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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lost Dog 12-11-16

Please help find Drake. He is a 3 yo Australian Shepard with one blue eye and wavy hair, 60 pounds, neutered male. He knows all basic obedience commands. He was last seen on Cedartown Rd in Snow Hill on Dec. 7 and ran off chasing a squirrel. He likely is lost in the woods. Reward offered for his return. Please call 443-235-3461. Thank you!


A student at JMB High School was arrested around 7:30 this morning for assaulting administrators and the Principal. It's been reported the Principal had to leave early after attempting to break things up and was struck in the head. Hopefully a press release will follow. 

A Viewer/Witness Writes: JMB fight today- from someone who was there


I witnessed firsthand the out-of-control behavior, fighting, and assaults that occurred at the madhouse known as JMB today. Staff and good students are frightened that they are next- victims of the predators at this "school." Parents pulled their students in droves today and teachers had to walk students to and from the bathroom out of fear of those students being assaulted.

The mayhem was a seen straight from a horror movie. A student started a violent fight upstairs and were separated by staff. Then a girl tried to assault, push a student over the balcony, and blood was everywhere. Mayhem ensued, students started all-out chaos and what could only be described as a riot. A girl downstairs who was just trying to get to class was hit in the head by a full bottle of water thrown from above. Students running wild, cursing staff, accosting other students and now trying to kill staff. THIS IS ALL ON VIDEO JUST LIKE THE ATTEMPTED MURDER OF MRS FORBUSH AND MR BRIGGS! get a freedom of information act request and show what these "students" are really up to!

When does the madness end? PLEASE KEEP THE INFO FLOWING! DO NOT LET UP!

We need change- what is this liberal crap doing to our country???


Ladies & Gentlemen, this is not an easy article to write. A very serious assault took place this morning in Princess Anne. A source has informed me that a husband allegedly took a hammer to his Wife and two children. One individual has allegedly also been stabbed.

The suspect was found in his car not far from the scene and has been arrested. All of the victims are in very serious condition. I had been told the details but I will refrain from bringing any of that up as I'm sure you can imagine just how bad it was. I will say that one of the victims was attacked in his crib.

Please pray for all of the victims. 

Originally posted at 9:17 AM.

BREAKING NEWS: A Viewer Writes, Another Fight At Bennett High

Some kind of situation going on at Bennett High.... lots of police cars.... students told to stay in their classrooms.... something to do with groups of students fighting or something... not exactly clear on it.

UPDATE: There are currently 5 County vehicles on the scene. 

UPDATE #2: We're told as many as 20 students were involved and that this may be a lingering issue from what happened there the other day. 

Academia: When Is Enough, Enough?

By Thornton Crowe

Over the last few weeks, colleges like Emory have declared that, like sanctuary cities, they will become safe havens for illegal aliens; thus, providing cover for illegals to avert federal law enforcement agencies and continue to live in America. One thing academia seems to forget is, unless they're private institutions (and even then, there's still some gray areas) they depend on federal monies to fill their already overflowing coffers. Like those cities, is it time to cut the proverbial fiscal cord and let them dangle in the wind?

Maybe they should look to their on-staff historians (professors) for counsel about just what's in that crazy ruling document we also call the United States Constitution. As it seems, Academia has now joined the mayhem of immigration enforcement on the premise they promote the "dreamers." Well, there were dreamers in the 1890s crowd that immigrated legally to the US through Ellis Island. They did so because they wanted to escape oppression, bad economies and other plights; however, they didn't seek entrance through any back doors.

Contrary to modern day illegal aliens, they got on the boat (legally,) crossed the Atlantic (legally,) and went through the rigors of Ellis (again, legally) to gain citizenship. Hence, the word legal is the key component here that many liberals seems to ignore in their cries against the big bad immigration situation, which is law in our country.

