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Friday, October 30, 2015


Al Molinaro, who played the beloved chef at the drive-in on "Happy Days" ... died in a California hospital on Friday.

Molinaro's son confirmed the actor's death ... telling us he had very bad gall stones, but Al elected not to have surgery due to his age. He was 96.

On "Happy Days" he played Big Al Delvecchio, who started out as the chef at Arnold's Drive-In. He eventually became owner of the Fonz's fave hangout, and remained on the show for 10 years.


Sounds About Right

Stopping voter fraud

Imagine What They Would Have Been Worth 45 Years Ago

Man cashes in pennies he's been saving for 45 years

Otha Anders saved his first penny more than 45 years ago when he found it on the ground.

The coin reminded him to pray and give thanks.

"I became convinced that spotting a lost or dropped penny was an additional God-given incentive reminding me to always be thankful," said Anders, 73. "There have been days where I failed to pray and more often than not, a lost or dropped penny would show up to remind me."

Fifteen five-gallon plastic water jugs and half a million pennies later, Anders on Tuesday deposited $5,136.14 into his account to go toward a recent dental bill.

He cashed in the coins to the Ruston Origin Bank, in Ruston, La.

After that first coin, Anders said his penny pile began to grow and he ultimately stopped spending pennies and always made sure whenever he made a purchase, his change contained at least three to four pennies.

Bank Vice President Jennie Cole said it was not a typical day at the bank when Anders had his collection of pennies rolled in on a dolly, but Anders is a longtime customer who they wanted to help.

"We value his business, as we do all of our customers," she said. "But if we can help Anders with his endeavors, we are happy to do so."

Cole said a machine counted the coins that saves much time, and Origin Bank's part is to help get the pennies counted, so Anders can get to his destination.


Update: Arrests Made in Somerset County Death Investigation

(Eden, MD) Maryland State Police investigators from the Homicide Unit arrested three individuals connected to the Somerset County death investigation of Damon Jennings.

The individuals arrested are identified as Elijah Carroll, 22, of the 300 block of North Freemont Avenue in Baltimore, Kevin Nixon, 22 of Princess Anne, and Jazzmine Morton, 21, of the 3100 block of Ferndale Avenue in Baltimore. Carroll is charged with first degree murder. Nixon and Morton are each charged with accessory after the fact of murder.

Nixon was arrested last night and is being held at the Somerset County Detention Center. Morton and Carroll were arrested in Baltimore City this afternoon and are awaiting their initial appearances before the court commissioner in Baltimore City.

The victim, identified as Damon G. Jennings, 22, of the 5200 block of Hill Well Road in Baltimore, was reported missing to the Baltimore Police Department earlier this month. He was last seen on the night of October 15, 2015.

Jennings’ body was found around 2:00 p.m. on October 29, 2015 along Backkbone Road near Seatick Road in Eden, Maryland. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled Jennings’ death a homicide due to multiple stab wounds.

Police believe all three suspects worked with Jennings in an event promotions business. A motive for the murder has not yet been determined.

Maryland State Police Homicide Unit investigators continue to work in cooperation with detectives from the Baltimore Police Department, along with the Baltimore City Missing Persons Unit as the investigations continues.

Hey Parents, LOOK REAL GOOD!

Now The “Freedom Caucus” Wants To Be Taken Seriously


Days after delivering the gavel of the U.S. House of Representatives to liberal “Republican” Paul Ryan, a group of so-called “conservative” lawmakers now wants to be taken seriously as defenders of taxpayers.

The so-called “House Freedom Caucus” – which includes U.S. Reps. Jeff Duncan, Mick Mulvaney and Mark Sanford – issued a statement this week blasting a proposed two-year federal budget plan that would drown America deeper in debt.

(For more on that scam, CLICK HERE).

Here’s the statement …

The latest budget deal continues the sad pattern of the past five years: a fiscal monstrosity gets negotiated in secret with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi; the American people and their representatives get shut out of the process; and the bill is rushed through the House on short notice and without proper scrutiny or the ability to offer amendments. This deal is an affront to open, accountable, and limited government. It plunges our nation into debt to the tune of nearly $20 trillion, busts the spending caps enacted by Congress just a few years ago, perpetuates our looming entitlement crisis by pilfering money from Social Security, and contains budget and accounting gimmicks that are manifestly fraudulent.

All of that is true …

This biennial budget deal is every bit as bad as these lawmakers say … and worse.

Donald Trump: Media Are 'Scum'

Donald Trump says the media are not doing a good job of covering his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, lashing out at them during a Monday rally in Atkinson, N.H., The Hill reports.

"The press has a lower approval rating than Congress," Trump told they crowd. "They’re scum. They're horrible people. They are so illegitimate. They are just terrible people."

Trump immediately backtracked a bit, sounding a little like his June announcement speech where he railed against Mexico sending it's criminal element into the United States before adding, "some, I assume, are good people."


Michael Savage Compares Black Lives Matter to Nazis, 'Obama's Private Army'

Conservative radio-talk star Michael Savage has launched a blistering attack of "Black Lives Matter," charging the activist group that targets what it says is police brutality against African Americans is the equivalent of Adolf Hitler's brutal "Brownshirt" enforcers.

And, Savage tells "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV, the group acts as President Barack Obama's "secret private army" in pushing his radical liberal agenda on the nation.

"The Black Lives Matter movement, and I'm going to say it like it is, are Obama's shock troops. They're the brown shirts that Hitler had in Germany. How's that? Does that work for you?'' said Savage, author of "Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture," published by Center Street.


Breaking: Hundreds of Students Walk out in Protest Over Officer who was Fired

Amazing. People who were actually at the incident support the officer. It’s almost like cops are not out to get you and they are good people who put their lives on the line to make people safe.
It’s a shame this cop will now have to live the rest of his life viewed as a bigot by liberals and race-baiters. The media is of course largely responsible for how quickly they make things like this spiral out of control, but let’s not kid ourselves, that’s their goal. They certainly never played the other angle of this video that shows the cop acting like anyone in his situation would, after she tried to punch him.
From the Daily Beast via Weasel Zippers:
Hundreds of students walked out of Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina on Friday morning in support of the deputy sheriff who was fired after violently arresting a black student. Students reportedly chanted “Free Fields” in support of Ben Fields, a school resource officer and football coach who was caught on tape forcibly removing a black student from her desk, allegedly because she was disrupting class. The students walked into the school atrium and then returned to class after administrators addressed them.

