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Monday, November 09, 2015

RACIST Employee Puts THIS on Facebook – Her Company’s Response Is AWESOME!

If you don’t want to work, turn in your papers or give your employer some notice, but don’t disrespect the organization via social media like Shana Latrice, former Brookfield Zoo employee. Latrice, while wearing the establishment’s uniform uploaded a picture with the caption: “at work serving these rude (expletive) white people,” reportedly tagging the Zoo in the post.

The Zoo issued a statement saying it has zero tolerance for that kind of behavior and that the worker is no longer employed there.


Where to find Veterans Day freebies

Veterans Day is Wednesday, Nov. 11, and many national chains are saying "thank you" to veterans and active military members by offering freebies.

Many of the deals require proof of service, and some of the deals are extended to family members.

Here is a list of freebies for veterans and active military members:


Krystal:Veterans will receive a free chicken or sausage biscuit from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Nov. 11.

Denny's: Active, inactive and retired military personnel can stop by participating Denny's to build a "grand slam breakfast" from 5 a.m. to noon on Nov. 11.

Starbucks: Free traditional free tall-brewed coffee for active duty service members, veterans and military spouses. Starbucks will also donate $5 to the USO Transition 360 Alliance with every purchase in select stores.

IHOP: IHOP restaurants across the country will give free red, white and blue pancakes to veterans and active personnel from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Nov. 11.


Governor Larry Hogan Announces $10 Million in Grants for Crime Victims

Awarded to State and Local Agencies and Nonprofit Organizations
ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced that $10,087,503 in federal grants will be awarded to state and local agencies and nonprofit organizations that provide assistance, services, and treatment for citizens who have been victims of crime. The grants are funded through the federal Victim of Crime Assistance Program, administered by the Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention. Funds are used to support services such as crisis intervention, counseling, emergency transportation to court, temporary housing, criminal justice support, and advocacy.
“One of our duties as citizens of this great state is to watch out for each other,” Governor Larry Hogan said. “I can think of no higher calling than to ensure that victims of crime are cared for with dignity and respect. Making sure they have access to the necessary services is essential to our goal of safe neighborhoods for every family in Maryland.”

“Victims of crime often suffer for a long time,” said Christopher Shank, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention. “The trauma of the crime itself can have far-reaching effects, leading to a sense of isolation and a loss of a sense of normalcy. As a state, we have a moral duty to reach out to crime victims, treat them with compassion, and offer them a full range of services to help them regain their footing and take the steps they need to heal after their trauma.” 

Victims of Crime Assistance grants are awarded to organizations that provide direct services to a wide array of crime victims. These agencies include sexual assault and rape crisis centers, domestic violence programs and shelters, child abuse programs, mental health services, and programs for underserved victims. Hospitals and emergency medical facilities that offer crisis counseling, forensic examinations, and other victim services are also eligible for the grants. Criminal justice agencies such as police departments or state’s attorneys’ offices use these funds for victim crisis units, victim advocates, victim registration and notification, and victim-witness programs.

A table of the Victim of Crime Assistance grants can be found here.

New Friends

EPA Employee Indicted For Pot Possession Got Six Months Of Paid Leave

If you were caught with marijuana at work, would you be put on paid leave? Probably not, but that’s because you don’t work at the Environmental Protection Agency where one employee got six months of paid leave after being indicted for pot possession.

“The employee was placed on administrative leave on March 17, 2014, after being arrested, jailed and indicted for possession of marijuana,” according to an EPA inspector general report on the agency’s administrative leave practices.

The IG noted the EPA gave the employee a total of 7.5 months of administrative leave — well over the 10 days of leave for those suspected of committing a crime are supposed to get under agency guidelines. More troubling, there is “no documentation in the file explaining the deviation from policy or how the terms of the settlement agreement were arrived at.”


Who Hired In October: The Full Breakdown By Industry

We know that 271K jobs were added in October; we also know that workers 55 and over got a whopping 378,000 of the jobs (this was the biggest montly gain for this age group since January 2012, a month when total job gains were 380K, the third highest since the crisis), while males aged 25-54 lost 119,000 jobs. But who was hiring in October?

Below is the breakdown of select industries which, according to the BLS, were most active in October hiring. The breakdown:
Education and Health: +57K
Professional Services: +54K
Retail Trade: +44K
Leisure and Hospitality: +41K
Temp Help: +25K

And Manufacturing workers: +0

In short, one more month where the bulk of job additions went to the lowest paying jobs, including teachers, waiters, entry level professionals, retail trade, and temp workers, while the US industrial economy continues to stagnate.


Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs Get a Second Chance

In July 2014, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cherokee County Marshal's Office busted a huge puppy mill that had been operating in Georgia since the 1980s. All dogs and puppies were rescued from the horrific facility and were cared for at the Cherokee County Animal Shelter until they were ready for rescue or adoption. Many pregnant females gave birth shortly after the bust, and raising the final total of rescued dogs even further. The owners of the puppy mill plead guilty to 25 charges of animal cruelty and were sentenced to 25 consecutive years of probation.

This video takes you through the puppy mill bust firsthand, then shows you the day the dogs were adopted, and a very special reunion that took place one year later. Don't support this cruelty by buying puppies from flea markets or pet stores, or online. Instead, check out your local shelter or rescue group, or find a truly responsible breeder.

Say no to puppy mills!

Video: Cop Executes Man While Face Down On The Ground, Showing Hands

Video: Cop Executes Man While Face Down On The Ground, Showing Hands

Video has been released of a Pennsylvania police officer fatally shooting a man in the back as he lay face down on the ground with his hands visible.

The video emerged during the hearing of Officer Lisa Mearkle of the Hummelstown Borough Police Department, who was found not guilty of criminal homicide after shooting dead 59-year-old David Kassick earlier this year.

The footage shows the aftermath of Mearkle’s run in with Kassick over an expired inspection sticker. Kassick unfortunately chose to flee his vehicle and run home. He was later found to have alcohol and drugs in his system.

Mearkle gave chase and eventually was able to deploy a taser. The footage shows the officer repeatedly firing the taser into Kassick, by then on the ground.

While Kassick writhes in agony, Mearkle, clearly in a panicked rage, continues to yell “get on the ground.”


Opinion: [My Kid, the iPad Junkie]

CHICAGO (CBS) — Like many dads, I enjoy my iPhone, iPad and everything else Apple shells out for their hungry fans. I play games. I post on Facebook. I constantly look up information on Google and IMDB. Recently my wife confronted me with her unhappiness over my technology use. My caveman-like brain began to churn. Is too much screen time hurting my family?

This came on the heels of another observation of hers: she thinks our kids spend too much time on screens. I initially brushed off her concern. Technology opens their worlds. Plus, it entertains the little animals while my wife and I try to have a nice dinner.

My son, now eight, immediately took to the touchable world of the iPad. He had a seemingly infinite amount of interactive games to choose from, with prizes he could see and touch. But I discovered there is also a dark side. What started as fun for my son turned into a mess of anxiety, stress and countless temper tantrums.


North Dorchester Middle principal arrested

CAMBRIDGE — North Dorchester Middle School Principal Vaughn Evans Sr. was arrested on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 8, at his home in Hurlock.

Evans has been charged with false imprisonment and second-degree assault following an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife, Sharon Evans. He has posted bail.

Dorchester County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Henry Wagner said Vaughn Evans has been suspended with pay with the investigation ongoing, a standard procedure for Dorchester County Public Schools. He has been ordered to stay away from North Dorchester Middle School, employment and his home, and avoid contact with Sharon Evans, according to online court records for a temporary peace order in Dorchester County District Court.


Feds Raid Native American Tribal Lands, Seize and Destroy 30,000 Hemp Crops

On Friday, October 24, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and FBI agents, state and country authorities, undercover agents and policemen, some wearing military gear, raided and destroyed industrial hemp crops – 30,000 plants total – grown by the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, according to Fox 11 News in Wisconsin.

The tribe legalized growing low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) industrial hemp on its land in May this year, reported CBS News. The hemp crops were supposed to be protected by the Farm Bill according to the tribe’spress release. But now the feds are saying that the plants were actually a type of high grade marijuana according to the Fox 11 report, which said that the initial test was negative but the second test came back positive. Menominee Tribal Chairman Gary Besaw is now denying the allegations, saying that he and the tribe are “perplexed” by the raid and said they have informed the government every step of the way.

Besaw earlier stated that the crops had great economic potential for Menominee Tribe, which is currently at the bottom of the state of Wisconsin when it comes to poverty and health.


Trump gives 'SNL' biggest ratings in years

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump gave “Saturday Night Live” its biggest overnight rating since early 2012.

SNL had a 6.6 household rating on Saturday Night, Entertainment Weekly reported, beating this season’s previous high — the episode hosted by Miley Cyrus during which Hillary Clinton made an appearance.

Trump’s overnight rating was 47 percent higher than the Miley/Hillary episode, according to EW.


