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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Trooper Struck While Attempting To Stop Impaired Driver In Anne Arundel Co.

(ANNAPOLIS, MD) — A driver believed to be impaired is under arrest tonight after he drove his car into the side of the patrol car of the Maryland state trooper attempting to stop him just west of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Rt. 50 in Anne Arundel County.

The driver is identified as Dillon C. Haneke, 23, of Edgewater, Md. He is being charged tonight by Maryland State Police with driving under the influence, assault, and reckless endangerment. He will be taken to the Anne Arundel County central booking center later tonight for his initial appearance before a court commissioner.

The trooper involved is identified as Trooper Andrew Lee, who is assigned to road patrol duties at the Glen Burnie Barrack. Trooper Lee has been a trooper with the Maryland State Police for 2.5 years.

At about 7:00 p.m. today, several calls from citizens were received at the Glen Burnie Barrack reporting a possible impaired driver eastbound on Rt. 50. Callers said the driver was weaving through the lanes and driving very slow.

Trooper Lee spotted the Pontiac G6 eastbound on Rt. 50 near exit 29 and saw it weaving across lanes and driving about 10 mph. The trooper activated his emergency lights and attempted to stop the car, but the driver did not stop. The trooper drove to the right side of the vehicle, lowered his window, and verbally ordered the driver to stop, with his emergency lights still activated on his marked police car. The trooper then drove ahead of the weaving vehicle, at which time the suspect struck the driver’s side of the trooper’s car.

While still in contact with the trooper’s car, the suspect’s Pontiac then struck the jersey wall and turned onto its side prior to the Bay Bridge. The patrol car did not overturn. No other vehicles were involved.

The driver was not injured and was arrested at the scene, after troopers observed multiple signs of impairment. A male passenger, also impaired, was in the suspect’s car. He was taken to the Anne Arundel Co. Medical Center by ambulance.

The trooper was transported to the Anne Arundel Medical Center by another trooper. He was examined as a precaution and released.

Personnel from the Maryland Transportation Authority Police and MdTA civilian staff assisted at the crash scene, as did members of the State Highway Administration. The roadway at the scene of the crash completely reopened at about 9:30 p.m. today.

The investigation is continuing.

Power Outage In Salisbury/Parsonsburg

Delmarva power is showing over 2,800 customers are without power in the Salisbury/Parsonsburg area.  Their outage map has an estimated restoration time of 8pm tonight. 

UPDATE: Power is back on in one area and is now out in a different area in Salisbury. Over 2300 are without power with an estimated restoration time of Midnight.

Storm Conditions In Ocean City As I Saw It

Governor Larry Hogan Rescinds State of Emergency for All Areas of Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan today signed an Executive Order rescinding the state of emergency in the 15 counties and Baltimore City that were at risk for flooding due to recent heavy rain. There are currently no jurisdictions in Maryland under a state of emergency.

"I want to thank the state agencies and emergency personnel that responded to the threat of severe weather this weekend," Governor Hogan said. "I also want to thank Marylanders for their vigilance during these storms."

State agencies remain ready to support public safety and emergency management efforts if needed. The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) will continue to actively monitor the weather and the potential for coastal and tidal flooding with local emergency management partners. Residents can go to MEMA's website,, to see up-to-date information on weather, traffic, power, and other alerts.

Photos Of Flooding In South Carolina

JUST DEVASTATING!! South Carolina State emergency resources fully deployed in rescue & life safety operations statewide....

Posted by WTOC Mike Cihla on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Worcester County Publics Schools WILL Be Open Tomorrow (Monday Oct 5th)


Crisfield Police Department Public Service Announcement

Public Works Begins Recovery Efforts, Flooding Expected to Continue Through Monday