Amish Man With No Photo ID Suing Over Denial Of Gun Permit

Well, now, this is an interesting case, and brings up a different issue

(Daily Caller) An Amish man filed a federal suit in Pennsylvania last week because he was not allowed to purchase a gun without proper photo identification, according to The Washington Post.

In the Amish tradition, practicing members cannot have their photo taken. According to the suit, Andrew Hertzler, the plaintiff, “has a sincerely held religious belief that prevents him from knowingly and willingly having his photography taken and stored.”

The case, as The Post points out, highlights the tension between the Second Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) of 1993, which was established to avoid cases such as this. Hertzler, in order to enjoy his Second Amendment rights, would have to violate his faith.

“The exercise of one Constitutional right cannot be contingent upon the violation or waiver of another,” the suit reads.

Mr. Hertzler again attempted to purchase a firearm over the summer, using a government issued non-photo ID, and was again told “no”, because a photo ID was required. So, her reached out to Senator Pat Toomey, who checked with BATF

Toomey heard back from the ATF and sent Hertzler the following response: “As the enclosed response [from the ATF] states, Federal firearm laws require photo identification when purchasing a firearm.There are no exceptions to this federal requirement.”


Wake Up America: Democrats at War with We the People

Please forgive me for sounding like a doting dad, but I was blessed to watch my adult daughter play in the softball world series. I beamed with pride as the outfielders backed up when she came to bat. However, what I am about to report will further entrench me as a traitor in the minds of other blacks in my family.

My wife Mary alerted me to the latest horrific incidents of the Knockout Game that were ignored by the mainstream media. In New Jersey, a black thug knocked out an unsuspecting,defenseless white woman. In Baltimore, 50 black teens almost beat a 61-year-old white man to death. And yet, race is the first thing out of reporters’ mouths in those rare incidences in which whites assault blacks. Stats show that blacks assault whites far more than vice versa.

I am the first to say all people are solely responsible for their behavior. However, I see these black assaults on whites as the fist of the Democratic Party punching out innocent whites – the hand of the Democratic Party pulling the trigger assassinating police officers across America.

Democrats with MSM assistance have successfully convinced many black youths to believe that white America is a collection of racist murderers and responsible for all of black America’s woes. This Democrat-media insidious lie has caused black youths to feel morally justified in punishing their white nemesis.

Few people realize that the Democratic Party is at war with America. Yes, I am unequivocally saying everything the Democratic Party does is an attack on traditional morals and values. The party leadership is repulsed by our God-given freedom and rights written in the Constitution. Due to his radical education and perverted view of morality, President Obama believes that the world has too little because America has too much. He is using his presidency to dethrone America as the world power.

From the Oval Office to numerous corrupted liberalism-infected government agencies, Democrats arrogantly bully and govern with an iron fist against the will of a majority of Americans. In essence, the Obama regime gives the American people the finger daily.


BREAKING NEWS: At least 26 killed in blast at Romanian nightclub

An explosion at a nightclub in Romania kills at least 26 people and wounds 80 others, Sky News reports. 


Whitch Hunt

BREAKING NEWS: State Department releases 7,000 pages of Clinton emails

The State Department releases 7,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails—the agency’s largest release to date—as the White House decides not to release emails between President Obama and the former secretary of state, a senior administration official confirmed to Fox News.


‘Duck Dynasty’ Star STICKS IT to Liberals – You’ll Love This

On the Fox Business Channel, ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson recently made a bold statement that has liberals fuming.

Robertson said:

What is this country coming to where the coach out in Washington can’t say a prayer [and] is going to get fired.

I’m kind of with the Founding Fathers of the country, who were strong believers that this whole country was founded on our Christian faith. They didn’t shy away from it, I won’t shy away from it. If you get fired you get fired. Some things are worth losing your job over.

GO HERE to view video.

PRMC To Pay $2.9 Million

Nearly 500 Hospitals Pay United States More Than $250 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Related to Implantation of Cardiac Devices

The Department of Justice has reached 70 settlements involving 457 hospitals in 43 states for more than $250 million related to cardiac devices that were implanted in Medicare patients in violation of Medicare coverage requirements, the Department of Justice announced today.

“While recognizing and respecting physician judgment, the department will hold accountable hospitals and health systems for procedures performed by physicians at their facilities that fail to comply with Medicare billing rules,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Benjamin C. Mizer, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Division. “We are confident that the settlements announced today will lead to increased compliance and result in significant savings to the Medicare program while protecting patient health.”

An implantable cardioverter defibrillator, or ICD, is an electronic device that is implanted near and connected to the heart. It detects and treats chaotic, extremely fast, life-threatening heart rhythms, called fibrillations, by delivering a shock to the heart, restoring the heart’s normal rhythm. It is similar in function to an external defibrillator (often found in offices and other buildings) except that it is small enough to be implanted in a patient’s chest. Only patients with certain clinical characteristics and risk factors qualify for an ICD covered by Medicare.


Lois Lerner and the Rule of Lawlessness

Our governmental system, checked by Constitutional limits and balanced through the setting of different branches and levels of government at odds with one another, is supposed to ensure the rule of law prevails over the historical norm – the rule by man. The latter refers to the arbitrary rule of monarchs and other unaccountable governments that have defined the vast majority of human history up until America’s founding, which represented a marked departure from the past. Sadly, that event is looking increasingly like a blip, rather than an irreversible turning point.

In a Friday news dump, Obama’s Justice Department announced that following its “investigation,” Lois Lerner will not be charged for any wrongdoing in the case of the IRS’ targeting of conservative organizations. The law, apparently, is only meant for little people.

Previously, a Bipartisan Senate Finance Committee report found that: “Due to the circuitous process implemented by Lerner, only one conservative political advocacy organization was granted tax-exempt status between February 2009 and May 2012. Lerner’s bias against these applicants unquestionably led to these delays, and is particularly evident when compared to the IRS’s treatment of other applications…”

Tellingly, the Committee concluded that: “The IRS’s treatment of these organizations was almost universally consistent with Lerner’s personal political views – this is, supporting Democratic candidates and opposing conservative tax-exempt organizations that engaged in political speech. Conservative organizations that sought to participate in the nation’s political discourse, such as the Tea Party, drew the strongest ire from Lerner.”