Closed Session to be held after Council Meeting tonight



High School Student Killed On Orders From MS-13 In El Salvador

Hearing set for two illegal immigrants charged with abetting shooting

A 17-year-old MS-13 gang member known as “the Enforcer” of Sterling, Virginia, shot and killed a high school student on orders handed down from gang leaders in El Salvador because the boy had left the gang and joined a rival group, according to testimony given Thursday by law enforcement officials investigating the homicide.

The testimony was given during a preliminary hearing in Loudoun County for two illegal Salvadoran immigrants accused of stashing the gun used in the September killing. It sheds new light on the motivation for a homicide that has elicited outrage from a U.S. senator.

The juvenile charged with first-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Danny Centeno-Miranda has not been publicly named because he has not been charged as an adult.

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Look Who Has A New Facebook Account

Hello, Facebook! I finally got my very own page. I hope you’ll think of this as a place where we can have real...

Posted by President Obama on Monday, November 9, 2015


ORLANDO, Fla. -- Police in Florida are looking for a man with no legs, hands and parts of his arms to question him about the murder of his parents.

Police named Sean Petrozzino, 30, as a "person of interest" but not an official suspect in the double murder of his parents, Nancy and Michael Petrozzino.

His parents were found shot to death at their home Tuesday morning, WFTV-TV reports. Police made the discovery when his mother didn't show up for work as a school teacher. His father was a Walt Disney World cast member, the Orlando Sentinel reports.


Big & Rich - 8th Of November

Kris Kristofferson provides an introduction and the background of the song “8th of November” from Big and Rich. The song is a tribute to their friend, Niles Harris, United States Army retired, who was one of the wounded soldiers that day and who gave Big Kenny his top hat. On the 8th of November 1965, the 173rd Airborne Brigade was in Vietnam on “Operation Hump” when they were ambushed by over 1200 Viet Cong fighters resulting in 48 American soldiers being killed in action. The fighting resulted in a Medal of Honor being awarded to a combat medic, Lawrence Joel, for saving so many lives in the during the battle that day. Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his brother.

Rush: Politico's Carson Story an 'Electronic Lynching'

A furious Rush Limbaugh is labeling a Politico story that accuses Ben Carson of lying about a West Point scholarship an "assassination attempt" to end the retired pediatric neurosurgeon's White House bid – staunchly defending the candidate as a victim of an "electronic lynching."

In comments during his national radio show and on social media, the conservative commentator laid into Politico in particular, and "mainstream media" in general for trying to "politically end Ben Carson's bid for the Republican presidential nomination by telling an outright lie and then accusing the campaign of lying and admitting to lying."

The remarks were posted by The Daily Caller.

"Friday, November sixth is the assassination attempt of Ben Carson undertaken by the United States American media," Limbaugh declares.

"Which is horrible, it is despicable, it is infuriating, and I’m telling you it is this kind of thing that is causing a majority of Americans to reject the mainstream media, the establishment political structure of Washington and everything they have to do with."

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Operation We Care needs your help!

Operation We Care needs your help! In a few days we will be packing up a massive shipment of care packages to be sent to troops over seas! Our most needed items are: Chef Boyardee, Toothpaste, deodorant, baby wipes, razors, and shampoo/ body wash! Even small donations help- please contact us if you need assistance getting donations to us!

Here is the list of Top 10 Needed Items:
  1. Chef Boyardee canned poptop pasta
  2. Granola bars
  3. Hot chocolate
  4. Instant oatmeal
  5. Microwave popcorn
  6. Pop Tarts
  7. Instant tea bags
  8. Deodorant
  9. Shampoo/Body wash
  10. Dental floss
Or Download the entire list here


Drop off Locations

Where can I drop off items?
We have many donation drop-off locations all over Delmarva. Please check the list for the location most convenient to you. If you need your donations picked up please email us at and we can arrange a pickup.



Can I donate money instead of items?
Yes, we use the money to pay for postage and more items. Most folks donate approved items but many more donate time, resources or money.
Send A Box 

Levin Dares Obama to Come on His Show: ‘I Will Give $100,000 to His Favorite Charity’

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin challenged the president, on Tuesday, to come on his show, saying he will “give $100,000 to [Obama’s] favorite charity’ if he does. He predicted that Obama would not accept the invitation.

“Now, I have offered Barack Obama, on multiple occasions, to come on this show, where we would have a serious, professional, honest debate for an hour,” said Levin. “And I’ve said, ‘I will give $100,000 to his favorite charity.’ He’s not coming on this show, Mr. Tough Guy.”

