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Monday, June 05, 2017

When It Comes to Congressional Leadership, Follow the Money

A dirty little congressional practice is exposed in a recent story from reporter Sharyl Attkisson and The Daily Signal. Attkisson notes a report entitled, “The Price of Power” by Nick Penniman of Issue One, which reveals that the establishment of leadership positions on various committees is not merit-based but money-based. The more money a member of Congress can raise for their respective political party’s coffers, the greater their opportunity for powerful committee positions. Penniman states, “It’s not only a powerful position, it’s a perverse system. In fact, it’s the inverse of what we all as citizens should want.” Not that it’s surprising.

The current system is designed as a means to generate money for the political parties. Each member of Congress is expected to pay “dues” every two years, and these dues are often raised by the members engaging in what is termed “dialing for dollars,” where members make fundraising calls in order to meet their financial quotas.

The amount of campaign funds raised and given to the party determines who moves to the front of the line.

For example..


Anonymous said...

It even works on the local level, believe me.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

That young lady better watch herself. They are watching her!

Anonymous said...

1/3 so the other 2/3 what do they do because it surely isnt work for us