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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'The Wizard of Oz' 75th Anniversary Trivia Game

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Levin: If GOP Doesn’t Have ‘Big Win’ Against 'Racist' Reid, Throw Leadership Out

On Monday, talk radio host Mark Levin slammed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for his controversial comments to a group of Asian business owners, and the Republican leadership for failing to win a majority in the Senate.

“You wanna hear racist? I’ll show you racist ... his name is Harry Reid ... and the Democrats have a habit of picking people like this.”

Levin added that given Reid’s habit of making such blunders, the Republican Party should win a major victory in 2014, but is not poised to do so.


MSP Press Release Alcohol Related Collision (Berlin Barrack) 8-27-14

Time:              August 27, 2014 1819 hours
Case #:           14-MSP-027654
Location:        N/B 113 at Langmaid Rd

Vehicle Operator: Robert Spencer Lomax    

Narrative:  On 08/27/2014 @ 1819 hours, MSP Barrack “V” Berlin Troopers responded to N/B 113 at Langmaid Rd in reference to a serious motor vehicle collision involving two vehicles.
One of the vehicles was a roll over. Troopers made contact with all parties involved and found that one of the drivers identified as Robert Lomax (rollover vehicle) was under influence of an alcoholic beverage.
Lomax was subsequently transported to PRMC for precautionary measures. The other driver/passenger involved where flown to PRMC for precautionary measures. Lomax was subsequently charged with DUI and related charges.

Investigating Trooper(s):  Tpr. Dick 5794

Duty Officer:  SGT. Romano
Barrack Commander: Lt. E.W. Starner
Assistant Commander:  F/Sgt. Davala
Criminal Investigation Commander:  D/Sgt Sharp

The Status Quo's Model Of "How The World Works" Is Broken

Much has been written about the dysfunction in Washington D.C. Pundits have been wringing their hands for years over the rise of bitter partisan politics and the resulting gridlock. The impact of this--what I have termed profound political disunity--extends beyond the narrow confines of domestic politics, a reality reflected in Foreign Affairs new survey of our winter of political discontent, Dysfunction Junction [12].
But all these discussions of our dysfunctional politics ignore the larger truth, which is the entire model of the Status Quo is broken. Even if reformers succeeded in ridding the political system of cronyism and favors-for-campaign-contributions--two essentially impossible reforms, given the legalistic cover provided for cronyism and bought and paid for representatives, the basic model of "how the world works" that dominates the world-view of leaders across the political spectrum would remain broken.

There are only three alternatives:
1. The current gridlock continues, and the policies in place grind on with minor tweaks.
2. The Democrats win a sweeping victory and are able to unilaterally impose their reforms.
3. The Republicans win a sweeping victory and are able to unilaterally impose their reform

Intelevator Intelligent Voice Activated Elevator - Funny Prank

The Oklahoma doctor making a run around Obamacare

About a year before the birth of Obamacare, Dr. Keith Smith, director of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, posted all the prices for his center’s surgeries online.

Today, he’s in expansion mode, looking to build two more operating rooms. His fastest-growing group of patients? Obamacare enrollees.

Though armed with Obamacare health insurance plans, the patients are saddled with high deductibles. Looking for alternatives, some of them fly from around the country to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, where the cost of care and travel together amounts to less than their deductibles under their Affordable Care Act plans.

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma is a physician-owned operation that does not take Medicare or Medicaid and only selectively works with private insurance plans. Patients pay in cash or with cashier’s checks.

“Even if someone has this (Obamacare) insurance card in their pocket, they are soon going to find out that it’s worthless,” Smith said, citing both higher prices and doctor shortages under Obamacare. “Coverage doesn’t mean care.”


Tim Tebow’s Surprise for Teen With Life-Threatening Illness ‘Made Her Dreams Come True’

Former NFL player Tim Tebow surprised a 15-year-old girl battling a life-threatening illness with a trip to Arizona to meet meet him — but that wasn’t all.

“Haley’s journey to meet Tim began with a simple wish, and like all W15H experiences, became a completely customized trip full of exciting adventures,” Tebow’s foundation said in a statement unveiling a video documenting the teen’s experience.

Tebow paid for Haley Burke, who has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and her family to fly from Virginia and stay in the presidential suite of a Scottsdale resort for four days.


The Madness of 2008

A nation became unhinged by trivialities like “hope and change.” It has now awakened.