She knew what she was doing at the time. Lerner wrote of “cautioning folks about email,” and the need to “be cautious about what we say in emails,” in anticipation of future congressional interest. When told that conversations on OCS – an instant-messaging system used by the IRS – were not searchable, she responded, “Perfect.”

At every stage of the investigation, Lerner stonewalled and obstructed. She repeatedly misled Congress with false testimony and destroyed evidence to prevent discovery of her wrongdoing.


No Happy Ending in Obamanomics

Despite the prognostications of those who have been saying since 2009 that the economy is “finally” on the mend, there is very little data to support the contention. Quite the contrary: There is a lot of data to support the idea that we have an economy that has had no development in either plot or character for two decades.

Periodically I trot out the numbers— unemployment, jobs, GDP, CPI— and discuss the cold, hard facts that liberals and central bankers (same-same) refuse to face: This economy does not reflect either the traditional strengths or the historical resilience of the American economic system. I get tired of this exercise, however, because the story hasn’t changed much in 20 to 30 years, and the liberals— both Dems and GOP— who created the mess won’t change policies, laws or expectations to set things right.

But there is a set of experts who refuse to be duped.

These are experts who’s very livelihood is dependent on being in touch with the real economy in a way that means dollars-and-cents every day. Specially I’m talking about those investors who trade the ten-year U.S. Treasury note.

As the benchmark note for interest rates, the direction on the ten-year Treasury for the last ten years tells a very bad story. It’s a story that has not yet had a happy ending. It’s a story that’s still a cliffhanger, like a false ending in a Die Hard movie, where the bad guy isn’t dead yet, but everyone thinks he is. But unlike a Hollywood drama, this story is not going by the script, and no matter how many rewrites happen, there is a lot of telling detail that says we could face another financial mass casualty event.

“If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on a wall,” said the Russian novelist and playwright Anton Chekov, “in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”

Let’s look the gun that so obvious to Treasury traders.


Delmar Police Department Press Release 10-30-15

Incident: Robbery
Date: 10/29/15
Location: 9550 Ocean Hwy., Delmar MD

Suspect: Zachary Lynn Kinhart, W/M, DOB: 04/06/1993, of Fruitland, MD

On 10/29/15 an officer of the Delmar Police Department responded to 9550 Ocean Highway, Delmar MD in ref. to a strong armed robbery which had just occurred in the parking lot. An undisclosed amount of U.S. taken from the victim and the suspect(s) fled the area in a vehicle. Subsequent investigation by the Delmar Police Department with the assistance of Salisbury Police Department led to the apprehension and arrest of Zachary Lynn Kinhart. Investigation is continuing.

Assault Second Degree
Theft Less than $1,000
Conspriacy-Assault Second Degree
Conspiracy-Theft Less than $1,000


This Halloween, what do you fear?

I fear fear itself because when we are afraid, we willingly give away our freedoms.

Global warning? More power to the EPA!

9/11? Vote 100 to 0 to create a TSA!

Kids don’t learn? Common Core!

Crime up? Spend on police! (Or for leftists: increase welfare!)

Immigrants? Seal the border!

Ebola? More money and power for public health programs!

Government thrives on our fears. When we’re scared, politicians are always there, promising to protect us if we just give them more money and power. We usually do.

I got into an argument about that with the hosts of the Fox show “Outnumbered,” which pits one man against four women in debate. The “Outnumbered” hosts are not the usual silly socialist media alarmists. They often report on the harm big government does. But last summer, with government warning about Ebola being an “incredibly transmissible” disease and media shrieking, “Are hospitals ready?” all four women were (SET ITAL) alarmed (END ITAL).

They wanted government to (SET ITAL) do (END ITAL) something. Quarantine? Ban flights from Africa? Hire more doctors? Government must do something!

I pushed back, saying, “You women get too scared; you exaggerate the risk.” I know that was sexist. But I also think it’s true — women fear more. Am I wrong? I’m open to counter-argument.


Will STEM Education Be The Child Left Behind?

Leaders in business, education and politics love to talk up how important Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education is for America's future.

Innovations! Jobs! Progress! are all at stake, they often argue.

Just last week, President Obama hosted scores of mostly young people for an evening of stargazing and fun space talk at the second-ever White House Astronomy Night.

"Some of you might be on your way to Mars," the President told the crowd of future astronauts and scientists. "America can do anything! We just gotta keep on encouraging every new generation to explore and invent and create and discover. We got to keep encouraging some young kid in Brooklyn or a budding rocket scientist in Alabama or that young girl who's dreaming to become an astronaut."

Yet some in Congress either aren't hearing that message or disagree. Exhibit A: the giant, federal education law, No Child Left Behind, that Congress is currently struggling to update. The rewrite that the U.S. House recently passed eliminates the largest source of federal science education funding.


The Arena Has 11,000 Seats But 10,000 Will Be Empty At GOP Debate

While millions will watch the third Republican presidential debate on TV, just 1,000 people will get tickets to see the event in person in the massive Coors Events Center on the scenic University of Colorado campus in Boulder.

CNBC, the cable network sponsoring the debate, didn't respond to questions about why the 11,000-seat arena would remain mostly empty.

"The way it was explained to us by CNBC is the event is meant for a TV audience, not so much for a live audience," said Ryan Lynch, the executive director of the Colorado Republican Party, which will get 200 tickets to split among party donors and elected officials.

The first Republican candidate debate, in Cleveland, had a large number of empty seats too — about 4,500 seats were filled in a 20,000-seat arena.


VW Reports First Quarterly Loss In This Century, At $1.8 Billion

Reporting its first quarterly loss in at least 15 years, Volkswagen is adjusting its profits forecast for 2015. The company says its sales revenue rose — but that costs related to an emissions-cheating scandal overwhelmed earnings to finish at a $1.8 billion loss.

That $1.8 billion figure represents the after-taxes loss claimed by Volkswagen in its new quarterly statement. The carmaker's loss before taxes was far higher: $3.8 billion.

Volkswagen says the losses came along with only a modest drop in sales for the quarter, down 3.7 percent from the third quarter of 2014. We'll remind you, the tally includes all of VW's divisions, such as Audi, Bentley and Porsche. Comparing September of 2015 with the previous year, sales were down 1.5 percent.

