was of course acquainted with one of the mayors listed and a member of his own cabinet faced investigation by the FBI [23]during the same time period. And that was only the man’s tenure as Governor. Anyone who spends their time horse-trading in Congress is instantly guilty of corruption by definition. Corzine was especially so as he coauthored the Sarbanes-Oxley financial regulatory bill which heaped another expense [24] on start up businesses to the benefit of already established and politically favored firms.

Corzine’s political career was launched after his term heading the financial vampire squid known as Goldman Sachs which has its tentacles within [25] practically every important or relevant governing authority around the globe. During his time at GS, he served on a presidential commission for Bill Clinton and a committee in the U.S. Treasury. In short, before his time heading MF Global, Corzine was an expert paper pusher whose connections in the political establishment were deeply rooted. That’s why he made the perfect candidate for a multinational investment firm on the up and up.

Not too long after Corzine went to MF Global, he visited [26] the New York branch of the Federal Reserve in an attempt to expedite the process by which MF could received the coveted “primary dealer” privilege. This primary dealer position gave MF the ability to be one of the first financial institutions the NY Fed would purchase government securities and bonds from when the central bank wished to expand the monetary base. It is the ultimate position any banking insider looking to game the system seeks. Though an official from the NY Fed denies [27] any special treatment was given to Corzine (as if they would own up to it in public anyway), as the Wall Street Journal [28] explains, “the New York Fed doesn’t publicly discuss” decisions of granting primary dealership status, “but a source with knowledge of the process says that it sometimes takes several years for a firm to gain acceptance.”

And yet we are to believe that Corzine’s numerous connections didn’t help fast track this process?


Douse The Flames, Mr. President!

Barack Obama's statement that the death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy that cries out for a more thorough investigation was the right and necessary thing to say.

But it fell far short of what was needed: a presidential call for a halt to the rhetoric that is stirring up racial rage and inflaming the nation. The incendiary language being deployed is both divisive and dangerous.

Addressing the Sanford, Fla., incident, Black Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan tweeted: "Where there is no justice, there will be no peace. Soon, and very soon, the law of retaliation may ... be applied."

The New Black Panther Party has issued a "Wanted Dead or Alive" poster featuring the face of George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin, and printed up a flier saying Martin was "murdered in cold blood."

When Panther leader Mikhail Muhammad was asked if this could ignite an explosive situation that has already seen death threats drive Zimmerman and his father from their homes, Muhammad cursed and said Zimmerman "should be fearful for his life."

Demanding "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth," the Black Panther leader offered $10,000 for Zimmerman's capture and called for 5,000 black men to run him down.


Nuclear Bomb Might Not Destroy Washington, D.C.

A secret federal study finds, Washington D.C. might not be totally destroyed by a terrorist nuclear bomb. The study was made last year by FEMA and not made public. But it has circulated on scientific and government watchdog websites. FEMA looked at what would happen if a 10 kiloton bomb explodes near the White House. Everything in a half mile radius is destroyed, about as far as the FBI building. Also, 45, thousand people would die, and 300,000 would be injured. But the city survives. Across the river, the Pentagon would only have broken windows.

Obama Wants to Push Reduction of Nuclear Stockpiles

SEOUL — Seeking to lead by example on the nuclear dangers posed by North Korea and Iran, President Obama said Monday he’ll pursue talks with Russia to further reduce U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals.

“I’m confident that, working together, we can continue to make progress and reduce our nuclear stockpiles,” Mr. Obama said at Hankuk University at the start of a two-day summit on nuclear security with more than 50 world leaders.

In an address that focused largely on North Korea’s belligerence, the president said the U.S. has a “unique responsibility” to show the rest of the world the way to reduce nuclear arsenals and halt development of new weapons. The focus of the summit is preventing terrorists from obtaining nuclear weapons.

“The United States has a unique responsibility to act—indeed, a moral obligation,” Mr. Obama said. “I say this as president of the only nation ever to use nuclear weapons.”



Right now, there isn't enough known about the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a black, by George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old part-Hispanic, during his neighborhood watch tour in an Orlando, Fla., suburb. If evidence emerges that Zimmerman's actions were not justified, he should be prosecuted and punished; however, there's a larger issue that few people understand or have the courage to acknowledge, namely that black and young has become synonymous with crime and, hence, suspicion. To make that connection does not make one a racist. Let's look at it.

Twelve years ago, a black Washington, D.C., commissioner warned cabbies, most of whom were black, against picking up dangerous-looking passengers. She described "dangerous-looking" as a "young black guy ... with shirttail hanging down longer than his coat, baggy pants, unlaced tennis shoes." She also warned cabbies to stay away from low-income black neighborhoods. Did that make the D.C. commissioner a racist?

In some cities, such as St. Louis, black pizza deliverers have complained about having to deliver pizzas to certain black neighborhoods, including neighborhoods in which they live. Are they racists? The Rev. Jesse Jackson once remarked, "There is nothing more painful for me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery – (and) then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved." Does that make the reverend a racist?


U.S. Gives Leftist Groups $42 Mil For Housing Counseling

The Obama Administration keeps pouring huge sums of taxpayer dollars into the coffers of leftist groups that specialize in “housing counseling” for minorities seeking a good home or struggling to keep one on the verge of foreclosure.

The latest allocation—$42 million in counseling grants—was announced just a few days ago by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as part of the administration’s continuing effort to help families find decent housing and prevent future foreclosures. The cash will go to hundreds of national, regional and local organizations that profess to assist low-income populations.

Among them is the National Community Reinvestment Corporation, a famously liberal activist group that seeks to eliminate “discrimination” in housing and mortgage lending, and the equally leftist National Urban League, which advocates for social justice and claims voter identification laws are racist. They are getting $2.5 million and $1.05 million respectively. The entire list of recipients and what they do can be found here for those who care to sort through it.


Gay Woman Wins health insurance Battle With government

A gay federal worker who challenged the government to provide health insurance for her spouse appears to have won her battle. The Office of Personnel Management had said Karen Golinski's wife could not get coverage. But, in a letter given to the Washington Post, officials now tell her health insurance company to enroll her spouse right away. This is the first time such health care coverage has been allowed, gay rights advocates tell The Post. OPM's decision follows a court ruling that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. The law prevented the government from recognizing gay marriages.

Romney Scrambles to Raise Cash for Santorum Battle

Mitt Romney scrambled on Monday to raise campaign cash to help him fend off the lingering challenge from rival Rick Santorum for the Republican presidential nomination, and he acknowledged that the battle could extend into June.

The Republicans' extended race to find a challenger to President Barack Obama is sucking up more time and donors' money than expected, possibly weakening the eventual nominee at the November 6 general election.

Romney opened a two-day California blitz to raise money at five events, attending fundraisers in San Diego and the San Francisco area on Monday and then Stockton, Irvine and Los Angeles on Tuesday. He heads to Texas later in the week to raise funds.


Lawmakers Call TSA Employees Ineffective, Rude

Lawmakers of both parties teed off against the agency in charge of airport and port anti-terrorist screening, saying it uses ineffective tactics and treats travelers rudely.


Obama Agency Rules Pepsi's Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Soft Drinks Constitutes 'Ordinary Business Operations'

The Obama Administration has given its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizing the services of a company that produces flavor chemicals for the beverage giant using aborted human fetal tissue. reports that the Obama Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided that PepsiCo's arrangement with San Diego, Cal.-based Senomyx, which produces flavor enhancing chemicals for Pepsi using human embryonic kidney tissue, simply constitutes "ordinary business operations."