A week or so back, I referred to the fact that the federal government is not obligated to pay out monies to any other entity other than the Military and United States Postal Service. One of my commenters further backed up my claim, citing the Tenth Amendment. Yes, it is true and academia is now treading in very dangerous territory. Hard to help dreamers when you have no cash to back up the high rhetoric.

Perhaps it's time for us to revisit the notion of state autonomy and apply it to the Academic world as well. Given the high tuitions for educations that seem to be of little use to the Snowflake crowd as they work their Starbucks' jobs and live in the basement due to high cost of living and no real jobs available, yet colleges still teach courses like Gender Studies where a person needs to gain a PhD to get a 'real job.' Not only does this provide a generation of Peter Pans no bankable skills, it leaves them ensconced in debt - they cannot afford to pay off working even $15.00 per hour jobs.

Academic foundations are found to be some of the richest out there, so where's all this federal grant money going? Ironically, much of their money goes to research - but where has all this 'research' gotten us? Are there cures for cancer, diabetes, MS, or Alzheimers that we're unaware of? Unfortunately, for all this wasted cash, we haven't seen where research in the breeding habits of fruit flies has helped cure any of America's economic ills.

Let's face it, a lot of this so-called research isn't doing much in the furtherance of our society and its well-being; so why do we continue to fund such fruitless efforts? Is it to put another PhD in a tenured position so he/she can teach absolutely nothing to future generations while expounding platitudes about their personal politics?

When is enough, enough? Now with a $19T debt that we can never possibly pay off, can we afford these Social Justice Warriors to continue their big talk that promotes violating federal laws? The fact these colleges would directly challenge the hand that feeds is quite stunning and, frankly, short-sighted on their lot.

So next time you pass any one of our local learning institutions, think to yourselves, it's all a matter of time when they will join this illegal alien sanctuary battle cry; hence, leaving you little taxpayers to foot for yet another extravagant bill generated by institutions already seen to many as an incubus of fiscal gluttony and waste!

How say you?

Reality Smacks Salisbury Maryland In The Face This Morning!

This morning, Sam's Club here in Salisbury gets new gas pumps from WAYNE PUMP, CO - formerly made in Salisbury, MD.
Check out their new address,  
bottom center, Texas!

Can you say Liberal Leadership for decades?

WCSO Press Release 12-8-16

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 7 December 2016
Location: 300 E. College Avenue, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Daquan P. Parks, 16, Fruitland, MD.
Narrative: On 7 December 2016 at 7:30 AM, a deputy responded to the main office of James M. Bennett High School for a reported disturbance. The deputy learned that one of the school’s assistant principals was dealing with a 16 year old student named Daquan Parks. It was reported that Parks began arguing with the assistant principal and that escalated to a physical confrontation. It was alleged that Parks pushed the assistant principal back over the counter in the main office and began to choke her with both of Park’s hands around her neck. The school principal immediately attempted to intervene to stop the assault at which point Parks began swinging at the principal, landing some punches including one to his head which knocked him to the ground. Parks, who was also knocked to the ground in the scuffle then got back on his feet and went after the assistant principal again, this time pinning her against the wall until additional help arrived and Parks was restrained.
Both the Assistant Principal and Principal suffered injury as a result of the assault by Parks.
The deputy placed Parks under arrest and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Parks in the Detention Center in lieu of $20,000.00 bond.
Charges: As an adult - Assault 1st Degree, Assault 2nd Degree and Disorderly Conduct

Wicomico County Council Has Their Heads Up Their _____'s

The entire council flipped, (once again) and voted John Cannon in for the third term as President and elected Larry Dodd as Vice President. 

It totally reminds me of the insane Liberals and Nancy Pelosi. 

Let's Spend Tens Of Millions Of Taxpayer Dollar To Better Education

While physical attacks and assaults plague Wicomico County Schools, clearly delivering the latest and greatest "FOR THE CHILDREN" is proving to be a total waste of money. Besides, the criminals causing these assaults are not considered "children" while they get charged as "ADULTS". interesting how that works, isn't it?

