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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

7 Times Hillary Clinton Threatened, Smeared and Targeted Women

Since Monday night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump’s alleged sexism has predictably become a focal point of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The former secretary of state accused Mr. Trump of being a sexist fat-shamer whose acts have disqualified him from holding the highest office in the land. Trump, politicking horrifically, only deepened the wound by vocalizing Hillary’s claim in his and his surrogates’ subsequent interviews.

But, unlike Trump was able to point out, Hillary is no “saint girl” either. Mrs. Clinton has been accused of threatening, smearing and targeting women her husband has sexually assaulted or carried out consensual affairs with.

Here are seven of those instances:

1. Hillary smears Gennifer Flowers; allegedly calls her “trailer-trash.”

In an ABC News interview in 1992, Hillary smears Gennifer Flowers, a women Bill would later admit to having an affair with, as “some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t even have much of a résumé to fall back on.” Hillary also reportedly referred to Flowers as “trailer trash.”



Anonymous said...

Worse than this
She Targets Babies in their Ninth Month of Term
for Abortion She may Burn in Hell for such a thing

Anonymous said...

Monica is her Favorite BFF

She enjoyed watching Monica and Bill in WH all those times

Anonymous said...

word is she likes women Not men so she don't care what
Bill does as long as she gets hers

she is more discrete and just don't get caught like Bill