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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Bill Clinton Smears Trump Supporters in Michigan: 'Mad About Immigration...Mad About Trade'

Former president Bill Clinton disparaged Donald Trump supporters at a rally Monday in Saginaw, Michigan, painting them as people blinded by “resentment” and “fear.”

Clinton arrived on stage at 1:44 PM Eastern for a rally that was supposed to begin at noon Eastern, an hour and forty-four minutes earlier.

“When I saw Hillary in that debate…every American who watched it, unless they were just so knotted up with anger and resentment” saw a clear contrast in the candidates’ experience, Clinton said.

“If you’re mad then it doesn’t matter,” Clinton said.

Clinton then mockingly assumed the voice of angry Americans.

“I’m mad about immigration, I’m mad about trade, I’m mad because my wages aren’t going up,” Clinton said, painting the divide in the country as a battle between “the voters of Hope vs. the voters of fear.”

“Most of the anti-immigration feeling in America is in places that don’t have a lot of immigrants. We’ve got to stop fighting over this,” Clinton said.



Anonymous said...

In my case he is CORRECT. I resent Bill for lying to me after I voted for him ONCE. I am in FEAR of Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Bill do us a favor and STFU

Anonymous said...

Go home and get some, Bill. Hillary won't care and neither will we.

Anonymous said...

They are MADly desperate to stay powerful and rich.

Anonymous said...

Bill needs to just sit down and shut up.