We at Salisbury News had stated from day one, (when they proposed new school construction) PROVE it is WORTHY. Prove the grades are high enough to warrant such massive investments. Even County Council Members started asking for the same thing. 

Yet your Liberal leadership shoved it down our taxpayer throats and day in and day out these "CHILDREN" prove we continue to throw good money after bad money. In the mean time, look at the examples these students are setting. Look at the extremely lenient discipline they deliver to these horrible students and finally, how the hell are the good students supposed to learn with all these distractions? 

OK, so you tell me/us, what do you believe needs to be done to put these crimes to rest? I can assure you, your elected officials and Board of Education representatives follow Salisbury News. 

Question Of The Day 12-8-16

All I want For Christmas is _____________

Fake News EBT Blogger Lies Again For Attention

The Sister of the victim in Princess Anne is totally pissed off and has gone public calling out the EBT Blogger for lying about her Sister dying, it is not true. 

The EBT Blogger exposed the name and picture of the victim in his first post about the incident. I should add, WMDT refused to name the victim in their broadcast on this matter.

Nevertheless, there's no better place to expose these lies than Salisbury News. The EBT Blogger is no different than the Fake News Media. 

Our thoughts and prayers continue for all of the victims of this horrific crime.

Biden: I'm Going to Run for President in 2020

Vice President Joe Biden might not be calling it quits just yet.

The 74-year-old told reporters Monday he was "going to run in 2020 . . . for president," and, when probed further, paused before saying he was not counting it out.

"I am not committed to anything," he told reporters, per The Hill. "I learned a long time ago, fate has a strange way of intervening."

Biden thought about running in 2016 but dropped out in late 2015 after deciding he could not mount a winning campaign following the death of his son, Beau, to cancer.

"As my family and I have worked through the grieving process," he said then. "I've said all along that it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. I've concluded it has closed."

The former U.S. senator campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and ran for president in 1988 and 2008. In January, he told CNN he had regrets about not entering the race, but "it was the right decision for my family and for me."


Mikulski Closes Out 40 Years In Elected Office

Sen. Barbara Mikulski officially closes out her four decades in elected office on Jan. 3. But on Wednesday, the body's longest serving woman gave her farewell address on the Senate floor.

"More than half of my life has been in elected public service, but at the same time, all of my life has been focused on service," said the 80-year-old Baltimore native. "You know when people vote for you, it's not that they're sending you to Washington, they're sending you to City Hall. They're giving you their vote of confidence...that you will be on their side, that they will be on your side."

Before her five years on the City Council, 10 years in the House of Representatives and 30 years in the U.S. Senate, Mikulski was a community organizer, working with residents in Fells Point and Rosemont to block a massive highway project that would have seen neighbors divided and homes demolished.

"We defied the odds and that's how I came into office, a champion on behalf of the people," Mikulski said.


What's Happening? 12-7-16

Sound Off! Let us know what is going on in the area.  The good, the bad and the ugly

Feminist Journalist: Sex Will 'Get A Lot Less Fun' Under Trump

Jill Filipovic wildly claimed that "sex is about to get a lot less fun" in a Thursday op-ed on Filipovic pointed the finger at Donald Trump nominating ObamaCare opponent, Rep. Tom Price, to be HHS secretary, and claimed the move is "just one peek at what Trump's notorious misogyny will look like when it's translated into policy." The Cosmopolitan contributor zeroed in on ObamaCare's "provision that full covers contraception," and claimed that if the controversial law is repealed, many women would no longer be able to "enjoy recreational sex without suffering economically, professionally or medically from an unwanted pregnancy."

The title of Filipovic's editorial, along with its lead sentence, contained the over-the-top "lot less fun" statement about sex. She followed this by noting that "anti-abortion and anti-contraception" Rep. Price is also a "proponent of defunding Planned Parenthood, an organization that serves more than 2.5 million patients, many of them low-income, every year." The feminist writer, who received an award from Planned Parenthood for "media excellence" in 2015, continued with oft-used talking points about the abortion giant: "Birth control and STI testing and treatment make up the majority of services Planned Parenthood provides...Federal funding mostly goes to Planned Parenthood in the form of Medicaid dollars, which are set aside to provide health care for poor Americans, and that's who these funding cuts will largely affect."