Here is a transcript of Mark’s comments:

Marine disarms attacker - litigation release

Are You a Sheep, a Sheepdog, or a Wolf?

Buckeye, AZ – Like many Americans, I frequently carry a gun. I’ve done so for over 30 years without ever laying hand to it in need.

Professor John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center reports that some 12.8 million people, over 5.2% of the adult U.S. population, are licensed to carry a concealed handgun.

In addition to concealed carry license holders in all 49 states, 7 states require no permit at all for concealed carry, and 39 states have few restrictions on carrying as long as the gun is visible, [ 1 state, New Jersey, has concealed carry on the books but does not grant their citizens the “right” / paperwork to carry.].

On top of that, as I have reported recently, there appears to be a growing trend among people who routinely carry a firearm to also routinely ignore signs that tell them they can’t. It is a growing form of civil disobedience that puts no one at increased risk of death or injury. As the number of concealed carriers grows, violent crime continues to fall.

This doesn’t prove that more guns equals less crime, but it irrefutably proves that more guns do not equate to more crime.

Unless you live in one of the extremely restrictive states like New York,New Jersey, or Massachusetts, any time you are on the street or anywhere that does not have controlled access, with metal detectors and bag searches, etc., there is a fairly high probability that someone nearby is legally carrying a gun. But they are not carrying that gun to protect you.

A popular essay from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, divided humans into three categories: “Sheep,” “Wolves,” and “Sheepdogs.”


Police: Md. teens abduct 2 children at knifepoint

LOTHIAN, Md. (WUSA9) -- Two siblings, an eight-year-old girl and her nine-year-old were allegedly abducted at knifepoint by two teenagers in Lothian Sunday afternoon, Anne Arundel County police said.

Officers responded around 2:50 p.m. to the 5600 block of Southern Maryland Blvd. in Lothian for the report of a CDS violation. The caller told police that he had two young children with him. They had possibly been abducted by a 12 and 14-year-old. The children were taken from a playground in Boones Mobile Park.

The investigation revealed that the two teenagers carried and forced the two children to a barn at knifepoint. The two male teenagers tied up the young female victim's hands and feet with rope. They continued to wave their knife at the two children and threatened to burn them.

Police said the suspects then fled the area and left the children tied up in the barn when they heard juveniles looking for the children. The victims were then found in the barn and freed from the rope.


Clinton Calls for Exxon Probe After Company Cuts Off Foundation Funding

Hillary Clinton is calling for a federal investigation of ExxonMobil’s climate change activities just months after the company neglected to renew its sponsorship of the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting.

ExxonMobil, which is being accused by global warming activists of misleading the public about climate change, has given between $ 1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and sponsored the CGI annual meeting in 2014. But this year, the oil giant was one of six major corporations that stopped sponsoring the event, according to USA Today.

Clinton said last week that the Department of Justice should investigate ExxonMobil for allegedly withholding data related to climate change, saying that there is “a lot of evidence they misled people.”

But despite Clinton’s comments, the Democratic presidential frontrunner has seemed willing to work with the oil giant until very recently, the International Business Times reports.

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The Crisis Of The American Working Class

The American working class is losing the things that make life worth living, replaced by dependency and hopelessness.

The disturbing evidence about the health of white middle-aged American working class, discovered and publicized this week by Nobel prize winner Angus Deaton and his wife Anne Case, is not tied to just one trend in the culture, policies, or economic factors at work within the United States. It is not the fault of one party or movement, but has multiple root causes. But it is something we all ought to be concerned about, both for the future fiscal and policy burden it represents, and for the broader lesson it tells us about how America is changing.

The numbers clearly indicate that these Americans are increasingly likely to kill themselves – whether on purpose or through the slow gradual death of addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. The rate of mortality increased most dramatically for white Americans lacking any more than a high school education.

Deaton and Case connect the problem to several factors, including the obvious levels of stress and financial concerns within this population. But they also draw in the prospect that America’s dramatic increase in the portion of the working age population considered disabled has had a negative effect for the life prospects of these Americans.


Airman Accused of Sexual Harassment Faces Harsher Punishment Than Bergdahl

He is an award-winning combat photographer who stands accused of trying to pick up women in the public affairs office at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, and for that prosecutors wanted to put him in prison for 130 years.

The prosecutorial zeal was so great that an Air Force officer appointed to investigate the case said the piled-up charges were combined to “artificially exaggerate the criminality of the accused,” who often was simply “socially maladroit and crass.”