America is suddenly angry at the laxity, incompetence, and polarizing politics of the Obama administration, the bad optics of the president putting about in his bright golf clothes while the world burns. Certainly, no recent president has failed on so many fronts — honesty, transparency, truthfulness, the economy, foreign policy, the duties of the commander-in-chief, executive responsibilities, and spiritual leadership.

For those who are “shocked” at the present meltdown, of a magnitude not seen since the annus horribilis of 1979, in their defense: Obama certainly did not campaign on a new health-care plan that would force Americans to give up the doctors they liked and their existing coverage, while raising premiums and deductibles, while giving exemptions for insiders and cronies, and while raising the deficit.

Nor did we hear on the campaign trail that Obama would push gay marriage, open borders, near-permanent zero interest rates, six consecutive $1 trillion deficits, and record food-stamp and Social Security disability payouts. He criticized Bush for relatively minor executive orders, suggesting that he would never rule by fiat — as he since has done in matters of Obamacare, immigration law, and environmental regulations. Remember the promise of ending the revolving door and stopping aides from cashing in — and then follow the post-administration careers of Obama’s closest advisers.

Obama promised to halve the deficit — not run up more red ink than almost all prior presidents combined. Indeed, he once as a senator voted against raising the debt limit and blasted Bush for borrowing from China. He once sermonized to us that the presidency is serious stuff, that it entails inordinate personal sacrifice and even a virtual absence of downtime and vacation — and then he became just the sort of president he was critiquing. But those deceptions were simply politics as usual, and it was logical for the hard leftist Barack Obama to try to appear to be a moderate, given that no Northern liberal had won the presidency in the half-century since John F. Kennedy.


The Massachusetts State Police Had to Apologize After Someone Noticed This Bumper Sticker on Their Cruiser

Massachusetts State Police apologized Monday after they first accused an individual of fabricating evidence showing a distasteful bumper sticker on one of their police vehicles.

Chris Kantos, who was walking in Boston Sunday morning, came across an official police cruiser when he noticed a bumper sticker attached to it.

“Racial Profiling Saves Lives,” the sticker read.


Iraq Vet Beaten After Being Warned Waffle House Unsafe For Whites

A rural Mississippi man suffered life-threatening injuries and required brain surgery after he entered a Waffle House despite receiving a warning not to enter the restaurant because of the color of his skin.

The severe beating occurred early Sunday morning around 2 a.m., reports The Clarion-Ledger. Up to 20 assailants participated.

The injured man is Ralph Weems IV, a veteran of the Iraq War and a Marine. He is white.

The altercation began at about 1 a.m. when Weems and a friend, David Knighten, chose to go inside the Waffle House. Knighten said they made this decision after a man in the parking lot diplomatically suggested that they should leave because the patrons inside were angry about the Aug. 9 police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Thus, the unidentified man explained, the restaurant would not be a safe place for two white people. (RELATED: Twenty-Four Hours In A Small, Highly Televised Riot)

According to Knighten, Weems, 32, began arguing with customers not long after he entered the Waffle House. It’s not clear what was said or what was in dispute. After the police eventually showed up, Weems and Knighten left.



BALTIMORE — The Coast Guard rescued three people Wednesday after the mariners' 17-foot boat capsized near Ocean City.

Watchstanders at Coast Guard Station Ocean City received a report of an overturned vessel with three people in the water near Ocean City Inlet at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Baltimore issued an urgent marine information broadcast. A 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew from Station Ocean City was already underway for training and diverted to respond.

All three people were rescued.

Serious Motor Vehicle Accident: Trooper 4 Requested

Berlin and Newark Fire and EMS are on the scene of a serious motor vehicle accident on Rt. 113 Langmaid Rd. Trooper 4 has been requested. Heavy entrapment. Expect delays.

Heavy Rain Blamed For Chesapeake Bay Dead Zone

KENT ISLAND, Md. (WJZ) — It’s not the kind of rebound the Chesapeake Bay needs, but as summer draws to a close, a larger dead zone is taking shape.

Alex DeMetrick reports heavy rain set it in motion.

Dead zones happen every summer in the bay. But this year, it was…

“The least amount of dead zone we’ve had on record since we’ve been monitoring the last 30 years,” said Bruce Michael, Department of Natural Resources.

Good news that’s come to an abrupt end.

“And now in August, it’s actually rebounded,” Michael said.


