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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

George W. Bush Daughter Seen at $5K Per Ticket Clinton Fundraiser

It appears that there is another member of the Bush clan supporting Hillary Clinton for president after reports surfaced that George W’s daughter, Barbara, attended a Saturday night fundraiser for Hillary. The $5,000 per ticket event allowed partygoers the opportunity to hobnob with Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin.

Barbara Bush spent the night of October 1 rubbing elbows with Abedin in Paris, France, at a special Clinton fundraiser held during the City of Light’s famed Paris Fashion Week. According to The Daily Mail, Bush “paid at least $5,000 for the privilege.”

The party featured Abedin, Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning, and other celebrities. Black Eyed Peas band member also participated in events during the weekend geared at “mobiliz[ing] the expat vote with just five weeks to go.”



Anonymous said...

What little respect i had left for the Bush family is gone

Anonymous said...

A fund raiser in France?

Anonymous said...

The Bushes and Clintons have been involved in so much cocaine smuggling over the years it is amazing. The information is readily available. They are close families. Fellow Freemasons.

Anonymous said...

That rounds out to about $100 per bite from the plate and sip from the glass.

Anonymous said...

No more Clinton's Bush's and Obama's