This is a glimpse into the new U.S. Armed Forces and its gender wars. It is a slice of military life stemming from the Pentagon’s order in 2013 to erase all sexual harassment and, to enforce it, staff the ranks with an advocacy bureaucracy to empower victims and make sure complaints are filed.

The accused is Tech. Sgt. Aaron D. Allmon II. The 39-year-old arrived at Minot, a nuclear arsenal on the northern edge of the continental United States, to teach others as one of the Air Force’s best at capturing war in photographs.

What he witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan stalked him all the way to North Dakota, along with diagnoses of post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol abuse. He carries prescription drugs to fight off nightmares and excruciating back pain. His supporters say the stigma of being an accused sexual harasser is so deep-seated that Minot top brass isolated him and deliberately tried to block medical care.

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Woolsey: Unvetted Foreign Workers at US Airports

As evidence grows that a bomb likely brought down a Russian jetliner over Egypt, former CIA Director James Woolsey said Friday that there is a "reasonably good chance" the same thing can happen to a U.S. flight because of how airport workers are being hired.

"They used to be vetted," Woolsey, who served in President Bill Clinton's administration, told Fox News' "America's Newsroom" about airport workers. "Now, quite a few of them are foreign nationals who have just worker Visas. They're treated like agricultural workers."

But such workers can do "a lot more damage in the baggage handling area of an airline than you can if you're a terrorist, than you can do in the middle of a wheat field," said Woolsey.

Woolsey said that he does not know if the Transportation Security Administration is hiring foreign workers, but told the program that a private company that has recently acquired contracts at least 12 to 13 airports, including "Phoenix, Arizona, Detroit, and so forth across the country," is hiring "lots of foreign workers that are not vetted" and has recently come to be "in charge of baggage handling areas."

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Ray Rice Makes Lifelong Decision To Raise Awareness For Domestic Violence

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—In a Sunday morning interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter, former Ravens running back Ray Rice says he wants to work for the NFL and raise awareness for domestic violence.

The Rice interview comes in the wake of Dallas Cowboys’ Greg Hardy, after images surface showing his former girlfriend, Nicole Holder, extensively bruised.

Hardy was convicted back in 2014 following an incident in North Carolina, but the case was tossed on appeal when Holder couldn’t be located to testify. Hardy was suspended by the NFL, but ultimately given a second chance by the Cowboys in 2015.

When Rice is asked to speak on the Hardy incident he says he can only speak about his own case.


Obama Pushes Military Frustration To Highest Level In Decades

Key lawmakers from both parties say frustration with the White House among the top military officers is at its highest level in decades, the product of President Obama’s cautious approach to the wars in Syria and Iraq and an indecisive inner circle of White House advisers who, critics say, have iced the Pentagon out of the policymaking process.

“There’s a level of dissatisfaction among the uniformed military that I’ve never seen in my time here,” said Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain in an interview. “For some of us who are a little older, let’s go back and read the Pentagon Papers — what the administration is doing is the kind of incrementalism that defined much of the Vietnam conflict.”

The Arizona Republican is known as a fierce critic of President Obama’s foreign policy, but his complaints were echoed by an unlikely source: Rep. Adam Smith, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee.

“Frustration among the uniformed service is real,” the Washington Democrat said, adding that the administration “does keep things in the White House and has not been more inclusive in the decision-making process.”

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This Isn’t A Culture War. It’s A War On Culture

When liberal Houston — a city with a three-term lesbian mayor — overwhelming rejected an anti-discrimination ordinance for the transgendered (among others), a hysterical New York Times editorial accused voters of being transphobic hate mongers with blood on their hands.

There are, perhaps, some other possibilities.

For example, maybe a majority of voting Houstonians believed they could handle these social interactions without orders from the city council? Maybe, without any animus, they believe genetically corresponding girls and boys should use girls and boys restrooms? Maybe they find laws micromanaging the affairs and relationships of business owners intrusive?

I find myself in the last group. If you want to join a same-sex transgendered polyamorous relationship, mazel tov. Sounds intriguing. We can argue about what that means to society, but no one is going to stop you. That, however, isn’t enough. In contemporary politics, the Left is intent on commandeering your culture, too. They may coerce you to perform services in ceremonies against your faith, pick up the tab on abortions, or bequeath people who identify as the opposite gender state-guaranteed privileges in your private establishment. Or they may just try and shame you.

So this isn’t a culture war anymore.

Keep reading..

I’m the GOP’s Ideal Black Voter

In 2000, I voted for George W. Bush. In South Carolina, where I live, I voted twice for Mark Sanford to become our governor and helped send Lindsey Graham to the U.S. Senate. In fact, I’ve pulled the lever for more Republicans than Democrats. And I’m exactly the kind of voter the GOP needs to survive the demographic changes the country is undergoing: I’m black.