Lost Dog 8-21-14: UPDATE

UPDATE: Never give up. This Dog was lost on 8-21-14 and has now been reunited with its Family. 

"Bosco" Lost 8/20 @ 7:30am from Ellegood St. (next to Pemberton Elementary School in Salisbury, MD) Neutered male, 20lbs, sable and white (looks like a fox), wearing a blue harness, 3yrs old. Very scared! He was neutered 8/19- he needs his pain medication! 

He has a registered microchip, and has been reported missing through Flyers have been posted in the area, and have been sent to every animal hospital and humane society in the area, as well as on the facebook page LostPetPR. 

*Update: seen in a field across from the little league fields on Pemberton Dr. approx 9:30am 8/20 

*Update: seen in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood off Pemberton Dr. approx 11am 8/20 

Please call Healing Hands Animal Hospital 410-742-4884 with any information! Please help us find this little guy!

Michael Brown Funeral: Cop-Lynching Pep Rally

An Al Sharpton-led memorial service yesterday for Michael Brown, the black 18-year-old thug who gave a white Ferguson, Mo. police officer a severe head injury while trying to seize his handgun, became the grotesque political rally some observers feared it would be.

The distinctly anti-police tone of the service was proof that the lie that Brown tried to surrender to white police officer Darren Wilson, rather than trying to beat the life out of him, won’t die. The racial-grievance industry, egged on by President Obama, won’t let it go.

The Left’s narrative that the nearly 300-lbs. Brown, who had just robbed a convenience store on Aug. 9 mere minutes before encountering decorated policeman Wilson, is under withering evidentiary assault every day. As federal officials scour the riot-torn St. Louis suburb in a desperate search for material to justify federal civil rights charges, Sharpton is pressing on with his campaign to foment race-based hatred.

The funeral sets the stage for the mob-led lynching of Officer Wilson, an outcome eagerly sought by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Missouri’s governor, Jay Nixon (D). Nixon has been covering his left flank in recent days, terrified because activists noticed that he seemed to support law and order and oppose mobocracy, rioting, and looting in the early hours of the crisis that followed Brown’s death. But after criticism from the Left, Nixon, like the Democratic members of the local congressional delegation, wants Wilson indicted, evidence or not.


Mexican President Praises California Policies

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto praised Gov. Jerry Brown and state lawmakers Tuesday for approving a series of immigrant-friendly laws, saying California is taking a lead role in the absence of national immigration reform.

He specifically mentioned a law that allows immigrants in the country illegally to obtain driver's licenses, a law that has yet to take effect because a final decision has not been made about the appearance of the licenses.

California also allows immigrants here illegally to apply for state-funded college scholarships and aid at public universities. And earlier this month, Brown and the Democratic legislative leaders announced a plan to spend $3 million to provide legal help for the estimated 3,900 unaccompanied immigrant children from Central America who are in the state.



Are you watching WBOC right now? Like I have always said, there are THOUSANDS of stories to pick and choose from on a daily basis. Yet is never ceases to amaze me how WBOC picks and chooses every article Salisbury News provides. That's not work.

Today we learned another Blogger was STEALING news from local MSM sources, (word for word) and NOT letting his viewers the stories were coming from other sources. They said he was using the text of the articles but changing the titles so he could make it look like he created it on Facebook and Twitter. That's plagiarism. Looks like someone is about to get sued because he knows better.

Black-on-white beating revenge for Michael Brown?

Police are investigating a brutal beating at a Mississippi restaurant that some are calling revenge for the killing of black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

A verbal alternation between two white men and up to seven black men began at a West Point, Mississippi, Waffle House shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday.

The restaurant’s management warned the two groups to “take it outside” and the two whites, Ralph Weems and David Knighten, left the scene after words were exchanged. About an hour later, the men stopped at a Huddle House restaurant and realized they had been followed by “about 20 people,” according to a local TV station. The verbal confrontation resumed and, this time, it turned violent.

When police arrived at the Huddle House about 2:10 a.m., they found Weems, a 32-year-old former Marine, lying in the parking lot severely beaten. Two men were bent over Weems trying to render aid, police said, but all of the beating suspects were gone. Weems was airlifted to North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo where he underwent emergency brain surgery, according to a family member, and was put into a medically induced coma.