OCEAN CITY, MD – (October 4, 2015):  While reported damage from the storm system was minimal, Ocean City Public Works employees will be working through the next two weeks to restore areas of the city back to normal. Citizens are urged to avoid the boardwalk, beach and Inlet Lot to allow Public Works employees to easily clear those areas.
Public Works employees will first focus on restoring the Inlet Lot, clearing the boardwalk of significant amounts of sand, ensuring that all roadways are passable and restoring the beach back to its normal state. The Inlet Parking Lot and the beach remain closed to the public until further notice. Road closures due to impassible roadways may continue over the next several days in low-lying areas throughout Ocean City.
Due to strong rip currents that occur during and after storms, citizens are reminded not to swim in the ocean when conditions improve.
Ocean City’s Emergency Management staff continues to monitor the path of Hurricane Joaquin, although minimal effects from the storm are expected for our area. At this time, there are no additional news releases planned regarding this weather event. Citizens are encouraged to visit the Town of Ocean City website,, and Town of Ocean City social media sites for additional updates.
In an effort to keep citizens informed with the most updated and accurate information, the Town of Ocean City will be posting storm related information on the following outlets:
  • City Wide Emergency Alerts:  Citizens can sign up for emergency alerts by visiting: and subscribing to “City Wide Emergency Alerts.”
  • Town of Ocean City Facebook:
  • Town of Ocean City Twitter: @townofoceancity
  • Town of Ocean City website:
  • FM Advisory Radio Station – 99.5
  • Town of Ocean City Access Channels 4 & 15
  • Emergency Management Hotline: 410-723-6666
The Town of Ocean City’s Emergency Services personnel will be working closely with local and state representatives to provide citizens with timely, accurate and essential information before, during and after the storm.  Citizens are encouraged to Know Your Zone and be prepared for any impact the storm may have on Ocean City.  For more information regarding storm preparedness, please visit:

Salisbury City Council Work Session Agenda & Packet - Monday, October 5, 2015

Public Notice of Closed Session 10/5/15

Ground-breaking deal seen near for Downtown’s Lot 1

After years of failed plans for Downtown’s Lot 1 centerpiece tract, developers at Devreco – known for such successes as Headquarters Live – are expected to have an agreement with the city in place in about a month.

For decades, plans to build on the 3.5-acre parcel — bordered by Division, Camden and West Market streets, and Circle Avenue – were scuttled, one after another.

But Jake Day, president of the Salisbury City Council, is confident that won’t happen again.

“I believe we finally have the partner who can execute this. Our talks are complete. There is nothing left to be voted on. It is a decision that has been made and it won’t be reversed in any way. We will build on this parking lot,” Day told the Independent this week.

“We were one of the only development companies that has been successful in buying property from the city of Salisbury so our record speaks for itself,” said Brad Gillis, one of the up-and-coming young men at Devreco deeply involved in the renaissance of downtown.

The company bid on the property in April, but Gillis wouldn’t disclose the amount. Devreco was the sole bidder and the deadline has passed for anybody else to bid.

City leaders required those who bid on the property to agree to build housing there; Day said.

“It will be ground-floor retail, parking, outdoor space like parks, housing above and that can include office and civic use,” Day said.


Mayor Ireton's Magic Ball, Predictive Policing: Liberals Will Spend Your Money On Anything!

The Salisbury Police Department is under a brand new program and Police Officers are NOT happy about it. The program is what they call, "Prodictive Policing". 

The City is paying out what we have been told is close to $100,000.00 to buy this new program in the hope they can PREDICT where crime will occur next. 

Wow, predicting crime, (I GUESS) is the new way of being proactive, NOT. How about letting Officers do their job. Will they be teaching PREDICTIONS in the Police Academy now? 

The program states:

PredPol’s cloud-based software enables law enforcement agencies to better prevent crime in their communities by generating predictions on the places and times that future crimes are most likely to occur.

Dozens of communities across the US and overseas are experiencing dramatic reductions in crime thanks in large part to PredPol software technology.

Only three pieces of data are used to make predictions – type of crime, place of crime, and time of crime. No personal data is utilized in making these predictions. 

Any good leader would have easily noticed a pattern in crime waves but now the taxpayers are being subjected to pay out all this money for a program that "predicts" where the next crime may occur. 

Here's a video the company endorses in the hope of convincing the public the program actually works. It was your election to lose. 

Today's Poll Question 10-1-15

Do you believe the United States 
will go to war with Russia?