"The figures show the core strength of the Volkswagen Group on the one hand, while on the other the initial impact of the current situation is becoming clear," said the company's new CEO, Matthias Müller. He added, "We will do everything in our power to win back the trust we have lost."


BREAKING NEWS: Republican National Committee suspends its debate partnership with NBC News

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, has informed NBC News that it is suspending the party's debate relationship with the network -- in particular, a planned Feb. 26, 2016, debate at the University of Houston -- claiming Wednesday night's CNBC debate was conducted in 'bad faith.'


Dog of War

Dogs of war and men of hate
With no cause, we don’t discriminate
Discovery is to be disowned
Our currency is flesh and bone
Hell opened up and put on sale
Gather ’round and haggle
For hard cash, we will lie and deceive
Even our masters don’t know the web we weave

One dog has stuck his nose out from behind the curtain…barely.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair says he’s sorry for “mistakes” made in the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, but he doesn’t regret bringing down dictator Saddam Hussein.

What blabbering is this? Without putting too fine a point on it, if you only wanted to take out Saddam, did you need to turn an entire region into hell?

“I can say that I apologize for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong because, even though he had used chemical weapons extensively against his own people, against others, the program in the form that we thought it was did not exist in the way that we thought,” Blair said…

How much more passive can he be? I apologize for the intelligence I received? “I apologize that Tommy had the wrong answer when I copied his test.”

Blair told Zakaria that besides the flawed Iraq intelligence, he also apologizes “for some of the mistakes in planning and, certainly, our mistake in our understanding of what would happen once you removed the regime.”

Obviously no lessons were learned – as no one stopped removing (or trying to remove) regimes in Libya or Syria, for example.

But he stopped short of a full apology for the war.

“I find it hard to apologize for removing Saddam. I think, even from today in 2015, it is better that he’s not there than that he is there,” Blair said.


HUD backs $9.5M loan on property valued at $3.8M

The Department of Housing and Urban Development provided a $9.4 million loan guarantee to renovate an apartment complex in Colorado Springs, Colo., eight months after the owner convinced the county to value the complex at just $3.8 million, a investigation found.

The loan for Apollo Village Apartments defaulted and the property was foreclosed on in 2012 with HUD losing as much as $4.5 million on the deal, public trustee records show.

Pete Sepp, president of the National Union of Taxpayers, said these government programs put a substantial amount of taxpayer money at risk and should be eliminated.

"Unfortunately, many government loan programs to individual business people aren't necessarily dictated by the best interests of taxpayers or the laws of the marketplace," he said after reviewing information provided him on the loan. "It's a classic dilemma we see with the federal subsidies programs."

After the owner defaulted, HUD officials apparently did not do everything they could to recover as much money as possible, a fact Sepp called "unbelievable."


Good Riddance To Johnny Lawnchair—–The Fastest Fold On The Potomac

There are few political hacks in Washington more deserving of everlasting ignominy than retiring speaker John Boehner. So here’s a vehement good riddance to the man who has single-handedly destroyed whatever pathetic semblance of fiscal responsibility that remained in Washington.

The so-called bipartisan budget deal he confected as a parting gesture doesn’t even deserve to be called a farce. It’s actually just an extension of Washington’s pathological lying to the American public about the monumental fiscal calamity now brewing.

The chart below shows the patented formula—– employed for the second time since the sequester mechanism was put in place during the debt ceiling crisis of 2011.

It will increase spending by $85 billion in the here and now by busting the FY 2016 and 2017 caps. This new red ink will then, purportedly, be off-set way down the road with gimmicks, imaginary IRS audit revenues and hazy disability benefit reforms which will never materialize. Never.

Indeed, these people are beyond shame. The big bulge of $33 billion of savings shown for the never never land of 2025 is due to a sharp increase in assumed discretionary spending cuts and Medicare benefit reductions. That is, the very same programs that are being pumped up during the next three years!


Visit Oasis In Whaleyville This Weekend


This old tool has been reintroduced in Washington DC by the Obama Administration.

It will be part of the New Health Care Program.

Resort Area Kids About To Get Another Outlet To Be Active With New Indoor Rec Facility

OCEAN CITY – Kids now have a new option to stay active no matter the weather thanks to a new West Ocean City facility created just for them.

Just in time for winter, Beach Bounce, West Ocean City’s first children’s indoor recreational facility, opens Friday, Oct. 30 in the space formerly occupied by CVS on Route 611. Beach Bounce is filled with inflatables, exercise equipment and arcade games designed for children under the age of 12.

“There’s nothing like this around here unless you go to Salisbury or Bethany,” said Tony Taghipour, owner of Beach Bounce.

Taghipour, a longtime member of the community and owner of several Powerhouse Gym locations, said he first started thinking about the possibility of creating a child-centered recreation center a year ago. He says it was his gym customers, many of whom have children, who put the idea in his head.

“They say they wish we had some place like Coco’s,” he said. “We saw this need.”


Berlin, Dollar General Ink Deal For Property Sale, New Store

BERLIN – A developer is expected to abandon plans to build a Dollar General at a controversial location near Atlantic General Hospital after agreeing to purchase a new site from the town.

On Monday, the Berlin Town Council voted 3-0 to allow Mayor Gee Williams to sign a contract with Oxford Chase Development, the company that has been working to build a Dollar General in Berlin, for the sale of 1.67 acres near the intersection of Bay Street and Route 113. The property was part of the roughly five acres the town purchased for $828,000 in 2010.

“I think this helps accelerate the development of that neighborhood for the benefit of the entire community,” Williams said.

Oxford Chase Development will pay the town $296,378 for the parcel. The adjacent land — what’s left of the town’s original five-acre purchase — will eventually be the site of a new police station and water tower. Though there were at one time plans to put a community center on the site as well, Williams said the town now intended to use land on Flower Street — which would be acquired as part of the former Tyson plant purchase — for that purpose.

The standards have been adopted by 44 states.

The Common Core standards have drawn repeated criticism since their implementation.

62 percent of parents oppose the Common Core standards being implemented in their community.

Now, a third grader’s math quiz has been widely shared on the internet because a teacher marked the answer “5+5+5=15” wrong.


