Ocean City, Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney:

When you are facing a complex legal issue, it is imperative to have an experienced attorney on your side who knows the justice system, the laws surrounding your issues, and is committed to taking swift action to protect you. Whether you need assistance with a criminal legal issue, estate planning or the Justice Reinvestment Act, the right lawyer is an advocate for you from day one.
You deserve an attorney who will provide you with a personalized focus and answer your questions surrounding your legal issue. You deserve to be kept informed about the status of your case as it unfolds and you will need to rely on your attorney’s experience and individual perception of your unique situation to move forward.
Publishers Notes: Mr. Brueckner just contacted me to let me know that while he served the public for almost 10 years, he and his Wife made a Family decision to finally go into private practice in criminal defense, estate planning, DWI cases and such. His office will be in Ocean City but he'll be serving the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 
As for the nol pros cases, I've been informed when a states attorney resigns their position cases are normally no prose and re filed under the new attorney.