The issue began in 2011 when the non-profit group Children of God for Life (CGL) first broke the news about Pepsi's alliance with Senomyx, which led to massive outcry and a worldwide boycott of Pepsi products. At that time, it was revealed that Pepsi had many other options at its disposal to produce flavor chemicals, which is what its competitors do, but had instead chosen to continue using aborted fetal cells -- or as Senomyx deceptively puts it, "isolated human taste receptors" (

A few months later, Pepsi' shareholders filed a resolution petitioning the company to "adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements." But the Obama Administration shut down this 36-page proposal, deciding instead that Pepsi's used of aborted babies to flavor its beverage products is just business as usual, and not a significant concern.


No Pay Freeze Extension In Democratic Budget Plan

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) introduced "Making It in America," the Democratic budget proposal that calls for an end to the sequester while preserving the Medicare guarantee. Unlike the other proposals under consideration, the Democratic version does not include an extension of the federal pay freeze or an increase in feds' contributions to their retirement funds.


Bernanke Says U.S. Needs Faster Growth

The U.S. economy needs to grow more quickly to bring the unemployment rate down further, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Monday, defending the central bank's policy of very low interest rates.

While he offered no indication the Fed is keen to embark on a third round of bond purchases, Bernanke also made clear the central bank is in no rush to reverse course after responding aggressively to a deep recession.

The jobless rate has dropped to 8.3 percent from 9.1 percent last summer, a move Bernanke said was "somewhat out of sync" with the rather modest pace of economic growth.

He said the decline could reflect an effort by businesses to recalibrate their payrolls after unusually heavy job cuts during the recession. If this is the case, he said, progress may stall


Teen Struck By Car At Bus Stop

Location: 10000 block of Westville Road, Camden-Wyoming, DE

Date and Time of Occurrence: Tuesday March 27, 2012 at approximately 7:27 a.m.

Operator and Vehicle:
Norman C. Anderson, 46, of Dover, DE
1990 Toyota Camry

Stephanie J. Buckley, 16, of Camden-Wyoming, DE

Camden-Wyoming, DE- The Delaware State Police are currently investigating a crash involving a teen who was struck by a car.

The incident occurred approximately 7:27 a.m. this morning as Stephanie Buckley, 16, was preparing to board her school bus on Westville Road. As she was standing in the driveway of her residence, west of Camden-Wyoming, the school bus had come to a stop in the eastbound lane and activated the red flashing lights as well as the stop sign for traffic to stop. When Stephanie began crossing the roadway to board the bus, a 1990 Toyota Camry, operated by Norman C. Anderson, 46, was traveling westbound and failed to see the flashing lights. The Camry then struck Stephanie and with the driver’s side of the car throwing her to the ground. The Camry came to a controlled stop in the roadway after the impact.

Stephanie was removed from the scene by EMS and transported to Kent General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Anderson, who was properly restrained, was not injured. He was cited for Inattentive Driving and Passing a Stopped School Bus.

Westville Road was closed for approximately an hour as the crash was investigated and cleared. The school bus was carrying students to Cesar Rodney High School.

21 Counter-Intuitive Break Ideas To Boost Your Productivity At Work

Every self-help program talks about the importance of taking a 10-15 minute break to boost your productivity.

Breaks give us much needed time to rest our eyes, move around, stretch our stiff muscles, get more blood and oxygen flowing to our brain, to unwind and obtain a fresh outlook on complex work problems.

There is just one problem – we often forget to take them. (Note: Going to the bathroom, grabbing a cup of coffee or checking Facebook updates does not count, as these activities hardly give us enough time to energize our body and restore our concentration and productivity.)

As strange as it may sound, taking regular breaks throughout the work day requires discipline and a little bit of planning. Actually, the reason why so many people push themselves to the limit of exhaustion is simple – they just can not think of any interesting activities they can do, during their break time. So they end up working for 4-5 hours straight until their body offers them a painful reminder.

If this sounds like you, here are 21 Counter-Intuitive Break ideas that help to restore your energy, sharpen your focus, boost productivity and avoid burnout at work.


Billions To Fight Global Warming In Poor Countries

Just when you thought the government couldn’t possibly find another social justice program to blow taxpayer money on, the Obama Administration is asking Congress for a whopping $770 million to help developing countries with global climate change initiatives.

Here comes the best part. During Obama’s presidency American taxpayers have already doled out nearly $3 billion for this preposterous cause, according to a new congressional report posted this week by a think tank that publishes hard-to-find government documents of public policy interest.

The figures are tough to swallow for a country that’s $15.5 trillion in the red and counting. In fiscal year 2009 the administration got $323 million for the program—officially known as Global Climate Change Initiative—and the figure nearly tripled to $939 million in 2010. In 2011 it dropped slightly to $819 million and in 2012 it dipped a bit more to $773 million.


Detectives Investigate Wilmington Area Carjacking

Location: Metro PCS, 101 Maryland Avenue, Wilmington, DE

Date of Occurrence: Monday, March 26, 2012 at 12:30 p.m.

34 year old male employee

Black male, 30-39 years of age with a large build.
Black male, 30-39 years of age with a large build. He was also armed with a handgun.
Black male (no further description)

Wilmington, DE- Delaware State Police Robbery Unit detectives are currently investigating a robbery that occurred at a Wilmington area cellular phone store yesterday afternoon.

The incident began at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Monday (3/26) as three male suspects approached a 34 year old male employee of the Metro PCS Store, located in the 100 block of Maryland Avenue, as he was exiting the store. The suspects, one of which was armed with a handgun, forced the victim into his own vehicle and then drove him to Banning Park. Once they arrived at the park, the suspects demanded the cash deposits from the Metro PCS store which the victim had in his possession. The victim complied, turning over an undisclosed amount of money to the suspects. They suspects forced the victim out of his vehicle and then fled the area in the victim’s car. The victim was not injured. His vehicle was later found abandoned a short distance away from the park.

The Delaware State Police are asking anyone who may have any information in reference to this incident to contact the Robbery Unit at Troop 2 at 302-834-2630 ext. 6. Citizens may also provide a tip by texting keyword “DSP” plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES). Tipsters may also provide information through lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333. Callers can also submit information via the internet at

Wanda Sykes: GOP Field's So Weak It Should Surrender, South Is Toothless

Wanda Sykes is still whacking away at Republicans -- even if it's not quite wishing Rush Limbaugh's kidneys would fail. In an interview with Nikki Schwab of the Washington Examiner, she said Republicans should pack it in, Obama is going to win hands down, forget about it.

"I tell people who are just like normal Republicans that I feel sorry for them, I want to give them a hug and a lollipop," she said. "They should just wait this one out, just write this one off ... they're not going to make it to the playoffs ... it's just the worse candidates." She knocked Mitt Romney and that backwards South:

As for a favorite candidate to poke fun at, Sykes said Mitt Romney. "Mitt Romney is hilarious because he's such an awful politician," she noted. "And his pandering to each audience is embarrassing and also hilarious; he goes to Detroit -- 'Hey, I like cars,' -- he goes to Wisconsin -- 'I just had a cheese sandwich' ... I'm surprised he didn't knock his two front teeth out when he was down south."

Property Owners Find Out They've Moved From South To North

Back in the days of yore, say, a few hundred years ago, when you needed to mark a state line, well you could just hack a mark in a tree with a hatchet. But in the case of North and South Carolina property owners, when those trees eventually cease to exist, residents have to deal with the repercussions, as many are finding out they actually own property in the other state.


Now Rush Limbaugh Calls Someone 'jock itch'

In the wake of leftist attacks on his radio show and advertisers, radio giant Rush Limbaugh today described those leading the campaign against him in a unique way.