But my days supporting the GOP are over. I won’t be voting for a Republican for high office for quite some time, if ever. And the reasons that I—and others like me—feel this way are likely to spell trouble for a party that got just 6 percent of the black vote in 2012.

In the Obama era, the GOP’s tone and tenure toward African Americans has simply become untenable. Instead of reaching out to voters like me, Republicans are squandering this opportunity by refusing to grapple with the issue of race in a way that resonates with black voters—oftentimes even denying the existence of racial barriers at all. It’s as though the GOP would rather treat us like children who need a stern talking-to by their wiser elders than as a potential voting bloc that can help the party retake the White House.

And, no, Republicans can’t just gain more black voters by supporting or nominating Dr. Ben Carson, whose talk about race sounds more like Ted Nugent than Thurgood Marshall.

I have not always felt this way. There are, or were, plenty of us out there—black voters not loyal to a particular party, making us more gettable for the Republican Party than most.

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BREAKING NEWS: Embattled Univ. of Missouri president resigns

University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe resigns in face of growing protests -- including a strike by football players -- over charges he failed to respond to racial incidents on campus.

Principal sends scathing email to parents hosting teen drinking parties

WASHINGTON – “Find another way to bond with your child. Please.” Those are the words of a Bethesda high school principal sent in an email to parents who he says are hosting drinking parties for their kids.

“It’s really hard to fathom how some people are still making these poor decisions,” says Walt Whitman High School principal Alan Goodwin.

After hearing of multiple drinking parties last weekend hosted by parents of students, he sent an email to the parents’ listserv pleading with them to stop.

“All principals will have safety programs at their schools. They’ll have speakers, put up posters. They make appeals to parents and kids, but there’s still some people who don’t get it,” he says.


DEA: Mexican Gangs 'Remain Greatest Criminal Drug Threat to the US'

"Mexican transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) remain the greatest criminal drug threat to the United States; no other group can challenge them in the near term," says the 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment released on Wednesday by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

"These Mexican poly-drug organizations traffic heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana throughout the United States, using established transportation routes and distribution networks," the report says.

The Mexican TCOs serve primarily as wholesale suppliers, and they work with thousands of local, U.S.-based gangs to distribute the drugs at the retail level.

And these Mexican criminal enterprises may be coming to a neighborhood near you:


BREAKING NEWS: Investigation accuses Russian athletes of doping, sabotaging 2012 London Olympics

Report by World Anti-Doping Agency accuses Russia of widespread doping and a cover-up by track and field athletes during the London games, leading the IAAF to consider suspending Russia from future track and field competition.


Feds award $28 million to study ‘maglev’ train system for Maryland

The U.S. Transportation Department has awarded nearly $28 million to conduct studies on building a high-speed rail line that would carry passengers between Washington and Baltimore in about 15 minutes, according to Maryland officials.

The money will support ­private-sector efforts to bring magnetic-levitation trains to the region as part of a larger vision for building a maglev system along the Northeast Corridor.

Maryland’s Department of Transportation and the state’s Economic Development Corporation applied for the federal funds in April, with an understanding that the Japanese government and Baltimore-
Washington Rapid Rail, a private group, would provide significant investments for the project.


UK Flight Barely Dodges Rocket Over Sinai

Rocket fired at Thomson Airways flight approaching Sharm a-Sheikh. Pilot managed to avoid strike by 300 meters.

A British plane narrowly avoided a rocket attack while flying over the Sinai Peninsula in August.

The Thomson Airways jet was approaching the airport in Sharm a-Sheikh and carrying 189 passengers, most of whom were British tourists on vacation. The pilot deftly managed to divert the plane and the rocket missed by only 300 meters.

At first Thomson refused to comment on reports of the incident, but last night (Friday) it announced that "Thomson Airways can confirm that an event was reported by the crew of flight TOM 476 on 23rd August 2015. Upon landing into Sharm el-Sheikh, an initial assessment was conducted and the event was immediately reported to the UK Department for Transport (DfT) in line with established protocol.


School Won’t Reveal Race of Student in Possible Hate-crime Hoax

Authorities have identified the student responsible for a racist message found on a Berkeley High School library computer that the principal initially deemed a hate crime.

Principal Sam Pasarow declined to reveal the race of the 15-year-old student, citing student privacy laws, The College Fixreported.

The racist post, discovered Wednesday on a library computer, referred to the Ku Klux Klan and threatened a “public lynching” on Dec. 9.