What Is Privacy Any More

In the world of Internet and real time publishing through social media, we're all coming to learn we don't have to rely on main stream media much any more when it comes to local news.

Yesterday we watched the Salisbury Fire Department use a ladder truck to hoist a person from a second floor location through a window. 

What most people don't understand and what most residents don't even think about is, what happens if an emergency happens, can the fire department carry someone down the tiny staircases in these older homes. Heck, even I didn't think of this until we posted this happen yesterday and we own an older home with a staircase that has a landing half way up it. There's no way, (NO MATTER YOUR SIZE) they can get a stretcher through there. 

So what went a little nuts yesterday was the fact that the SFD implied that this person was a larger person and that is why they had to hoist him through the window. Well, being large certainly didn't help matters but in reality I don't think size had much to do with the problem at hand. These staircases are the main problem and there is NO code in an older home that forces property owners to enlarge those staircases. 

Was it offensive that the SFD brought up the persons size, nah, it was a reality and explained why they did what they had to do. Some took offense to it because they are large themselves. Instead, they should be grateful the taxpayers put out over a million dollars for a piece of equipment that could extract such people and bring them to safety. 

So let me ask all of you the following question. 

Was the SFD out of line by bringing up the persons size, (obese) when putting up information on social media?

Question Of The Day 10-3-15

Mayor Jim Ireton, You're A Bum!

Considering the conditions out there today, Wicomico County asked the City if they would be so kind as to give a pass to some of the FEMALE employees working for the County to park in the GOB parking lot and not have to feed the meters.

Considering the County parking lot is not only on the other side of Rt. 50, it's a good distance away and it was a kind gesture on the County's behalf. 

The County wanted to have a few spaces so they could shuttle employees from the parking lot across the street over to the GOB.

The City agreed to give them passes to do so and out of nowhere the Mayor and staff decided to rescind their agreement and forced the parking meter staff to start giving out tickets. 

I think what the County did was extremely commendable and what Ireton did shows he's nothing but a woman hating bum. I mean, really, just what good comes from this Jimmy. 

Maryland gun-control advocates push for nationwide adoption of state’s handgun law

Some Maryland officials think the state’s strict handgun-purchasing law won’t work as effectively unless other states adopt similar rules. (Neil Hall/Reuters)

U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen and Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh on Wednesday called for other states to join Maryland in requiring licenses to purchase handguns, saying the rule works best to stem gun violence when it applies across jurisdictions.

During a news conference with other gun-control advocates at a Baltimore County courthouse, the officials said that firearms tend to flow from states that lack permit-to-purchase laws to those that have them, with guns often landing in the hands of criminals.

Ten states and the District of Columbia have licensing requirements for handguns, but the Maryland border states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia do not.


Eight Restaurants Within A Mile Too Much For Berlin? Operators, Mayor Don’t Seem To Think So

BERLIN – While no one disputes that it was a successful summer for Berlin businesses, the onset of autumn has left some wondering what’s to come with the cooler temperatures. It’s a question particularly relevant to those in the town’s burgeoning restaurant scene. The small town of 4,500 people, for years home to just three downtown eateries, now boasts no fewer than eight restaurants and an array of coffee and pastry shops. But how many is too many?

“If Berlin was your typical Eastern Shore small town, I would have concerns about the number of restaurants,” Mayor Gee Williams said. “But we are not typical. In fact, for a long time, many people have worked together to make Berlin an attractive destination community for this region of Maryland.”

It’s that cooperative spirit and mutual respect that Berlin’s restaurant owners say have enabled the town to envelop the array of restaurants that have popped up within the past few years.


New Maryland law expands expungements

People who've found themselves in trouble with the law are getting a second chance due to three new laws taking effect Thursday.

A new law is on the books that expands expungements and people are taking advantage of it.

People lined up outside New Psalmist Baptist Church for a chance to talk to legal experts about changing their lives. Todd Eller was among them with a pot possession charge from 2008.

"I'm unemployed, so I know it's going to come up in a background check, which it has before. Some employers are very concerned with that so if I have a chance to get it shielded or expunged, it would be good for me personally," Eller said.

