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Monday, June 05, 2017

Transgender Air Force Academy Graduate Denied Commission Until Review

A transgender Air Force Academy graduate is being withheld lieutenant's bars because of what the academy calls a gap in Pentagon rules for transgender military recruits.

Although the Defense Department began allowing military service by transgender people last year, the change applied to those who were active duty, not recruits, Air Force Academy spokesman Lt. Col. Allen Herritage said in a written statement.

As a result, a recent graduate has been barred from receiving a commission, Heritage confirmed, declining to name the cadet.

Policies for recruits -- or "accessions" in military jargon -- were under review by the Pentagon and revised guidelines were expected by July 16, Herritage said.

"However, we are strongly recommending this individual for Air Force civil service as an option for continued service after the Academy," the statement said. "The more than 140,000 Air Force civilians who serve along aside our uniformed Airmen everyday are essential to our mission to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace."



Unknown said...

That's screwed up. The man can't get his money or his 72 virgins. Now that's just wrong. I think we should just boycott Little Ceasers by going out and buying a couple of pizza's. And take up a collection for his deportation paperwork.

Anonymous said...

Pizza? What's that got to do with queers in the military?

Anonymous said...

Pizza is a code word for homosexuals.
Let's get some pizza . .. .

It is code.

Anonymous said...

Wrong post.