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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ohio's 'Joe The Plumber' Plans To Run For Congress

Republicans approached Wurzelbacher hoping to capitalize on his fundraising capabilities

Joe the Plumber is plunging into politics.

The Ohio man who became a household name after questioning Barack Obama about his economic policies during the 2008 presidential campaign has filed paperwork to run for Congress.

Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher's statement of candidacy filed with the Federal Elections Commission last week says he plans to run as a Republican in Ohio's 9th U.S. House district. The filing means a campaign committee can raise and spend funds on Wurzelbacher's behalf.



Anonymous said...

More power to Joe! At least his entry into the political scene took more than marrying some ketchup queen like Kerry.

Anonymous said...

I think that Joe ought to stick to plumbing. Just because he had his fifteen minutes of fame doesn't mean that he is qualified to be a Congressman.