Governor O’Malley Attends First Council on Open Data Meeting, Highlights Efforts to Share Data and Drive State Agency Performance

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor O’Malley today participated in the inaugural Council on Open Data meeting in Baltimore. The 37-member council — led by the Deputy Secretary of DoIT, Greg Urban and Vice-chaired by the Director of StateStat, Matt Power — brings together cabinet secretaries, entrepreneurs, experts and business owners from across Maryland to increase the public’s access to government information and data resources.

Earlier this month, the Center for Data Innovation placed Maryland in a six-way tie for 1st place for the State’s commitment to open data and government transparency. Maryland tied with Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma and Utah.

“Access to government data not only increases government efficiency and accountability, but it allows for the open sharing of ideas and solutions that can revolutionize the way in which we govern,” said Governor O’Malley. “Today’s meeting builds on our Administration’s efforts to increase transparency and make Maryland more open and more accountable to residents, businesses and advocates.”



(EAST NEW MARKET, MD) – Maryland State Police homicide investigators have received positive confirmation of the identity of human remains found last weekend in a rural area of Dorchester County.

The body has been identified as Radames Guzman, 40, of Magnolia Delaware. He was positively identified through fingerprints obtained by Maryland State Police crime scene technicians.

The autopsy at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore is ongoing. The cause and manner of death have not been ruled on by the medical examiner’s office at this time. Additional forensic tests and examinations are being conducted. Although an official ruling has not been made, investigators continue to consider this a suspicious death.

The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit continues to lead this investigation and is being assisted by Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office detectives and investigators from the State Police Criminal Enforcement Division. As the investigation has continued, assistance is also being provided by the Delaware State Police.

The investigation began just before noon on August 24, 2014, when Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to a wooded area on Red Hill Road, about one-quarter mile west of Linkwood Road, in East New Market, Md., for the report of human remains found by someone walking through the area. The remains were found in what appeared to be a shallow grave. The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office requested the investigation be assumed by the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit.

After the initial news release was issued about the recovered human remains, Dorchester County deputies informed State Police homicide investigators that they had been contacted by a relative of an individual who had been reported missing from his home in Magnolia, Delaware. Investigators learned the man, identified as Guzman, had been reported missing to Delaware State Police on August 5, 2014. Family members had not had contact with Guzman since August 2, 2014.

State Police investigators are interviewing family members, friends, and associates of Guzman and attempting to determine what happened to him after he was last seen by his family on August 2nd. Anyone with information about Radames Guzman is urged to contact the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit at the Easton Barrack at 410-822-3101. Callers may remain anonymous. A reward of up to $2,000 is being offered for information about this death by the Crimes Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore. Crime Solvers may be contacted at 410-548-1776.

Democrats in Congress Call for “Federalizing” Police

There’s no clearer path to a police state than central control. The Federal government should not be in the business of intervening in local law enforcement matters at all unless there’s evidence that Federal laws are being violated. No Federal laws have been violated in Ferguson.

But what Democrats are proposing in response to Ferguson would be an even more nightmarish police state.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, along with other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, sent a letter Monday to President Barack Obama, urging the administration to pursue changes to local law enforcement structure to “prevent more Fergusons,” including a federal czar to oversee local law enforcement.

“The administration must quickly establish a national commission to review existing police policies and practices,” the letter reads. “And identify the best policies and practices that can prevent more Fergusons and vastly improve policing in communities across the nation.”

In addition to the commission, the letter calls for the appointment of a federal czar within the Justice Department to monitor and oversee local police departments that receive federal funding.


Vanishing Ocean City Coffee Table Book

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Flip through the 220-page hardbound book and travel back in time with images of the early hotels and the long vanished buildings that make up Maryland’s famous beach resort. Pre-order your limited edition coffee table book today while supplies last and begin your journey through Vanishing Ocean City. Books will be available the end of August, but can be pre-ordered now.