At the clinic, residents are finding out if they have a conviction that can be shielded, meaning it's taken away from the public view, but not law enforcement.


Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage

A gunman singled out Christians, telling them they would see God in “one second,” during a rampage at an Oregon college Thursday that left at least nine innocent people dead and several more wounded, survivors and authorities said.

“[He started] asking people one by one what their religion was. ‘Are you a Christian?’ he would ask them, and if you’re a Christian, stand up. And they would stand up and he said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you are going to see God in just about one second.’ And then he shot and killed them,” Stacy Boylen, whose daughter was wounded at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., told CNN.

A Twitter user named @bodhilooney, who said her grandmother was at the scene of the carnage, tweeted that if victims said they were Christian, “then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs.”

Gunman Chris Harper-Mercer’s disdain for religion was evident in an online profile, in which he became a member of a “doesn’t like organized religion” group on an Internet dating site.

Kort­ney Moore, 18, said she saw the teacher of her Writing 115 class get shot in the head at the college’s Snyder Hall before the gunman started asking people to state their religion and opening fire, the city’s News-Review newspaper reported.


Wicomico Social Media First Amendment Case Settled For Undisclosed Amount

SALISBURY — In what became one of the first real tests of social media and First Amendment rights, at least locally, a civil suit filed by a former Wicomico County employee against the county alleging he was wrongfully terminated for starting a Facebook discussion about proposed employee handbook revisions was settled this week, although the terms of the settlement have not been made public.

In May, former Wicomico County Emergency Management Coordinator David Inkrote filed suit in U.S. District Court against Wicomico County and three of his supervisors claiming his First Amendment rights to free speech were violated when he was terminated after creating a Facebook page in March to provide a forum for discussion on the county’s proposed new employee handbook. The suit sought an undetermined amount in compensatory and punitive damages and was deemed a test case for an employee’s use of Facebook and other social media.

This week, the case was settled before going to trial although the terms of the settlement have not been made public. Inkrote’s attorney, Robin Cockey, this week confirmed the settlement, but said he could not go into detail about the terms, only that it had been resolved before going to trial.

In March, the Wicomico County Council reviewed during a publicly televised session on PAC-14 a draft of the new county employee handbook. According to the suit filed in May, the proposed employee handbook would make substantial revisions to the existing handbook, which has been in effect since 2003.


Immigrant racks up millions in food stamp fraud

Proving just how inept the government can be when it comes to entitlement fraud — and how easily even immigrants can learn to game the American system — one Massachusetts woman was able to single-handedly defraud the government for millions.

Vida Ofori Causey, an immigrant from Ghana, who owns a convenience store owner in the city of Worcester, pleaded guilty in federal court Monday todefrauding the food stamp program to the tune of more than $3.6 million, the Daily Caller reported.

Causey bought the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits from her customers for half of their actual value from 2010 – 2014, according to authorities.

“Causey purchased the benefits at a discounted value of approximately fifty cents for every SNAP dollar,” according to a press release from the Department of Justice. “By so doing, Causey caused the USDA to electronically deposit into a bank account controlled by her the full face value of the SNAP benefits fraudulently obtained.”


WATCH LIVE: President Obama speaks on Oregon shooting

President Obama delivers a statement from the White House Briefing Room at 6:20 p.m. ET on the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, where 10 to 15 people were reportedly killed. Watch live on Fox News and


Oregon officials give update on shooting

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Oregon State Police give an update on a shooting at Umpqua Community College, where 10 to 15 people were reportedly killed. Watch live on Fox News and


Hurricane Forecaster's Prediction

What is your prediction?

Christian school boots girl, 5, due to lesbian parents

A same-sex couple plans to sue a San Diego, California, Christian school for adhering to the tenets of Christianity.

Mt. Erie Christian Academy will soon find itself tangled in civil-rights litigation because it discontinued the kindergarten enrollment of a 5-year-old girl being raised by two women.