Filipovic then outlined why, in her view, American women would have "a harder time getting contraception" with Rep. Price heading the Department of Health and Human Services:


Michael Moore: ‘Disrupt the Inauguration’

Liberal documentary filmaker Michael Moore is encouraging Americans to take to the streets to protest the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

“Disrupt the Inauguration. The Majority have spoken – by nearly 2.7 million votes &counting! Silence is not an option,” Moore tweeted Wednesday morning to his three million Twitter followers.

Moore’s tweet linked to a webpage for DisruptJ20, a social justice campaign calling for “a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017.”

“We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies,” the website reads. “If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over. It must be made clear to the whole world that the vast majority of people in the United States do not support his presidency or consent to his rule.”

Stop Pointing Fingers At Law Enforcement & Judges For Major Crime (recidivism) In Salisbury & Wicomico County

All of them, (Lemon, Purnell, Church & Chandler) have extensive criminal records. 

People wonder about why we are seeing more violent crimes, they need to look at their Senators & Delegates that voted for house bill 1312 (the Justice Reinvestment Act.)

It's going to get a lot worse.

Everyone is quick to blame Judges, Police, or even the Jails. If you actually understood that it's the Maryland Parole Commission who releases at their discretion. Commissioners are chosen by the Governor & the Justice Reinvestment Act was voted in by our elected officials. They're releasing hundreds of people to parole, then ignoring Parole Agents warrant requests just to save money.

Lemon: Jan 2016 sent to 6 months for possession with intent to distribute cds. 3yrs probation. 

Chandler: 2008 PBJ to resist arrest. 2014 MDOP conviction. 2014 sent to 55 days for violating exparte.

Church: 2010 PBJ for disorderly conduct. 2013 cds possession. 2014 assault 2nd, 18 months all suspended. 

Purnell: 2006 2yrs for possession of firearm. 2014 sentence to 5yrs for assault 2nd.

Purnell was also sentenced in 2009 to 5 yrs for possession with intent to distribute cds.

Yesterday's press release on the above. The following information/link should explain things a whole lot better. 

2013 Maryland CodeCORRECTIONAL SERVICES§ 6-117 - Earned compliance credit program

It's time Governor Hogan get on the ball with these criminals and thousands of others like them. O'Malley is to blame but it is now up to Hogan to correct this problem. Remember where ECI releases the majority of their prisoners, Salisbury and Wicomico County. Many convicted criminals are only serving 1/3 of their sentences.

TONIGHT: Who Will Be The Next Wicomico County Council President?

It has always been a tradition for the Council President to only serve one term at a time, each year. While John Cannon committed to the same agreement, he has been Council President for two straight terms and wants to continue a third term. However, we've been told John Hall may just have the support he needs to become the next Council President and he should. It's time the Council put someone in there that won't stir the pot on just about any and every agenda item. John Hall can deliver a balance the County hasn't seen in years. Tonight's Council Meeting will decide who is your next President and Vice President.

That being said, something needs to be done about Matt Holloway rarely ever attending meetings any more. Not only that but Council Members are appointed to many different positions and committees. The mere fact that each candidate and ultimately Council Member knows they are to represent their district and what is required. Matt Holloway continues to distance himself from attending the majority of his responsibilities and is failing his district miserably. In fact, Matt wants to be Vice President this go around, yet he's rarely ever at a Council Meeting any more. 

The Council needs to put in place language that states if you miss 6 meetings in one year, the Council has the right to consider replacing that Council Member. You are either in it for the people or you're not. 