“Media Matters is like jock itch,” Limbaugh declared. “You ever had jock itch?”

“It’s a chafing little rash in there. That’s all they are. That’s as serious as it is. Yeah, just a bunch of little twerps sittin’ around with nothing better to do, trying to occupy themselves.”

Limbaugh was enlightening his listeners who may have thought he had been harmed financially by a campaign promoted by leftists at Media Matters and elsewhere. They have been targeting his advertisers in the wake of national controversy for his calling a Georgetown University law student a “slut” and “prostitute” as she pushed for insured-covered birth control.


Before You Replace Pillows, Give Them A Tumble

When your head has seemingly smashed all the life out of your bed pillow, rendering it a flat, misshapen mat, it may not yet be time to buy a new one. Washing it and tossing it into the dryer can give a pillow a new lease on life, fluffing it up like new.


Gambling in Md. Could Expand to Include Table Games

The state Senate has given preliminary approval to a bill to expand Maryland gambling to include table games like blackjack and roulette.

The chamber passed the measure to its final voting stage Monday night after shooting down amendments that attempted to strip profit enhancements for casino owners and limit how many licenses a slots parlor operator can have.

The bill would pave the way for a sixth state casino license in Prince George's County and increase the amount of revenue slots parlor owners are allowed to keep by 8 percent. If a sixth casino license is awarded, that share would increase by another 7 percent.

If the Legislature passes the bill, it will have to be ratified by a majority of Maryland voters.


There Are Now 900,000 Fewer Pounds Of "Pink Slime" Being Produced Each Day

With several supermarket chains — including Kroger and Safeway — opting to stop selling ground beef that contains "lean, finely textured beef," the ammonia-treated filler affectionately known as "pink slime," the company that pumps out the stuff has had to suspend production at three of its four slime-making facilities.


5th Circuit: Immigration Law Complicates Relations With Mexico

Check out what a federal appellate court just determined when striking down a Texas town’s law banning illegal aliens from renting housing; the “unconstitutional” measure has no other purpose than the exclusion of illegal aliens, which complicates immigration issues and relations with other countries, particularly Mexico.

It may seem unbelievable, but read the ruling for yourself. It was issued recently by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit against the Dallas suburb of Farmers Ranch. A three-judge panel from the New Orleans-based court further clarified that the “sole purpose” of an ordinance banning illegal immigrants from renting housing is to “exclude undocumented aliens, specifically Latinos.”

The court also injected a lecture on the positive contributions of Latino’s in the United States. “This country has a large Latino population and millions of Latinos live here without legal permission,” according to the ruling. “However, the great majority live quietly, raise families, obey the law daily, and do work for our country. For all that they contribute to our welfare, they live in constant dread of being apprehended as [undocumented immigrants] and being evicted, perhaps having their families disrupted. As unsatisfactory as this situation is it is the immigration scheme we have today…”


Google's New Privacy Policy Leads To At Least Four Class-Action Lawsuits

Google's new privacy policies, which allow the company to combine user data across all its various products (Google, Gmail, YouTube, Google+), have only been in effect for a few weeks, but they have already resulted in at least four class-action suits from consumers.


One Tall Strawberry Frappuccino - Extra Insects Please! Starbucks Reveals Popular Drink Contains Crushed BUGS

Have you ever wondered how Starbucks makes their Strawberry Frappuccinos look so vibrantly pink?

The pink hue is thanks to crushed up insects, according to new information provided by the coffee chain giant.

In a statement released by Starbucks, the company has revealed that they use cochineal extract, which is the ground-up bodies of insects, as a dye for the popular rose-coloured beverage.

Bugs from mainly Mexico and South America are dried out before they are ground and used in the milky-based Frappuccino drink.

As stomach-turning as it may sound, the ingredient is in fact harmless. Commonly used to help liven up the dull hues of jams, meats, cheese, baked goods, alcoholic drinks and more, cochineal extract has been used as a colouring agent in food and drinks for centuries.

It has been deemed safe by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration.

Why the Pentagon’s New Fighter Jet Will Now Cost More Than $1 Trillion

A new government report raises red flags about the F-35, the Pentagon’s flagship fighter-plane program.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the Pentagon’s big plan for future warplanes — it’s slated to replace [1] nearly all of the other tactical jets in the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. But getting there is going to be slow and expensive, as a new government report details.

The JSF program is a massively expensive undertaking. It has cost the government $400 billion to date, and is estimated to run more than $1 trillion [1] to develop, buy and support nearly 2,500 aircraft through 2050.

A major problem, according to the Government Accountability Office report [2], is that the program is charging ahead with procurement while testing is still in progress. As Michael Sullivan, one of the report’s authors, told Congress [3], “the manufacturing processes are just never able to get stable because there's so much information coming in from testing and so many engineering changes that are going on.”


A Contemptible Race-Monger in Chief

Like a fly to fresh horse manure or his wife to a hot-buttered biscuit, Obama wasted no time injecting himself into the cruel tragedy of the Trayvon Martin shooting. The shooting and subsequent loss of life is a tragedy, but it is a tragedy that could be used to draw people together. Instead, contemptible race-mongers like Obama use it as currency to both divide and further their agenda.

Obama was elected to be leader of the country, not divide it. He claims to be a Christian, but when presented with perfect opportunities to show his faith in a healing manner, he chooses instead to play to the lowest common denominator. But with that said, his behavior was in keeping with his character.

If he felt compelled to say something, he should have said that the shooting was a terrible situation and a tragic loss for everyone concerned. He should have said that everyone had suffered loss – Trayvon’s family, his friends, the community and the gentleman who shot him. No one walked away unscathed.


Burning Ice: The Next Energy Boom?

Set a lighter to an icy block of methane hydrate, a naturally frozen combo of methane gas and water, and flames spew forth at random.

However unlikely this fluke of nature may appear — burning ice — it could hold the keys to a vast wealth of untapped, clean-burning methane gas thought to exist deep beneath the outer margins of most continental shelves.

Its contribution may be peripheral to the immediate needs of Western Europe and North America, currently drowning in cheap natural gas, but it present a potential lifeline to resource-poor nations like Japan, which already imports more than 90 percent of its fossil fuels.

Although successfully created in the laboratory as early as the 1800s, gas hydrates were only discovered in nature in western Siberian permafrost in the late 1960s. And their structural vagaries, capable of trapping this frozen methane in molecular, lattice cages, are only now being fully appreciated under natural conditions. It is known, however, that these methane hydrates typically form only at low temperatures and under high pressure in rock sediments, usually hundreds of feet or more below the ocean surface.

Such hydrates garnered some notoriety in 2010, when their presence stymied efforts to seal the blown Macondo well during the Gulf oil spill.


Iranian Spies Infiltrate Washington

Lunchtime at trendy Washington power lunch spots and weekends and evenings at lively night clubs may never be the same.

On Sept. 28, 2011, the FBI shut down an alleged plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to the United States with explosives. The Department of Justice says the alleged scheme was directed by elements of the Iranian government.

While never publicly acknowledged by U.S. officials, Georgetown's stylish Café Milano restaurant is strongly believed to have been the intended scene of an assassination attempt on the life of Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, while he lunched there.


House Approves 7.5% Natural Gas Tax, Highest In The Marcellus Shale States

House lawmakers Monday night passed a 7.5% state severance tax on natural gas in a 82-51 vote, after the delegates on Saturday fended off an amendment from Del. Wendell Beitzel, R-Garrett, that would cap state and local taxes on natural gas extraction at 7.5% combined.


