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Sunday, December 04, 2016

JUST IN: Federal Officials to Explore Different Route for Dakota Pipeline

Federal officials announced on Sunday that they would not approve permits for construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline beneath a dammed section of the Missouri River that tribes say sits near sacred burial sites.

The decision is a victory for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of protesters camped near the construction site who have opposed the project because they said would it threaten a water source and cultural sites. Federal officials had given the protesters until tomorrow to leave a campsite near the construction site.

In a statement on Sunday, the Department of the Army’s assistant secretary for Civil Works, Jo-Ellen Darcy, said that the decision was based on a need to explore alternate routes for the pipeline crossing.


City Of Salisbury Work Session Agenda & Meeting Materials for- 12-5-16

Major Fire In Parsonsburg This Morning

A Viewer Writes: It's either Wednesday November 30th or Tuesday November 29th..

What Was Yours?

Purse Snatching At Food Lion In Salisbury

The other day, (Sunday) an elderly woman was walking to her vehicle at the Salisbury Food Lion when someone came up to her and snatched her purse. We had been told she held on as best as she could but was pulled to the ground and received minor scrapes. 

The woman instantly recognized the person who snatched her purse when she saw the Most Wanted and called the Salisbury Police Officer.

After three attempts to contact the Officer with no return call she was able to make contact with an elected official who then called the Salisbury Police Department and demanded someone follow through.

What's most interesting is, we, (the media) never heard of the purse snatching. You have to wonder, just how much crime is not being exposed in Salisbury. We were also told there was an alleged rape recently at the Hospital gravel parking lot behind the Hospital but once again we have not been able to confirm it.

Question Of The Day 11-29-16

What charity/charities do you donate to?

JUST IN: Police: Six People Shot In Northwest Baltimore; 2 Fatalities

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Police are investigating reports of a shooting in northwest Baltimore, with reports of six people shot, two of whom were fatal.

Baltimore Police spokesman TJ Smith posting Twitter that officers were on the scene of multiple shooting in area of Duvall Ave and Garrison Blvd. It happened around 6:20 on Wednesday evening.


Horse Found in Delmar: UPDATE

Can you please help me find the owner of this horse, I am located at 12247 E. Line Rd Delmar DE. my cell is 443-497-2808

A Viewer Writes: Unbelievable SPD Tweet

Did you see this? The Salisbury Police Department tweeted that they will be recruiting "The People of Walmart" on Black Friday to protect the City? As if "The People of Walmart" wasn't bad enough they are trying to catch them the day some of the craziest shoppers are out! That proves how they care about of us! Thanks Barbara! Thanks Jake! Thanks Jim!

Utopia Found in Chaos

By Thornton Crowe

In the midst of a the post-election chaos, financed by George Soros, a new development occurred last Friday when Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, whom received a minutia of votes countrywide,  requested a recount in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Under the guise of 'voter fairness' it seems rather peculiar she picked the three states that gave Donald Trump his electoral college lead. Of course, she's citing the Russians did it. Sounds like she's been drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid.

As seen from the video posted here yesterday, Pennsylvania will probably not go in her favor. Wisconsin has begun their recount and Michigan has yet to issue anything (nor has Stein filed officially.) Clinton's campaign (probably minus Robby Mook whom she physically assaulted on election night after losing and spiraling into a drunken state) has now stated their lawyer will be present for Michigan should a recount commence.

The question is now, isn't it time we got past the election and move forward? And, how is Clinton/Stein's colluded effort to keep people in an uproar really for the best of the country or merely to remain relevant to voters?

This is not positive for anyone - even for Stein and Clinton. It is not a way to move forward but a sour grapology that smacks of sore losing rather than accepting. Yes, this is all part of the five stages of grief but, let's face it, not many are all that shocked if they have any semblance of the law at the outcome of Clinton's election ambitions. It's pretty clear, given the information over the last week where Norway and Australia have now cut off the Clinton Foundation donations, Clinton was engaged in Pay to Play politics throughout her tenure as Senator, Secretary of State and then proposed Presidential win.