A woman who only wishes to be identified as Sheena told KGTV-10 Sept. 25 her child was not permitted to return to the academy days after the school year started. Her wife, Lashaune, is in the U.S. Navy and deployed.

Sheena told the ABC affiliate she was called into a pastor’s office Sept. 4 and informed of the school’s decision.


WCSO Needs Help Identifying These Subjects

The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office is seeking the public's assistance in identifying the 2 subjects in this video. ...
Posted by Wicomico County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, September 30, 2015




On September 30, 2015, a Wicomico County Jury convicted Malik Dajour Moore, age 19, of Salisbury, Maryland, of multiple crimes, including: First Degree Burglary, Armed Robbery (two (2) counts), False Imprisonment (two (2) counts), Conspiracy-First Degree Burglary, Conspiracy-Armed Robbery (two (2) counts), Theft $1000-$10,000 (two (2) counts), and Theft under $1,000. The Court has ordered a pre-sentence investigation in the case and sentencing will be scheduled on a later date.

In the early morning hours of April 23, 2015, the Defendant and his accomplices, Darrell Dixon (age 19), and Nahmir Tareek Bundy (age 16), were in the area of Virginia Avenue on bicycles. There they came across a .22 caliber rifle that was stored in an unlocked truck toolbox. The men stole the .22 caliber rifle and later found themselves checking cars for valuables on Ridge Road. While in the driveway of one of the residences, the Defendants observed some X-Box video games that were visible through the home’s windows. The men, armed with the .22 caliber rifle, made entry into the home through a side window. Once inside, the men immediately began stuffing backpacks full of items from the house. Two of the home’s occupants were accosted in their beds at gunpoint by one of the co-defendants. One of the victims was then held by Nahmir Bundy at gunpoint on a living room sofa while the other men continued to fill three backpacks full of the victims’ property.

The Salisbury Police Department had at least two score officers working the case and they followed leads throughout the morning. By sunrise on April 23rd, SPD investigatory leads led to search warrants being executed on 214 Delaware Avenue. Once officers made entry into the home, Nahmir Bundy was found in the home’s basement in possession of several of the items stolen from the residents. Dixon and Moore were observed outside of the residence by police just before they made entry into the house. Further investigation, revealed the extent of Bundy’s, Moore’s and Dixon’s involvement in this crime.

Darrell Lamont Dixon pleaded guilty to Conspiracy-Home Invasion, First Degree Assault and Firearm Use During a Crime of Violence on September 1, 2015. Nahmir Tereek Bundy pleaded guilty to Burglary 1st Degree, Armed Robbery (2 counts), and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence on September 3, 2015. Bundy is scheduled to be sentenced on October, 15, 2015. Dixon is scheduled to be sentenced on November 2, 2015. Bundy, age 16, will be sentenced as an adult.

This case was prosecuted by Wicomico County State’s Attorney, Matthew A. Maciarello. Mr. Maciarello commends the brave victims in this case who participated in the Salisbury Police Department investigation and Defendant’s trial. Maciarello further commends the men and women of the Salisbury City Police Department (including Lead Detective, A.J. Foy) who worked diligently to ensure that the offenders were brought to justice in this case.


Westside Primary, Fruitland Primary, Pinehurst Elementary and Prince Street Elementary to Have Additional Kindergarten Teacher as of Oct. 1

Four Wicomico elementary schools will have an additional kindergarten teacher as of Oct. 1 to reduce class sizes to a more manageable level.

Since the start of the 2015-2016 school year, and even during the summer, the school system monitored kindergarten class sizes across the county. At Westside Primary, Pinehurst Elementary, Fruitland Primary and Prince Street Elementary, the average kindergarten class size was 26.7 to 29.4 students.

“We’ve been watching class sizes closely, monitoring kindergarten enrollment at all schools and particularly these four schools, along with teachers, administrators, and parents,” said Susan Jones, Director of Elementary Education. “Although we tried to prepare for anticipated enrollment at each school by moving several teachers over the summer, kindergarten numbers in the four schools have been even higher than expected, resulting in larger class sizes than we would want to have in those classrooms.”