Caption This Photo 12-10-16

Black Activists Launch Monthly Fee System For Whites To Pay Blacks

Liberal black activists have launched a monthly “subscription box” designed for white people “to not only financially support Black femme freedom fighters, but also complete measurable tasks in the fight against white supremacy.”

The subscription service is called Safety Pin Box and was launched last week. Wearing a safety pin has recently become a symbol within the liberal community for one to show solidarity with minorities.

The group is headed by Leslie Mac and Marissa Jenae Johnson. Johnson is one of the Black Lives Matter protesters who interrupted Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during a speech in Seattle last year.


Bye-Bye: U.S. Job Seekers Giving Up, Leaving the Workforce

More Americans are kissing the workforce goodbye – not because they’re financially secure but because they can’t find a job. A record 95 million people are sitting on the sidelines opting not to work. As a result, the labor participation rate is stuck at 62.7%, a 40-year low.

“There are a certain percentage of people staying home,” said Dan North, economist at Euler Hermes, during an interview with “If benefits are great in some states, people will just stay home,” he noted. Those benefits may include welfare, food stamps and Medicare.

“It’s not that people are lazy, they are just not stupid,” Michael Tanner, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, which advocates limited government, tells Tanner, who studies poverty issues, also notes the federal welfare system is very complex and has around 70 programs, making it more complicated to fix. States with generous freebies include Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and California.

Churches vow to offer sanctuary to undocumented immigrants

Hundreds of houses of worship are offering sanctuary to people who fear deportation under the administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

To some churches, sanctuary means spiritual support or legal assistance to fight deportation. Others promise or are already extending physical sanctuary by housing immigrants.

One advocate says about 450 houses of worship nationwide have now offered to provide some form of sanctuary for immigrants.


Thank God Its Friday 12-9-16

What will you be doing this weekend?

Doctors And Hospitals Tell Patients: Show Us The Money Before Treatment

Tai Boxley needs a hysterectomy. The 34-year-old single mother has uterine prolapse, a condition that occurs when the muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus weaken, causing severe pain, bleeding and urine leakage.

Boxley and her 13-year-old son have health insurance through her job as an administrative assistant in Tulsa, Okla. But the plan has a deductible of $5,000 apiece, and Boxley's doctor said he won't do the surgery until she prepays her share of the cost.

His office estimates that will be as much as $2,500. Boxley is worried that the hospital may demand its cut as well before the surgery can be performed.

"I'm so angry," Boxley said. "If I need medical care, I should be able to get it without having to afford it up front."


Governor Larry Hogan Announces Common Sense Paid Sick Leave Legislation

Balanced Approach Will Benefit Maryland Workers and Job Creators

Governor Larry Hogan today announced plans to introduce legislation in the upcoming session of the Maryland General Assembly to provide common sense, balanced paid sick leave benefits that have the potential to cover nearly all working Marylanders without placing an unmanageable burden on job creators. During his remarks at a State House press conference, the governor reaffirmed his commitment to common sense policies that will make Maryland a more business-friendly state while ensuring a strong and healthy workforce.

“For the last few years, there has been a great deal of discussion and debate around the issue of paid sick leave in Maryland,” said Governor Hogan. “While all of us agree that more workers need sick leave in Maryland, it would be irresponsible to put a law on the books that unfairly penalizes our state’s job creators. It is clear that, in order to move forward, we must strike a balance between the needs of Maryland’s employees while not hurting our small businesses and continuing to foster a more business-friendly climate in our state.

“A strong majority of Marylanders want to see the state address this issue in a common sense way that benefits our workers while also protecting our small business job creators. We look forward to working with legislators on both sides of the aisle to reach an agreement on a balanced, fair, and common sense approach to paid sick leave.”

The Hogan administration’s proposal contains important provisions to protect Maryland’s small business community. Businesses with 50 or more employees will be required to offer paid sick leave totaling at least 40 hours per year, with the ability for employees to roll over a maximum of 40 hours each year. The proposal also calls for part-time employees to be covered after a minimum of 30 working hours. If a company already has a general leave policy that meets these minimum requirements, the state will not interfere. In addition, the state will honor existing collective bargaining agreements with unions. The 50-employee threshold matches current federal standards under the Family Medical Leave Act and the Affordable Care Act.