The sad thing for many Clintonites is they believed the mainstream media when they said, "nothing to see here." Hence, where the collective liberal depression set in among them. However, their hopes were based on cotton candy dreams and fast talking slickster rhetoric that was worthless. At the end of the day, Clinton realized she couldn't lie, cheat and steal to the White House the way she'd done for four decades prior. She was busted dead to rights without FBI Director James Comey issuing one recommendation for criminal charges, thus deferring to the public to be her judge and jury.

Who knows why Jill Stein hitched her wagon to damaged goods but the dye has cast and it's a done deal. As many in social media vilify and dig into every nook and cranny of her past, they are broadcasting her campaign public words verses her private actions now. Much like with many of the Clintons' associates, she now has been exposed as a fraud to many in the country to the point many have stated publicly she's flamed any future chances for another elected position.

The media is going to capitalize on this news because the Trump Transition team has put them at the back of queue, leaving them scouring for any information to report. They get their tidbits but nothing of substance after the flaming Trump railed at them last week in a Trump Tower meeting where all the high brass was given an epic dressing down. Their biggest fear now is being denied access after their atrocious behaviors and overt collusion with the DNC over the election cycle. After Wikileaks busted their four, they have lost over 83% of the viewership confidence as no one believes them anymore. Papers like the Washington Post and New York Times are suffering financial hardships and relative obscurity at this point - a punchline of a sad pathetic joke.

Therefore, how do we move forward? Frankly, it is up to us to ban together and work towards making America better rather than crying over spilled milk - which never accomplishes anything but make us discontent In the following video, Anonymous sends us a message to buck up and start remembering who we are and where we dream to go rather than staying marred down in the naysaying of the last thirty years.

Now, we have a unique opportunity to massively reset DC and our own microcosmic worlds. This seldom happens twice in a lifetime - but for many of us this is our third time to reset. We need to take advantage of it, embrace it and make it whatever we want as long as it keeps our Constitution alive and thriving, guaranteeing our inalienable rights. At the end of the day, it's really up to us, or is it?

How say you...

I'll Be Back?

Matt Creamer retired today for the second time. Maybe they'll put him in charge of the Airport where he can work for the county again?

Hillary eyeing another presidential run?

Reporter: 'Raising doubts about legitimacy of election' to keep options open in 2020

If you thought a devastating loss to Republican Donald Trump four weeks ago and to rival Barack Obama in 2008 was finally going to put former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton out of the political game for good, think again.

According to veteran reporter Ron Fournier, someone who has been closely covering the Clintons for years, Hillary Clinton is keeping her options open for yet another presidential run in 2020.

Teacher Brutally Slaps Student for Throwing Things at Him in Class

Liberal California Just Passed Law On Regulating COW FARTS Because…Global Warming

This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have heard thus far. According to fox 6 news in New York, California Governor Jerry Brown has recently passed legislation that will work to limit the methane gases that released from cows. I am not even making this up right now.

To continue, dairy farmers are having to purchase equipment to trap the gases. According to Fox 6 news:

Dairy farmers say the new regulations will drive up costs when they’re already struggling with five years of drought, low milk prices and rising labor costs. They’re also concerned about a newly signed law that will boost overtime pay for farmworkers.

It just makes it more challenging. We’re continuing to lose dairies. Dairies are moving out of state to places where these costs don’t exist,” said Paul Sousa, director of environmental services for Western United Dairymen.

The dairy industry could be forced to move production to states and countries with fewer regulations, leading to higher emissions globally, Sousa said.


Justice for the People...Judgement for a Former Chief of Police

It was an interesting day in Worcester County Circuit Court today. Former Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin Sewell went on trial for misconduct in his official capacity as a law enforcement leader. The case was not brought by local authorities; in fact it was prosecuted through an Office of the Maryland Attorney General that deals with corruption of public officials.

Sewell was dismissed by his former employer amid a cloud of questionable activities he directed or allowed as the chief. He played the race card hard and loud while his accusers were forced to remain silent due to ongoing investigations and potential litigation. In fact, with the exception of social media, his was the only voice being heard. Today, the true voice of justice resonated in a Worcester County Circuit Court with a jury of his peers.