Maryland Laser Pointer Law Passes House of Delegates

Shining a laser pointer at an airplane in the state of Maryland is one step closer to becoming a crime punishable with prison time.

The Maryland House of Delegates passed a bill Monday that would criminalize what delegates call a "dangerous trend" that has seen people targeting aircraft with cheap laser pointers, which can briefly blind and temporarily disorient pilots.

The measure, which is sponsored by Del. Sam Arora of Montgomery County, now moves to the state Senate.

"Laser pointers, especially the green ones, are surprisingly powerful and also cheap," Arora said in a statement. "We are working to protect our first responders and make air travel safer with this bill."


House Defeats Bill To Nearly Double Costs Of Hunting Licenses

Legislation that would have nearly doubled the price of hunting licenses faced a rare defeat in the House of Delegates Monday night after a lively debate. The bill would have increased the cost of a hunting license from $24.50 to $40 as well as imposed various other fees related to hunting stamps.


Sarkozy Bans Imams From Entering France in Fundamentalist Crackdown After Toulouse Shootings

France is to ban radical Muslim preachers from entering the country as part of a crackdown after shootings by an al Qaeda-inspired gunman in Toulouse, President Nicolas Sarkozy said today.

The President said he would block the entry of some imams invited to an Islamic conference next month, organised by the Union of French Islamic Organisations (UOIF).

The UOIF, one of three Muslim federations in France, is regarded as close to Egypt's Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.


AAA Study Shows That Teenage Girls Are More Distracted Than Boys When Driving

Teenage girls are twice as likely as boys to use cell phones and other electronics behind the wheel, according to a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The study used in-car video footage to capture various driver distractions. No surprise: Talking and texting was the leading cause of distraction observed, as seen in seven percent of the video clips.


An Unfortunate T-Shirt Hits Florida Streets In Wake Of Trayvon Martin Killing

Expanding the definition of “cracker,” a t-shirt featuring the photo of the man who shot Trayvon Martin is now available for purchase.


Editos Note: The language used on the shirt may be offensive to some.

Hell yeah, I Like Obamacare

Friend --

I like Obamacare.

I'm proud of it -- and you should be, too.

Here's why: Because it works.

So if you're with me, say it: "I like Obamacare."

Obamacare means never having to worry about getting sick and running up against a lifetime cap on insurance coverage. It gives parents the comfort of knowing their kids can stay on their insurance until they're 26, and that a "pre-existing condition" like an ear infection will never compromise their child's coverage.

It's about ending the practice of letting insurance companies charge women 50 percent more -- just because they're women.

And Obamacare can save seniors hundreds of dollars a year on prescription drugs -- and gives them access to preventive care that is saving their lives.

President Obama never lost sight of the fact that this reform is about people. People like his own mother, who spent the last years of her life fighting cancer -- and fighting with insurance companies, too.

That shouldn't happen. And because of Obamacare, it can't.

So next time you hear someone railing against Obamacare, remember what they're actually saying they want to take away.

And, today, stand with me in saying, "Hell yeah, I'm for Obamacare":



P.S. -- Side note: Can you imagine if the opposition called Social Security "Roosevelt Security"? Or if Medicare was "LBJ-Care"? Seriously, have these guys ever heard of the long view?

Former NAACP leader accuses Sharpton and Jackson of ‘exploiting’ Trayvon Martin

Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant is accusing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of “exploiting” the Trayvon Martin tragedy to “racially divide this country.”

“His family should be outraged at the fact that they’re using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions,” Rev. C.L. Bryant said in a Monday interview with The Daily Caller.

The conservative black pastor who was once the chapter president of the Garland, Texas NAACP called Jackson and Sharpton “race hustlers” and said they are “acting as though they are buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy.”

Jackson, for example, recently said Martin’s death shows how “blacks are under attack” and “targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and ultimately killing us is big business.”


Press Release & Public Notice


The Salisbury City Council reminds the public that there are still opportunities to participate in public forums on the election redistricting effort the City is undertaking for its local elections, as a result of the changes in city population reported by the 2010 Census. The Mayor hosted one such meeting in February, and the Council has held two so far in March.

The next meetings for public participation at Salisbury locations are:

 Tuesday, March 27, 2012 – 6:30 p.m. – Harvest Baptist Church, corner of South Boulevard and Eastern Shore Drive
 Thursday, March 29, 2012 – 6:30 p.m. – Fire Station #16 Training Room, Cypress Street
 Monday, April 2, 2012 – 12:30 p.m. – Council Chambers (Room 301) of the Government
Office Building, 125 North Division Street

The public will learn about redistricting principles, may ask questions, can look at statisticdriven maps and provide information and feedback to the council about their neighborhoods (e.g., geographic boundaries, cohesiveness based on economics, race, shared interests, cultures or other factors, etc.)

Comments or questions may also be submitted to all City Council members via email,, or by mail to Salisbury City Council Members,
125 N. Division St., Salisbury, MD 21801. For more information, contact Kim Nichols in the
City Clerk’s office’s at (410) 548-3140.

Accident On Rt 13

There's been a serious accident on Rt. 13 near pep Boys. I'm not sure as of yet but they are shutting Rt. 13 down either north bound or south bound. Either way, look for another way around that area for now.

Danish TV Host Mocks Obama For His Rhetoric

"Maybe the copy key got stuck on the presidential speechwriter's keyboard."


Chief: No Conclusions in Iraqi-American Death Case

Police are investigating the beating death of a 32-year-old Iraqi-American woman in suburban San Diego as a possible hate crime but stressed that they are also looking at other possible scenarios.

El Cajon Police Chief James Redman said Monday that investigators have evidence that includes a threatening note found near Shaima Alawadi's body. Her daughter told a television station that it says: "Go back to your country, you terrorist."

Redman declined to discuss the note's contents, though he said that it has led police to regard the killing as a possible hate crime. The family has mentioned that there was a similar note from earlier, but police do not have a copy of it.

The chief said the victim died of severe head trauma but did not confirm the type of weapon. Redman said he was confident it was an isolated incident but would not say why.


Farm Kid In The Marines

(Currently At San Diego Marine Corps Training Centre)

Dear Ma and Pa,

I am well. Hope you are. Tell Brother Walt and Brother Elmer the Marine Corps beats working for old man Minch by a mile. Tell them to join up quick before all of the places are filled. I was restless at first because you get to stay in bed till nearly 6 a.m. But I am getting so I like to sleep late. Tell Walt and Elmer all you do before breakfast is smooth your cot, and shine some things. No hogs to slop, feed to pitch, mash to mix, wood to split, fire to lay practically nothing to do. Men got to shave, but it is not so bad, there's warm water. Breakfast is strong on trimmings like fruit juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, etc., but kind of weak on chops, potatoes, ham, steak, fried eggplant, pie and other regular food, but tell Walt and Elmer you can always sit by the two city boys that live on coffee. Their food, plus yours, holds you until noon when you get fed again. It's no wonder these city boys can't walk much. We go on 'route marches,' which the platoon sergeant says are long walks to harden us. If he thinks so, it's not my place to tell him different. A 'route march' is about as far as to our mailbox at home. Then the city guys get sore feet and we all ride back in trucks. The sergeant is like a schoolteacher. He nags a lot. The Captain is like the school board. Majors and colonels just ride around and frown. They don't bother you none. This next will kill Walt and Elmer with laughing. I keep getting medals for shooting. I don't know why. The bulls-eye is near as big as a chipmunk head and don't move, and it ain't shooting at you like the Higgett boys at home. All you got to do is lie there all comfortable and hit it. You don't even load your own cartridges. They come in boxes. Then we have what they call hand-to-hand combat training. You get to wrestle with them city boys. I have to be real careful though, they break real easy! It ain't like fighting with that ole bull at home. I'm about the best they got in this except for that Tug Jordan from over in Silver Lake. I only beat him once. He joined up the same time as me, but I'm only 5'-6" and 130 pounds and he's 6'-8" and near 300 pounds dry. Be sure to tell Walt and Elmer to hurry and join before other fellers get onto this setup and come stampeding in.