Sharpton Was Going To Speak At Slain NYPD Cop’s Funeral Until Cop’s Fiancée Dropped A Bombshell

According to slain New York police officer Randolph Holder’s grieving fiancée, civil rights leader Al Sharpton was prepared to speak at the black cop’s funeral. While Sharpton has been a welcomed presence at a number of recent high-profile funerals, however, Mary Muhammad said the man she intended to marry would not have approved.

“He didn’t like [Sharpton],” she explained, adding that she was not sure why the frequent police critic intended to address mourners at all.

Sharpton countered Monday, explaining that an “invitation was extended” by a family member. Though he said at the time that he would address the opportunity Wednesday, Sharpton reportedly sent Holder’s father, Randolph Sr., a letter Tuesday explaining that he would not be attending the funeral.

“I refuse,” he wrote, “despite my strong feelings on police issues, to be a part of anything that would marginalize and take away from the focus of this city and nation mourning your son tomorrow.”

His announcement sparked some virulent social media criticism.


The FBI Just Announced A Chilling Warning For Halloween That Everyone Should Know

According to the FBI, there may be a more sinister ghoul lurking about this Halloween. The FBI just issued a statement, warning police to be vigilant and on the lookout for an anarchist group known as the “National Liberation Militia.” The FBI stated that the group may be planning attacks on police while dressed in Halloween costumes.

The FBI is warning of a “Halloween Revolt” planned by anarchists

— New York Post Metro (@nypmetro) October 27, 2015

The warning is reminiscent of the recent shooting in Fort Meyers, Fl., where one man was killed and five were injured at the Zombicon, a charitable festival where people are dressed as zombies. The killer is still at large from the Zombicon shooting and the FBI is now warning of similar attacks that could take place this weekend.

FBI warns police departments across U.S. about possible anarchist plot to ambush cops on #Halloween.

— 99.1 WNEW (@WNEW) October 27, 2015


Trooper Struck While on Traffic Stop in Prince George’s Co. Suspect Flees on Foot

(UPPER MARLBORO, MD) – Maryland State Police are investigating a hit and run crash that injured a trooper earlier this morning while conducting a traffic stop along I-495 in Prince George’s County.

The trooper is identified as Trooper James Tegeler, assigned to the Forestville Barrack. Trooper Tegeler is a three and one-half year veteran of the Maryland State Police. He was transported by emergency medical personnel to the Prince George’s County Hospital. Trooper Tegeler was seated inside his marked patrol vehicle, with the emergency equipment activated.

The driver of the Chevrolet Tahoe is identified as Christopher Wright, 31, of the 2000 block of E Street NE, Washington D.C. Wright failed to stop after the collision. He was charged on traffic citation with violations of driving under the influence, reckless driving, operating the vehicle in a negligent manner, and failing to stop after a collision involving injury.

The third driver is identified as Janice Dejesus, 53, of Annapolis, Maryland. Ms. DeJesus was operating a Ford Explorer with two passengers, Tina Brown, 48, and Karica DeJesus, 34. None of the occupants of the Explorer were injured.

BREAKING NEWS: Obama authorizes Special Ops forces to Syria

President Obama authorizes sending 'small' deployment -- thought to be 'fewer than 50' -- of Special Operations Forces personnel to northern Syria to advise local militia fighting Islamic State forces.

“Muddy” and seven other K-9’s to join the ranks of ‘Maryland’s Finest’

(Baltimore, MD) Muddy, and seven of his canine colleagues will share the spotlight with their assigned handlers as they graduate and officially join the ranks of ‘Maryland’s Finest’ tomorrow at Ravens Stadium.

After fourteen weeks of intense training, these unique animals are ready to help keep Maryland safe as they graduate and officially become members of the Maryland State Police K-9 Unit. With five German Shepherds, one Chocolate Labrador Retrievers and two Yellow Labrador Retrievers, this is one of the largest canine classes to graduate in MSP history. All eight dogs will be assigned to barracks across the state. Their duties will include patrol work, explosive detection, interdiction and drug detection.

Many of the graduating K-9’s were donations. Trooper First Class Doug Deaner’s dog, Reef, was donated by “The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind”. Other contributors include the Baltimore Ravens Organization, the Catonsville Kennel Club, MTA Lodge 88, the Bel Air Jones Junction Group, and the Queen Anne’s County Drug Task Force.

The Maryland State Police K-9 unit has been in operation for over fifty years. Since 1961, K-9’s have assisted law enforcement in drug detection, search and rescue missions, explosive detections and with criminal apprehensions. Currently there are 35 handlers and 46 K-9’s assigned to the Maryland State Police throughout the state.

Following the graduation and K-9 demonstration, a donated 2015 Chevy Tahoe will be presented to the K-9 Unit. The vehicle was donated by the Veterinary Clinics of America and Dr. Kim Hammond. It will be used to transport two dogs and will serve as a command post. It is equipped with cutting edge technology used for searches involving critically missing individuals.



WHERE: M & T BANK STADIUM – Lot E, South East Entrance near Ravens player parking lot

Russell and Ostend Streets

Study Finds 2/3 of Patients on Antidepressants Are Not Depressed

America is well-known for being a highly medicated society. Antidepressants in particular are a big moneymaker for the pharmaceutical industry, since at least 1 in 10 Americans are on these pills. But when you compare our level of pharmaceutical consumption to that of other countries, it’s obvious that our doctors are prescribing them to people who are not actually depressed.

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry came to the same conclusion. The researchers conducted multiple interviews with antidepressant users in the Baltimore area. They found that 69% of them never had a depression disorder. They also considered other conditions that are commonly treated with antidepressants, such as OCD, panic disorder, social phobia, and anxiety disorder. 38% of the patients never met the criteria for those ailments.


Gallup Poll: Blacks Worse Off Now Than in Obama's First Term

African Americans say that their lives are worse off during President Barack Obama's second term than during his first four years in the White House, a new Gallup Poll released Thursday says.

In a "well-being" poll conducted by Gallup and Healthways, Americans were asked whether they considered themselves as "thriving," "struggling" or "suffering" based on a numbered scale.

Their responses were then averaged on a percentage basis. They were asked these questions earlier this year and in 2012.