Maryland small business job creators with fewer than 50 employees that choose to offer paid sick leave will be eligible for tax relief incentives closely modeled after the top recommendation of the Augustine Commission, a bipartisan panel that identified strategies to improve Maryland’s business climate. These small business owners will be able to exempt the first $20,000 of their income from taxes. The legislation will also provide protection for seasonal industries by exempting workers employed for less than 120 days in a 12-month period.

Governor Hogan is committed to giving Maryland workers the support they need without interfering with the policies of small businesses or putting jobs at risk. The Hogan administration’s common sense proposal would institute a fair and flexible statewide policy that would apply to all 24 jurisdictions and supersede existing policies to ensure consistency and ease of compliance for job creators across the state.

Regulated Firearm Purchase Application Process Goes On-Line January 1st

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – As part of Maryland State Police efforts to improve customer service, the process of applying to purchase a regulated firearm is moving from paper forms filled out by hand, to an on-line automated system expected to increase efficiency and improve the process for both customers and firearms dealers.

Beginning January 1, 2017, persons applying to purchase a regulated firearm in Maryland will conduct the entire process on-line via the Maryland State Police Licensing Portal. This includes completing the application forms and paying the required application fee. Individuals will be able to apply on-line using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, regardless of the operating system. All current web browsers are also supported by the new system.

Currently, a person wishing to purchase a regulated firearm must complete the required Form 77R and the related paperwork by hand. This paperwork is submitted to a firearms dealer or State Police barrack and then forwarded to the Maryland State Police Licensing Division, where background checks are conducted to ensure the applicant is not prohibited from purchasing a regulated firearm.

Little has changed in the questions and forms being completed as part of the purchase application process. Applicants will continue to provide the same information currently required on the Form 77R.

NY Mag: Women Distraught Over Trump Are Cutting Off Their Hair

New York magazine reported Monday that many women in Washington D.C. are dealing with President-elect Donald Trump’s victory by cutting or dying their hair.

Julianna Evans, who works for a performing-arts company, told NY magazine that she “cried for three days” following Trump’s win. She said, “it was catastrophic.”

Despite being distraught over Trump’s victory, Evans did not lose her will. NY Magazine wrote that Evans, “put on her big-girl panties and dragged herself to the drugstore.” She then bravely grabbed “Natural Black box by Garnier.” Evans said, “I was like, fuck it! The election deadened my soul. I think I wanted to do something defiant to feel stronger.”


Obama family travel, vacations, cross $85 million mark

The first family has spent over $10 million a year on travel and vacations, and the still growing bill has crossed over $85 million in eight years, according to a watchdog group.

Judicial Watch, which has charted the travel of presidents for years, on Monday said that it has received a new batch of bills for the first family's Christmas break in Hawaii, bringing that trip to nearly $5 million. The Obama's are expected to return to Hawaii this Christmas.

The expenses cover items such as security, flights and hotel rooms for staff and U.S. Secret Service. They do not include the price of prepositioning ships and aircraft in the area or much of the communications costs.

From Judicial Watch:


Caption This Photo 12-7-16

Princess Anne PD Press Release 12-6-16 (Attempted Murder Investigation)

PAPD Press Release 12-6-16

Update Regarding Attempted Murder Investigation

The suspect in the attempted murder investigation is identified as Sharef Dontre Hayward, 26 years of age, of Baltimore Maryland. Hayward is charged with three counts of attempted murder 1st degree, 3 counts of attempted murder 2nd degree, 3 counts of assault 1st degree, 3 counts of assault 2nd degree, 3 counts of reckless endangerment, and violation of a protective order. Hayward was seen by a District Court Commissioner who issued no bond. Hayward was released into the custody of the Somerset County Detention Center. 