It seems one of Sewell’s buddies (a Masonic Lodge brother and ECI Corrections Officer) got drunk and could not even drive the 7 blocks to his home without ramming two parked cars with enough force to rip off one of his front wheels! In a true November miracle, his buddy was able to flee the scene of the accident and limp his three wheel wonder vehicle back to his house. In a state of self declared “panic”...he placed a call to a magical cell phone number. In a flash, the former chief responded to the distress. He arrived on the scene, commandeered the investigation, and spelled out to his lowest ranking officer that she would record this as an “accident” as opposed to the hit and run it was in the real world. He also answered questions for his buddy when the lowly subordinate simply asked his Masonic brother, “Have you been drinking?” The incident was recorded as commanded by the chief, signed off by one of his hand picked lieutenants, and considered a perk of his position and a display of his power...and it was corrupt.

There were many other instances, but this one had the witnesses who could not be undone. After reviewing them with a Grand Jury, the State chose this as a representative instance of what the former chief was all about.

Chief Sewell had a problem with power, but he cut his teeth in a cesspool of corruption and learned from the worst in Baltimore City. The same place he left in a cloud before arriving on the doorsteps of Pocomoke City. His integrity has previously been challenged by the FBI, and today it was challenged by the State of Maryland.

Today, a jury of his peers believed the testimony of several others over the hue and cry of former chief Sewell. He did not tell the truth, he compromised his Office, and the jury called him out on it without the need to deliberate for very long.

The sentence was three years suspended with probation. Laws in Maryland will make him a prohibited person when it comes to handgun possession, so this should also be the end of a very sordid career for a guy that could have been a game changer. Instead, he chose to be a tyrant. He lied to people who trusted him and broke the public trust and he has no one to blame but himself.

Good cops spoke up today, and their voice was believed by the people they serve and protect. It was a great day for justice in our small corner of America.

White House: Obama Proud No ‘Major Personal Scandal’ Occurred in His Administration

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that President Obama is proud that no one in his administration has suffered a “major personal scandal” during his time in office.

The comment came at the White House daily press briefing during a discussion about former CIA Director David Petraeus’ past guilty plea of mishandling classified information.

Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink asked if the Obama administration believes it is a “guiding principle” that someone who has such a charge levied against them should be barred from serving as a senior official in the U.S. government.

“Just as a guiding principle, does the president–or does the administration believe that somebody who’s had severe classification issues, for which they’ve been convicted, should hold senior positions in the United States government?” he asked.

Earnest said that each president is going to “have to decide for themselves” who they name as senior officials and “what kind of person” they want to fill each position.

“President Obama obviously took that responsibility very seriously and assembled a team that he’s quite proud of to serve him and the country, and the president has spoken at some length about how proud he is that there hasn’t been a major personal scandal in his administration,” he said.

Earnest emphasized the personal character of the people Obama chose to serve in his administration..

More here (yes, there's more..)

CNN Anchor: Americans Should Wear Hijabs To Show Solidarity With Fearful Muslims

Americans should wear hijabs to show solidarity with Muslim women who fear being attacked for wearing the religious head covering, CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota suggested on Monday, just hours before an Islamic radical stabbed students at Ohio State University.

“Maybe there will be a movement where people wear the head scarf in solidarity. You know, even if you’re not Muslim,” Camerota said during an early-morning broadcast on CNN’s “New Day.”

“Maybe it’s the way people shave their heads, you know, sometimes in solidarity with somebody who is going through something,” she added.

Camerota was responding to a CNN segment about Muslim women who say they live in fear of being verbally or physically attacked for wearing head scarves.


Bowie State study on lynching revisits Maryland’s dark past

BOWIE, Md. (AP) — The mob hauled Henry Davis out of the county jail on Calvert Street, led him through the Clay Street neighborhood to Brickyard Hill overlooking the end of College Creek and hung him from a Chestnut tree.

Their rage not satisfied, they shot him 100 times or more. A man took pictures of Davis, and sold postcards, two for a quarter. One customer bought 50 copies.

The Evening Capital headline read: “Assault on woman avenged – Davis dragged from jail and lynched – Mob riddled Negro ravisher with bullets.”

“The people in the old Fourth Ward heard the screams, locked their doors,” said local historian Janice Hayes-Williams. “The mob was saying if you choose to act this way this will happen to you.”