The results:

“We’re Winning!”: Al Gore Indoctrinates ‘Army of Mini-Gores’ to Fight Climate Change

The lengthy interview with climate scaremongactivist Al Gore on the threat of man-made climate change (which used to be global warming until they realized that globe isn’t really, well, warming so they changed it to something that couldn’t be semantically argued against like climate change because technically the climate has always and will always change even though they want to blame it on us now) over at Politico is kind of nausea-inducing.
As such, it begins with the disclaimer:
The slide show is alive and well, and now he’s training hundreds of mini-Gores. And he claims that in the “struggle between hope and despair,” these days he’s a hope guy.
Gore is making the rounds again with his slide show of “scary stuff,” you know, pictures of weather disaster aftermath and claims that rising temps and apocalyptic natural events caused by man-made global warming-turned-climate change helped trigger modern political events like the Syrian Civil War and the Arab Spring (the CIA and George Soros apparently get a pass, according to Gore, it was man-made climate change).
But Gore tells his mini-Gores (shudder) he is optimistic.
“You know when you’re at a football game and the momentum shifts, and you can just feel it in the stadium?” Gore asked the trainees. “Well, the momentum is shifting! We’re winning! We’ve got to win faster, but we’re winning!”
As Politico’s Michael Grunwald points out:
Gore’s avalanche of statistics and images is designed to overwhelm, to make the reality of climate change undeniable.

Krauthammer: Skip the Investigations, Win the Election

At a certain point, you have to realize you can’t hit a fastball. House Republicans don’t quite get that they are hopeless at oversight hearings. They keep losing — and now the chairman of the House Oversight Committee has just introduced articles of impeachment against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

I’m sympathetic to the GOP motive, given how the Obama IRS has consistently obstructed and misled Congress in the tax-exemption scandal. But impeachment is no ordinary move. No agency chief or Cabinet officer has been impeached since 1876. And even proponents admit that there is no chance of Koskinen being removed from office because the Senate will never convict.

Instead, says Chairman Jason Chaffetz, the purpose is public education, “to demonstrate to the American people” that the IRS “will be held accountable” for violating the public trust.

I’m all for demonstrating malfeasance. But the GOP House has given a five-year display of its inability to successfully demonstrate anything. From Benghazi all the way back to Operation Fast and Furious, its hearings' impact on public perception has been either zero or negative.

Take the IRS case, for instance..

Body Found In Somerset Co. Identified As Missing Baltimore Man

October 30, 2015

(EDEN, MD) — The body found along a Somerset County road yesterday afternoon has been identified as a man from Baltimore who was reported missing earlier this month.

The victim is identified as Damon G. Jennings, 22, of the 5200-block of Hill Well Road, Baltimore, Md. His body has been taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.

Jennings’ body was found shortly before 2:00 p.m. yesterday by a person walking along Backbone Road near Seatick Road, in Eden, Md. Responding troopers observed trauma on the man’s body and the State Police Homicide Unit was called to conduct an investigation.

State Police investigators learned Jennings was reported missing to the Baltimore Police Department earlier this month. He was last seen on the night of October 15, 2015. State Police Homicide Unit investigators have worked throughout the night, in cooperation with detectives from the Baltimore Police Department.

The investigation is continuing.

Students Feel ‘Intimidated’ When Expressing Beliefs

Forty-nine percent of U.S. college students admit they feel “intimidated” when they express beliefs or opinions that differ from their professors, according to a new nationwide survey of 800 undergraduates.

When researchers asked: “Have you felt intimidated to share your ideas, opinions or beliefs in class because they were different than your professors and course instructors?” 49 percent responded that they did, including 14 percent who said this happens “frequently”.

Fifty percent of survey respondents also said they felt intimidated by classmates when sharing different or unpopular beliefs.

The vast majority (95 percent) of students surveyed said that the issue of free speech is “important” to them, and 87 percent agree that listening to those with whom they disagree has educational value.

However, despite their strong support for free speech, a majority (51 percent) of students favor on-campus speech codes even though only one in 10 believes that colleges should regulate speech even more than they do now.


Former Md. House candidate pleads guilty to theft

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A former candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $17,000 from a high school boosters group.

Steven Wyatt pleaded guilty to felony theft on Tuesday. He was ordered to serve six months of home detention followed by three years of supervised probation. He was also ordered to pay $17,560 in restitution.


Coach On Leave for Praying Attends Game, Prays With Spectators

A Washington state high school football coach placed on paid administrative leave for saying postgame prayers with his players attended his former team's game Thursday night and prayed with spectators.

Bremerton High School assistant coach Joe Kennedy spoke to the media at halftime of the game and called watching from the bleachers, "one of the hardest things I’ve done."

"I’m not used to being on this side," Kennedy said. "I’m used to being beside [the players], listening to them." Kennedy added that it hurt his heart that the controversy had reached the point where "his guys are in the locker room and I've got to be out here."

Bremerton School District officials put Kennedy on leave late Wednesday because they did not want to be seen as endorsing religion. They claimed that they had warned Kennedy several times that he could not pray with players on the field after games.

Former players described the prayers as part of their postgame routine.

"It was never like we were forced to pray with him," former player Skyler Mullins told Q13Fox. He never said, 'Let’s go pray' or anything like that. We all just took it upon ourselves."


'Untouchables': Obama Cronies "Protected Wall Street's Most Criminal From Prosecution"

The slow motion financial holocaust has been underway for some time now.

Goldman Sach recently commented that we are in the third wave of the great crisis. What happened in 2008 remains directly relevant to the personal financial risk that most Americans face at the brink of the next phase of the collapse.

It’s almost like they’re looking for a sacrificial lamb… the banks have gotten away with murder too many times to count. Those who might be tried under a truly fair system instead stand firm with their understanding of impunity, an arrangement befitting their position and stature in society, that they will never be seriously investigated, much less prosecuted, for their role in the manipulation that caused the biggest problems.


Why Are Half Of All 25-Year-Olds Living With Their Parents? The Federal Reserve Answers

Back in 1999, a quarterof all 25-year-olds lived with their parents. By 2013 this number has doubled, and currently half of young adults live in their parents home.

While the troubling implications for the economy from this startling increase are self-evident, and have been extensively discussed both here and elsewhere (and are among the key factors pushing both the US and global economy into secular stagnation), a just as important question is why are increasingly more young adults still living at home.

While we admit there is something morbidly grotesque in none other than the Fed taking an active interest in this most devastating development (for the simple reason that it has been the Fed's own policies that have unleashed not only the $1.3 trillion wave of student debt but an army of Millennials in their parents' basement), it is the Fed itself that has been the latest to attempt an answer.