Your loving daughter,

House Passes Health Exchange Bill

ANNAPOLIS — The Maryland House of Delegates has passed a measure to create a framework for a health insurance market place to provide coverage to uninsured 700,000 residents.

The House voted 94-44 for the bill Monday. A similar bill is pending in the Senate.

The measure builds on legislation passed last year to create the health care exchange, a mandate of federal health care reform. The measure sets up standards and regulations to run the program. Maryland has about uninsured 700,000 residents.

Democratic supporters say the state needs to be prepared to implement the law by the January 2014 deadline under federal law.

Republican critics of the measure say Maryland is moving too fast, because the law is being challenged in the Supreme Court. The high court began hearing arguments on Monday.


Support Ram Football

Longaberger, Vera Bradley & Pampered Chef Bingo
Benefits Parkside High School Football Team

Saturday, April 14, 2012
Salisbury Moose Lodge
Snow Hill Road

Our Sponsors:
Absoulute Transport, Inc.
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Doors open at 4:30 pm. Games begin at 6:00 pm.
$20 Advance tickets/ $25 at the Door

All items are filled! Door Prizes! Chinese Auction!
Food will be available for purchase.

Phone 443-880-0688 or 410-726-9180
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Friends of Ram Football is in no way affiliated with Longaberger®, Vera Bradley© or
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Pennsylvania Representative Asks if Female Co-Sponsors of State Ultrasound Bill are 'Men With Breasts'

Pennsylvania State Rep. Babette Josephs, D-Philadelphia, picked up the political hand grenade that is the state's ultrasound bill today when she wondered aloud at a Capitol rally if Republican women who had co-sponsored the bill are "men with breasts."

Josephs' remarks came at a political rally sponsored by the Lancaster County Democratic Committee, in which she accused Republicans in control of the state Senate and state House of turning Pennsylvania into a "laboratory for the right-wing. They're trying all these experiments on us."

Then, she took specific aim at women lawmakers who co-sponsored the ultrasound bill, asking rhetorically, "I do not understand how a woman in this Legislature can say to herself: 'I'm not capable of making my own health decisions... but I can get elected and make them for somebody else.'


With Gas Grills, The Beefiest Aren't Always The Best

Faster preheating, easier cleanup, and the ease of year-round grilling help explain why gas grills continue to outsell charcoal models. And our latest gas grill tests found that you'll see more mid-priced gas grills loaded with premium features such as side and searing burners, interior lights and thick stainless grates.


One Minute Gap

With a single punch, Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who eventually shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old, then Trayvon climbed on top of George Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk, leaving him bloody and battered, law-enforcement authorities told the Orlando Sentinel.


Editos Note: This provides just a little bit more information.

Landmarks From An Aerial View

When you click on the site, the landmark appears and there are four
possible answers. The
first answer is always
checked. That may or may not be the
correct answer . You can change the answer by
checking the correct answer.

GO HERE to give it a try.


Every generation needs a new revolution. Thomas Jefferson

Force is the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism. Thomas Jefferson

I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it. Thomas Jefferson

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. Thomas Jefferson

I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion. Thomas Jefferson

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend. Thomas Jefferson

I own that I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive. Thomas Jefferson

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. Thomas Jefferson

If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour? Thomas Jefferson

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. Thomas Jefferson

Information is the currency of democracy. Thomas Jefferson

It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. Thomas Jefferson

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world. Thomas Jefferson

Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people. Thomas Jefferson

Liberty is to the collective body, what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society. Thomas Jefferson

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government. Thomas Jefferson

Never spend your money before you have earned it. Thomas Jefferson

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. Thomas Jefferson

No man will ever carry out of the Presidency the reputation which carried him into it. Thomas Jefferson

One man with courage is a majority. Thomas Jefferson

Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence. Thomas Jefferson

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none. Thomas Jefferson

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. Thomas Jefferson

Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question. Thomas Jefferson

That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves. Thomas Jefferson

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. Thomas Jefferson

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. Thomas Jefferson

The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground. Thomas Jefferson

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. Thomas Jefferson

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Thomas Jefferson

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson

There is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are virtue and talents. Thomas Jefferson

Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty. Thomas Jefferson

To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical. Thomas Jefferson

We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a featherbed. Thomas Jefferson

We may consider each generation as a distinct nation, with a right, by the will of its majority, to bind themselves, but none to bind the succeeding generation, more than the inhabitants of another country. Thomas Jefferson

Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. Thomas Jefferson

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct. Thomas Jefferson

Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching. Thomas Jefferson

Today's Fill In The Blank 3-27-12

I am very _______ about the future of America.

WCSO Press Release 3-27-12

Incident: Driving without License
Date of Incident: 24 March 2012
Location: N. Salisbury Blvd. Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Victor Castillo-Rodas, 31, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 24 March 2012
a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with suspended registration. The driver was identified as Victor Castillo-Rodas, and further investigation revealed that Rodas did not have a driver’s license. Rodas was placed under arrest, and charged with the below listed offenses. Rodas was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, Rodas was released on personal recognizance.

Charges: Driving without a License
Driving uninsured vehicle
Driving vehicle with suspended registration

Salisbury Police Department Press Release 3-27-12

On March 24, 2012 at approximately 1622hrs Salisbury Police officers responded to Bradley’s Market located at 337 Lake St. for a report of a robbery just occurred. Officers met with a store employee who advised that a lone suspect had entered the store and demanded money.

The suspect, who indicated that he was armed, stole an amount of US currency from the register prior to fleeing the store on foot.

The suspect, who is depicted below, is described as a black male approximately 6’ tall with a medium build and last seen wearing dark jeans, a black rain coat with the hood up and prescription glasses.

Anyone with any information on this incident should contact the Salisbury Police.

8-Year-Old Helps Bust Major Theft Ring

An 8-year-old Manchester boy is receiving much attention this week for the part he played in breaking up a multi-state burglary operation involving thousands of dollars worth of stolen items.

According to Coffee County sheriff’s investigators, several hundred items of all kinds were recovered from a room in a Manchester motel.

Although other arrests are expected, only one person, John Docherty, 46, of Virginia, has been charged.

Sheriff’s investigator Sgt. Danny Ferrell said the break came when Manchester resident Richard Crabtree reported that his iPad had been stolen during a burglary and that his 8-year-old son Landon knew how to trace it through the iPad’s security tracking system


Today's Advertiser Of The Day 3-27-12

Worth Repeating

Is THIS the 'Flexibility' Obama Promised Russia on Nukes?

TEL AVIV – What specifically was President Obama referring to when he told Russian President Dmitri Medvedev he would have “more flexibility” after the November election to deal with controversial issues such as missile defense?

In remarks caught on mic and later broadcast around the world, Obama asked Medvedev to tell incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin to give him more “space,” indicating missile issues can be resolved during a second term in office.

Obama made the remarks in a bilateral meeting at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul.

Stated Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space.”