WCSO Press Releases August 27, 2014

Incident: Extradition
Date of Incident: 18 August 2014
Location: Sussex County, DE
Suspect: Joshua Jeffrey Lehman, 37, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 18 August 2014 a deputy extradited Joshua Lehman from Sussex County DE back to Wicomico County on three Circuit Court Bench Warrants. The warrants were all issued back in June 2014 after Lehman failed to appear for traffic related cases.  Upon return to Wicomico County, Lehman was detained without bond pending an appearance in front of a Circuit Court Judge
Charges: Failure to Appear

Incident: Warrant Arrest
Date of Incident: 23 August 2014
Location: East Walnut Street, Delmar, MD
Suspect: Dwight Lamont Shivers Jr., 26, Delmar, MD
Narrative: On 23 August 2014 a deputy arrested Dwight Shivers on an outstanding District Court Bench Warrant. The warrant was issued after Shivers violated the terms of his probation following a conviction in an Assault 2nd Degree case.  Shivers was detained in the Detention Center on a bond of $20,000.00.
Charges: Violation of Probation

Incident: Warrant Arrest
Date of Incident: 25 August 2014
Location: Salisbury, MD
Suspect: John Mark Jones Jr., 19, Delmar, MD
Narrative: On 25 August 2014 a deputy arrested John Mark Jones on an outstanding District Court Bench Warrant. The warrant was issued after Jones violated the terms of his probation following a conviction in a CDS case.  Jones was detained in the Detention Center in lieu of $50,000.00 bond.
Charges: Violation of Probation

Incident: Fugitive from Delaware
Date of Incident: 26 August 2014
Location: Salisbury, MD
Suspect: John Bryand Waryasz, 53, Seaford, DE
Narrative: On 26 August 2014 a deputy arrested John Waryasz as a fugitive from the State of Delaware. Authorities in that state wanted Waryasz on an arrest warrant that charged him with Failing to Register as a Sex Offender.  Waryasz was detained without bond pending extradition back to Delaware.
Charges: Fugitive from the State of Delaware

Incident: Extradition
Date of Incident: 25 August 2014
Location: Kent County, DE
Suspect: Thomas A. Wheat, 37, Milford,DE
Narrative: On 25 August 2014 a deputy extradited Thomas Wheat from Kent County, DE back to Wicomico County. Wheat was being sought on a District Court bench Warrant that was issued after he violated the terms of his probation in an Assault 2nd case.  Wheat was detained in the Detention Center on a bond of $10,000.00 bond.
Charges: Violation of Probation
Releasing Authority: Lt. Tim Robinson        Date:  27 August 2014

Common Core architect’s history ‘deeply biased’ against U.S.

School district delays implementation

One of North Carolina’s largest school districts is condemning the College Board’s new Advanced-Placement History curriculum, which has direct ties to Common Core, calling it a deeply biased, inaccurate and revisionist version of American history.

The New Hanover County Schools Board of Education adopted a resolution Aug. 19 that calls for a one-year delay in the course‘s implementation.

David Coleman, known as the architect of the Common Core national standards and its chief pitchman, is the president of the College Board, a private company based in New York that owns the SAT and ACT exams as well as the Advanced Placement, or AP, exams and curriculum.

“Coleman is now re-writing every College Board product to align with Common Core,” said Meg Norris, a retired public-school teacher in Hall County, Georgia, and an anti-Common Core activist in that state.

The College Board not only owns the AP curriculum but it administers the AP standardized tests nationwide to K-12 students, measuring their readiness to attend college. Coleman’s ties to the controversial Common Core national education standards and the AP course’s new take on American history has come under fierce criticism.


Long Term Town of Ocean City Employees Retire from Public Works Department

charliebunting Charles Bunting and Frank Marshall have retired after almost 70 years of combined employment with the Town of Ocean City.  Marshal, who joined the town full-time in September of 1974, retires as the Construction Supervisor for the Public Works Department.  Also leaving the department, Bunting will be finishing his last day in the maintenance division almost 30 years to the date of his hire on August 27, 1984.
Marshall, who worked for the Town of Pocomoke before coming to Ocean City, was involved in numerous projects during his career with the town, including the Beach Replenishment Program.  In addition to his role in Ocean City, Marshall was an active member of the United States Army, where he served his country for six years.  Bunting, who worked for the maintenance division of public works, helped keep Ocean City clean and maintained for residents and visitors.  During his career, Bunting operated small and heavy equipment including beach tractors and street brooms.  Before his time with public works, Bunting worked for Worcester County and with the Ocean City Recreation and Parks Department, where he helped maintain facilities at Northside Park, as well as other park locations in town.
“I’m looking forward to traveling with my family and relaxing and enjoying my life,” Marshall said.  “I am very thankful to the Town of Ocean City, the City Council and my co-workers who continue to work together for the community.”
Bunting also plans to enjoy his family members, further his education, continue his work with the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company, where he is a Gold Bade Member, and travel.  “Basically, I have done it all serving the town’s residents, vacationers and visitors during my 30 year career,” Bunting added.  “I was born and raised in Ocean City and attended kindergarten through 6th grade at the old Ocean City School which is now City Hall. Now that I am retired, I am going to have a chance to enjoy this community even more.”
Recently married, Bunting added that he and his new bride also plan to do some traveling. “I am looking forward to spending some time fishing. In fact, we are leaving town tomorrow for our first trip.”