The victims were identified as Airealle Sells, 25, years of age, of Princess Anne, Maryland, Sell’s eight year old daughter, and her 4 year old son. The victims were transferred to hospitals in Baltimore and are still listed in critical condition. Pictured above is Hayward.

GOP Congressman To Introduce National Conceal Carry Bill After Trump Swear In

Republican Congressman Richard Hudson from North Carolina is set to introduce national concealed carry legislation for the next congress after Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

The bill, known as the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, will allow a person with a concealed carry permit in one state to carry a handgun in any other state that permits residents to conceal carry, as long as the person is not banned from possessing or transporting a firearm under federal law, The Daily Caller has learned.

You can read the full bill here.

“Our Second Amendment right doesn’t disappear when we cross state lines, and I plan to introduce legislation in the first days of the 115th Congress to guarantee that. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 is a common sense bill to provide law-abiding citizens the right to conceal carry and travel freely between states without worrying about conflicting state codes or onerous civil suits,” Rep. Hudson told The Daily Caller.

“As a member of President-elect Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition, I look forward to working with the administration to advance policies that support and protect our right to keep and bear arms.”

Congressman Hudson introduced a similar bill in February 2015 which never made it out of the House.


CNN's Van Jones to host Trump post-election special

CNN on Tuesday will air a special post-election retrospective by political commentator Van Jones titled "The Messy Truth."

Jones — who briefly worked for the Obama administration and has been an outspoken critic of President-elect Donald Trump — will "explore how voters are feeling about the unprecedented election" of the Republican billionaire, according to the network.

The live one-hour special from New York will include progressive filmmaker Michael Moore, former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum and Ana Navarro, an anti-Trump Republican strategist and CNN contributor.

Taped interviews Jones conducted with supporters of Trump in Ohio will also be featured.


Dem Rep Ellison: House Democrats Will Do Nothing But ‘Vote No’ Under Trump

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, widely considered a frontrunner to be the next Democratic National Committee chair, says House Democrats will do nothing but “vote no” in the coming years under the new Trump administration.

Ellison, who has faced questions over whether he can juggle both working in Congress and rebuilding a depleted Democratic Party, defended himself at a party meeting on Friday by suggesting that working as a Democratic congressman won’t require much effort.


Anthony Weiner is 'so broke he's unable to afford his sex rehab in Tennessee'

Anthony Weiner is allegedly so strapped financially he's unable to afford his sexting addiction rehabilitation at a Tennessee ranch, according to reports.

Weiner had intended to stay for a 90-day stint, but left after he ran out of money, an unnamed source told Page Six.

The cost of the program Weiner was reportedly $25,000 for a 35-day treatment session at the ranch.

'His parents took out a mortgage on their house to pay for his rehab,' a source told Page Six.


An Old Farmer's Advice

* Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight
and bull-strong. 

* Keep skunks and bankers at a

   * Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.

* A bumble bee is considerably faster than a
John Deere tractor.

  * Words that soak into your ears are whispered...not yelled.

   * Meanness don't jes' happen overnight.

* Forgive your enemies. It messes up their heads.

* Do not corner something that you know is meaner
than you.

* It don't take a very big person to carry a

* You cannot unsay a cruel word.

* Every path has a few puddles.

* When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.

* The best sermons are lived, not preached.

* Most of the stuff people worry about ain't
never gonna happen anyway.

* Don't judge folks by their relatives.

* Remember that silence is sometimes the best

* Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get
   older and think back, you'll enjoy it a second time.

* Don't interfere with somethin' that ain't
botherin' you none.

* Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a
rain dance. 

    * If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'. 

* Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.

  * The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever
have to deal with, watches you from
the mirror every mornin'.

  * Always drink upstream from the herd.

  * Good judgment comes from experience, and a
lotta that comes from bad judgment.

  * Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot
easier than puttin' it back in.

* If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some
influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around.

  * Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply.
Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.