Medvedev replied: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you. …”

Obama then stated: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”


Niki McGuire Bonded Out Of Jail Last Night

Corporate Bail Bond posted by ABBA Bail Bonds in the amount of $132,240.00,
Property Bond posted by Robert N. Brenner, III in the amount of $34,000.00 and Property Bond posted by Robert N. Brenner, III in the amount of $33,760.00 for a Total Bond of $200,000.00, Release
Filed by BND001-Brenner, BND002-ABBA Bail Bonds

Maryland Capital Enterprises

Employment Law Overview for Small Business Owners

Federal, State, and Local employment laws apply to most employers and outline all the rights and obligations that define a business owner’s relationship with his or her employees. Understanding and complying with these sometimes overlapping state and federal laws can seem overwhelming, especially to a first-time entrepreneur. This course provides a succinct overview of minimum wage, employee classification, discrimination, medical leave, overtime, and other related employment law matters.

This class is on April 11th from 11am to 1:30pm at the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce. The Cost is $29. To register please visit or call Maryland Capital Enterprises at (410)546-1900.

Monday March 26th, ABC’s of Starting a Small Business

Evaluate your skills and readiness for business ownership. Examine the feasibility of your small business idea. Review the importance of a business plan and identify resources for financial assistance. Explore creative ways to market your product or service.

This class will be held on March 26th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at One Stop Job Market in Salisbury. This class is Free. Please register at or call Maryland Capital Enterprises at (410)546-1900.

Today's Survey Question 3-27-12

Do you think the Postal Service should stop all junk mail?

NASA Rocket Launch Creates Zig-Zag Pattern In The Sky

Bad weather conditions had postponed numerous planned launches last week

What exactly was that zig-zag pattern streaming across the sky early this morning? Viewers have been writing in with questions, so we did a little research...

Says Stephanie Walker: "As my husband and I were on our way into work this morning, a little after 5 a.m., we noticed a 'zig-zag' steam pattern" in the sky over Rt. 50 eastbound close to the exit for 66. It was the most amazing site..."


41st Trooper Youth Week

The Delaware State Police & American Legion is accepting applications for the 41st Trooper Youth Week starting Monday, June 25, 2012 through Friday, June 29, 2012. This is a week long live-in academy sponsored by the Delaware State Police and American Legion of Delaware designed to give high school students who are sincerely interested in law enforcement an opportunity to experience the rigors of training that police officers receive at the Delaware State Police Academy.

The students selected from a competitive pool are required to participate in physical training as well as a variety of classroom instruction ranging from crime scene and accident investigation. The program sponsored by the American Legion of Delaware, is facilitated by Uniform Troopers assigned to the Delaware State Police Training Academy. High School Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores are encouraged to complete an application. This can be done by contacting a School Resource Officer at their respective school or Master Corporal Andrea Boone of the Delaware State Police at the Training Academy via email at or telephone 302-672-5459. All completed applications must be submitted to Master Corporal Andrea Boone via the DSP Academy located at 1441 N. DuPont Hwy Dover, De 19901 no later than Monday, May 21, 2012.

Gingrich Begins Charging $50 For Photos At Events

HOCKESSIN, Del. – In a sign that his campaign is in need of fresh funds, Newt Gingrich on Monday began charging $50 to have a photograph taken with him following a campaign speech to Republican groups here in the northernmost part of the state.


Top 5 Freedoms at Stake if ObamaCare is Upheld

The U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments in NFIB vs. Sebelius, the cardinal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, on Monday, March 26th. As an indication of its importance, the Justices have allotted six hours for arguments— the most time granted in any case since Brown vs. Board of Education.

Nothing less than the future of the nation is at stake: our ideals, our freedoms and the ability of our small businesses to create jobs and grow the economy.

It is not hyperbole to state that this may be the most important case the Court will hear this century. Here are five of the many freedoms at stake:

Blind Dog Rescued From Trash Pile Gets Its Eyesight Back And A New Home

In this video, a very sick and abandoned dog is found lying in the middle of a trash heap somewhere in Los Angeles. Volunteers at the animal rescue operation Hope for Paws had heard about the dog and brought a video camera with them to document their efforts. The video might make you cry, but its ending will also undoubtedly leave you with a smile on your face.

When they found the dog, she was blind in both eyes and reportedly had the worst case of fleas they had ever seen. Throughout the video, you get to watch the dog, which they named "Fiona," experience a miraculous recovery. After a nationwide fundraising and awareness effort, Fiona was able to receive an expensive surgery that restored vision to one of her eyes.


Wicomico County Health Department Offers Grant Funds

Wicomico County, MD – The Wicomico County Health Department is soliciting grant proposals from county organizations interested in conducting programs on teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection prevention. Programs must implement the Promoting Health Among Teens! Comprehensive Abstinence and Safer Sex intervention (PHAT-C) curriculum. Training on this curriculum will be provided to all awardees. Any Wicomico county community group, including civic organizations, youth groups, counseling centers, human service organizations, foster care agencies, churches, non-profit agencies, etc. are invited to apply. The project’s target audience is youth ages 10 to 19.

Grant proposal packages with detailed proposal specifications may be obtained at our website or at the Wicomico County Health Department, Seth H. Hurdle Building, 108 East Main Street, Room 210, Salisbury, MD 21801.

Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a pre-proposal meeting to address questions about the grant proposal submission process. The meeting will be held Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 9:00 a.m., at the Wicomico County Health Department, first floor Pinto Conference Room, 108 East Main Street, Salisbury, Maryland.

The proposal submission deadline is Monday, April 30th at 11:00 a.m. Funds will be awarded in early May and are made available through the Wicomico County Health Department and the Personal Responsibility and Education Program. For more information, please call (410) 334-3480.

Salisbury Police Department Press Release 3-27-12

William Charles Nathan Taylor, 26yo of Parsonsburg, MD was arrested and charged with False Statement to Officer (2 counts) and Obstructing & Hindering (2 counts).

On March 21, 2012 at approximately 3:00am, officers met with the victim, Taylor, in reference to an Armed Robbery and Assault that had occurred in the area of Beaglin Park Dr and Sharen Dr. Taylor advised that he was walking along Beaglin Park Dr when he was picked up by a vehicle occupied by three black males.

While inside the vehicle, Taylor became involved in an altercation in which one of the black males is alleged to have brandished a firearm and demanded money from Taylor. Taylor attempted to slap the gun away from the black male who then fired three shots at him, but missed. A second passenger then started to strike Taylor with closed fists and stabbed him in his right shoulder with an unknown object. Taylor advised that at some point he was able to exit the moving vehicle and get away from the subjects.

During the course of the investigation, detectives learned that Taylor had not told the truth to them in regards to the incident. Certain statements that Taylor made to the police were not corroborated and found to not have occurred. An arrest Warrant for Taylor was obtained. Taylor was released to the custody of Central Booking.

Tony Dickerson, 42yo of Frederick, MD was arrested and charged with 2nd degree Assault (3 counts), 2nd degree Assault on Police Officer, and Theft < $100.

On March 25, 2012 at approximately 2:08am, officers responded to the Holiday Inn located at 300 S Salisbury Blvd for a reported theft of a purse. On arrival, the first responding officer observed two subjects in a physical confrontation with Dickerson. The officer identified himself and attempted to detain Dickerson who then tried to punch the officer with a closed fist. The officer and Dickerson then became involved in the altercation in which Dickerson grabbed the officer by his neck. The officer, who received minor injuries to his neck, was able to detain Dickerson.

It was learned that Dickerson was observed taking a ladies purse from inside the bar area of the hotel. Dickerson was seen going into the lobby bathroom where he attempted to flush the purse and its contents down the toilet. Dickerson was released to the
custody of Central Booking.

Reinventing the Steering Wheel Rules

A rule is changing that's been around since the invention of the wheel.