Join Governor and Mrs. Ehrlich for a Reception to Support Mike McDermott

Serious Scooter / Motor Vehicle Accident

Berlin Fire/EMS units are on the scene of a serious scooter vs. car accident. A 50 year old male patient is unconscious. Trooper 4 is en route. Accident happened at Buckingham Lane.

SFD Calls For Service 8-26-14

  • Tuesday August, 26 2014 @ 21:42Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Tuesday August, 26 2014 @ 21:32Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Tuesday August, 26 2014 @ 17:02Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Tuesday August, 26 2014 @ 16:57 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: Ocean Gtwy & Salisbury Byp Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Tuesday August, 26 2014 @ 16:57 Nature: Auto Accident RescueAddress: Ocean Gtwy & Salisbury Byp Salisbury, MD 21801

Do You Recognize This Thief?

I need your guys help, this is a video of a thief in the area steeling over a $1000 of equipment from my trailer 30 seconds after I walked away. Please share to help me catch him so it doesn't happen again.  
DFC Chaffey at 410-546-4891

See the video HERE

More Elderly Americans Are Struggling With Student Loan Debt

Until his Social Security check arrived almost $300 lighter last June, Eric Merklein, 67, didn’t know he had outstanding student debt. He’d taken out a loan about 40 years ago to attend Southern Illinois University and believed it had been repaid by his grandmother after he graduated in the early 1970s. When he contacted the Department of Education to ask why he was getting less in his check, Merklein says he was surprised to learn the government was withholding a portion of his benefit to cover the debt.

Merklein is among the more than 2 million Americans age 60 and older carrying student debt, up from about 700,000 in 2005, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The debts are from old loans like Merklein’s and more recent ones that older Americans take to go back to school or pay for college for their kids. In total, this group has $43 billion in unpaid loans, five times what they owed in 2005. The average debt also has risen by more than 60 percent since 2005, to around $20,000 per borrower older than 60.

The government has the power to seize portions of the pay or Social Security checks of those who’ve stopped paying their federal student loans. It can also confiscate tax rebates. Borrowers can negotiate a repayment plan with the government to get out of default.


Update from Communications Manager, Jessica Waters

Update from Communications Manager, Jessica Waters: (Wednesday, August 27, 2014):Despite an extraordinary effort by our public safety personnel, including our Beach Patrol and Fire Department rescue swimmers, the life saving measures after yesterday’s water rescue were unsuccessful. The victim, 18-year-old Jose Maudiel Hernandez, from Manassass, VA, was pronounce deceased at Atlantic General Hospital last evening.
Our most heartfelt sympathies go out to the family, friends and loved ones of the victim. On behalf of the entire Town of Ocean City, our thoughts and prayers are with them during this very difficult time.
As we enter into a busy Labor Day weekend, the Ocean City Beach Patrol reminds beachgoers to check in with the lifeguard on duty every time you come to the beach. An increase in strong rip currents can be seen on our coast because of tropical storm activity off-shore. Beach patrons are reminded that there are swimming restrictions in effect until further notice. Swimmers are asked to remain knee deep in the water or less. Citizens are also strongly encouraged to only swim when lifeguards are on duty.

Republicans gaining momentum in race for control of Senate

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has worked to reassure fellow Democrats during the August recess that his party would not lose control of the Senate if the election were held now.

"They'd have to pick up six seats, it'd be very, very hard for them to do that," Reid told Reno's KTVN earlier this month.

However, the election is still 10 weeks from Tuesday, and Democrats who once felt the party would retain their majority are now worried the GOP's momentum could cost them even more than the six seats necessary for Republicans to retake control.

"We all thought four were in the bag [for Republicans]," Democratic campaign strategist Joe Trippi said. "But right now, it's looking like the bottom end of that scale isn't four anymore, it's five or six. And that means the entire Senate majority is on the bubble."

In several races, Republicans are pulling away from their Democratic rivals.