President Elect Trump Suggests Punishment For Burning American Flag

Accomack school district suspends “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

ACCOMACK CO., Va. - They've been in classrooms for decades, but two classic American novels are now temporarily banned from Accomack County Public Schools.

Use of “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and “To Kill a Mockingbird” were suspended after a parent raised concerns about their use of the N-word.

“There's so much racial slurs and defensive wording in there that you can't get past that,” the mother said during last month’s school board meeting. “Right now, we are a nation divided as it is."

She filed a complaint through a “Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources” form.


UPDATE: 8 Injured in Ohio State Attack - PRESS CONFERENCE

Update: Law enforcement sources have told Fox News that A Somali man in his 20s was behind an attack that has left nine injured at Ohio State University that involved a car and butcher knife. Authorities have said it doesn’t not appear the suspect used a gun in the attack. He is a Somali refugee but he achieved legal resident status.

After the suspect plowed his vehicle into the crowd, officials said he got out of the vehicle and began attacking people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer. 


AU students prefer Castro to Trump

One Ohio Mosque Has Been at the Center of SIX Terror Cases

The website for Masjid Omar Ibn El Khattab, just a mile from the Ohio State University campus, proclaims itself "the Muslim Heart of Columbus." And yet the mosque, described as one of the most ideologically hardline in the city, has grabbed the media spotlight once again: former attendees were recently reported as having joined the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

As mosque officials struggle to distance themselves from yet another resident terror cell, the recent news raises questions about the extensive history of this Ohio mosque as a turnstile for terrorism.

Just a few [months] ago, I reported here at PJ Media that three individuals who lived just yards from Masjid Omar for two years joined ISIS in Syria in July 2014. Rasel Raihan was killed in Syria in a U.S. airstrike. His older sister Zakia Nasrin and her husband Jaffrey Khan are still in Raqqa, according to internal ISIS documents which NBC News obtained from an ISIS defector.

In that NBC News report, the mosque's president, Basil Gohar, tried to distance the trio from the mosque. He said that Jaffrey, despite living so close to the mosque for two years, had only attended the mosque for a few weeks and had kept to himself.

Gohar's claims about these individuals -- and particularly his claims about the prior al-Qaeda cell that was centered around the mosque -- are flatly dishonest.

When one of the previous Columbus al-Qaeda cell members, Christopher Paul, pleaded guilty to conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction against Americans, Basil Gohar publicly rose to the defense of the longtime al-Qaeda operative and his associates. He defended their innocence and prayed that their imprisonment elevated their place in paradise.

When Paul was arrested in April 2007, the Justice Department noted -- in press statements and in federal court filings -- that the al-Qaeda operative was conducting training INSIDE THE MOSQUE:

More here

Drudge Report: CNN Wants Megyn Kelly

Matt Drudge has an exclusive report on FOX News host Megyn Kelly — CNN wants her, but won’t match her current FOX salary offer of $20 million.

A source told Drudge that CNN is offering Kelly, whose FOX News contract ends in July, an escape from the fierce personality conflicts in the FOX empire, more international exposure, and perhaps even the chance to star in a movie at Warner Bros, which is part of the Time Warner media empire that owns CNN.

Drudge reports:

CNN President Jeff Zucker is actively perusing FOX star Megyn Kelly to anchor 8 or 9 PM on his network, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. And Kelly might just say, YES!

“He is moving the Himalayan mountains to get her,” a top insider explains. “But they are tripped up on money. He simply can’t pay her the $20 million a year FOX has on the table”


Search Underway On Shore For Police Impersonators Who Assaulted And Robbed Driver In Worcester Co.

(SNOW HILL, MD) — Maryland State Police are searching for three suspects who reportedly impersonated police officers when they stopped a woman traveling through Worcester County yesterday evening and assaulted her before taking money and jewelry.

The victim is a 38-year-old female from Brooklyn, New York. She was treated for exposure to pepper spray and examined at Peninsula Regional Medical Center before being released last night.

The first suspect is described as an African American male with short hair and a full beard. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt and tie.

The second suspect is described as an African American male who is bald, with no facial hair and was wearing black pants and a white shirt. He was carrying a small black handgun.