Here is the Fed's response to "Why Are More Young Adults Still Living at Home?"

Economist Maria Canon and Regional Economist Charles Gascon noted that many factors have been suggested for why young adults return to or continue living at home,including significant student debt, weak job prospects and an uncertain housing market. The table below breaks down the percentage of 25-year-olds who were living at home for the period 2012-2013 in each state in the Federal Reserve’s Eighth District as well as in the country as a whole.


The Calm Before The Storm

We have entered a period of “dead calm”

Have you noticed that things have gotten eerily quiet in the month of October?

After the chaos of late August and early September, many had anticipated that we would be dealing with a full-blown financial collapse by now, but instead we have entered a period of “dead calm” in which things have become exceedingly quiet in almost every way that you can possibly imagine. Other “watchmen” that I highly respect have made the exact same observation. Even though the economic numbers are screaming that we have entered a global recession, they aren’t really make any headline news. A whole host of major financial institutions around the planet are currently in danger of collapsing and creating the next “Lehman Brothers moment”, but none of them has imploded just yet. And of course Barack Obama seems bound and determined to start World War III. On Monday, it was announced that he is sending a guided missile destroyer into Chinese watersin the South China Sea. The Chinese have already stated that they might just start shooting if this happens, but Barack Obama doesn’t seem to care. But until the shooting actually begins, that is not likely to upset the current tranquility that we are enjoying either.

To me, what we are experiencing at the moment would best be described as “the calm before the storm”. If you are not familiar with this concept, this is how it is defined by How Stuff Works



13-year-old died in 1992 after being overdosed with anesthesia...

The Pro-Life Action League published a lengthy article earlier this year detailing a notorious Chicago abortion clinic’s repeated failure to comply with Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) requirements, resulting in fines totaling $50,000.

The Albany Medical-Surgical Center abortion facility, run by the Family Planning Associates (FPA)chain, has long been notorious for not-safe-but-legal abortions, as witnessed chiefly by four (4) women who died following abortions performed there: Maria Rodriguez, Nakia Jorden, Maria Leho, and, most tragically of all, 13-year old Deanna Bell.

The last day the Albany abortion clinic was open was Saturday, October 17. Since then, it’s been closed. A sign on the door now directs people to another FPA abortion facility in downtown Chicago, and the large sign in the facility’s parking lot that formerly said, “Family Planning Associates Medical Group” is now blank.

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Joe Was Too Chicken To Post This........So I Did


"It gives us the ability to control a suspect instead of striking them," cop says

Looking for another nonlethal way to take down suspects, the Anderson Police Department decided to go the way of the dragon.

The police force in the Northern California town of about 10,000 people plans to equip its 20 officers with nunchakus, also known as nunchucks.

Basically, they’re what martial arts legend Bruce Lee used – besides his fists of fury and feet — to take down all those bad guys in his movies.

The police department was looking for a versatile tool that would limit injuries to officers and the people they detained – but that would still be an effective means of subduing an unruly suspect. Anderson’s top brass decided nunchakus were the way to go, said Sgt. Casey Day.

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Muslim Migrants Turn Sweden into Rape Capitol of Europe

Migrant crisis exploited by globalists to eradicate national sovereignty

Abortionist Says It Would Be A “Great Idea” To Burn Unborn Babies As Fuel

As the Planned Parenthood aborted body parts saga rumbles on, fresh footage has emerged of an abortionist working at a separate institution suggesting that it would be wonderful to be able to burn aborted fetuses as fuel.

(The comments begin at 23 mins in.)


Leah Remini: 'Being Critical of Tom Cruise Is Being Critical of Scientology Itself'0:31

Actress and reality TV star Leah Remini will spill the beans on the Church of Scientology, where she was formerly a member, and on the most famous Scientologist, Tom Cruise, in an interview that will air on "20/20" on Oct. 30 (video below). "The decision to leave is your giving up everything you have worked for your whole life," Remini says in a preview clip released by ABC News. "I feel that people need to understand, this has been my whole life and I want them to understand how it happens." "And so as time goes on, you start to lose touch with the real world," Remini adds. "The mindset becomes 'us against them.'" “Being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself, you are evil,” Remini states. More

Troopers Investigate Crash South of Georgetown Involving a School Bus

Georgetown, DE – Troopers are investigating a crash between a pickup truck and a school bus the was occupied with students from a local high school.

The incident occurred around 3:00 p.m. Thursday October 29, 2015 as a 17-year-old Georgetown male was operating a 2003 Ford F250 pickup truck southbound on Wood Branch Road approaching the intersection with DuPont Boulevard (US113). Once the 17-year-old driver approached the posted yield sign at the intersection, he failed to stop for a northbound bus traveling in the right lane. George H. Haller, 81 of Millsboro, was operating a 2010 International School bus northbound in the right lane and attempted to avoid the truck by taking evasive action and swerving into the left lane just as the pickup truck crossed over the right lane and into the left lane. After the collision, both vehicles were able to come to a controlled stop on the northbound shoulder of US113.

The 17-year-old was properly restrained and uninjured in the crash. He was cited for Failure to Yield the Right of Way and Failure to Have Insurance in Possession.

George Haller and all but one of the 37 students from Sussex Central High School were uninjured in the collision. A 16-year-old female from Georgetown was transported to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital with minor non-life-threatening injuries.

Free Candy Screening In Worcester County

Thank God Its Friday 10-30-15

What will you be doing this weekend?

Autumn Home Show This Weekend

OCEAN CITY — The Autumn Home & Condo Show is returning to Ocean City’s Roland E. Powell

Convention Center on 40th Street & Coastal Highway this weekend.

The annual event features interior and outdoor displays, showcasing new products and ideas on
remodeling, decorating, accessorizing, and renovating.

Whether you are looking to build a deck or build a new home starting from the ground up, there will be plenty of knowledgeable professionals on hand, all putting their
best-foot-forward for you. Shop, compare, and find the right products and services at the best prices.


Don’t Go To Chick-Fil-A On Friday Expecting Unlimited Nuggets For $13

Word has spread across the Internet of a truly glorious event coming up later this week: all you can eat chicken nuggets and waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A for four hours in the evening. People shared the ad on Facebook and adjusted their weekend plans accordingly, but failed to notice one important detail: the promotion is only at one location, in Florida. 