The steering wheel, that is.

Keeping hands at "10 and 2" is no longer the rule of thumb, says AAA as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

and others. The advent of airbags makes the driving position obsolete.

The new suggestion is to keep hands at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock or 8 and 4, much safer positions if an airbag deploys.


Secretary Salazar To Host Town Hall Discussion On Women’s Role In American History

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As Women’s History Month comes to a close, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will host a town hall discussion at the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center in Baltimore, Md. to discuss efforts to preserve and highlight the many accomplishments of women throughout American history.

Interior’s National Park Service – through its parks, national historic landmarks, and educational programs – plays an integral role in telling America’s story. At present, however, less than 8 percent of the National Park System is estimated to be dedicated to women or women’s achievements. The town hall will bring together leaders in women’s history and members of the public to explore ways in which women’s contributions to the nation can better be commemorated and celebrated.

The Maryland Women’s Heritage Center honors Maryland’s historical and contemporary renowned women and girls who have been inducted into the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame, as well as the Unsung Heroines who have shaped their families and communities.

Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore
Judge Katie O’Malley, First Lady of Maryland

Town hall on Women’s Role in American History: How to Tell the Stories

Tuesday, March 27 at 3:00 p.m.

Maryland Women’s Heritage Center
39 West Lexington Street
Baltimore, MD 21201


On Thursday, March 22, 2012, the Ocean City Police Department celebrated its annual “Auxiliary Officer of the Year” banquet. The OCPD Auxiliary program, which began in 1999, boasts 16 members who generously donate their time to the Ocean City Police Department and the Ocean City community.

The title of “Auxiliary Officer of the Year” is awarded to the person who best demonstrates a devotion to duty and public service, and whose conduct and contributions exemplify the purpose of the Auxiliary Unit. This year, the honor was awarded to Shalimar Kufchak, who has been a member of the Auxiliary program since 2010.

During 2011, Kufchak distinguished herself by contributing over 500 hours in support of public safety with the Ocean City Police Department. Auxiliary Officer Kufchak assisted with many public safety functions, spending most of her time supporting the Services Section by answering phones at the front desk and assisting the property and evidence manager. In addition, Kufchak donated her time to participate in special events such as the Ocean City Police Department’s Annual Christmas Food andToy Drive and the Play It Safe program.

“The Auxiliary Officers are an invaluable asset to our department,” commented Chief Bernadette DiPino. “The nearly 3,000 hours in which they donated in 2011 not only benefited the men and women of the Ocean City Police Department, but their contribution to public safety impacted the Ocean City community as a whole. I commend Auxiliary Officer Kufchak for her dedication to our department and our community.”

Since its inception, the Auxiliary Officer Program has saved the Town of Ocean City nearly $1.5 million in service hours. In 2011, a total of 2,944.5 hours of service to the Ocean City Police Department was donated, bringing the total hours of service to over 45,000.

Friday: Offshore Wind Press Conf On Regional Benefits In Maryland

As Offshore Wind Picks up Speed in Annapolis, Coalition Highlights Wind’s Many Benefits Throughout the State

As offshore wind power legislation moves through the General Assembly in Annapolis, a coalition of environmentalists, businesses and their allies will release a new report by Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center about the many region-specific benefits offshore wind power offers to Maryland, our residents and our industries. The benefits include public health improvements due to reduced air pollution, economic benefits in terms of job creation and restored agricultural productivity, and environmental benefits such as a healthier Chesapeake Bay.

9:45 AM
Friday, March 30

Lawyer’s Mall, Annapolis

State House
Coalition of Activists, Business Owners, Legislators and others

Del. Tom Hucker, Maryland House of Delegates (Dist. 20)
John Congedo, AC Wind, President/Founder
Dr. Bailus Walker, Jr. M.P.H., Howard University College of Medicine, Professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Toxicology, invited
Ross Tyler, Business Coalition for Maryland Offshore Wind, Executive Director, invited
Tommy Landers, Environment Maryland, Director

War on U.S. Homeschoolers Escalates

Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, caught up in the high-profile Obamacare arguments that started today, have refused to intervene in a case where deputies threatened parents with the forced removal of their children unless they agreed to let social workers, who did not have a warrant or probable case, search their home.

The stunning conclusion came in a lawsuit brought on behalf of John and Tiffany Loudermilk, who sued officials after a confrontation at their Maricopa County, Ariz., home in 2005.

A district court judge ruled a reasonable person would believe the Loudermilks’ decision to allow social workers to search their home was coerced, in violation of the 4th Amendment, but the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the search was proper.

The case may not be finished yet, as the opinion from the 9th Circuit was unpublished, which means that it is not binding on future cases. Also, when the deputies appealed to the 9th Circuit for immunity, the social workers who also were sued did not, and that part of the case remains on hold at the district court level.


Stalking Suspect Arrested

Location: Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, DE

Dates of Occurrence:
November 26, 2011
January 25, 2012

29 year old female

Defendant, Charges and Bond Information:
Carlos Batres, 32, Georgetown, DE (Photo Attached)
Harassment (2 counts)
Criminal Impersonation of a Police Officer

Arraigned at JP2 and committed to Sussex Correctional Center on $8,000.00 secured bond.

Lewes, DE- The Delaware State Police have arrested a Georgetown man on stalking charges.

Carlos Batres, 32, was arrested by Troopers in Lewes this afternoon when he turned himself in on charges stemming from a November 2011 stalking complaint in which he sent numerous text messages and phone calls to the victim. In January 2012, Batres again called and harassed the victim by creating the appearance he was a law enforcement officer.

He was arraigned at JP2 on his charges and committed to SCI on $8,000.00 secured bond.

Blair Lee: Thrown Under The School Bus

History won't judge same-sex marriage, The Dream Act or even his massive tax increases as the most significant legacy of Gov. Martin O'Malley's second term. Instead, the most historic and long-lasting achievement of this governor and his legislature will be the state's naked usurpation of powers traditionally held by Maryland's 24 local governments. After this, the fundamental relationship between the state and the locals (Baltimore city and the 23 counties) will never be the same.

For the locals, its death by a thousand cuts. On Dec. 19, O'Malley signed an executive order, Plan Maryland, stripping local governments of their zoning and land-use powers. Until now, local elected officials, accountable to local voters, decided where, when and how much new development took place in their counties. They told the state where to build the roads, schools and other growth infrastructure.

But O'Malley, in a stunning display of autocracy, said he was fed up with the local officials' "stupid land-use decisions" and seized their zoning powers. From now on, the governor and his staff will decide where to build each county's growth infrastructure, thereby determining where, when and how much local development takes place. And if a county's voters don't like it? Tough, a governor can get re-elected statewide without their votes.

Another encroachment on the locals is O'Malley's bill limiting septic tanks in areas not served by public sewer systems. About 28 percent of new housing is built in such areas. But even if these areas have the necessary schools, roads, etc., O'Malley's bill bans septic tanks in most cases.

Once again, the long arm of the state overrides local prerogatives. O'Malley and the legislature have decided that, as a matter of social engineering, it's time to halt rural growth and drive people back to the cities. "The effect [of O'Malley's bill] will be to redirect growth from more rural areas ... Baltimore City and all municipal corporations may face the most significant increase in long term demand for residential development," says the legislative bill synopsis.

So, forget that dream home in Carroll County, your family's future is a condo in Canton. That'll be your personal contribution to "Smart Growth."

