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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Transportation Study Finds Support For Higher Fees For Gas Guzzlers, Opposition To Gas Tax Hike

Marylanders agree that the state’s roads need work. According to a study to be presented at Morgan State University’s National Transportation Center Symposium today, residents say the best ways to raise new money to fix the problems are raising inspection and licensing fees for vehicles with the worst gas mileage, and then for other motorists. They also favor directing general obligation bond money toward roads, not just money from transportation revenues.

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Daddio said...

Notice that they now call it "transportation" funds? That's because they want to include things like rail systems that no one wants to use (have you priced train tickets lately?).

If they would stop raiding the highway trust funds, then maybe there would be enough revenue to maintain the actual highways and bridges, etc.

Before I would agree to any increases in taxes or fees, I would want to see a complete accounting of how much revenue is being received, and where it is being spent. That would be eye opening.

Gas guzzlers already pay more in taxes than the rest do, since they burn more gas! DUH!

Anonymous said...

How about I propose stopping the robbery of the road tax fund and start using that money to fix the roads..