Congress sends budget and debt deal to Obama

Legislation sparing the country from a catastrophic default and partial government shutdown is ready for President Barack Obama’s signature after the Senate passed it by a comfortable margin.

Senators voted 64-35 for the measure, which also provides a two-year budget, in the early hours Friday.


Police Puppy Brightens Elderly Woman's Day

A care home nurse was reportedly brought to tears after seeing a police puppy bring joy to an elderly patient.

Daisy, an 11-week-old police puppy, was brought to Surbiton’s Star and Garter care home in London by Kingston Police, Mashable reports. They brought the puppy in to meet residents as part of a presentation on scams and crime prevention.

After the presentation, Daisy was taken upstairs to meet some residents who were unable to go downstairs due to impaired mobility. One resident, Muriel, reacted to Daisy in a way that surprised her nurses.

“Muriel has been at the Star & Garter for a few months now and the nurses say she is normally very quiet and doesn’t show much emotion,” Kingston police wrote in a post on their Facebook page on Oct. 23. “However when Daisy was placed on her lap in bed she lit up and gave us a big smile!”

In the Facebook post, the police department said that Muriel’s reaction to Daisy reduced her nurse to tears.


Poll: Most North Carolina Republicans Want Hillary Clinton Impeached If She Becomes President

A new poll released on Oct. 27 shows Hillary Clinton with 61 percent of Democratic support in North Carolina, but most Republicans in the state would support her immediate impeachment if she wins the 2016 election.

The poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows a whopping 66 percent of GOPers support impeaching Clinton on the day she takes office.

However, PPP didn't ask Republicans why they would support Clinton's impeachment.

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama recently said that he would support impeaching Clintonbecause she allegedly compromised U.S. security with her private email server, which she had while serving as U.S. Secretary of State.

However, Clinton has not been charged with any crimes to support an impeachment.


Suspicious Death Investigation Underway After Body Found In Somerset Co.

(EDEN, MD) – Maryland State Police homicide investigators are investigating the death of a man whose body was found lying in a ditch along a Somerset County road this afternoon.

The body is that of an adult male. Troopers are working to identify the individual and notify family before releasing his identification.

Shortly before 2:00 p.m. today, Maryland State Police from the Princess Anne Barrack responded to a 911 call in the area of Backbone Road near Seatick Road, in Eden, Md. Responding troopers contacted an individual who had been walking in the area and found the deceased body in a ditch. Troopers secured the scene and called for State Police crime scene technicians and Homicide Unit investigators.

Investigators observed obvious trauma to the man’s body. The body, which was clothed, has been transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.

State Police investigators will be continuing their investigation throughout the night. Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact the Princess Anne Barrack at 443-260-3700

Nine of the biggest myths that people believe about the system

Years ago, an elderly, frail Japanese martial arts master once boasted a 200-0 record against his opponents.

He claimed to have a unique power that allowed him to inflict serious injury on people without actually laying a finger on them.

Was it Chi? Magic? None of the above. It was a total scam. But that didn’t matter.

You see, the legend of the master’s powers turned out to be far more powerful than reality.

His core following of students believed in the master so much that they would fling themselves across the dojo whenever he raised his pinky finger.

And anyone who saw the display would become transfixed by the perception of the master’s extraordinary abilities. It was an incredible case of mass delusion.

Everyone believed it, including the master himself. He was so confident in his skills that he put up a $5,000 challenge that he could beat any fighter in the world.

A mixed martial arts champion accepted the wager, and the result wasn’t pretty.

As you can see in the video, the master is quickly knocked to the ground with a broken nose and a pool of blood. Observers scramble to find a doctor to come to his aid.

You can almost hear the sound of reality quickly taking hold from the gasps of his students. No one could bring themselves to believe that the master had been so quickly beaten.

To an outsider, it seems so obvious that this guy is a phony (just watch the video). But mass delusion is an incredibly powerful force.

We see the same effects in the West today—mass delusions everywhere.

People seem to believe their governments are almighty beings capable of performing magic—water into wine, debt into wealth.

Here are some of the biggest myths we see in the system today:


Student Loan Debt For Recent College Graduates Increases Again

With college tuition prices continuing to rise, you might assume that college students are entering the real world with more debt on their shoulders. According to a new report, that assumption would be correct.

The latest annual student debt survey [PDF] from The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) found that nearly 7-in-10 (or 69%) of 2014 graduates of four-year public and nonprofit colleges owed an average of $28,950, up 2% compared to $28,400 in 2013.

It’s important to note that this study does not include debt rates for for-profit colleges because most choose not to report what their graduates owe.

In addition to the higher level of student loan debt, recent college graduates continued to face relatively high levels of unemployment in 2014, with the unemployment rate at 7.2% for graduates and 14.7% for consumers with only a high school diploma.



When You Gotta Go...

Famous Presidential Lies Contest

Written by, To The Point News

  • None of our boys will die on foreign soil

  • I am not a crook

GHW Bush:
  • Read my lips - No New Taxes

  • I did not have sex with that woman... Miss Lewinski

GW Bush:
  • Iraq has weapons of mass destruction

  • I will have the most transparent administration in history.
  • The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs.
  • I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.
  • The IRS is not targeting anyone.
  • It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.
  • I will put an end to the type of politics that "breeds division, conflict and cynicism".
  • You didn't build that!
  • I will restore trust in Government.
  • The Cambridge cops acted stupidly.
  • The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk
  • It's not my red line - it is the world's red line.
  • Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.
  • We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest.
  • I am not spying on American citizens.
  • Obama Care will be good for America.
  • You can keep your family doctor.
  • Premiums will be lowered by $2500.
  • If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.
  • It's just like shopping at Amazon.
  • I knew nothing about "Fast and Furious" gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels.
  • I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.
  • I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi.
  • I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20 years ago.
  • And, I have never lived with that uncle.  He finally admitted (12-05-2013) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.
  • If elected I promise not to renew the Patriot Act.
  • If elected I will end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan within the 1st 9 months of my term.
  • I will close Guantanamo within the first 6 months of my term.
  • I will bridge the gap between black and white and between America and other countries.
And the biggest one of all:
  • "I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America."

I believe we have a winner