Investigation And Seach Results In Arrests And Seizure Of Prescription Drugs

Following a month long investigation Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Agents, Delaware State Police, Delaware Department of State Division of Professional Regulation, Delaware Probation and Parole and Milton Police Department conducted search warrants at several Selbyville and Frankford convenience stores that led to multiple arrests.

Information had been received that the following locations were illegally selling prescription type drugs:
  • La Sierra: 58 West Church Street, Selbyville, Delaware
  • Danny’s Pizzeria: N. Main Street, Selbyville Delaware – investigation is ongoing
  • Taco Town: 34051 DuPont Blvd., Frankford Delaware
During the search prescription type drugs and substances were seized along with over 500 bootleg DVDs and approximately $88,000 in cash.

Isela Delgado, 31, of Ocean City, Maryland

CHARGES: Operate a Pharmacy without a License
Delivery of Non-Controlled Prescription Medication
Delivery of a Hypodermic Syringe

BAIL: $4100.00 – Unsecured

LOCATION: Taco Town 34051 DuPont Blvd., Frankford

Oscar B. Jimenez, 35, of Ocean City, Maryland

Operate a Pharmacy without a License
Delivery of Non-Controlled Prescription Medication
Delivery of a Hypodermic Syringe
Trademark Counterfeiting

BAIL: $5500.00 – Unsecured

LOCATION: La Sierra 58 West Church Street, Selbyville

IRS Destroys Lerner’s Blackberry During Congressional Tea Party Probe

More proof of criminal wrongdoing by IRS

The Internal Revenue Service destroyed former director Lois Lerner’s Blackberry, which contained the same e-mails as her hard drive the agency wiped, even though a Congressional inquiry into the IRS’s harassment of Tea Party groups was well underway.

The IRS never made any attempt to back up Lerner’s Blackberry before destroying it, and the agency even admitted the Blackberry “was removed or wiped clean of any sensitive or proprietary information and removed as scrap for disposal in June 2012,” months after Congress began investigating allegations that the tax agency was purposely harassing conservative and libertarian groups applying for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

“There is no record of any attempt by any IRS IT employee to recover data from any Blackberry device assigned to Lois Lerner in response to the Congressional investigations or this investigation,” Stephen Manning, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Strategy & Modernization, said according to the New York Observer.

The Blackberry was linked to Lerner’s official IRS e-mail account and thus contained the same e-mails Congress was seeking from her hard drive, which was likewise destroyed by the IRS a year prior to the destruction of the Blackberry.


9-year-old girl accidentally shoots instructor with Uzi

DOLAN SPRINGS, Ariz. -- A shooting range instructor in Arizona was accidentally shot and killed by a 9-year-old girl who was learning how to shoot an Uzi, authorities said on Tuesday.

Charles Vacca, 39, was teaching the girl how to use the automatic weapon on Monday morning at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range in White Hills, Arizona, when she pulled the trigger and the kickback caused the gun to lurch over her head, investigators said.

Vacca was hit by a stray bullet and airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where he was pronounced dead late Monday. The girl was at the range with her parents at the time, but their names were not released.

Sam Scarmardo, the manager for the Last Stop's shooting range, told NBC News that "the establish practice at most shooting ranges is 8 years old and up with parental supervision."

He said Vacca was a "great guy, with a great sense of humor" and called him "very conscientious and very professional."

Scarmardo said that the range has never had a similar incident in over a decade of being open — "not even a scratch."

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Doctor Errors Kill 500,000 Americans a Year

Here’s a shocking statistic: Doctors screw up 15 percent of the time.

The consequences of this alarming level of bad decision-making, wrong diagnoses, and just plain incompetence are tragic. It’s one thing when a mechanic, lawyer, plumber, or teacher makes a mistake. When a healthcare provider gets it wrong, the results are often deadly.

“Let’s put this in perspective. The death toll from healthcare screw-ups adds up to at least 500,000 Americans annually. That is the equivalent of three jumbo jets crashing every day of the year and killing everyone aboard,” says renowned pharmacy professor and medical author Joe Graedon.

Joe and his wife Terry have written a new book called Top Screwups Doctors Make—and How to Avoid Them.

The book chronicles case after case of medical mistakes that killed, injured, or maimed patients. Joe Graedon – who with Terry hosts an award-winning public radio program called The People’s Pharmacy – says the epidemic of healthcare errors is largely going unnoticed.

“No one is counting the bodies,” he says. “There is no outrage, no plan to change a system that allows too many to die unnecessarily. The medical profession seems largely immune to the consequences of its errors.”