Joined by Mr. Pasarow, more than 1,500 students reportedly walked off campus Thursday in protest.

The College Fix, a conservative college news website, said it isn’t likely that the student will be identified, unless charged with a crime, but revealing the perpetrator’s race is “not barred by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.”

“The most likely explanation for the school’s silence is that this doesn’t fit the narrative that the BSU is peddling,” The College Fix concluded.


Congress Demands Abbas Stop Inciting Terror

A full 369 members of the House of Representatives issued a stern letter to Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday, demanding that he stop inciting terrorism.

The letter was released by House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) and ranking member of the committee Eliot Engel (D-NY), reports Associated Press.

In addition to asking Abbas to stop inciting terror, the Congressmen called on him to condemn the terror wave and renew direct peace negotiations with Israel, and to continue security cooperation with the IDF.

In the letter they directly accused Abbas and other PA officials of inciting terrorism, and warned that unless calm is restored there is little chance for a "two state solution."

More here

US Border Agency Staff Rejects Body Cameras

Customs and Border Protection staff concluded after an internal review that agents and officers shouldn't be required to wear body cameras, positioning the nation's largest law enforcement agency as a counterweight to a growing number of police forces that use them to promote public trust and accountability.

The yearlong review cited cost and a host of other reasons to hold off, according to two people familiar with the findings who spoke on condition of anonymity because the findings have not been made public. It found operating cameras may distract agents while they're performing their jobs, may hurt employee morale, and may be unsuited to the hot, dusty conditions in which Border Patrol agents often work.

The findings, in an August draft report, are subject to approval by Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske, who last year announced plans to test cameras at the agency that employs roughly 60,000 people.

The staff report doesn't rule out body cameras but questions their effectiveness and calls for more analysis before they are widely distributed.

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Maryland scraps handgun ballistics database after 15 years

PIKESVILLE, Md. (AP) — The state of Maryland is scrapping a 15-year effort to build a database of ballistic “fingerprints” on hundreds of thousands of handguns.

The Baltimore Sun reported Sunday ( ) that the system, enacted in 2000, never solved a single case.

The law required gun manufacturers to fire every handgun sold in Maryland and send the spent casings to authorities. State police collected the casings at their headquarters in Pikesville and built a database of ballistic “fingerprints” that could be used to solve crimes.


U.S. Seals Another Deal to Protect Illegal Aliens’ “Workplace Rights”

In a final push to ensure the “workplace rights” of illegal immigrants in the U.S., the Obama administration continues to sign pacts with foreign countries guaranteeing to protect their nationals from discrimination on the job.

This month its Ecuador’s turn and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination laws, is sealing the deal. In past years the Department of Labor (DOL) has executed similar agreements with an assortment of countries, including Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and India. In fact, under Obama’s first Labor Secretary, former California Congresswoman and influential La Raza figure Hilda Solis, the DOL signed a number of these “partnership agreements” vowing to protect illegal aliens working in the U.S.

Solis even created a special division at the DOL to enforce labor and wage laws in industries that typically hire illegal aliens without reporting anyone to federal immigration authorities. Protecting the workplace rights of “vulnerable” migrants was a big priority at the agency under her leadership. During a ceremony to celebrate pacts with several foreign countries Solis said that “migrant workers make important contributions to our economy,” and that the deals will “help ensure these workers are aware of the right to safe workplaces and to receive full payment of the wages owed to them under the laws of the United States.”

The effort continues and has carried over to other government entities such as the EEOC, an out-of-control agency which is always on the prowl for discrimination even when it’s not there.

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Missing Yorkie

Please help me find Alfie! He is a 4 yr old neutered Yorkie that was rescued from an abusive home. We have had him for almost a year when he was possibly stolen last Wednesday from my business on Hazel Avenue in Salisbury Md. His companion K'Misty has been sick ever since his disappearance. If you can help please contact me at 410-713-1233.

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Main St Gym headed up to Baltimore Saturday evening to compete at the famed Mack Lewis Boxing Gym.Four Main Street fighters were set to rumble.

Young Gavin Brown started the night off in the first bout. Brown 8 yrs old was making his long awaited debut. The 80 pounder did a great job in the ring showing the skills he has practiced in the gym. "It made for a really good competitive fight that the fans really enjoyed because they saw such young kids displaying clean skills," said Main St Coach, Hal Chernoff. But when the dust settled, Brown was inched out buy his opponent from Hagerstown MD.