Other effects include screwing farmers by permanently devaluing their land, making it impossible to borrow for their farming operations; reducing affordable housing by limiting the land supply, and destining vast areas to permanent wilderness status. In mountainous Garrett County, where public sewers are impractical, 90 percent of the county falls under O'Malley's septic ban. Sorry Garrett, you must remain a forest forever so we can enjoy your fall foliage.

But all this pales in comparison to what's happening to the local governments' fiscal powers. In order to keep on spending, O'Malley and the legislature are offloading $250 million of teacher pension costs onto the locals. For this there is no justification - the state sets pension benefit levels, controls pension fund investment, has continuously underfunded the pension fund and now, after 85 years of paying the tab, is dumping it on the locals.

It's pure politics: Let the locals deal with the mess we created, let them raise the taxes and make the spending cuts to pay the ballooning pension costs. Meanwhile, we'll call the pension offload "a state spending cut" and hope no one catches on. Thank God the media never blow the whistle on us.

Outraged at becoming the political fall guy, the local governments banded together with the local school boards, teachers unions and other local interests that understood that absorbing the skyrocketing pension costs would force local governments to slash local budgets.

This "Stop The (Pension) Shift" coalition was putting serious political heat on state lawmakers until legislative leaders countered with a "doomsday budget" highlighting $800 million in spending cuts if the pension shift didn't pass.

Caught between a rock and re-election, the state lawmakers made a deal - they bought off the teachers unions and the school boards with a so-called "maintenance of effort" bill that protects education funding from any local spending cuts caused by the pension costs.

Here's how it works: No matter what happens, local governments must give the schools as much local money as schools got last year. In other words, the state, instead of local elected officials, is deciding school spending levels in local budgets. Thanks to this "do not touch" fence that state lawmakers have built, school spending (half of most local budgets) is no longer in competition with other local spending needs; it's guaranteed.

But wait, it gets worse. Remember the voter-imposed limits on local tax increases and spending increases? Well, forget 'em. The new maintenance-of-effort bill says local governments can ignore them in order to raise enough money to fund the state-imposed local school funding levels. Likewise, if a local government fails to fully fund the schools, the state will seize that county's income taxes and give it to the schools.

And how about this? Any county that doesn't meet the state's new "education spending effort" index must add even more money to its school budget. And because the index is based on a state average, it just keeps ratcheting higher and higher.

Needless to say, now that state lawmakers and the education lobby have entered into this unholy alliance deeming local school budgets a sacred cow and throwing everyone else under the (school) bus, the teachers and school boards have abandoned the "Stop The (Pension) Shift" coalition. Instead of punishing state lawmakers, the teachers unions will now strain to re-elect them.

It's a happy ending, except for the local governments, shorn of their budget powers, and for local taxpayers in whose face this fiscal time bomb is certain to explode.


March 23, 2012 the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund endorsed Tony O'Donnell for the US House of Representatives Maryland 5th Congressional District. The NRA has given O'Donnell an "A" rating.

According to their website an "A" rating means:

Solidly pro-gun candidate. A candidate who has supported NRA positions on key votes in elective office or a candidate with a demonstrated record of support on Second Amendment issues.

The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is NRA's political action committee. The NRA-PVF ranks political candidates - irrespective of party affiliation - based on voting records, public statements and their responses to an NRA-PVF questionnaire.

In previous years Steny Hoyer has received an "F" rating from the NRA. The "F" rating indicates:

True enemy of gun owners' rights. A consistent anti-gun candidate who always opposes gun owners' rights and/or actively leads anti-gun legislative efforts, or sponsors anti-gun legislation.

Steny Hoyer has a long record of voting against gun owners' rights.

O'Donnell commented, " I am thankful to have the NRA-PVF's endorsement. I am glad they recognize my commitment to protecting the Second Amendment rights of all Americans."

Wisconsin journalists facing disciplinary action after allegedly signing Walker recall petition

Twenty-five journalists with the Gannett media group in Wisconsin signed a petition calling for the recall of Republican Gov. Scott Walker, according to a Green Bay newspaper where some of those journalists work.

Kevin Corrado, publisher of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, disclosed the actions of Gannett Wisconsin Media employees in a recent column and said they are facing disciplinary action.

"It was wrong, and those who signed the petition were in breach of Gannett's principles of ethical conduct," Corrado wrote.

The state's Gannett investigative team recently broke the story about how 29 circuit court judges had signed the very same recall petitions.

Corrado said nobody involved in that project, or in "our news or political coverage," had signed the petitions. "Had they been directly involved, we would identify them," Corrado wrote.


Syria Accepts UN Envoy Kofi Annan's Peace Plan, AP Reports

A spokesman for U.N. envoy Kofi Annan says Syria has accepted his plan to end the bloodshed in the country.

From Fox News

Fight Claims, Pot Put Fla. Teen's Side on Defense

The family and supporters of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin found themselves on the defensive Monday following revelations he had been suspended for marijuana before he was shot to death by a neighborhood watch volunteer. Police also confirmed a report that the watchman claimed Martin was the aggressor, punching him in the nose and smacking his head on a sidewalk.

Martin, 17, was suspended by Miami-Dade County schools because traces of marijuana were found in a plastic baggie in his book bag, family spokesman Ryan Julison said. Martin was serving the suspension when he was shot Feb. 26 by George Zimmerman, who was patrolling the neighborhood that Martin was visiting with his father.

Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, and family attorneys blamed police for leaking the information about the marijuana and Zimmerman's claim about the attack to the news media in an effort to demonize the teenager.

"They killed my son and now they're trying to kill his reputation," Fulton told reporters.


Upcoming Event

Wednesday, March 28, Wicomico Youth & Civic Center
Thursday, March 29, Hebron Volunteer Fire Department
Monday, April 2, Pittsville Volunteer Fire Department
County Executive’s Community Forums on Wicomico’s FY 2013 Economic Outlook

County Executive Rick Pollitt is calling on all citizens to attend one of the upcoming Community Forums as we present an overview of the economic factors affecting the county and hear from constituents regarding their priorities. A presentation will be given on the County’s current fiscal health and will include a spending and revenue trend analysis. The County Executive has developed this outreach series to better engage community members from around the county as part of the annual budget process. All citizens are urged to attend and actively participate with comments and questions. If you are interested in having this presentation at your next organizational meeting please email 410-548-4801

The forums are scheduled for:

Wednesday, March 28, 7 p.m., Midway Room of the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center
Thursday, March 29, 7 p.m., Hebron Volunteer Fire Department (parking and entry behind the fire hall)
Monday, April 2, 7 p.m., Pittsville Volunteer Fire Department

Wednesday, March 28
8th annual Wicomico County Transition Night
Cafeteria, James M. Bennett High School

Md. Court of Appeals to Hear Speed Camera Lawsuit

For every $40 speed camera fine collected in Montgomery County, except in the Village of Chevy Chase, the contractor of the cameras, ACS Inc., gets a $16.25 cut of that fine.

Now, Maryland's highest court has agreed to hear a lawsuit centered on this issue. In Baker vs. Montgomery County, a number of plaintiffs argue that the per ticket fee is a violation of state law, and that it encourages a financial incentive to issue tickets.

Maryland's Court of Appeals will hear the case in June.

"I think there is a lot of danger in that kind of arrangement," Attorney Tim Leahy of Bowie-based Byrd and Byrd LLC said.


Court Orders FDA To Investigate Use Of Antibiotics In Animal Feed

Back in 1977, the FDA proposed a ban on putting penicillin and other antibiotics in animal feed solely for the purpose of promoting growth. Amazingly, that proposal has been gathering dust long enough to begin losing its hair and regretting its life choices. That is until yesterday, when a federal court ordered the FDA to finish what it started 35 years ago.