The third suspect is described as a white male with either a shaved head or short hair. He was wearing a zippered black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans.

The vehicle the suspects were using is described as a black Chevrolet SUV, with unknown Maryland registration plates. The victim reported the vehicle was equipped with red and blue flashing lights.

Shortly before 6:00 p.m. yesterday, Maryland State Police from the Salisbury Barrack responded to a 911 call from the victim, who said she was driving away from the location where she had been pulled over, assaulted and robbed by the three suspects. The victim was told to pull over and troopers would locate her.

Troopers found the victim in the area of Powellville Road and Webb Road, in Powellville. The investigation indicates the victim was stopped and assaulted in the area of Whiton Road at Snow Hill Road in Worcester County. After the incident, she began driving away from the area before calling police.

The victim stated she was driving from New York to Norfolk, Virginia in a rented vehicle. She said when the suspect vehicle activated the red and blue lights, she pulled over, thinking it was a police vehicle. She said the first suspect approached the driver side of the car and sprayed pepper spray into the vehicle before spraying it onto a towel that he held over her face. The victim, who is pregnant, said she got out of the car and was punched in the stomach by the first suspect.

The victim said the second suspect was holding a small black handgun and wearing a gold badge on a chain around his neck. He stole her purse, which contained cash and an ornately jeweled belt of great value. The victim said the third suspect remained at the rear of the suspects’ vehicle.

The three suspects left the scene in their vehicle. A search throughout the night for the suspects has had negative results.

Anyone who may have seen these vehicles stopped in the area of Whiton Road and Snow Hill Road yesterday evening, or who may have seen a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle description, is urged to contact Maryland State Police at 410-749-3101, or 410-641-3101. Callers may remain anonymous.

White House Warns Against Blaming Religion of Islam After Ohio State Attack

The Obama administration is warning Americans not to cast blame on Muslims after a student at Ohio State University launched an attack on innocent civilians that was likely inspired by Islamic State terrorists.

“Our response to this situation matters,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained to reporters during the press briefing. “If we respond to this situation by casting aspersions on millions of people that adhere to a particular religion or if we increase our suspicion of people who practice a particular religion, we are more likely going to contribute to acts of violence than we are to prevent them.”

Earnest said that although there was evidence that the attacker might have been inspired by extremism, his motives were still under investigation.

Law enforcement investigators have pinpointed the attacker as “likely inspired by ISIS” according to a CNN report release after the White House press briefing.


Police Raid In Salisbury

School tutor charged after student assaulted

A Baltimore City second-grader was hospitalized after his parents say he was assaulted by a school tutor Monday at his southeast Baltimore school.

Timothy Randall Korr, 25, of the 3200 block of Foster Avenue, is charged with felony first- and second-degree child abuse, felony first- and misdemeanor second-degree assault, misdemeanor reckless endangerment and misdemeanor neglect of a minor, Baltimore police said.

The parents of the boy, Travon Grayson, 7, who attends City Springs Elementary/Middle School, said their son suffered mouth and facial injuries that will require surgery.

Lateekqua Jackson and Travon Grayson Sr., Travon’s parents, said their son is bruised, swollen, cut and is missing several teeth. They believe Travon was injured when Korr assaulted him.


Tulane Protesters: White Students Must Be Held Accountable for Racism

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – During a demonstration on the Tulane University campus, protesters largely from social justice organizations demanded white students be held accountable for perceived racism on campus.

With chants like “White silence is violence,” social justice warriors marched across Tulane campus holding signs reading “White students: No one has to do everything, everyone has to do something,” claiming their campus was full of racism, according to the Tulane Hullabaloo.

The student newspaper reported that the demonstration was “in response to a lack of action from Tulane” regarding racism on campus, but did not cite any specific incidents.

Roughly 10 organizations promoting multiculturalism demanded “accountability from white students in regards to deconstructing the racism on Tulane’s campus,” the Hullabalooreported.

The Hullabaloo reported that such racism at Tulane impacted the “personal safety and human rights,” but did not cite any reports of violence against minority students on campus.


AWESOME Christmas Parade Float By The Powellville VFC


DC Mayor Wants to Turn Away Homeless From Other States

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser wants to make it easier to deny shelter to homeless people who don't live in the District.

