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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

‘Hillary’s Worst Fear’: Colorado’s Hispanic Committeewoman Rallies ‘The Deplorables’ for Donald Trump

PUEBLO, Colorado — Colorado’s GOP national committeewoman Vera Ortegon, a Hispanic woman, gave a rousing address to the crowd of thousands here in support of Donald J. Trump for president on Monday afternoon.

“Many of you know me as Vera Ortegon,” she said as she opened up her speech, about an hour before Trump took the stage. “I’m your national committeewoman. But I also want to be known as one of the Deplorables. I am a Deplorable woman. I am a Deplorable Hispanic. I am a Deplorable legal immigrant. And I am Hillary’s worst fear because I am a Deplorable highly educated woman.”

As the crowd went wild, Ortegon asked: “How many of you want to be called a Deplorable?”

The building erupted in applause. Ortegan went on:


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Anonymous said...

Deplorables unite!