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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

16 Different, Delicious Ways the Rest of the World Eats Eggs

We enjoy going to brunch and paying $14 for a plate of eggs as much as the next guy, but sometimes our local restaurant menus leave a lot to be desired..

More often than not, we're choosing between scrambled, sunny side up or poached, and maybe some kind of egg sandwich or eggs benedict (if we're lucky). But wouldn't it be nice if more of the country's eateries took a cue from the rest of the world and started showcasing eggs in different, more exciting meals?

According to the following infographic put together by Expedia's Viewfinder travel blog, there's no shortage of worldly egg-based dishes to sample on lazy Sunday mornings. The problem is, you'll probably need to cook them yourself — at least until your local brunch spot starts offering tamagoyaki or curried eggs for the low, low price of $16 a plate.

Check out the following ways the world prepares eggs..


Anonymous said...

I watched a show on the food network where the favorite hamburger topping was a fried egg.The favorite hamburger meat was ground duck.

Anonymous said...

I'll take mt eggs over easy or scrambled thank you.

Rolex said...

You people eat rats from the marsh. Nothing more bizarre than that.

Anonymous said...

That's Marsh Rabbit, & you don't know what you're missing.