Bowser proposed emergency legislation on Tuesday that would allow the city to turn people away if their last place of residence can't be verified.

The District guarantees shelter to homeless people on freezing nights, and the homeless population has increased over the past few years. Last year the mayor opened the shelters year round, guaranteeing families can get off the street even when the temperature is above freezing.

The city's main homeless shelter is full, and the city is currently spending $80,000 a night on hotel rooms for families who have nowhere else to stay.


Arrest made for bomb threats at the Beltsville Motor Vehicle Administration

On 11/29/2016 at 1:30 p.m., Members of the Maryland State Police College Park Barrack responded to the Maryland Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Administration 11760 Baltimore Ave., Beltsville, Prince George’s County, MD 20750 regarding a bomb threat.

Upon their arrival, the suspect, Christopher Louis Adams, 60 years of age of Bethesda, MD had left the area in an unknown direction. Trooper First Class Richard Maszarose interviewed an employee of the Motor Vehicle Administration and learned that Adam made statements of returning with a bomb and wishing to detonate it at the Motor Vehicle Administration.

Members of the College Park Barrack obtained an arrest warrant for Adam for threats to commit mass violence and threats to commit arson. Members of the College Park Barrack attempted to locate Adam at several known locations throughout Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. Adam was located and responded to the College Park Barrack where he was taking into custody without incident. Adam was further processed and taken before a Prince George’s County District Court Commissioner where he is pending disposition.

The Maryland State Police College Park Barrack is asking anyone with information regarding this investigation to contact the barrack at 301-345-3101.

Hunter facing charges after two dogs found dead

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTOV) — Pete Byers says he was preparing to take his dogs and his tools on a work trip to Pittsburgh when his two beloved companions, Bella and Emmy, disappeared.

"I turned around to lock that gate. I turned around my dogs were gone," Byers said. “And it’s the opening day of gun season so I’m like dying inside. I’m scared to death."

Byers says an hours-long search began. He enlisted the help of friends and neighbors and used four-wheelers, all the while calling for his pets.

Byers says hunters reported hearing shots and a dog yelp, but eventually a trail of tracks allegedly led to Michael Chedester's tree stand some 800 yards away.


Whites Turning Dakota Pipeline Protest into Hippie Fest

Tension is brewing within the Dakota Access protest as complaints grow about outside activists trashing the camps, mooching donations and treating the anti-pipeline demonstration like a Burning Man-style festival for hippies.

“Need to get something off my chest that I witnessed and found very disturbing in my brief time there that I believe many others have started to speak up about as well. White people colonizing the camps,” Alicia Smith said in a Facebook post.

“They are coming in, taking food, clothing etc and occupying space without any desire to participate in camp maintenance and without respect of tribal protocols,” she wrote. “These people are treating it like it is Burning Man or The Rainbow Gathering and I even witnessed several wandering in and out of camps comparing it to those festivals.”

Her Nov. 14 post, now making the rounds on social media, said outsiders are “literally subsisting entirely off the generosity of native people (AND YOUR DONATIONS if you have been donating) who are fighting to protect their water just because they can.”

A local deputy who asked to remain anonymous told WDAY AM’s Rob Port that most of the protesters are white, and that some have used racial slurs against black, Hispanic and American Indian officers.


Man's vote may have cost him chance at US citizenship

What a Dundalk man who has lived in the U.S. for 47 years did on Election Day may cost him his dream.

Marcelino Vilcarino Sr., 71, knows he came extremely close to becoming a U.S. citizen, but now, that's in limbo and he might have to start the process all over again.

The retired cook worked at a restaurant in Little Italy for 25 years. He is not an undocumented immigrant, he is a permanent resident who arrived in the U.S. from Peru in 1969. He even got drafted to fight in Vietnam.

His dream is to become a U.S. citizen. He has already paid the $680 application fee.

On Election Day, he went to the polls.


WARNING: Lead Found In Water In Pittsville

Accident At Sixty Foot Road 11-29-16

Station 7 (Pittsville) has been dispatched to an accident at Sixty Foot Road and Route 50 in the Westbound lanes.  

Station 6 and Station 8 have both been requested to send an ambulances and traffic control to the scene. 