Kobe Moore came in for the fourth bout and had his hands full as he fought hard but was just outgunned by his opponent which caused the referee to spot the bout in the third round. Then older brother Corey Moore stepping in for the 14th bout of the night in the 132b open division against a very tough boxer out of the UMAR gym in Baltimore. "Corey just seemed a little flat tonight, he is usually very slick but it may have had to do with the his opponents style as much as anything. "He land some good shots and did some very good thing but just did not do enough of them for the full fight", said Chernoff. " so we go right back in the gym and continue sharpening the tools".

Help Find A Missing Dog In Princess Anne: UPDATE

Duke has been found. Thank you for posting this. And thank you to everyone that kept an eye out for him. His family is happy to have him back.
Please help. This is Duke. He was last seen chasing after 3 black labs that had just attacked and ultimately killed his brother Jasper. He was last seen traveling toward Dublin and Kings Creek from Mitchell Rd in Princess Anne, Maryland. Please help my friend April Brummit and her family find him. They do not know if he is injured but we know that he is scared and he has never left his property before. We are all worried sick and want to find him as quickly as possible. April and I can both be contacted via Facebook. He is friendly but may be a little shy. I can also be reached by cell 443-783-4555

In Maryland, Smith Islanders Find Saving Their Home Is No Piece of Cake

CRISFIELD, Md.—Can you have your cake and island too?

The folks on Maryland’s Smith Island, tucked offshore in the Chesapeake Bay, have tried mightily to save their dwindling archipelago with a distinctive eight-to-twelve layer cake.

The cakes have done great. The island, less so.

Smith Islanders have long baked a cake called the Smith Island Cake, with up to a dozen pencil-thin layers of cake and frosting. And for nearly as long, the island’s economy and population have slumped—to 169 citizens at last estimate.


Oh Snap

3 Md. Teens Arrested in Gang-Related Murder

WASHINGTON — Three teenagers have been arrested in connection to a man found dead last week in Montgomery County.

Police say 17-year-old Luis F. Avelar Morales, of Gaithersburg, 19-year-old Daniel Adonai Ramos, of Montgomery Village and 18-year-old Juan Espinal Rapalo, of Gaithersburg, have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and the use of a firearm during the commission of a felony or crime of violence.

Avelar Morales has been charged as an adult.

Roberto Gutierrez Cruz, 22, was found dead in a wooded area behind the 18200 block of Contour Road on Nov. 2. Police say he was shot multiple times.


BREAKING NEWS: At least 1 reported dead, 2 wounded in shooting near NYC Penn Station

At least one person is reported dead and two wounded in a shooting inside a subway station near New York City's Penn Station.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

DUI PRESS RELEASE 11/02/15-11/08/15

As Seen In Willards

Best Post Ever... No Its Not

So True

Caption This Photo 11-9-15

Catholic Eye-opener

Charity Hospital run by the Sisters of Charity in New Orleans,
along with the Upjohn company developed the plasma system in the
1930's that saved so many lives in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and in the middle east now.
During the Civil War most of the nurses were nuns.
Even if you are not Catholic, this is eye opening:
When the Catholic Church was founded, there were no hospitals.
Today, one out of five people in this country receive their medical
care at a Catholic hospital.
When the Catholic Church was founded, there were no schools.
Today, the Catholic Church teaches 3 million students a day, in its
more than 250 Catholic Colleges and Universities, in its more than
1200 Catholic High Schools and its more than 5000 Catholic grade
Every day, the Catholic Church feeds, clothes, shelters and
educates more people than any other organization in the world.
The new Obama Health Mandate could end all this and the tax payers
would have to make up the loss.
Also, all Catholic adoption services will come to an end.. a human disaster.
There are more than 77 million Catholics in this country. It takes
an estimated 50 million Catholic votes to elect a president.
I am asking all of you to go to the polls in 2016 and be united in
replacing all Senators and Reps with someone who will respect the
Catholic Church, all Christians, and all Religions with perhaps the
exception of Islam.
Mr. President, you said, "The USA is not a Christian Nation". You
are wrong - we are a Christian Nation founded on Judeo-Christian
values allowing all religions in America to worship and practice
freely.... something that Islam will never do.
Oh, by the way, on MUSLIM HERITAGE IN America .... Have you ever
been to a Muslim hospital, heard a Muslim orchestra, seen a Muslim
band march in a parade, know of a Muslim charity, ever seen Muslims
shaking hands with a Muslim Girl Scout, or ever seen a Muslim Candy
Striper volunteering in a hospital?
Have you ever seen a Muslim do much of anything that contributes
positively to the American way of life?

Uh Oh!