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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Election Results: Town of Berlin

Berlin Mayor, Council Election Results

Charlene Sharpe
Staff Writer
BERLIN -- Voters re-elected Mayor Gee Williams in today's Berlin election.

Williams received 588 votes Tuesday, far ahead of challenger Lisa Hall, who received 137 votes.

In the District 2 race, Zackery Tyndall received 185 votes, coming out ahead of Jack Orris, who collected 116 votes.

Williams has been a familiar face in Berlin politics since 2003 when he joined the town council. When then-Mayor Tom Cardinale died suddenly in the spring of 2008, Williams, as council vice president, was charged with completing his term. He filed for election again that fall, defeating challenger Rex Hailey, and ran unopposed in 2012.

Hall, who was elected to her second council term in 2012, made it known early on that she intended to run for mayor in 2016. Williams, however, wasn’t ready to give up the seat.



Anonymous said...

She lied to WE THE PEOPLE and we didn't stand for it.

Anonymous said...

I guess the vocal hateful Gee Williams majority on here were actually a minority of the Berlin voters. Better luck next time.

From, the not a Berlin resident/voter or Gee Williams.

Anonymous said...

Fire department watch out now

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that there is that many idiots in Berlin.

Anonymous said...

Can't lie bites you in the behind every single time!

Gee was ready to give up his seat, but couldn't with Lisa as the challenger. Expect more of the same this go around and really - that's ok for now. Hopefully someone will step up next time, allowing Gee to finally get to some down time.

Anonymous said...

No surprise.