Just Imagine If She Was Actually In Control

I'm So Scared

Should It Make A Comeback?

Have You Started With Your Christmas Decorations Yet?

Great Deal At WalMart?

OSU Suspect Complained Campus Has No Muslim Prayer Rooms

Suspected Ohio State University attack Abdul Artan reportedly complained to the campus newspaper in August that the campus did not have enough prayer rooms.

Artan’s full name is Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a man who emigrated to the United States in 2014, NBCNews reports. Artan was a refugee who’s family left Somalia in 2007, spent seven years in Pakistan, and became legal permanent residents of the U.S. in 2014.

Artan was profiled in an Aug. 25 segment titled, “Humans of Ohio State” where he lamented, “This place is huge, I don’t even know where to pray.” Artan said he wanted to pray in the open but was scared because of recent media coverage.


Election throws US plans for Syrian refugees into question

RUTLAND, Vt. (AP) — Arabic language classes are drawing 25 to 30 people a week in preparation for the new arrivals in town. High school students are helping collect furniture and housewares for them, and employers have inquired about giving them jobs.

For the past several months, Rutland has been getting ready to receive 100 mostly Syrian refugees beginning early next year. But with Donald Trump taking office in late January, Rutland’s plans and those of other U.S. cities that have agreed to take in people fleeing the civil war have been thrown into question, given the incoming president’s hostility to Muslim immigrants.

“I am not even going to hazard a guess” about the fate of the program, said Mayor Christopher Louras, who invited the newcomers in the hope they can help revitalize this shrinking, post-industrial, heroin-plagued city of 15,800.


Question Of The Day 11-28-16

Did/Have you found any deals during Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Writer Claims ‘Drain the Swamp’ Is Racist

Ryan Lenz, a senior writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, suggested that Donald Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” slogan has racist connotations in an appearance Tuesday on CNN.

Host John Berman interviewed Lenz following a segment covering a conference held in Washington, D.C. over the weekend of a so-called alt-right group that supports white nationalist and Neo-Nazi views.

Lenz addressed a video that shows attendees at the gathering cheering the election of Donald Trump with chants similar to ones used by Nazis under Adolf Hitler’s rule. Lenz said that the president-Elect has not done enough to disavow such groups.

Berman then played a clip of Trump’s interview with 60 Minutes in which he told his supporters to not participate in any kind of violent or hateful acts.

“That’s a good message, yes, Ryan?” Berman asked.

“Yes, it’s a good message, but it doesn’t seem to have had any effect,” Lenz responded.

He went on to claim that Trump’s signature “Drain the Swamp” phrase has racist origins and served as a dog whistle to white supremacists.


An NFL game turned into a WWE wrestling match as the Ravens came up with an ingenious way to run out the clock

The Baltimore Ravens came up with a brilliant play that allowed them to successfully run out the final 11 seconds of their game against the Cincinnati Bengals and to do it all they had to do was commit a boatload of penalties.

With the Ravens leading by seven points, they faced a fourth down at their own 22-yard line with 11 seconds to go. There was too much time for the punter, Sam Koch, to scramble around and run out the clock and they certainly didn't want to punt the ball to the Bengals and given them a reasonable shot at either a punt return or a Hail Mary.

Instead, the Ravens held the entire defense — on purpose.

After Koch took the snap, it looked like a WWE wrestling Royal Rumble broke out all over the field. Everywhere you looked a Ravens player was holding a Bengals defender and flags came flying from the officials.


Obama's party and its bitter reckoning

Americans have brought the left-wing joyride to an inevitable, painful and screeching halt

Eight years ago, the Democratic Party gambled that a young, inexperienced but charismatic senator could deliver the presidency and with it, sustained national electoral success. They were half-right: They got the presidency but lost the country.

It turns out that President Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation of the nation” was not what it was cracked up to be — and it instead cracked up his party.

Now, the party appears to be committing further suicide in real time by considering far-left radicals such as Keith Ellison to head the Democratic National Committee and keeping crusty old-guard liberals such as Nancy Pelosi in other leadership positions.

They have learned nothing from the Republican sweeps of 2010, 2014 and 2016 — because committed leftist ideologues can’t — won’t — adapt.