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Monday, September 05, 2016

Sorry, Losers! How The Fed Has Screwed The Many To Protect The Few

By its actions, the Federal Reserve has selected a precious few winners and many, many losers. Sadly, you are highly likely to be one of the losers.


I'm one, too, if that helps soften the blow.

But we have a lot of company. Other losers include:
Anyone with money in a checking account
Anyone with money in a savings account
Anyone with money in a CD
Anyone depending on bond income
All pensions
First time homebuyers
Those who invest based on fundamentals
Everybody alive in the future, when the bills come due

Anyone on this list has been intentionally pre-selected by the Fed for losing. The Fed has done this deliberately, with full pre-knowledge that it was going to diminish the prospects of the majority in favor of the benefit of an elite few. And to make matters worse, it has no plans to -- and no clue how to -- reverse the damage it has wrought.

Everyone on the list above has been dinged by the Federal Reserve -- on purpose and by design, I will repeat -- in order to transfer wealth and purchasing power to:

Big banks
The government
Entities with large stock (equity) holdings
The wealthiest 0.1%
Borrowers (the heavier the better)
Well-connected insiders whom the Fed tipped off in advance


Anonymous said...

The Fed is a private, secret, for-profit banking cartel.
It is Jewish. It is Freemasonic. It is evil.

Thanks for the article.

Anonymous said...

Keep the poor in their places. And by poor, I mean the 99.9%.

Anonymous said...

I've been making great money buying as much real estate as I can. 100% + returns in less than 4 years on several properties.

lmclain said...

3:48 isn't even SLIGHTLY conerned about anything (history, fellow man, the Constitution, the rule of law, the flaunting of our laws by the wealthy and elite, or the fact that a large part of our citizenry struggle to put food on the table and pay the mortgage in the same month) other than how much money he has made.
Ask him for a donation for a children's fund and he pulls out a shotgun and orders you off his newest land grab.
Ever heard the phrase about Nero fiddling while Rome burns?
He sounds as if he believes its EASY just pulling $200,000 out of one's back pocket to buy up another piece of property.
Perhaps he could give lectures to poor folk to mainly tell them how wonderfully smart he is and how THEY could get rich, too. All they need is a little start up fund of $50 grand. No problem, boys. AND he could CHARGE them for his advice ---- $50 grand. Brilliant!!
That money won't save you.
Nothing will.
Keep cheering!

Anonymous said...

Imclain - I have see some of the crap he has "refurbished". Bought it for 65K and is trying to sell it for 165K. The rehab work is shoddy and the properties are in crap areas, like next to train tracks, and on the edge of the ghetto.

One guy from DE did such a crap job rehabbing one on the E Side and jacked up the price so high, that the place has been sitting empty for over a year.

There are quite a few from the privileged good old boys builders club still sitting empty and on the market.

Too bad they do not have the skills to actually do good work in the higher markets, so they have to resort to ripping off the lower middle class and acting like its still 2005

For them it is never about providing a decent house at a reasonable price, it is always about ripping off the next buyer and hoping they do not notice the crap job they did until it too late.

I always walk away from those homes and know who each builder was by researching them on SDAT. There are 4 from the "club" I do not even bother to look at.

Anonymous said...

Neither of you idiots have a clue. The properties I buy to get these types of returns are nowhere near the eastern shore. I stopped investing in MD real estate in early 2000's. Sold most of it before the crash and sat on cash to be in a position to buy elsewhere. You are fools if you are buying anything on the shore except rentals for low income renters.