WCSO Most Wanted 8-27-14

Unique Shaqualia Coles
· Black Female, 5’02” 185 lbs
· DOB 06/06/1989 25 years of age
· Brown hair, Brown eyes
· Coles’ last known address was Seaford DE
· Coles is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on two District Court Bench Warrants issued for Failure to Appear in July 2014 on Theft and Traffic Charges
· The preset bond is $21,000
· The state will extradite her from DE and VA
· Coles should be APPROACHED WITH CAUTION and has history of DRUG ABUSE

Kevin Elliott Owens
· White Male 6’01” 250 lbs
· DOB 09/01/1993 20 years of age
· Owens’ last known address was Arbutus MD
· Owens has a visible tattoo on his neck
· Owens is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on two District Court Arrest Warrants issued in May 2014 for Felony Burglary and Theft charges 

Edward Timothy Johnson
· Black Male 5’09” 155 lbs
· DOB 12/22/1982 31 years of age
· Black hair, Brown eyes
· Johnson’s last known address was Salisbury or Princess Anne MD
· Johnson is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued in April 2014 for Violation of Probation on the charge of Burglary 2nd degree
· And on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for
Failure to Appear in June 2014 for a Criminal Child Support charge
· There is no preset bond, he must be brought
before the court
· Johnson has history of DRUG ABUSE

Latisha Denise Owens
· Black Female, 5’00” 150 lbs
· DOB 10/19/1975 38 years of age
· Black hair, Brown eyes
· Owens’ last known address was Salisbury MD
· Owens is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District
Court Bench Warrant issued for Violation of Probation in June 2014 on the charges of Assault 2nd, Reckless Endangerment, Disorderly Conduct, and Intoxicated Endanger
· The preset bond is $10,000
· Owens has history of being ARMED and should be

Michael Jack Elliott
· White Male 5’11” 190 lbs
· DOB 09/01/1979 34 years of age
· Brown hair, Blue eyes
· Elliott’s last known address was Salisbury or Cumberland MD
· Elliott is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District
Court Bench Warrant issued for Violation of Probation in July 2014 on Theft charges
· The preset bond is $20,000

Maryland Business Leaders Urged To Volunteer In Schools

As Maryland students return to school, a growing number of professionals are also finding themselves back in the classroom. The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education(MBRT), a nonprofit coalition of employers, is continuing its award-winning Maryland Scholars Speakers Bureau and STEM Specialists in the Classroom programs, and is recruiting new volunteers for the 2014-15 school year.

MBRT’s Maryland Scholars Speakers Bureau includes volunteers of various backgrounds and professions who speak with students on the connection between educational achievement and workplace success. The STEM Specialists in the Classroom program offers professionals from science, technology, engineering and math fields, federal agencies and higher education the opportunity to co-teach lessons illustrating the real-world application of STEM skills.

“We want Maryland students to lead the nation—indeed, the world—in STEM capability, ensuring high-level employability for our students and economic prosperity for the state,” June Streckfus, MBRT Executive Director, said in a statement. “Decisions students make in high school affect the rest of their lives. Research shows that the more students interact with workplace professionals while in high school, the more money they earn after they graduate.”



S&P's Case-Shiller home price index has declined for the second straight month.

June prices fell 0.2%, worse than the consensus estimate for no change and the same rate of decline seen in May. Year-over-year, prices climbed 8.1%, about in-line with forecasts but slower than a revised 9.4% gain for May and a 17-month low.

“Home price gains continue to ease as they have since last fall,” David M. Blitzer, chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices, said in a release. “For the first time since February 2008, all cities showed lower annual rates than the previous month. Other housing indicators — starts, existing home sales, and builders’ sentiment — are positive. Taken together, these point to a more normal housing sector."

Pantheon Macro's Ian Shepherdson is not concerned in the short run but expects things to get worse after autumn:

"The CS measure as published is a three-month moving average, so it tends to lag shifts in the median price numbers published in the existing home sales report. In turn, those numbers lag shifts in home sales volumes, so we are inclined to see this softening in the CS data as a response to the drop in existing home sales during the severe winter. Sales have recovered all that drop and median prices have rebounded too; the CS numbers can be expected to follow in the fall. Thereafter, though, we are struggling to see where sustained momentum in sales and price might come from, given the latest downshift in mortgage applications."