SFD called to E. Church St. to remove a patient from the second floor for transport to PRMC

Salisbury units were called to E. Church St. to remove a patient from the second floor for transport to PRMC. The size...
Posted by Salisbury Fire Department on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Data Reveals Extent of Burdensome Rental Costs in Salisbury

Average Rental Cost Rises by Over $100/month, from $955 to $1,076

Salisbury – Mayor James Ireton, Jr. announced today that recently-released data from the U.S. Census Bureau further demonstrates the necessity for a rent stabilization program in Salisbury. This new data shows that Salisbury’s renting costs are not only $100 higher than the national median, but are among the highest in comparison to cities its own size.

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released its first 2014 estimates for certain geographic areas. According to this new data, Median Gross Rent in Wicomico County rose by over $100 between 2013 and 2014, from $955per month to $1,076. This means that as of 2014, half of all renters in Wicomico County are paying over$1,076 per month for rent and utilities. *1/3 of Wicomico Count Residents live within the City of Salisbury, and more than half of Wicomico County rental stock is within Salisbury City limits. Median Contract Rent rose from $761 in 2013 to $810 in 2014. By comparison, median gross rent for the entire country rose by only $29 from $905 to $934, well within normal inflationary expectations. Salisbury-specific data for 2014 has not yet been released*, but in 2013, Median Gross Rent in Salisbury was $994/month. (*Salisbury data is expected to be released in early December.)

•Salisbury’s median contract rent ranks 33rd (top 13%), and utility costs among renting households ranks 13th (top 5%). By comparison, Salisbury’s Median Household Income ranks 163rd and Median Value of Owner-Occupied Homes ranks 112th.

•In comparison to 250 cities (POP – 30 to 150K) from across the country, Salisbury’s median gross rent, which includes rent and utilities, ranked 19th, in the top 8% of these cities.

•The city closest to Salisbury in gross rent is Hilton Head, North Carolina, where median home values are over $400,000.

•As of 2014, 53% of renting households in Wicomico County are paying over 30% of their income towards housing costs, up from 47.6% in 2013. Those households which are severely cost burdened, i.e., paying over half their income towards renting costs, rose from 3,600 households (25.6%) to 4,000 households (28.2%).

“All of these numbers further support my recent proposal for a rent stabilization program in Salisbury, as we now know that even less money is left over on the 2nd of the month,” said Mayor Ireton. “When rents in Salisbury are as high as communities with median home values of $200,000, $400,000, and even $600,000, it is unmistakable that a rent stabilization program is necessary. I look forward to presenting this data to the Salisbury City Council at the October 5, 2015 work session at City Hall.”

Wicomico County to End Speed Camera Contract

Wicomico County will not renew its speed camera contract, according to an article in

Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver said that the county contract with Redspeed will not be renewed after it expires in December. According to DelmarvaNow:

"Culver said drivers have changed their habits and the Wicomico County cameras are no longer making money like they used to. The money that came in would go toward public safety, he said." 
 Wicomico's program was far smaller than speed camera programs run by more populous jurisdictions such as Montgomery, Prince George's, or Howard County. Monthly revenues from the program peaked in the summer of 2013. But by FY2015-2016 revenues had shriveled up to the point where the county only projected to bring in $35,000 for the year, according to the county budget.

U.S. Workers Sue Monsanto Claiming Herbicide Caused Cancer

Lawsuits come months after WHO's cancer research unit classified glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic to humans"

A U.S. farm worker and a horticultural assistant have filed lawsuits claiming Monsanto Co.’s Roundup herbicide caused their cancers and Monsanto intentionally misled the public and regulators about the dangers of the herbicide.

The lawsuits come six months after the World Health Organization’s cancer research unit said it was classifying glyphosate, the active weed-killing ingredient in Roundup and other herbicides, as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

One suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Sept. 22, names as plaintiff 58-year-old Enrique Rubio, a former farm worker in California, Texas and Oregon who over several years labored in fields of cucumbers, onions and other vegetable crops.

His duties included spraying fields with Roundup and other pesticides before Rubio was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1995, the lawsuit states.