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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Man claiming to be Bill Clinton's illegitimate son via a prostitute continues campaign to have the former president recognize him

Rumors that Bill Clinton once fathered a child with a prostitute have reemerged, as the now 30-year-old man makes a bid to have the former president recognize him as a son.

Danney Williams started a Facebook page in December, under the new name Danney Williams-Clinton, with the apparent intention of grabbing the Clintons' attention.

The claims that Danney is the former president's love child aren't new, but they haven't exactly been put to rest either.

A DNA test reportedly conducted by Star magazine in 1999 said that Danney couldn't be Clinton's son but there remain questions about the test's precision.

Danney's story first garnered international attention in 1992, as then-Arkansas Gov Clinton was gearing up to run for president.



Anonymous said...

While Vincw Foster's daughter gets $900K a year to be at the foundation and her husband gets a hedge fund.

Anonymous said...

couldnt Bill squash it with a DNA check

Anonymous said...

He's not.

Anonymous said...

The only surprise is that 40 more aren't out there claiming he is the father or maybe the other families were paid off, yep that's it.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't BLM demanding DNA test from Bill? Another black kid who can't find his real dad. So sad. Vote Trump 2016

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Foundation have trash cans to empty for minimum wage or anything. Surely there are emails to delete and phones to smash. Help a guy out here.

Anonymous said...

You may be confused?
Chelsea's obvious father is Webster Hubell.
Hubell worked with Hillary at Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Governor Bill Clinton made Hubell a State Justice, but Hubell resigned after confessing to overbilling his customers for legal services.

Chelsea looks exactly like her real father, Webster Hubell.

All politicians are compromised in this way. They can be blackmailed easily. That makes them controllable for the elite bankers in London and Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...

It was done and found not a match but the test process got the usual "Clinton treatment"

Anonymous said...

When did bill Clinton submit to DNA test? Direct me to the article that is authenticated!! I can't find anything on YouTube from credible main stream.